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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2021 5:00am-5:31am AST

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minds and bob way on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home will be used in current affairs. that matter to you i at least 100 people were killed and thousands displaced in devastating votes in western india. ah, other king fidel. this is elder law from coming up. us president joe biden calls the afghan leader and promises support the fatalities makes rapid advances in the banks of withdrawing american troops. but i don't, i do hope i'm off gunshots and violence mark the funeral of
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haiti's assassinated, president juvenile movies, and the trainee and government successfully lobbies to keep the great barrier reef off the us and danger this active house. the only partial challenge very raise the political action to reduce carbon emissions, record, and be striving government. nobody ah begin in western india where heavy rains of triggered floods and landslides, killing at least 100 people, or than a 1000 people trapped by the flood waters to be rescued in marashi state. dozens of others still missing. chillin wolf has the story. wading through water is the only way to and from home for these residents,
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but for many home has lost all meetings. didn't garcia? or i had 3 vehicles. all of them got submerged and flogged water. they are old damage and the furniture inside my house and outside also got damage. i have suffered a loss of around $10000.00 financial loss like that will have a severe impact on the daily lives of people in the city of right now. with so many homes destroyed, these women are being forced to eat whatever they can find and sleep on which ever dry surface is left be the flood waters rose to between 6 and 7 meters. that's the highest it's ever risen. all the properties of the residents are destroyed. they have nothing left to eat or drink. the unprecedented levels come after 24 hours of uninterrupted rain, which has caused the fisher river just north to overflow. the state chief minister is promising to do whatever it takes to help people through the disaster was what
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we will do. what do i take to save lives and property will not. the disaster has the entire state will not fooling the east to hobbling in the west. the rains have been unprecedented and we are facing an unexpected emergency filled up all with a combined rescue operation is underway with the army coast guard and national disaster response force. taking part and in the navy has deployed helicopters to evacuate those stranded. it also has rescue boats and expert divers efforts to reach the thousands of people stranded are still being hampered by high water levels and landslides, blocking off major roads and cutting access to hundreds of villages, even for those whose properties have been spared. for now, there is another scare good bodies, trouble, but neither if the water is released from the dam today and the rainfall continues water me and try our homes. red alerts have been issued with heavy rainfall
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expected to continue for a few more days, but saves further south are also facing dangers with rivers overflowing. seasonal monsoons provide more than 70 percent of the nation's annual rainfall, a lifeline for india's farmers who make up much of the country's economy. they also contribute to mass displacement with the impact on the growing worse by the effects of climate change. for residents of rot, novelty, those effects are already being felt. first, move on to 0 in neighboring china cleanup operations are underway in the central city of john doe, which was hit this week by the worst flooding. the region has experienced a recent history of the cities in the region are under red, les his rescue team search for survivors. katrina, you reports from juncture through the rain and john jo may have east, but flood waters are still submerging major highways. just one reminder of the
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devastating storm which struck central china earlier this week. teams are working hard to pump and clear water line areas. the city is more than 7000000 residents are struggling to resume normal life. many neighborhoods like access to running water authorities have set up temporary out the water stations. the gen says he's grateful he was safe at home when to rental rain lashed the city is 3 weather safer to stay indoors. that's the lesson i learn. then just things happen unexpectedly, our people need to be more cautious. this kind of tragedy could have been avoided, but people are still coming to terms with the loss of life and loss of livelihood caused by what authorities have described as the worst. on 4000 years, many businesses remain closed. internet and phone connection is unstable. john, jose famous clock tower is frozen at 5 pm. the time electricity was cut off during
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the height of the storm on tuesday, getting around gender, city is still very difficult. the entire subway system remains closed with tunnels full of water. taking us away during the storm was extremely dangerous. hundreds of people were trapped in carriages as flash floods quickly filled the underground. in keeping with chinese tradition offerings had been burned at the entrance to the station. to honor the 12 people who died under ground. commuters are sharing harrowing details of their experiences, waiting for rescue team to arrive many beliefs they would not devise. in rural areas, some were rescued after 3 days of being stranded. the army has been sent to reinforce vulnerable dance and reservoirs meteorologist say the worst weather has passed. and many here are waiting patiently for government disaster relief for the flood waters to recede and for the sun. and finally, return a treaty you all to 0 job job. the u. s. government is giving off cornerstone
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$100000000.00 in emergency assistance. some of that money will go through would help and goes displaced by the recent spike and violence. the tele bonds been seizing more territory as american troops pull out president joe biden, that his african counterpart spoke on the phone on friday. how did you go to heidi joe castro valley has more details from washington dc. the white house says the 100000000 dollars will help address refugee and migration needs resulting from the us troop withdrawal from afghan is stan, some of the money will be dispersed through n g o z and some of it will go toward the processing of special immigrant visas for afghan nationals who aided us troops to help them resettle in the us. about 20000 afghan interpreters have applied fearing retribution from the taliban. the money could be used to help get those afghans out of the country safely. given the u. s. has already completed more than 95 percent of its troop withdrawal. a small number
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of special immigrant applicants are expected to stay for a few days at a u. s. rp base in virginia. others may travel to a still undetermined 3rd party country while their visas are being processed. earlier on friday, the telephone was there'll be no peace and i've got to stop until a new government is formed. a spokesman said the group will not stop fighting until president. osh off gunny is removed early this week, the u. s. is senior most general said the group now controls half of cost on districts, despite having withdrawn. most of it's true, the us has been carrying out strikes to help africa, government. diplomatic editor james base has more from cobble certainly what everyone wants, i think on the international community is some way to have a negotiated settlement between the african government and the taliban. some way of sharing power and what they'd like is to restart those talks that have been
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taking place in doha currently adjourned. great deal of effort to try and get that back on track and get that going. there has been a meeting recently with the deputy heads of the taliban political office in doha of the salon. happy and representatives of diplomats from the e u. u s. u n. katha. know many of those diplomats in addition to getting the talk started, think that the best atmosphere for the talks is to have a cease for the taliban reluctant to have a c spot. at this stage, they say the proposals that the african government have put on the table so far are unacceptable. they won't not won't re consolation, but they won't start entering. they won't come come n harbor c spied and we will continue our government as it is. so that's the
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also not realistic approach not to pragmatic approach. it is necessity that all avalon should have are, should eagerly upon a new good mint. and that was meant what replace the new this couple administration. and that's what it meant will be acceptable for us. and to add that up month grandchild for her as a funeral service for haiti's murdered president jovan alamos scott, and away from dignitaries attending the funeral, had to be rushed to safety. tensions over his assassination continue to simmer while he was killed at his home. on july, the 7th, and the calico even before the funeral of 53 rows of no mo east got underway. tensions in capacious run high protests seeking unanswered questions and angry with the nations ruling class took to the streets many here hoped we since funeral would help men to fractured nation instead of unity. that deep suspicion over who killed
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me are we and why we the haitian people are demanding justice for the president. and we are saying that we do not agree to bury the president because they did not arrest the real culprit. we are blocking the entire northern department since the death, the president. i have not made any money. i dislike security concerns. dignitaries from across the americans gathered to pay their respects to the former president. as services got under way, gunshots rang out forcing dignitaries, including those from the us and the un to be rushed to the safety of the vehicles, the assassination of job number. we says, let this for you, all nation reeling. but on friday, those closest to him, paid tribute, visibly shaken. martino is still recovering from our injuries after the assassination corporate justice was more didn't work. that's why he's wanting to democratize a sin. how his fighting for equal opportunities to enter the civil service, the come condemned bull to his haitian brothers. if you cross your arms and just
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look at the executioners, blood will not cease to flow today. it is jovan always to morrow. who will it be? it will be him, it will be, may, it will be our recession. in the wake of movies is a fascination on july, the 7th. a core group of foreign nations backed arial unread to take the reins of haiti's, new prime minister. the international community is pushing for elections, which haven't successfully taken place in more than 4 years with a barely functioning senate and it dissolved parliament that will be an easy task. the launch haitian community here in miami, of paying close attention to the enfolding political crisis in haiti. many a shock, but my waste was assassinated that more than anything else that deeply concerned about the immediate security of the nation. they left behind the notre dame to haiti church in little haiti, motors gathered to pay their respects to the for the president. like all haitians, those gathered have more questions than answers, but with
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a nation's future hanging in the balance. thoughts turned to those they left behind having all these rumors and so many questions, none of which were answered, let a lot of people to number one fear for the security of the country as a whole. but of course, the fear for the security of their own families who are still in haiti. haiti sounds at a precarious moment as it lays its slain president to rest. the investigation to who was behind his estimation appears no closer to giving haitians the answers they seek the country tension. we cannot leave the country that the people in the nation who end up all the fin, the country. a date for elections has not been set. security and stability for now a more pressing issues in this trouble nation. and the gala corolla, 0, miami, florida. so head on algebra, iraq, the foreign minister travels to washington for talk. us moved to end
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a combat mission in the country. and surveying the damage after a week of loosing and driving south african towns now and dangerous, going hungry. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by cattle airways. hello, nice to see you. are southwest monsoon has been particularly active toward the west coast of india, the states of martha roster, 802 millimeters of rain. so that means it's 2nd what is day and look at this over half a century. once again on saturday we can still see those heavy rounds of rain toward the west coast of india, but were also seen some particularly heavy rounds of rain that darker the color, the more intense the rain towards central and areas of the northeast of india. ok, next i want to take you to asia pacific because we've got to get you an update now
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on typhoon info. this is now sunday looking to make landfall just south of shanghai . this is going to have a major impact on shanghai. so here's a closer look right now as the i have the storm adjust, passes to the south of shanghai. so we're thinking wind gusts, about 100 kilometers per hour, and look at this rainfall about 70 millimeters. ok. you know, we're also seen remnants of what was typhoon sion packer impact. the northern areas of indo china on saturdays says some particularly heavy rains can be found here for se, asia, we're getting some dry spells across malays and much of sumatra. and for the philippines, southwest monsoon is steering very heavy rain to areas like manila, for example. sponsor cut on airways. coveted beyond round the taken without hesitation, so forth and died for the power they find out. a lot of new
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babies were dying. i didn't think it's neglected babies to death. people and power investigate, exposes, and questions they use them to be of our around the globe on al jazeera. ah, ah, the me. what's your algebra? her reminder about hope. so is this our heavy mountain range triggered floods and landslides and west and india, killing at least $100.00 people. the state of austria is the worst here. 30 people and mystic and hating. 5 gas and violent protests rented just
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also the compound with a funeral of assassinated president jovan movies taking place with kills at his home. more than 2 weeks ago, us president joe biden, colby africa, president, thomas support taliban makes advances in the face of the following american troops . washington is giving $100000000.00 in emergency assistance, nor monies be promised of the coming month. us secretary of state and me blanket has met iraq foreign minister in washington dc topping the agenda has the potential would role of combat troops by the end of the year. this may allow the us military to take on advisory role, including training and arming rocky forces to fight. iso fridays meeting is expected to lay the groundwork for president joe biden. in person meeting with iraqi prime minister will stuff i'll call them on monday. correspondent, medical haine. has more from washington d. c. iraq. foreign minister came here to the state department to meet with the us
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secretary of state, and they spoke to the media, but they didn't really make any news that's expected to happen on monday, when iraq's prime minister heads to the white house to meet with us president joe biden, they're expected to announce that they will take all us comment troops out of iraq by the end of this year. but the foreign ministers been telling the press that he still needed the us military to do intelligence and surveillance. do training to fly for air power. air power is in fact combat. and that's pretty much what us troops are doing in iraq. right now. sources in the putting on or say they don't expect that the numbers going to change very much right now. they have 2500 troops in you in iraq, but they're not always supporting the mission in iraq. they're also supporting the $900.00 or so troops, us troops that are in syria. so we don't expect that mission is going to change very much. this is being seen widely as a political move to try and help the racks prime minister in the run up to the next election. what a shortages in southern rom have led to protest over
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a week. at least one person was shot dead on thursday, and 2 others were injured should cause east on province. security forces say, unknown gun than open fire, protested charles conditions in the region have been worse and other nation wide shortages. blame told us sanctions around supreme leader is calling on officials to deal with the crisis. lebanon is facing its worst crisis in modern history. unemployment turned the currency crush, have decimated living standards. and now on top of severe medicine shortages, hospitals are running out of fuel. the economic collapse is led to power costs that can last up to 20 hours a day. that's putting lives at risk. then reports from these generators are a lifeline for hospitals in a country where state electricity cuts last most of the day. but they're running low on diesel fuel. lebanon is an economic and political turmoil, and the state is nearly bankrupt. doctors warned the health sector is close to
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collapse with all the what's going on with the shortages, whether in human resources, whether in medications, whether in supplies, and on top of that now fuel electricity and more of a case is coming in. i'm believable that the hospitals are still able to it's not just hospitals bakeries to say if they don't receive diesel fuel in a few days, they will have to close the state electricity company has all but stopped providing power. already the sector was crumbling from years of neglect, but in recent weeks rationing has been severe. we rely on candles. there is no electricity and i can't afford to pay private generator owners. many no longer can afford basic food since the local currency crashed. prices have increased by 50 percent this month alone. the price is very controlled by many factors, including the exchange rates for the dollar. depending on the black market prices
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for fuel and for diesel. you know, we have market, we have to have electricity, 247. the black market has taken advantage of states subsidies on basic goods including medicine, many of which has been missing for months. many blame this for the crisis board 11 . something. when we stop that, i think they would be out of market because one of the number one and even if they were the subsidies, but they would, it's sort of broad market. merchants have been blamed for hoarding supported goods or smuggling them to neighboring syria or other countries. mama lacy is element, we can't find any med since there is no electricity. food is so expensive. every aspect of life has been affected by the unprecedented economic and financial meltdown. water supply is likely to be affected by the collapse of the power grid.
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the united nations says water pumping could gradually seize within 4 to 6 weeks. the country is falling apart, its blamed on decades of corruption and mismanagement by a political class still in power. the solution many say requires a government ready to fight just that that who their elders, eda, beirut, their affairs of food shortages in south africa in areas hit by days of losing and rising violence broke out of the jailing of former president jake, zoom, rural areas and the 2 most populous provinces have been particularly hard hit, with entire towns, interest ransacked, and in smith reports from puzzle in the towel, province. in the of the li comrey surveys what's left of his parade of shop in bulwark next door. we have got a group of doctors that at the spent quarter of a 1000000 setting up a nice practice. in the 48 hours every shop in this bustling town was stripped
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than torched. a community of 35000 people now left with no commercial center. it was instant, we suspect there were 2 buses, boston with, with organizes at ral, that people. as soon as people heard that they were stuck for free, they just came in by the bucky loads. scaring and looting was sparked by the jailing, a form of president jacob's humor. it was given momentum by chronic poverty and inequality in south africa. made worse by the pandemic, were a couple of hours dr. outside durban. and it's only when you leave the city, get a real idea of the scale of the looting, because not a town or village seems to been left untouched. outside the furniture store, people cute for taxes to help them carry home the bulky beds and sofas they stolen . the 10th a store owner is here, a pass, watched from his home, across the street,
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powerless to save his business, some of the vehicle, the right next to our house, loading the things. and we're not able to do any lives on the line here. we don't even feel safe. this is a here, like many business owners isn't insured. the local police overwhelmed, stood by and watched it took a week for the south african government to restore order. here in jacob zoom is hope, province of cause. and that's how it, how ting, in many people, by what they need day to day to get closer. you have to think about it, have to go to and a big if it goes up in the city a 5050 to complete the debts course with no shops and no post office to withdraw allowances and with distribution centers also hit by looting. people will likely go hungry, it will take weeks at best, for this town to be able to offer even basic services again. bernard smith,
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al jazeera bulwark, conseula natal, respond threads from climate change and poor water quality. australia is great, barrier reef will not be classified as an endangered world heritage site. will trailers, government low beat against the proposed this thing? not doing it needed more time. the $21.00 nation world heritage committee ignored unesco scientific assessment, which said the reef is on the thrift. instead, unesco will now carry out and assessment mission and a strategy it will have to send a progress report by february. greenpeace has condemned destroyers government. this is a product of one of the most cynical lobbying if it's a recent years in which truth has been sacrificed for the political appearances of a struggle in government that he's doing nothing credible to tackle the number one cause of the process of very race which is climate change people of the world have
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every right to be mystified by a striking and government that the spot 55000000 is of a strategy of being burned in the right 5 and 60 percent of the barriers being impacted by the 3 massive bleaching events. record droughts, a 1000000 dead fish strategies. great. murray, darling bison system that still the strategy in government is one of the world's worst lag on climate action. felina award is a coral reef scientist and a senior lecturer at the university of queens. and she says it's time to be a stranger and government to take climate change. seriously. there's absolutely no doubt that the great barrier is under the threat. and the daughter is there, it's from only a strained government organizations as well as all the universities, making it very clear, very few still beautiful and we can still save it,
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but we are getting more frequent mess. bleaching events which will, which frequently result in large mortality on the rave. we have what a quality problem we're industrialized in the coastline of the great barrier reef, which adds to water quality problems. so is the threat as we've lost considerable sections of the great barrier reef. and if we don't take very dramatic action on climate change, we will get more and more bleaching events and the race will not have time to recover. the federal government has an calling record on climate change. not only do we have aspiration to 0 emission is not actual target, but we government also aggressively chases new fossil fuel developments, which i think in the current climate is absolutely unforgivable. so they are seeking new call, mine's new gas developments,
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and even using funding for renewables to try and fuel so well, the strategy, yeah, is a fairly small country population. why so our missions huge is a global plan. if we consider the emissions of the big coal mine that have proposed and the gas developed and then we can become a much more important player globally. so our government really needs to step up and take con, change seriously. i of her years delay the tokyo 2020 some lympics are officially opened in a city reeling under a new wave of corona, virus infections and a state of emergency athletes for more than 200 nations will compete. but without spectators, japanese tennis stop or soccer, that the limpid coltrane and the rich that have more from tokyo. but at least we
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now know why no, i mean i suck his 1st tennis. much of these olympics was pushed back from saturday to sunday. the japanese stall, given the honor of lighting, the olympic colder to get these tokyo games underway during the opening ceremony. we also heard from the international olympic committee president thomas back. he said, amongst other things, this feeling of togetherness, this is the light at the end of the don't tunnel of this pandemic has to be said. that sense, but may not be shared entirely by the rest of the japanese population who perhaps remain to be convinced about the wisdom of these games going ahead. the athletes parade, while it was scaled down socially distanced, somewhat subdued. several athletes from the countries of kurdistan. pakistan and sir g kissed on entering the stadium without wearing a facial mask. seeing clear contravention of the strict rules and regulations of these games athlete were warned that if they didn't follow all the safety protocols, they could risk being kicked out of these lympics. as for the ceremony itself,
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well opening ceremonies like them, a load them have always been a part of the games ever since. they came back in 1896, a chance for the whole nation to showcase all of that culture national identity, but rarely as a whole. nation had such itself balancing act, so pull off like tokyo house and to try and get public opinions to turn and shift in favor of these olympics. ah, what the headlines on al jazeera, heavy monsoon rains have triggered floods and lance lives in western india, killing at least 100 people. the state of her astra, the worst has at least 30 people, is still missing. the didn't got a letter. i had 3 vehicles, all of them got some most in flood water. they are all damaged. the furniture inside my house and outside also got damage. i have suffered a loss of around $10000.00.


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