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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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when you like, no other what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through here. it just either we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ah at least 100 people are killed and thousands displaced and devastating floods in western india. ah, other kimbell, this is their law from dog. ha. also coming up. but i don't, i do both gunshots and violence. mark the funeral of haiti's assassinated president jovan l. modem. and it looks like no other kicked off and tokyo japanese
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tennis. don socker likes to talk to them in empty stadium due to the pandemic. and now the 3 d printing revolution in the offering a single pill could deliver multiple medicines, the dos and the right time. ah, we begin in western india where heavy rains have triggered floods and land slides killing at least 100 people. more than a 1000 people trapped by the flood waters had been rescued and my roster estate, but around 30 people are still missing. dozens of houses have collapse and just one district. jim got a letter, i had 3 vehicles. all of them got submerged in flood water. they are old damaged. the furniture inside my house and outside also got damage. i have suffered a loss of around $10000.00 would be the flood waters rose to between 6 and 7 meters
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. that's the highest it's ever written. on the properties of the residence i destroyed, they have nothing left to eat or drink benefits. equally was what we will do. what do i take to save lives and property will not, the disaster has hit the entire state will not cool in the east to militia. in the west, the rains have been unprecedented. and we are facing an unexpected emergency. like i'll just there is elizabeth per on them is monitoring developments from the capital you dunny. they hopeful that everyone involved in the rescue efforts, national disaster response for that also the army, the navy, the coast guard, i'm going to be able to get to the people who remain stranded more than a 1000. people have been rescued in different parts of my austria. many of them have been from the rooftops from the top on top of buses on highways, shipler, and the closest town of chaplain, which is home to about 70000 people. that is where the rescue efforts a focus on now,
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half of it is flooded and that's in the district of us. my getting was received at the heaviest rainfall in july in full t years now elsewhere in my austria and the financial capital. mon bye. in fact, another 2 people have died. an 8th injured off of a house, collapse off the heavy rains and over the last week and seen 30 people die in and around by because of the heavy rain that situation in austria. but we're also seeing heavy flooding in a couple of other different states from the country, most notably in the southern state of felon gonna, we're hearing meteorologist is saying that the 30 centimeters of range is full and inside and gardens, capital hydro bob, the best, the highest rainfall in july and hydro bob in 10 years that the flood gates of the main reservoir swan saga have had to be have had to be released for the 1st time. again in a decade. now the photo damage was seeing the destruction due to flooding due to land flies. it is common during the monsoon season when the foundations of
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structures when the flood him really affects the foundations or structures which are often poorly built. but we're also hearing from scientists that the frequency and the intensity of the monsoon of heavy rains is increasing because of climate change in neighboring china. clean up operations are on the way in the central city of john jo, which was hit this week by the worst flooding the region has experienced in recent history of the cities in the region on the red alert as rescue team search for survivors. katrina, you reports from don jo. 3 and john jo may have east, but flood waters are still submerging major highways. just one reminder of the devastating storm which struck central china earlier this week. teams are working hard to pump and clear water line areas. the city is more than 7000000 residents are struggling to resume normal life. many neighborhoods like access to running
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water authorities have set up temporary out the water stations. li jen says he's grateful he was safe at home. when to rental rain lashed, the city would have gone through weather safer to stay indoors. that's the lesson i learn. then just things happen unexpectedly. our people need to be more cautious. this kind of tragedy could helping avoid a but we bought them. people are still coming to terms with the loss of life and loss of livelihood caused by what authorities have described as the worst. on 4000 years, many businesses remain closed. internet and phone connection is unstable. john joe's famous clock tower is frozen at 5 pm. the time electricity was cut off during the height of the storm on tuesday, getting around gender, city is still very difficult. the entire subway system remains closed with tunnels full of water. taking us away during the storm was extremely dangerous. hundreds of people were trapped in carriages as flash floods quickly filled the underground
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system. in keeping with chinese tradition offerings had been burned at the entrance to the station to honor the 12 people who died under ground commute, his sharing harrowing details of their experiences, waiting for rescue team to arrive many beliefs, they would not survive in rural areas. some were rescued after 3 days of being stranded. the army has been sent to reinforce vulnerable dance and reservoirs meteorologist say the worst weather has passed. and many here are waiting patiently for government disaster relief for the flood waters to recede and for the son to finally return a treaty you all to 0 job job just days off the sending thousands of firefighters to battle wildfires. devastating siberia. russia is now dealing with fighting in multiple regions. dramatic video has emerged of a suspension bridge collapse just as a truck we're trying to cross if the drive it reported they survived. the flooding
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is also want bout at least 5 other bridges across the country, including one used by the famous trans siberian railway. turkeys defense ministry is searching for survive. it's after a boat carrying $45.00 migrants sunk in the g and c. it said the boat sank, 260 kilometers off the coast of the holiday resort town of cash. turkey is hosting 3700000 refugees. most of them syrian and he tried to reach turkey on over crowded boats. gunshots were heard as haiti's president jovan al marie was they to rest in his home town. foreign dignitaries, attending the funeral, had to be rushed to safety. tensions over his assassination, continued to simmer. luis was killed at his home on july, the 7th, and to galico. even before the funeral of 53 rows, you have no more. we've got underway. tensions encamped, patient run high protests seeking unanswered questions and angry with the nations ruling class took to the streets many here hoped we since funeral would help men to
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fractured nation. but instead of unity, that deep suspicion over who killed my we and why we the haitian people are demanding justice for the president. and we are saying that we do not agree to bury the president because they did not arrest the real culprit. we are blocking the entire northern department since the death, the presidents have not made any money. i dislike security concerns. dignitaries from across the americans gathered to pay their respects to the former president as services got underweight, gunshots rang out, forcing dignitaries, including those from the us and the un to be rushed to the safety of the vehicles. the assassination of job number, we says left this fraudulent nation reeling. but on friday, those closest to him, paid tribute, visibly shaken. martino is still recovering from our injuries after the assassination corporate justice. well, what didn't work? why is wanting to democratize a seeing how,
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who's fighting for equal opportunities to enter the civil service to come condemned to the station brothers. if you cross your arms and just look at the executioners, blood will not cease to flow. today. it is jovan alma, we've got to morrow. who will it be? it will be him. it will be, may, it will be our research in the wake of movies is a fascination on july, the 7th, a core group of foreign nations back to arial unread to take the reins is haiti's, new prime minister. the international community is pushing for elections, which hadn't successfully taken place in more than 4 years, with a barely functioning senate and a dissolved parliament that will be an easy task. the launch haitian community here in miami, paying close attention to the enfolding political crisis in haiti many shockley, my waste was assassinated that more than anything else that deeply concerned about the immediate security of the nation, they left behind at the notre dame to haiti church in little haiti motors gathered
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to pay their respects to the fall of president. like all haitians, those gathered have more questions than answers, but with a nation's future hanging in the balance. thoughts turned to those they left behind . having all these rumors and so many questions, none of which were answered, let of people to number one fear for the security of the country as a whole. but of course, the fear for the security of their own families who are still in haiti. haiti sands at a precarious moment, as it lays its slain president to rest. the investigation to who was behind his fascination, appears no closer to giving haitians the answers they seek. a date for elections has not been set, security and stability for now a more pressing issues in this trouble nation. gala corolla, missouri, miami, florida, ah, offer years delay, the tokyo 2020 summerland pixar officially opened, and
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a city reeling under a new wave of groan of ours infections and the state of emergency. the colourful displays of fireworks at the event of japan's national stadium. the president of tokyo 2020 said the olympics will offer a moment of peace for people whose lives a fall from peaceful japanese tennis. don, i me, osaka, let the olympic quadrant one of more than 11000 to athletes from 200 nations who will be competing without spectators. it's the most expensive summer and the fix in history deeply unpopular among the people of host nation, nearly 80 percent of japanese say they're against holding the games during the pandemic protest is rallied near the venue to voice their opposition. more than $100.00 athletes and officials are tested positive for corporate 19 and the run up the event. and the register has more from tokyo. but at least we now know why no, i mean i suckers 1st tennis. much of these olympics was pushed back from saturday
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to sunday. the japanese stall, given the honor of lighting, the olympic colder to get these tokyo games underway during the opening ceremony. we also heard from the international olympic committee president thomas back. he said, amongst other things, this feeling of togetherness, this is the light at the end of the don't tunnel of this pandemic has to be said. that sense that may not be shared entirely by the rest of the japanese population, who perhaps remained to be convinced about the wisdom of these games going ahead. the athletes parade, while it was scaled down socially distanced, somewhat subdued. several athletes from the countries of kurdistan. pakistan and sir g kissed on entering the stadium without wearing a facial mask. clear contravention of the strict rules and regulations of these games athlete were warned that if they didn't follow all the safety protocols, they could risk being kicked out of these lympics. as for the ceremony itself, well opening ceremonies like them, a load them have always been a part of the games ever since. they came back in 1896,
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a chance for the whole nation to showcase all of that culture national identity, but rarely as a whole. nation had such itself balancing act to pull off like tokyo house and to try and get public opinion to turn and shift in favor of these olympics. the spy threats from climate change and poor water quality. australia is great, barrier reef will not be classified as an endangered world heritage site. australia is government lobbied against the proposed listing. the 21 nation world heritage can ignored unesco scientific assessment. would said the reef is on the threat. instead, unesco, and carry out an assessment mission of astronomy, it will have to send a progress report by february, greenpeace, as condemned destroying the government. the products of one of the most cynical lobbying, if it's a very some years in which truth has been sacrificed for the political appearances of an australian government,
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there is doing nothing credible to tackle the number one cause of the process of very race which is climate change people of the world have every right to be mystified by a striking and government that the spot 55000000 is of astronomy of being burned in the great fires and 60 percent of the great barrier roasting impacted by the 3 massive bleaching events. record droughts, a 1000000 dead fish strategies. great. murray, darling bison system that still the strike in government is one of the world's worst leg guards on climate action. still ahead on al jazeera, around foreign minister travels to washington for talk. the u. s. moved to ended. combat mission in the country, hospitals and living on, on the brink of running off of fuel lines, the patient risk and ah,
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your other update begins in south america where we could be looking at record breaking temperatures for assault me on 34 degrees. the old record is 33.4. now if you don't do it on saturday, i think you will sunday, because we've got your rate back up at 35 before those temperatures take a big tumble on 2 stages. the high of 17 degrees. further toward the south, we've got our usual bouts of storms crushing into southern chillies and snow for the southern elves. put a rain as a high of 6 degrees on saturday. next up, central america. and you know, we're tracing some very particularly heavy bouts of what weather customer rico right through to panama. elsewhere for the caribbean, just our usual storms popping up punta cana. 34 degrees will be the high for you for the u. s. gulf states. this is really been the theme over the last few days,
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some heavy rain toward louisiana, mississippi rate down into southern areas of florida. so yes, this is impacting miami. here's a bit of good news across arizona. we know more than 20 wildfires burning, but the north american bar soon is going to give us some heavy bouts of what weather for the state on saturday. and you know, for canada, we've got some storms moving across the canadian province of ontario. so that will impact her on the news with her bank energy and change to every part of our universe. the more small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business.
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ah the ah. challenges there. reminder of our top story, this all heavy monsoon rains have triggered floods and land sides and west and india, killing at least 100 people. social roster who was 30 people was still living at least 5 guests as violent protests. ralph, this just sounds like the compound a funeral of assassinated president job and i'm going to take a lease was killed at his home more than 2 weeks ago. after years delay the tokyo
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2020 summer lympics have officially opened with a loki ceremony and a nearly empty stadium. japanese tennis or soccer was given the honor of lighting the under the cauldron. the taliban has warmed. there will be no peace enough cornerstone until a new government has formed. the spokesman said the group will not stop fighting until president austria gandhi is removed. earlier this week, the u. s. is most senior general said the group now controlled half of up con stones districts, despite having withdrawn most of its troops, the u. s. has been carried out and tried to help the african government at the medic james base has moved from cobbles. certainly what everyone wants, i think on the international community is some way to have a negotiated settlement between the african government and the taliban. some way of sharing power. and what they'd like is to restart those talks that have been taking place in doha currently adjourned. great deal of effort to try and get that
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back on track and get that going. there has been a meeting recently with the deputy heads of the taliban political office in doha. of those alarm a happy and representatives of diplomats from the e u. u. s. u n. and catherine. now many of those diplomats in addition to getting the talk started, think that the best atmosphere for the talks is to have a cease for the ton of reluctant to have a c spot. at this stage. they say the proposals that the african government have put on the table so far are unacceptable. they won't not want reconciliation, but they won't set entering. they won't come come n harbor c spied and we will come to new our waterman as it is. so that's the also not realistic approach, not to me, pragmatic approach. it is necessity that all of one should have are,
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should eagerly, upon, i knew god meant n, but was meant what to replace the new this couple administration. and that was meant will be acceptable for us. and to add that up month us secretary of faith emptied lincoln has met iraq's foreign minister in washington dc. the talking the agenda has the potential withdrawal of combat troops by the end of the year. this may allow the us military to take on an advisory role, including training and arming rocky forces to fight. i felt fridays meeting is expected to lay the groundwork for president joe biden, in person meeting with iraqi prime minister. stuff called me on monday. a correspondent petty call hi has more from washington d. c. iraq. foreign minister came here to the state department to meet with the us secretary of state and they spoke to the media, but they didn't really make any news that's expected to happen on monday. went to
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racks, prime minister heads to the white house to meet with us president joe biden. they're expected to announce that they will take all us come at troops out of iraq by the end of this year. but the foreign minister has been telling the press that he still needed the us military to do intelligence and surveillance. do training to fly for air power. air power is in fact combat. and that's pretty much what us troops are doing in iraq right now. and sources in the putting on or say they don't expect that the numbers going to change very much right now. they have 2500 troops in you in iraq, but they're not always supporting the mission in iraq. they're also supporting the $900.00 or so troops, a us troops that are in syria. so we are respect that mission is going to change very much. this is being seen widely as a political move to try and help the racks prime minister in the run up to the next election. water shortages in southern iran have lead to protests for over a week. at least one person was shot dead on thursday, and 2 others were injured,
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including the province security forces, se unknown gun that nope, and fod open fire, other protective drought conditions. the region has been worse since by the nation wide shortages blamed on us sanctions around supreme leader is calling on officials to deal with the crisis unnecessary in the case where if the advice offered about the water and sewage structure and cruises done, and especially the sewage system in the city of ours had been heated, then we absolutely would not have been faced with the problems we have now. the people have costano voice, the dissatisfaction, and they cannot be blamed for this at all. they're upset. the problem with water supply is not a minor issue, especially in the extreme with it. of course, just as the lead on this, i think it's worst crisis in modern history. unemployment, the currency crush, have decimated living standards, and now on top of severe medicine shortages, hospitals are running out of fuel economic collapse as their power cords that can last up to 20 hours a day. that's pretty lives at risk. they had
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a report from beirut. these generators are a lifeline for hospitals in a country where state electricity cuts last most of the day, but they're running low on diesel fuel. lebanon is an economic and political turmoil, and the state is nearly bankrupt. doctors warned the health sector is close to collapse with all the what's going on with the shortage is whether in human resources, whether in medications, whether in supplies, and on top of that now fuel electricity and more of a case is coming in. i'm believable that the hospitals are still able to it's not just hospitals bakeries to say if they don't receive diesel fuel in a few days, they will have to close the state electricity company has all but stopped providing power. already the sector was crumbling from years of neglect, but in recent weeks rationing has been severe. done, we rely on candles. there is no electricity and i can't afford to pay private
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generator owners. many no longer can afford basic food since the local currency crashed. prices have increased by 50 percent this month alone. the price is very controlled by many factors, including the exchange rates or the dollar depending on the market prices for fuel and for diesel. you know, we have market, we have to have electricity, 247. the black market has taken advantage of states subsidies on basic goods including medicine, many of which has been missing for months. many blame this for the crisis or something. when you stop that, i think they would be out of market because one of the number one and even if they've been, we're the subsidy, but they would want the source, the broad market. merchants have been blamed for hoarding supported goods or smuggling them to neighboring syria or other countries. mama lacey's element,
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we can't find any med since there is no electricity. food is so expensive. every aspect of life has been affected by the unprecedented economic and financial meltdown. water supply is likely to be affected by the collapse of the power grids . the united nations says water pumping could gradually seize within 4 to 6 weeks. the country is falling apart, its blamed on decades of corruption and mismanagement by a political class still in power. the solution many say requires a government ready to fight just that that their elders, eda, beirut, indonesia reported more than 1500 corona virus, deaths on friday, a new record. it also registered just under $50000.00 new infections. the countries become the epi center of a surgeon cases in se, asia fuel, by the highly contagious delta variant. first identified in india,
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protest as have descended on for voc in parliament, building angry about coven 19 rules. hundreds of people blocked the entrance on thursday and pelted the building with eggs. inside politicians were debating whether to give more rides to those who be vaccinations. demonstrated chanted stop corona fascism. they're annoyed by the restrictions and the proposed. all right, police 5 tear gas to disperse the crowd. an adviser to former us president donald trump has been released on bail off record hearing. thomas barrick was arrested last week. he's charged with working as a foreign agent on behalf of the united arab emirates, where i could chair trumps inaugural fund and helped get him elected. the billionaire, we'll have to wear an ankle bracelet, surrender his passport, and will follow a curse while he waits trial. the impromptu wearing in of a new government and samo has been approved by the countries court of appeal. it means film it and they all of them with the offer will be the 1st female prime
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minister of the pollination on a nation of elections. in april. the party held its own swearing in ceremony and made of the members were locked out of parliament. now that's been ruled legally valid. a group of scientists in england is using 3 d printing technology to customize pills for those in need of taking the doses. it's a revolutionary concept that could improve the lives of millions around the world. has nadine baba this lab in central england where leading a revolution in health care? 3 d printing is already used to create prosthetic limbs and implants. now experts at nottingham university, a working to perfect the poly pill, that's a tablet that can deliver multiple medications to the body of exactly the correct dose and time. with this, with the premium techniques, what we can do is we can have different print had each containing different drop. so these got to be pulled it onto a structure. i think i'll drop it. drop a very small probably about the size of the year. so they will be there and then
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for each 5, just back out to me to find a structure. as the team highlights only one in 10 people gets headache, pain relief if they take paracetamol. the problem is getting the right dosage for the patients. these researches foresee doctors prescribing a customized pill containing multiple drugs which will be released into the body in sequence were, could be friendly, roll them in, in the future. the doctor will be able to tell what they think those, that that patient needs. and then they will be printed basically on demand for those you think before materials, the pain medicine, one for instance acknowledged the everything that we put into one field together. chris roberts is 60, as well as suffering from mix dementia. he also has the lung condition, emphysema and arthritis. he has to take a tablets a day on top of pain killers and sprays. not surprisingly,
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it can leave both him and his wife. jane exhausted, a crystal who take his tablets in the morning that he takes a whole lot in the evenings. the difficulty is that there are so many chris can come and become a little bit discombobulated. now we live together. so as a cara, it's my job to ensure he takes his tablet, but i'm only human, especially on, on progressing as while. and i'm getting a bit difficult to, to manage. so one chocolate would be much better than, than jane trying to do at $810.00 times a day. every day in britain or my 600 people develop dementia. according to the charity alzheimer's research, u. k said the research going on in the lab could improve life for hundreds of thousands of people. what doing, hey, with 3 d printing has a wide range of potential applications, but at the heart of it as a simple idea, how to tailor the products, whether it's medication or a device to the individual. if a poly pill does become reality,
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the ideas for it to be produced locally, possibly at a community pharmacy with a relatively cheap printer that could mean slashing transport costs were low income countries and saving many more lives. nadeem barbara al jazeera nottingham ah, now with the headlines on al jazeera, heavy monster reigns of triggered floods and land sides and west and india, killing at least $100.00 people. the state of morass, dra his the was the 30 people are still missing. the got a letter i had 3 vehicles, all of them got submerged and flagged water. they are old damage and the furniture inside my house and outside also got damage. i have suffered a loss of around $10000.00 would be the flood waters rose to between 6 and 7 meters . that's the highest it's ever written on. the properties of the residents are destroyed. they have nothing left to eat.


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