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a store owner is i have a pass watched from his home across the street, powerless to save his business, probably some of the vehicle, the right next to our house, learning the things. and we're not able to do any lives on the line here. we don't even feel safe. this is a here, like many business owners isn't in short. the local police overwhelmed, stood by and watched it took a week for the south african government to restore order. here in jacob, zoom as home province, of course, and how it, how ting, in bulwark, many people by what they need day to day to get across or you have to speak about it. have to go to the big he goes or fix them severe. yes. if you can see that gets caught up with no shops and no post office to withdraw allowances and with distribution centers also hit by looting. people will likely go hungry. it'll take weeks at best for this town to be able to offer even basic
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services. again, bernard smith, al jazeera bulwark, conseula natal, also ahead on this news out from london. expose from above the mapping project revealing the bedroom advantages. israel is trying to look at while strategy is bright, fire reef has been not in danger. it's been real to not be in danger for now. i'm an impressive drone display above the olympic stadium in tokyo will have more from japan. and as far as the games officially begin, ah hello, nice to see you from an abundance of sunshine and high temperatures to now some rainstorms and low temperatures. you knew it had to happen, right. we've got a weather maker moving into the british shells impacting the southern portion of
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the united kingdom. it's also moving into the bow countries, and this is not good news for already water logged areas of belgium into germany where we saw a debit stating flooding. there is now more rain on top. we're hanging onto the heat for spain. look at some of these temperatures, cordova, 39 degrees, but we do have some instability rolling across the northern portion of spain on saturday. we've had some continuous rain for the black sea region of turkey. it's led to scenes like this were about 200 people have been forced from their homes and some rescues underway here in the black sea region. and you know, the forecast is calling for more rain in this corner of turkey, where the southeast of the black sea. also some showers in the forecast for bay roots with a high a 30 degrees on saturday. next up or go into africa. temperature is coming down, america shut 39, but they're shooting up in alger is 41. that's a good 10 degrees above average. are bouts of heavy weather will be found toward the ivory coast, liberia and sierra leone. free time. we've got to have 26 degrees in the forecast
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for you on saturday. the becoming a living legend to the young age with simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clouds. the brought peace to the ivory coast. posted by eric comes to the football rebels, the life of drop by the footballer who succeeded, where politicians had not dropped and the boy and civil war on out. there are a new generation of young people and making demand to be balance society. welcome to generational change. a global theories that attempt to understand and challenge the idea that mobilize you around the world in london to activate the tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people that perpetuate and violence,
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again of the young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me design and the shape this generation change on al jazeera. oh, a welcome back main stories. now. the delay 2020 games of kicked off with firefox and fun fast, but no fun the event taking place as host sanctions. your battle, the new wave of the corona virus pandemic police. if i take gas as violence and watch it outside the funeral, of a teaser fascinated over at a moiz was buried in the grounds of his family home in the country. second,
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if he kept patient, he was shot dead on july 7th. and at least $44.00 people died when monsoon rains trigger land slides in flooded low lying areas and west in india. thousands of people have been left stranded with rescue workers trying to evacuate people from vulnerable areas. now the taliban is warned, they'll be no peace. and i've got to start until a new government is formed. spokesman said they don't want to monopolize power. they weren't stop fighting either until the president, chef connie is removed. the us chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general loc mini is estimated that the group now control half of afghanistan's history centers . by having withdrawn most of its troops, the u. s. has been carrying out as strikes in order to help the afghan government. well, the us minute train at future all in iraq is going to be the focus of a meeting between the leaders of both nations over the next few days. secretary of state, anthony lincoln has met with iraq for minister flawed hussain in washington. that
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discussions are a precursor to talks between president joe biden and iraqi prime minister was a file called me correspondent patty calhane. as more now from washington, iraq foreign minister came here to the state department to meet with the us secretary of state. and they spoke to the media, but they didn't really make any news that's expected to happen on monday. went to racks, prime minister heads to the white house to meet with us president joe biden. they are expected to announce that they will take all us comment troops out of iraq by the end of this year. but the foreign ministers been telling the press that he still need to be us military to do intelligence and surveillance. do training to for, for air power. air power is in fact combat. and that's pretty much what us troops are doing in iraq. right now. sources in the putting on or say they don't expect that the numbers going to change very much right now. they have 2500 troops in you in iraq. and, but they're always supporting the mission in iraq. they're also supporting the $900.00 or so troops,
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us troops that are in syria. so we are respect that mission is going to change very much. this is being seen widely as a political move to try and help the racks. prime minister in the run up to the next election in ecuador prisons, remain in a state of emergency. after gang fights into overcrowded jails, left at least 22 people dead and 57 people injured on wednesday. president carr my last of our to mobilize all necessary human and economic resources to re establish order in the institutions. lease of a regained control and court. dozens of prisoners who did try to escape. but i've been to other daddy writes in ecuador prisons just this year. now turkey's defense ministry is searching for survivors. after a boat carrying 45 migrants sunk in the southeast in a g and c said the boat sunk 260 kilometers of the coast of the holiday resort town of cas turkey. as seen as a gateway to europe and his hosting some 3700000 refugees who mostly fly the war in
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syria. many travel there on overcrowded and dangerous boats. the european union structure regulator says the more done a job should be approved for teenagers. this could make it the 2nd vaccine authorized for use on european teenagers. european medicine agency says the shot will be administered the same way for teens and adults. that's despite it's finding earlier this month that the medina and 5 jobs can cause heart information in rare cases or protests have descended on sla vacuous parliament building angry about covert rules. there. hundreds of people blocked the entrance on thursday and pelted the building with eggs. inside politicians would debasing whether to give more rights to those who've been vaccinated demonstrates as chanted stock corona, fascism. they are annoyed by the restrictions on the proposed law. right? police 5 again to come the protested
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international body of the seeing the peace deal. it ended the bosnian conflict in the 1990 s has banned the denial of genocide. many bosnian serb officials refused to accept that the 995 massacre of more than 8000 both in the acts in shred, bernice was a genocide. but genocide denies now face up to 5 years in prison. a new law also forbids the glorification of war criminals. the sub member of balls in here and what's the governor's joint presidency says the high representative has no right to impose the law and that he'll move for the republic of strips. because independence tied to miss of it. she has more from sarajevo. in the recent years we've been witnessing a campaign of open and blatant genocide, denial both by buzzing serves but also republic of serbia. that's find the bugs in public. there was a push towards international community and it's office of high representative to bring into power a law that incriminate genocide, denial,
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which is basically what happened today. now there are 2 factors, probably that played an important role in this happening. first of all, there is in the recent years, a more strong, a stronger us presence in the region, especially the navigation of the by the administrator. and by then, who was very involved in bozeman war, in the ninety's when he was a us senator. on the other hand, the incumbent, high representative, valentin ensco, is leaving office at the end of this month. and in bosnia, this move is bringing in to power. this law is seen as a sort of a legacy move a legacy of his there. and as the high representative in bosnia salmonella has it 1st female prime minister after receiving courts approval. yeah. may know me. my to office party one me election in april by the majority, but the can't take who government locked ministers out of parliament. so much office side held their own swearing in ceremony. instead. on friday,
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the court of appeals that the ceremony was legally valid for nearly 69000 chevrolet pulse electric vehicles have been recalled worldwide because of the risk fire chevrolet's own general motors says it will replace any battery modules due to a manufacturing defect that's caused at least 2 fires so far. the recall. com is just a week off the us regulators urged owners of the car to park their vehicles outside and away from any homes or other structures after they've been charged. israel high course has asked the government to clarify its position on the bed in village of con, mar, by september. one of dozens threatened with demolition across israel in the west bank and not recognised by the state and that people are facing force displacement, new exhibition. and tel aviv is highlighting the scale of the issue as how the bill,
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how many reports it's been destroyed, and we built $190.00 times since 2010. the village of a lot of keep home to, to re bed when tribe in the negative desert, one of the so called legally unrecognized villages in israel. they are barely any standing constructions left, but people still live here among the ancestors in the vans and trucks. but fellow, we go low and they don't acknowledge anything. bed when he's villages have been recognized since the days of the ottomans. and then the british, the tribes exist since well before the creation of the state of israel. what do they think the tribes came down from? the skies a week ago, i know this is how a lot of keep looks from above. you can see the marks of raking bulldozers that took down homes and smoothed the land. plans are made for forests to replace the village. these images are part of an exhibition base, really photographers, mickey craftsman, and shut tape jeff ski cold anti mapping to create that not turn,
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not the way of talking about much. yes, we believe that they, they stay doesn't want us to see or to understand where to but as to me on villages and the green line and in those days what's happened daily in don't recognize beds when villages. yes, they don't want us to say that's when and been chest skeet took thousands of pictures by drone and then super impose them to provide high resolution images that show a reality that is uncomfortable for many israel like palestinian villages. the dark spots on this picture raised to the ground in 1948 when israel was created. this is the spot where that picture was taken. now somewhere there, they used to be the village of jamaica. we can't figure out where exactly from this vantage point. it's all been covered with agricultural land. one of the many ways
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to raise palestinian heritage from inside the borders of israel. land confiscated uncovered. here they used to be the village of so now a training base for the military. i was surprised, we didn't. how much? even though there was such an effort to remove those places, not only from maps, but also from reality in each place, there was something that we can find a cemetery, walls or stones that would indicate that there was something there in the past. also for me, discovery is a through the connecting of those cases. it's what the people have had in could face at any moment, plans and a works for it to be replaced by newly built israeli town with the same name. other places like handle off mud. also under threat of disappearing the pictures of craftsman and jeff ski now irrefutable proof of their existence put up the meat
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algae 0 in southern israel, an adviser to for me as president donald trump has been released on bail after a court hearing thomas bark is charged with working as a foreign agent on behalf of the united arab emirates, chad trump's inaugural fund and helped to get him elected. billy, now we'll have to an ankle bracelet, surrender his passport on follow a curfew while he awaits trial christians. louis has one is now from york. barrett is charged with trying to influence improperly lobby the u. s. president for he was working allegedly on behalf of the united arab emirates as he was the chairman of president trump inaugural committee in 2017. this was a substantial stop and i unexpectedly taking place today. he is due to appear in person and a new york courtroom on monday. but his lawyer is attempting to secure his freedom
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pending trial. prosecutors were very nervous about this because he is a very wealthy man. and business man with a private jet and citizenship in lebanon. so they wanted to make sure that his attendance in new york, on monday would be assured before letting him leave this federal detention facility . while the investigation into his allege influencing attempted influencing the president continues. he's also charged with lying to investigators back in 2019 who were looking into this president. trump is not in any way indicted with these charges. he's not named in these charges. prosecutors do allege that the defendant brock had an influence on president tom's foreign policy, however, and also that he was attempting to get a position as a middle east adviser in the trump administration. when all of this was happening, he was informally advising president trump's officials. and now,
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australia's great barrier reef will not be placed on a list of wild heritage sites considered in danger of the country's governments lobbied against the proposed listing $21.00 country world heritage committee is ignored in esco's scientific assessment. well, the largest coral reef was clearly on the threat from climate change and coral beaching. instead of the danger listing in esco will now carry out admission to assess the almost 2500 kilometer long reef and australia will have to send a progress report by february of next year. meanwhile, the wealth heritage committee has worn stonehenge is the threat of being placed on the list. if the u. k goes ahead with a nearby ro tunnel china space agency is released pictures of the route taken by its mas rover, the jerome rover landed on the red planet, in may, its move 585 meters. so for capturing these pictures of a found you a long way, china is hoping you're on, we'll spend 90 motion days exploring and analyzing the surface. compete of 68 so
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far the equivalent of 69 days for coming out very shortly for you and a better recap of highlights and trauma. see when the opening ceremony at the toto and then picks with general. ah ah ah ah
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ah me ah ah ah ah, the group of scientists in england is using 3 d printing technology to customize pills for those in need of taylor doses. this is a revolutionary concept that could improve the lives of millions of people around
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the world. and in bob has the story out from nottingham. this lab in central england, the leading a revolution in health care. 3 d printing is already used to create prospective limbs and implants. now experts at nottingham university, you're working to perfect the poly pill. that's a tablet that can deliver multiple medications to the body of exactly the correct dose and time. with this, with the premium techniques, what we can do is we can have different print head each containing different drop. so these drop will be the pull this onto a structure. i think i'll drop it. drop a very small probably about the size of the year. so they will be the year and then each 5, just back out into a final structure. as the team highlights only one in 10 people gets headache, pain relief if they take paracetamol. the problem is getting the right dosage for the patients. these researches foresee doctors prescribing a customized pill containing multiple drugs which will be released into the body in
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sequence. where could be frenzy roll them in. in the future. the doctor will be able to tell what they think goes that that patient needs. and then they will be printed basically on demand for that though, you think before materials, the pain medicine at one point. so everything will be put into one field together. chris roberts is 60, as well as suffering from mix dementia. he also has the lung condition, emphysema and arthritis. he has to take a tablets a day on top of pain killers and sprays. not surprisingly, it can leave both him and his wife. jane exhausted, a crystal, take his tablets in the morning that he takes a whole lot in the evenings. the difficulty is that there are so many kristen can become a little bit discombobulated. now we live together. so as a cara, it's my job to ensure he takes his tablet, but i'm only human, especially on ours,
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on progressing as while. and i'm getting a bit difficult to to manage. so one chocolate would be much better than, than jane trying to do at $87.00 times a day every day in britain or my $600.00 people develop dementia according to the charity out time as research u. k. so the research going on in this lab could improve life for hundreds of thousands of people. what doing, hey, with 3 d printing has a wide range of potential applications, but at the heart of it as a simple idea, how to tailor the products, whether it's medication or a device to the individual. if a poly pill does become reality, the ideas for it to be produced locally, possibly it's a community pharmacy with a relatively cheap printer that could mean slashing transport costs for low income countries and saving many more lives. nadine baba al jazeera nottingham jim is now here with the sport. thank you. mariam. it's been 5 years in the making and in
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the shadow of a pend pandemic. the take a 2020 and the gates have officially started japanese tennis. don me a socket was given the on the lighting the olympic code in the stadium. a saw because a full time, a grand champion on the 1st asian play to be ranked number one in the world for the opening ceremony. not without controversy as several athlete who without weighing face off going against strict cave it rules for me on the game is abbey richardson . but at least we now know why no, i mean i stuck his 1st tennis. much of these olympics was pushed back from saturday to sunday. the japanese stall, given the honor of lighting, the olympic coltrane to get these tokyo games underway during the opening ceremony . we also heard from the international olympic committee president thomas back, he said, amongst other things, this feeling of togetherness, this is the lights at the end of the don't tunnel of this pandemic has to be said. that sense, but may not be shared entirely by the rest of the japanese population who perhaps remain to be convinced about the wisdom of these games going ahead. the athletes
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parade, while it was scaled down socially distanced, somewhat subdued. several athletes from the countries of kurdistan. pakistan and to jacob on entering the stadium without wearing a facial mask. clear contravention of the strict rules and regulations of these games athlete were warned that if they didn't follow all the safety protocols, they could risk being kicked out of these lympics. as for the ceremony itself, well opening ceremony like them a low and i've always been a part of the games ever since. they came back in 1896, a chance for the whole nation to showcase all of that culture and national identity . but rarely as a whole nation have such itself balancing act to pull off like tokyo has and to try and get public opinion to turn and shift in favor of these olympics best work to do on that front with protests against the game, showing no sign of letting up, while the opening ceremony went ahead outside until and protested,
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marched in the streets, chanting cancel them picks. it criticized the japanese government for prioritizing the gains over the nations house. only around 23 percent of the population of more than a 120000000 has been fully vaccinated and pay the remainder of the state of emergency because it is such incapable. 19 cases, americans do not 16 can take part in the opening ceremony. so how their own celebration instead, they just that's in the uniform and much behind a us 5 on a public street and take. the team is saying outside the village, the code 1900 concerns. while there are more than 11000 athletes set to compete to the games, and they're coming from all around the world with 200 fixed teams altogether. over the next couple of weeks, we're going to see 339 metal events across 33 sports. they include 4 brand new olympic sports, which is for climbing, skateboarding, staffing and karate. nearly 50 percent base competing, all women, which is
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a new record. competition is already underway in some falls with football, in softball action earlier in the week. and on friday there was no limbic record in archery. south korea's fans called $680.00 in the women's qualifying round, breaking the previous fast, which was sat in atlanta. 1996. there were also worrying things of the russian arch, fainted in the heat that qualifying round on a gun boys collapsed and needed ice applied to her head to cool down, but she's reportedly recovering well and will resume competition. men, phone number one, tennessee navy, jock of it's just baited, not coming to the games after it was announced, nice spectators would attend. that says he's glad he decided to come to japan shock, which hoping to become the 1st man to achieve the golden slab, which is to win for tennis majors and a limb. fix single gold in the same calendar year. having already secured the australian open french open and wimbledon, he now needs to win the title and take on the usa for next month,
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matched at the grove 988 feet. but the sub isn't going to allow himself to look too far ahead. in the past i was and probably fully experiencing that approach and that has backfired on me. and i start to feel that there was a lot of distractions around that that were influencing my performance. i know that there is a lot of things on the line. i know there is history on the line. i am privileged and motivated to be in this position that living with stunning pictures from the opening ceremony, the flanks, the technology, japan is famous for 1824 trains. we used to form the total elim pick emblem in the sky above the stadium, before transforming into the shape of the mesmerizing. it's fantastic and just embrace him. these are to give you a doctoral fin fluoride, the latest to pull out a deal and picks tested positive for it. oh, well thank you very much, jim and tiffany. and i will see you in
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a couple of minutes. more news. a full bulletin coming up for 2200 champ. ah, me news news. news? news. news, when freedom of the press is under threat. in oh, you just because i thought, genuinely about your thought toward the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here. some of access points shift the focus, the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little prefect. the prime minister clamped down on the price covering the
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waves. the news is covered. so listening post on a job with energy and change to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. on counting the costs beyond the tourism, the world's richest men making a grant to control access to the trillion dollar space industry. taos than you call why rich nations of emitted agriculture from the climate change and how flowering call lives in iran. counting the toss on al jazeera,
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we understand the differences of cultures across the world. are you taking out era or bringing the news and current affairs? ah, there oh i a year late and in unprecedented circumstances, fireworks signal the official opening of a controversial impacts in tokyo. ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm tomor z and then you were watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. haitian president of an elmo. eas is buried in his family home is we don't describes the dark days of his assassination.


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