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the tokyo, when picks off finally decide growing opposition by running costs in japan. thousands of athletes will compete in empty stadium amid the corona virus out there will be inside the bubble to bring them native games like no other. ah, the 2020 took your summer olympics begin with a scale down opening ceremony in a nearly empty stadium. the world's number to tennis, don amier, and lit the limpid, colder inefficiently. solving the game. ah, i live again. i cannot santa maria here in don't with the world news for mountain
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europe. the funeral of hated assassinated president jovan illinois is interrupted by police firing tear gas protested and foreign dignitaries scrambling for cover also fighting with the town about beyond group wounds. there will be no peace and i've got to start until certain conditions are met. the rescue work continues in central china after the work plugs in living memory despite hundreds of thousands of people i after a years delay the tokyo 2020 summer olympics are officially open in 2021. the games happening is the nation battles, the deadly wave of the corona virus pandemic. the there was still spectacular despite the fireworks, though at the event which wrapped up just about an hour ago at japan's national
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stadium. the president of tokyo, 2022nd. has your moto says she hopes the olympics will offer a moment of peace for people whose lives are far from peaceful me at this moment? tennis star, naomi, i saw a lighting deal in big cauldron. one of the more than $11000.00 athletes from $200.00 nations who be competing without spectators under unprecedented restriction stadium. a really very different thing to what we're used to. the $68000.00 seats that the venue were mostly empty, only around a 1000 people attended. most of the teams were mosque that they came out to represent the countries. the team sizes for that ceremony also looked a lot smaller than usual with social distance and clearly in place as well. some of the performances took on a rather somber symbolic tone alone run a here in the stadium on a treadmill. an apparent nod to the difficulties athletes must have faced as they trained in isolation and quarantine to prepare for the competition the most expensive summer lympics in history. and they are deeply unpopular among the people
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of the host nation, nearly 80 percent of japanese say they are against holding the gains. because the pandemic purchase has rallied near the venue to voice their opposition to the games opponents. and it shouldn't be going ahead. while current of ours remained the threat more than a 100 people attending the games have tested positive cove at $900.00 in the run up to d events. let's wrap this all together with andy richardson in tokyo. but at least we now know why no, i me, i suckers 1st tennis. much of these olympics was pushed back from saturday to sunday. the japanese stall, given the honor of lighting, the olympic colder and to get these tokyo games underway during the opening ceremony. we also heard from the international olympic committee president thomas back, he said, amongst other things, this feeling of togetherness, this is the light at the end of the dark tunnel of this pandemic has to be said. that sense that may not be shared entirely by the rest of the japanese population who perhaps remain to be convinced about the wisdom of these games going ahead. the athletes parade, while it was scaled down socially distanced,
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somewhat subdued. several athletes from the countries of kurdistan. pakistan and said jacob on entering the stadium without wearing a facial mask, clear contravention of the strict rules and regulations of these games athlete were warned that if they didn't follow all the safety protocols, they could risk being kicked out of these a lympics. as for the ceremony itself, well opening ceremonies like them, a load them have always been a part of the games ever since. they came back in 1896, a chance for the whole nation to showcase all of that culture national identity, but rarely as a whole. nation had such itself balancing act. so pull off like tokyo has to try and get public opinions to turn and shift in favor of these olympics on to other news and the funeral of haiti's assassinated president jovan ways is taking place in the country's 2nd city of compassion where he has been laid to rest in the grounds of his family home, outside the police or 5 t, a gas that protested us delegation and other dignitaries,
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the scene rushing to the cars. weeds of course, shot dead on july 7th. the police say his killers included 18 former columbia intelligence. and several haitian americans posing as us drugs enforcement agents hated, experienced mass protests and political crisis for more than 2 years now. and the kalika following developments from miami, tell us about these, the most recent events, the t a gas and dignitaries is running for cover. well, that's what's being reported. come all outside of where the funeral services are being held. and it really goes to show how many hope this might be a moment of unity. a moment to coalesce thing behind the death of a president. but really there are deep suspicions in this nation, especially in k patient. where people know, for instance, the chief of police who is attending the funeral, they have answers, he hasn't answered yet. he may, he may have something to do with it. that is,
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that is the feeling that many people and k patient saying, look, we gave you a president and you gave us a dead body. so that really goes to the heart of the divisions in this nation. there are many suspicions about what happened and still no answer as essentially the investigation is still ongoing. it's getting some aid from an international team from the united states, with officers from the department of homeland security and the f b i. but we still don't know who as the haitian authorities, cole is the mastermind behind this. so even as this solemn ceremony goes on, the street protests are continuing, and this is an extremely precarious moment for this nation. because while many people are mourning the death and the fascination of that president, more than anything else that concerned about the security and future of their own country. and he can you remind us who is actually in charge of ac at the moment? what remains of the government is now being run by prime minister ariel on re who
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was backed by a coal group of international countries, including the united states, the canada, and the your opinion. but that's problematic in and of itself. because many haitians don't want any international interference, so this prime minister may be seen as a puppet of international forces. but his goal, really, and this is extremely important, is to get to free and fair elections. they haven't been held in in over 4 years. they've been so problematic with medications, they look voting is not going to solve our nation's problem. the senate is barely functioning, the parliament has already been dissolved. a gangs are running the streets report prints in many areas. so voting might not change any of that. but i think what the international community wanted to see was a coalescing behind one central figure in arial and re whose sole purpose now is to get to those elections, which may not solve the long term problems. this beleaguered nation is facing. absolutely precarious, isn't it?
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thank you for that update. and d, danica for us in miami, a member of the taliban negotiating team says there won't be a lasting peace and i've got to found until a new government installed and cobble that all sides agree on taliban fighters have been saving many areas as the last of the u. s. and nato forces leave afghanistan. so hail shaheen says the taliban doesn't want to monopolize power, but the current government can expect things to continue with diplomatic a to, to james phase with more from cobble certainly what everyone wants, i think on the international community is some way to have a negotiated settlement between the african government and the taliban some way of sharing power. and what they'd like is to restart those talks that have been taking place in doha currently adjourned. great deal of effort to try and get that back on track and get that going. there has been a meeting recently with the deputy heads of the taliban political office in doha.
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of those alarm a happy and representatives of diplomats from the e u u. s u n. and cath, many of those diplomats in addition to getting the talk started, think that the best atmosphere for the talks is to have a cease far the tongue about reluctant to have a c spot. at this stage, they say the proposals that the african government have put on the table so far are unacceptable. they want not want reconciliation, but they won't start entering that they won't come come n harbor c spied and we will continue our waterman as it is. so that's the also not realistic approach not to pragmatic approach. it is necessity that all avalon should have are, should eagerly upon i knew god meant. and that was meant
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what to replace the new this couple administration. and that was meant will be acceptable for us. and to add that up months, another taliban spokesman later clarified those comments, making it clear that the taliban is not demanding. the president, national ref gone, is removed or stands down before a ceasefire. that's not one of the conditions that demanding before a cease for al jazeera understands what taliban wants. in order to have a cease far for them to a greek, to a c swap would be for all the prisoners being held by the african government to be released and that will be difficult. moved by president gun, he got a lot of christmas last time. he released prisoners and also for all of those taliban members that are listed by the un under the sanctions committee to be de listed us secretary state antony blinking has met iraq's foreign minister in washington topping the agenda. the potential withdrawal of combat troops by the end
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of the year, this may allow the u. s. military to take on an advisory role, including training and arming rocky forces to fight on fridays meetings expected to lay the groundwork for president jo bivens in person meeting with the iraqi prime minister and stuff to me. on monday. patty calhoun, with more from washington, iraq foreign minister, came here to the state department to meet with the us secretary of state. and they spoke to the media, but they didn't really make any news that's expected to happen on monday when her ex prime minister heads to the white house to meet with us president joe biden. they're expected to announce that they will take all us come troops out of iraq by the end of this year. but the foreign minister has been telling the press that he still needs the us military to do intelligence and surveillance. do training to fly for air power. air power is in fact combat. and that's pretty much what us troops are doing in iraq right now. and sources in the putting understand they don't expect that the numbers going to change very much right now. they have 2500 troops
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in you in iraq, but they're not always supporting the mission in iraq. they're also supporting the $900.00 or so troops, a us troops that are in syria. so we are respect that mission is going to change very much. this is being seen widely as a political move to try and help the iraqi prime minister in the run up to the next election. she's been paying has visited tibet, the 1st visit to the region by a chinese president in 3 decades. he inspected a train line under construction and met buddhist monks as in other regions, waging his stepped up its controls on religion and education into best exile to tibetans accused the central government of religious and cultural repression. international body of a thing to pay, steal. it ended the both in the, in conflict to the 1990 s. as now banned the denial of genocide. both me and serv. officials have refused to accept that the massacre of more than 8000. but the intrepid pizza was, in fact a genocide. but genocide deny as will now face up to 5 years in prison. the new law
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also forbids the glorification of war. criminals talk to me so much has more now from study of a in the recent years we've been witnessing a campaign of open and blatant genocide, denial both by the buzzing sales, but also republic of serbia. that's why the buzzing public there was a push towards international community and it's office of high representative to bring into power a law that in criminal genocide, denial, which is basically what happened today. now there are 2 factors, probably that played an important role in this happening. first of all, there is in the recent years a more strong, a stronger us presence in the region, especially since the navigation of the by the administrator by then who was very involved involved in a war in the ninety's when he was a us senator on the other hand, the incumbent, high representative, valentin info is leaving office at the end of this month and in bosnia,
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this move this, bringing in to power this law is seen as a sort of a legacy move a legacy of his or as the high representative in bosnia in the news, the head will have the latest on the scramble to save people stranded by monsoon floods. this is in west in india, the death toll growth, and erased but not forgotten. the mapping project exposing the bed when the villages israel was trying to hive. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello, nice to see you are a southwest monsoon has been particularly active toward the west coast of india, the states of martha roster, 802 millimeters of rain. so that means it's 2nd what is day and look at this over
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half a century. once again on saturday we can still see those heavy rounds of rain toward the west coast of india. but we're also seen some particularly heavy rounds of rain that darker the color, the more intense the rain towards central and areas of the northeast of india. ok, next i want to take you to asia pacific because we've got to get you an update now on typhoon info. this is now sunday looking to make landfall just south of shanghai . this is going to have a major impact on shanghai. so here's a closer look right now as the i have this storm. i just passes to the south of shanghai. so we're thinking wind gusts about a 100 kilometers per hour and look at this rainfall about 70 millimeters. ok, you know, we're also seen remnants of what was typhoon sion packer impact. the northern areas of indo china on saturdays says some particularly heavy rains can be found here for se, asia, we're getting some dry spells across malays and much of sumatra. and for the philippines, southwest monsoon is steering very heavy rain to areas like manila,
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for example. sponsored cattle airways. this food stamp mom, flying the flag for her nation. we have been putting in claim crickets on what the country between muslim my dream play in the wood while providing for family rise in bagley's winning game. that's my precious game in the game. my son bob way on al jazeera. ah, ah. the
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help stories fowler on al jazeera, after a year's delay, the tokyo summer, and the big games of officially opened with a low key ceremony in a nearly empty stadium. japanese tennis or soccer was given. the honor of lighting, the limpid coltrane, a president of the game says she hopes they will offer people a moment of the funeral of hatred assassinated president. jovan, i'm always taking place in his home town of k patient. he was shot dead at his residence in the capital more than 2 weeks ago. and a member of the town about negotiating team says there will be no lasting peace enough down to san until the new government installed and cobbled one that all sides can agree on the hill. shane says the town about doesn't want to monopolize in will start current of our sneeze in lebanon, where hospitals are running out of fuel. you can make crisis is led to power cuts that can last up to 20 hours
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a day. and that is putting lives at risk is the pandemic rages on. st. weather reports from beirut. these generators are a lifeline for hospitals in a country where state electricity cuts last most of the day. but they're running low on diesel fuel. lebanon is an economic and political turmoil, and the state is nearly bankrupt. doctors warned the health sector is close to collapse with all the what's going on with the shortages, whether in human resources, whether in medications, whether in supplies, and on top of that now fuel electricity and more corporate cases coming in. i'm believable that the hospitals are still able to it's not just hospitals bakeries to say if they don't receive diesel fuel in a few days, they will have to close the state electricity company has all but stopped providing power. already the sector was crumbling from years of neglect, but in recent weeks rationing has been severe. we rely on candles. there is no
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electricity and i can't afford to pay private generator. many no longer can afford basic food since the local currency crashed. prices have increased by 50 percent this month alone. the price is very controlled by many factors, including the exchange rates or the dollar depending on the black market prices for fuel and for diesel. we have market, we have to have electricity, 247. the black market has taken advantage of states subsidies on basic goods including medicine, many of which has been missing for months. many blame this for the crisis or something. when you stop that, i think they will be out of market because one of the one and even if they were the subsidy by they would give the broad market. merchants have been
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blamed for hoarding supported goods or smuggling them to neighboring syria or other countries. mama lacy's element, we can't find any med since there is no electricity. food is so expensive. every aspect of life has been affected by the unprecedented economic and financial meltdown. water supply is likely to be affected by the collapse of the power grids . the united nation says water pumping could gradually cease within 4 to 6 weeks. the country is falling apart, its blamed on decades of corruption and mismanagement by a political class still in power. the solution, many se requires a government ready to fight just that, that their elders either beta no, indonesia is reported more than $1500.00 current of our debts in 24 hours, which is another new record. and it's also registered just under $50000.00 infections. denise has become the epi center of a search, in cases in se,
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asia field, by the highly contagious delta variance, rapidly rise in cases of lead to a declaration of emergency in these trading state of new south wales. half of the country's population has now been put into lockdown as the outbreaks built into other states. stakeholders and sydney are likely to be extended beyond the current end date of july 30. it means neighboring. new zealand has suspended quarantine for travel with all of a strategy for 2 months. the so called travel bubble was already paused for new south wales victoria and south australia. using a prime minister just into durn is warning of the increased risk to travelers. a clean up operations that began in the central chinese city of jung show, which was hit this week by the was flooding. the region that has seen in recent history of the cities in the region are under red, alert, as well as rescue teams. search for survivors, katrina, you reports from the rain and young joe may have east, but flood waters are still submerging major highways. just one reminder of the
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devastating storm which struck central china earlier this week. teams are working hard to pump and clear water line areas. the city is more than 7000000 residents are struggling to resume normal life. many neighborhoods like access to running water authorities have set up temporary out the water stations. li jen says he's grateful. he was safe at home. i went to renshaw. rain lashed the city in history, whether it's safer to stay in those, that's the lesson i learn. then just things happen unexpectedly. people need to be more cautious. this kind of tragedy could have been avoided, but people are still coming to terms with the loss of life and loss of livelihood caused by what authorities have described as the worst. on 4000 years, many businesses remain closed. internet and phone connection is unstable. junk jose famous clock tower is frozen at 5 pm. the time electricity was cut off during the
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height of the storm on tuesday, getting around gender city is still very difficult. the entire subway system remains closed with tunnels full of water. taking us away during the storm was extremely dangerous. hundreds of people were trapped encourages as flash floods quickly filled the underground system. in keeping with chinese tradition offerings has been burned at the entrance to the station. to honor the 12 people who died on the ground, commuters are sharing harrowing details of their experiences, waiting for rescue team to arrive many beliefs they would not lines. in rural areas, some were rescued after 3 days of being stranded. the army has been sent to reinforce vulnerable dance and reservoirs. meteorologists say the worst weather has passed, and many here are waiting patiently for government disaster relief for the flood waters to recede and for the sun to finally return a treaty you all to 0,
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joe. and then his west in india, where monsoon reins of triggered land slides killing at least 35 people flooding the thousands of people stranded with parts of marashi state badly hit. the downfalls have eased but rescue teams have been struggling to reach areas cut off by the flood waters. when the deli elizabeth parent reports on the rescue operations in the areas hit by. a landslide. officials are hopeful because after at least 35 deaths on 3 landslides, i'm not sure that's what my gosh was phase lead of the chief minister of taca they had said and around 30 people are missing. he also said that the national disaster response force has been having a lot of difficulty reaching some of the worst effected areas because of the damage to rows and to bridges. because the flood waters are now starting to receive. that heavy rain has slowed down somewhat. they hopeful that everyone involved in the rescue efforts and national disaster response for that also, the army, the navy,
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the coast guard, i'm going to be able to get to the people who remain stranded more than a 1000. people have been rescued in different parts of my austria. many of them have been from rooftop from the top on top of buses on highways shipping, the closest town of chaplain, which is home to about 70000 people. that is where the rescue efforts focused on. now, half of it is flooded and that's in the district of us. my getting was received at the heaviest rainfall in july, in full t years. now elsewhere in austria and the financial capital min. by in fact, another 2 people have died and injured off the house collapsed off the heavy rains and over the last week was seen. 30 people die in and around by the cause of the heavy rains that situation in austria. but we're also seeing heavy flooding in a couple of other different states from the country. most notably in the southern states of calen gonna, we're hearing meteorologist is saying that the 30 centimeters of rain,
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it's cold and fat on gardens capital hydro bob, the bets the highest rainfall in july and hydro bob in 10 years that the flood gates of the main reservoir swan saga have had to be, have had to be released for the 1st time again in a decade. now the sort of damage was seeing the destruction due to flooding due to land flies. it is common during the since season when the flooding really effects the foundations of structure, which are often poorly built. but we're also hearing from scientists that the frequency and the intensity of the monsoon of heavy rains is increasing because of climate change. the impromptu swearing of a new government in samo has been approved by the countries court of appeal. it means fail may know naomi mother also will be the 1st female prime minister of the polynesian island after elections in april, her party held its own swearing in ceremony in may, after members are locked out of parliament. the court of appeal has now ruled that
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ceremony was legally violence. israel's high court has asked the government to clarify its position on the bed when the village of han last night by september. it's one of dozens threatened with demolition across israel and the occupied west bank been recognized by the states and their people are facing forced displacements now in new exhibition until the vivas, highlighting the scale of the issue. hot up, the honey visited it. it's been destroyed and we built 190 time since 2010 the village of allowed to keep home to, to re bed when tribe in the negative desert is one of the so called legally unrecognized villages. in israel, they are barely any standing constructions left, but people still live here among their ancestors in the vans and trucks. but fellow, we go low and they don't acknowledge anything bed when he's villagers have been recognized since the days of the ottomans. and then the british tribes exist since
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well before the creation of the state of israel. what do they think the tribes came down from the skies a week ago? i know this is how a lot of keep looks from my book. you can see the marks of raking bulldozers that took down homes and smoothed the land. plans are made for forests to replace the village. these images are part of an exhibition base, really photographers, mickey craftsmen, and tape it jeff ski cold anti mapping. to create a not turn at the way of talking about maps. yes, we believe that they, they stay doesn't want us to see or to understand where to but as team on villages and the green line, and in those days what's happened daily in don't recognize meds when villages. yes, they don't want us to see cats when and been chest skeet took thousands of pictures by drone and then super imposed them to provide high resolution images that show
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a reality that is uncomfortable for many israel like palestinian villages. the dark spots on this picture raised to the ground in 1948 when israel was created. this is the spot where that picture was taken. now somewhere there, they used to be the village of jamaica. we can't figure out where exactly from this vantage point. it's all been covered with agricultural land. one of the many ways to raise palestinian heritage from inside the borders of israel. land confiscated uncovered. here they used to be the village of sour. now a training base for the military, i was surprised. how much isn't though there was such an effort to remove those places not only from maps, but also from reality. in each place, there was something that we can find cemetery, walls or stones that would indicate that there was something there in the past.
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also from the discovery is through the connecting of those cases. it's what the people have had in could face at any moment. plans and a works for it to be replaced by newly built israeli town with the same name. other places like handle asthma are also under threat of disappearing. the pictures of craftsman and jeff ski now irrefutable proof of their existence put up the meat l 0 in southern israel. ah, the are these are the headlines after years delay the tokyo 2020 summer olympics is officially opened in 2021. with a low key ceremony in a nearly empty stadium with the japanese, tennessee, mammy, a sancho given the honor of lighting, the limpid cauldron. the president of the games said she hopes they will offer people a moment of peace or for mandy richardson, sports.


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