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in about 15. ah hello, nice to see you. we're going to squeeze out one more nice day for the british isles, but we've got this disturbance waiting in the wings. so 1st it's going to impact western areas of france. but let me put your head now to saturday as we see it swoop in to southern areas of the united kingdom rate through into the low countries. and this is not good news because it is going to impact areas already. water logged areas in belgium right through into germany, except for going to spain, where the heat is certainly on. we have weather alerts for just how high these temperatures are cordoba, 40 degrees deville. you're up to 39 on friday, off to turkey and you know, for the black sea region, we have seen some continuous rain. and this is the result here, more than 200 people force from their homes. and we do have some rescues being
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carried out. you know, here's the thing that rain will continue on friday toward that region, the southeast corner of the black sea, some more rain on top there. next for africa, toward the top end of the continent, things are looking good. the heat is also on as we head toward algeria. so alger is $35.00 degrees. but where we're going to see some heavy rounds of rain can be seen through the ivory coast liberia, right through to see or the oh and so free town. we have a high of 26 degrees for you. that's your update. the besieged by violent crime and drugs. confronted by racism and integration. 0 traces the history of 1st generation lebanese australians. exploring the conflicts and the struggle for acceptance. once upon
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a time and punch on al jazeera, i love them is one of the most important issues in the world and decisions made here have an impact right around the globe. and so here at al jazeera, we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their everyday life. we are free to put them on air and to really engage. because we know that our audience is interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. oh, the a welcome back. you're watching the news around peter
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davi, your top stories, a member of the taliban negotiating team says there will be no lasting peace in afghanistan until the new governments installed and cobbled at old sites can agree on su hill. shaheen says the taliban doesn't want to monopolize power. a shortage of fuel to run generators in several lebanese hospitals is threatening the lives of patients. there is fear they could run out within hours. electricity outages, power cops come off more than 20 hours a day. okay. 1032, almost 1033, gmc. let's take a live not to tokyo. of course, this is the story dominating the news agenda around the world. we are what 27 minutes away from the opening of these olympic games. you'll remember they were postponed in march of last year. the separate team behind the olympic flame plan saying the games could become the light at the end of the tunnel of the games
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become the light at the end of the tunnel. absolutely not. the limpid committee president, thomas boxing. i think it'll be a moment of joy and relief when entering the stadium among moments of joy in particular for the athletes. because i know how much the longing for that moment all the joy, the reality for the athletes will be taking part in their various events in and around that stadium which is $411300.00 of them just about to do the parade in on half an hour now they are living in quite weird circumstances, some of them, a sharing rooms. they're sharing accommodation, if they get pinged because they've been close to somebody who's tested positive essentially their games are over the game over at that point. for them, we will be discussing a little later here on the news are hopefully the psychological stress of having to live with that because these are the top slight athletes, so totally focused their training programs, of course, are timed to the day to the hour when they sleep is timed to the day to the hour
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with jet like of course, many of them by definition of come in from thousands of kilometers away. so they need to know that they have their race, that they have been focused on now for 5 years, not 4 years, 5 years, because what we're about to see has been delayed by 12 months. they have to live with the reality of that, and they have to live within very tight structures of how they interact with their fellow competitors, their coaches, the teammates, their friends, their families. well, there's no overlap at all and the 0 overlap almost here overlap between the competitors and the people on the streets of tokyo, talking of which 80 percent of the people in japan, according to an opinion poll out today, say they are against the olympic games, not against the olympic games per se, and not against the olympic games, taking part, taking place rather in japan. they're against the games taking place right now. presumably for those people, a small but perhaps significant protest,
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the people on the streets of tokyo, adjacent to the olympic stadium. presumably for them, their fear and worry is that if you bring in all those people into the country, you also import coven. 19. not just the basic form of corona virus, but crucially the delta variant, or even perhaps the bitter variant because that's one of the things we know about the delta barrier. it is so much more transmissible than the main strain of corona virus that we've been reporting on. now for more than 151617 months, we'll keep you across all the developments there in tokyo, just as soon as we get a beginning to that opening ceremony. and joe is got the sports news for us in about 15 minutes. the impromptu swearing in a new government in samoa has been approved by the country court of appeal. now it
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means that the army, naomi mattapan, will be the 1st female prime minister of the polynesian island nation after elections. in april, the party held its own swearing in ceremony in may, after members were locked out of the parliament, the court of appeal has ruled. the ceremony was legally valid. israel high court has asked the government to clarify its position on the bedouin village of con i'mma by september. it's one of dozens of threatened with that are threatened with demolition across israel and the occupied west bank. they're not recognized by the states that people are facing force displacement. an exhibition until a b is highlighting the scale of the total bill. hamid not explains its been destroyed and rebuilt 190 times since 2010. the village of a lot of keep home to, to the bed when tribe internet give desert to let one of the so called legally unrecognized villages. in israel, they are barely any standing constructions left,
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but people still live here among the ancestors in the vans and trucks. but fellow, we go low and they don't acknowledge anything big when he's villages have been recognized since the days of the ottomans. and then the british, the tribes existence well before the creation of the state of israel, what do they think the tribes came down from the skies a week ago? i know this is how a lot of key blocks from above. you can see the marks of raking bulldozers that took down homes and smoothed the land plans are made for forest to replace the village. these images are part of an exhibition base, really photographers, mickey craftsman, and tape it jeff ski cold anti mapping. to create and turn out the way of talking about maps. yes, we believe that they they stay doesn't want us to see or to understand where the palestinian villages and the green line and in those days what's happened daily
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in don't recognize beds when villages. yes, they don't want us to say, craftsman and pinched. mesquite took thousands of pictures by drone and then super imposed them to provide high resolution images that show a reality that is comfortable for many israel like palestinian villages. the dark spots on this picture raised to the ground in 1948 when israel was created. this is the spot where that picture was taken. now somewhere there, they used to be the village of jamaica. we can't figure out where exactly from this vantage point. it's all been covered with agricultural land. one of the many ways to raise palestinian heritage from inside the borders of israel. land confiscated uncovered. here they used to be the village of our now a training base for the military. i was surprised. how much isn't though there was such an effort to remove those places not only from maps,
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but also from reality. in each place, there was something that we can find a cemetery, walls or stones that would indicate that there was something there in the past. also from the discovery through the connecting of those cases, it's what the people have had in could face at any moment. plans are in the works for it to be replaced by newly built israeli town with this same name. other places like handle asthma are also under threat of disappearing. the pictures of craftsmen and jeff ski now irrefutable proof of their existence put up the meat al jazeera in southern israel. if he is the food shortages in south africa in areas hit by days of looting and rioting, violence broke out after the jailing of the former president jacob zoom up rural areas and the 2 most populous provinces have been particularly hard hit, with entire town senses ransacked. and set on fire. bennett smith reports now from
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the province of castillo natal, in the li comrey surveys, what's left of his parade of shop in bulwark next door. we have got a group of doctors that at the spent quarter of a 1000000 setting up a nice practice in under 48 hours. every shop in this bustling town was stripped than torched. a community of 35000 people now left with no commercial center. it was instant, we suspect there were 2 buses, boston with, with organizes at ral that people. as soon as people heard. busy that there was stuff for free, they just came in by the bucky loads, carrying the looting with spock by the jailing of former president jacob's humor. it was given momentum by chronic poverty and inequality in south africa. made worse by the pandemic. were a couple of hours dr. outside durban, and it's only when you leave the city. get
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a real idea of the scale of the looting. because not a town or village seems to been left untouched. outside the furniture store, people cute for taxes to help him carry home the bulky beds and sofas they stolen. the 10th a store owner is here watched from his home, across the street, powerless to save his business. some of the vehicle, the right next to our house loading the things and we are not able to do any lives on the line here. we don't even feel safe here. like many business owners isn't in short, the local police overwhelmed, stood by and watched. it took a week for the south african government to restore order here in jacob. zoom as home province of course, ill and how and how ting in bull, what many people buy, what they need day to day to get across or you have to think about it. some people
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have to go to and make use it goes up in the city a 5050 a to complete the debt with no shops and no post office to withdraw allowances and with distribution centers also hit by looting. people will likely go hungry. it'll take weeks at best for this town to be able to offer even basic services again. bernard smith, al jazeera bulwark, conseula natal, a group of scientists in the u. k is using 3 d printing technology to customize pills for those in need of tailored doses. it is a revolutionary concept that could improve the lives of millions worldwide is not in baba at this lab in central england where leading a revolution in health care, 3 d printing is already used to create prosthetic limbs and implants. now experts at nottingham university, a working to perfect the poly pill, that's a tablet that can deliver multiple medications to the body of exactly the correct
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dose and time. with this, with the premium techniques, what we can do is we can have different print has each containing different drop. so this will be the pull this onto a structure. i think i'll drop it, drop a very small probably about the size of the year. so they will be the year and then for each 5 for stack out into a final structure. as the team highlights only one in 10 people gets headache, pain relief if they take paracetamol. the problem is getting the right dosage for the patients. these researches foresee doctors prescribing a customized pill containing multiple drugs which will be released into the body in sequence. whereas the frenzy rosie met with them in, in the future. the doctor will be able to tell what they think those, that that patient needs. and then they will be printed based on demand for those you think before materials, the pain medicine, one for instance,
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acknowledge the everything will be put into one field together. chris roberts is 60 as well as suffering from mix dementia. he also has the lung condition, emphysema and arthritis. he has to take a tablets a day on top of painkillers and sprays. not surprisingly, can leave both him and his wife. jane exhausted, a crystal, take his tablets in the morning that he takes a whole lot in the evenings. the difficulty is that there are so many chris can come and become a little bit discombobulated. now we live together. so as a cara, it's my job to ensure he takes his tablet, but i'm only human, especially on, on progressing as while. and i'm getting a bit difficult to manage. so one chocolate would be much better than done jane trying to do $810.00 times a day. every day in britain or my 600 people develop dementia according to the charity out time as research u. k. so the research going on in this lab could improve life for hundreds of
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thousands of people. what doing here with 3 d printing has a wide range of potential applications, but at the heart of it as a simple idea, how to tailor the products, whether it's medication or a device to the individual. if a poly pill does become reality, the ideas for it to be produced locally, possibly at a community pharmacy with a relatively cheap printer that could mean slashing transport costs for low income countries and saving many more lives. nadine baba al jazeera nottingham, joining us now, the news mill about daddy, he's a research fellow in chemical engineering of the university of birmingham in the u . k. he joins is from there. some other area is the key thing here. customization for individual patients. yes, indeed. for yes, all those since the beginning of medicine, we've been having the approach of one size fits all 3 d printing. it
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changes because you can produce peers which is specific to a patient, richard taylor to that needs. and that can be produced in a clinical setting at the local level. so it's easy access to the patient as well. so we anticipate in a situation where if you go to your general practitioner or your health care provider, they will have the composite bits of medical technology that go into one individual pill. and they will be able to 3 d print. your 203040 pill, say a month supply of one pill there and then so it won't be slower. what i'm saying is the pills aren't printed to order at some remote location. they're actually done where you see your doctor. yes. so the idea is that, let's see, for example, the clinicians decide that a particular patient needs 3 different drugs in a specific doses. janetta and the ratio. so what they will do is they will asked
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the 3 d printer, they will come on to printed according to that particular dosage specific for that, for that patient locally. so it wouldn't be produced somewhere along, but it will be produced very close to the patient and deliver it to them. does it also get run that kind of and we've all had these moments. you know that, that feeling of what did i walk in the living room to collect? where am i keith at that moment where we could in theory, when it comes to taking pills under a doctor's prescription, either over self medicate or under self medicate. yes, i think treaty printed peers because they have the specific dose tailored to your needs. they eliminate this problem. and also because many people find it very difficult to adhere to the drug regime and they've been prescribed
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they unsure about the time. so they have some difficulties in taking them and so forth. so specific dosage of all the medicines which are to be released at specific intervals. if all of that would be, were to be enclosed in $11.00 specific period that could eliminate this problem up to a significant extent. ok, we'll leave it there some l. about a daria good talk. she's on. no, thank you very much. thank you very much. still come here on the news of will live again in tokyo, where the olympic opening ceremony is about to begin. that's coming up with joe in sports in old 90 seconds. ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah, time for sport is jo. awe thanks, peter will. after years delay the toto 2020 olympics will finally get under way in just a few minutes time. the opening ceremony is set to begin in the main national stadium and take care. it's supposed to see more than $60000.00 people, but because coven 19 restrictions, they will only be around a 1000 officials and special guests. international and domestic fans have been banned from all the news in tow chair. well, let's go live to the stadium and join a correspondent, andy richardson and the games of finally getting underway. but koby 19 continues to have an impact. how concerned will be athletes be about attending the ceremony?
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i mean there's so many concerns and as you mentioned that it's just one aspect of it. it's worth mentioning that 3 more athletes have tested positive co, good 19 today and a report from the national broadcast and h k here in japan saying there's been a shortage of testing kids at the athletes. finished the organizing committee, haven't met with the bank some problems, but more so it's coming in and they are behind schedule and they will catch up with texting. i can read but run some constant brain that these are the safe and secure games and no expense will be making sure the athletes and the japanese public. they stayed from covered 19 to the ceremony. in rio, we have 12000 back plates and fullness coming into the stadium. to be down on this time around. and understandably, a lot of athletes concerned that if they come into the national stadium and rounded
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by one of those, i think they targeted and identified the close contacts may participate in the games that be the person. i think i'm going to be around the $219.00. he's going to undermine the integrity of the competition. and the, the main action starts on that today. what we look forward to on day one, you know be nice to talk about some sport at some point. i guess go to 11 metal events coming up on saturday the mens road. right. so i clean probably at hot i was remembering that this is before still in it since 2004 with no other you same votes michael. so i can see that the real at the heels, civilian pixels, a real chance to been useful to motion. i think this really will be the olympics of
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be 49 facilities taking games. i will be women that high speed high compared to the 1964 and picks when it was last posted. and so the number was around 13 percent opposed to non sucker the japanese tennessee style. she's back a couple away from playing much would be too much comes up on sunday. we're expecting that maybe a game is late saturday. she likes the ceremony. i will see about that with the female super huge metal hole in the gymnastics in assuming pull this case, you know, to go mad. then you have the case. you just denise, when you, when she is in 2019 she was diagnosed with leukemia. she's recovered from that surprise, everyone including us felt she said by winning for racism and asking championships
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. and she'll be racing in the really heat on saturday. and it's that sort of story involving a local school started the organizes a hoping can start to swing public opinion back in their favor behind these gangs. well, plenty to look forward to the, in the sports side of things. and the but 1st that ceremony will let you get on and get a good vantage point for that. thank you. let's break down some of the numbers for you related to these elim picks. there are more than $11000.00 athletes set to compete at the games. and they're coming from all over the world with 207 countries represented altogether. over the next couple of weeks, we're going to see 339 metal events across 33 sports. they include 4 brand new olympic sports, which off book climbing, skate, boarding, surfing and karate. and as you heard andy say they nearly 50 percent of those competing are women, which is a new record. we can hear from one of them. now,
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america's 100 meter hurdle world record holder. kendra harrison. you know, i haven't ran against the fastest yet. and so just to have that opportunity, i'm ready to challenge myself. but i don't think of it as an order and i need to go out there when i mean, of course, like that's the goal, but i don't want to put too much pressure on myself. i know my ability and i know if i bring my a game, i'm pretty confident or competition is already underway. in some sports, a russian archer has fainted in the tokyo heat during qualifying round on friday. a heat wave cause temperatures to peak at 33 degrees celsius in the ot treat oem on the 1st day of competition set. lana come boy over collapse to she checked her final scores and had to have i supplied to head to call her down. she's reported a recovering well and will resume competition,
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heaters me only whether concern it's high food season in japan and there's one forming off the coast. but it's more competitive and welcoming the possibility. a big wave. many of the surface say they're looking forward to a good swell during the competition which begins on sunday. originally, obviously we thought it was going to be pretty small so much more white boards which are a little bit shorter, a little bit flat, a little bit better on the rails. but obviously now, you know, kind of seen the full costs and is a bit a swell coming of brought over a few step up, which are a few inches bigger, a little bit longer at different tiles. you know that, that, that go good in the big conditions. so we are very nearly a year later than planned take care. 2020 is finally about to begin these of a live shelter take his national stadium where in just a few minutes time, the opening ceremony will take place al jazeera. we live in the host city. over the
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next few hours. i will bring you the best fits the ceremony a little later on, and the rich to may covering those games for peter. joe, thank you very much. and andy will bring you the laces from so queue on the other side of the break until then for the moment of a in the all this on the united states is ending in 20 year military present enough kind of done with what it means for the country, one of the one piece showcases use dealing trailblazing environmental policy.
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aiming to rid the country of all predators, bringing awareness to conservation if it hit hard by the panoramic, can you hold the naming ceremony for it's magnificent diet? witness showcase of award winning documentary the bring word issues into focus through human stories with political and economic tension. writing down be a hope to the pope as a country to define the future. august on a job, frank assessments, schools and shelters of been reduced to rubble. how do you think the shapes, the generation and their politics, their life has been shipped? why vitamin conflict inside story on our jazeera tom mom flying the flag for her nation, has been putting in play crickets on what be on train between muslim my dream play and the word girl was providing family
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ways. queen game that's my precious moran game in the game. my them bob way on al jazeera. you want to help save the world. sneeze into your elbow. in the and limping fans and opening ceremony like no other. after a year's delay, the world's greatest athletes are coming together as the games officially begin time on the richardson at the national stadium in tokyo, where the opening ceremony for the games many thought would never take place is just about to get underway. but the frustration on the streets protested against
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shouldn't be going ahead. well, corona virus remains the threats.


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