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your net out to 0, the revealing eco friendly solution to come back, threat to our planet on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news. i live from my headquarters here in bo, coming up in the next 60 minutes, and a lympics and an opening ceremony like no other. for a year's delay, the world's greatest athletes will come together as the games officially begin. on the richardson at the national stadium in hokey, where the opening ceremony for the games many thought may never happen,
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is to get on the way a member of the taliban says the groups advance enough ganeth down won't stop until a new government has installed and cobble hospitals in lebanon are on the brink of running out of fuel within hours, putting the lives of patients at risk. rescue work continues in central china after the worst plugs in living memory displays hundreds of thousands of people use. we begin in tokyo, where the clock is ticking down to the great show on earth. it's less than an hour to go until the 2020 want to lympics opening ceremony gets underway, a symbol of global unity and national pride. and during these, unprecedented times, a moment when the world's greatest athletes show their strength, solidarity, and courage to more than $11000.00 of them from $200.00 nations will be competing
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without spectators under unprecedented restrictions. and the parade of nations will be happening in a nearly empty stadium, but they will be foreign guests and dignitaries. the u. s. first lady joe biden, and the french president, emmanuel, my call will be there. they'll be among them the most expensive summer olympics ever in history is deeply unpopular. however, among the people of the host nation, really 80 percent of japanese say they are against holding the games right now. live to my colleague alex zeroes and richardson who joins this problem so. so, and what exactly can we expect? because there's nobody going to be in the stadium apart from invitees vi pays 1st of all, i think there's a sense there's all my belief hanging around. they stayed in these games, has been some talk about them over the last 12 months. they have me all they are actually about to get underway. the creative director saying the show will be over
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and in sync with the sentiment of today. and what this country in the world is going through with the pandemic, really since 1896 in the modern ellen pix beginning. the opening ceremony has always been a pretty integral part of the games in showcasing a country's national identity. but i don't think many house cities have had to pull off quite such a balancing act and to win over such a skeptical public. just look at the stadium behind the cost was $1400000000.00. it's designed to see around 70000 people. but of course, as you mentioned, there will be no fans tonight. no expect. that's not a fall from officials and visiting dignitaries and going ahead towards the gains in the truck and failed. it will take place that again will be inside an empty stadium in terms of, of what we're going to see from the police. and i think rio in 2016 was more than 12000 athletes. and performers, taking part in that ceremony was going to be less than that this time around to me
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. to go, it will be socially space and a lot of the athletes not arriving in tokyo until a few days before the event because of covered 19 restrictions. and of course your natalie, you having 2nd thoughts about even coming to the ceremony. because if, if an athlete around you, in the next day or 2 happens to test positive recovery 19 in your identified as close contact, your actual participation in these games could be under threats on a night that should be about joy and looking forward to 2 weeks of amazing sport, if we're looking for some positive gen the parents say 49 percent of the athletes taking part in these games will be women. that is like all the highest number there's ever been. and that will be reflected in this opening ceremony, where a male and female athlete will carry the flags into the stadium to represent a country. usually, andy, at this point in any olympics, summer or winter, i guess to there is an almost electrical buzz in the atmosphere,
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not just in the stadium, but in the main host, cities across the main hosting country as well. because everyone gets behind the whole thing. it must feel so totally different there this time. well, it's a national holiday and of course meant to be, as i have great joy, all the 60, under sites to the emergency. they've got card with 900 levels. i've not seen since the start of the year. it has to be said beneath me now there are a lot of people gathering in the streets despite that state of emergency. this one is how they can't go into the stadium. taking pictures, they want to see the fireworks and feel a part of the limpid opening ceremony box. it does has been the case in the build up to the games, at least half more than half of paperless surveys in japan, oregon. these guys happening because of the pandemic. if we look at when the 1964 games were staged, it was seen as a great showcase for japan reemerging a modern japan reemerging after the 2nd world war. the bullet train we showcase
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known as the inclusion games where nothing is too much trouble for visiting fans and visiting athletes and this time, sadly, the world is very necessarily being kept at arm's length and there's a huge challenge. so when around public opinion was he like covering the games as a report to doing your job? and i mean, i guess at some point, immediately you get off the plane, you get your press good into accreditation that gives you access most areas and then you just get to do the job. but you guys don't live in a bubble either. so you've got to be tested into the whole social distancing thing as well. yeah, i mean it's like nothing i've ever experienced during the last year. we've got used to, for example, at the club world cup and castle. all journalists had to take regular p c. before attendance games, this time around, we had to take a couple of tests. before we flew to japan, we had a rocket test at the airport. we've had to take tests on day 12, and 3. he will also be tested regularly throughout the state of the games. but
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beyond that, we have to fill out a very context document called a full seemed activity on basically predicting where and where, where and when we would be in tokyo over the next few weeks. and we can straight from that activity plan. and for example, during that 14 days, we're not allowed to film on the streets. in theory, we're not allowed to mingle with the public holes. we can do is go to an intake venue and our house house. so everybody here, athletes included operating on the very, very strict conditions and id, thanks very much and rich and talking to lie there from outside the main, and then pick stadium in tokyo, those light fixtures coming to us, that you can see get a sense, thereby just dipping into the pictures or other thing with those pictures of the atmosphere there. people protesting over the games and pedestrians there on the paper on the sidewalk. fully well aware of what's going on. as we said at the top, the news, 80 percent of japanese people saying that they are against the games being held right now. last, more still to come for you here on the news,
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including will have the latest on the scramble to see people stranded by monsoon floods in western india. as the death toll rises, new zealand suspending his quarantine tree, travelled bubble with australia as a national. cobit 19 emergency is declared in sydney and with the games getting on the way temperatures are too hot to handle for one competitor in tokyo, that's coming up in sports. but listen within the news a little later. ah, several hospitals in live on may run out of fuel to power. the generators within a few hours, they say power costs can last at least 20 hours a day. so they are reliant on generates escape hospitals running. but there are real fears. this is putting patients lives at risk, especially with the pandemic. lebanon's dealing with an economic crisis made worse
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by the recent resignation of prime minister designate. so how do you read that? we spoke to dr. fit us. i'll be out who works at the rafi career hospital in beirut . he says, the situation is the worst it has ever been. we cannot continue like this and we are putting a lot of patience in harm's way. especially considering that we are seeing decisions in the number of new cases yesterday, live and report with one of the highest number of corporate case. it's been several months and it's clearly that our use are also receiving motivations. so electricity now is more that the content of life not to be rude to my colleague correspondence, xena xena. what do they do when they run out of fuel? well, you've heard dr. fit off of it. he says the situation is critical. patients' lives are at risk diesel fuel. there's a shortage and diesel fuel. there's
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a fuel crisis in this country. you can see behind me k off a gas station or medicine shortages. and really the list goes on. there's an electricity crisis. the state alec tricity company is unable to provide more than 2 hours of electricity a day. and that's why so many people, including hospitals have to rely on generators. and that is why they need diesel fuel. they're playing to the authorities, telling them do something at the end of the day. if you can just see a daily struggle to every aspect of life in lebanon has become a struggle because of the economic crisis and because of the financial meltdown. now, some economists will tell you the reason why you have this crisis is because of the subsidies. the central bank is subsidizing fuel. it's subsidizing medicine, and some basic good. what's her monthly and so important. they make more money, they profit, they make profits once they muscle the fuel to syria,
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to neighboring syria. so unless they left the subsidies, these sources just will continue. but the problem is there gradually, they're already gradually lifting the subsidies, but once you lift them all together, then you're going to have a social explosion because it just becomes unaffordable for more than 55 percent of the population who now live below the poverty line. so this country isn't economic political turmoil. there was an argument between mr. hurry and the president about who could appoint to which positions that was why he walked away from the job. did they take the eye off the ball during that argument? and because of that argument, because presumably xena somebody, some place was telling them we are heading towards the edge of a cliff here. if the hospitals are running out of power, that's a no win situation for anyone. well yes, in financial community is frustrated with the politicians. many lebanese are
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frustrated with the politicians and they tell them start thinking about the country's interest, the people's interests instead of your own interests. the prime minister designate was now stepped aside. how do you, the, and the president, they're engaged in a power struggle who is going to control the next cabinet because they have their eyes on the upcoming elections next year. while the country is collapsing on monday, there are going to be new parliamentary consultations to name yes. a new prime minister. and that will be the 3rd prime minister named since the government trying to hear the a year ago. well, this time around, will they be able to create the government of the biggest question is what kind of government are they going to create? is it going to be reform minded? is it going to fight corruption so that the international community would unlock billions of dollars in aid to kick start the economy? because the faith is close to bankruptcy? there is no indication that the political class responsible for running the economy into the ground for mismanaging public funds for years for corruption that they are ready to carry out the needed reform. then i thank you very much. how did they
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report in life 1st from beirut? rapidly rising could be 19 cases, have led to a declaration of emergency. in the australian state of new south wales, half the country's population has been put into lockdown. as the outbreak spilled into other states, state home orders in sidney are likely to be extended beyond the current end date of july. the 30th neighboring new zealand has suspended, quarantined free travel with all of australia for 2 months. the so called travel bubble was already paused for new south wales, victoria and south austria, the prime minister just in the order and is warning of the increased risk to travellers. a member of the taliban is negotiating team since they won't be a lasting peace enough canister until a new government is installed and cobbled at all sides. agree on taliban fighters have been seizing many areas as the last of the us naval forces. leave the country . so hail shaheen says the taliban doesn't want to monopolize power,
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but it will only lay down its weapons. once the government of ash ref, connie is gone. james phase has more now from cobbler diplomatic efforts are intensifying. many countries deeply concerned about what's going to happen in the coming weeks in afghanistan. and that's why many countries are trying to get those talks going again. indo ha, and there's been a meeting in the last few hours between abdul salaam. huffy, who is the deputy head of the taliban delegation, endo hall with representatives of the e u. the u. s. the u. n. and cut off. now some of those countries want an immediate cease far in place, but the taliban, making it clear, but so far, the proposals from the african government aren't serious. they won't not won't re consolation, but they won't start entering. they won't come come
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and harbor see spider and we will continue our waterman as it is. so that's the also not realistic approach not to pragmatic approach. it is necessity that all avalon should have are, should eagerly upon i knew god meant n that was meant what to replace the new will this couple administration and that's what it meant will be acceptable for us. and to other up months, another taliban spokesman mohammed naive has issued a clarification saying that tell them that i'm not demanding the immediate removal of the african president ash ref. gone for a cease far. and now to 0. understand that for a cease for the taliban water release of the prisoners and they want to de listing of those taliban members who are designated on the un security council sanctions.
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james based reporting there from cobble. let's talk not to by della bye. here. he's a lecturer at the american university of afghanistan. he joins is on skype from cobble of de la, but here, this is kind of existential for the taliban. yeah, i mean, today one answer, i've gone, gone as an individual or do they want him gone? because of his job, he's the president. thank you for having me, peter. these remarks aren't you. they have been implied before they're just manifesting in the shape of remarks. now, because if the escalated tensions between both sides, the parlor bon, have a personal animosity toward the funny. they would not accept him in the future political order because of what he symbolizes as well. but also the other problem is that in order for a change to happen, as part of the tyler bond, it has to be a change in re geem. and that would include up, let me not being at the top of the government. however, these demands do seem very premature at the, with the absence of a priest,
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the piece proposal and tangible roadmap for peace. these are demands that are done once there is some level of framework or groundwork established. so yeah, they have a problem with actionable anything and government for the greater good of the country and the greater good to the peace process. is the taliban here? hopeful that afghan politicians will turn on, i still have gone or less it be known for the greater good of the country. mister gun, it you've got to go and go quickly. there is, there is this word being thrown around the word of surrender. and there were rumors that within the meeting between dr. i love the love from the high piece council with the taliban leadership and the a were the pilot bod, expressed the statement where they said these weren't english. and these were surrender term that you had to give off. and now shaheen is saying that they are
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asking upon the bond to surrender. so at the end of the day, i think what is happening is with the negotiation, browse being open and the part the bonds still pushing for cities then for territory they are saying that their 2nd phase will include provincial capital. so i guess maybe the plan is to put so much pressure on kabul itself, where the political, they lead to have had a history of shifting alliances, eventually turned on national by me and i watched him, we might see power a little structure within the government, maybe the high piece council agreeing to something, but the bond and handing them over control as to how fruitful that would be for a political settlement. whether there would be any balance of power or power sharing within our planet. spun and not be monopolized by the thought that those are things that we will see in the future. if that is to come. would it be fair to say that the afghan government and the afghan military seems to be perpetually almost on the back foot? and if we look at the, the broader tapestry of this process,
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the latest round of the peace negotiations came to a broadly accepted as being positive conclusion just last sunday in the country capital point number one. point number 2, the taliban control, most of the board is point number 3, the control or they are close to controlling an awful lot of the $400.00 plus regions and areas that make up the country. why would the taliban decide despite all of that, to carry on with a coach piece process? is it because they want political credibility and if they just take over the country, they don't have credibility. they may run the country, but they don't have political credibility. that's actually very true. so international legitimacy is a point of concern not only for the for the bond, but for their sponsor states as well. the pilot bon might be able to take over militarily, but that is not going to do them any papers with regards to relations with the west or general aid that might come into a lot of fun. so the idea is,
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with keeping negotiations open, they managed to appease the international community to show their willingness to work towards the political settlement on the other and increasing pressure on district. you know, the idea is i should have let himself and his speech to his special operation, corpse. the other day said that the problem wasn't resources. the problem was management off these resources. and we've seen the government failing to resupply their forces at different district. the majority of the district of the pilot bon took over, were districts in which they didn't have to fight. all of those are alarming developments that the government have to worry about. so maybe they're playing both rules. insurgencies can do that. they can both fight negotiate at the same time. and the ultimate goal would be that the plans within or the complete hands them over power such that they don't have to piece the scrutiny off the west. don't have
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to be a major cost of fighting. and they won't have too much up on blood within major cities on their hands. we must leave it there. thank you so much for joining us from cobble. thank you for having clean up operations are underway in the central chinese city of gene joe, which was hit this week by the way, flooding the region has experienced recent history. other cities across the region on the state of red alert. the rescue team search for survivors. katrina, you reports now from change all the rain and young joe may have east, but flood waters are still submerging major highways. just one reminder of the devastating storm which struck central china earlier this week. teams are working hard to pump and clear water line areas. the city is more than 7000000 residents are struggling to resume normal life. many neighborhoods lack access to running water. authorities have set up temporary out the water stations. li jenny says he's grateful he was safe at home, went to rachel,
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rain lashed the city would have gotten in history, whether it's safer to stay in those. that's the lesson i learn, then just things happen unexpectedly. people need to be more cautious. this kind of tragedy could have been avoided, but we've had them. people are still coming to terms with the loss of life and loss of livelihood caused by what authorities have described as the worst. on 4000 years, many businesses remain closed. internet and food connection is unstable. john, jose famous clock tower is frozen at 5 pm. the time electricity was cut off during the height of the storm on tuesday, getting around gender city is still very difficult. the entire subway system remains closed with tunnels full of water. taking a subway during the storm was extremely dangerous. hundreds of people were trapped encourages as flash, floods quickly filled the underground system. in keeping with chinese tradition offerings has been bird at the entrance to the station. to honor the 12 people who
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died under ground, commuters are sharing harrowing details of their experiences, waiting for rescue team to arrive many beliefs they would not survive in rural areas. some were rescued after 3 days of being stranded. the army has been sent to reinforce vulnerable dance and reservoirs. meteorologists say the worst weather has passed, and many here are waiting patiently for government disaster relief for the flood waters to recede and for the sun. and finally, return a treaty you all to 0. jo, monsoon reins have triggered landslides in west and india killing at least 35 people there. flooding left thousands of people stranded with parts of the state of my roster being badly it that i'm poor, have eased but rescue teams have been struggling to reach areas cut off by the flood waters live now to new delhi and correspondence. elizabeth per item list of those flood waters begun to received yet
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hollow. peter? well that is why officials are hopeful because off the at least 35 deaths from 3 landslide and not sure that's what my daughter was phase leader. the chief minister of taca that has said and around 30 people are missing. he also said that the national disaster response force has been having a lot of difficulty reaching some of the worst effected areas because of the damage to roads and to bridges. because the flood waters are now starting to receive that heavy rain has slowed down somewhat. they hopeful, but everyone involved in the rescue efforts. national disaster response falls, but also the army, the navy, the coast guard. i'm going to be able to get to the people who remain stranded more than a 1000. people have been rescued in different parts of austria. many of them have been from rooftop from the top of buttons on highways shipping. the coastal town of
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chaplain, which is home to about 70000 people. that is where the rescue efforts a focus on now, half of it is flooded and that's in the district of my get. it was received at the heaviest rainfall in july in 40 years. now elsewhere in my austria and the financial capital, mon bye. in fact, another 2 people have dive and injured off. the house collapsed off the heavy rains and over the last week and seen, 30 people die in and around will buy because of the heavy rain. that's the situation in austria, but we're also seeing heavy flooding in a couple of other different states in the country. most notably in the southern states of talent gonna, we're hearing meteorologist is saying that the 30 centimeters of range is for that and 1000 gallons capital hydro bob, that's the highest rainfall in july and hydro bob in 10 years that the flood gates of the main reservoir swan saga have had to be, have had to be released for the 1st time again in a decade. now the photo damage was seeing the destruction due to flooding due to
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lack flies. it is common during the monsoon season when the foundations of structures when the flood and really affects the foundations of structures which are often poorly built. but we're also here in from time to that the frequency and the intensity of the monsoon of heavy rains is increasing because of climate change . there's thank you very much, elizabeth, for on him. the correspond, live for someone who's out in new day and couldn't was president, has declared an emergency in the countries. prisons after fighting among rival gangs at least 22 people died. 80 others were injured. this is the 3rd violent incident in ecuador is over crowded jails in 6 months. hydro castro reports the deadly gang violence has again taken hold in ecuador to overcrowded prison system. at 2 of the country's largest penitentiaries,
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it's taken $450.00 members of the special police unit to bring this latest round of riots under control. i sell a quarter of the la montana. we weren't able to reach all the prisoners in a different sales until 4 am local time. the contingency officers managed the bring this situation under control. also with the help of the armed forces, then you can see along the perimeter at the prison in leather, whom gus police recaptured about 80 and made to try to flee with the death toll still in flux. their family members gathered outside the prison gate on thursday, fearing the worst and even bus he'll kill me. my son got in touch with me and said inmates in medium security are going up to murder the ones in maximum security. they have rifle from guns. yesterday they went up there, my son is hurt in there, so they have not taken him to the hospital yesterday. so anyway, he's been to hospitals moves and the movie and not giving us the list of the dead. there are people who are not yet being identified, but nothing,
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nothing in february, at least 79 inmates died at 3 prisons in clash between rival gangs, the country. the jails are built a house $29000.00 inmates, but have $38000.00 experts say guards are out numbered with gains effectively in charge, and that without reform, more prisoners will die. heidi joe castro al jazeera cuba foreign minister has dismissed new sanctions from the united states, as quote, irrelevant. the new measures come as washington accuses cuba of human rights abuses against demonstrators. to have been large, protest blaming the government for an economic crisis that led to widespread shortages of food medicines and power. cuba says existing us sanctions are to blame for the crisis. you really want this then to we stop. but i think these sanctions are relevant for a practical point of view because i know that this minister has no accounts in us bank has never said he's interested in going sightseeing in miami. i've said that
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this is a relevant matter because the political and aggressive implications that shows my yeah, due to the fact that it's a violation of international law. just imagine that suddenly a european country decides the sanction the president of the united states. i do not know what the us secretary state would say about that, because the united states does not have the least legal, political, or moral authority to be thanks to the people around the world. last one, use on sport still to come here on the news are including erased but not forgotten . the mapping project exposing the better when villages israel is trying to hide and will tell you how 3 d printing could revolutionize production of pills and how they work inside the human body. the typhoon forms of japanese coast some competitors welcoming the unsettled weather at the tokyo olympics. that's coming up with joe in sport in about 15. ah
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hello, nice to see you. we're going to squeeze out one more nice stay for the british isles, but we've got this disturbance waiting in the wings. so 1st it's going to impact western areas of france. but let me put your head now to saturday. as we see it swoop in to southern areas of the united kingdom rate through into the low countries. and this is not good news because it is going to impact areas already. water logged areas in belgium right through into germany, except for going to spain, where the heat is certainly on. we have weather alerts for just how high these temperatures are cordoba, 40 degrees deville. you're up to 39 on friday, off to turkey and you know, for the black sea region, we have seen some continuous rain. and this is the result here, more than 200 people force from their homes. and we do have some rescues being carried out. you know, here's the thing that rain will continue on friday toward that region, the southeast corner of the black sea. some more rain on top there next for africa
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