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the young virtual racing console and dominating international competition. when i went south korea's musical prodigy ah, one out of 0. ah, me. a year after they were supposed to take place the twins each wednesday summer olympic games are set to get on the way in japan. ah, how am i here? this is al jazeera life, and doha, also coming up. no foods, walter and lack of power. tales of people fleeing severe flooding in central china . i told control,
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rival gangs calls riots and several prisons across ecuador. goes up, must come down a u. s. congressional hearing on the minds of space junk circling high above. ah, and you can ruin virus wave has gripped the worlds with the highly contagious delta variance driving a spike in infections that's causing huge concern in japan, where the olympics opening ceremony will begin in tokyo. in a few hours time, the japanese capital reported a 6 month high in cases on thursday, that's almost too fast, isn't positive tests. these include athletes and officials. in the us, the average number of daily new infections surged in the span of 2 weeks. nearly all corona virus, patients and hospital at the moment around vaccinations. and she is,
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he is military is no overseeing the pandemic response. in 41 of africa's worst state breaks, that's after the health minister was sacked for ordering vaccination centers to open for all adults during the holidays. the move sparks a sam, pete's well, as we mentioned, the surgeon cases in tokyo have cast a shadow over the olympic games with the opening ceremony. just hours away, correspondent tansy richardson has more from the japanese capital. many of us thought the visa lympics may never happen. but here we are counting down to the start of the opening ceremony. the organizes promising a show that is sober, but in sync with the sentiment of today, really since the modern lympics begun in 1896, some sort of opening ceremony has always been integral to the games. but i don't think i how cities ever have to try and pull off a balancing out quite like this. let's look at the venue where it's going to be
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hell. a $1400000000.00 stadium built for house, $70000.00 fans. and of course, there will be no fans there for this opening ceremony. it's made for tv only events . no fans allowed at any of the events subsequently, either in terms of the athletes taking part with $12000.00 athletes and performance at the opening ceremony in rio. that number will be well down with many athletes only flying into tokyo a day or 2 before their event because of covet 19 restrictions and athletes. somewhat reluctant, perhaps, to go to this ceremony if another athletes subsequently test positive covered 19 and then to find as a close contact. their participation in these games could be under threats. one positives to look out for comes in terms of gender equality, 49 percent of all athletes at these games are women, not the highest percentage we've ever had. and that will be reflected in this ceremony, whereby a male and female athlete will carry the flag into the stadium to represent the
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country in 964 when host dealing pix last time, they became known as the inclusion games. nothing was too much trouble for visiting fans and visiting athlete this time around. sadly, the world is necessarily being kept at arm's length that will be just a select group of dignitaries at the opening ceremony. us 1st lady joe biden will be among them while she's in tokyo, she's keeping a safe distance from american athletes. had the ceremony, she held virtual meetings with some of the competitors to express her support for the schools and french presidency manual microphone as a month. just 15 global leaders who will be in the stadium for the opening ceremony . you master them, pick chief thomas back on friday morning. the 2024 games will be held in paris. rapidly rising over 19 cases of lights to attack corporation of emergency in the
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history and state of new south wales, half of the country's population has been put into locked in as the break spills into others, stay, stay at home, orders and sidney are likely to be extended beyond their current end date of july 30th neighboring new zealand has suspended corps and seen free travel with all of his trailers. for 2 months. the so called travel bubble was already paused for new south wales victoria and south st. earlier prairie minister jacinta ardor and his warning of the increased risk to travelers. interview about health issues. there is greater risk now from the delta variant any was when we open the quarantine free travel arrangement with the frame. yes. it is the government's judy to keep these on the site from cupboard 19. and we continue to believe that the strongest health response is also the strongest economic response. this approach is to us while to
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date. so to is our willingness to adapt. cognitive changed, and so we must in germany, chancellor angle and merkle says, infections are rising as a worrying speeds she's calling on people to get vaccinated. the infix saw the number of infections has been rising again for a few days. now, with a clear and in my opinion, worrying momentum, the whole thing is driven by the delta very into the corona virus on the off site or is consistently above one. so that means we have exponential grace by people, and i don't normally look, we'll want no mileage back, but we don't get that. no malady alone. we only get it back as a community. and for this we need significantly more vaccine protection. china's response to a new corona, virus investigation, is being labeled, irresponsible, and dangerous by the us. the world health organization wants to all the chinese labs as part of its investigation into the origins of coven. 19 china is blocking
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the moves saying the proposal shows this respect and arrogance towards science. white house press secretary gen saki criticize to stance, saying it's not a time to be stonewalling. several hospitals in lebanon, may vanessa fuel to power generators within a few hours and say electricity outages can last at least 20 hours a day. so they're reliant on generations to keep the hospitals running. there are fears the lives of patients are at risk, especially as the hospitals continue to take in people infected with covert, 19 lebanon is currently dealing with an economic crisis. the made worse by the recent resignation of prime minister designate side her really well joining us now to talk more about the situation is dr. feed us on the ads. he's the head of the rough curry re hospital,
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and that's the main public hospital in bay roots is good to have you with his doctor. just start off by explaining how bad things are in your hospital. well, the situation is really critical. we have been suffering from electricity shortages . our for the past 2 weeks have been quite severe before we used to get only 2 to 3 hours of that day. now we are only getting 2 to 3 hours of electricity per day. so we are relying heavily on our generators which are running almost non stop. the problem though is that fuel is hard to come by and we, it is becoming very difficult to sustain the current status. how do you run a hospital on just 2 hours of electricity per day? logistically, that seems, that seems impossible. well that,
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that is indeed impossible. and that's why the syndicate of hospital yesterday raised the alarm that we cannot continue like this. and we are putting lots of patients in harm's way, especially considering that we are seeing the surgeons in the number of new cases yesterday, live and reports with one of the highest number of course case it's been several months and it's clearly that our ice use are also receiving motivations. so electricity now is more that the content and we always hear about crisis in lebanon . lebanon's at a crunch point. they were all was warnings coming out. it's about die, or the situation is if anything different this time around. i mean, are you expecting people to die or in your hospital? because of the way the situation stands? you know, i think that for somebody who grew in lebanon during the civil war and so on,
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you are absolutely right that, you know, crisis and live and it seems to go together the problem. however, the nowadays that we are having crisis in almost everything we haven't connected and electricity will have in crisis and medication supplies with having crisis in people because nurses and doctors are leaving the country. and i think that what we are seeing is that as always, those crisis coming together, we are probably for the 1st time and it true perfect store. and this is, you know, and at the same time our ability, our resiliency is becoming citizen. so i think that this time, you know, things might be different. i hope not, but, but really we are what i think you see this playing because you've mentioned that hospital nurses and medical staff are leaving the country to get work overseas. age has been fluent into lebanon, but we see that being roll days. and we're also hearing stories of
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pharmacists selling all state subsidized drugs to make a profit. i mean, how do you see this, please note what solutions are you calling for? or do you think the state basically have the collapse before it can be rebuilt? let's hope it will not come to that though i must say that it is difficult to have visibility on the medium or long term. at the moment. what we are doing is day by day our, by our, you know, our generators, our stores, huge stores have sufficient fuel for sometimes one or 2. they only, and we have to plan. what did they, as they said, you know, i would and see how it goes. it is unfortunate that you know, we don't have any medium term plans, and it's unfortunate that the government doesn't seem to have one either.
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unfortunate indeed. well, we hope that fuel will sustain you and your hospital doctor feed us an extraordinary situation there. but joining us from the rough recovery public hospital in bay route, we appreciate you joining us on the program. corporate 19 infections in the us are more than 50 percent compared to a week ago. vaccines are widely available, but many people are refusing to take them. of white house correspondent, kimberly how could reports renewed warnings from the white house urging all americans to get vaccinated as cases of covert continue to spike up 35 percent from last week and death up 26 percent. the delta barrier is more aggressive and much more transmissible than previously circulating strain. it is one of the most infectious respiratory viruses mellow and i have seen in my 20 year career,
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the u. s. centers for disease control says 83 percent of all new u. s. cobra cases are linked to the highly transmissible delta variant. for now, the white house math policy has not changed. currently only unvaccinated people need to wear a mask, but officials are discussing whether to change that. so if you're an area that has a high rate, a low rate, the vaccination where delta cases are rising, you should certainly be wearing a mask if you are on vaccinated. the white house is also continuing to work with social media companies to tamp down and what it calls vaccine misinformation there remains skepticism in the us, particularly among conservatives, about masked effectiveness, and whether covert vaccines are even safe. if people have questions about it. let's answer the questions, let's not say, oh, you can't put any information out. i think what would really have people have
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greater trust provide all the science provide all the information with 97 percent of all cobra deaths in the u. s. among the unvaccinated, the biden administration is boosting investments in cobra testing in areas where vaccination rates remain low. 1.6000000000 has been allocated for testing in high risk settings like prisons and homeless shelters. 398000000 has also been added to help small rural hospitals reduce infection. but already the spike covered cases is being felt economically. the number of americans falling jobless claims hit a 2 month high last week. 419000 americans filing for benefits as the delta various threatens president biden's promise of a swift economic recovery. kimberly held hit al jazeera, the white house,
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still ahead on al jazeera. we find 3 d printing is revolutionizing pills and how they work in the human bowwie. ah hello nessie. we're talking about an abundance of sunshine and high heat for the british shells. so we've got a heat wave going on for the 2nd time in 5 days. northern ireland set a new temperature record this time it's up to 31.3 degrees. meantime in the republic of ireland, they're doing what they can to keep cool. jumping into the irish sea here, and temperatures have been equally as high. now we're going to shake up and change up this weather pattern as we head toward friday. so we've got a weather maker move it in 1st, it's going to impact western areas of friends. and by the time we get, so the weekend this will push into the british isles. we're going to go to spain
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because we've got some high temperatures here as well. so cordoba, 40 degrees. that's what we've got you pencil the in for friday after turkey now, and we've got some showers for the southern shores of the black sea, a high of 30 degrees, and it's then bull on friday, over to morocco. we're going to keep this theme of high heat go in. so merrick cash $46.00 degrees will be the high alger is algeria europe to $36.00. and if we look around the gulf of guinea, that's really where we're going to see the, what is whether across africa. so particularly for the ivory coast, heading towards sierra leone on friday. so for him, he's got a high of 27 degrees for you in the forecast. ah. when freedom of the press is under threat in oh, you just because i thought gender when the about your thoughts towards the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here,
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some of access points shift the focus, the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering the wave. the news is covered. the listening post on i just oh a. this is just a quick reminder, all the top stories. this are the opening ceremony just i was away another 19 people attending the talk with lympics of tested positive for corona virus. the highly contagious dell to variance is driving a spike in infections in the japanese capital. federal hospitals in lebanon made
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one out of fuel to power generations. within a few hours time, they say electricity items, you can loss at least 20 hours a day due to the economic crisis. so they rely on generators to keep the hospitals running over 19 infections in the us a lot more than 50 percent compared to a week ago. and some cases, a largely concentrated in regions of lower vaccination rates, florida, texas, and from the syria kind for 40 percent of all new cases. nationwide rescued people in china say they spent 3 days with no food, water, or electricity, while they were trapped by severe and widespread flooding. the military has been deployed to her non province to help search efforts. at least 33 people have been killed and 800000 are displaced. katrina, you have more from the city of jung jaw. one of the places,
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worst hit by the flood waters are starting to recede in jung, joe city. but it's still far from life as normal. if you look just behind me, because one of the main tunnels in the city so deeply submerged in water, you can only imagine how difficult and dangerous that would have been to any cause of pedestrians trapped during the torrential rain earlier this week and fall below us is a white line 5 were 12 people, practically wilson lives during flash flooding on tuesday. 500 people were trapped in carriages some to 4. how was waiting neck deep in water and struggling to breathe. and as the days go on, getting more information about the harrowing experiences. now today on friday, the subway still remain closed and throughout the city infrastructure is still heavily impacted. many people are still without running water without gas, and it's still extremely difficult to get in. and around the city. monsoon rains have triggered landslides in western india, killing at least 5 people following last more than a 1000 people,
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stranded with hearts of marashi state badly hates the time post. hobbies that rescue seems to be struggling to reach areas. cut all 5, what was a member of the taliban negotiating team says the group's advancement of ghana. stan won't stop until the government is installed and combo that all sites agree on the group seen seizing large amounts of territory as the last of the us and they are forces. leave the country. sir harris. shaheen says the taliban does not want to monopolize par. they'll only later in their weapons from the governments of asha connie is gone. they won't not want reconciliation, but they won't start entering. they won't come come n harbor c spied and we will continue our government as it is. so that's the
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also not realistic approach. not to pragmatic approach, it is necessity that all avalon should have are, should eagerly upon a new government en, but war meant what to replace the new difficult administration. and that was meant will be acceptable for us. and to add that up months. kudos president has declared an emergency in the country's prisons after fighting among wind for gangs at least 22 people are dead and 80 others injured. it's the 3rd time deadly. riots in ecuador, overcrowded jails have rob saves. over the past 6 months, al jazeera is heidi joe castro's reports. the deadly gang violence has again taken hold in ecuador, it's over crowded prison system. at 2 of the country's largest penitentiaries. it's
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taken $450.00 members of the special police unit to bring this latest round of riots under control. as well as what are the la montana. we weren't able to reach all the prisoners in a different sales until 4 am local time. the contingency officers managed the bring the situation under control, also with the help of the armed forces. then you can see along the perimeter at the prison in let the coon gus police recaptured about 80 and made to try to sleep. with the death toll still in flux, their family members gathered outside the prison gates on thursday, fearing the worst even us healing is kimmy. my son got in touch with me and said inmates and medium security are going up to murder the ones in maximum security. they have rifle point guns. yesterday they went up there. my son is hurt in there, so they have not taken him to the hospital yesterday. so have to go. the other one has been to hospitals, moves and the movie and not giving us the list of the dead. there are people who are not yet being identified, but not, not in february,
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at least 79 inmates died at 3 prisons in clashes between rival gangs, the country. the jails are built the house $29000.00 inmates, but have $38000.00 experts say guards are outnumbered with gains effectively in charge, and that without reform, more prisoners will die. heidi joe castro al jazeera, the united states has appointed a special envoy to help coordinate assistance in hazy, daniel foods, the career foreign service officer will help promote long term peace and free elections. the move follows the fascination of patient president, jovan and belief are they are this month keepers, foreign minister has dismissed the sanctions from the u. s. as in relevance, the measures come as the us accuses cuba of human rights abuses against demonstrators have been large, protest blaming the governments for an economic crisis that slides to widespread
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shortages of food medicine and power. cuba says existing, your sanctions aren't to blame for the crisis, but that's you. measures on senior officials. we have no effects. a group of scientists in england is using 3 d printing technology to customize pills for those needs of taylor dosages. it's a revolutionary concept that could improve the lives of millions around the world. but in baba find site more at this lab in central england, the leading a revolution in health care, 3 d printing is already used to create prosthetic limbs and implants. now experts at nottingham university, a working to perfect the poly pill, that's a tablet that can deliver multiple medications to the body of exactly the correct dose and time. with this, with the premium technique, what we can do is we can have different print had each containing different drop. so these got to be the pull this onto a structure. i think i'll drop it. drop
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a very small probably about the size of the year. so they will be there and then $45.00, just back out to find a structure. as the team highlights only one in 10 people gets headache, pain relief if they take paracetamol. the problem is getting the right dosage for the patients. these researches foresee doctors prescribing a customized pill containing multiple drugs which will be released into the body in sequence. whereas the frenzy roll them in, in the future. the doctor will be able to tell what they think those, that that patient needs. and then they will be printed basically on demand for those you think before materials, the pain medicine, one for instance acknowledge the everything that we put into one field together. chris roberts is 60 as well as suffering from mix dementia. he also has the lung condition, emphysema and arthritis. he has to take a tablets
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a day on top of painkillers and sprays. not surprisingly, it can leave both him and his wife. jane exhausted, a crystal who take his tablets in the morning that he takes a whole lot in the evenings. the difficulty is that there are so many kristen command become a little bit discombobulated. now we live together. so as a cara, it's my job to ensure he takes his tablet, but i'm only human, especially on, on progressing as while. and i'm getting a bit difficult to, to manage. so one chocolate would be much better than done jane trying to do it $810.00 times a day. every day in britain or my 600 people develop dementia according to the charity out time as research u. k. said the research going on in the lab could improve life for hundreds of thousands of people. what doing, hey, with 3 d printing has a wide range of potential applications, but at the heart of it as a simple idea, how to tailor the products, whether it's medication or
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a device to the individual. if a poly pill does become reality, the ideas for it to be produced locally, possibly it's a community pharmacy with a relatively cheap printer that could mean slashing transport costs for low income countries and saving many more lives. nadeem barbara al jazeera nottingham or us congressional committee has been convinced to discuss the dangerous space. february is becoming a real concern. as more and more private companies loan satellites into the worth orbits. it's estimated there are well over 100000000 pieces of orbital space every she have returns. he has the details. expect a object to be moving from work to starboard in front of the vehicle. a tense moment on the international space station in 2012. with the crew, sheltering and spacecraft in case of evacuation mission control tract and approaching piece of space debris sanity. which is
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a good use in the event passed safely by the i assess what to use at the thrust is at least 26 times since 1999 to avoid space debris. not that the space station is escaped. collision is, this is the world's left at a window by a piece of debris, a few thousands of a millimeter across in 2016 at each collision crates. yet more de brief. it's estimated that there are well over 100000000 pieces of overall space debris. the remnants of past missions and the funk satellites, and the technology to remove all the space junk is still an early stage, not to mention a regulatory framework that all space faring countries feel that they can trust. how do you get an satellite out of orbit? you use a magnet clamp use printing it with a harpoon, you get it in a net. ok, and it's into this already crowded, unregulated orbit. and some 46000 new satellites are expected to be launched in the next few years to the 4000 already in space. yet there's no single independent
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entity governing or regulating all the space traffic. i'm to say that's one of the reasons why the rest of the article and in case regulations are eventually imposed . and already there are warnings, for example, the brightness of mosques, space, x, or satellites. seen here several hours after launch may mean the end of astronomy. such is the light pollution. but other congressional hearing in washington, d. c. there was another bleak warning. right now we're on track to have a major collision in lower or bit roughly every 10 years. and that's, that's problems only getting worse and worse. currently, there's no way to make a private operate a shift. the trajectory of south life is collision seems imminent. in fact, we don't even have to be transparent about where the satellites are any given time, where this is the hearing, agree that something needs to be done. if catastrophe is to be avoided and speak or to speak, it was that the us capitalized on its position. if we don't have united states lead this, never,
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then other individuals or entities will. but it was clear that even as participants spoke with us is potential benign leadership in space. so that is also so americans, technological dominance, as a key instrument of us power projection against other sovereign states. what can satellite industry do to help make sure that companies trying to not continue to do what they're doing to try to stop communication and as soon as you go, we are in charge where, where the, the lead country in space, you switch everyone else off and you fail to get an agreement on with no geopolitical trust for now. it's market forces that govern space. she ebert, mc al jazeera washington. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines with the opening ceremony just iras
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away. another 900 people attending the talk you will then fix is tested positive for cone of virus. the highly contagious delta variance is.


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