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the crowds here in south square remain very large, very vocal of houses. here we cover the stories that matter. the human story from the balance of corrections to the battle fields around wilson, i would job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah, can vanelle in the dump stories on al jazeera in the us, the number of daily new covered 19 infections has nearly tripled in the past 2 weeks. crucially, nearly all patients and hospital r unvaccinated the olympics. the opening ceremony is due to start later on friday. with cases spiking in the host city, tokyo don't care if the games can carry on smoothly. now, the 2000 positive tests were recorded in the past day. that's the highest in 6
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months. south africa is also struggling with the surgeon infections remaining, the worst hit country in africa. but it's vaccination drive is picking up record quarter of a 1000000 people call the job at a single day. earlier this week. to disease military has taken over the countries pandemic response operations. and some of the health minister was facts for ordering vaccination centers to open for adults of all ages. the decision led to over crowding hand stampedes in germany council. under merkle says, infections arising at a worrying speed. she's calling on people to get vaccinated. the victim saw that the number of infections has been rising again for a few days. now, with a clear and in my opinion worrying momentum, the whole thing is driven by the delta very into the corona, virus, the off site or is consistently above one. so that means we have exponential grace . people and i don't normally have to look. we'll want on a manager back,
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but we don't get that normality alone. we only get it back as a community. and for this, we need significantly more vaccine protection and other new fighting among rival gang and thought to separate prisons in ecuador has left at least 22 people dead and 80 others injured. the violence broke out. on wednesday the police have regained control and apprehended 65 prisoners who tried to escape a you in a slot of his landed for the 1st time. and if you abuse to grow region since renewed violence halted operations last month, the well food program has been struggling to get access to deliver food to areas. it says on the brink of famine, the un says it will fly in twice a week. space experts have joined the us senate to discuss how to deal with debris made by humans. the committee on commer science and transportation have been looking into how to track and manage satellites. and space was the headlines when
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use on algebra, right after witness thinking. the news news, news, news with me.
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just you know any news, but more for the home may not be st. you another explanation, not yet new, but do you want to just go ahead and as you said, what is your shield another? that was all good news of the change in the menu law for what may be not a complete. they don't want to see what the,
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what is best to be deleted by the was it all? it was a question. yes. and what, what did you get to keep the other one you also don't want us to come up. boom. wow. going to go home and show that they felt missouri, jane mulkins. that's what i call it a coffee shop. whole host is that the need to she can buy the whole thing and really, really care any of the because also one of the following was in my picture on left me to call. but she said she doing
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the math in a motel that goes, she should have been also let me know if it has been sold because usually crystal, some food or sort of what mr. them, jim, somebody told him. sure, sure. if that will show up before we go to ship some shopping for them or follow up on us for more than they could get
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on be if you are in yes mm hold on hold on the phone with us ask me to launch i saw it on
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me and then when you know you might have some questions for me to put it on an up boise official level ticket was paying for shifting mail, just send me your phone just a moment to see what of cassandra,
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she she was hello deanna long. most happy calendar. we just wanted to touch me, but i'm doing the only case as well because i wanted to show you some papers on the should. it was just a moment. don't over the course of distribution that the most pleasant and thank you for calling for that. the modem is not what we're going to see a thing that the other the same, but when it is on them, it was done, you know,
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not to be. but in the past that we could learn it. you know, we'll pick up when we talk to all that no matter what must be the p, appreciate the call and also, and this is your normal don't in new for me or you can see that ok, that was awful. i don't want to social security only if we don't need the public know what i love to do. what do we just received? what it does just to teach him know how to set up an angel to the level, you know, once a month will do you want to connect with you to make sure that it's in the
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list because it will be is also a wholesale. well, the think it should be continued view is something you really something what is emitted to so, so you will have pick up a call about some things you know from it too. when he was going to say that it was something that was brought up. we actually brought up on top in be enough happy mama. she hated it. she's sick, i'm sorry. i love check and you know, just, i mean, once you probably have it comes in, it'll go to you. is there like any be able to do it for sure. let me fix that on
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the film is alonzo. he believes anybody. so anybody that i saw was a few years from now. then we just need the woman sailor the most. it was me. so what was please all emergency video? she said, do they have this book? she says the most for the most kids so that they don't even though have only got it was the way was found, the southern region is still keep your letter that we can be honest with
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me. ah let us moving to these and all of jones, i don't know if it's really gonna be younger than you know, getting push it to the committee meeting lot. but it's 40 do it, do the conscious? yes. if you do the sensitive discharge to, to shoot people that you just don't know you sexually
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the kid twice as it was not only that he doesn't seem human
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why should issue the wall some little miss tucker forgot to pick up my pick of the one of the most allows you to call me but the noise that was awful to julian, just like a minute or 2 small that needs to be don't for us to go because i sit in the civil
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peninsula. probably not north dakota when he just didn't even know nobody to me and i'm just so this is home the home on the, on the home phone if who don't need to be kind enough to go to frontier cars and up on do you show that you could give
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me one second, i'm gonna go to a way that the priest unable to much, jenny, couldn't really especially for his release because i imagine this should be indifferent to fix that was true. and that's what we can to shows the vin key more . are you going to most value per unit when you can really suggest the defense?
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is that well, yeah. so did you just thought you could call you when was it built this can relate to just to kinda keep you new. i'm older than this. i took this one kinda that was a little bit in a while. yet if you are the ones i don't obviously much profecia you for choosing the number if you will not follow the one that looks like the escalate policy. now you could just patch west to sound because you're just going to pass the jam. what should i do to do? some is it to me
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like i'm from my organization in the center of the home by phone. usually the film is when it gets to the kids that we have done to it. we have experience with them when, even when it's when you see the provider within the mission from based on what i was giving me, i need to know if it was a good one,
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but i know it wasn't cancelled. but if you'd like to have the same of occasions on the, in the looking for example, what is what is that is putting you there need to find the man on it was on i'm so they just have a measure of the day because no reason they go to
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the i me a for a massage to pay for bus services. just take a moment to touch base
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with you should get a hold of me if you could it is a beautiful look. and
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i, i to fuel the dry change following the removal of robert mcguffey than bob way with the country, bringing with it one journalist set out to record the voice of the people. instead of telling people what to think, how to read that, give them a chance to speak for themselves and captured a haunted, not sure of the power and fragility of hope. borne free witness on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah, ah,
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ah. alone s s c u, you know, toronto has record it registered some of the worst air quality in the world. as we see that smoke from wildfires drift in, we've got to have 24 degrees for you on friday, but i want to take you to where i think we'll see the heaviest pulses of rain. and so for that we go to the u. s. gulf states in particular looking like mississippi rate through to georgia, down into florida, where we'll see some of those bursts of rain and there is the potential here to see some flash flooding. and so we gotta be on the look out for that. next up, we're going to central america and our buckets of rain where we expect to see some of that is as we head toward chris rica into panama. otherwise, across the caribbean, look at this. we've just got the risk of some pop up showers and thunderstorms, part of spain, $31.00 degrees for you with that just some showers in the forecast to where the top end of south america rain is falling, where it should as we head toward the southeast of columbia pushing into venezuela and
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a steady stream of what weather for the pacific coast of ecuador check out the temperature in santiago, 900 degrees. but your temperature is going to fall in the days to come. and that's because we've got that cool air from patagonia starting to search further toward the north point to rain as a high of 6 degrees for you on friday. that's your weather update. the ah, the pandemic shadow of the tokyo olympics. japan registers a 6 month high, an eviction day before the opening ceremony that says a new corona, virus wave grips the world fiction spike in the us vaccination to bump into museum . and indonesia becomes
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a new epi center. uh ah,


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