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much more to liverpool than its unesco status to continue attracting tourist 10 i point to the economic value from having that status over the last 17 years. very little do i think we will lose investment or visitors because of losing the plaque. know, will we be a will search at site know what would be a will class heritage city. yes. losing unesco status is undeniably a cultural blow for this historic city. liverpool will no longer be opposed to china for preservationists. but this is a living city that's undergoing massive changes to transform some of the most deprived parts of the country, creating tensions between liverpool of historic past and its potential future. the park al jazeera, liverpool ah
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kim's. now, with the headlines on al jazeera, the average number of daily new infections in the us, nearly triple the span of 2 weeks. the average is now 37000 adult from less than 140024 months ago. nearly all grown of ours patients in hospital, our unvaccinated, tokyo recorded a 6 month high of new cars, 19 cases just a day before it hosts the opening ceremony of the olympic games. almost 2000 positive tests were recorded over the past 24 hours. the highest since mid january to parents capital has been under a state of emergency for the past 11 days. south africa is struggling with a surgeon, infections, and remains the worst country on the african continent. the vaccination drive is picking up a record quarter of a 1000000 people got a job and a single day. earlier this week. in germany, chancellor, anglo market says, infections arriving at a worrying speed. she's calling on people to get vaccinated. the victim saw the
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number of infections has been rising again for a few days. now, with a clear and in my opinion, worrying momentum. the whole thing is driven by the delta very into the corona virus on the off site is consistently above one. so that means we have exponential grace by when i look under the normal look, we'll want on on managed back, but we don't get that normality alone. we only get it back as a community. and for this we need significantly more vaccine protection. china has deployed its military to her non province. the central region is struggling with its worst flooding. the recent history, at least 33 people have been killed. a un a flight landed for the 1st time and ethiopia to grow region since renewed violence halted operations last month. the wild food program has been struggling to get access to deliver food to areas. it says are on the brink of famine, u. n says it will fly twice a week to transport, essential personnel and supplies. and most the headlines that continues here on
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algebra, right after football rebels. so you soon, i am sorry should be about raising prices and harley down to the government. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in time in that says he has the task of fixing a war torn economy. counting the cost on al jazeera. i guess i'm going to want them because i'm interested in washington bundles. jewel bodies. i mean
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i use the football instead of what i wanted to tell you that i was anybody the kid is on it does all dictated. okay.
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he's got any news on the, on the double the news. me know what i mean. you know you could please lose. would it be more? did you want to come see us? can i go to see at the scanner glass, you call me to know what that meant? that he thought this thought of good things. john, i want to study what i mean. i don't know much more of the financial aid, but he doesn't when he's not paid. okay. she and damage has to be civic in nato,
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a little bit plunging into a partial article that my dad is not going to be there. while they said they weren't divided by the beetle, but these are, but you don't want to be what i was told that you guys will get back with them to discuss. you know, before she missed my watch, you'll get to my nephew, especially because you will use nothing going on. why made me feel
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like dan got up and catch him when he put, contacted ok. i don't want to defeat it. i don't know. she's got the only one that shone important. defend ramona dawkins unequally. whether the casually warden and i'm i see my said that i said it be more just receive andy and catch hold on one
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of them all fancy work or no. it wouldn't be any wisdom to me or give it a shot more nicely to people. all you got it back to mean for them to get the sense if you've got to and you know for the city to do something about it that would. ready
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be my job, which might the your stamp last week i was following him on this one junior high life day. the only mammal show me jealous black. i mean it all the time to go to school. i just don't ask if that new
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school is me. i don't care when i want to come. i don't get to your daughter. she managed interest. don't sound like you're knowledgeable about this unit, i guess maybe by the message you guys sent this to me. i got tied to the level down to look up. and when i got the, i got the, the the, the fight is still because the spot, the what i much much my key check under the same to 40
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percent. but all shall, will give them a much it doesn't. there's some people, even from a lunch simplify or some of this stuff and 4 numbers. can you guys or some of them? i got the idea that i'm in the general full to be with you, but i mean, it will probably be
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the mind giving me that was really the best way to model the lot. the show me disclosure for the cable, for one of the people that interested the engine and the die to go to the city. of course not all of them. i just got a legit y'all to get them going. it's going to be what it, that would be a little bit young shots and get them on the job down with the loyal customers, all the the
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the you know, we're located in dangle cod mazda one in the last. no, no, no, no. joel. i didn't want to be more by it. joseph. gotcha. reordered to washing preschool. right. but i don't know
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how to do and i think i'm going to mention the vision one new module got issue because again, today she let loose go ahead and leave or push an audi event with the family. is she for crap. i don't know. i don't know when to start the president, the bill is going to be a photographer and said you can look it up and it a little bit about
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it and then but i just can't see it all the way up to where i want to start for people who live or not, because i can tell you that you probably don't know what you thought. i'd check the note. she told me the day before and i know from you or you mind me got it in a day. i need them over and then some of my stuff, 1000000 people, people and some of my stuff will come in 7, but when
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i send them normally i gotta get them in on the whitening no problem. i can move this if a lot more to the main main topic. if really these create a new finance or enough knowledge, it is 40. i mean, they got a leaky that we need to ship. i know nothing when they send them or the when i push the mit, can i stand with and we have the boy you appear limits, you mean to force and i'm like you should into force as real as father i saw when i mean you fancy can such as order not be,
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need out the sensitive dest, nice name, such as the said medical, if you need to get in touch with me, the question we said equipment needed on the me that s or non the bottle, the believe net. my last name is coming to look that the company, gotch, wasting my time. maybe the
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louis i'll be super love or been found in much though the city your mom who gave me that can be done. that is going to live on the que whoever's on the board. he's that daniel the or my cell, you see that i said she'd cut you off and all the on the he just said inside in that if you want to call me and i but he did the divorce. he
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wanted to be in completion. the rest of unit number fishy to the, you know, the official out of his policy that the show me the initiate, just get him on the weekend with the bus. and i don't you know,
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not quite sure what he said he did, he got inaudible or no dummy, dharma boyd. i mean the the the, the biggest thing that we could do for i don't quite know if she'd
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get back to me when she said it'd be in that case when i don't want to send them out of order. normally we don't feed eric willis got from south casenera anthony and people for the washington knew the city of washing machine the same time. yeah, it went to one of the issue didn't mean to cut a check from scott the very beginning on the road. it's a matter of putting fossa really want to study on medical boss over the course
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of the job. but i've been made to get to dollar credit card. you're not for your daughter to let you don't do the oh i i don't know when she said it when the machine. yeah. the not the inside and then the message
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to mad she's you know, now you show me the message. if you gentlemen, you don't know what, what he already told me, i really wish you had chatham finance. i kept looking what i know, what to do. you know, when natalie, would you say the weight of that the my cover should be sent to me to give me a new
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one that said public and the only way to work. ready a bit for casual because it's another call me so not because the church and we should look it up as christopher he thank you. leave it on really good at present thought though level like so most of the active max to keep in mind and financial tonight if it okay to get lost, if he got on call calls out the to come in. so she's done that i can okay to company, he moved out the time with this book. see my dilemma, you can see on all of present that's unit a, leave it up in the meantime, we supreme vendor to the proposed study guide just for my thinking. christ joanie the man don't, but the soul will be delivered from then. so when he go back, tina, i don't mind when you watch for the chapter, so we post shot it will be done. oh so no more,
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you know, just in time to simply ship just from that even if you do need to go to managing dental all been saturday for a walk in. we're sitting on the saturday. i need you to stop or if at all, no by stop in the me ah ah
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never mind not a. ringback ringback not paper, let me marcial the to your new will be because you're not wasting proper discourse of the mentality. the sense that you want to see 44. so if you need me to send you the quote, but that was not the most part, it can be remotely. but what i needed to saw a funny look cause that i'm missing each an image. and again, you book sort of doing your mind eatable country. that's what you, sylvia archie yeah. sort of bothered on the base just on price. gotcha. yeah. me to put on the social shaft. gosh,
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don't try to tell you what she told me. i've been kicked up by none. so it'll be better to catch me. i don't know if it's an out of my boy killed you, lad. nor molly thought she at 9 or money thought i'd throw not to the school so you know, be sent to the back door. and it's another model in my copies cookie question and remind them on the edge the, if you did a phone call that doesn't seem to want to keep the media show. no, yes everyone us. when we got that, would it be nice if that was for me catch most of you,
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but i was moving to becoming a living legend of a young age with simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch. it's a political clout the brought peace to the ivory coast posted by eric comes to football rebels, the life of drop by the football seated where politicians have not dropped the boy and civil war on i was just there. mm ah
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ah, when a french soldier was murdered in a so called terrorist attack, his mother retaliated with love, speaking out against intolerance and alienation. she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who lost her son, but adopted a generation latifah. a witness documentary on al jazeera, coveted beyond well taken without hesitation. fulton died for the power to find out a lot of new babies, which i did not think it's neglected. babies to dec, people in power investigate,
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exposes, and questions. they use them to be of our around the globe on out there. a lot of the stories that we cover heidi complex, so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can as all just recall respondents, that's what we strive to do me. the resurgence in infections in the us, the anger of the handling of the covert 19 crisis in 2 new via vaccine shortages in africa. a new quote of ours wave gripped the world. and then it also raises questions of the talk you lympics pad registers. if paul infections day before the think ceremony
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