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in london to activate the tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people that perpetuate and violence, again of the young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me design and shape this generation change on al jazeera. ah, me a resurgence in infections in the us. anger of the handling of the coven, 19 crisis into new vaccine shore. do some africa, a new growth of ours wave grips the world. the panoramic also raises questions of the tokyo lympics. japan registers a 6 month high in infections the day before the opening ceremony. ah, the other can vanelle, this is eleanor the law from doha. also coming up 1000 struggle and central china
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to cope with the aftermath of the worst flooding and decades. i'll have an on the ground report last fall elliptical where plans to build a gleaming, 60000 feet or football stadium or among several reasons why the city has now lost is coveted unesco. well, heritage status in a new grown of ours wave has gripped the world with many regions reporting a rise in infections. this is mostly being attributes to the highly contagious delta variant, which was 1st identified in india. in the us, the average number of daily new infections has nearly tripled in the span of 2 weeks. crucially, nearly all corona virus, patients and hospital r unvaccinated. japan's capital tokyo reported a 6 month high in cases on the eve of the games opening ceremony. almost 2000
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positive tests were recorded. the highest figures in mid january and in parts of africa, vaccine supply shortages, a holding back rollouts and african union invoice calling on pharmaceutical firms to license local production to increase supply. i'll have more in the outbreak in africa and just a moment, but 1st has a white house correspondent. kimberly how good. the situation in the u. s. renewed warnings from the white house urging all americans to get vaccinated. as cases of coven continued to spike up 35 percent from last week, and death up 26 percent. the delta barrier is more aggressive and much more transmissible than previously circulating strain. it is one of the most infectious respiratory viruses mellow. and i have seen in my 20 year career, the us centers for disease control says 83 percent of all new u. s. cobit cases are linked to the highly transmissible delta variant. for now,
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the white house mass policy has not changed. currently only unvaccinated people need to wear a mask, but officials are discussing whether to change that. so if you're an area that has a high rate and low rate, the vaccination where delta cases are rising, you should certainly be wearing a mask if you are on vaccinated. the white house is also continuing to work with social media companies to tamp down and what it calls. vaccine misinformation there remains skepticism in the us, particularly among conservatives, about mask effectiveness, and whether coven vaccines or even safe. if people have questions about it. let's answer the questions, let's not say, oh, you can't put any information out. i think what would really have people have greater trust provide all the science provide all the information with 97 percent
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of all cobra deaths in the u. s. among the unvaccinated, the biden administration is boosting investments in cobra testing in areas where vaccination rates remain low. 1.6000000000 has been allocated for testing in high risk settings like prisons and homeless shelters. 398000000 has also been added to help small rural hospitals reduce infection. but already the spike uncovered cases is being felt economically. the number of americans falling jobless claims hit a 2 month high last week. 419000 americans filing for benefits as the delta various threatens president biden's promise of a swift economic recovery. kimberly help hit al jazeera, the white house, and in germany council, anglo merkel says, infections arriving there at a worrying speed. she's calling on people to get vaccinated. the victim saw that
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the number of infections has been rising again for a few days. now with a clear and in my opinion, worrying momentum. the whole thing is driven by the delta very into the corona virus. the off site to is consistently above one. so that means we have exponential grace by p when i don't normally take a look, we'll want no manager back, but we don't get that normality alone. we only get it back as a community. and for this, we need significantly more vaccine protection topics. j. our term is co director of the center for vaccine development at texas childrens hospital between us on scott from houston. thanks so much for your time. so as we've been hearing, we're seeing new waves of the virus around the world. how big an issue is vaccine hesitancy, or skepticism and getting out of the pandemic? well, certainly in places where there's adequate amount of vaccine, what we're seeing is still a large regions of the united states, not even pockets,
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large regions where people are not vaccinated. for instance, in the southern united states and louisiana, mississippi parts of texas. what we're seeing is fewer than 15 percent or 20 percent of adolescence vaccinated in only 3040 percent of young adults vaccinated. and, and it very much goes along a partisan divide, a blue stay red, stay democrat, republican, divide because of anti vaccine aggression coming from the political right. this has been building since 2015 and a really accelerated last year. so you've got now member elected members of the united states congress, openly espousing anti vaccine views. you have the far right, conservative cable news networks going on the anti vaccine rants on a, on a regular basis. and it's not reflected demographically in the united states, very much among republicans, especially younger republicans. and that's why you see now the steep acceleration
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from the delta varian in these low vaccination areas, wherever you have the 12 punch, high delta low vaccination rates. this is where it's accelerating, and at least in the united states, you raise any really interesting point, i mean, is combating and t vexes vaccine skeptics i actually don't even off combating is the right word is quite aggressive, but it is meeting them or changing minds is going at them with facts the way to do it because some of the later social science research looking at common psychological traits of people who are skeptical of vaccines suggested it's actually more about feelings and attitudes. so how do you change mines? well, remember, the anti vaccine movement leasing us has evolved or devolved. it started in the early 2, thousands with fake assertions that vaccines cause autism. and that's how i got involved and became a target because i had written a book,
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a few years back called vaccines, did not cause rachel's autism about my daughter. i might with autism and intellectual disability. i'm a vaccine scientist and pediatrician also parent and but then and they started to lose steam because of that. i think we made some inroads in debunking their claims, but to re energize what they did in 2015 was they globbed down to the republican tea party in the united states under this kind of phony banner of health freedom medical freedom. and that's or dealing with today and, and so you're right, i think what's happened, at least in the us is people are actually tying their political allegiance by not vaccinating as so obviously self defeating is that sounds that is the reality. so there's this tribal nature to not getting vaccinated, and this is what we're up against are right now. and, and what's happened is the anti vaccine movement in the us is kind of become what i
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call a triple headed monster of 3 components. the major one being this far right ring extremism which not even far right anymore, it's becoming increasingly common across the republican party. that's one. the 2nd one is we have an organization in the, in the us called the center for countering digital hate. amazing. we have to have an organization like that that's identified about a dozen non governmental organizations that help fuel the misinformation content of the messages. and they've been labeled the disinformation doesn't. and the 3rd one which are as a surprise to many people, but it's really become very important. the last couple of years is the russian government under pollutant which is now using anti vac genie anti science messages to destabilize the united states. so it's actually using anti science aggression as a form of a, as a wedge issue to exacerbate that republican democrat blue, red divide. alright, hi, thank you very much. your time dr. pe to j,
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who has their co director of the center for vaccine development. thank you. and about 12 hours all eyes will be on the tokyo olympics when the opening ceremony gets on the way. questions being raised. if the games can carry on smoothly. tokyo hit a 6 month high and new cases on thursday. almost 2000 and positive tests were recorded . that's the highest figures since mid january. this, despite tokyo being under a state of emergency for the past 11 days. and the games have already been delayed by a year handy. richardson is in tokyo, who has been taking a look at why organizes have been so determined to push ahead with the event. athletes will have to get used to the sound of their own efforts in tokyo. these olympic have already cost the host nation, at least $15000000000.00. much of the money spent on venue that fans and now banned from attending you to rise in cases of cobit $19.00. the cost, you know,
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being shouldered for the great part by the people and not really by the government . and so people are really getting sick and tired of having to make so much 5. so you really do have, you know, very well divided and maybe i honestly, you know, united in opposition against the olympics. this is about as close to the sporting action as tokyo residents will get in a city where cove at 19 infection levels hitting heights. not seen since january, then animal united, comalla. here it is. i don't know what to say, considering how much the virus is fraud. athletes have been training so hard for this. i would feel sorry for them if it doesn't happen. not as well. i wouldn't who wanted to take the risk of watching it in the stadium, but it's enough for me to see the games on tv. well, last ticket revenue is sent to cost. the hosts, hundreds of millions of dollars a made for tv events does make financial sense for the international olympic committee. the i see makes approximately 75 percent of its income from selling
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broadcast rights to the games and around full $1000000000.00 could have been lost if the olympics had been cancelled and the legal, small print will tell you, it was always the i o. c. you have the final say as to whether or not these olympics went ahead, organizes will be hoping the public mood shifts in their favor. once the games are up and running, we'll have like a very, a negative agenda across like different media outlets before the games. and the sooner the games are going to have like a fair me like the mind of everyone like congress tends to be like more positive and focus more on the stories that are taking place within stages. voices in support of the games can be found with the host. now banking on sporting dramas, rather than medical. rubbing the headlines in the days ahead and the richardson al jazeera tokyo elsewhere south africa is also struggling with the search infections
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. but the vaccination drive there is making progress. reco, 250000 people, got the job and just one day earlier in the week. but only around 7 percent of the population has received at least one dose. south africa is the worst hit country on the african continent, and health experts, a warning of a potential rise in cases after protests last week. for media miller has more from johannesburg. well, the south african government had to hope to vaccinate about 300000. and they've almost reached a target by almost 250000 in the last 24 hours. and that is a record for south africa, especially given they've been concerning the last week. and so, given the disruptions here around some of the riots that we experienced in the provinces of consumer natal and how, paying in that vaccination centers were the work, they was suspended at least for a few days. and all the government says everything is back to normal. also what
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seems to be driving this particular record is that vaccinations have now opened up to people 35 years and older and it seems based on the trends we're seeing that the younger the individual is the keynote they are to get vaccinated. we did see some reluctance from people over 60 years old, so the government is really pushing for the registration of people over the age of 35. and while it did have a process in place that people would have to make appointments, they receive a text message to confirm that appointment the now accepting walking and ultimately the ministry of health saying it's all about getting people vaccinated as quickly as possible. the numbers continue to be of concern. it has though dropped, of the $27.00. sorry. of the people who are testing 27 percent of them seem to be infected by coven 19. but there seems to be some relief in terms of the 3rd wave that's being experienced in south africa. currently. still ahead on al jazeera show, a force by india is pharmacist, anger grove,
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of changes to agriculture. the billing is making quick trips to spaces, drilling. people won't wife, but the us congress took up a less exciting but more pressing issue based junk. ah, ah hello, nice to see you. you know, toronto has recorded registered some of the worst air quality in the world. as we see that smoke from wildfires drift in, we've got to have 24 degrees for you on friday, but i want to take you to where i think we'll see the heaviest pulses of rain. and so for that we go to the u. s. gulf states in particular looking like mississippi rate through to georgia, down into florida, where we'll see some of those bursts of rain and there is the potential here to see some flash flooding. so we gotta be on the lookout for that. next up,
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we're going to central america and our buckets of rain where we expect to see some of that is as we head toward krista rica into panama. otherwise, across the caribbean, look at this. we just got the risk of some pop up showers and thunderstorms, part of spain, 31 degrees for you with just some showers in the forecast toward the top end of south america. rain is falling where it should as we head toward the south east of columbia, pushing into venezuela and its steady stream of what weather for the pacific coast of ecuador. check out the temperature in santiago, 1900 degrees. but your temperature is going to fall in the days to come and that's because we've got that cool air from patagonia starting to search further toward the north point to rain as a high of 6 degrees for you on friday. that sure weather update. the weather bag, energy and changes to every part of our universe more
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small to continue. the change is all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your bill. ah. oh. the challenges there are amanda. top doors this all the average number of daily new infections in the us is nearly tripled in the span of 2 weeks. the average has $37000.00 up from less than 40 dollars and 40 years ago. and we all grow of our
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patients and hospital. our vaccinations. tokyo's recorded a 6 month high of new covered 19 cases. just a day before the hosp opening ceremony. feeling against japan capital has been under a state of emergency for the 11th and south africa was struggling with the surgeon fiction remains the worst country on the african continent. the vaccination drive is picking up a record quarter of a 1000000 people bought the jazz a single day of the week. trinity as president has ordered the army to manage the nations. corona virus. response from now on the tree, medics have already been vaccinating people in remote areas, help minister with facts after he ordered vaccination centers to open during the eat holiday. this lead to stan pete, muhammad vall has story the arctic seen at the vaccination center in the tunisian capital inpatient clouds. i've tried to force the way through to get
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coffee, 900 vaccine sale, be good for me. it's mandatory. it's a vaccine covered as a serious disease. and personally, it scares me, though, of the offense model, angie, i've come here for 3rd time. you wait a long time and then you go without getting a vaccine. it's not normal that there is only one vaccination center in a state because the people why old this, what if we don't go look in your forty's, if you cannot find solutions for us, let us for solutions for ourselves. this followed highly controversial decision by the ministry of health to provide vaccines for everyone about the age of 18. at the same time, it has led to stampede of 9 vaccination centers across the country, raising fears of a sharper eye infection. the prime minister machine. she fired his health minister for what he described as a clear case of mismanagement policy. not quite the least that can be said is that
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the decision is wrong and you have noticed its repercussions on society. tunisia continues to face some of the highest good 19 infection rates in the world. it's rocking fed after a quote on the media with about 200 deaths to day, according to official medical sources. nearly 18000 people have died in a country of 12000000. many hospitals have run out of beds and oxygen. medical stuff are overwhelmed. there are reports of patients dying in the absence of proper care and body staying unburied for joe. and i did the peak. we had daily surgery. we even have 50 patients at the same time in our covert units for hot emergency room and suits. well, our maximum capacity varies between 18 to 20 patients. yeah, yeah. you know, doctors are losing hope in the whole canadian health system. everyone is losing hope, but we're here for our patient. we tried to do our best for them. cases continue to
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so everyone seems to want to be the 1st to get the vaccine but with limited stocks, fewer than a 1000000 have received the 2 jobs so far. that's about 8 percent of the tradition population situation. he has 3 good solidarity and fears across north africa with neighboring libya, losing its border, and other countries sending medical supplies to help prevent the humanitarian disaster. hum advice or dizzying china has deployed its military to can. i'm province. the central region is struggling with the worst flooding and recent history. at least 33 people have been killed and 800000 displaced. katrina, u as in chung and going on with a look at the situation there. the rain has used, but millions of people are still struggling to deal with the devastating flooding, which is what many cities and pounds i'm students young to be on the north and
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a non proven and to ranger rain, hit this region on wednesday, just off the passing the provincial capital of young joe, in the space of just 2 hours 26 centimeters of rain was dumped in this area. now, many houses, rural areas in the northern outskirts of this region collapse as a result of the torrential rains and half a 1000000 people will live, relocated to the areas. now we're just standing the beginning of the highway, which leads to the main area of downtown john. this area has been unable to rescue workers and teams have been moving to try to clear the area. and they're also getting food and water. people been stuck in their cars, our authority, say $3000000.00 people have been affected by the severe sold and it's close to $100000000.00 worth of economic losses. now as the clean up continues, questions are being raised as to why people living in home. and we're not adequately warned about the severity of the storm before that the government is
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choosing instead to focus on rescue. and it's sensory. any criticism of having a disaster online and on social media. and there's been more severe weather and other parts of china. a tornado ripped through a village near balding city and northern who they province getting at least 2 people that talk through houses, scattered debris across nearby roads, relief work is trying to restore power. the area fighting among rival gangs inside 2 separate prisons in ecuador is that at least 22 people dead and 80 others injured . the violence broke out wednesday, the police have regained control and apprehended 65 prisoners who are trying to escape. there have been 2 other deadly rights in ecuador is overcrowded prison of the last 6 months. while the 200 farmers had gathered outside india's parliament in new delhi to demonstrate against to agriculture balls, they say will devastate their livelihoods. gillian wolf has a story. waving white,
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green and orange flags. these are the selected few allowed to protest near parliament against the controversial forming laws that have divided a nation of 1300000000 people ferry to the protest site and police escorted buses. these farmers are vowing to demonstrate every day until the parliament session and next month, just give in. as long as the following session is on, we will focus here, wherever we stopped and there are barricades, we will sit and have our own farmers parliament session. we will have our own speaker, and we'll also have our discussion on the way it happens in parliament. now you'll be able to witness of pharma solomon here. the protests have been going on since november. they're the biggest challenge for prime minister under, under moody since coming into power in 2014. his government, which is suspended, implementation of the laws says, are necessary to modernize industry which dominates the indian economy. but farmers
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and opposition leaders say the only gifted corporations control of the agricultural industry, putting many small farms out of business. i'm the, the government should listen to us. injustice is being done to farmers. we should get our rights. the country is reliant on farmers. the government is behaving like a dictatorship and not listening to us. official say the movement is being supported by foreign forces and have clamped down on it after an earlier rally turned violent. but it hasn't deterred tens of thousands of people camped out along major highways leading into new delhi. i'm in the middle. it doesn't matter if he stays summer or winter rains. we will not stop protesting until these dark farm laws are repealed. a promise that'll keep them in place for at least another 3 weeks. gillian wolf, al jazeera, the un aid flies has landed for the 1st time, the t o p is to grow region since renewed violence halted operations last month. it
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brings desperately needed foods, as well as more than the humanitarian workers from different organizations. well, food program has been struggling to get access to deliver food to areas. it says are on the brink of found that the u. n says it will fly twice a week. to transport essential personnel and supplies with more than 2000000 people in desperate need of help, it's likely before fall short of what's needed space experts have joined the u. s. senate to discuss dealing with debris made by humans. the committee on commer science and transportation. i've been looking at the how the us and other countries must step up efforts to track and manage satellites and specs. also on the agenda, the ways to oversee so called space junk could crash wall aimlessly opening f again be an academic i, i get to see a lot of the new and latest research on this topics. just for awareness, i will mentioned that the graveyard orbit of a few is also largely unstable in the long term. and there are very few select
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orbits in graveyard orbit that won't ultimately end up causing collision issues of the next 50 or 100 years. early this week, the english city of liverpool was stripped of its coveted unesco world heritage status. the un body blamed years of uncontrolled urbanized ation for an irreversible loss of liverpool victorian era. docs bought his new barker found out many in the city. see the move as an opportunity for me, generation it is the city that kept the british empire afloat. it's 1900 century edifice, is a testament to generations of global trade and commerce. a time when britain ruled the waves for 17 years liberals iconic waterfront stood alongside india's taj mahal and the great wall of china, the united nations world heritage list. but maternity brought changes that armed to everyone's liking. in a recent meeting in china,
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unesco said new developments had ruined the city's historic skyline destroying liverpool heritage value. the city is one of only 3 to be stripped of its heritage status in the past 50 years. the water from the 12 dog clowns and that they have been crying because they are reflect, they are conveys the history of major work trading city. paul from the 79 agent center. so feeling the dog, for example, of building high buildings and totally change the way it is best. see this history respect 7 and a half $1000000000.00 waterfront projects been cited as a cause for concern. so to has the power to build everton football clubs, new riverside stadium, viewed by some of the act of cultural vandalism. and this is a huge area of land that's been earmarked for development. liverpool city leaders
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say that it is in comprehensible why unesco would want this semi derelict don't shut off from the rest of the city to remain a wasteland for evermore. many liverpool feel the cities being forced to make a binary choice between preserving his heritage status and reviving and developing deprived, and derrick parts of the city. unesco. want this place to just stay as a post industrial ghost town. we can allow that happen as a city, the area that they stock is with it and is incorrect award, which is one of the most deprived wards, not only within liverpool, but in the entire country. the in all there is of course much more to liverpool than its unesco status to continue attracting tourists in 10 i point to the economic value from having
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that status over the last 17 years. very little do i think we will lose investment or visitors because of losing the plaque. know, will we be a will her to site know where would be a will class? heritage city. yes. losing unesco status is undeniably a cultural blow for this historic city. liverpool will no longer be opposed to char for preservationists, but this is a living city that is undergoing massive changes to transform some of the most deprived parts of the country, creating tensions between liverpool of historic past and its potential future. bulk al jazeera, liverpool ah kimbrough with the headlines on.


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