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the world today, this is what the picture looks like the the world from a different perspective on out to me holding the powerful to account as we examine the us, his role in the world on al jazeera. ah, a pandemic of the on bank sedated in the united states. asian nation, struggling to cope the fight against the new coven wave can be seen nearly everywhere. ah, den, i'm can all santa maria here in bo, this is the world news from al jazeera central. china is worth floods in recent years of provide anger and scrutiny about the government's failure to prepare for the disaster. colds. grove, in india, for an independent investigation into report,
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the government hacked the phones of its own that has been all of that bus. i'm on the richardson at the tokyo olympics. we're on the eve of the games beginning. the man in charge of the opening ceremony has been fired. so the corona virus pandemic, there are rising case numbers across the united states with the latest figures showing the 7 day average of new infections has risen. more than 50 percent in just the past week. and the all patients being admitted to hospital for the virus still haven't received the job. and you, as president joe biden has been urging americans to get vaccinated to try to stop that sprint. kimberly how could, at the white house for us kimberly this vaccination push. joe biden has been saying it since he took off 6 months ago. now. it's really getting serious. yeah, the white house is discussing whether it needs to shift its messaging and whether
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it needs to underscore the importance of wearing a mask, even if you're vaccinated. given those numbers you just said they're 53 percent rise from the 7 day average of a week ago. and what we know is that 83 percent of these cases are due to that delta variance, which we know has a much more significant viral low than the cases of coke with $900.00 we were seeing early on in this pandemic. now, what's important to note at all this is there are some states that are being hit harder than others in the united states. in fact, when it comes to florida, texas and also missouri, 40 percent of those new cases are showing up in those states. now the united states, especially worried when it comes to be vaccinated, but also it is where people are living and are and vaccinated. what we know is that largely people living in rural areas that may have a conservative viewpoint or simply just don't have access to public health
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officials. the same way that people do in the city are particularly vulnerable. as a result, the white house announcing in the last hour that it is spending $200000000.00 in rural areas, trying to get people who have not had a vaccination yet to get them vaccinated, urging them to do so. kimberly health of people is obviously the main concern here, but the help of the economy, the big picture. what sort of state is that in? well, we're seeing some troubling numbers there as well. and we've seen all in all from the beginning of all of this that really these numbers, spikes, and cases also mean spikes in people who are unemployed. and those numbers, those job force, jobless claims numbers are up as well. this week what we're seeing is the number of americans following those claims is actually 5151000 higher that it was, there are
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a lot of numbers for right. i guess what we're seeing is this up. and it's a lot a lot more than the experts we're hoping and that's never good by the 10s of thousands. there we go. and so the problem is, is that the white house was try to get people back to the get this economy back on track. what they're seeing is that the cases are rising and that's bad news for the economy. so this is really worry summer we're watching this carefully because we know that will be a white house press briefing, this our jan saki likely to have more to say about this. okay, we'll talk to you again after that. kimberly hunkered at the white house. that's a good se, asia where the highly contagious delta various again, fueling infections across the region. indonesia is now the epi center reporting more than 1400 deaths the highest since the pandemic began in 35000 new infections as well. testing. right, so are low, which means the true figures could be much higher. the world health organization has urged the government to injures, introduce a strict to locked down more with jessica washington. in jakarta,
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indonesia has now passed more than $3000000.00 cases in total. what we have seen on the positive side is that the government has been able to ramp up testing, and they were able to test 200000 individuals in one day, which is a market improvement. however, still way off the target of trying to test 400000 people each day. and you can imagine that in a country like, and these are, there are people who would struggle when there is a strict lockdown and many all doing it tough, particularly across your contra java and many parts of the country. but epidemiologist say that the government must act strongly because the situation is continuing to worsen intensive care unit in hospitals. but only in jakarta, not only in java, but across the country are stretched and we're seeing concerning signs of health care system across the country. and more regional provinces, including a west hub for with the, with the health care resources are certainly not what we have here in jakarta. and
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the numbers that you mentioned earlier is concerning. as they found the fact that indonesia now is asia covert center, they don't represent the reality on the ground because of low testing, right? some local data agencies using data from cities from provincial governments, say that the actual just told is likely to be greater than one. the government's numbers suggests in thailand, another record day of new infections. more than 13600 people have tested positive in the past day, whether on an effect themes, the nation's vaccine institute has apologized for not buying enough of them, and is now promising to join the global kofax vaccine sharing scheme. tiny chain reports from bangkok, we saw a government minister coming out overnight saying that we're asking celebrities not to criticize the government on social media. he said that their voice is amplified
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on platforms like twitter and facebook. and they should be aware of what the public though the information the public is receiving impact. the thai government went to introduced new anti covered measures. a couple of weeks ago, i slipped in a bill that gave it new powers to limit so called misinformation. in fact, the wording is actually any information which might cause the public to panic regardless of were actually true or false. and we've seen them acting on that today . overnight. a young tie wrapper, criticize the government on social media. today she's being called into the police, but i think it illustrates how sensitive the government is about its covert response. there is a growing criticism here of the government of the vaccination problem program. about about the number of infections we're seeing, which have risen very quickly in the last couple of months. we even so protested back on the st. last. we can now at the moment,
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people are very concerned about going out in public, although they're not being banned during the daytime, there is a strict curfew at night. most people are trying to stay at home as much as possible. this time last year, tyler was doing remarkably well. daily infections were in double digits for the whole of 2020, the whole total number of fatalities was just $61.00. while now. we've blown, well past those figures where we saw anti government protests on the street last year. i think the government was rather saved by the fact that it had responded or was seen to respond very well to the pandemic this year. if those protest thought again, i think the government is very nervous indeed. and south koreans reported a record 1800 new covert cases in a day that more contagious delta varying to fueling the 3rd. the latest numbers include 270 sailors, flown home from an anti piracy mission abroad authorities and are considering expanding restrictions and sol and its neighboring region from soap. rubbing
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brought that crew has now had to be flown back at 2 south career out of 301 crew members. 270 won't have now tested positive. that's a staggering 90 percent. but even if you strip out that number, this is still a very significant rise. we've been seeing for the best part of 2 weeks more than 1000 new cases per day as this 4th wave has really taken a hold here with some predictions that will soon be thing well over 2000 new cases . the day before the authorities get on top of it, we are already in the capital area around sol, the highest level of the social distancing restrictions. there are some indications that these same level of restrictions will have to be extended to other parts of south korea. and with some predictions that the authorities here of just underestimated the virulence of this delta variant. this slightly better use is that of course, because the vaccinations have been rolled out aimed at the more vulnerable group
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such as the elderly care homes we are seeing significantly. and few deaths, and also hospitalizations where rammed a 3rd of the population is now had at least one job. but that has focused attention on the 2 thirds of the population who remain unvaccinated. again, fueling an ongoing debate here in south korea about what we've seen as a relatively slow pace of the vaccination role that china is deployed its military to hand on province. the central region struggling with the worst flooding in recent memory. these 33 people have now been killed and 800000, displaced more in this report from adrian brown, an image of normality turned upside down. like a giant scrap yard, abandoned cars block a tunnel in central ginger roads transformed into rapidly flowing rivers. where in some areas, boat is the only way to get around. the city's inhabitants are used to typhoons,
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but they're still coming to terms with the scale of this week's deluge. it was the heaviest rainfall in 60 years. on tuesday, more than 200 millimeters fell in just one hour on stay tv. the images have been more uplifting. rescuers bringing young and old to safety. some of the estimated 800000 residents who've been displaced. the emphasis is on the positive work being done, not on those who died. golf can are teams of rushed to many places. we are carrying out towns like blasting and flood diversion, flood, fighting and rescue, as well as mass evacuations. the underlying message, the party will protect you. on social media though, there's anger at why local weather forecasters fail to warn residents properly. the city lies in a flood prone area. the provincial government reportedly spent more than
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$8000000000.00 building defenses that were supposed to prevent disasters like this happening. now more extreme weather is selecting the area. a typhoon is bearing down on china as eastern coast and could make landfall this weekend. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong. katrina you is in san jang in hen on province who look at the crisis there. the rain has used, but millions of people are still struggling to deal with the devastating flooding, which is what many cities and towns sans. i'm showing a city on the northern part of putting on problem and to venture where you hit this weekend on wednesday, just off the passing the provincial capital of young joe, in the space of just 2 hours. 26 centimeters of rain was dumped in this area. now, many houses, the rural areas, renewals and outcome of this region collapse. as
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a result of the torrential rain and half a 1000000 people will move, relocated to the areas. now we're just standing the beginning of a highway which leads to the main area of downtown job. this area has been unable to rescue workers and teams have been moving to try to clear the area. and they're also getting food and people been stuck in the cause of our authority, say $3000000.00 people have been affected by the severe so it's close to $100000000.00 worth of economic losses. now as the clean up continues, questions are being raised. that's why people living in home, and we're not adequately warned about the severity of the storm before. but the government is choosing instead to focus on rescue efforts. and it's sensory. any criticism of having a disaster online and on social media. and would you believe more severe weather in other parts of china or a tornado route through a village near abounding city in northern have a province killing at least 2 people. 2 or 3 houses that scattered debris across
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nearby roads really work as an trying to restore power to the area. check on the weather is next and then runs president calls for an end to protest against water shortages of experts. one of the looming environmental catastrophe. and in the land of capital and beef, why so farmers are not turning to vegetables and green agriculture. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello there. it's a very wet picture for south asia. we've got the monsoons in full force across india. you can see that on the satellite image. it's not just the western coast has been inundated with rain and strong winds, but also more sensually. we could see some flash flooding in landslides, where those torrential rains continue to fall. and across the northeast,
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we are seeing those flooding rains, affect bangladesh and pushing in sin. meanwhile, we could see landslides and flooding. here. if you go to saturday though it's going to be good. you're right. and mahar rusher that see some of those heavy rains. we will keep an eye to see if those floods do kick in. and as we move across to east asia, we could see flooding across china's eastern coast that's of typhoon in fall makes its way to the north of taiwan, which is really damaging winds and torrential rains that's expected to move in land over the weekend. we've also got tropical depression chem packet and that's bringing a lot of wet and windy weather to southern areas of china as well as to indo china, northern parts of vietnam are expected to be inundated with those very heavy rains . but up in the north, if a lot clearer and dry it with lots of heat for the korean peninsula. sponsored pay cut on airways capturing a moment in time,
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snapshots of other lives. other stories in providing a glimpse into someone else as well. we what god, we would we be fight, go to inspire and documentaries, from impassioned film makers. i am the voice out of the witness on al jazeera. ah, ah ah, the top stories with our on al jazeera karone of ours case numbers are searching across the united states. the 7 day average rows more than 50 percent in just the
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past week. with nearly all patients admitted to hospital for the virus. received that job, indonesia, now the epi center of the latest wave, in se asia, it's reported more than $1400.00 deaths and $35000.00 cases in 24 hours. and china is deployed, it's military to head on province. the central region struggling with its was flooding and recent history troops has actually burst nearby damn to try to reduce the risk of more floods. at least 33 people have been killed in japan. tokyo is hosting an olympic games like no other. the city thing is highest number of curren, a virus infections to more athletes at the, in the village of also tested positive. they are among 12 cases linked to the games announced on thursday, bringing the total up to 87 tokyo, it's still under a state of emergency with competitors facing unprecedented restrictions on their movements. this is a live shot at about quarter past 1 in the morning of the tokyo national stadium.
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it would have had $80000.00 people in there for the opening ceremony. instead, we'll only have a handful of invited dignitaries and the richardson has been taking a look though, why these olympics are still going ahead. athletes will have to get used to the sound of their own efforts in tokyo. these olympic have already cost the host nation, at least $15000000000.00, much of the money spent on venue, the fans, and now bound from attending due to rise in cases of covey. 19, the cost is being shouldered for the great part by the people and not really by the government. and so people are really getting sick and tired of having to make so much sacrifice. so you really do have a very sort of well divided society, and maybe i honestly united opposition against the olympics. this is about as close to the sporting action as tokyo residents will get in a city where cobit 19 infection levels hitting heights. not seen since january,
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then anthem lee, and i just want to hear it. i don't know what to say considering how much the virus is. fried athletes have been training so hard for this. i would feel sorry for them if it doesn't happen. that's a lot of so i wouldn't who wanted to take the risk of watching it in the stadium, but it's enough for me to see the games on tv. while last ticket revenue is sent to cost, the hosts hundreds of millions of dollars a made for tv event does make financial sense for the international olympic committee. the i see makes approximately 75 percent of its income from selling broadcast rights to the games and around $4000000000.00 could have been lost if the olympics had been cancelled and the legal, small print will tell you, it was always the see who had the final say, as to whether or not these olympics went ahead, organizes will be hoping the public mood shift in their favor. once the games are up and running, we'll have like a very,
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a negative agenda across like different media outlets before the games. and as soon as the games are going to, how like that fair me like the mind, the one like it, congress tends to be like more positive and focus more on the stories that are taking place within the stadium. in support of the games can be found with the host . now, banking on sporting dramas, rather than medical. rubbing the headlines in the days ahead. and the richardson algy sera, tokyo. the 3rd of infection is not the only problem clouding these games just 24 hours before the opening ceremony. its director was fact after organizers were made aware of a holocaust joke he made during a comedy show back in 1998 france's president has had to change his bone and his number fall out from the pegasus. spyware scandal continues. reports of emerge that to my new micron and several government ministers were
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targeted for phone hacking by an, an identified moroccan security service. morocco has denied those reports. natasha butler has more from parents while french president, in my micro, held quite a lengthy cabinet meeting with his ministers to discuss these allegations that had merged earlier in the week. that moroccan intelligence services may have tried to target one of the french presidents mobile phones and not only his mobile phone, but bath of his former prime minister at wal felipe, and also more than a dozen ministers and dozens of journalists in france. now the least they put out a statement after this capital meeting, they say that of course, the lisa in the presence of taking these allegations very seriously indeed. but they are urging caution because they've launched a full investigation to try and see and verify exactly what the situation
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is. the president we are told is following this investigation very closely. indeed, the lease. i also think that the president has exchanged and changed his mobile phone numbers and the security has been stepped up. india has denied it is among the government clients of s, sorry, the company behind pegasus, but a leak database of 50000 and numbers included hundreds belonging to its citizens. the most prominent the opposition politician regarding his mobile number was talking to during the parliamentary elections of 201819 others include dozens of journalists and election commission, official businessmen, diplomat, even to ministers in the modi government. a form, a supreme court staffer, who accused the ex chief justice of india, of abuse, was also targeted. that justice now a member of parliament with the governing party, as elizabeth per on him with more from new delhi where the press club of india were journalists holding a protest following reports to the funds of more than $300.00 indians,
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including journalists, was hacked, using the israeli made and pegasus where now the project, the director of the government because pegasus is classified as a military grade cyber weapon. and it's found to say they only sell the technology to better government for the sole purpose of saving lives and preventing criminals and terror acts. but the list of people in india who follows allegedly hack include not just journalists, but major opposition figures. a former election commissioner, a top political strategist, business people include ministers and the current government, including the information minister. now the founders of the, in the news website wire, are among the more than 40 indian journalists whose fund allegedly hacked was also one of the 17 media organizations around the world. we conducted the investigation into how pegasus, by way was being used in various countries. this is not one of the founders had to say either the ends of them are not the only
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one that did that that didn't come in on. i would say one of the problem that i they want to get to the bottom of it. now the government and that there is no evidence not support us, nothing allegations and that the reports are an attempt to undermine the monsoon session of india's parliament, which began on monday. but the country main opposition political policy of the congress and many others. calling for an independent investigation into the report, given how serious allegations john is the founding editor of the indian digital news portal. the wire, one of the media organizations that collaborated globally on the pegasus investigations. he told us there is proof. the indian opposition was targeted using packets of spyware. the fact is that we have clinching evidence in the fall, forensics that we conducted on the phones of an important opposition. political
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advisor, gentlemen called push, i'm sure who was actively involved in advising a major opposition party in a recently conducted election and who form tested positive for forensic. this means that during the course of the election, and of course, the run up to the election, that is, firm evidence that his phone was targeted with a pegasus, which i guess the spyware. there's no doubt in my mind that the agency which has been targeting me or other journalists or for some control or the politician i mentioned, is it a new agency and we have and that's the group itself. on the record thing that they only sell to government. so that agency is, is it all in 100 percent certain get a government agency. and given that, given the, you know, essentially illegal nature of the technology because on the indian law happening is a crime. and using packets of involve packing,
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it would have to be signed off at the highest level and kept under wraps. and it's, it's, this is the reason why the government cannot bring itself to admit that it uses pegasus. of course it can bring itself to issue a denial either in parliament because that would amount to committing contempt. so you have this funny situation where the government will not say yes or no. when asked, are you using pegasus? but when you have evidence hard evidence, others in the formal forensic form and you look at the range of, of it, it's hard to, it's hard to think of any other government anywhere in the world, which would be showing this kind of interest in such a range of didn't subject officials in madagascar, they have stopped to plot to assassinate president andre raj. alina, according to the attorney general, several foreign nationals and citizens had been arrested though no further details were given. a number of protesters and one police officer been killed in demonstrations against water shortages in iran. it's happened in the oil rich
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province of cruise, this done on waters of the gulf and also bordering iraq. crown vented their anger for the 7th night in a row. has been violence reported at several rallies, and according to local media, solidarity protests have been held and several other cities as iran suffers, it's worse drives and 50 years on the runs president hassan ronnie's responded to the unrest with a warning matter. dumas who list stunroad of course, we must distinguish between the people of who is a stand on a group that sometimes chance incorrect slogans. a few 100 protesters are not the people of crew to stop. it's their natural right to talk is protest and even take to the streets within the framework of the law. meanwhile, some people might use this opportunity and an evil person might join the protesters and use guns and shoot and killed one of our dear countrymen. on to watch and t, now one of the top food produces in the world known particularly for grains and
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beef. but there's a movement trying to change how the country produces food and it's muddle, seems to be becoming more popular. every day. theresa bo visited some farmers outside when a fires access to land is a step towards dignity for many people as his friends will be that he's a member of the union of land workers in argentina. and organization created in 2010 and what site is that now grown across the country, it has more than 16000 members working their land and producing agricultural vegetables. and also not only you know that we used to rent land to work. we had a book, then the idea was to get abandoned land held by the state get credit. so we can have a better and dignified life, produce healthier food without toxic chemicals. the organization is giving farmer families the confidence and power to control their own lives. and donya sanchez has been living here for 3 years. she now owns one hector of land where she works and
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lives at the back. but we make enough to eat and grow vegetables once again. so we can reinvest this piece of land has changed the lives of many of them more than 50 families that have made their life here. the union of land workers negotiate with local authorities to get access to abandon farm land. then they give the land to unemployed workers and train them in the food production. families were given this piece of land to produce better levels, but now they're also trying to create in this place what they call a bio factory, to create natural fertilizers. and we've pennants to drive insects the way here, for example, they tell us they created an actual fertilizer using bay. so that was growing here . france on being says they have skilled technicians that are helping them in production, not get em. i live in a blog. i flora, we don't want to eliminate the pounds diseases. we want to drive them away, pesticides kill everything. and that's what we don't want portfolio. and that
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a d a spreading. now more than 7 agriculture gal. colonies and the number continues to grow. our tina is known for its vast agricultural production, but it's a model that excludes the countries for his families. and that's why projects like this one are valuable. because access to a small piece of land helps provide work and the comfort satisfaction, and security of owning your own home. theater will allow the theda when a fire on top off the hour on al jazeera, these are the stories. the top stories have been koran of ours case number as a surgery across the united states. the 7 day average rows more than 50 percent in just the past week. many, all patients being admitted to hospital for the virus still haven't received that job.


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