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it's nigeria, that seems some of the really heavy rain. we could see flooding in the northwest. we have seen flooding in the northeast, so we'll keep an eye as those rains are expected to fall rather heavily. and as we move down to southern africa has been rather cold chilion wet across cape town. but that cold front is now pushing off to the east. it can be lots of sunshine coming through. and we are going to see the temperatures pick up over the weekend. the discover a world of difference determination. i'm coming down, we are moving freedom. we saw the 16 people corruption and compassion, the l. just 0, world selection of the best films from across our network of channels.
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becoming a living legend to the young age with simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clouds. the brought peace to the ivory coast posted by eric comes to the football rebels life but drop by the football. seated where politicians had not dropped the boy and civil war on i was just there. ah, a this is the news from out of the are and these are the top stories south africa is
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accelerating. it's back to nation. campaign is covert cases. surge, a record quarter of a 1000000 people have receive jobs in a single day. china is deployed, it's military to hand on problems. the central region struggling with us was flooding and recent history. troops of birth to nearby damn, to reduce the risk of more floods. like $33.00 people kills until you're seeing a search in current of ours cases, as well as less than 24 hours before the opening ceremony. of the olympic gain city is recorded, its highest number of infections in 6 months. so let's look more at those olympic games now with all the problems surrounding tokyo, 2020, as it is called officially, the obvious question to ask is why these games already delayed by a year are still going ahead. the simple answer, money. tokyo is the whole city already stands to lose plenty from having to refund tickets. but it is the international olympic committee, but really need the games to happen. this is from the i think marketing file. it
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says, broadcast partnerships have provided the olympic movement with a secure financial pace and have been the single greatest source of revenue for more than 3 decades. how much revenue? well again, looking at the official olympic committee marketing guide here, look at that number. well, actually i'll write it in a different way here, instead of that, we'll say 2870000000 dollars. that is how much revenue came in from the rio games. in 2016, sidney, 22000. and i should say 21 years ago. they had 1300000000, so it is more than doubled in the last 20 years. it is so so important to the international olympic committee with us now from north hampton, massachusetts. we've got andrew zimbalist who is an economics professor smith's college, but also the author of circus maximus,
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the economic gamble behind hosting the olympics in the will cover. it really is a gamble, isn't it, andrew? have i oversimplified too much there or does it really just come down to there is so much money hanging on this thing. tokyo, you need to put out a product for us to sell. i think that's largely correct. and i think the television numbers are actually $1000000000.00 larger than, than the numbers from 2016 the aisle. she needs this money, then they need the money from television. primarily. they also get corporate sponsorship money from their talk sponsorship program. and they take that money, some of that is used for their own operating expenses, which are, are high, a mature is but they need that money to, to help finance the international sport. federations were called i s. and also the national limbic committees around the world. those, those committees are the guts of the international olympic movement and then enable
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the ios see, to maintain its legitimacy and its position at the top of that movement. but there's a pandemic. i hate to be really obvious about the, i mean, these are extraordinary circumstances. olympic games have been cancelled in the past for world war was now this isn't a war, but i mean, this is something which is affecting so much of society. does it not seem that the i see is, well, just not seeing the big picture here. yeah, i think they're blinded by, by the money issue, the blinded by the prestige and the public relationships that they usually get positive when, when they speak the games. but when you think about what's, what's on either side of the ledger here on one side of the ledger is disappointing . 11000 athletes if you cancel the games on the other side of the ledger is the public health. 7000000000 people in the world. how, how can you look at how can you look at that calculus should not say that this is
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a very problematic venture that they're going forward with starting tomorrow. what about tokyo itself or tokyo? 2020, the organizing committee there. i guess the pressure is on them to deliver something because if they've got no fans attending and they've had to refund all that money money which is probably already been spent has in it and then they don't gonna get the, you know, the influx of tourism money either so i guess the pressures on them as well. absolutely. the total cost at this point are up around $35000000000.00. and you know, the tokyo has put in place to state of emergency, which means that bars and restaurants and other entertainment values are closed. that is also a tremendous hit on, on the local economy and also on surrounding prefecture. so that's on one side of the ledger. $35000000000.00 plus on the other side of the ledger, they're going to come in with about $4000000004.00 and a half $1000000000.00 of revenue. mr. very good economic investment,
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which is just make straightforward loss of roughly $30000000000.00 plus everything you carry out. well, i'm just going to say that, you know, to tokyo is under contractual obligation to the ios sheets, a whole host these games they were hoping for. in addition, there were hoping, in addition, for some positive economic fit from the games that post their hosting would say to the world give the world a message that they had overcome the fukushima nuclear disaster, which frankly, they haven't. and also they were making a statement to the world that they've gotten over there. period of 30 years of economic stagnation, positive public relations knows that they were seat seeking will not be worked on. just a reminder that it really isn't made for tv event these days isn't at andrew that with us joining us from north hampton, massachusetts. thank you. my pleasure. francis president has called an
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urgent national security meeting to discuss the pegasus spyware scandal, and photos reports that remind your micron and several government ministers were targeted for phone hacking by an identified moroccan security service. the morocco denies those reports from natasha butler now in paris. while french president, in my micro, held quite a lengthy cabinet meeting with his ministers to discuss these allegations that had merged earlier in the week. that moroccan intelligence services may have tried to target one of the french presidents mobile phones and not only his mobile phone, but bath of his former prime minister at wal felipe, and also more than a dozen ministers and dozens of journalists in france. now the least they put out a statement after this capital meeting, they say that of course, the least say in the presence of taking these allegations very seriously indeed.
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but they are urging caution because they've launched a full investigation to try and see and verify exactly what the situation is. the present we are told is following this investigation very closely. indeed, the lease. i also think that the president has exchanged and changed his mobile phone numbers and the security has been stepped up. now, india has denied it, is among the government clients all vanish. so the company behind pegasus, but a leak database of $50000.00 numbers including hundreds belonging to its citizens. the most prominent is opposition, politician role gandhi. his mobile number was targeted during parliamentary elections and 201819. others include dozens of journalists and election commission, official businessmen, diplomats even to ministers in the current modi government performance supreme court staff, who accused the chief justice in deer of abuse also targeted. the justice is now a member of parliament with the governing party. more from elizabeth per item. now
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she, the new delhi, where the press club of india were journalists holding a protest following reports of the funds of more than 300 indians, including journalists, what hacked using the israeli made pegasus by where now the project, the director of the government's book of pegasus, is classified as a military grade cyber weapon, and it's found to say they only sell the technology to better government for the sole purpose of saving lives and preventing criminals and terror acts. but the list of people in india who follows allegedly hack include not just journalists, but major opposition figures a former election commissioner, a top political strategist, the business people include ministers and the current governments, including the information minister. now the founders of the and the new website wire, are among the more than 40 indian journalists whose fund allegedly hacked was also one of the 17 media organizations around the world which conducted the
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investigation and to help pegasus by way was being used in various countries. this is one of the sounds it had to say, either the prejudicial ends of friends or not already already did that, that they were coming in on the board problem that i suspected they want to get to the bottom of it. now the government and that there was no evidence not support us, nothing allegations and that the reports are an attempt to undermine the monsoon session of indian parliament, which began on monday. but the country main opposition political policy of the congress and many others. calling for an independent investigation into the report given just how serious allegations up to and tina, one of the top food produces in the world known a lot of grains and beef. but there's a movement trying to change how the country produces food, and it's not seems to be becoming more popular. every day. theresa bo visited some
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small farmers outside when cyrus access to land is a step towards dignity for many people as his friends will be that he's a member of the union of land workers in origin. tina and organization created in 2010. and what situs that's now grown across the country, it has more than 16000 members, working the land and producing ad rick logical vegetables. and also not only know that we used to rent land to work. we had a book, then the idea was to get abandoned land held by the state get credit. so we can have a better and dignified life, produce healthier food without toxic chemicals. the organization is giving farmer families the confidence and power to control their own lives. and donya sanchez has been living here for 3 years. she now owns one hector of land where she works and lives at the back. but we make enough to eat and grow vegetables once again,
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so we can reinvest it. this piece of land has changed the lives of many of them more than 50 families that have made their life here that union of land workers negotiate with local authorities to get access to abandon farm land. then they give the land to unemployed workers and train them in the food production. families were given this piece of land to produce vegetables, but now they're also trying to create in this place what they call a bio factory, to create natural fertilizers and we've penance to dr. insects the way here. for example, they tell us they created a natural fertilizer using bay, so that was grown here. france on being says they have skilled technicians that are helping them in production. not that emily, me not a lot, black i, florida. we don't want to eliminate the pounds diseases, we want to drive them away, pesticides kill everything, and that's what we don't want. and that a d a spreading though. now more than 7 agriculture,
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gall colonies and the number continues to grow. again, tina is known for its vast agricultural production, but it's a model that excludes the countries for families. and that's why projects like this one are valuable. because access to a small piece of land helps provide work and the comfort satisfaction and security of owning your own home face, i will, i'll defeat it when a fight in the united states has appointed a special envoy to help coordinate assistance in haiti. daniel foot, say korea foreign service officer will help promote long term peace and free elections. and they followed the assassination of the haitian president, driven on leads of the month thousands of people of roundly denise the capital to show their support for federal troops. fighting in the northern region of tig, i speak is called on the appeal to be united against the rebels and to grow. they
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accused them of using child soldiers. it comes with the conflict has widened to include fighters from the neighboring m hara and afar regions from sawyer reports. now from out of san diego, this was very much a government trial and organized by the man in id, but thousands of people to hand up at moscow square, carrying placards that express their anger. a t guys, t p i left leadership. and it's 40 that many here referred to as june car and support of prime minister on the government and its federal army has often anymore on that for a long time. t p l. s. has brought division on the people. so we have to begin to forget about them. forget about the past and be united behind a defense force. among us in the out is more on this government has a lot of moral support. they need to take strong action against the june to that steals those who address the crowd had this to say. and that out. 6 of hearing to national media, witness the june to using children for war. they witness this,
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but they're not reported. and that shows their interest shows who they are. above all, the intent is to support the june t as a c p. 6 federal troops have withdrawn from t cry, but the soldiers, retrans troop and special forces from neighboring i'm horror. region have been accused by rights, groups of committing crimes against civilians, including killings and rape. those who came to this raleigh say they support the government in the ongoing conflict. but the situation that is dire fighting is still going on in some parts, drawing in security forces from other reasons that we're not previously involved in the fighting. and the un and other agency saying that they're struggling to get to the vulnerable people in that region. there has been resent fighting between federal troops and regional forces from our amir, against a grand fight, as in areas bordering t gray and a far region. a world food program,
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a convoy was attacked on sunday on the only remaining ground humanitarian corridor into the guy. this is devastating to millions of people who desperately need help, shortages of fuel and cash as well as communications blackouts are significantly hindering the resumption of the humanitarian response and preventing and scale up. and joe's and un agencies are running out of cash in or unable to pay staff or suppliers unless fuel cash supplies and aid workers are able to enter t gray in the coming days. some humanitarian programs will not be able to function on these are dangerous times in the field and all why 2 sides are trying to control the narrative. media access into t guy is limited because of multiple national government and regional special forces checkpoint along the road. and on the space on the open for humanitarian flight cache is going to hear from a hollywood produce harvey weinstein has pleaded not guilty to rape and sexual
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assault charges in los angeles. he was extradited to california from new york state, where he was sentenced. 23 years in prison, for sexual assault and rape. weinstein was one of the most powerful, produces in hollywood until dozens of women came forward with allegations in 20. 17 sport is coming up on this new zone. a depleted us men's basketball team has got a much needed boost the head of the lympics, that story in a moment. the brought to you by accenture, that there be change the news
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with me duties by extension. let there be change. oh i more and then you now and peter got that. come all. thank you very much. we start
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with breaking news and the government of guinea has reversed the decision to withdraw its delegation from attending the take. you are limping of a coven 19 fears. the west african nation wolfing 5 athletes to the games. meantime, the men's football competition started on thursday and australia delivered a shock to no victory over argentina. to talk a little bit champion by the 2nd hope with only 10 men after francisco vega was sent off just the full half times officially took advantage of the extra play gold coming from laughlin wales and marco teddy. japan continued a good start to the game baseball one know when over south africa ahead of the match, there was concern that would not have enough players to feel the theme of the 21 members of the delegation had been deemed close corona virus context and had to undergo additional testing procedures. in other games, mexico were too strong for france. new zealand and romania recorded victories in
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group b. everything strike a re charleston school hattrick as brazil be germany for 2 and ivory coast aged out saudi arabia to one and new zealand at one the victory of south korea. the opening they have competition at the game. so a number of female football is neil. ahead of their matches, international olympic committee allowed athletes make political protests on the field of civil action. and then during middle feminine white, this, the, the social media team was reportedly banned from the hosting pictures of players kneeling on wednesday. that decision has now been overturned. that was, you know, a moment to kind of reflect on this past year. you know, there's been a lot of strides made in the u. s. and across the world with regards to racism and social injustice. and so i think it was really great to be
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able to show that bit of solid arity with our team. and we didn't seem before the game. and at a world stage like this, that has been a, been a year in the making. those really nice to have those couple seconds before the game to just reflect on where we've been. andy richardson is in tokyo and he has been taking a look at why these olympics are still going ahead. athletes will have to get used to the sound of their own efforts in tokyo. these olympic have already cost the host nation, at least $15000000000.00. much of the money spent on venue that fans and now banned from attending you to rise in cases of cobit $19.00. the cost, you know, being shouldered for the great part by the people and not review by the government . and so people are really getting sick and tired of having to make so much awkward 5. so you really do have, you know, very well divided society. and maybe i honestly, you know,
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united in opposition against the olympics. this is about as close to the sporting action as tokyo residents will get in a city where co 19 infection levels hitting heights. not seen since january, dan, animal, united, nickel, monday. he don't have it. i don't know what to say considering how much the virus is fraud. athletes have been training so hard for this. i would feel sorry for them if it doesn't happen any minute. i wouldn't who wanted to take the risk of watching it in the stadium, but it's enough for me to see the games on tv. while last ticket revenue is sent to cost, the hosts hundreds of millions of dollars. a made for tv event does make financial sense for the international olympic committee. the, i see makes approximately 75 percent of its income from selling broadcast rights to the games and around full $1000000000.00 could have been lost if the olympics had been cancelled. and the legal, small print will tell you, it was always the see you have the final say as to whether or not these olympics
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went ahead, organizes will be hoping the public mood shift in their favor. once the games are up and running, we'll have like a very, a negative agenda across like different media all last before the games. and as soon as the games are going to have like, center me, like the mind. everyone like it, congress tends to be like more positive and focus more on the stories that are taking place within the stadium. in support of the games can be found with the host . now, banking on sporting dramas, rather than medical. rubbing the headlines in the days ahead and the richardson al jazeera tokyo. despite the attention and focus corona virus, is getting at these games, the international drug testing agency. since it is determined to catch those who are trying to cheat. we hear we're fully focused to 40, determines to do our job, the best we can and to catch,
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to cheat with the tools that we have available. so in that sense, coven has obviously made our life more complicated, but has not impacted how determination our focus and the tools that we have at our disposal. and limping gold medalists mohammed be, will make history on friday by becoming the 1st muslim to carry the british flag on the opening ceremony. the 33 year old robert says he feels immense pride and hopes to be a source of inspiration for muslim children in great britain. british sailing gold medals, hannah moles will be the other flag, bearer, and rules implemented last year. each country can now nominate one male and one female athletes to carry the flag u. s. track and field athletes. and so can say they would be prepared to take a co 19 test twice a day. if it means they get to complete this, making sure we take care of ourselves and to super excited to finally have
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a game and just kind of go through with what we gotta do. and if that takes a cobra test, every 12 hours, whatever it takes, they're gonna throw out us. just excited to be able to compete again and just fall what they need to, where they think is best for us. the us men's basketball team or beefing up their roster ahead of their 1st game on sunday that levine of the chicago bulls have clear health and safety protocols and will join the team. the olympic champions have already started training in cocoa, the teams preparations have been hampered by players having to withdraw the decoded 19 related issues. 3 of the members will arrive later in the week as the teams were playing in the n, b a finals. while the planes are gonna affect them, that's not an easy flight. but it is true that they won't be ready to play the sense of execution that we might want. but that's understandable. finally,
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you can an athlete who disappeared doing pre olympic training in japan has now left the country 20 year old wait lifted julia so sticky to little flitted hotel in osaka a week ago he failed to meet olympic standards of entering japan and his teacher returned home when he did not appear for a mandatory corona virus test, instead he left a note behind saying he did not want to attend to uganda. and he wanted to stay in japan to work. ok, that's what we're going to leave. so now i'll be here again later with more sports news. come all. thank you peter, and my apologies for sneezing very loudly during your sports, but listen as well. thank you. sometimes you just got to the right way coming back in a couple of minutes time. plenty more news coming up. you can see kimberly how getting ready at the one helpful, are we talking to her about the coven situation in the united states? an increase in cases, particularly of the delta variance on come off. and maria, and i will see you again soon.
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i ah, ah, ah, ah ah, still mum showing the flag for her nation has been putting language in playing crickets on what be country between my dream play in the world. while providing family cleaning games. that's my precious game in the game. my them, bob way on al jazeera, the new generation of young people are making demands to be balance society.
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welcome to generational change, a global theories, the attempt to understand and challenge, the idea that mobilize you around the world in london to activate tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people die, perpetrating violence again of the young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me design and shape this generation change on al jazeera award winning pro from international. so make it one quick. so it's right on the back side of the global discussion, what guarantee debility the right to take the life, giving voice to the voice here in california is almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program, but open your eyes to view. well, today, this is what the picture looks like the the world from a different perspective on how to mirror
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holding the powerful to account as we examine the us, his role in the world on al jazeera, ah, a pandemic of the on banks, unaided in the united states asian nation struggling to cope the fight against the new coven wave can be seen nearly everywhere. ah, den, i'm can all santa maria here in the world news from al jazeera central china is worth floods in recent years of provide anger and scrutiny about the government's failure to prepare for the disaster calls, grocery.


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