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more proud to be autumn. oh again, peter, they'll be here and how you top stories on al jazeera, indonesia is now the epicenter of the latest wave of corona virus, in se, asia, it's reported more than 1400 deaths and 35000 cases in just one day. it's jessica washington with the latest from jakarta, indonesia has now passed more than $3000000.00 cases in total. what we have seen on the positive side is that the government has been able to ramp up testing, and they were able to test 200000 individuals in one day, which is a market improvement. however, still way off the target of trying to test 400000 people each day. and you can imagine that in a country like in the visa,
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there are 4 people who would struggle when there is a strict lockdown and many all doing it tough, particularly across your contra java and many parts of the country. but epidemiologist say that the government must strongly thailand and south korea have both reported a record number of new infections. the authorities in sola now considering expanding restrictions. the highly contagious delta variance is driving the search across the region. china's deployed it's military to hiena and province. the central region is struggling with his west flooding and recent history. at least 33 people have been killed. officials in madagascar say they've stopped a plot to assassinate president andre roger lena. the attorney general says several people have been arrested including a number of foreign nationals. the pentagon has voiced alarm about the worsting security crisis in ghana. start the most senior us generals as the taliban now controls nearly half of the countries. $400.00 plus districts. it coincides with
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the ongoing pullouts of american troops. thousands of people have rallied and addis ababa to show their support for the philippine government forces fighting into gray . it comes as the conflicts has widened to include fighters from the neighboring. i'm horror and afar regions. the french president of called an urgent national security meeting to discuss the pegasus scandal. it follows reports that emanuel macro and several government ministers were targeted for phone hacking by an unidentified moroccan security service. morocco had denied those reports. the director of the opening ceremony at the tokyo olympics has been fired just the day before the start of the games he was dismissed after organizes became aware of a holocaust jokes he told in 1998 back now to witness. i'll have the news for you, and a little under 30 minutes. i
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me to i mean, ah ah ah ah. you know any news on for the home may not be st. you. another exaltation, not yet new, but you want to not just go with
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them or not. so what is your shield? none of that was all that i couldn't delay in getting to meet the teacher to the menu, but from what may be not, not a complete that he don't want to see what they want to be deleted by the what can i get? all of it was a question. yes. and what, what did you get to do to keep what you want?
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you don't necessarily looking for boot. wow. you've got to go home with the provincial reservation mulkins. that's what i could call it a coffee shop. how host is that? is that a nice if she can buy the whole thing and really, really care any of it because it just feels because also one of the following is my particular last name to call, but you've got a team over. she said a doing math in a motel that goes,
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she should start listing also, let me know also that says log in as long as you have a social because usually get some food or sort of what mr. them from somebody just post your stuff. if that will show before we go to ship, some of these follow up on us. so if that hasn't been officially cooking shows on it, if they don't have a paper that can such as critical, thomas people come before
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me the other one is the one
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that i can be willing to work on really for the total vision, imaging, imaging. my love and chain nobody called anything show in the me the you were you so much
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to find came up with the local did you usually we can show usually it's on most people
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who are in by the old school computer on the phone. so i don't want to show me show you last saw me
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when you know when what, what is the value on the garbage and put it on an up boise official level. think it was based on shifting mail this year for this year. so let me see what kind of concerned option she was. hello murphy, come on. let me. but i'm
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doing the only case as well, because i wanted to show you some papers on the should. it was just a moment. don't over the course of one of the most pleasant and thank you for calling for the modem. it or not. we're going to see a thing that the other the same. but when it is on them, it was done. you know, you don't to be. but this was on the line, it will we'll pick up when we talk to all that no
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matter what must be the piece that shows the girl. i don't know. i don't in new ways you can see that. ok, that was awful. i don't want to social security only if we don't need the parabolic prisoners and know what to do to be seen live until the just what it does just to the gym and all that stuff and angel to the level, you know, once a month will do you want to connect with you to make sure that it's in the list because it will be is also a wholesale, well the think it should be a continued view is something you really something what is emitted to so so the
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traffic i called about a fear of 2 things you know, by me to monitor when he was going to say that it was something that was brought up . we actually brought up a we can talk in be enough. happy mama because she's here today. she's sick. i'm sorry, i love check and you know, just, i mean, once your body of it comes in, we're going to do is you'll be able to do it for 3230. let me fix that on the 16th of your film. as long as i know if believes anybody so anybody that is talking to you with a few years who love men because you're so he's only the woman
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in the month it was re reading. so what was your emergency? she said, do they have this book? she said to the most people you, most kids so that they don't even though have it only because it was found the short southern regional capable of my letter that we can be punished with me. ah,
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let us moving to these properties. well, really come up with an extra material and you can say we didn't want, but if you take 40 minutes it, do you consciously? yes. if you do the sensitive discharge to to shoot people that you just jumped on to sexually the kid.
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he said he didn't want it done, didn't he doesn't seem human. why should issue some korea, lyla mission, 150 truck pick pick the one most allows you to call
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all the noise and stuff like that. but i don't know for a kid to be just like a minute or 2 small that needs to be good for us. to go because i'm, i sit looking in the civil peninsula
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probably not going to go when he just didn't even know nobody to me and i'm just so this is all home the home on the, on the home phone if who don't need to go to frontier cars jump on, do you show that you could give me one more minute on this one second, i'm going to go to the way that the priest unable
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to be in. kenny, could you like me for him for his release because i imagine this empty, chugs, indifferent to fix the present unless we can to shows those in him what are you gonna do most value per unit when you can relate to devices that well yeah, so did you just you could be in the car. was it built? this can literally cake. you knew more than this
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to this one? king, if that was a little bit, but it was yes to or if there was a new i don't obviously unless profecia you for to the number it's you know, i'm still follow the one that looks like the court escalate policy now you could just if asked us to send to you prepare, prepare your credit. back to jam was she only told me from my organization. want to figure out
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what this one is on home by phone. usually the bell, mrs. dealer, when it gets done to the kids that we have. don't worry, we have experience with them when even when it's when you see the provider within the permission to from based on what's going on. let me know if that's good enough for you. but i know that you will have the
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same of occasion on the in the so looking for example, when you need to find out i cannot find my men on it was on the question. i'm sort of just because they have a measure stipulated the day because no one of the major they go to the
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i a for a full massage to pass the bus it is just take a moment to such was it killer? just dealership in michigan?
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ah so it's difficult about what we're looking for so i
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i i i i i we tell the untold story. ah, we speak when others don't ah we cover all sides. ah
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no matter where it takes a police finn, you guys are my empower in pasha. we tell your story, we are your voice. you knew your net back out here. ah, ah ah, ah, it's time for the journey. with sponsored by cut on airways. hello there for south america. the wet weather can be found up in the north and down in the very southmore century, though. things are looking a lot finer and dry. and we've got a seasonal range rolling all the way from northern peru into columbia,
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and venezuela and affecting the guy on the some of those heavy showers and storms are going to be felt in northwest in areas of columbia. but for northern brazil, the wet weather does continue, it's down in the south, but things are looking a lot clear of lots of sunshine coming through for rio. we are seeing a few showers kissing that coast, but it is looking fine and dry at the further south we move in, paraguay is seeing the temperature really come up with lots of sunshine and warmth there. but for the south, we osteen those weather systems. continuing to pound southern chile, we're talking about heavy rain, strong winds, and plenty of snow on the andes. and as we go into the weekend, the temperature is going to dip in santiago is going to feel rather chilly. and as we move to central america, it's mexico that seeing the scattered showers, we are seeing raines and winds off the pacific coast. we'll see if that develops into something. but for much of the caribbean, it's a clear picture with lots of sunshine coming through the wet weather can be found
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in costa rica and panama sponsor cut on airways. this food stamp, mom, flying the flag for her nation. we have been putting in playing crickets on what be on trade between muslim my dream play in the word was providing family ways, queen game. that's my precious game in the game. my them bob way on al jazeera reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just news. it's breaking, but also history as it's unfolding. dropping from serbia hungry directly one day, i might be covering politics and we're actually covering protest. what's most important to me just talking to people, understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the
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most human way possible. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news out live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. trying to stop the contagion. the delta vary and to spreading fast across southeast asia. with more record infections being reported . central china was flooding in recent years, provokes anger and scrutiny about.


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