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purple is your thing, this is the place. al jazeera has teens on the ground over 90. how to bring you more award winning documentaries and live need on and on line. ah, hello, i'm pete adobe here and how the top stories from al jazeera, indonesia is not the epicenter of the latest wave of corona virus in south east asia. it's reported more than 1400 deaths and 35000 cases. and just one day, as jessica washington, with the latest from jakarta, indonesia has now passed more than $3000000.00 cases in total. what we have seen on the positive side is that the government has been able to ramp up testing, and they were able to test 200000 individuals in one day, which is
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a market improvement. however, still way of the target of trying to test 400000 people each day. and you can imagine that in a country like, and these are, there are people who would struggle when there is a strict lockdown and many all doing it tough, particularly across your carter a java and many parts of the country. but epidemiologist say that the government must strongly because the situation is continuing to worsen intensive care unit in hospitals. but only in jakarta, not only in java, but across the country on stretch them. we're seeing concerning signs of health care system across the country and more regional provinces, including a west hub for with the, with the health care resources are certainly not what we have here in jakarta. and the numbers that you mentioned earlier us concerning, as they found the fact that into these are now is asia covert epi center. they don't represent the reality on the ground because of low testing, right? some local data agencies using data from cities from provincial governments,
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say that the actual just told is likely to be greater than one. the government's numbers suggest thailand and south korea have both reported a record number of new infections, the authorities and sole and considering expanding restrictions. the highly contagious delta variance is driving the search across the region. china is deployed its military to he, non province. the central region is struggling with his worst plotting and recent history. at least 33 people have been killed. katrina, you is enjoying g yang in hand. and province with a look at what's going on there. the rain has used, but millions of people also struggling to deal with the devastating flooding, which is what many cities and towns i'm students young as city on the northern taught non problem and to venture rain hits this region on wednesday, just off the passing. the provincial capital of young joe, in the space of just 2 hours 26 centimeters of rain was dumped in this area. now
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many houses in the rural areas, the northern outskirts of this region collapse. as a result of the torrential rain and half a 1000000 people will lose relocated to the areas. now we're just standing the beginning of the highway, which leads to the main area of downtown john. this area has been unable to rescue workers and teams have been moving to try to clear the area there also giving food and wanted people who've been stuck in the cause our authority say 3000000 people have been affected by the severe storm and it's close to $100000000.00 worth of economic losses. now as the clean up continues, questions are being raised. that's why people living in home. and we're not adequately warned about the severity of the storm before. but the government is choosing instead to focus on rescue. and it's sensory. any criticism of the handling of the disaster online and on social media. officials in madagascar say they've stopped a plot to assassinate president on re roger lena,
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the attorney general says several people have been arrested including a number of foreign nationals. the pentagon has voiced alarm about the western security situation in afghanistan, the most senior us generals, as the taliban now controls nearly half the countries, $400.00 plus districts. it coincides with the ongoing pullouts of us forces. thousands of people have rallied in addis ababa to show their support for the philippine government troops fighting to cry. it comes as the conflicts has widened to include faces from the neighboring horror and afar regions. the french president has called an urgent national security meeting to discuss the pegasus spyware scandal. it follows reports that the manual macro and several government ministers were targeted for phone hacking by an unidentified moroccan security service. morocco has denied those reports. those are your headlines up next on this childless witness? more news here in a little under 30 minutes. i'll see that ah
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ah me ah juma going to do a look at what it is accepted
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shuttle she only she probably will do. so she said that i could set it up for you. what is it the best way to cover it?
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i so the mirror. oh yeah. the separate stuff is over there to the welcome to us. it was after me. even if we must deal almost the whole shahita consider the sum of hospital okay. that i can go much when i go to she can get off the clock in like the wondering. you can tell me hi. going to work cause she can't really believe. so they don't particular due
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to the color funny since we sent in. it was as soon as you let us know, but could tell me what to do my for which proposing this article from parallel on ecology this morning that goes to taylor county, you feel is set up a similar how i fairly similar we just started but could you think we can, you know, of course, you know, talking about how to respect ok. most folks uh, let's do the meet locally for the normal for different dental issue. but the noise being for me will probably want you to just feel a little whatever may go for just based on the plan. the cool. yeah. is you should because for myself more fees or she's on. but if you don't want her
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to call you, i can either with the one they found she talks about, i don't know how to know, sit behind unless you think we took the ball furnishing with local ticket, going to pay for it from kevin. you get back to me, you know so much you know, as well to decision we can get a feel of hope to meet you, mr. pringle. i do leave a message is to say we were calling wanting to get a, a bumble. let him know if it was for a school with a who's this ah,
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the he was the one that you know, i don't function like that. you should have your whole decent. i mean, pick a home on a phone call from is all you see if i can go killer was a child. said winner said i, you see how my mother is actually in your office. what of course, i mean he does. i don't tell him to have
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a minute. you missed that? we don't see didn't. is the vision because was the other decision him as he met helen last sunday, older islam m enough wholesale gentlemen launching sheila member message and most likely will get there. when i got the one you sent me, madame, i saw a family in the you know, if, if it actually is there's 180. is it that goes to me because you said it was under the windows is your
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name is on the system. if you click on home, i don't want us to say so you don't need to committee. it took me in the city in the middle of it because it always bits of the wrong for 9 o'clock tonight and i can, his mom should be home. this is william couple one she said, when you just, you just fix it over the buckles. most of the day was that it was the old fashioned school is just a m g,
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but she thought that was cool. jonesal me for social security, says eco, watching my bill. can you see if it's on bundle? why don't you see almost just what after the look of what it would actually look all the way. yeah. we're going to see so much more than one. let me
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let the other one know if hoping it any way but some things that i was going on the financial because it did she put on the stuff so i don't see that. and i missed when i got people in the sense that people got the like it's there's you can call it glove can let me can i continue to immigrate? i still have this 3 way, some of it to me for a little less and 40 more before if we feel that the policy was in even if was in janet we leave you in addition
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will remove the cook for quite a bit much for me if you can give me a 2nd that will should have got the image is concerned because people have lost the memory care on so yeah, we'll talk about what she's talking to me to have you call me, but it's a lot
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less continuity on this. if people do trick reason for 2 years, so puts money in that for me to someone make me the public. it should be much they have a commercial component as long as they can keep it. i thought it was that it was well
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yeah, yeah. there's a lot today the are the but i mean, a lot of it, it will be like, was it was you that job it will have. i'll got to go out there. god only got him a little more than a week was soon as you read on the printer to the to me it's wanted you to do a lot of better stick with it. so i don't really watch mental issue may not
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be doing the work. it's fun because i'm sure it doesn't fit the one who's going to maria? uncle bill for me before that is going to push me up
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with is where is this to recommend someone that is supposedly going to come look there's going to look wash month to month for the up on all going from over in i i the i
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the i the the employees always equal to cover if i can, can can, can the gash chemo was just gonna keep hotel moving in love. oh yeah. i was
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i called the i know, i know. i know the the miss wilson, one young young movies that will fit the old festival focuses on who visit my mom
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because you probably know how much my vision of underneath me hold on channels on this one and on how many of them and they made medicaid mallory thing, some whole different we can, i don't want to get them. i'm laughing anything it was the last evening you get from the project because it's all my mom building level. we get the budget office if i knew will just be one as you
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can the page to present over the package like on the local. i'm not sure if there's some way
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that isn't it before it should be before i figure to make sure that i want this to be so we love it so we do well, much resemble jesus own words. i saw this with you so much to me. i'm sure it was what i'm sure
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it'll tell you know, just tell me me just on
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his ticket. just people don't know when he can call me. i'm sure we'll get the bill to work for you. forgot to get something more or less regardless. we'll pay for the full visual info. my company was in full bucket with the company was home.
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most of the initiative we wanted to visit with when freedom of the press is under threat. you know how you just con thought. genuinely about your thoughts towards the vacant government step outside the mainstream. the has been a implement here just some of access towards the introduction shift the focus,
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the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered the listing post on just about the board and determined to succeed. it can be on you want to try to keep on training. i obstacle. i'll just say we're healthy inspiring story of the group of money women in the future, their dream of playing football to that country. despite its culture and traditions, we are in the somalis authority and it's difficult for people to act tomatti, football, golden girls. and just in our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of. every time i travel there, whether it be still west africa, people stop me and tell me how much we appreciate coverage. and our focus is not just on their suffering, but also on the more realistic and inspiring story people trust to tell them what's
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happening in their communities in a clear and unbiased. and that's an african, i couldn't be more proud to be autumn. oh, well again, peter, they'll be here and how you top stories on al jazeera, indonesia is now the epicenter of the latest wave of corona virus, in se, asia, it's reported more than $1400.00 deaths and 35000 cases in just one day. it's jessica washington with the latest from jakarta, indonesia has now passed more than $3000000.00 cases in total. what.


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