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young people, dr. petra and violent again of the young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me design and shape this generation change on al jazeera. ah ah ah, i'm darn jordan into the top stories here on out to 0. the tokyo olympics, due to officially start on friday, have again been overshadowed by scandal. the director of the opening ceremony has been fired for making past jokes about the holocaust. meanwhile, 2 more athletes of tested positive coded 19. they're among 12 cases linked to the games announced on thursday, bringing the total to $87.00 and richardson as more now from tokyo. i think what
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the organizers would say is that it's a sign that their systems are working, that athletes all testing positive, that close contacts are being charged. and that is because of the systems they have in place. and that the idea that that could be a 0 case olympics was, was somewhat fanciful, but they're all concerns. their concerns from some of the athletes representatives . we spoke about the type of test that leads to taking on a daily basis that taking rapid results, antigen tests, which own, quite as reliable as the sort of gold standard p c r test. so they're all concerned that some of the cases might be slipping through within the athletes village, although national associations pretty much sleeping in their own sort of bubble around sort of isolated area actually are expected to share rooms. there are concerns also about the levels of insulation in some of those rooms from some of the epidemiology of waste spoken to. and the devil often in life is in the detail.
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and before the athletes came to the dealer fix, they have to sign a legal wave and nothing entirely unusual about that. but there was a special clause included this time around to cite basically the i c was for going any responsibility from any full out involving cobit 19. and that it was the athletes that would have to take ultimate legal responsibility for anything that happened to them. while they're at the lympics, so that run some accounts to the idea that the i see repeatedly says that they are hosting a safe, unsecure gains. south korea has hit another daily record for its number of new corona virus cases. more than 1800. the more contagious delta vera and just feeling the surge authorities are now considering expanding restrictions in soul and its neighboring regions. the delta variables have driven up cases in thailand which just reported another record day of new cases. a national vaccine institute has apologize for not procuring enough jobs. the theda most us general says taliban fighters now control many half of the countries, 400 districts,
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mark. milly says the group has strategic momentum as it takes 7 new areas. coincides with continued to pull out a us troops. china has deployed the military to her non province, which has seen its worst flooding and living memory. thousands will help search and rescue efforts. at least 33 people have been killed and 200000 evacuated. agent brown has more from hong kong. the area that's affected by flooding lies in an area that is prone to this sort of thing. in fact, we know that in the last few years, the government spent something like $8000000000.00 on flood prevention measures and kitty. those measures have not worked on social media to date. and as a good deal of anger being expressed by people wondering why the weather forecast, who's got it so wrong, why was it they weren't able to predict this? once in a millennium event part of iran, i've gone into a 3rd day of locked down the cobit 19 restrictions abroad in ahead of the muslim holiday of ead, which usually prompts millions to travel around battling
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a 5th outbreak fuel by the delta variant. the government's been criticized were slow vaccine roll out, which had blames on us sanctions police and protest as of clashed outside greece as parliament during a rally against mandatory corona virus. vaccinations for health care workers. i it was a 2nd such rally in the week of the u. t. a gas in water coming to disperse the crowd. cobra 900 infections have been rising in greece in recent weeks, almost 3000 cases reported on wednesday. members of townsend as main opposition, party, demanding to know where the chairman is after an overnight police, raid freeman and boy and 10 other should my party members were detained overnight and the city of one of the party says the rest of the proof that president somebody out salute has done is continuing the hotline policies of her predecessor. so those were the headlines and he's continues here now to 0 after once upon
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a time in punch bowl state. you, thanks so much bye for now. the me. ready i came to from live on to get away from the war that was happening at the time. and they came to restart a life as a migraine, when i was trying to i, i struggled. it was very difficult. i wanted to give us every day that was at the beginning. i'm like, my parents sick for the last 2 decades.
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lebanese families come to australia to build a better life and escape the destruction of war. but many a demonized in the new land. only get rid of this multi culturalism because that is dividing a full service and then up to 15 years of immigration from lebanon, anglo, and arab australia is divided by the 1st gulf there being confronted with a choice between being either arab or restraint. it's up to now the multicultural story is your 1st australian. i already answered this question. i'm starting to present these doors and i shouldn't ask them. john hardesty, 3 tip of the, about the about this in dwell in the 90900, a tiny criminal minority become drug dealing gang to define the law. these games
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will be wiped in 2001 kara rhythm rises fears that arab australians are an enemy within 35 years later. and he, our pension explodes into one of the most intimate, right. try it, you know, try to be a little eaten by the weekend 1000. we have been in the fisher effect for 30 years . the people converged on chronology. what happened on that sunday and chronology is a black all 3 countries. in am. i live in a garage. what am i not? i am a stone and i am living. i am movement. i'm a mother. i'm a daughter, i'm
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a child. i'm old. anyone. this is a story of what it's like to be living and call a trailer at home. we are a strategy and, and this is our homeland is where we belong and this is what we have. i i i when i was a little kid, i remember like, you know, my needs that were shaking up and down just because like, you know, i don't know when i'm going to die and the last, not only my brother, i lost my friend. i lost my neighbor too many
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people. i know too many people. i love me naughty italy and her husband call make during the live in a civil war. between 975990 an estimated 150000 people killed in the fighting involving muslim and christian militias, backed by complex political alliances. the 1000000 people are forced to flee their hon. me, the extraneous christian. lebanese has powerful connections in politics, industry, and the law. they are still a tiny minority, and the war is a distant problem. for me most destroyed and live so that's the point wally live and they start saying to the strain and government,
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you have to rescue these people and they kind of be annihilated. me in the mid seventies. the phrase, government changes immigration conditions to cope with an international refugee crisis. and a 15 year begins are around $30000.00 lebanese people federal industry. some poorly educated from remote villages, me as members of an educated middle class, the decision to come to australia is not easy. decision is a hard decision. and simple reason because i love living on i love the country where i born journalist call sally integrates to his trailer after 10 years of war. and like many of his generation,
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the pain he experiences leading his shattered homeland is by the promise of a better life. i wasn't playing i looked from above to this beautiful sea between the dining hall but an opera house . and since i've seen this picture, say this is my country, this is the country way. i want to spend my rest of life. 4 years later, he returned to lebanon to visit his family and made his future wife. naughty. we got engaged. and then he came back to astronomy and i meant to come back to us riley about a port was shut down and i tried to travel on the boat from
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by route to cypress. i remember we had about 200 travelers and all the sudden i started every way the unfortunately one hit the boat. we were on. so we had broke the flying every way. like, you know, everyone was screaming and yelling. you couldn't see anything. it was pitch dark and nearly lost my life for this. yeah. after 2 days, hiding in a bomb shelter. naughty of finally makes it back to her village and her family. i wife from the fax is saying hello to them. like now i'm luffy me
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. i yes, i should be signing, like thank god, almost a life i the my parents were originally from aaa and the world is i knew i was pulling apart around them. not only was a life in potential danger, but who knows what the future would hold. the punch bowl boys. hi, principal joe had did it still a baby when his parents joined the mass migration that will radically changed their lives. where i'm really proud of them is they left everything for the sake of myself to start a new life and understanding that they really were going to the unknown. the
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if you are arriving in australia from living on and the most popular song on the radio is tit, murray and he song jump in my car. it's going to be a fairly bizarre society that you're entering and try to make sense. so for many muslims arriving the notion of public drunkenness was something that was not part of the culture. it's hidden, mystic culture of self enjoyment and celebration of pleasure. so the whole social world that they are entering is very different to what they had to experience more so in fact, than any other ethnic community that arrived during the previous 25 years or so.
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and this is where many lebanese families will call home the white working class and immigrant suburbs of south west sydney, canterbury became the banks town river wood and punch bowl nobody seems able to say how many eliminates of arrived in the last 12 month, but it's going to be between, it's a story of struggle, repeated in family after family. outside is fighting to survive. fathers battling to feed their family. there were no jobs. and they were turned away from 100 houses before getting this one by saying that they had only 2 children. but now owing to $100.00 in rent, the family have been served with an eviction notice. me. in the mid 9 infinities, 99 is a strenuous model of immigrant settlement. it's a bit chunky. what you've got is a national ideology of multiculturalism. you don't have
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a well developed network of things like market resource centers and all sorts of things that become very much part of the story later on in the history of settlement. me or the luxury shaw, the middle of a shadow. guess all the way i knew which is a little not the contaminant, know you and evident level shut out that even higher up actually moved melody and welcoming me the okay. family immigrants who arrive before the start of the civil war imagine was hold on. i got another 100, i know the language and now when you on there and just starting up in your life, new family kids turbine but like many
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immigrants in the 1970s, their plan is to own enough to build a new life and then return home to the country of their birth. we stayed here until we was at 9 and 79, so my dad thought he'd saved up enough money. missed the family back home, so i sold the house, sold everything, packed this all up and took us over to live on that the country is being torn apart by the vicious civil war. it would be normal and then all a sudden fighting with break and that was a very surreal experience. having lived the only part of my life in the strata, that when you say the tanks and the me and the shooting, and it was right around the house. when i'm algebra and how you live, what is it? genuine loaning me the place where we live actually got the
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bedroom we use to to share with my brothers that a nice big tonight hall that went through it. not long after we live in australia, can central in punch. all wheel grew up in one house, a 3 bedroom house and go straight and punch bowl. and that's when my aunties and uncles all the time. and they used to divide the rooms by putting up in the room and some blankets over the robes, just to give a run, a little bit of privacy. so there's about 10 kids running around the place and 5 different families living under the same or the housing department of us at flat in kentucky road area. thought we end in the street. not much better than street in
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boot during the war. when the start, a family movie in the local community suffered from the effects of drug addiction and petty crime me. it was very unsafe to raise a family. it was difficult for us with limited english backs and it was extremely difficult to allow your children to go downstairs and play in the bach if you're not supervising them. and at times like, you know, you would be walking around and looking at needles in the early eighty's, australia falls into deep recession. unemployment hits can percent me the new arrivals for the highest rate of unemployment, of any ethnic group. one 3rd don't find jobs. and those who do rely on
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menial labor, corporate, cicero, it is in the mother of other words, an occasional. and they never used to see that. like, you know, this is done in the morning before in the morning and both come home and having the like it gone for a few days a week. you know, i never see that when they deliver so dialogue and they came out of the factory for a cigarette or whatever though it very odd. george bashes parents, nadra and body land in australia just before the 1st wave of refugees. all the wages among the $55.00 a week, my wages. but if i work over time, 45 bucks they work had to make my future. because i know who gets a deed. i want to feature for them. but to thousands of the new lebanese astronomy and there's a barrier to their future in the new world,
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the assumption that people will learn english really quickly is absolutely false. and it files over and over again. and the critical place files is for women. because most women, if they're working outside the home, they're not working in environments where people speak anything other than arabic. and they are very pul structures for teaching english to women at home. mothers, you believe morrow also let me leave. it doesn't matter . matter of the muslim at the end, i'm with them. i'm in the muslim of molly, this is your lead to sure. messing that up and i will let me put my name on government to learn idlers. new
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which could be much more ally. i watch a lot of movie, how many, why i watch? few movie and nicholas, but all the time i watch nice tomorrow life, because every night she put the movie in the 40 years i watch, i watch them at now. struggling to communicate. in many lebanese become target of abuse. when i gotta show me eliminated. what do you think when somebody goes, you don't like, what do you do about it? unless you're in the world? who will manasseh many of the level who will be let them know
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and the abuse continues to this day. suddenly came to me and she said to me, will i tell allison don't to me was i'm was and mostly before you hold that you, you're 20 years 25 years. i've been here 40404344 years. i do mr. before you before you mom, next i'm going to me because i'm ozy the punch ball and the suburbs in southwest sydney, or a safe haven for refugees escaping the horrors of war. but in the 980 many experienced racism, particularly during a time of high unemployment. some are also so traumatized or injured or otherwise desperate that they got involved in heavy alcohol
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abuse or drugs or whatever. within a generation, a small number of trailyn born lebanese criminal will turn to the drug record and draw media attention over they use of extreme violence. many come from families traumatized by decades of violence in lebanon. i saw 3 men. they had machine gun me, but they, me, they all the, on the call them and the cards and the legs. and for those same children, and the new generation of its trailing born lebanese, a different kind of trauma. no less insidious, continues at the school. but if you will be playing amboy,
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somebody anglo st. john's come in and pay me a me and a friend and take the take over the course. if anyone sandwich got the sandwiches live in east, i'd love to give them a hand. it will laugh at me. cold water, 1000000 times back. george basha was born in australia. but 2 other pupils. he's nothing more than an arab outcast. ah. i became very angry because i'm thinking up, john. wow. to see to accept it as a strategy. now, calculating about the black about the skin with bowling you got a high degree, but you do i would pick a flight with, with any. and i was trying to look at me and we looking at the me, me off. i used to be in your
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experience with races and then recognize at the time i just sort of just kind of growing up as a teenager to had deep experience. is the dream race isn't playing rugby laid? so the fire on the other side, and i know i tackled him and, and his response was to call me and if and walk and if and walk see, and my response was just a bunch. and i'm not a person who does i. so things that i, that lose my temper, but it's probably in the walk and it was agreed the beat in it. now one of a sudden he's actually bought the rice, his mom, and that actually hurt it. and actually you just think so you still no matter what? we always say me as an if and will grace you say i just a consent for i couldn't. santos, i saw him. i got off and that same last the game and all the very popular but a lot better. but i really want
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a did i are always you know, because i'd be so much mentally stuffed from, from public school and early use of our school that i didn't like. and i was because i just thought they're the enemy. couple so much of these guys, and i and i grew hi ah, the young virtual racing constant colds and dominating international competition. one 018 south korea's musical prodigy. one out of the blue face, most common sight in city centers around britain, but as locked downs and lucid people will still be wearing masks for months or even years to come. an ongoing nightmare for the environment. this video shows stuff at a wildlife hospital helping a bird that's been caught up in discarded later. it's a face mask made of plastic. now
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a recent survey found 70 percent of people using disposable much didn't realize they were using single use prospects. researches at university college london. so if every person in the u. k. used one displays almost every day for a year, it would create $124000.00 tons of waste, half of which would be an recyclable factory. they're trying to provide an alternative financial borrow coaching like other such mosques can be washed and reuse. the design that we've come up with, ethical, sustainable, and entirely made in the u. k. it looks like face most to the part of many people's lives, at least in the short term, whatever. calling the way they're being urged to consider where it comes from and where it'll end up with mom flying the flag for her nation. we have been putting in place crickets on what the country between my dream play in the world while providing for family
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ways. queen game that's my precious moran game in the game. my son bob way on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on our 20 the the
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the one who the darn jordan into the top stories here now to 0 a day ahead of dylan pick games. 2 more athletes of tested positive cove. 19 there among 12 cases linked to the games announced on thursday, bringing the total to $87.00. the opening ceremony is due to take place on friday. and richardson has more than token. i think what the organizes would say is that it's assigned that their systems are working,
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that athletes all testing positive that close contacts of being charged. and that is because of the systems.


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