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the al jazeera tells the story of what it is like to be lebanese, and call us trailer home. once upon a time and punishable on al jazeera, ah, strategic momentum appears to be sort of with the town. the pentagon raises the alarm over the taliban, advance and i'll get this done as us troops continue to pull out. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is out there, ally from also coming up. the military joins rescue efforts in the worst flooding scene in central china. for decades, south korea reports another record of daily colbert infections. we'll have
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a live update from a capital sold, and a boost in the fight against pain can addiction epidemic in the us. drug companies reached a $26000000000.00 settlement. ah, the pentagon is expressing alarm over the worsening security situation in afghanistan, the senior most us general says the taliban now controls nearly half of the country's $400.00 districts. coincides with the continued pullout of us troops. fighting between the afghan government forces and the taliban is intensifying at least 7 people were killed me southern province of canada. on wednesday it happened during shelling between the military and taliban fighters in a separate incident for fighters were killed when the vehicle hit a roadside bomb in the dunn district. my county has more now from washington. d. c . is secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff who spoke
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to the media in the course of the day. they say that withdrawal is going on as scheduled. some $8000.00 troops have already been moved out of a gun is done. they also made specific reference to locals who were employed by the us military, such as drivers and translators. a number of them have already been removed from the country as well. but the main point that they were making all the gains that kind of bond has made in recent times that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark, milly, saying that as of last month, that kind of been controlled some 80 of gun nissans 401900 district, but this number has now doubled. i would tell you that as of today, more or less, i guess it's about $212213.00 in that range. 2 hundreds of the district centers are in taliban control. it's about half of the for the 1900 that are out there. you've got 34 provincial capitols in afghanistan. none of them have been seized as of
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today. by the taliban. all of the taliban is putting pressure on the outskirts. probably about half of them. 17 of them in fact. and what they're trying to do is isolate the major population centers that try to do the same thing to cobble. and roughly speaking, the order of magnitude, a significant amount of territory has been seized over the course of 6, a 10 month sort of thing by the, by the taliban. so momentum appears to be strategic, momentum appears to be sort of with the tell him. meanwhile, the head of a scottish towns reconciliation council is expressing confidence in the republic future della della spoke to al jazeera about the taliban leverage on the ground. taliban cannot convert the whole population of upon the son into taliban. taliban zation of her father, son is not acceptable. yes, of course. they feel at this moment that they have hand militarily on the ground
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too. and that will not last that way. i'm sure. i'm not talking about days and weeks that we're talking about the course of time because that see this and from out his state there is no peaceful settlement. unfortunately, the world will continue. and as a result of the war, tinge will change and areas will go and to hand that apart. if you're talking about the survival of the state, i should, i should say that yes. while when the stomach, the public, that is a position. there are different roofs which are not happy with conduct, but they criticize as they are unhappy, but they're the same time a daily with the principles in the principle of the public one person one vote and so to neither principals. and if you're talking about the survival of the state, yes. and you can watch the full interview with abdullah de la in our next talk to
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launches era. that's that for 30 gmc this saturday. not china has deployed the military to who non province the central region is struggling with its worst flooding and living memory. troops have burst nearby, damned to reduce the risk of more floods. thousands will help search and rescue efforts. at least 25 people have been killed and 200000 evacuated. half of those killed were stuck in underground railways, in john jo street, subways, factors, and farmland have all been effected. while the provincial capitals, whether authority, say the city has seen the heaviest rainfalls and records began 60 years ago, usually about $640.00 millimeters of rainfalls on the region in a year. but juncture has seen almost a year's worth in the past 3 days. 12000000 people live there and it's estimated 1200000. i've been directly affected by the flooding agent brown jones. we live now from hong kong. adrian,
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these are some of the worst floods ever seen in central china. and it's becoming a huge challenge for the authorities. adrian. yeah, indeed, the area that is affected by flooding lies in an area that is prone to this sort of thing. in fact, we know that in the last few years, the government spent something like $8000000000.00 on flood prevention measures. and katie, those measures have not worked on social media to day darren, there's a good deal of anger being expressed by people wondering why the weather forecast. who's got it so wrong? why was it they weren't able to predict this? once in a millennium event, we've seen plenty of pictures on stage media. on thursday morning, showing rescue was doing positive work, handing out water. food supplies, also firefighters bringing people to safety in an area that was once a road. now of course, as a, as a raging river, and really you get a sense of the traumatic running. so rubbing shoulders with the absurd and also
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a picture of normality turned completely upside down. we've seen a lot of images also of weary and traumatized survivors still coming to terms with the scale of this deluge and the devastation it is left behind. it's worth pointing out. the ginger is also the center for the world's biggest i phone assembly plant. now a spokesman says that so far the flood is has no direct impact on their operations . but this city is a very, very important one. economically for china. yeah. and i joined the full constance, but yet more rain to come. things that like you then to get worse before they get better. that's absolutely right. as we speak, a typhoon is bearing down on the eastern coast of china and it's due to my land
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full in the next couple of days. so yes, more heavy rain could be on the way, which means that's going to, i think, further hamper the rescue operation that has been taking place, the relief operation and also raise concerns about the dam levels. because john joe is a city that is ringed by times and the p l. a. the people's liberation army has deployed engineers who so far managed to stabilize the situation one of those times. but so far they been unable to do the same at some of the other dams, that circle, that city are meant to adrian brown, live person in hong kong. adrian, thank you. me not one day until a start of the summer. lympics in tokyo, an organizer say to more athletes that they limping, the village of tested positive for october 19. they are among 12 cases linked to
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the games and out on thursday, bringing the total to $87.00. tokyo itself is saying it's highest number of cases in 6 months. the city remains under a state of emergency with competitors facing unprecedented restrictions on their movements. south korea has hit another dagger record for its number of new corona virus cases. more than 800100. the more contagious delta variant of the virus is fueling. the surge, the latest numbers include 270 sailors who have flown home from an anti piracy navy . destroyer of the coast of africa authorities and now considering expanding restrictions in the capital soul and its neighboring region, the rob mcbride joins us live now from so rob, so this is south korea's highest ever daily increase in cases the authorities clearly struggling to get this under control that's right, i mean when they set forth waves started to take a hold here they were lot of predictions that we would be seeing something like 2000 new cases per day before it was brought under control. so we are very quickly
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reaching that figure. now, as you mentioned that some 270 of these cases, our crew members from this ill fated war ship of the east coast of africa was on anti piracy patrol. when it was completely overtaken by an outbreak on board the ship, the entire crew has been flown back here to south korea and out of a crew of 301270 of now tested positive. that's a staggering 90 percent of the crew. it continues to be a big issue here. they have launched an inquiry, questions being asked about why the crew had not been vaccinated. why there weren't enough testing kits on board the ship. but even if you take that number out, this is still a very high figure. we've been seeing well over a 1000 new cases per day for some 2 weeks now. and we are already get the maximum social distancing restrictions here in the capital area of sol metropolitan area
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and also across on the east coast. but there are concerns that we get more into the holiday season. and the government is really going to have to look at extending restrictions to the highest level in other parts of the south korea and whether in some parts that will even be enough. and they may have to take even more drastic action. yeah, robin, despite the rise in cases the south korea hasn't seen a significant increase in the hospitalizations and deaths. so is the vaccine role of having an impact here? that is, one of the more encouraging aspects is the fact that compared to previous waves, we are not seeing the same number of hospitalizations and deaths. and that is in part because there are more hospital resources, more coded of 19 beds for patients. but also, as the vaccinations have been rolled out, some of the more vulnerable groups such as nursing homes or the elderly, they are among the people who have been vaccinated. some 3032 percent now of the
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population have had at least one job. but that has draw attention to the 2 thirds of people who are not vaccinated. a lot of this 4th wave is being attributed to younger people in south korea. and the younger generation going out, socializing, taking trips around south korea. and that has been quite a bit of pushback from those people saying, with some justification, don't blame us vaccinate us. why are we still waiting for our vaccines? and again, it has re ignited this ongoing debate here about the relatively slow rollout to the vaccination. the campaign that after even after all of these months, the total number of people who have been completely vaccinated still stands at a relatively low 30 percent. all right, a rob mcbride lie for stay from the south korean capital. so rob, thank you. well, time personal break here and i'll just hear when we come back. cuba is reporting an average of 6000 corona virus cases. a day will get an update on the situation there
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and around the region and huge wildfires. i'm burning across the western united states, but their impact is heading east now to learn that ah ah hello, nice to see you. here's your weather forecast for north america. the canadian province of british columbia has declared a state of emergency nearly 300 wildfires. bernie, we know we also have wildfires toward western areas of the us and look what's now starting to happen. all that smoke pushing toward the east drifting into new york really hazy conditions along the empire state building there in manhattan. ok, i think we're, we'll see the most intense rain on thursday will be along the gulf coast of the us, pretty much texas rate through to georgia. and that's really where we're going to see the stronger pulses of rain. if we give you
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a temperature story now with what's going on across north america, a bit cool toward s f with a high of 18 degrees. and there is some of that rain there for georgia pushing into the carolinas. central america looks like this or heavy spouts. of what weather will be found to work coast rico right through to panama. otherwise, for the caribbean, just the risk of a pop up thunderstorm that includes point to canada on thursday, off to south america, we've got a tropical rains falling where they should and we're going to get a cool surge of they are pushed into santiago. so if i show you the 3 day forecast, we go from while above average on thursday to below average on saturday with just the high of 13. with this stuff, mum, flying the flag for her nation. we have been putting been playing crickets on what the country must my dream,
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play in the woods while providing how family plays queen game. that's my precious game in the game. my them bob way on al jazeera. oh, the me. welcome back. okay, one of our top stories here, this, the senior most us general says taliban fighters now control many half of the countries, $400.00 plus districts. millie says the group has a strategic momentum that takes of a new areas. coincides with the continued pull out of us troops. china has deployed
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the military to her non province. the central region is struggling with its worst flooding and living memory. at least 25 people have been killed and 200000 evacuated. south korea has hit another daily record, it's done, but new corona virus case is more than $1800.00. the more contagious delta variant of stealing the surge authority of the now considering expanding restrictions. now cuba is rating to vaccinate his population as it faces its 1st major wave of corona, virus infections, an average of $6000.00 cases. and now being reported every day out to 0, as john holman, is in mexico city and has this update on cuba and the wider latin american region this late stage, and upon them, mccuber is experiencing its 1st real way of coven infections. the country managed to hold out quite a long time against viruses. as a result, strict quarantine procedures, remember this is an island nation and also largely shutting down is tourism
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industry, even though that had a big economic impact on the country. but now it seems that the relaxation of their own, the restrictions and also new strains of the virus meant more and more people started to get infected in cuba. the numbers have been creeping up. and now the health authorities say that transmission is elevated. now, cuba has one hope in on this, and that's the home grown vaccines that the island has been developing. the health authorities say that they're very efficient at the very effective and at the moment they go about 30 percent of the country population with at least $1.00. now hoping to really roll those out fast so that by the end of august about 80 percent who have themselves vaccinated, they can try and control this spread. so cuba at the moment, struggling with that, and it was actually one of the causes of the protests on the 11th of july in the country now across latin america as a whole thing,
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just sort of in the balance. she got countries like this will mexico know so other countries like chile, we've had a vaccination drive, it's been relatively successful, but you've also got country like haiti, and home do us that have one percent or less of people that are being vaccinated. most drives are just starting now the regional arms and will help organizations says that latin america and the caribbean as a whole, only about 15 percent of people are fully vaccinated. there's a long way to go here, as covey continues to strike. parts of iran are into the 3rd day of a short lockdown. the cobra, 900 restrictions are brought in. the head of the muslim holiday was usually prompts millions to travel. iran is battling a 5th outbreak fuel by the delta variant. it report that a record daily high of more than 27000 infections on tuesday. the government's been criticized for a slow vaccine rollout, which it blaine is on us. sanctions. police and protectors of clashed outside
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greece is parliament during a rally against mandatory corona virus, vaccinations by health care workers. i it was a 2nd such rally in a week. offices used against water cannon dispersed, the crowd harboured 19 infections, have been rising in greece. in recent weeks, almost 3000 cases reported on wednesday. france has rolled out a new code 19 health past submit a search in new cases. people wanting to visit cinema, museum, sports events, and other venues will need a proof of vaccination and negative test or a certificate showing they recovered from the virus. but as latasha butler reports, a new system isn't being welcomed by everyone. lingering on a terrace is one of the life pleasures for many people in france, but soon only those were the covert parts showing that they are fully vaccinated or have a negative p. c r test will be able to enjoy the experience. so we'll have to check
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customers policies, something 5th, restaurant owner says is unfair. we consider that this is not our job to check your id and your family. we understand that this is certainly something necessary, but we are not fully men. the path which is now mandatory in cinema theaters and museums, will be extended to large shopping centers and some transport the french government hope it will reduce health risks and encourage people to get vaccinated. ga, not be in no doubt. our goal, as always, is to take measures that are proportional to the health situation to guarantee public freedoms, while assuring the sanitary security of our citizens. the french president, the manual macro, announced the new covey path rules last week. and since then, there has been a search in the number of people booking vaccination appointments. within days, nearly 4000000 people had signed up for that 1st job. but it was, every politician said, we weren't obliged to get the vaccine. but without
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a coven past, we have fewer freedom, so we decided to get it on the us and the past made us to act. now as we have planned, waiting until august to get vaccinated and the path is dividing opinion, these protesters in power as they said, the government's trying to force people to get burnt from a to buy eroding their right to be they want to force us into vaccinated little costs. no, no, no, i've lost my job. i am 48 years old. i won't start professional retraining. i don't have enough strength anymore. that's another reason in the face of individual isn't . we've chosen collective responsibility, and it is the effort we are asking from the french people. i believe french people are in a good position to ask you the same. let's push the end of the examination of this text and give us the tools to protect the french people. some scientists say that france isn't a 4th wave fueled by the highly contagious delta coven bear. and the government
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says that the pulse will be necessary for as long as the virus is. the threats, though, some regard it as an anti democratic opinion. polls suggest the 2 thirds of people in france support. it is a way of hopefully avoiding another lockdown. natasha butler, i'll just sarah paris. the canadian red crescent stands at least 17 migrants from bangladesh of drown, trying to cross the mediterranean sea. their boat sank after setting off for italy from a warrior on libya as north west coast. 380 people are rescued by the tennessee and coast guard. among them were migrants from syria, egypt, sedan, eritrea molly and bangladesh. the leader of townsend as main opposition party, has been arrested freeman and boy and 10 other party members were detained overnight in the city of one. so they were planning a conference to demand constitutional reforms. authority say they were arrested for inciting unauthorized assembly. there are concerns even celebrations in senegal, could see a new surgeon cove in 1900 cases,
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type restrictions are in place and the capital decor, but officials are worried about gatherings held elsewhere. daily cases have risen from just a few dozen a month ago. almost a 1000 on tuesday, nicholas hawks, and this report from deca a de worthy of a new attire. and unlike previous years, a new man for motor enjoy and his son. they're on their way to pray, a decor central man for this very special muslim celebration. there's a sense of apprehension the i don't feel totally comfortable or safe, the virus is spreading. many people are ignoring restrictions and traveling to the villages to celebrate the government bound public gatherings, but thousands congregate anyway. worshipers cannot enter without hand kinda kaiser and about his sermon, the mom warns the virus is back even stronger than before. he advises people to
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respect, barrier measures and social distance thing. but inside the mosque, thousands pray, shoulder to shoulder, toe to toe with the delta variance rapidly spreading in africa. the world health organization has worn to some government health systems on the verge of collapse under resourced health systems of phasing, dia, shortages of health workers, supplies equipment and infrastructure needed to provide care to severely ill covered 1900 patients. in senegal, cases have tripled in the last week president, marquee saul is threatening to reimpose restrictions, including closing borders, curfews and regional logged downs. there's a sense among many cynically, is that the restriction suggested by the government or just too much to handle the economic fall out of them hasn't badly affected the economy. and despite the spread of adult to various people going about their daily affairs,
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all 22 members of enjoy the family. prepare the meal enjoy is not ready to sacrifice a holy ritual because of a virus. despite the risk, nicholas hawk algae 0 the car, drug money to johnson and johnson, then $3.00 distributors have agreed to pay $26000000000.00 to resolve thousands of claims over their role in the us opioid epidemic. the lawsuits were brought by state and local governments, which accused the companies of letting the pain can reach addicts through illegal channels. gay blows under reports now from new york. robert canter was addicted to opioids for 3 years. it nearly killed him. all my relationships collapsed. my finances, clap, my health, everything on wednesday faced with mounting lawsuits. johnson and johnson, the largest maker of prescription opioids, plus 3 other of the largest distributors, agreed to a proposed $26000000000.00 settlement announced by coalition of state attorneys
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general. today's action sends a message to drug distributors and pharmaceutical companies. we simply will not accept this type of behavior. opioids or a class of drugs naturally found in opium. poppy plants that are then used in illegal street drugs like heroin but also in some prescription medicines, like highly addictive painkillers, such as oxy, cotton and bacon and fentenol, a synthetic opioid as much as 100 times more potent than morphine. america in the middle of an opioid epidemic, a half 1000000 people died from opioid drug overdoses in the last 20 years. 93000 last year alone. and state say, it's the pharmaceutical companies. they produce the opioids that are mostly to blame, not only for the loss of life, but also for the huge financial strain that it puts on local governments and their
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health systems. in a statement, the company said it had deep sympathy for every one affected by the opioid endemic but added. the settlement is not an admission of any liability or wrong doing, and the company would continue to defend against any litigation that the final agreement does not resolve. i don't think that 26000000000 is announced just to and the town to the united states has with addiction and overdose, but it could save a lot of lives as for canter. he feels a settlement now is better than going through more lengthy litigation. it's a victory because we have to balance the amount that these distributors and johnson johnson are willing to pay versus the amount of time that's going to be lost. so we can get these dollars for treatment. it might not be the end of the settlements. prosecutor said they are investigating other companies with involvement and or boys and are leaving the door open to filing more lawsuits. gabriel's ando, jazz eater,
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new york and smoked for more than 80 wildfires in the western united states is now blanketing the east coast. it's probably the pollution alert and washington d. c. while new york se quality ranked among the worst in the world on tuesday. the biggest tries in the state of oregon, a forced firefighters to retreat. particle hate reports. and in your mission one, this is the western united states and according to scientists, this is the result of climate change. wildfires have been a part of life in this part of the country, but scientists say not like this, not this early, not this intense, not this many fires. we're seeing more fire days across not only the us, but other parts of the world as well. and certainly the conditions are becoming worked. do serve for wildfires, you know, we're seeing increased cheap ways. ah,
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in oregon, the bootleg fire scorching more than 1500 square kilometers of land. roughly the size of los angeles happening in the state that is already seen and share of weather challenge. in february we saw devastating ice storms over a half a 1000000 people lost power. last fall as you are well aware. we had an press connected wildfires. we had over 4000 homes last and that fire and it is literally climate change playing out before eyes. the flyers and oregon are so intense, so they are creating their own weather system, producing massive dr. thunderstorms with lightning and strong wind. the can start more fires. this is just one of the governors of fires burning throughout the american west. and there is a major shortage of firefighters. prison inmates are often used to flight fires, but hundreds have been released to prevent the spread of co good. and with this
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many fires burning and controlled, it is creating smoke that can be seen from satellite. it's drifting eastwards, producing hazardous air across the entire country that smoke is being transported by the wind lost in the atmosphere to placed as it normally doesn't end up at least in most years. i'm making it all the way to the east coast of the u. s. this is the american west new reality, uncontrolled fires, hazardous air homes and lives already lost, and many more believed likely to come in the months ahead. patty colleen al jazeera washington ah, type of krycek of the headlines here on, i'll just say are the senior most us generals. the taliban fighters now control many half of the countries, $400.00 plus districts. mcmillan says the group has a strategic momentum as it takes of a new areas. it coincides with the continued pullout of us troops.


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