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so they do not cross into argentine territory from this home arjun, time authorities can monitor for what's happening in economic exclusive films. but what a 40 here are saying is what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters the. ready news petition momentum appears to be sort of with the tell him pentagon raises the alarm over the tele bonds advanced and i've gone to some of us troop pull out the my there, i'm can fidel this is eligible life and also coming up. the military joins rescue efforts and central china is the region grapples with the worst floods, decades, pens, and he is main opposition to is arrested also for valley demanding constitutional
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reform. and a boost in the fight against the painkiller addiction epidemic in the us. drug companies reach a $26000000000.00 settlement to result on the pentagon is expressing alarm of the rapidly deteriorating security situation in afghanistan. the senior most us general says the tele, by now control nearly half of the countries, $400.00 plus districts. all this is of course happening as us troops pull out. fighting between the africa and government forces and the taliban is intensifying. the 7 people were killed in the southern province of kandahar on wednesday. that happened during shelling between the military and taliban fighters and a separate incident for taliban fighters were killed when the vehicle had a roadside bombs don't district my can has more from washington
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d. c. is secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff who spoke to the media in the course of the day. they say that withdrawal is going on as scheduled. some $8000.00 troops have already be moved out of a gun. he's done. they also made specific reference to locals who were employed by the us military, such as drivers and translators. a number of them have already been removed from the country as well. but the main point that they were making of the gains that kind of bond has made in recent times, the chairman of the joint chiefs the stop mark, milly saying that as of last month the taliban controlled some 80 of gun nissan's, 401900 district, but this number has now doubled. i would tell you that as of today, more or less, i guess it's about $212213.00 in that range. 2 hundreds of the district centers are in taliban control. it's about half of the florida. 1900 that are out there. you've
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got 34 provincial capitols in afghanistan. none of them have been seized as of today by the taliban. although the taliban is putting pressure on the outskirts. probably half of them. 17 of them in fact. and what they're trying to do is isolate the major population centers that try to do the same thing to cobble. and roughly speaking, the order of magnitude. a significant amount of territory has been seized over the course of 6, a 10 months sort of thing by the, by the taliban. so momentum appears to be strategic. momentum appears to be sort of with the taliban. let's bring in marion us who is a member of the us african women's council. she's also an old professor managing attorney at prime counseled awesome to join us on scott from new york. thanks for your time. for me with heard from general mark billy. it's almost like what's happening on the ground that have gone on. it is a surprise, but i mean, the jewel down has been planned for a very long time. i think yes,
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the drop down has been planned for many years, actually beginning from the obama administration. it's something that has been plan, but the issue now is what kind of plan is this where within a week of the u. s. leaving barger on air base in a way that really didn't even give respect to the african government in the middle of the night. that the taliban have made such a great advance. i think this would be alarming to the u. s. decision makers themselves. if the pentagon is saying that this is the rate of advance of the taliban, and this was not what was plan that should be cause for alarm and maybe rethink of the strategy. as part of the, the us tell a bomb deal. the telephone was meant to enter into this intro, ask and dialogue. instead, it's making battlefield gains and those talks are not really progressing. so what's your take on the success of that us telephone deal? i think that we never really moved from a strategy of war to one of peace successfully. these talks have been happening for
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over a year and a half. i interviewed women in the summer of 2019 who were part of the peace process. and at that time they indicated that the taliban was willing to speak and to be reformed in some ways. and there was hope that they could come to the peace table and a plan could come amongst all the parties. but unfortunately, that didn't happen at the same time that the taller bond would be at the peace table that would be bombing a few miles away. and so i think that they never really were very, you know, up front and for coming about their participation and the piece, talk them. they had another plan and perhaps there are looking and waiting to see what the us would do and how the afghan national army would do. and unfortunately, although they have received some training from the us, it doesn't seem that they're doing as well as they could. and right now it's the african people through the state that still is representing them that need this assistance. otherwise, unfortunately, we could see another cycle of violence enough ganna then,
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and we could be repeating history. and the us me think that it's not it's problem today. and tenure, 20 years down, the lie that could become the countries problem again. so i really don't think that the us leadership can ignore what's happening right now on the ground. enough can a, given what we're saying right now on the ground in afghanistan, the taliban says it controls more than what the us is, the telephone controls. but that's kind of by the, by a question is given what you're seeing on the ground, what are your concerns for the women of afghanistan? well, i think the women continue to be vulnerable population, but it still overall, it's not just the women, it's the people of afghanistan. they're still civilian casualties at a high rate. the people we all remember are still getting past this. coven, 19 virus that affected the country's economy. and we have to keep in mind the country's population is still very young. over 60 percent are still under the age
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of 18. many have gotten an education. there's been a lot of progress in the country. every time you go there, you can see progress on the ground. and i think the can, people could be good partners in a piece effort if the right leadership there could be supported. and so i think unfortunately, we're seeing a kind of withdrawal of support. hopefully the international engagement will continue. the white house has made statements that there are assistance for humanitarian economic assistance will continue. however, if we don't have basic peace, i'm not sure how they will deliver that aid to the people. and so we don't want to see the turn into humanitarian crisis right at the time when we could go on a path towards peace and stability. right, thank you very much for your analysis at the very i'm attached there, a member of the u. s. african women's council. thank you. meanwhile, the head of afghanistan's reconciliation council is expressing confidence in the republic future until until the spoke to l,
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just about the tele bonds leverage on the ground. taliban cannot convert the whole population of upon the son into taliban. taliban zation of our honest son is not acceptable. yes, of course. they feel at this moment that they have that hand militarily on the ground too. and that will not last that way. i'm sure i'm not talking about days and weeks that we're talking about the course of time because that see this and from out his state there is no peaceful settlement. and fortunately the world will continue. and as a result of the war, tinge will change and areas will go and to hand that apart. if you're talking about the survival of the state, i should say that yes, while when the slot makes it public, that is opposition. there are different roofs which are not happy with our conduct,
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but a day criticize as they are unhappy. but they're the same time a dagger with the principles in the principle of the public one person one vote and so to neither principals. and if you're talking about the survival of the state, yes. and you can watch the full interview with of the, of the, in our next talk to al jazeera, that's 430 g t. this saturday. the military has been called and joined rescue efforts in central china is not an province and the was flooding and decades. the regional capital joe has seen the heaviest rains since rickles began. homes have been swept away, street, so boys, factories and farmland. nothing's been spared. more than 200000 people have been moved to higher ground. at least 25 people have been killed. katrina, you reports from basing rescue teams worked through the night to help subway passengers get to safety in downtown john doe in the space of just 3 days.
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the capital of china's central clint and province received as much rain as it usually gets in the year. hundreds of traps for hours, underground tunnels were flooded. this man says he was lucky to survive high by impact of the flood water which so powerful that i have to remove my shirts on backpack and everything except my pain. we smashed the upper part of the glass window to let some aaron. otherwise it would have been suffocating. the sudden torrential rainbow coat, john jo, 7, the residence of god. these pedestrians formed a human chain to avoid being swept away. more than 10000 emergency workers have been deployed to help with rescue and clean up operations in the neighboring city of glee. several people with children, landslides, more than 200000, have been evacuated from their homes to safe areas. china's yellow river runs to
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a province for the population of 100000000, where the experts say these are the was told to keep the region in recorded history . president, she did pay, has described prevention efforts as extremely difficult. he's called on all local governments around the country to review the emergency response system to prevent similar tragedies. severe storms have also had cities in magnolia, in china's northeast to dam burst there after a weekend of torrential rain environmental group say the extreme weather is caused by climate change. these kind of a disaster going to becoming more and more frequent because of the change in climate. and we would see that this kind of disaster poses very sort of huge economic and social loss. the city of jungle remains on high alert. rain is expected to continue until friday. residents have been advised to remain indoors to stay dry and safe. katrina, you?
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i'll to 0 paging. adrian brown joins me alive from hong kong. adrian really unprecedented. whether in some parts of china, how are or thirty's culture? well kim, i think that the flood control measures and now at a critical stage, i've been looking at pictures on state control media in the last few minutes showing thousands of proofs now being deployed in towns and cities in the affected area. the p l. a has had some success in stabilizing the situation as a damn, which had a 20 meter breach in it. they managed to divert some of the flood waters that were threatening a city of 7000000 people, but also plenty of images showing people still traumatized and weary and still coming to terms with the scale of the deluge and the devastation is left behind. we know that some 209 millimeters of rain that's about more than 8 inches,
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fell in just one hour by comparison in cologne. last week, a 154 millimeters of rain fell. so that shows you just how heavy the deluge was in central china. the government says that every effort is being made to ensure that people who need to get to high ground are getting high ground. we know that some 800000 people have been evacuated. the death toll, as you mentioned in your introduction, still stands at 25, i think and sense that is likely to rise during the day given so much of the affected area is still under so much water. right. thank you very much for that. out that that i dream brown the leader of tens and he is main opposition. policy has been arrested. freeman and boy and 10 other child him. a party members
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were detained overnight in the city of wanda. and we're planning a conference to demand constitutional reforms. what offices he's off by with bad. any political party activities from taking place in this area. we're just making sure people are here to the laws of the country that invited many people turning their plan, meeting from a party meeting into a public one. even though the plans were for an indoor meeting and luther is taught him as vice chairman and was in the presidential candidate in the 2020 election 3 years after he was shot multiple times and an assassination attempt. he lives in belgium, often leaving peasants because of threats against his life. he says the international community has to step in there, let us inflammation that we have about the whereabouts of ms. chombo it is that he was driven for 16 long hours from one's in the northwest to data alarm and are left few hours ago. the police finished searching
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his and as he does, his residence is in dallas, salam, looking for evidence apparently of a constitution making equip, penson. he's in his residence. what we are seeing is at every gym with a change only in the 1st in one fest at the top. but essentially the same policy has the same repression. the same untied democratic practices and international community. she will tech a position to i. so let this resume and to side by those who are struggling for democracy. townsend, yet, it has been a very difficult 5 years for the opposition in the country, but not just for the opposition business. people knew it. journalists have also paid a very high price quote, and from what we have seen now,
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is it just a continuation of repression of the horrible depression that has been visited on the country since 2015? so head on al jazeera, we report from santa go celebration to be overshadowed. i. 5th, when you search in covert cases, you can move forward with legislation that could be undocumented migrant jail for up to, for you. ah, ah, it's time for the journey. the whimper sponsored by cattle airways. hello, nice to see you. this house where the monsoon has really been giving a lashing toward the west coast of india, this includes for the financial capital. so moved by over the past 7 days, you had picked up a meter and a half of rain and we can expect much of the same as we head toward thursday. i do
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want to take it for the bay and then call because we have a disturbance swirling around and that's really dialing up the rainfall as we head toward the northeast of india on thursday. next up are going to southeast asia and you know, across the region we are actually going to get some spells of sunshine. but this south west mon soon is steering some heavy rain toward the philippines in particular for the northern island. so this will include manila on thursday. is a pacific a lot going on. so we had to food chem, pack up make landfall. was the 1st type food to make landfall in china so far this year. but we are also keeping a close eye on typhoon info. and this is going to have a major impact for northern areas of taiwan. look at this type a project at wing us on friday, 70 kilometers per hour, and rainfall will look for to see ok. 90 millimeters on friday, but these conditions will persist as we head towards saturday, across taiwan. so you can almost bet that flooding will be
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a major concern that your forecast will see you soon. sponsored pay cut on airways food stuff, mom trying the flag for her nation has been putting been playing partridge on what the country between muslim my dream play in the woods was providing family ways cleaning game. that's my precious game in the game. my them bob way on al jazeera. ah, ah, ah,
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you're watching old to, they're a reminder of our top story, this all the senior most, u. s. general, the fallible and 5 years now control nearly half of the country, $400.00 plus districts off maybe says the group has strategic momentum to take those new areas. us troops out at least $25.00 people have died in severe funding and china, central 100 province of the heaviest rainfall wrinkled began to melt results and people might be moved to thanks has any is may not. mission policy is demanding to know whether chairman, after a police raid and the early of wednesday, freeman and boy and 10, although shut him apart in memphis, what rest cuba is racing to vaccinated population as it faces. its 1st major wave of corona, virus infections, an average of 6000 cases. and now being reported every day of the 2000 and death
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since the pandemic began more than a 3rd, were registered this month. as i said, cuba is racing to vaccinated population as it tries to face at 1st major wave of krona virus infections. john holeman is in mexico city and has this update on cuba and the wide and latin american region. this late stage independent mccuber is experiencing its 1st real wave of coven infections. the country managed to hold out quite a long time against viruses as a result stricter quarantine procedures. remember this is an island nation and also largely shutting down is tourism industry. even though that had a big economic impact on the country, but now it seems that the relaxation of their own, the restrictions and also new strains with the virus of mental more and more people started to get infected in cuba. the numbers have been creeping up and now the health authorities say that transmission is elevated. now,
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cuba has one hope in on this, and that's the home grown vaccines that the island has been developing. the health authorities say that they're very efficient that they are very effective, and at the moment they go about 30 percent of the country population with at least one dice. now hoping to really roll those out fast so that by the end of august about 80 percent who have themselves vaccinated, they can try and control the spread. so cube at the moment, struggling with that. and it was actually one of the causes of the protests on the 11th of july in the country now across latin america as a whole thing, just sort of in the balance. you've got country like this will mexico know so other countries like chile, we've had a vaccination drive that's been relatively successful. but you've also got country like haiti, and home do us that have one percent or less of people being vaccinated, most drives or just starting. now the regional arm will help organizations says
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latin america and the caribbean, as a whole. only about 15 percent of people are fully vaccinated. there's a long way to go here, as covey continues to strike their concerns. a celebrations in san a girl could see a new surgeon cove 19 cases. tight restrictions are in place in the capital darker, but officials are worried about gatherings held elsewhere. daily cases have risen from just a few dozen a month ago, almost a 1000 on tuesday. because hawk fall, this report from dakar, a de worthy of a new attire. and unlike previous years, a new man for motor enjoying his son. they're on their way to pray a de carr central man for this very special muslim celebration. there's a sense of apprehension. i don't. 1 know, i don't feel totally comfortable or safe. the virus is spreading. many people are
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ignoring restrictions and traveling to the villages to celebrate the government bound public gatherings, but thousands congregate anyway. worshipers cannot enter without hand kinda kaiser and a math. his sermon, the mom warns the virus is back even stronger than before. he advises people to respect, barrier measures and social distance thing. but inside the mosque, thousands pray, shoulder to shoulder, toe to toe with the delta, the variance rapidly spreading in africa. the world health organization has worn to some government health systems on the verge of collapse under resourced health systems of phasing, dia, shortages of health workers, supplies equipment and infrastructure needed to provide care to severely ill cove. in 1900 patients in senegal, cases have tripled in the last week president, mikey salis, threatening to reimpose restrictions, including closing borders,
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curfews and regional locked down. there's a sense among many cynically, is that the restriction suggested by the government or just too much to handle the economic fall out of them hasn't badly affected the economy. and despite the spread of adults, the various people are going about their daily affairs. all 22 members of enjoy the family. prepare the meal. and jaya is not ready to sacrifice a holy ritual because of a virus. despite the risk, nicholas hawk al jazeera, the car, he chose, he reads, crescent, says, at least 70 migrants from bangladesh of drowns, trying to call the mediterranean sea. they both sank to setting off leave from the water on libya as north west coast. 380 people were rescued by the tennessee and coast guard. among them were migrants from syria, egypt. saddam retrain molly and bangladesh. u. k. government says it stepping up efforts with france to stop undocumented migrants crossing the english
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channel and a small and small boats. on monday, at least $430.00 people made the dangerous journey, which was a new daily record. with the numbers rising, some say the only solution is establishing safe legal routes. the dean bava reports, they've made it towards a british soil, but the future is unknown. these undocumented migrants are among around 8 and a half 1000 people who cross the english channel in small boats this year. that's more than the total for 2020. with those numbers in the headlines, the government says it's acting insisting it's new nationality and board. as bill will deter people from coming, what we're seeing right now is basically people tropical smoke load criminal guy, voice in our time and system to bring in economic migrants and people that quite frank date. convention, our legal migration was coming to our country, illegally. physical, there are difficult reforms, but the bill has a special comprehensive measures. patel says,
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while most migrants previously came from kelly that now setting off from various places along the french coastline as part of a new deal with the u. k. france is doubling the number of police patrolling it. speeches that also be improved intelligence sharing with the u. k paying $73000000.00, but many migrant solidarity groups predict the measures will simply see people taking greater risks. as we saw last year. you know, for people to young children and 2 adults died trying to make the cross in. no such measures, the increase. please that borders an increase neutralization of borders will unfortunately be people making more than just crossings and more people dying channel, which no one wants to see. the u. k. government accuses people like this. if q jumping it points to resettlement programs established to take, for example, the syrian refugees directly from the middle east, but they're currently paused while the u. k. takes in fewer asylum, seek has been several european nations. last year, germany, france,
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spain and greece received more applications. the labor opposition says the current strategy is counter productive. the boldest fill out actually makes the situation better, the people smugglers and worse for those who are legally trying to claim asylum. the government shutdown legal rates to claim asylum, say fruits for asylum, including for unaccompanied asylum seeking children, which just pushes people into the arms of people smugglers and helps to boost their business. the new bill makes it a criminal offense to knowingly arrive in the u. k. without permission, with a maximum sentence of 4 years. and for the 1st time how someone enters the country will have an impact on their asylum claim rights group say the government should allow applicants to work while speeding up the decision making process. for now, the only thing both agree on is that the systems not working. nadine baba al jazeera drug manufacturer, johnson and johnson and 3 distributors have agreed to pay $26000000000.00 to resolve thousands of claims over their role in the u. s. opioid epidemic. the
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lawsuits were brought by state and local governments, which accused the companies of letting the painkillers reach ex through illegal channels. gabriel, alexander reports from new york, robert canter was addicted to opioids for 3 years. it nearly killed him. all my relationships collapsed. my finances, clap, my health, everything on wednesday faced with mounting law suits, johnson and johnson, the largest maker of prescription opioids, plus 3 other of the largest distributors, agreed to a proposed $26000000000.00 settlement announced by coalition of state attorneys general. today's actions sends a message to drug distributors and pharmaceutical companies. we simply will not accept this type of behavior. opioids or a class of drugs naturally found in opium. poppy plants that are then used in illegal st. drugs like heroine, but also in some prescription medicines,
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like highly addictive painkillers, such as oxy, cotton and bacon and fentenol, a synthetic opioid as much as $100.00 times more potent than morphine. america in the middle of an opioid epidemic. a half 1000000 people died from opioid drug overdoses in the last 20 years. 93000 last year alone. and state say, it's the pharmaceutical companies. they produce the opioids that are mostly to blame, not only for the loss of life, but also for the huge financial strain that it puts on local governments and their health systems. in a statement, the company said it had deep sympathy for every one affected by the opioid endemic but added. the settlement is not an admission of any liability or wrong doing, and the company would continue to defend against any litigation that the final agreement does not resolve. i don't think that 26000000000 is enough just
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to end the calendar. the united states has with addiction and overdose, but it could save a lot alive. as for canter, he feels a settlement now is better than going through more lengthy litigation. it's a victory because we have to balance the amount that these distributors and johnson johnson are willing to pay versus the amount of time that's going to be lost. so we can get these dollars for treatment. it might not be the end of the settlements. prosecutor said they are investigating other companies with involvement and opioids and are leaving the door open to filing more lawsuits. gabriel's ando jazz eater new york ah.


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