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really costs in japan, thousands of athletes will continue to name the stadium amid the corona virus pandemic. audi 0 will be inside the w to bring them laker games like no other. the news at least 25 dead as china's human and province is hit by. it's worse the storms in generation drowning commuters in flooded subway tunnels. meanwhile, wildfires continues rage across the western us blanketing the east coast in small g . ah, hello barbara, so you're watching al jazeera life and that also coming up for drug companies agreed to pay $26000000000.00 to resolve thousands of claims over the us. opioid
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epidemic friends roll out a covert past for tourist attractions of cinemas and sporting events to encourage more people to get the vaccinate. ah, we begin the program in central china. we're record breaking. flooding has killed at least 25 people and forced the evacuation of 200000 more. in the latest of a series of extreme weather events around the world, hulu and province. so it's heaviest rainfall in generations. 12 of the dead drowned when a subway line flooded in the city of jung. joe and it's katrina you reports from beijing. more rainfall is forecast. the rescue team's work to do the night to help subway passengers get to safety in downtown
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john doe, in the space of just 3 days, the capital of china is central, clint, and province received as much rain as it usually gets in the year. hundreds are trapped for hours, underground tunnels was flooded. this man says he was lucky to survive high by impact of the flood water, which so powerful that i have to remove my shirts, backpack, and everything except my pain. we smashed the upper part of the glass window to let some aaron. otherwise it would have been suffocating. the sudden torrential rainfall caught john jo, 7, the residence of god. the pedestrians formed a human chain to avoid being swept away. more than 10000 emergency workers have been deployed to help with rescue and clean up operations in the neighboring city of several people with children, landslides, more than 200000, have been evacuated from their homes to safe areas. china's yellow river runs to holland and a province for the population of 100000000 authorities say
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a dab and the historic city of william has been severely damaged and could burst at anytime. where the experts say these are the worst for the ship. the region in recorded history, president she didn't pay, has described was prevention efforts as extremely difficult. he's called on all local governments around the country to review the emergency response system to prevent similar tragedies. severe storms have also hit cities and in magnolia, in china's ne, to dan burst there after a weekend of torrential rain environmental group say the extreme weather is caused by climate change. these kind of a disaster going to becoming more and more frequent because of the change in climate. and we would see that this kind of disaster poses very sort of huge economic and social loss. the city of jungle remains on high alert. rain is expected to continue until friday. residents have been advised to
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remain indoors to stay dry and safe. katrina, you, i'll to 0. they jack. meanwhile, germany's capital has approved the $470000000.00 package of immediate aid for victims of last week's deadly flooding. the government has vowed to quickly start rebuilding devastated areas which is expected to cost well into the $1000000000.00 . finance minister all of shelf says more funds can be made available if needed. more than 170 people died and many more are still missing in what is germany's worth natural disaster in decades, a pull for the built newspaper found the 2 thirds of germans think politicians didn't do enough to protect them. more than 700000 hector's, a forest burning in siberia. as wildfires continues rage across the northeast in russia, a state of emergency has been declared incorrectly, which is near the border with finland, military helicopters or dropping water bombs while 2000 and the emergency fighter
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is a working at to fight. the fire is on the ground one and a half 1000000 hector's of land. they've already been destroyed in your area, which is the worst it region official say this summer is weather is the driest in a 150 years and smoke for more than 80 wildfires. in the western united states is now blanketing the east coast. it's prompted a pollution alerts in washington dc, while new york, their quality ranked among the worst in the world on tuesday. the biggest places in the state of oregon have forced firefighters to retreat for the last 10 days. particle hang reports in your mission, and this is the western united states and according to scientists. this is the result of climate change. wildfires have been a part of life in this part of the country, but scientists say not like this,
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not this early, not this intense, not this many fires. we're seeing more fire days across not only the us but other parts of the world as well. and certainly the conditions are becoming worked. do serve for wildfires, you know, we're seeing increased cheap waves. ah, in oregon, the bootleg fires 40 more than 1500 square kilometers of land. roughly the size of los angeles happening in the state that has already seen a share of weather challenges. in february we saw devastating ice storms over a half a 1000000 people lost power. last fall as you are well aware. we had unprecedented wildfires. we had over 4000 homes, lost in that fire, and it is literally climate change playing out before eyes. the fires and oregon are so intense that they are creating their own weather system. producing massive
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drives under storms with lightning and strong wind that can start more fire. this is just one of dozens of fires burning throughout the american west. and there is a major shortage of firefighters. prison inmates are often used to flight fires, but hundreds have been released to prevent the spread of co good. and with this many fires burning and controlled, it is creating smoke that can be seen from satellite. it's drifting eastwards, producing hazardous air across the entire country that smoke is being transported by the wind lost in the atmosphere to places it normally doesn't end up at least in most years. i'm making it all the way to the east coast of the us. this is the american west new reality. uncontrolled fires, hazardous air homes in lives already lost, and many more believe likely to come in the months ahead. patty colleen al jazeera washington. the
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4 major drug companies have agreed to pay $26000000000.00 to resolve thousands of claims over their role in the us opioid epidemic. the lawsuits were brought by state and local governments which accused the companies of letting the painkillers which attics through illegal channels, distributors marry source bergen, cardinal health and mckesson along with the manufacturer that johnson and johnson will pay over a number of years. well, this is the reaction of one, the recovery period addict and reform advocate to that agreement. the monitor drugs i was using, i was no longer able to work. so i turned to the life of selling drugs to support my wife. and i went to prison for a long time because of that. and the part this doesn't to me discourage from happening again because no one is going to present. but we were expecting the numbers to be hundreds of billions. allows us errors. gabriel is on the in new york
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says the settlement is complex. the key takeaways are the 26000000000 right off the top. that's 1000000000 with a b. obviously a significant amount of money. they're not as much as you could tell from. some critics who are looking at hundreds of billions is what they wanted, but the bottom line is 26000000000. still a lot of money. another point, johnson and johnson announcing that they would completely get out of the old b o, a to business with this settlement. and then 3 other points that there would be an independent clearing house set up that would be able to monitor opioid production and distribution moving forward. and that they're in the settlement also said that that they could prohibit shipping of oil be opioids to suspicious places or people determined by the 5th point being an independent monitor that will be overseeing all of this moving forward. bottom line, know is, is that onlookers and public health officials that i've spoken to today say that
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this money, if used correctly, there's 26000000000. again, a lot of this is going to go to lawyers by the way. but once it starts to being distributed to states and local municipalities, if it is used properly, it could be a good 1st step to contain the epidemic. on it has taken the lives, i should say, of 500000 americans and almost 93000 americans. last year alone, carson years main opposition party is demanding to know it's chairman is safe and well after an overnight police raid officers rounded up, freeman and boy and 10 other should have partially members ahead of a meeting to discuss constitutional reforms. typically, sue is to there was vice chairman and was in the presidential candidate in the 2020 election 3 years after he was shot multiple times in the fascination attempt. let us the information that we have about the whereabouts of miss dumbo. it is that
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he was driven for 16 long hours from one's in the northwest to data alarm and are left few hours ago. the police finished scratching, he's in as he does, his residences in data salaam, looking for evidence, apparently of a constitution making equipments. and he's in his residence while other party members sierra. it's a continuation of the authoritarian ism, a former president john mark fully as catherine soy now reports the police in northwest times. and he is once a city looking for anyone trying to attend a meeting called by the opposition to my party, that despite the rest of 11 party members, including its lead, freeman, boy, the position has been calling for constitutional changes,
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such as the reduction of presidential powers and an independent electoral commission, but the beginning of the constitution we are fighting for is not just for us, but for everybody, it is to foster unity. i make sure few individuals do not make decisions to hurt the nation. the constitution will hold ladies to account when they overstep their mandate. police say by holding public gatherings, the politicians were breaking. call the 1900 regulation. put in place by speaker, sorry about the topic, but we're just making sure people are here to the laws of the country that invited many people turning their plan, meeting from a party meeting into a public one even though their plans were for an indoor meeting by patty official, c, this is an attempt by the government to capital their post for constitutional reform semi as we will husband times any had the new president sent me as to lu hassan to cov, after the death of john mac. fully in march. people are hopeful,
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she would move away from her predecessors, policies, they say rolled back them aquatic freedoms that country had gained. she has said, the main priority is growing the economy. the president's petition is that the constitution will, the reforms will need to white lifting the bond on political rallies that's in place and times in year. we'll also need to wait until she has had time to in her words, open up the economy. that's something that's consistent with with our pre defense magazine. you said more or less the same things, but you need the time to fix up the economy before coming back to this constitutional question. this is the fast, the rest of a key political leader. since the president to power times and yet slowly shifting its handling of covet 19 from denial to putting some half part of the place, authority will not allow a flouting of the room to demo officials insist. the motive behind the rest of
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their leaders is to stifle their voice counting. so i'll just 0 police and a jury a have secured the release of more than a 100 villagers who were kidnapped. 6 weeks ago. most of them were women and children. they were abducted last month and north western on fire estate admitted races more now from the capital of which i those released include 80 women. some of them nursing mothers and 20 children were taken from several villages in some for a state and kept in that forest. that boat is done for nyja as well as cathy states . these are the state why that is active belly treat activity or group activities by and groups, and also a response from the german military and police forces. now we've seen over the past few weeks how the security forces have stepped up operations or interdiction rates on banded hide out in that area, claiming tough, it's called direct. it's and killing several bandits in those areas. we've also seen how the bandits responded. for example, a few days ago they killed at least
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a dozen police officers at a training camp in northwest nigeria that also shut down. and i did a military aircraft that conducted rates on their hide out a few days before. now, although the pilot is escaped, the bandits still continue to go. mean it's not in areas in the north west of the countries, the voters are saying that the paid ransom for the release of the over $120.00 could not victims. but there are also hundreds of others was still being held by these groups operating in the north, west and north central parts of nigeria. bent tree activities has been on the rise for the last 3 years in nigeria, especially here in northern nigeria and central pops up. and then i didn't president, under pressure as ordered the military to conduct area and also ground approaches to free victims of kidnappings. in all parts of nigeria, however, despite the approaches, there are hundreds of people kept by these bandits in various camps in the forest
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of niger and other parts of central and northern parts of nigeria. among them, hundreds of students taken from better schools, universities, islamic schools and other small schools are boarding schools in north part. another part of and i get especially in the north west. why our schools have been forced to shut down because of increased activity by the gunman. still to come in this half hour e, the celebrations, continue incentive goal despite africa reeling from a corona virus search. fueled by the delta vary i'm on the richardson in tokyo, a city preparing to host and limpid games like no other. ah
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hello nessa see a lot going on for asia pacifica. you know chan, packet became the 1st type food to make landfall in china so far this year. and now we're closely watching typhoon info. we'll go to those details in effect. but let's talk about all that rain falling across the yellow river valley. we've been showing you the images on our bulletins all day long. john joe, 600 more than 600 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. that's typically what you would see for the entire year. okay, now to typhoon in as it moves it steers toward northern sections of taiwan. i'll take this out toward friday. that's when we start to see the impacts here. so in terms of projected wind speeds, 70 kilometers per hour on friday, and we could see about 90 millimeters of rain. keep in mind, this is only for friday. we'll see the same effects on saturday as falls off to the sub continent. and our south west monsoon has really been lashing the west coast in particular room by that continues on thursday. and we've also got a disturbance in the b a been goal, which is going to amplify rainfall amounts toward the north east of the country. as
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we head toward down under its unsettled toward the south east and we've got a cool pool of air. so adelaide, just 11 degrees and you know, for new zealand it will be windy for the capitol region and eventually all this rain will start to pull away the bag and say to every part of our universe, more small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you. and your bill ah,
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ah, ah ah, a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera, at least $25.00 people have died in the flooding in china as a central poon and conference after the heaviest rainfall in generation 4 major drug companies have agreed to pay $26000000.00 to settle thousands of lawson over their role in the us opioid the epidemic. and penny as main opposition party is demanding information after it's chairman and 10 of the party members were arrested by police early on with at least 7 people were killed and 40 injured. and the latest from the fighting between government forces and taliban fighters in kandahar hospital officials say most of the victims were women and
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children. in a separate incident for taliban fighters were killed when their vehicle had a roadside bomb in down the district. meanwhile, the head of a gallery stands reconciliation council is expressing confidence in the countries future. abdulla of the last spoke to al jazeera as a summer, been divide about the taliban territorial games. taliban cannot convert the whole population of upon the son into taliban. kind of a nice ation of our finest son is not acceptable. yes, of course. they feel at this moment that dead hand militarily on the ground. and that will not last that way. i'm sure. i'm not talking about days and weeks that we're talking about the course of time because that see this and from out his state. so the sooner we get to the other fact in reality of life, the death to you cannot, you cannot impose,
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you are well upon the whole nation through military might. even if you have that opportunity that should compel them. and also, as i mentioned, we're ready to, to talk about but my question was, how confident are you that the african government is going to be able to prevail, to protect those freedoms and assure the african people that it is here in the long run. and it will continue to be that as, as i mentioned, if there is no, there is no peaceful circle meant. unfortunately, the world will continue. and as a result of the war, tinge will change and it will go and to hand. that part. if you're talking about the survival of the state, i should say that yes when, when the slot makes it public, that is opposition. there are different roofs which are not happy with our conduct,
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but they criticize as they are unhappy. but they're the same time daddy with the principles in the principle of a public one person one vote. and so to another principles. and if you're talking about the survival of the state, yes. and you can watch the full interview with the of the law in our next talk to al jazeera, that's coming up at 430 g m t this saturday here. and i'll just there. and there will be on the web site after that. there are concerns that either either celebrations in senegal could trigger a new surgeon cobra. 1900 cases type restrictions are in place in the capital. but officials are worried about gatherings held elsewhere. daily cases have risen from just a few dozen months ago to nearly a 1000 on tuesday. nicholas hark reports from duck a de worthy of a new tire. and unlike previous years,
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a new mask for motor enjoy and his son. they're on their way to pray a de carr central mosque for this very special muslim celebration. there's a sense of apprehension. i don't feel totally comfortable or safe. the virus is spreading. many people are ignoring restrictions and traveling to their villages to celebrate the government bound public gatherings but thousands congregate anyway. worshipers cannot enter without hand kinda kaiser and math. his sermon, the mom warns the viruses back even stronger than before. he advises people to respect, barrier measures and social distance thing. but inside the mosque, thousands pray, shoulder to shoulder, toe to toe with the delta, the variance rapidly spreading in africa. the world health organization has worn to some government health systems on the verge of collapse under resourced health systems of phasing, dia, shortages of health workers,
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supplies equipment and infrastructure needed to provide care to severely ill cove. in 1900 patients in senegal cases have tripled in the last week president mikey sol is threatening to reimpose restrictions, including closing borders, curfews and regional log downs. there's a sense among many cynically, is that the restriction suggested by the government are just too much to handle the economic fall out of them hasn't badly affected the economy. and despite the spread of adult to various people are going about their daily affairs. all 22 members of enjoy the family, prepare the meal and joy is not ready to sacrifice a holy ritual because of a virus. despite the risk, nicholas hawk algae 0, the car cafes may be a hallmark of french culture, but from next month, they will not be open to everyone. they'll join
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a list of venues like cinemas and theater is where you now need a coven pass to prove your virus or vaccination status. but as the ash about the reports from paris, some see the past as an attack on their freedom. lingering on a terrace is one of the life pleasures for many people in france, but soon need those were the covert parts showing that they are fully vaccinated or have a negative p. c r test will be able to enjoy the experience. so we'll have to check customers policies, something 5th, restaurant owner says is unfair. we consider that this is not our job to check your id and your family. we understand that this is certainly something necessary, but we are not fully men. the path which is now mandatory in cinema theaters, museums will be extended to large shopping centers and some transport. the french government hope it will reduce health risks and encourage people to get vaccinated,
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ga, not be in no doubt. our goal, as always, is to take measures that are proportional to the health situation to guarantee public freedoms, while assuring the sanitary security of our citizens. the french president, the manual macro, announced the new covey path rules last week. and since then, there has been a search in the number of people booking vaccination appointments. within days, nearly 4000000 people have signed up for the 1st job. i don't think we should have to opposite the vaccinated and the non vaccinated. i think it's up to each person to do what they want to do on the us and the parts made us to now as we have planned, waiting until august to get back to the policy dividing opinion. these protesters in paris on sunday said the government, trying to force people to get books and aided by a routing they writes, the most was if the cable should be given the freedom to choose whether or not they want to be vaccinated. so it's more democratic. some scientists say that france is
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in the 4th wave, fueled by the highly contagious delta co verin's. the government says that the pulse will be necessary for as long as the virus is a threat, with some regarded as an anti democratic opinion. polls suggest the 2 thirds of people in france support. it is a way of hopefully avoiding another lockdown. natasha butler, i'll just 0 paris. the tokyo olympics, start this weekend sweltering temperatures with heat stroke alerts issued for a 5th straight day. several more athletes have tested positive for coal. it is the japanese capital records its highest number of cases in 6 months. the city remains under a state of emergency and competitors face unparalleled restrictions on their movements . and the richardson reports now from tokyo. everyone heading to the lympics is taking a step into the unknown. the 1st hurdle for athletes and media, arriving in japan,
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making sure all the right paperwork is in place to pass strict covey 19 safety protocols. well, we've just made it through a fairly complex immigration process. it took around 4 hours and involve that taking a covey test. i also had to take to covey tests in the days, immediately prior to coming to japan. i'll be tested every day for the 1st 3 days and then at regular intervals after that, after the athletes will go through something very similar, but they will be tested every single day that they're at these olympics. some public health experts to consume the efforts being taken to keep these games safe don't go far enough. for example, the daily test athletes are taking is a rapid result, anti gen test. not the more reliable and accurate p c r test. i think the found them in the problem was a luck, open, transparent, and the scientific discussions about the conditions and of which do your impacts could be held in
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a safe and secure manner. i think that is totally irresponsible. her own a virus tasking ready derailed. the plans of many potential olympians. you can disrupt the 7th team. we're hoping to compete with the games for the 1st time. but after some of their plans tested positive dakota 19 at their phone, a qualifying event, they had to withdraw. and similar scenarios on already playing in japan. the preparation is very, very difficult for me athletes. and of course that experience is not playing as similar with the viruses impacted some countries in a devastating wind hubs. handshakes and high fines are old and that the athletes village competitors have been told. they could be kicked out of the games if they ignore regulations, aimed at preventing the spread of corona virus. the not all likely to concern by the restrictions that they focus on winning olympic gold. you can congregate in big groups in the dining, or you're going to span you
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a little bubble of 4 or 5 people the whole time and stay the room and all of that. that's exactly how i've always treated games, like it hasn't been a big sociable experience for me. it's all about the competition. and so it's going to be pretty routine. that sense of isolation is set to continue into the fan las empty stadiums that will surround and lympics like no other. andy richardson, al jazeera, tokyo, ah, and now the top stories on al jazeera, at least $25.00 people have died in to be of flooding in china, is a central who and province after the heaviest rainfall in generations rescue teams work through the night to help subway passengers get to safety and downtown doing jo, that's when a subway line. they are flooded. 200000 people have been evacuated in more range are forecast in the space of just 3 days.


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