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we watch the last helicopter, leave the roof, the embassy with exclusive interviews, and in depth report. if purple is your thing, this is the place. al jazeera has teens on the ground over $9000.00 to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied need on. and on line ah ah, reminder of the top story now on al jazeera, at least $25.00 people have died in severe flooding, china as central none province, after the heavier strained fall in generations, 4 major drug companies have agreed to pay $26000000.00 for federal thousands of
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lawsuits over their role in the u. s. p. at zemett and cons any as main opposition, partially as demanding information after its chairman and 10 other party members were arrested by police early on the way police and i jerry, i have secured the release of more than a 100 villagers who were kidnapped 6 weeks ago most of them were women and their children. they were abducted last month in northwestern federal state. we did receive more now from the capital of which i those released include 18 women, some of them nursing mothers and 20 children were taken from several villages in some for a state and kept in the forest. that boat is dumb for niger as well as cathy states . these are the state why that is active banditry activity or group activities by angles and also a response from the niger military and police forces. now we've seen over the past few weeks, how the security forces have stepped up operations or interdiction rate and banded
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hide out in that area, claiming tough, it's called direct, it's and killing several ballads in those areas. we've also seen how the bundle responded. for example, a few days ago they killed at least a dozen police officers at a training camp in northwest nigeria that also shut down an idea of military aircraft that conducted rates on their hide out a few days before. now, although the pilot is escaped, the bandits still continue to dominate certain areas in the north, west of the countries will hold just saying that the ransom for the release of the over $120.00 kid not victims. but there are also hundreds of others was still being held by these groups operating in the north, west and north central parts of niger banditry activities has been on the rise for the last 3 years in nigeria, especially here in northern nigeria and central part of niger then i didn't president under pressure as ordered the military to conduct area and also ground
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approaches to free victims of kidnappings in all parts of nigeria. however, despite the approaches, there are hundreds of people kept by these bandits in various camps in the forest of niger and other parts of central and northern parts of nigeria. among them, hundreds of students taken from better schools, universities, islamic schools and other small schools are boarding schools in north part. another part of and i get especially in the north west. why our schools have been forced to shut down because of increased activity by these gunman. a top us general says, half of all ask our district center is are now under taliban control. at least 7 people were killed and 40 injured in the latest round. the fighting between government forces and taliban fighters in kandahar hospital officials say most of the victims were women and children. in a separate incident for taliban fighters were killed when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb. in the district
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a police officer is one of several people cuban protest, silver, water shortages in iran. crowd crowds vented their anger for the 6 nights in a row across the oil, which was a sun proven security forces fired shot to the 1st of the crowds. at least 3 protesters were killed in the tunnel. is a officials in the city of my side to say that a police officer was also short said during a rally, iran is suffering its worst drought in 15000000. mars medical infrastructure is edging towards collapse. unable to cope with the rising number of corona virus infections, any attempts to hold the spread have been thrown into chaos since the military seized power. tony chang has warner from bangkok and a warning. his report contains distressing images from the start of our hilders.
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she is emergency medical responders enter a house in east gone in yang, gone by the doorway. a middle aged man sits as if he just dozed off to sleep. in a bedroom, an old man, his father lies unmoving on the bed. both men are dead. suspected victims of coven 19 as it spreads uncheck across me on my elsewhere, mia mas largest city. they've been cuing through the night to refill oxygen canisters most have to risk breaking. the military, imposed curfew to get in line with a weight of at least 12 hours. ahead of them. for some, it's too long. i was talking to. my sister has been suffering from coven 19 for 3 days. while i was calling to fill the oxygen tank this morning, my niece called me to come home. as my sister died because she ran out of oxygen. now the pandemic is playing the life of a senior and the politician when
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a spokesman, a legal advisor to uncensored she's party. he was jailed by the military following the qu, off the contracting cove at 19 in prison. he died in hospital on tuesday night. even getting help to those who needed his heart. natty used to live in young, gone. now she's trying to raise funds for oxygen and aid to send back from neighboring thailand. from the report she's guessing from inside me on my, the official death told several 100 people a day is a gross underestimate. the volunteers and the ambulance. people say that only in young gone alone, 6 to 800 people died every day since last week. so of course, the number that we see from the official shadow of the government, the military government is not very reliable across se asia nations of being overwhelmed by coven 19 as the delta variance sweeps across the region. but no, we're the defense is weaker than the miasma. where those charge was fighting. the
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pandemic had been arrested by the military. no social distancing this young going crematorium for the living or the dead bodies stacked, waiting for the furnace relatives waiting to get to the front of the queue. ambulances empty of their patience and a smokestack blowing black smoke, tony ching al jazeera india has recorded its highest the daily best whole in a month. almost 4000 were reported after her astra state updated its count of unreported deaths. india has confirmed more than 418000. that's but a study of excess that's found that the number of fatalities could actually be 10 times higher. a new study says 2 doses of the pfizer or astrazeneca vaccine are almost as effective against the highly transmissible delta variance,
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as they are against the previously dominant alpha variant. the study which was published in the new england journal of medicine found that $25.00 shots are 88 percent effective at preventing symptomatic disease from the delta vary. and now that's only slightly down from the 93.7 percent efficacy against the alpha variance to shots of the present of actually meanwhile, or 67 percent effective. and there is a growing alarm about how fast corona virus could be spreading in crowded migrant camps on the us mexico border. thousands of people are enduring, crowded, and unsanitary conditions and is minute rapid reports now from p y. now, there are worries, the people they were not being vaccinated. the crowded tense, your mexico's border with the united states, most of the camps residence or asylum seekers. some had been here for weeks, others months. the enduring sanitary,
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living conditions that have put their lives at risk every day. if you know, you know, you know, it's difficult to have a normal life because there's a lot to adapt to. it's not the same as being a home. it's difficult, but we're trying to find a way to survive the collecting water at the can or just using the bathroom is a daily challenge social distancing and keeping hands clean is almost impossible. i mean, i have hand gel and mouth covers and we hardly leave our tent. we stay inside more people has many more disease including cases of corona, virus. new t. one is government does not appear to be collecting data on contagion rates among asylum seekers. they're going to say more they are, we don't really know how many more outbreaks do have been. there's no oversight of this. and what can happen is that people have been infected. but with no symptoms. toby 19 inoculations have sped up in communities along the us mexico border asylum
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seekers and refugees, however, do not appear to be included in the vaccination efforts for months. human rights advocates have warned that camp like this one in tiquana, mexico or a ticking time bomb for contagious here asylum seekers and refugees are not only exposed to cope with 19, but also outbreaks of chicken pox, tuberculosis, and other communicable diseases. in recent weeks, health authorities administered chicken pox vaccine to address a localized outbreak, but many say they're worried over a possible 3rd way that the corona virus pandemic and mexican called him a couple cause it worries me more than chicken pox because chicken pumps can be easily treated but cause it is a much greater risk he wanted officials did not re spawn to our request for comment on how the city plans to guarantee the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. but the longer people continue to live under such precarious conditions, unprotected from new, more transmissible variance of coby 19,
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the more terrifying and uncertain their situation becomes. manuel drop below al jazeera, he want to mexico. more than 4100000 people are confirmed to have died from cope with so far. and the impact of the pandemic can now be seen in life expectancy in the u. s. it declined on average by a year and a half in 2020. that's the biggest stroke since world war 2. and now stands that 77.3 years. that fall is bigger in african american communities who saw life expectancy taught by 2.9 years to 71.8 years. us hispanics who had an above average life expectancy of 81.8 years there. it declined the most by 3 years. for the pandemic has slashed life expectancy in south africa by 3 and a half years. its 1st fall in almost 2 decades. it also dropped in most european
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countries, spain and bulgaria recorded the biggest declines of 1.6 and 1.5 years respectively . but on average, the blocks life expectancy failed by less than a year or global health advisor. roxanna peak says delays and people getting treatment for other health problems because of the pandemic have contributed to the drug. backlog is certainly means that even when we're not in a coven surge, that the health care system is working on overdrive anyhow. and that's something that i think gets forgotten or left out of the public discourse. so this means that overall they're more likely for errors to occur. and we cannot continuously apply this type of pressure without looking at other solutions and one of the solutions and ensuring that those communities that are not more resistant to taking the vaccine. again, there, there is a trend amongst being communities, hard to reach communities, in terms of improving vaccination rates because it will,
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in some sense also help to prevent other complications. long cove, it there are concerns that either either celebrations and sell a goal could trigger a new surgeon cope in 1900 cases. type restrictions are in place in the capital, but officials are worried about gatherings elsewhere. daily cases have risen from just a few dozen a months ago, almost a 1000 on tuesday. they call us hot reports from duck a de worthy of a new attire. and unlike previous years, a new mask for motor enjoy in his son. they're on their way to pray at the car central mosque for this very special muslim celebration. but there's a sense of apprehension. i don't feel totally comfortable or safe. the virus is spreading. many people are ignoring restrictions and traveling to the villages to celebrate the government bound public gatherings but
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thousands congregate anyway. worshipers cannot enter without hand kinda kaiser and a math. his sermon, the mom warns the viruses back even stronger than before. he advises people to respect, barrier measures and social distance thing. but inside the mosque, thousands pray, shoulder to shoulder, toe to toe with the delta, the variance rapidly spreading in africa. the world health organization has worn to some government health systems are on the verge of collapse under resourced health systems of phasing, dia, shortages of health workers, supplies equipment and infrastructure needed to provide care to severely ill covered 900 patients. in senegal, cases have tripled in the last week president monkey sol is threatening to reimpose restrictions, including closing borders, curfews and regional log downs. there's a sense among many cynically, is that the restriction suggested by the government are just too much to handle the
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economic fall out of them hasn't badly affected the economy. and despite the spread of adults, the various people are going about their daily affairs. all 22 members of enjoy the family. prepare the meal enjoy is not ready to sacrifice a holy ritual because of a virus. despite the risk, nicholas hawk al jazeera, the car, a record breaking number of undocumented migrants over the cross the english channel this year. on monday alone, at least 430 travel from france to the u. k. this comes as the british government sets up efforts to stop the dangerous journeys and small boats is nadine bob now reports they've made it on a british soil, but their futures unknown. these undocumented migrants are among around 8 and a half 1000 people who cross the english channel in small boats this year. that's more than the total for 2020. with those numbers in the headlines,
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the government says it's acting insisting it's new nationality and board. as bill will deter people from coming, what we're seeing right now is basically people tropical smugglers, criminal guy with a voice in our assignment system to bring an economic migrants and people that quite frank date convention, our legal migration is coming to our country. we have an physical, there are difficult reforms, but the bill has a special comprehensive measures. patel says, while most migrants previously came from kelly that now setting off from various places along the french coastline as part of a new deal with the u. k. france is doubling the number of police patrolling it, speeches that also be improved intelligence sharing with the u. k. paying $73000000.00. but many migrant solidarity groups predict the measures will simply see people taking greater risks as we saw last year. you know, for people to young children and 2 adults died trying to make the crossing. no such
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measures that increase police at borders an increase neutralization of borders. well, unfortunately, the people making more than just crossings and more people dying and the channel, which no one wants to see. the u. k. government accuses people like this. if q jumping it points to resettlement programs establish to take, for example, syrian refugees directly from the middle east, but they're currently paused while the u. k. takes in fewer asylum seekers than several european nations. last year, germany, france, spain and greece received more applications. the labor opposition says the current strategy is counter productive. the boldest feel that actually makes the situation better, the people smugglers and worse for those who are legally trying to claim asylum. the government shut sound legal rates to claim asylum, say fruits for asylum, including for unaccompanied asylum seeking children, which just pushes people into the arms of people smugglers and helps to boost their business. the new bill makes it a criminal offense to knowingly arrive in the u. k. without permission with
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a maximum sentence of 4 years. and for the 1st time how someone enters the country will have an impact on their asylum claim rights group say the government should allow applicants to work while speeding up the decision making process. for now, the only thing both agree on is that the systems not working. nadine barbara al jazeera, there's outrage in the english city of liverpool. laughter was removed from eunice goes world heritage lists. the victorian dogs were a major port for the british empire and the 18th and 19th century, and historians of long considered it's waterfront, a cultural icon. but unesco says new luxury buildings and the planned everton football stadium undermine its authenticity and integrity. the lead in this news, our slice of history for zambia, the tokyo olympics details coming up in for a
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the with the with me ah
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ah ah ah, i can get all this for now with peter barbara. thank you very much. the opening ceremony of the tokyo olympics takes place on friday, but action has already started at the games. the olympic football to them traditionally takes off a couple of days earlier on thursday. sweden shocks 2 time defending champions. the u. s. a. 3 know, in the other group gave a very, pretty move finish to find a leak, a yellow got a straight up and running a food. a 21 victory of trans has been rivals new zealand from alpha. great for got
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the better of chile to know the final school in that picture. and then b as barbara bunda school hendrick was nowhere near enough to prevent benevolence from running out in 31. in the other games, brazilian motto became the 1st to school in 5 straight and lympics. she begged to double in the 5 know when of a china elsewhere host nation, japan and canada drew one all. the very 1st event to get on the way was the soft ball which made a return of the game. so the 1st time since 2000 and 8th host nation, the fault is strong for australia, $81.00. elsewhere the americans recorded to know when of italy and canada got the better of mexico by full runs the nothing at the end of the president thomas book has admitted to having dealt every day about the wisdom of going ahead with the tokyo games with the city under a state of emergency, throughout the games, the athletes faced unparalleled restrictions on their movements as anti richardson reports from sophia. everyone heading to the lympics is taking
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a step into the unknown. the 1st hurdle for athletes and media, arriving in japan, making sure all the right paperwork is in place. past strict code 19 safety protocols. well, we just made it for a fairly complex immigration process. it took around 4 hours and involve that taking a covey test. i also have to take to cobra test in the days immediately prior to coming to japan. i'll be tested every day for the 1st 3 days and then at regular intervals after that, after the athletes will go through something very similar, but they will be tested every single day that they're at these olympics. some public health experts to consume the efforts being taken to keep these games safe don't go far enough. for example, the daily test athlete to taking is a rapid result, anti gen test. not the more reliable and accurate p c r test. i think the fundamental problem was a lack of open, transparent,
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and assigned to discussions about the conditions and of which do your impacts could be held in a safe and secure manner. i think that is totally irresponsible. her own a virus tasking ready derailed. the plans of many potential olympians. you can disrupt the 7th team. we're hoping to compete at the games for the 1st time. but if the sum of their plans tested positive dakota 19 at their phone, a qualifying event, they withdraw. and similar scenarios on already playing in japan, the preparation is very, very difficult for me athletes. and of course that experience is not playing similar with the virus is impacted some countries in a devastating wind hubs. handshakes and high fines are old and that the athletes village competitors have been told. they could be kicked out of the games if they ignore regulations, aimed at preventing the spread of corona virus. the, not all,
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luckily, the concerned by the restrictions that they focus on winning olympic gold. you can congregate in big groups in the dining hall. you get a stan, you a little bubble of 4 or 5 people the whole time and stay the room and all of that. that's exactly how i've always treated games. like it hasn't been a big sociable experience for me. it's all about the competition. and so it's going to be pretty routine that sense of isolation is set to continue in the family's empty stadiums that will surround and lympics like no other. andy richardson, al jazeera sophia, for the 1st time since 2000. he said bolt will not feature at the olympics, but the time gold medalist is encouraging athletes to express the personal views during the games. political demonstrations are not allowed on the middle podium, but the se allows competitors to make gestures on the field, provided they don't disrupt or disrespect, fellow athletes are. you know,
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i mean to determine what they want. and they see something that you want to change is necessary. and i mean, because as we know what we need or what we need to be better for me to feel comfortable by the fact that they've given us knock to anything out to speak to explain to them what we want to make us more much more variables. in the strange city of brisbin, we'll host the 2032 summer limping games. the announcement was made on wednesday by the international olympic committee. you can see here the locals were pretty happy with the decision. the c gave has been exclusive bidding rights in an effort to reduce the cost of campaigns and to minimize the risk of vote. buying brisbin will become a 3rd australian city to host games off to melbourne in 956 and sidney in 2000. the milwaukee bucks or celebrating the 1st
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n b a championship in the the years of the getting past the phoenix suns. buck thought ja, janice and pizza combo delivered one of the best. so formants is all these korea. so the theme with 50 points on the night, i've been putting 14 rebound movie, winning games, 6 of the finals, 105298. the greek still is the son of jerry and immigrants to greece. it was named m v. p of the final i hope i get people on the world from africa, from europe give them hope, you know that it can be done. he can be done. 8 years ago, 8 and a half years ago. i came to the lee. i you know what my next move will come from. now my mom was starting to st. the like. and now i'm sitting the top of the top.
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$65000.00 fans packed together outside the arena in milwaukee to celebrate the city . first jeopardy of winston 971. the rebel is celebrated late. anything the night about trying to find a full game for 2 and become only the 5th team the when the i'd love the losing the 1st 2 games of the fees are in football. news kind of full of confidence heading to the call to finally the concrete kept gold cup off the topping the group. the asian champions, or special invitee add to the tournament for north and central american countries as well as caribbean nations. cuts defeated on the earth in the final group. game with goal is coming from home. i'm off made and i will as these have him play. i'll salvador on saturday, atlanta for a spot in this day. me fine. that's almost all things go over back to you in london p. thank you very much for that. and that is almost fit for this news. i remember you can get the latest on everything that we've been covering on our website. i'll
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be back in just a few minutes is more of the base. aah! i lose energy to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around. shape my technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you and your business. ah, the young virtuoso racing constant holds and dominating international competition. 1018, south korea's musical prodigy. one out to 0. becoming a living legend to the young age with simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch into political clown. the piece to the ivory coast posted by eric comes to football rebel life, but drop by the football who succeeded, where politicians had not dropped by the boy and civil war on i was just there after a one year delay the tokyo and then picks up finally despite growing opposition, by running costs in japan,
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thousands of athletes will compete in empty stadium amid the corona, virus comes out to 0, will be inside the bubble to bring them laker games like no other. the news. ready at least 25 de, there's china's human and province is hit by its worst storms in generation browning, commuters, in flooded subway tunnels. meanwhile wildfires continued rage across the western us blanketing the east coast in small g. ah, hello barbara, are you watching al jazeera life and that also coming up for drug companies agree.


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