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to become a middle east and for trade and money skilfully re key is up to about filling up from it, connecting the world, connecting the future. got so got to gateway to whoa trade ah, extreme flooding, tears through central china forcing around 200000 patients or for the low lying area. ah, hello, come all santa maria here and go home with the world views from al jazeera, felice and townsend. you have a rest of the leader of the main opposition party before a meeting to demand constitutional reform. freedom at last armed gangs really villages and northwest nigeria after holding them hostage for 42 days. and france
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rolls out a code of 900 health pass for public venues. it tries to avoid another lockdown. ah, regions all over the world are experiencing some extreme weather events right now. and it's all pointing towards the effect of climate change. the flash point literally is china where the death toll is mounting from unprecedented flooding in central regions. one city jones has heaviest rainfall in generations. they've also been the ones in the century. floods which are sweat through parts of germany, belgium, the netherlands, and then at the other extreme forest fires burning in the siberia region of russia . of course, one of the coldest places on earth over in the u. s. dozens of while find the burning in california and oregon. smoke is even reaching as far as the other coast, the east coast. and canada is also experience. multiple record temperatures peaking
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at just under 50 degrees in british columbia early this month. but as we said earlier, it is china front and center at the moment. and katrina has the support from aging rescue teams worked through the night to help. so boy passengers get to safety in downtown john doe in the space of just 3 days. the capital of china's central clinic and province received as much rain as it usually gets in the year. hundreds of traps for hours, underground tunnels was flooded. this man says he was lucky to survive. high by impact of the water was so powerful that i have to remove my shirts, backpack, and everything, except my pain. with much the upper part of the glass window to let some aaron, otherwise it would have been suffocating, said intervention rainfall. quote, john jose 7, the residence of god. these pedestrians formed a human chain to avoid being swept away. more than 10000 emergency workers have
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been deployed to help with rescue and clean up operations. in the neighboring city of go, there will, people will, children, landslides, more than 200000, have been evacuated from their homes to safe areas. china's yellow river runs through a province for the population of 100000000. authorities say a down at the historic city of william has been severely damaged and could burst at anytime. where the experts say these are the worst for the ship. the region in recorded history, president, she did pay, has described prevention efforts as extremely difficult. he's called on all local governments around the country to review the emergency response system to prevent similar tragedies. severe storms have also had cities in magnolia, in china's northeast to dam burst there after a weekend of torrential rain environmental group say the extreme weather is caused by climate change. these kind of disaster going to becoming more and more frequent
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because of the change in climate. and we would see that this kind of disaster poses very sort of huge economic and social loss. the city of jungle remains on high alert. rain is expected to continue until friday. residents have been advised to remain indoors to stay dry and safe. katrina, you are the 0 paycheck. let's hear from alina after chunk of her now, who is a distinguished policy fellow at the london school of economics and political science. she told us, we were already living with the impact of climate change. i think scientists grazing the clear that those of the frequency of those extreme events is increasing just a climate sense. and we'll see more of that in the future. the example of siberia and the impacts of climate change that the facing at the moment. i think that's one of the example sofa really extreme sense and very rapid change that is happening
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and different regions. there was also reports, for example, on the fresh what the leg disappearing and toxic of because of, of, of the i see it's melting basically. so we will see more and more of such as lamps, and i think it is very significant. the mountain of thermal will be a significant source of emissions as well because better for us captures a lot of greenhouse gases on as it stops melting, they are released in the atmosphere. so the speed of change and climate is going to be even greater. so i think that is a great urgency and all of the confidence acting together and moving beyond politics after climate cannot wait for politics any longer. so we really need to act together and step up the efforts onto the news and the leader of times. and he has main opposition, party has been arrested freeman, boy, and 10 other should be a party members with detained overnight in the city of one's a planning a conference to demand constitutional reforms authorities. i said they were
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arrested for inciting unauthorized assembly because public gatherings have been restricted to curb, to spread of kind of 19 for offices to partner with band, any political party activities from taking place in this area with just making sure people ahead of the laws of the country that invited many people turning their plan, meeting from a party meeting into a public one, even though their plans are for an indoor meeting. i get more on the story with catherine. so she's following developments from out of some of you this a demo opposition party has released a statement confirming the arrest of 11 of the members, including the lead up room. and boy, they rested very early this morning at around 230 a. m. i to who, how in, in ones they had trouble there, to attend a constitutional forum, a meeting where they were to sensitize people on their push for constitutional
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reforms. they want, for example, to have the powers of the president reduced to have proper rules to ensure that their rees an independent electoral commission. and also to have laws that enable a president up to retirement to be tried in court for crime committed while on the home. now, the local administration there, i said that says this individual was flouting. call the 19 regulations that have been imposed like you know, having public gatherings which is banned, but some opposition leaders and also officials off to them. a party off saying that this really is continuing to roll back the democratic gains that have been made just going back and forth or continue enforcing the policies that had been put in place by the late president. john pulled them up for food now times on. mia has a new president now. some. yes, to lou who had people are hopeful when she was appointed
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a few months ago that she was going to open up the democratic face. but now they're responsible for me. sometimes the news that was spoken to that she's just going back to the footsteps of her predecessor morphin ferguson kell now research analyst in the africa program at chatham house. it says the tanzanian opposition will struggle to achieve its gold. under this current government, it's been a long running debate among the opposition seeking constitutional reforms, particularly around on the electoral system. they argue time, denise constitution, which has been in place for many decades now. that's a huge amount of executive power in the presidency allows the president to appoint m p 's high court judges, and critically the, the national electoral commission. so the opposition are keen to revise some of the immense executive power in the president to see the president's petition. is that
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the constitution? well, the reforms will need to white lifting the bond on political rallies. that's in place in times. and you will also need to wait until she has had time to in her words, open up the economy. that's something that's consistent with with our previous assa magazoo. the said more or less the same things, but you need the time to fix up the economy before coming back to this constitutional question. so i think certainly this is a debate. it's going to continue to rumble on for some time, especially in this the 1st time of the new president. police and niger area have secured the release of more than a 100 villages who were kidnapped 6 weeks ago. many of them were women, the children reacted last month. excuse me, in north westerns i'm far state. heavily armed, criminal gangs are responsible for series of kidnappings, for ransoms in that region. and interests has more now from a boot. those released include 80 women,
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some of them nursing mothers and 20 children were taken from several villages in some for a state and kept in the forest. that boat is done for niger as well as cathy states . these are the state why that is active banditry activity or group activities by and groups, and also a response from the military and police forces. now we've seen over the past few weeks how the security forces have stepped up operations or interdiction rates on banded hide out in that area, claiming tough, it's called direct. it's and killing several ballads in those areas. we've also seen how the bandits responded. for example, a few days ago they killed at least a dozen police officers at a training camp in northwest nigeria that also shut down. and i did a military aircraft that conducted rate on their hide out a few days before. now, although the pilot is escaped, the bandits still continue to dominate certain areas in the north. west of the countries will forward to saying that the ransom for the release of the over 120
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kit, not victims. but there are also hundreds of others was still being held by these groups operating in the north, west and north central parts of niger banditry activities has been on the rise for the last 3 years in nigeria, especially here in northern nigeria and central part of the jetta then i didn't president under pressure as ordered the military to conduct area and also ground approaches to free victims of kidnappings in all parts of nigeria. however, despite the approaches, there are hundreds of people kept by these ballots in various camps in the forest of niger and other parts of central and northern parts of nigeria. among them, hundreds of students taken from better schools, universities, islamic schools and other small schools are boarding schools in north part. another part and especially in the north west. wind schools have been forced to shut down because of increased activity by the government. in the news ahead,
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the celebrations is australia when they're going to host the summer in 2032. and we report from senegal, where a celebration is being overshadowed by fear of a new search, encouraging ah, ah, hello there, let's dot in the middle east and we've seen some really unsettled weather, particularly in the south. we've seen flooding in oman and in yemen. and even southern areas of saudi arabia now a lot of those rains have ease, but they are going to pick up across western areas of yemen. as we go into friday, you can see the yellow peaks there. but up north, it is a very hot and dry picture with
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a temperature sitting in the high 14 for iraq and q 8. iran is also seen attempt just climb. we've had some flooding across provinces here, but the rains have these. we could see a few scattered storms and showers. we have got a shamal when that's blowing down across iraq. that's going to kick up quite a lot of dust and cool. some hazy sunshine into weights and in cuts ha, you can see some of those showers affecting parts of musket in oman, and a lot of the showers that we're seeing in western europe and are joining up with the thunderstorms rolling across the open rift valley. some of those storms, particularly heavy across sudan and into chad. we've seen flooding here. we could see more floods as those rains continue to fall. and i join up with the storms across the gulf of guinea, up north. it's hard to picture down south. it does get cold a, particularly for south africa. we've got a cold front moving into cape town, the who's
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joined the debate, do not have vaccines reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community and how an array of different stories. no topic is off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of play. people are thursdays for new boys. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. oh the the me story this our analysis, the ra flooding in china's,
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and the province of killed 16 people following the heaviest rainfall in generations . more downpours are full council. 3rd authorities, a warning of damp collapse as well. the leader of townsend, he has main opposition. policy has been arrested freeman, boy and 10 other team members to obtain the head of a conference to demand constitutional reform. complete the nigeria, secure the release of more than a 100 villages were kidnapped 6 weeks ago. you know, with birth date, most of them, when an inch of frances rolled out a new cove at 19 health pastor made a surgeon infections fuel. now go to the cinema museum sport match other cultural venues in france, human proof of vaccination, a negative test, or a recent recovery from the virus. and as natasha about the reports, that new system is not being welcomed by everyone. lingering on
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a terrace is one of the life pleasures for many people in france, but soon only those were the covert parts showing that they are fully vaccinated. will have a negative p, c r test will be able to enjoy the experience. so we'll have to check customers policies, something 5th restaurants. say this, i'm thankful we consider that this is not our job to check your id and your family. we understand that this is certainly something necessary that we are not fully men the past, which is now mandatory in cinema theaters and museums will be extended to large shopping centers and some transport. the french government hope it will reduce health risks and encourage people to get vaccinated got not be in no doubt. our goal, as always, is to take measures that are proportional to the health situation to guarantee public freedoms while assuring the sanitary security of our citizens in french
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president. the manual micro announced the new covey paul through last week. and since then, there has been a surge and the number of people booking vaccination appointments. within days, nearly 4000000 people had signed up for that 1st job was every g. politicians said we weren't obliged to get the vaccine. but without a covert pass we have fewer freedom, so we decided to get it on the us and the past made us to now as we have planned, waiting until august to get vaccinated and the policy dividing opinion, these protestors in paris on sunday said the government trying to force people to get books and aided by eroding their rights. most of my pope with cable should be given the freedom to choose whether or not they want to be vaccinated. so it's more democratic. some scientists say that france is in the 4th wave, fueled by the highly contagious delta convert fair, and the government says that the pulse will be necessary for as long as the virus is a threat. though some regarded as anti democratic opinion polls suggest the 2 thirds
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of people in france support. it is a way of hopefully avoiding another lockdown. natasha butler, i'll just sarah paris. indonesia has reported its highest daily death health and the pandemic began with 1400 deaths. it is currently dealing with the worst outbreak in a ship curve at 19 restrictions have been extended until july. the 25th india is recorded its high state. he just told a month, almost $4000.00 people of died. that national figures surged after the state of marashi updated its count of unreported cases. the number of new infections also increased to more than 42 thousands. and then we put neighboring me in march, where the medical infrastructure is on the edge of collapse. unable to cope with a rising number of infections on tuesday, a senior politician from the former ruling and now to pose and i was the party died in jail after contracting the virus is a warning, the tiny change report does contain some distressing images regarding emergency
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medical responders enter a house in east gone in yang, gone by the doorway. a middle aged man sits as if he just dozed off to sleep. in a bedroom, an old man, his father lies unmoving on the bed. both men are dead. suspected victims of coven 19 as it spreads, uncheck across mamma. elsewhere, mamma's largest city. they've been queuing through the night to refill oxygen canisters most have to risk breaking. the military imposed curfew to get in line with a weight of at least 12 hours ahead of them. for some, it's too long. my sister has been suffering from coven 19 for 3 days. but while i was queuing to fill the oxygen tank this morning, my niece called me to come home with my sister, died because she ran out of oxygen. now the pandemic has played the life of a senior and l d politician. and when
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a spokesman and legal advisor to uncensored cheese party, he was jailed by the military following the crew of the contracting covered 19 in prison. he died in hospital on tuesday night. even guessing help to those who needed his hard, knotty used to live in young, gone. now, she's trying to raise funds for oxygen and aid to send back from neighboring thailand. from the report she's guessing from inside me on my the official death toll of several 100 people a day is a gross underestimate. the volunteers and the ambulance. people say that all the young gone alone. 6 to 800 people died every day since last week. so of course, the number that we see from the official shadow of the government, the military government is not very reliable across se asia nations and being overwhelmed by coven 19 as the delta variance sweeps across the region. but no, we're the defense is weaker than the miasma. where those charge was fighting. the
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pandemic had been arrested by the military. no social distancing this young gong crematorium for the living or the dead bodies stacked, waiting for the furnace relatives waiting to get to the front of the queue. ambulances empty of their patience and a smokestack blowing black smoke, tony ching al jazeera. there are concerns, aid celebrations, and synagogue could see a new surgeons cove cases tight restrictions are in place in the capital. but officials are worried about gatherings elsewhere tele cases of written just a few dozen a month ago to almost a 1000 on tuesday. nicholas hawk has this report from deca. this is an unusual day of celebration for many cynical use. usually thousands of people gather prey in the car central law this year, only hundreds of people are entering the law. and in order to get any special
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measures in place, ation is mandatory. so is wearing a mouse. well the government has the weighted people hearing the delta, the very will credit even more. this is holding its prayers trying to dare to strict social this thing rule. but outside the capital in the countryside, the fear is people are gathering and mixing and niggling and that perhaps the delta variance will spread even more. following the celebration. the head of state president like yourself suggested that he might put in further restrictions like closing the border, adding a regional log down or even imposing it per few. but there's been a lot of push back again. all of the measures. there's been right months ago, and there's a sense among many facilities that the current of ours is one of many problems and challenges they are facing. the restrictions has badly affected the economy. so
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there's a sense among them that despite the thread of the delta vary and they'll go about their daily south africa, the government has revealed a list of suspects accused of instigating the countries worst on rest and years. president cyril run before the insists, last week's rights, were planned and was stopped by the jailing of former president j consumer. it widened into frustration at poverty and inequality in zoom as home province, cause in the town intelligence failures and a slow police response helps the chaos spread quickly. but it's smith, how's our report from the provinces biggest city driven across south africa to most populous provinces. it was mob rule the more than a week. it started after the jailing of former president jacob zooming. the government says the mob was deliberately directed towards distribution centers, key highways, railways, and ports in housing and quasi lu natal,
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you couldn't do something that unless it was well orchestrated. married a hoss has been monitoring violence and security in south africa for more than 30 years. how close to say come to play in stabilizing? pretty close. i think look it up. i mean, really, if the stabilisation, when you get the economic damage we have and the damage to race, basically it's because of the fact that this province is the key. zoom is support base. oh, it was zoom, is close, family and friends deny inciting the looting across social media. there are examples of people using the imprisonment of the former president to justify the violence. a slow police response led to vigilante groups taking the law into their own hands. here, men from an indian majority township in durban, a shooting
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a black men who entered from a neighboring township. more than 200 people were killed. 20 of them in this area, including 29 year old percy to tower his nephew says his uncle was in a car when he was shot. the cars came in the driver and my uncle was short, like the driver. got to look at this place burning to the ground. the economy already battered by the pandemic will contract 3 percent according to one us investment bank present serial ramifications admitted that the government had been off guard was slow to respond more to the vital. could this happen again? i think it could if, if the state doesn't get its intelligence act together, if it doesn't. i mean what's disappointing to me is that some of the key instigators have not been touch. we do though. 7 we've got to have to watch carefully what the strategies is, a lot of threats that they get to continue. and this is where the government has
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a list of 12 people. it's suspects of instigating violence. only half a dozen have been arrested so far. how close any of the people on the wanted list are to jacob zoom is unknown, but how and if they are arrested, could be another test of authority for the government. a serial ram, oppose a bonus. smith, i'll just era cypress has appealed to the un security council over a turkey back to plan, to reopen and abandon town on the island to greek cypriots, who represent the island internationally fear the plan is designed for turkish cypriots to resettle in the town of osha president o 2 on supported the plan, along with the 2 state solution during a tuesday visit to the on the british government says it wants to renegotiate the post briggs that trade rules for northern ireland. under the current deal, they are accustomed checks on some goods moving between northern ireland and the
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rest of the u. k. but the big, the minister says that's putting a burden on businesses in northern ireland. it's also british unionists. they're complainant weakens ties with the rest of the u. k. of the focus on the tokyo 2020 lympics right now being held in 2021 of course. but we've also learned that brisbin australia will host the summer olympic games of 2032. that announcement was made on wednesday by the international olympic committee. the locals in brisbin pretty happy about the decision. though it was almost a foregone conclusion. the i see actually gave, or it's been exclusive bidding, right? tries to reduce the cost of campaigns and minimize the risk of both buying. brisbin becomes the 3rd us regen city to host the games. melbourne was in 1956, sidney, of course in 2002. while the president thomas bock is admitted to having doubts every day about the wisdom of going ahead with the tokyo games with the city under state of emergency, the athletes faced unparalleled restrictions on their movements as anti richardson reports. now from tokyo, everyone heading to the lympics is taking
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a step into the unknown. the 1st hurdle for athletes and media, arriving in japan, making sure all the right paperwork is in place to pass strict covey 19 safety protocols. well, we just made it through a fairly complex immigration process. it took around 4 hours and involve taking a covey test. i also had to take to coby test in the days, immediately prior to coming to japan. i'll be tested every day for the 1st 3 days and then at regular intervals after that, after the athletes will go through something very similar, but they will be tested every single day that they're at these olympics. some public health experts to consume the efforts being taken to keep these games safe don't go far enough. for example, the daily test athletes are taking is a rapid result, anti gen test. not the more reliable and accurate p c r test. i think the fundamental problem was a lack of open, transparent,
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and assigned to discussions about the conditions and the rich do your impacts could be held in a safe and secure manner. i think that is totally irresponsible. her own a virus tasking ready derailed. the plans of many potential olympians. you can disrupt the 7th team. we're hoping to compete at the games for the 1st time. but if the sum of their plans tested positive dakota 19 at their phone, a qualifying event, they had to withdraw. and similar scenarios on already playing in japan, the preparation is very, very difficult for me athletes. and of course that experience is not playing as similar with the viruses impacted some countries in a devastating wind hubs. handshakes and high fines are old and that the athletes village competitors have been told they could be kicked out of the games if they ignore regulations aimed at preventing the spread of corona virus. the not all,
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luckily, that concerned by the restrictions that they focus on winning olympic gold. you can congregate in big groups in the dining hall. you get a span, you a little bubble of 4 or 5 people the whole time and stay the room and all of that. that's exactly how i've always treated on. but games like it hasn't been a big sociable experience for me. it's all about the competition and so it's going to be pretty routine. that sense of isolation is set to continue into the family's empty stadiums that will surrounds and lympics like no other. andy richardson, al jazeera, tokyo, ah, this is eleanor. they are, these are the top stories flooding in china's head on provinces. kimberly 16 people that is after the heavy rainfall in generations or downpours are for constant authorities. a warning a den, a dam could get collapse. katrina, you as more from aging while we've just.


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