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ah, when i went on out there, oh, you want to help save the world? sneeze into your elbow. in the moments of terror, the heaviest rain and generations triggers plunged floods until more than a dozen. people in central china. ah oregon on all sides. maria here in doha with the world news for now. just freedom atlaw sounds gangs release villages in north with nigeria after holding them hostage for 42 days,
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police and towns in the rest. the leader of the main opposition party before a meeting to demand a constitutional reform unregulated and unaccountable and israeli side. but weapon, it's been used to spy on politicians, journalists, and activists. it's very calls for investigation. i'm and the richardson in tokyo, a city preparing to host an olympic games like no other. ah, so central china 1st up where the heaviest rain, since wrinkles began as treated devastating flash floods, homes have been swept away streets, subways, factories, farmland, nothing has been sped. more than 200000 people are being moved to to higher ground as well. and at least 25 people have now been killed in hand on provence alone, which is the hit by the heaviest rainfall in generations. this report is from katrina you in beijing. the rescue teams worked through the night to help
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subway passengers get to safety in downtown john doe, in the space of just 3 days. the capital of china's central clinic province received as much rain as it usually gets in the year. hundreds are trapped for hours, underground tunnels was flooded. this man says he was lucky to survive. high by impact of the flood water was so powerful that i had to remove my shirts on backpack and everything except my pain. with much the upper part of the glass window to let some aaron, otherwise it would have been suffocating the sudden torrential rainfall. quote, john jo, 7000000 residents off guard. these pedestrians formed a human chain to avoid being swept away. more than 10000 emergency workers have been deployed to help with rescue and clean up abrasion in the neighboring city of go need. several people were killed and landslides, more than 200000,
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have been evacuated from their homes to safe areas. china's yellow river runs to holland and a province for the population of 100000000. authorities say a down in the historic city of william has been severely damaged and could burst at any time where the experts say these are the worst for the ship. the region in recorded history, presidents change and paint has described prevention efforts as extremely difficult . he's pulled on all local governments around the country to review the emergency response system to prevent similar tragedies. severe storms have also had cities in, in magnolia, in china, ne, to dan burst there after a weekend of torrential rain environmental group. say the extreme weather is caused by climate change base kind of disaster gonna becoming more and more frequent because of the change in climate. and we would see that this kind of disaster poses very sort of huge economic and social loss. the city of jungle
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remains on high alert. rain is expected to continue until friday. residents have been advised to remain indoors to stay dry and safe. katrina, you, i'll to 0 paycheck. now the news placed in nigeria have secured the release of more than a 100 villages who were kidnapped 6 weeks ago. many of them were women and children, abducted last month in no weapons and foreign state. heavily armed criminal gangs are responsible for a series of kidnappings, for ransoms in the region. managers has more now from a boucher those released include 80 women, some of them nursing mothers and tend to children were taken from several villages in some for a state and kept in that forest. that boat is done for niger as well as cathy states. these are the state why there is active military activity or group activities and groups, and also a response from the german military and police forces. now we've seen over the past
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few weeks how the security forces have stepped up operations or interdiction rates on banded hide out in that area, claiming tough, it's called direct. it's and killing several bandits in those areas. we've also seen how the bandits responded. for example, a few days ago they killed at least a dozen police officers at a training camp in north west nigeria that also shut down. and i did a military aircraft that conducted rates on their hide out a few days before. now, although the pilot is escaped, the bandits still continue to dominate certain areas in the north west of the country. voters are saying that the ransom for the release of the over $120.00 kid now victims. but there are also hundreds of others was still being held by these groups operating in the northwest and north central parts of nigeria. bent tree activities has been on the rise for the last 3 years in nigeria, especially here in northern nigeria and central pops up. and then i didn't
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president, under pressure as ordered the military to conduct area and also ground approaches to free victims of kidnappings. in all parts of nigeria, however, despite the approaches, there are hundreds of people kept by these bandits in various camps in the forest of zone for i can nyja and other parts of central and northern parts of nigeria. among them, hundreds of students taken from better schools, universities, islamic schools and other small schools are boarding schools in north part northern parts, especially in the north west. why our schools have been forced to shut down because of increased activity by the government. the leader of townsend, he is main opposition party has been arrested freeman, boy and 10 other to the party members were detained over night in the city of wonder and were planning a conference to demand constitutional reforms. authority say they were arrested for inciting unauthorized assembly. and then the public gatherings have been restricted
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to curb the spread of curve at 1900 got offices. he's off by with band any political party activities from taking place in this area. we're just making sure people are here to the laws of the country that invited many people turning their plan, meeting from part to meeting into a public one. even though the plans were for an indoor meeting with catherine. so i now from following developments from addis ababa, any therapy that's a demo. all position party has released a statement, confirming the arrest of 11 of the members, including the lead up room. and boy, they rested very early this morning at around 230 a. m. at a hotel in, in ones they had trouble there to attend a constitutional forum, a meeting where they were to sensitize people on the push for constitutional reforms. they want, for example, to have the powers of the president reduced to have proper rules to ensure that
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their rees an independent electoral commission. and also to have laws that enable a president up to retirement to be tried in court for crimes committed while on the home. now the local administration there, i said that this individual was flouting call the 19 regulations that have been imposed like, you know, having public gatherings which is banned, but some opposition leaders and also officials off to them. a party off saying that this really is continuing to draw back the democratic gains that have been made just going back to and welcome to enforcing the policies that had been put in place by the late president john pulled them up now times on nea has a new president, now some, yes, lou, who had people are hopeful where she was appointed a few months ago that she was going to open up the democratic face. but now they're responsible for me. sometimes it means that we spoke into that she's just going
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back to the footsteps of her predecessor, more from folks kell, now research and list in the africa program at chatham house. he says the opposition will struggle to achieve its goals under the current governance. it's been a long running debate among the opposition seeking constitutional reforms, particularly on the electoral system. they argue that times in the constitution, which has been in place for many decades now. that's a huge amount of executive power in the presidency allows the president to appoint m p. 's high court judges uncritically the the national electoral commission. so the opposition are keen to revise some of the immense executive power in the president. see the president's petition, is that the constitution? well, the reform will need to weigh lifting the bond on political rallies. that's in place and times in year. we'll also need to wait until she has had time to win her words
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. open up the economy. that's something that's consistent with with our previous magazine. you said more or less the same things, but you need to time to fix up the economy before coming back to this constitutional question. so i think certainly this is a debate that's going to continue to rumble on for some time, especially in this respect, time of the new president. the french president, emanuel micron has ordered a series of investigations into the pegasus spyware. case his number and those of 15 of his ministers were allegedly selected for spying by an unidentified moroccan security service. morocco was denied those reports. here's what we know about the investigation into this powerful phone hacking. spyware is developed by the israeli firm, and it's so group called pegasus as we say it can be secretly installed on a victims phone line and complete access to the device. it's been sold to at least 11 countries, including bahrain, hungary, india, mexico, rwanda, saudi arabia,
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and the u. a. e. 14 heads of states including sitting presidents, current prime minister, and even a king were potential targets. but they were the only ones, 50000 phone numbers late. the date also included a $190.00 journalists and 20 countries activists. political opponents and lawyers. and so for it's pot claim that surveillance tools are sold to carefully vested government clients and that it does not have access to the data of its customers targets their own return is the executive director and founder of forbidden stories, paris based media nonprofit, which coordinated that international investigative journalism project, he told us what they found out about the potential access to the french president's phone. what we know that we see the phone numbers off for the french for exams. and so all the members of the go to the front door seems actually that doesn't mean that the front of the president was that just mean that actually at the meeting and
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the mark moral current unit were entering the number of them under michael, inside the system that is used to talking to people and, and during that period the usually level to run some forensic investigation into the device and to find some races. but we do not. we don't have a chance to do that on the one thread of the present. but of course we are waiting for answers from in an order to know more thoughts and anything they might be able to find into the device and, and what and what exactly. we were able to identify certain people and not the entire numbers in the need, but what we were able to see that there is a google the same behavior from those 10 states to the customers. and it's a company, well buying that software, not actually for tracking criminal terrors. maybe they do so. but they are
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massively targeting, draw management and the other lawyers and all those people, all those figures of people playing an important role in that country from abroad. and all those people who can at some point we present the venture for those for so far we don't have any does that these radio is do access to the system or an assault. and there is no proof of any back or from the government inside the company. and even then it's the company is pretending to not have any view on home target their customers. so we need to be cautious about what we know and what dongle, the things that we really risk, that is the product additional market. you have country governments, state actors, well bred by 2 private company, a software that is considered as a weapon. and so it's really a venture for the national security,
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all those countries, it's suite or something and the bank in all of that, there is no regulation to do that. if you get caught 1st you don't go though it's an invisible attack against your phone. that turns your form like a spine your book at, and you don't leave, anybody can know it in to discover what to do with that. there is no regulation to protect you. so this is where we are. this is a big market with a lot of billions in all in the game where with a lot of private sectors and then it is not the only company that just being a company. and then you have some states with a very bad reputation that's of human rights issues and threats with bank without any kind of any form of control. this is where we are in the news ahead cove at 19 patients die alone in me and not with a military coup, was paralyzed in or reggie already fragile health care system.
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ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello there, india is feeling the full force of the monsoon rains. you can see the cloud cover in the satellite image, particularly heavy across west areas, but also up in the north and cities are becoming waterlogged as those rains continue to for now as we go into thursday, it is going to ease lightly on the west coast. it's going to be more central areas that see those torrential rains. you can see the yellow peaks there, but it's not only here. it's also in the northeast, northeast, northeast in states of india. seeing some of those torrential downpours and low pressure in the bay of bengal. is keeping those winds ann raines, pushing into bangladesh and in simian muscle, we could see more flooding, where those rains are going to for heaviest. and as we move to east asia,
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where watching tude systems here, we've got shan packer, which has been downgraded to a tropical storm, as well as typhoon into which is making its way towards taiwanda. we can take a closer look at these systems sham pack. i've got an interesting pass. it's going to sweep round into high nan, bringing the wet and windy weather there for inside is one of the slow moving and unpredictable. but it's expecting to reach taiwan as we go into the end of the week with them to wrench in rain. and some really strong winds that sure weather update sponsored pay cut on airways across the world. young activists and organize around them of the motivated and politically engaged. the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and we were the one who had life on what was going on. and the way that will mean media, then there's looking stuff that goes on is always in
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a dynamic formation. we have the agencies to create the vibe of the generation change on al jazeera. oh, a it was out there were, these are the top stories, this are these 25 people have died in severe flooding in china and on problems. the regions seem to heavy rain full generation french president. my new micron has ordered a series of investigations into the pegasus by way case his number and those of 15 of his ministers were allegedly selected for spying by an identified morocco security. the neuron denied police and g area secure the release of more than
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a 100 villages kidnapped 6 weeks ago in not with the foreign states. most of them were women and children. the british government says it wants to renegotiate the post briggs that trade rules for northern ireland, under the current deal. there are customs checks on some goods moving between northern ireland and the rest of the u. k. but the brakes, it minister says that's putting a burden on businesses in northern ireland, british unionists that complain it weakens ties with the rest of the u. k. the 7 people have been killed, 40 injured, and the latest fighting in southern afghanistan. it happened during schilling between african government forces and taliban fighters in kandahar hospital officials, they most of the victims were women and children in a separate incident for taliban, fine as were killed when their vehicle had a roadside bomb in done district. meanwhile, the head of f kinda sounds reconciliation council is expressing confidence in the future of his country. a de la bella spoke to some of bon jovi about the tunnel
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bands presence on the ground. taliban cannot convert the whole population of upon the son into taliban color. bonnet zation of a find, the sun is not acceptable. yes, of course the field at this moment that deb out hand militarily on the ground. and that will not last that way. i'm sure. i'm not talking about days and weeks that we're talking about the course of time because that see this and from our history. so the sooner we get to the other fact in reality of life, the death to you cannot, you cannot impose, you are well upon the whole nation through military might. even if you have that opportunity that should compel them. and also, as i mentioned, we're ready to,
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to talk about but my question was, how confident are you that the african government is going to be able to prevail to protect those freedoms and assure the african people that it is here in the long run. it will continue to be that as, as i mentioned, if there is no, there is no peaceful settlement. unfortunately the world will continue. and as a result of the war, tinge will change and areas will go and to hand at that a part. if you're talking about the survival of the state, i should, i should say that yes, while when the slime makes it public, that is a position. there are different roofs which are not happy with the conduct, but they courtesies as they are unhappy, but they're the same time a deputy with the principles in the principle of the public one person one vote and so to neither principals. and if you're talking about the survival of
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the state, yes, a full interview with a dollar, a dollar is on the next edition of talk to l to 0430 g m t on saturday. here on al jazeera, me, indonesia has reported its highest daily death toll since the pandemic began almost 1400 debts. it is currently dealing with the worst outbreak in asia covered 900 restrictions have been extended now until july. the 25th south korea reporting its highest number of infections ever driven by that highly contagious delta. very old and 1700 new cases were recorded on tuesday and australia to larger states are also reporting a rise in infections even though they have been under locked on. new south wales is reported another 110 cases with victoria reporting 22 health officials have ramped
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up testing with more than 140000. carried out on tuesday, which was a single day records. i took an india as well, which is recorded of highest daily death toll in a month. was 4000 would you believe after the state of marashi updated its count of unreported cases. the number of new infections was also up to more than 42000 in neighbouring me and mother medical services are on the edge of collapse, unable to cope with a rising number of infections. on tuesday, the senior politician from the former ruling and the n l d party, which was deposed by the military, died in jail after contracting the virus. still wanting the tiny change report does show some distressing images. on the old issue, emergency medical responders enter a house in east gone in yan, gone by the doorway. a middle aged man sits as if he just dozed off to sleep. in a bedroom, an old man, his father lies unmoving on the bed. both men are dead,
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suspected victims of coven 19 as it spreads. uncheck across mamma. elsewhere, amo's largest city. they've been cuing through the night to refill oxygen canisters most have to risk breaking. the military imposed curfew to get in line with a weight of at least 12 hours ahead of them. for some, it's too long. my sister has been suffering from coven 19 for 3 days. but while i was queuing to fill the oxygen tank this morning, my niece called me to come home as my sister died because she ran out of oxygen. now the pandemic has claimed the life of a senior and l d politician. and when a spokesman and legal advisor to uncensored choose party, he was jailed by the military following the qu, off the contracting covered 19 in prison. he died in hospital on tuesday night. even getting help to those who needed his hard, natty, used to live in young,
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gone. now she's trying to raise funds for oxygen and aid to send back from neighboring thailand. from the report she's guessing from inside me on ma, the official death toll of several 100 people a day is a gross underestimate. the volunteers and the ambulance. people say that all the in young gone alone. 6 to 800 people died every day since last week. so of course, the number that we see from the official channels of the government, the government is not very reliable across se asia nations and being overwhelmed by coven 19 as the delta variance sweeps across the region. but know we're the defenses weaker than the miasma. where those challenge was fighting the pandemic had been arrested by the military no social distancing this young going crematorium for the living. or the dead bodies stacked, waiting for the furnace relatives waiting to get to the front of the queue.
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ambulances empty of their patience and a smoke stack, bellowing black smoke. tony ching al jazeera, there are concerns, aid celebrations in senegal, could see a new surgeon cove in 1900 cases. type restrictions are in place in the capital, but officials are worried about gatherings. hilde elsewhere 30 cases of risen from just a few 1000 a month ago to almost a 1000 on tuesday because us hawk has more from the car. this is an unusual day of celebration for many years. usually thousands of people gather prey in the car. central law this year, only hundreds of people are entering goods and in order to get any special measures in place, ation is mandatory. so is wearing a mouse. well the government has the weighted people. hearing the delta, the very will credit even more. this is holding its prayers,
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trying to dare district social this thing rules, but outside the capital in the country side, the fear is people are gathering and mixing and niggling. and that perhaps the delta variance will spread even more. following the celebration, the head of state prison like yourself suggested that he might put in further restrictions like closing the border, adding a regional log down or even imposing a few. but there's been a lot of push back again. all of the measures has been right. months ago, and there's a sense among many facilities that the current of ours is one of many problems and challenges they are facing. the restrictions has badly affected the economy. so there's a sense among them that just like the thread of the delta vary and they'll go about their daily a bit as opposed to the course. all the focuses on the tokyo, 2020 or 2021 games. if you want to put it that way, but we've also learned today that the spreading city of brisbin will host the 2030
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to eliminate games that announcement made on wednesday by the international olympic committee and the local. pretty happy about it all. the, i think i present exclusive bidding, right, tries to reduce the cost to campaigns and minimize the risk of buying risk become a 3rd, a strategy and city to host the games of to melbourne. 95652000 will be the big president thomas bank has admitted to having doubts every day about the wisdom of actually going ahead with the tokyo gains with the city under a state of emergency. the athletes face unparalleled restrictions on their van. richardson reports now from the japanese capital. everyone heading to the lympics is taking a step into the unknown. the 1st hurdle for athletes and media, arriving in japan, making sure all the right paperwork is in place to pass strict covey 19 safety protocols. well, we just made it through a fairly complex immigration process. it took around 4 hours and involve taking
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a covey test. i also had to take to coby test in the days, immediately prior to coming to japan. i'll be testing every day for the 1st 3 days and then at regular intervals after that, after the athletes will go through some things very similar, but they will be tested every single day that they're at these olympics. some public health experts to consume the efforts being taken to keep these games safe don't go far enough. for example, the daily test athlete to taking is a rapid result, anti gen test. not the more reliable and accurate p c r test. i think the fundamental problem was a lack of open, transparent, and assigned to discussions about the conditions under which do your impacts could be held in a safe and secure manner. i think that is totally irresponsible. her own a virus tasking ready derailed. the plans of many potential olympians, uganda rug, the 7th team were hoping to compete with the games for the 1st time. but after some
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of their plans tested positive dakota 19 at their phone a qualifying event. they had to withdraw. and similar scenarios in ready playing out in japan. the preparation is very, very difficult for me athletes. and of course that experience is not playing similar with the viruses impacted some countries in a devastating wind hubs. handshakes and high fines are open that the athletes village competitors have been told. they could be kicked out of the games if they ignore regulations, aimed at preventing the spread of corona virus. the not all likely to concern by the restrictions that they focus on winning olympic gold. you can congregate in big groups and the dining. oh, you gotta span you a little bubble of 4 or 5 people the whole time and stay the room and all of that. that's exactly how i've always treated games, like it hasn't been a big sociable experience for me. it's all about the competition. and so it's going
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to be pretty routine that sense of isolation is set to continue into the fan, las empty stadiums that will surround and lympics like no other. and the richardson al, jazeera, tokyo, plenty of limpid coverage online al jazeera dot com as well. if you go to the more menu, you'll find all the sports news there with plenty of olympic news on their front page, but also at the top keeping up to date with world cup qualifying matches for football . you can hit any of those and see what's coming up in the near future. ah right now that will look at the headlines at least 25 people have died in severe flooding in china's hand on province. the region as seen, the heaviest grain for.


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