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as we go into friday, you can see the yellow peaks there, but up north it is a very hot and dry picture with a temperature sitting in the high 40 for iraq and q 8. iran is also seen the time just climb. we've had some flooding across provinces here, but the rains have these. we could see a few scattered storms and showers. we have got a shamal win that's blowing down across iraq. that's going to kick up quite a lot of dust and cool. some hazy sunshine into weights and in cuts ha, you can see some of those showers affecting parts of musket in oman, and a lot of the showers that we're seeing in western europe and are joining up with the thunderstorms, rolling across the c o. p and risk valley. so the storms particularly heavy across sudan and into chad. we've seen flooding here. we could see more floods as those rains continue to fall, and join up with the storms across the gulf of guinea. up north. it's hard to picture down south, it does get cold, particularly for south africa. we've got a cold front moving into cape town,
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the across the world, young activists and organizes around them of motivated and politically engaged. the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and we were the one who had life on what was going on. and the way that will means to me there's nothing stuff that goes on. there's always in the dynamics formation. we have the agency to create the vibe of the generation. change on al jazeera with bank energy and change to every part of our universe. more small to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity,
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we can make it work for you and your bill. ah ah, you're on the new down here at out. there were, these are the top stories flooding in china's hand on province of killed the 16 people off to the heaviest rainfall in generations. more downpours are forecast and authorities of warning. and dan could collapse the leader of times and he is the main opposition party has been arrested. freeman, boy and 10 other children. party members were detained in the middle of the night. the party was planning a conference to demand constitutional reforms. and us life expectancy failed by
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a year and a half in 2020, the biggest decline since world war 2. the center for disease control says it is, course must be due to the pandemic. now the cypress has appealed to the united nations security council over a turkish back, trying to reopen and abandon town on the island. greek cypriots who represent the island internationally fear that plan is designed for turkish cypriots to resettle in the town of photoshop. president tuan, supported the plan along with the 2 state solution during a tuesday visit to the islands will be announcements lead to international condemnation, french and us officials have called them of provocative and unacceptable. the islands been split since 974, when a war divided the island along ethnic groups. greek cypriots live in the southern part of the island tucker cypriots. live in the north land disputes between the 2 have gone on for decades and un efforts to unite the mediterranean island have consistently failed turkish cypriot authorities partially open the town of sophia
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last year, specifically for visits. the greek officials via plans to open the air. you further could lead to a so called land grab with us now address at the office there was a professor of economics and public policy, also the president of the 5 percent of european and international affairs. he's on skype. from nico thea, today, pleasure to have you with us. so maybe just a little bit of background 1st because we don't always talk about 5 person international news. why was this town abandoned and closed in the 1st place? thank you very much for what i will say. that's the real problem. it's not only about the fact that some of your pace that we 7 percent of the trick to cyprus, since 974 since then that has been ethnic cleansing trunk key because in colonizing the island. and in the last 2 years, it has also been with having somebody is ation process. lease sees it
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listens, toggled your provide territory, which was not in happy that it was expected to be seen. the seventy's, the 1st, who a process of them related. they shown the 1st them to be given back to the parents so that they would have some stuff in the litigation reach that sentiment. and it is not the 1st time that we have the discussion of our shop in the, in the last years. i think the greek cypriot have a sorry to interrupt. you, said the greek cypriots, have a, a genuine concern here that this town and i'm very, is around, it could be quote, unquote overrun. he has the jimmy consent that we see the extension of a page on the extension, and that extension will, that use a patient of super coworkers. we have to understand critics,
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you couldn't properties have been exploited. so i'll give you a 2nd later. but i certainly setlist from protein by truck you to change them graphics. and this is a difficult situation, but the fact that it is becoming took the sanction of going to becoming more and more bold and expansion is. these are the things serious concerning a woman site person by the european union in the united states. so this is what i wanted to ask you about the fact that it is offensively about something happening on this island. but the ramifications could be so much more once you stop picking turkey against the united states and france in this case as well, that can have knock on effects. i was holding so hard, you know, despite the fact that you made a resolution in numerous cycle to teachers and that happens a lot less turkey has been tolerated. turkey never pay the price for its actions
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inside us and we're not effective sanctions. so you filled the go on and owns, we held them problem. so you see one more bold step towards extensive extending your patient depending get provisions. and also we're moving to what 2 state solution we the ultimate objective to the ration where the public sector site and how did you control the island in the major sector, sporting policy, energy security. and so often cyprus depends on the sort of the international community, but it so hard resolutions and culture to the court did not have any real address. sorry, i've just finished thought yes. go ahead. i would say only in rows,
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you have about 120 recipients and about 200000 settlers and to get it to stay solution yet it took you went 15 to 20 me on the 9th. even my lower your rates. so we have that was done. that's the end men. on many occasions, teachers said that they would care estate segments even. you don't want to do this because that is located in the heart of the mentoring in a very important region. just to the right address at the office. talking scientists with us today. thank you so much. we appreciate your time. thank you to now police in nigeria say they have secured the release of 100 villages kidnapped 6 weeks ago. many of them were women and children, abducted last month in northwest and some foreign state. heavily armed criminal
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gangs are responsible for series of kidnappings for ransom in the region and interests with more now from a butcher. those released include 80 women, some of them nursing mothers and 20 children were taken from several villages in some for a state and kept in the forest. that boat is done for niger as well as cathy states . these are the state why that is active military activity on group activities and groups, and also a response from the german military and police forces. now we've seen over the past few weeks how the security forces have stepped up operations or interdiction rates on banded hide out in that area, claiming tough, it's called direct. it's and killing several bandits in those areas. we've also seen how the bandits responded. for example, a few days ago they killed at least a dozen police officers at a training camp in north west nigeria that also shut down. and i did a military aircraft that conducted rate on their hide out a few days before. now,
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although the pilot is escaped, the bandits still continue to go. mean it's not in areas in the north west of the country. the voters are saying that the ransom for the release of the over 120 could not victims. but there are also hundreds of others was still being held by these groups operating in the north, west and north central parts of nigeria. bent tree activities has been on the rise for the last 3 years in nigeria, especially here in northern nigeria and central pops up. and then i didn't president, under pressure as ordered the military to conduct area and also ground approaches to free victims of kidnappings. in all parts of nigeria, however, despite the approaches, there are hundreds of people kept by these ballots in various camps in the forest of niger and other parts of central and northern parts of nigeria. among them, hundreds of students taken from better schools, universities,
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islamic schools and other small schools are boarding schools in north part northern parts, especially in the north west. why our schools have been forced to shut down because of increased activity by the gunman. in south africa, the government is revealed a list of suspects accused of instigating the country's worst unrest in years president cyril rom, before the insists, last week's rights were planned. sponsored by the jailing of former president jacob zoom, but why didn't into frustration that poverty and inequality in zoom as home province of cause natal intelligence failures and a slow police response helped the chaos spread. but it's smith has our report from the biggest city in the province, devon of come across south africa to most populous provinces. it was mob rule for more than a week. it started after the jailing of former president jacob zoom and the government says the mob was deliberately directed towards distribution centers, key highways, railways, and ports in housing and quasi lu natal,
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you couldn't do something with well orchestrated, married house has been monitoring violence and security in south africa for more than 30 years. how close did they come? back to lee said lighting pretty close. i think look, it, i mean, really it's the stabilisation when you get the economic damage we have and the damage to race relation. basically it's because of the fact that this province is the key. zoom is support base. oh, it was zoom, is close, family and friends deny inciting the looting across social media. there are examples of people using the imprisonment of the former president to justify the violence. a slow police response led to vigilante groups taking the law into their own hands. here, men from an indian majority township in durban, shooting
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a black men who entered from a neighboring township. more than 200 people were killed. 20 of them in this area, including 29 year old percy to tower his nephew, said his uncle was in a car when he was shot caused him in the study in the trade. in my uncle michel short like the driver. got that was look at this place, the wording to the ground. the economy already battered by the pandemic will contract 3 percent, according to one us investment bank. present several ram, oppose. a admitted that the government caught off guard was slow to respond more to the violence could happen again. i think it could if, if the state doesn't get its intelligence act together, if it doesn't. i mean, what's disappointing to me is that some of the key instigators have not been touch . we do. 7 we've got to have to watch carefully what the strategies is. a lot of
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threats they get to continue. and this is where the government has a list of 12 people. it suspects of instigating the violence. only half a dozen have been arrested so far. how close any of the people on the wanted list are to jacob zoom is unknown, but how and if they are arrested, could be another. testable authority for the government, a serial ram, oppose a bonus. smith, i'll just era took the 7 people have been killed. 40 injured in the latest fighting in southern afghanistan, it happened during schilling between african government forces and taliban fighters in kandahar, in a separate incident for town, and find as were killed when their vehicle had a roadside bomb in done districts. meanwhile, the head of afghanistan's reconciliation counseled is expressing confidence in the future of the republic. a dollar a dollar spoke to some have been just 8 about the tunnel bands presence on the ground. taliban cannot convert the whole population of upon
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a son into taliban. kind of a nice ation of on the sun is not acceptable. yes, of course. they feel at this moment that deb out hand militarily on the ground and that will not last that way. i'm sure i'm not talking about days and weeks that we're talking about the course of time because that see this and from our history. so the sooner we get to the other fact in reality of life, the death to you cannot, you cannot impose, you are well upon the whole nation through military might. even if you have that opportunity that should compel them. and also, as i mentioned, we're ready to, to talk about but my question was, how confident are you that the african government is going to be able to prevail to
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protect those freedoms and assure the african people that it is here in the long run. it will continue to be that as, as i mentioned, if there is no, there is no peaceful settlement. and fortunately the world will continue. and as a result of the war, tinge will change and areas will go and to hand at that part. if you're talking about the survival of the state, i should say that yes, while when the slime makes it public, that is a position. there are different roofs which are not happy with the conduct, but they criticize as the unhappy, but they're the same time daily with the principles in the principle of the public one person one vote and so to neither principals. and if you're talking about the survival of the state, yes. and you can see a sound is full interview with
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a beller bella. and now next edition of talk to al jazeera o 430 g m t this saturday on al jazeera. haiti has a new prime minister after 2 weeks of uncertainty following the assassination of its president the death of jovan, i'm always led to a power struggle. now, following an international intervention, arial andre, as emerged as the trouble of nations, new leader, the supporters of anti gallagher. the former swearing in of our l on re, is haiti's, new prime minister is an attempt to n days of uncertainty. following the assassination of president governor, i'm always acting prime minister close joseph appeared to be in charge. following the brazen attack on luis, he stepped aside to allow henri to take the reins. 71 year old neurosurgeon is calling for unity, but he's facing a long list of social and political issues that we will create a secure, reliable, and stable environment to facilitate political activities throughout the country.
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we will expect massive participation in the next presidential election, the highest participation of citizens of voting age on re, is appointed his cabinet with the goal of leading haiti to new elections that's been problematic previously leading to my ruling by decree, but hated future may depend on a free and fair vote. next help up us up with this government wide. think for the people they're unpopular, they're only thinking for the late again at the expense of the haitian people. we can expect anything serious from this government up to why we say to this new government, welcome, because to be the haitian people, we want actions from them. we would like the new government to solve the crisis of the country to solve the problems of slum neighborhoods. many haitians see these as dangerous times, an unreason to national backing is regarded by some as a problem. anybody, they sort of back or anoint or push is going to be seen with a lot of skepticism by the haitian people. i think people are,
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are very wary of international community involvement in haiti at this time. but of course, they want aid, but they don't want the interference and a meddling the movie memorial services to 53 o job anomalies of being held even as the investigation into his assassination continues. on tuesday, haitian authorities made more arrests, including people said to be police officers that they appear no closer to finding out why he was killed last, last, a cowardly assassination of the president of the republic constitutes a real national drama. we have a duty to consider it at such, including those in hiding and in any counter conflict. while the international community is pushing this impoverish nation to hold elections, other se voting won't solve haiti's problems. many key institutions have failed, gangs control large parts of puerto prince and the economy lays in ruins. stakes the haiti couldn't be higher,
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and de galka al jazeera sports is next on this news on all the light is on the limbic. i'm on the richardson in tokyo, a city preparing for house and the limpid gangs like no other ah, brought to you by accenture, that there be change the use
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with me duties by extension. let there be change. oh, a welcome back time people come all thank you very much. after a year of delays and questions about whether it should go ahead at all in the middle of the pandemic. competition has finally begun to the secular lympics and the hosts got the games off to the perfect start in the opening event. exactly
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a year after they were supposed to start the defending olympic champion, women's softball team, beat australia, $81.00. when the mercy room was invoked, the 1st 2 days of the software competition are being paid in full shima. the area devastated by the 2011 earthquake and soon ami. the opening ceremony will be held on friday. the us women football team's winning streak of come to the end of the $44.00 game suite and beating the favorites. and full time and big champions, 3, you know, in socio she'd gone and tell me that again. them be a school before they were limp ago, captain barbara bundle with the honor. in the 900 minutes, she went home to school hedrick late in the game against the netherlands. unfortunately for this ambient loss matched in 3 any other games, brazilian lamb arthur became the 1st to school in 5 straight and limping. she packed a double in a 5 know whenever china, great britain had a to to victory, have a chilly. japan canada drew one all and australia beat the trans tasman rival new
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zealand to one. the president thomas ball has admitted to having doubts every day about the wisdom of going ahead with the tokyo games with the city and the state of emergency throughout the olympics. the athlete faced unparalleled restrictions on the movements and richardson reports from tokyo. everyone heading to the lympics is taking a step into the unknown. the 1st hurdle for athletes and media, arriving in japan, making sure all the right paperwork is in place past strict coded 19 safety protocols. well, we just made it for a fairly complex immigration process. it took around 4 hours and involve that taking a covey test. i also have to take to covey test in the days, immediately prior to coming to japan. i'll be testing every day for the 1st 3 days and then at regular intervals after that, after the athletes will go through something very similar, but they will be tested every single day that they're at these olympics. some
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public health experts to consume the efforts being taken to keep these games safe don't go far enough. for example, the daily test athletes are taking is a rapid result, anti gen test. not the more reliable and accurate p c r test. i think the fundamental problem was a lack of open, transparent, and assigned to discussions about the conditions and of which do your impacts could be held in a safe and secure manner. i think that is totally irresponsible. corona virus has ready derailed the plans of many potential olympians. uganda is roughly 17. we're hoping to compete at the games for the 1st time, but after some of their plans tested positive covey 19 at the phone, a qualifying event, they had to withdraw. and similar scenarios are already playing out in japan. the preparation is very, very difficult for me athletes. and of course that experience is not playing as
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similar with the viruses impacted some countries in a devastating wind hubs. handshakes and high fines are old and that the athletes village competitors have been told they could be kicked out of the games if they ignore regulations, aimed at preventing the spread of corona virus. but not all athletes. a concern by the restrictions that they focus on winning olympic gold. you can call them big groups in the dining or you're going to span you a little bubble of 4 or 5 people the whole time and stay the room and all of that. that's exactly how i've always treated games, like it hasn't been a big sociable experience for me. it's all about the competition. and so it's going to be pretty routine. that sense of isolation is set to continue in the fan las empty stadiums that will surround and olympics like, no other. andy richardson, al jazeera tokyo then we'll host the 2032 summer and then
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big games. the announcement was made on wednesday by the international olympic committee. you can see here that local, we're pretty happy with that decision. he gave prison exclusive bidding rights in an effort to reduce the cost of campaign and to minimize the risk of vote. buying was and will become the 3rd street in city to host against the melbourne in 1956 and sidney in 2000. the milwaukee bucks have beaten the phoenix suns to when they 1st in the a championship in the years back forward. ja janice and peter combo delivered at one of the faith performances of korea. the leading team with the points and 14 rebound will be winning game 6 of the final $1598.00 in the title drops that last off at century. and he company was named the most valuable player of the championship theory.
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this is off to that game. $65000.00 fans packed together outside the arena and movie to celebrate the 31st term. but when, since 1971, the revelers mostly on most celebrated late into been on the bus to find a game to tooth and became on the 15th when the latter leaving the 1st 2 games. i hope i give people around the world from africa, from europe, give them hope, you know that it can be done. he can be done. 8 years ago, 8 and a half years ago, i came to the league. i, you know, when my next move will come from now my mom was starting the street the like. and now i'm sitting the top of the top will leave a day for now. i'll be here again later with another sports news updates. thank you
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. paid your $1300.00, gmc by peter, and i back for back new down to out to now. i'm also back product for the break for today. ah ah ah ah ah ah, when a french soldier was murdered in a so called terrorist attack, his mother retaliated with love, speaking out against intolerance and alienation. she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who loved her son, but adopted
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a generation latifah. with miss documentary on al jazeera, from flying the flag for her nation has been putting in flame crickets on what be on train between my dream play and the word girl was providing family, crazy ways cleaning games. that's my precious game in the game. my them bob way on al jazeera from the world's most populated region, the and until the story from across asia and the pacific to discover the current events with diverse coaches, the and conflicting politics,
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ah, $11.00 east. on out there. you want to help save the world, sneeze into your elbow. in the moments of hara the heaviest, rain and generations triggers flash floods until more than a dozen people in central china. ah, we're going to come out, maria here and don't know what the world news for now. freedom at last, thumbs gangs release villages in north west nigeria after holding them hostage for 42 days.


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