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concerned by the restrictions as they focus on winning olympic gold. you can congregate in big groups and the dining. oh, you gotta stand you a little bubble of 4 or 5 people the whole time and baby room and all of that. that's exactly how i've always treated games, like it hasn't been a big sociable experience for me. it's all about the competition. and so it's going to be pretty routine. that sense of isolation is set to continue into the fan las empty stadiums that will surround and lympics like no other. and the richardson al jazeera tokyo, ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. at least 16 people have died in severe flooding in china's her 9 province. whether experts say it's a result of the heaviest rainfall and generations with more rain forecasts than the possibility. a damn in the region could collapse at any time. katrina,
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he has more now from paging. well, we've just spoken to a local in jung, jo city and he's told us that the rain has subsided for at least 30 minutes. but the warning is that more showers and rain are expected over the next 2 days, at least. so the government emergency response level remains on red alert, which is the highest level. and currently in the region, a rescue teams have been sent to help rescue people in danger or help with the clean up process. police in nigeria say they secured the release of 100 villages who were kidnapped 6 weeks ago. many of them are women and children were abducted last month in northwestern some farm state liter townsend, he has main opposition party has been arrested for him and boy, and 10 other to him of party members which attains in the middle of the mines. the party was planning a conference to demand constitutional reforms. indonesia has reported its highest stay the death toll since the pandemic began. almost 1400 people is currently
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dealing with the worst i break in asia. covered 1900 restrictions have been extended until july 25th. and a search of infections. south korea has reported its highest number of infections ever. 11700 new cases were recorded on tuesday. the recent search is being driven by the highly contagious delta variance. just 30 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. violence is broken. i had several cities in iran, all which was a storm of process over water shortages continue for the 6 consecutive night. security forces part shots to disperse, the crowed, and that's you up to date, to stay with those inside story effects. ah
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ah, ah, the us and a number of western allies slain china for an allege cyber spying campaign. washington says it's a threat to national security. staging says the accusation is groundless. so what the fall out from that route is inside story. ah, ah. welcome to the program on the hill robin. this was a unified condemnation of china on cyber attacks. the united states, the european union, nato, and other world powers. also, beijing was responsible for an attack on microsoft service earlier this year, but stopped short of announcing punishment measures for alleged cyber activities.
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around a quarter of a 1000000 computers, a said to have been compromised in march effecting at least 30000 organizations worldwide. nations including canada, new zealand, australia, and japan's had chinese state linked hacking groups were behind the exploitation and the que spacing of our broad range of militia, cyber activities, including ransomware and cyber espionage. the chinese ministry of state security was singled out. the white house has not ruled out consequences of aging, but president joe biden said china, his behavior is different from that of russia, which has faced us sanctions on a number of issues that the chinese government, not unlike the russian government, is not doing this themselves, but or protecting those who are doing it, maybe even accommodating and being able to do it. that may be the difference. the number of countries involved amounts to the largest condemnation of china's 5
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activities. it's also the 1st time that nato has denounced alleged chinese cyber attacks. the 30 nation alliance wants all states including china, to uphold international obligations, and act responsibly in cyberspace. while the e, you condemned what it described as malicious cyber activities conducted from china and said it was resulted in security risks and major economic loss for government institutions. and private companies and the united kingdom, the foreign secretary said that the chinese government must end what he called systematic cyber sabotaged the could expect to be held to account if it does not. china has rejected the accusations, calling them politically motivated. here's what the foreign ministry spokesman had to say. maybe judy money or the us ganged up with its allies and launched an unwarranted accusation against china on cybersecurity. this is made out of thin and confused the right and wrong. it is purely smear and suppression out of political
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motives. china will never accept this. china will always stand firmly against and combat any form of cyber attacks. still less we will encourage support or condone any cyber attack. american security agencies have published more than 50 tactics. they say we're used by chinese hackers to target networks. and the u. s. is indicted for chinese nationals linked to the ministry of state security with a large scale campaign to computers between 20112018. we'll get to august. surely the 1st katrina year reports now from beijing. this collective condemnation of chinese cyber attacks by at least 30 countries, including the u. s. has been deeply embarrassing for aging. china has responded by denying that it's supported or encouraged any cyber attacks, and it's called these accusations groundless and politically motivated. now bay
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ging is trying to undermine the credibility of the u. s. allegations by saying it hasn't provided enough evidence. there are simply too many of the actors around the world. it's very difficult to pinpoint their exact location, let alone tie these to a single government. aging is also trying to turn the tables on washington saying that most cyber attacks around the world occur from inside the united states. it accuses washington of indiscriminately eavesdropping on the world not only on competitors, but its own friends and allies. it also says that the c i a has for 11 years be lodging cyber attacks against chinese institutions, including technology, a, d, h and energy companies. now, while broadly denying these claims by the u. s. and the other countries launching these allegations. china has failed to detail. acknowledge any of these allegations of the attacks on microsoft email exchange service, which had affected at least 30000 companies as well as the indictment of for chinese, national by the u. s. department of justice. katrina, you in beijing,
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the inside story. the. well, let's bring in august now for this edition of inside story joining me now via skype from washington. d. c is brett brewed president of the global situation room and a former global director engagement at the white house and the president obama from light in the netherlands. james shy is that assistant professor at the institute of security and global affairs at lightning university. and in beijing on a tank in china, political analysts to also advises the chinese provincial government will welcome to all of my guests mr. brewing can just start with you 1st. no smoke without fire . and despite seems to be getting found politically from all sides. and yet, at the moment, i have to say that the binding ministration has taken a rather restrained reproach. approach to china and chinese
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hacks and attacks, quite frankly, on our infrastructure use a different approach been taken with russia. and i think raises a number of questions about the motivations on the one hand, clearly they're trying to assemble that coalition of countries that are going to hold the line. i'm china, but i don't think it actually has the desired effect. and in some ways it allows staging to claim that they are being unfairly persecuted without actually that penalty that it is so critically important if we are going to dissuade them from engaging in teacher and it's hanging over invasion, let's say get your reaction to what mr. bruce just said, but also the feeling at the moment from beijing because obviously they're very angry at the moment. yes, i mean the, just remember that what is this all based on this is based on a u. k. in fact,
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i mean investigation by the things that says it's highly likely, quote unquote that an affiliated entity to the chinese government instituted these hacks from, you know, that's not exactly the kind of proof that a country or coalition of countries who are saying that the rule of law is something they believe it, this is the whole basis of it. so you have these people come together based on this rather dubious claim. and, you know, how do you just prove that from beijing point of view? also, in beijing things, it's kind of rich, they're being falsely accused in their mind. and at the same time, you know, you have the snowden revelations, showing that the u. s. was doing far more than anything that the chinese are quote accused are doing. so there's an air of hypocrisy, not only coming from washington, but also those who are joining in and that's an element we'll discuss as well as, as we pick this program that let me go over to the netherlands now,
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which i am charles, are standing by and he would the e u, the u. k, australia joining this chorus. if there wasn't enough, you want the credible evidence on a shared approach to the condemnation while as they tangled just said, it's a theory without producing any evidence. i mean, where you, where do you see this at the moment? yeah, i think they ought to be the right to emphasize that you did not say it was certain . it is highly likely standard speak around attribution society because you can never be certain. i would not describe it as a dubious lane. the fact that with countries have come out of the u. k and the u. s . i was the youth and they show how all come out and suggested that if rich and parents evidence behind it, we seen some of the public domain from private security companies, but not all automated out. that is very difficult to prove, to an extent in international public say,
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i'll be coming back to how we actually unpaid that and find the evidence for it and just to tank and collect about 2 in beijing. china is response, as you say, has been robust, quite angry about these accusations that have been made for facilitating the potential hack. but they are leaving the question the chinese government may have accommodated groups who tacitly are working from chinese soil, who may be hacking, in a similar vein to the way that the, the us is treating russia as well. and saying that various hacks are coming from russia. what makes this narrative difference as far as beijing is concerned? well, beijing is not acknowledged that there's any groups. they're just pointing out that if there are private interests, just like there are private chinese citizens who are for their own enrichment, stealing intellectual property. i don't think american steals something from germany or from russia. it is attributed to the nation, but for some reason the chinese feel that every time you know anybody chinese shows
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up their automatically aspire. you'll note that they've just refused 500 students who are a post graduate students and stem areas because they're all spies. you've heard this repeatedly by republicans and democrats on both sides. so this idea that somehow china is guilty before you provide any proof i. i beg to differ with my colleague from australia. i'm a lawyer, i was a prosecutor. i would've been laughed out of court by went in there and said, you know, judge, it's highly probable that there may have been an affiliation with a government. i therefore think we should, you know, condemn these people. i mean, if you stand by this rule of law, produce the evidence, don't stand there and throw nameless accusation on a kind of drunk. remember, this is part and parcel of on almost j li criticisms of china for this. that are the only thing. how is it possible that china is the center of all evil in the
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world? where, if not china, russia and then they happened to be what geopolitical competitors and mr. talking just very briefly then come asked what policies laura, in place in china to, to stop hacking from a local position. do they have laws in place that stopped these sorts of groups? oh, absolutely, absolutely. it is against the law to do that. this is not some sort of lawless society or something like that, or from it they have very good laws. the question is enforcement and making sure that they, if they know who these people are, they go after. remember, it's one of the few nations that actually go does some thing about corruption as opposed to those who are cast stones. okay, mr. ben, back in washington dc, you think the with a combined, you might say brain power, silicon valley big tech to the and i say the u. s. would have found a way with its allies to stop hacking all side. the espionage in some shape or form over the years. well certainly, and efforts have been made, but this is one of those challenges that sort of continues to evolve and to more
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into different ways. so you saw one problem and then another once emerges and i would take issue with my friend in beijing. you may suggest that you know, presenting evidence quarter. why don't know what, and that's a chinese quarter, an american. but the broader point is that not nothing happens in china without express permission of the chinese government. so this notion of possible deniability. oh, there were these very sophisticated hackers that were operating from chinese territory unbeknown to or, or without the consent of the chinese government. simply does not pass much, i'm sorry. okay, mr. shy that sir. bring you in here from light and to try and clarify how do you start to investigate tracking, where do you start technically in the process?
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sure, so that's a really important point in that many. the investigation start in the private sector, in the case of the market exchange abilities be detected by security researchers who are not stake affiliated and then they were detected by private fund security companies working for organizations who were their clients. they depended these kinds of intrusions and then they escalated that other than the community. and eventually they also left the states no as well. this went back to microsoft in this case. and then michael tried to issue some stuff from some point of detection, but a security researcher finding a hole in the system or by someone noticing unusual activity on corporate that what thinking is wrong? it is unusual. need to investigate behind it now is going to school to technically trace all the way to the person sitting behind the keyboard, but it has been done. and this is worth remembering that in previous cases, you are indicted specific individuals associated with chinese. they will try
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a military or intrusion of the time they have provided evidence. why to extend the evidence out there in the public domain, from these private companies from the u. s. government as well. so even to the exchange, there is not is highly likely to accept having done, you know, the time that we, we probably expect similar items come out in the future just very long to make sorry, please, please finish. please finish to me in terms of what happened after that happened to scope because this is all about the recklessness of the and it impact initially. it just would like espionage, maybe on a large scale, malicious. i was trying to collect data, trying to read emails from these microsoft exchange. so once they knew that they'd be caught, once you find out they tried to multiply it as much as they could try to compromise many organizations. and in that way, they left the door open,
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they left the window open to lots of other side. criminals ran to act as you name it. so that was a record of incident. not the only one was to be considered actually, not all state to it, but the records part later on when they tried to spread it all up. okay, so we can, we can go back and forth on, on the blame game, but let's move forward then mr. tang and i come to you in beijing, the recent g 7 meeting that happened in the united kingdom declared as one of the statements that china posed a huge global threat. trying to argue that it's big enough to be part of the global order. and it doesn't need to be part of the g 7, but would like to be part of the g 7 to be able to explain itself to be able to take be taken to task if needs be. because at the moment it seems to be on the outside. and as you say that this ongoing scenario where child china seems to be brow beaten at every, at every opportunity in turn. well, let's put it this way. i think china wants to be part of the un, which it is. i think it is not too fond of these kind of cliques that have grown up
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. remember, the g 7 used to describe itself is the most powerful and, and economically advanced countries on earth. this time around, if you look through all the verbiage, you'll notice that they dropped economically advanced because all of them, you know, had basic that negative growth. during this covered period, china had positive growth. for the last 40 years, china has succeeded. and the developed countries around the world have moved sideways. this is an existential threat to them. and they don't want to, things have changed. so that's why there's this ever louder drumbeat that somehow china has cheated simply because it has succeeded. it's sad later affairs, but it won't end the joke. countries realize that there are many past prosperity, not just one. okay, let me take it, take you over to mr. brewing in washington dc because the recent debate and the recent argument to the last 18 months has been wall way the the chinese technologic
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technology fund that wanted to invest. it's a know how in the you case 5 g project for telecommunications that isn't going to happen. while always chief executive was arrested incarcerated in canada. that cases are going a real big a real blow for china to advance its technology across not just western europe, but also north america. well, if i could contrast yesterday's statement by the united states and its allies with the approach that the trumpet administration to china, trump really tries to bulldoze to bully a lot of countries, including the united kingdom into turning down why weighs 5 g capabilities i think divided administration is making more progress and that this is probably more sustainable in trying to work alongside allies even if they're not willing to go
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quite as far as we would like them to. and that is not a worry because what we saw yesterday was the world standing together and declaring with one voice that this is unacceptable. i think it builds on the statement. it came out of 7. and you're going to see more of this. you're going to see efforts by those countries that are aligned with democratic values, saying to china, this behavior, this kind of reckless whiskey behavior, is not going to be tolerated to the question that lose large. so is what are we going to do about it? and we'll united states, we'll european and other allies be willing to put some penalties alongside those strong words. will penalties be enough for beijing in a tang? and one wonders whether or how china would retaliate. s, the
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e o us start walking down the road of sanctions. well, it's not going to change china and you know, this kind of pious tone that somehow the whole world has said this when it is, in fact, just a bunch of colonial countries who used to are responsible for many of the atrocities that growth mean. china hasn't started, any wars ever broken any countries? they're not leaving afghanistan behind. they, they didn't do the things that were put forward by snowden, in terms of actually hack into the cloud and making sure they had access not only to china, but everybody else's information in the world. i mean, this is really an age of post hypocrisy. when i'm on a show where people are talking about how evil and terrible china is when in fact, they're just accusing china things that they have done themselves. yet they don't
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have any proof against china. it's fine for my colleague in australia to say that g was, you know, there were, it's this and that, but he hasn't, didn't say at one at any point that it was definitely tied back to china. yet he is quite happy to have that. i wonder how he would feel if the situation was reversed and also australia was being handled. august isn't in australia, but washington, d. c, in the netherlands, but i don't think the says, but these accusations all coming from you might say the west will. they all coming from europe, they all come from north america, and quite surprisingly, this with united world. how is that possible? that the g 7 speaks for the entire world where they won't even give a covered vaccine? brett bruin, the united welcome. you know, i think the point being is that you're seeing a much stronger alliance across pacific, across the atlantic, among some of the most significant global powers. and that is
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unprecedented. and we can quibble about what use a global voice, what is you know, regional or collection of countries. you know, i also would say to my friends in beijing that are not just, you know, activations, but a whole series of accusations and with a whole lot of proofs. and let's not forget that there are millions of infringing promptings who might be to different rosie pace of china, and it's record on human rights and respects for the rule of law. so i think what is important. ringback here in the statement to bring the conversation back to the core question is what rules as a global community, our country's going for 2nd, especially when it touches on cyberspace. and this is somewhat the wild west, and we're starting to see countries in coalition countries come together to try to
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set some standard. you saw this in the meetings that i didn't had with president, and i think there will be more to com. okay. but, but let me just bring in then james shy is because if this is the wild west in terms of cybersecurity, cyber development, what needs to be done? who needs to be policing it? and can it be policed through an internet that is so wide and varied? starting point in the wild wet analogy, maybe i read like describing actions in cyberspace as well because they are connected to other political, economic and other options that are international legal rules that do apply to side . there are national norm, the applied states as well. these are being discussed extensively and they be agreed after us for that being groups of governmental, they've been large working groups with all relevant states will agree that norms
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are responsible. they behavior insights. they should be adopted more widely eating food, things like not engaging in reckless cyber attacks. so saying that it was really undervalued the extent to which we have the norm out. that the question then is how do you try and, and improve compliance with the norms? and you say, how sanctions apartments women are. now you can have known cyber responses, such as sanctions, such as diplomatic statements, as we've seen before, we have responded in cyberspace. and this is where it gets a little bit more tricky when they choose response side creation with their own cycle questions. in response to our friend in beijing they will, is, will finally be not true in the side of many cycle question by the us. and it allies, much as they pulled out china and russia. so the intellectual community, the experts community, is much more objective here and they do have
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a lot of evidence. finally, i'd like to say on the point of responses from things we've seen from china, region responsive in europe, to record violations around human right around the way that they respond very strongly to auditions and to accommodate your top. and similarly, i think that might be the right moment to actually and our conversation folks, we have just run out of time. i'm sure it will be a subject that we come back to in the not too distant future. it's always good to get your inside like to thank but brewing in washington dc. james shy as in leyden . and i'm a tangle in beijing. gentlemen, thanks for joining me on this edition of inside story. and thank you for watching. you can see the program again. any time by visiting our website to downtown or dot com and for further discussion gateway facebook page on facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle that is a inside story for me, the whole rahman, i mean, if i saw the theme,
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thanks very much for your time and your company. ah, news news across the world, young activists and organizers around motivated and politically engaged, the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and we were the one who had life on what was going on. and the way that will means to me to do this, there's looking stuff that goes on. there's always in a dynamic formation, we have the agencies to create the vibe of the generation on al jazeera,
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when a french soldier was murdered in a so called terrorist attack in his mother, retaliated with love, speaking out against intolerance and alienation. she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who loved her son, but adopted a generation latifah, witness documentary on al jazeera for me since i molina families, the pain is unbearable for of their relatives were killed last week, doing a military operation ordered by the venezuelan government security forces accused him of being part of a colombian rebel group and said they died and come, but the neighbors and family members in session, they were innocent, taken from their homes and executed under pressure venezuela's, defense minister,
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everybody, me to the, you know, said the forces were obliged to the friends that come through from irregular groups that added the human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. oh oh again featured, i'll be here indo. how you are top stories from al jazeera in central china. the heaviest rains and records began has triggered, devastating flash flooding. homes have been swept away streets, subways, factories and farmland. nothing has been sped will than 200000 people are being moved to higher ground. at least 12 people had been killed in the city of jang ju hit by the heaviest rainfall in generations. and for all those died in neighboring gong. ye city, katrina, you reports now for us from big.


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