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the largest foreign has been burning for 2 weeks, and the state of oregon is destroyed. more than 157000 acres of brush and forest firefighters are still battling the blazes. for a hollywood producer, harvey weinstein has been extradited from new york to los angeles to face a 2nd trial and rape and sexual assault charges. last year, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison in new york for sexual assault and rape. the 69 year old is appealing that conviction and sentence and the milwaukee box made history after securing their 1st n b a championship in 50 years. it was an emotional moment for 26 years old, and peter couldn't, paul, who was chosen to see who's your valuable player to think that the phoenix suns, 10598 game, 6 of the finals to win the series or games 50. ah,
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this is al jazeera, these are the headlines, least 16 people have died in severe flooding and china's hon and province. whether experts say it's a result of the heaviest rainfall generations with more rain forecast as the possibility a dime in the region could collapse at any moment. katrina, you has more now from paging while we've just spoken to a local in jung, joe city and he's told us that the rain has subsided for at least 30 minutes. but the warning is that more showers and rain are expected over the next 2 days, at least. so the government emergency response level remains on red alert, which is the highest level. and currently in the region, a rescue teams have been sent to help rescue people in danger or help with the clean up process and rapids, the wave of infections so suddenly spread across me and mar, leaving the country's medical infrastructure. when the edge of collapse,
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healthcare workers have been struggling with shortages of oxygen experts say the true number of corona vomas' cases and debts is much higher. and what's been reported is felisa nigeria say they've secured the release of a group of 100 women and children kidnapped 6 weeks ago. they are abducted last month in the northwestern some far as state. hey, he has a you prime minister to 2 weeks of uncertainty following the assassination of the president's own, re became the country's new leader after his rival, for the joke steps of science. and the international olympic committee has announced the next that he chosen to host the 2032 summer and then picks for brisbin will might be the 3rd a trillion since he's a who's the games after melbourne in 1956, and sidney in size and says, you know, it's very,
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they were this on our to 0. my bubbly felt mixed after a one year delay the tokyo and then picks up buying them by growing opposition, by running cost in japan. thousands of actually competing in the stadium amid the around the virus out there will be inside the bubble to bring them from games like no other. ah, my name is chris. what are you? i'm play for why we're mission, i think. you know, also play for what we're mission on. the why
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the, with my family, my fun, my, my, my rugby, my team is my wig. that plays with the news this think is really important. for me, it was clear i went to play all final 20 cricket has been putting i'm going to face and which means putting the me that's blinker,
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both much done on the ground by the glue that the book or the times it goes to your hit where you want to be, it was a know where you wanted to book the lit up up over the top. make sure you ring maxima over the weekend. we are playing the video to 22 minutes and we have games in this country. and this is also a good platform to select play for the initial side, which was good for, for us to prove it. and it was a good way to play with these something to play for me that i need to remember how much you want me to sort of wanted to me, but any more one to 2 more didn't go find one special a time young. would you say did to was 11111
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exposure tammy, over. i'm going to one will listen guys to i know my idea. fin, wassa le. on the less and less was blind as to what might be a good. it would be easy as the days after it's been a team. no, ma'am. i know. you know, we'll be in louis. i'm staying with the what does that? i don't i don't think and up id go. linda. no. gina, and i was as the damage been wrong, we went by me and as j. e. me, i mean to know what the get to those him in full. and then what
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else made a does is it will do shouldn't tv. well, we can enjoy your amazon wanted to, she said maybe maybe that was made and you want them to move. i don't know, pharmacy module, what i know body what i was when they said they busy the tv door and medicine verges, and a number of ways and there is no the my, i'm the g and a war. and under what, i don't know what the, than she is, the what on one day in the war. now, 5 tv, that again will find my mind in my show. there was one that that actually can get there can be more than someone that waste, sooner than i guess she said, what i now both of them are you provided that i didn't lose my and gave me and interested this for this wednesday,
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but mainly interested then we had one on one on one on on the lot. but i've underwhelmed and i get a bible to give you baby know monday. no, i didn't no one who lived together. can you and wish i would be meaning to shut down. but isn't it? does it go to the all is and open so they mean the actually do me 11 i seen in that word mean when it is users, dave, as you need ah ah ah
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ah, i wish you. why did we got my main bill to watch when no one and a while. but then i'm just going in the face of is wanting to do with fishes. we met when we were playing when we to give them and the thought to me know, i want to dream, we want to dream power young ladies to be involved because they life after thought. so you need to be punitive. well, the training and training for mind i want to do this for a woman is
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a bit of a truck because of the culture. i can say a woman is supposed to be at work or in the kitchen, or you have to get married. so she had a goal and that's why she's flying high. she's playing on muslim high because she said i can do it as a woman. you don't look at your best because i'm a woman. i cannot do it. if the men can do it, women into the guide one, let's figure one in mind. right? is that going? what may? so it is now my you know, what are the last guy? good. god bless id badge and i guess i'm very busy.
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i'm not a good place to be in this room over there, but i've been not going to do what is known as it was. somebody did that was, what did i get to do with me? ah ah ah
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how long she would be known as is it no you would you board the oh no, no, no, i don't want to. i guess there's any. it's called, this is when you go to my, i was reading it and moving my way up to month. but i, you know, my life. i'm on a little by 1000000 as you go by a man you play a was in the way of and not all but i've, i've been a damage on my table that all windows. my social is the one thing that i want. but what i need is no less, i think i started, it will actually said, oh i'm and that was the due date of my end as a b, c i y,
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i mean you see it go on but will got up. i mean, i didn't you megan back. you've seen for the one thing on i know when you want to. well, i mean, i don't, i don't believe we go, dale is, is a big thing about us too. yeah. i mean that. i mean, when i'm going, i'm done, i'm done. i'm gonna wasn't good to go into that data, but i see i am going to go. my number with us is it would me hope i'm going to get
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a mobile ah, one of the you know what i i use what would you would with them but a less and i imagine it would be less if you didn't want to move on the less where did he say the new i'm
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to when i'm when? oh yeah. do you agree with a player asked me why? i think he was good to me in terms of the twin which you know, being the the did the creative games and why we had a sport growing sports to my should we, i by any challenge you know, do like i, boise, you, i don't that i see was i think a little my way will if i just, i will those go in to know that i didn't get to you would you would be home. i
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was, i was this is, would you this isn't, this isn't a busy needs would read on the oh yes, if what again, again, it's just got to what i think of living twice. if they did, they did before used to do what approach are we going to use? always do with it. and we're talking about being with live. the way you can play movies give think we haven't really seen that. i think we need to change anything.
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don't say to be a year or 2 more than just maintain the thing that you have been doing over these games. or do i need to find an outlet said to find out to me is the last game just in was more we say to find, i know what was in your mind. you start to because they want to pretty to find him please. just the last game. that's all, that's the way to know what the glenville wood silly for with them, but for the next year, without food, nobody will see the, my national gal. as you know we, this is when you go to any i, you know, cooler, this guy sculpture and this guy figures when they, there was no one is and a wages problem goes with
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a day being this is not the time to do sunday as easy seminar and i was here, my shooting. ah, i think i should have my i stood in front of me. i just need the money because i do
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i'm, i am i a dark guy and i want to make me break. i will middle and you know, get approved them myself. but anyway, when you get a minute, you know, just whenever i've gone but nobody, i mean sometimes
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it's, i'm getting was a big fin. like i know i know by now. i mean, when, when i'm on my own when needed, sometimes when dbi with me, when i use whatever way i asked that way, i would have all the new ones with him and we managed to keep doing this. i'm on my way to the
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i was just going and i do when a kid could. oh, like i used to be late. this was initially, you know, like, you know, it looks like it was like, which as you saw scanning, but i know they didn't go too fast with his legs. emily, me, me, i have not been just dealing with just a bullying or bidding. they just get a lot of talking too much. most boys,
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if you remember what i said, you said that, you know, defined and finding out visa, ending in the ingles, ended on my memory beds only go to canada, which is huge. j gaze did you want me to give you haven't come home on the i use
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ah, the good from open as definitely i think they put us in a good position. the good foundation we didn't expect that robin was completed them . that is like a way to do to deal with what we're doing with the, with the business, but i think we can, we will come big wouldn't give you 2 of us. you get to know that neither would be
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will they put a big into game. so i think you've got a bullet come up with these can do this exactly what they get. the benefit of the news ah news features. okay. but it was $121.00 it run
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me. ah ah ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, the legal requesting over today. first of all, ladies and gentlemen, and for the mazda,
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this goes to when i would have a note on putting people with what i am, i don't get me all weekend visit of the i the it, i think we played for 10 years. good 10 years for it might be was, it was way, way further again that it was what they allow for the game. it was dad gave the flatter, done, but i was involved with a lot of denver. i'm proving that. well,
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as it would do my, my didn't leto and puzzle of employ just as we might do. and we can be done on be and i'm, i'm jen, i got a bible, but i will go to school. usually 100 and a new jersey 0809. 08082 lady. i do need you to do me to get the thing from where i am now. i think i would pray for you to play on that for a few years. my main, my main goal, my dream, to play in the world, to be doing my job. then after playing,
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i think my main goal is to be honest. i don't want to be a good. was me i sure on your mind is rising by way. sometimes it's a place where things can be my ways, all my ways my zimbabwe is winning games. that's why the farmer finding harmony in pursuing his passions. my passions finding young and
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keeping cultural tradition, nurturing the musical talents of his community, had been playing to dream music filled in monday morning, outside world and tending his families land. the most positive thing that brought to my mind actually doing this. hector mcgovern. the music man, my son, bob, we own our just the iraq. soon as the sun goes out, it shall start. russia is challenging place to work from as a journalist, even though you can do it, it's not allowed. we are still pushing. we're always pushing a boundary father. most always under a lot of people are being the same for be fully marked here for the city. we are the grappling the extra mile where auto media don't grow. we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story about the board and determine to succeed. it
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can feel you want to keep on training the obstacle. i'll just tell themes fine story of the group of some money women into the future. their dream of playing football for that country. despite its culture and traditions, we are in the somalis authority and it's difficult for people to accept tomatti football, golden go on. i . this is al jazeera. ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you are watching the news out live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. yeah. moments of horror off the heaviest grade and generations triggers flash blogs and kills more than
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a dozen people in central china. covered 1900 patients die alone and me and mom where the military coup.


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