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trade, there is no channel that covers the world news like we do, we revisit places the day just there are really invest in that. and that's the privilege. as a journalist, ah, in our l already becomes haiti's, new prime minister after weeks of uncertainty falling destination of the president . ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is algebra alive from dell is that coming up? more than 10000 people are for sleep at homes, due to flooding in china's her none province. the promising reform, but only half the population supports him. we'll look at the challenges ahead peruse new president bedrock deal and
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a senior advisor to unsung suit. she dies from cobit 19 in jail as me and my struggles to contain an outbreak of current device. ah, haiti has a new prime minister, the 2 weeks of uncertainty following the assassination of its president. the death of governor mo, east lead to a power struggle. well now falling on international intervention, i real only has emerged as a troubled nations. new leader under gallagher reports the formal swearing in of r l armory as haiti's, new prime minister is an attempt to n days of uncertainty. following the assassination of president juvenile maurice acting prime minister close joseph, appeared to be in charge. following the brazen attack on luis, he stepped aside to allow henri to take the reins. 71 year old neurosurgeon is calling for unity, but he's facing a long list of social and political issues that we will create a secure, reliable,
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and stable environment to facilitate political activities throughout the country. we will expect massive participation in the next presidential election, the highest participation of citizens of voting age on re, is appointed his cabinet with the goal of leading haiti to new elections that's been problematic previously leading to my ruling by decree, but hate his future may depend on a free and fair vote out by this government wide, think for the people they are unpopular, they're only thinking for the elite again at the expense of the haitian people. we can expect anything serious from this government. why we say to this new government . welcome because to be the haitian people, we want actions from them. we would like the new government to solve the crisis of the country to solve the problems of slum neighborhoods. many haitians see these as dangerous times and unreason to national backing is regarded by some as a problem. anybody, they sort of back or anoint or push is going to be seen with
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a lot of skepticism by the haitian people. i think people are, are very wary of international community involvement in haiti at this time, but of course they want aid, but they don't want the interference and a meddling the movie memorial services for 53 o job anomalies are being held even as the investigation into his assassination continues on tuesday, haitian authorities made more arrests, including people said to be police officers that they appear no closer to finding out why he was killed. that's not a cowardly assassination. of the president of the republic constitutes a real national drama. we have a duty to consider it at such, including those in hiding and in any counter conflict. while the international community is pushing this impoverish nation to hold elections, other se voting won't solve haiti's problems. many key institutions have failed,
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gangs control large parts of puerto prince and the economy lays in ruins. stakes to haiti couldn't be higher, and de galka al jazeera, an ally and friend, a former us president donald trump has been arrested on foreign lobbying charges. the us justice department says thomas bracken, 2 others are charged with acting as agents for the united arab emirates. right? chad trump's integral fund and helped him get elected. the 3 men are accused of seeking to influence us public opinion in favor of the you a. well, let's take a closer look at the charges against barrack prosecutor. say he provided us with sensitive information about the trump administration, including how senior us officials felt about the blockade on catch. all authorities also say that in may 2016, iraq inserted language, praising the us in a campaign speech that trump delivered about us energy policy. iraq also alleged to have repeatedly lied during an f b. i interview about his dealings with via martinez. mike has more now from
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washington dc. he himself is still in custody. the prosecutor say that he is a flight risk, given his immense wealth access to a private air crop. deep relationships with countries like lebanon and u, a saudi arabia. so we have heard nothing from him an unlikely to, until he actually appears at possibly a bail hearing. prosecutors refusing bell at this particular stage because he's a flight risk. but all in all this 7 indictments, again, thomas barrack, very serious indictments, indeed among them that he lied to federal agents during a interview in june 2019 about these specific events. but one must look to at the why the context of this is that the prosecutors say that between the dates of donald trump's innovation for the next 3 years, the u. a. e and saudi arabia, it's close allies, put some $1500000000.00 into racks at supper, and wealth fund,
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a vast amount of money indicating that they were paying for services. being given at least 12 people have been killed. the chinese city of young jo, a severe flooding sweeps the central region with more rain full costs. officials say a dam could collapse at any moment. katrina, you reports from beijing flood water wreaking havoc across china's her non province . the damage visible as far as i can see, the army is warning under the regent. 7 stricken dams may collapse at any time risking the lives of around 7000000 people have down pools, have flooded streets. stranding travelers bring the region to a standstill cause a completely submerged as residents of swept away underground unmistakable panic among these passengers trapped inside a submerged subway car or waste deep waters rising to their shoulders.
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emergency crews reportedly opening a hole in the roof, evacuating passages one by one. this terrifying moment, sure as bystanders swallowed by a sink hole with the crowd rescuing this woman. a deafening explosion at this ella minion factory. after a nearby river burst banks, the flood water mixed with chemicals, lighting up the night sky. the government has been upgrading its emergency response . the crews working round the clock to rescue residents inside the flooded homes and cars. increased as an as ation and climate change has worth the impact of floods in recent years. this is the most rainfall the region has seen in 6 decades with nor sign of letting up anytime soon. and katrina joined us live now from beijing katrina. so this flooding in her non province has been pretty severe. i mean, how badly has that affected critical infrastructure in the region?
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hi darn well, there are at least 5, many people living in the city of john joe. and many of them are currently without electricity, fresh running water, internet or gas. many locals that we have spoken to are you actually going into that cause and using that cause to charge the mobile phones, which are the only connections the outside world. in terms of other infrastructure morse, public transport has been suspended so many roads, main roads are blocked. there. flooded buses have been cancelled. so boys has been closed as well as the airport. now 100000 people have been relocated because of this wet weather. unprecedented for many of these locals and their lifetimes. many that we have spoken to have. so this is the worst that they've ever seen. it, those who can stay home, having worn by the government to remain indoors to stay safe. now it's been raining quite heavily in john joe for at least 3 days, but the worst of it came on tuesday afternoon at about 4 pm to 5 pm local time in
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the space of just one hour. 20 centimeters of rain fell, and many of the subways in the eastern part of the city than most of the most low lying part of the city were quickly submerged. nuts were tragically, many of these 12 people who have, who have been confirmed dead, had lost their lives. now the government has sent in 10000 people, a mixture of fire fighters and soldiers to participate in this rescue operation. and the warning level, the emergency level remains at its highest, but it's not just under the city that has been affected. neighboring areas are also affected, as well as the city of loya, which is about 13030 kilometers to the west of jung. joe, now this, if he has a very crucial down the hood tan damn, which was breached overnight by 20 meters of water authorities, announced a warning that the staff could collapse at any moment. they are monitoring it and
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reinforcing it as we speak. and over night, authority is also expert in parts of the damn, the lower parts of the river to relieve pressure on that damn and protect the 7000000 people who live in the city of loy young. but they're still working very hard with authorities on high alert. heavy rain is expected for at least another 2 days in many local se they are terrified and shocked. and trying to stay safe and as dry as possible. all right, katrina, you live for stay in beijing. katrina. thank you. on the german chancellor anglo merkel has promised to speed up financial support for the victims of the devastating floods of killed at least a 160 people. she visited bad, munster i for one of the worst hit towns where people say 8 isn't arriving fast enough. history with a bare hands and a lot of determination chain. so fallen tears clean up one house after the other. the story town of batman the i felt so sweet washed away by the power of the
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swollen river r jeanette dinner and her husband feared a 400 year old house has become uninhabitable after water. inundated the ground. floor to coppell are known as the gatekeepers of the centuries old fortress and work as to guides. i spoke best, but we always told tourists about the horrible flood in 1956 when part of the wolf disappeared. but the one in 2021 is a very special story. i can't talk about it now. perhaps i'll be able to intend in . at the moment. i can't. when chancellor i'm going to merkel was 2 in the town. some residents complained she was hampering the clean up. she's blocking everything we now can't use the machines that he's annoying has been standing there for a while. this is outrageous. the 30 people here want to continue to work to rebuild or city what words it can be done. thousands of hands are working long
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hours to clear rubble from the trees and houses, but after 5 days of hard work from here in boston. so i and i'm getting tired and frustrated. they feel that on their own and can't rely on help from the authorities . the boomer family will help by 40 volunteers will clear their house of debris in no time. they don't think merkel faces is doing anything to improve their situation . thanks to the cycle for it would only help if she brings bags full of money for those who have lost everything. words alone don't make any difference. merkel, after 16 years as chancellor will be replaced after elections in september did promise financial support soon. and then we'll miss even the minds on the financial aid must go to the people as soon as possible. have more often than not have nothing more than the clothes say a wearing and a completely reliant on this residence. i worried the process of delivering that emergency 8 will be long as you regretted. for now they rely on family,
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friends and complete strangers. steadfast and al jazeera, that moonstone and belgium as hell. the minister of silence to mourn. 31 people killed in floods in the countries east. dozens are still missing. the belgian king and queen joined the prime minister in verba, one of the hardest hit towns. sirens was found that at font stations across the country. before the moment silence with all public transport halted in the capital . smoke haze from huge wildfires burning on the west coast of the u. s. has made its way as far east as new york city. the biggest has been burning for 2 weeks, and oregon is destroyed more than 157000 bakers. a brush in forest firefighters are still battling the place. time for a short break here. and just when we come back, we've traveled to wanna mexico near the us border where refugees and asylum seekers are being left out. a vaccination efforts can touch town
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and the world richest man makes history with the blue origin spacecraft. more than that, i, i, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello there. we've seen some heavy rain across southern areas of the middle east, in particular in oman, yemen, and saudi arabia. some of those torrential downpours caused flooding in southern areas of riyadh. well, those range of now dried up here if there are some showers that can be found west in western areas of saudi arabia, edging down into western yemen. and as we go into thursday, it's going to be on monday, i see some of those showers around must cast and some rain affecting parts of iran . but it is a very hot and dry picture. up in the north. temperature is continuing to climate for iraq and full q 8. we've got a bit of
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a shamal wind that'll blow down and kick up some of the dust fluctuate and could talk. so we are expecting quite a bit of hazy sunshine, but the wet weather can be found to west and areas of yemen on thursday. and that joins up with the showers that are rolling across the ethiopian rift valley from heavy thunderstorms and torrential downpours. here. edging into sedan unlikely to effect chad, we could see some flooding as those rainfall pretty heavily to the north of this. it is rather hot and dry, but to the south. things are looking cooler in south africa. we've got a cold front sweeping into cape town, but there will be sunshine by the end of the week. sponsor cut on airways joined the debate. do not have maxine reaching those who are most neat and amplify your voice. it allowed a diverse community and how an array of different story know topic it's off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is an obvious discrimination in systematic
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discrimination of the play. people are thursdays for new, wasted, the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah, the me welcome back a pick them out about top stories, haiti as a new prime minister after 2 weeks of uncertainty following the assassination of its precedent. the depth of 7 movies lead to a power struggle. now i will already have been sworn in as a new leader, an ally of former us president donald trump has been arrested for lobbying on behalf of the united arab emirates. i'm a start chad from over a fund and at least 12 people have died in severe flooding in china's turn on
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providence rescue. workers have been fined to free, others stuck in some ways, and john jones, more than 10000 people, have been new to me. now the spokesman for detained men, my leader and sang suits, political party, has died of cobra. 19. now when and other members of the national league for democracy have been in prison instead of military coups. it was charged with sedition me and mars been dealing with a surgeon cove in 1900 cases and shortages of oxygen experts say the true number. corona virus cases and deaths a much higher than being reported. attorney chang joins us live now from the ty, capital bank or tony. so what more than do we know about me on when and circumstances surrounding his desk? when he was a very senior figure in the, in the, in fact you've been involved with the n l d when it was founded in the 1908 just
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ahead of the 1900. 88 elections he. he was also very close to on suit. she acted as her personal lawyer a point during the decades that she was under house arrest. he had been the spokesman and the legal adviser for the party and its current form until the military coup of february, the 1st at which point he was arrested and had been thrown in jail and soon, jo, where many of the political opponents of the military have been kept over the past couple of months conditions, they're very bad at the best of times with a new search encoded 19 cases. apparently the conditions are absolutely appalling. he was diagnosed in july mid july. last week he was taking the hospital but sadly passed away on tuesday afternoon. his last will be felt very keenly on shore by the party and by many other people around men. more particularly at the moment as the
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country really seems to be falling into a terrible crisis with a huge uprising cases and deaths being seen in this latest wave. yeah, tony, as you say, i mean, you know, mean mass health care system has been decimated and kronos calling about cases of biking. absolutely, and it's very difficult to get an accurate picture of how many people are actually in sight to that or even dying at this stage. because since the military coup, medical work is frontline, medical workers have been very active in the civil disobedience movement in recent weeks. and months as the military of crackdown, they particularly talk to medical workers, so the hospitals have pretty much ground to a halt already. as this search happened a couple of weeks ago, many people have tried to get into the hospitals that haven't been but understand now at the moment in most men, my hospitals just aren't accepting any anybody. in some places,
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those medical workers have set up informal clinics, or they're going around in secret, trying to treat people as best they can. but clearly there's very little equipment things essential supplies like oxygen and p, p are in very short supply. we've seen queues, people waiting with oxygen cylinders to treat cove at 900 patients in their own homes. but at the moment they're having to wait 14 or 15 hours. the minute she taking the stand that there are no shortages at this stage. we understand they have been holding oxygen themselves and they've also been limiting supplies coming across the border. you and hcr relief. your convoy was trying to get in through the town of men that has been held up. we don't know if they will release at this stage, but i think at this stage, you know, given everything that's happened with the military coup with the civil disobedience movement and now the latest wave of cove with 19 infections. mamma is very much
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like a failed state. tony, thank you. and south korea has reported its most cases of cobra. 19 in a day since the start of the pandemic, more than $1700.00. a recent search is being driven by the haughty transmissible delta variant. just 13 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. saudi arabia's ministry of health has no corona, virus cases have been reported so far during the hedge pilgrimage for the 2nd year in a row. only a limited number of people have been allowed of islam, holier site and mecca to the beginning of the hub. it's usually one of the world's biggest when you just gatherings that attracts more than 2000000 muslims. right groups are raising the alarm about cobra. 19 spreading and camps of asylum seekers on the border between the us and mexico. thousands of people are enduring, crowded, and on some of the conditions. and there are where is there being left out of an occupation programs manual rapid reports. now from the border city of to ana.
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crowded tense, your mexico's border with the united states. most of the camps residence or asylum seekers. some have been here for weeks, others months, and during sanitary living conditions that have put their lives at risk every day. and you know, you know, it's difficult to have a normal life because there's a lot to adapt to and it's not the same as being a home. it's difficult, but we're trying to find a way to survive the collecting water at the can or just using the bathroom is a daily challenge social distancing and keeping hands clean is almost impossible. i mean, i have hand gel and mouth covers and we hardly leave our tent. we stay inside more people has met more disease including cases of corona virus. new t. one is government does not appear to be collecting data on contagion rates among asylum seekers. they're going to say more they are, we don't really know how many more outbreaks do have been. there is no oversight of
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this. and what can happen is that people have been infected. but with no symptoms. toby 19 inoculations have sped up in communities along the us mexico border asylum seekers and refugees, however, do not appear to be included in the vaccination efforts for months. human rights advocates have warned that camp like this one, want to mexico or a ticking time bomb for contagion here. asylum seekers and refugees are not only exposed to co 19, but also outbreaks of chicken pox, tuberculosis, and other communicable diseases. in recent weeks, health authorities administered chicken pox vaccine to address a localized outbreak, but many say they're worried over a possible 3rd wave of the corona virus pandemic in mexico. i called him a couple months out. it's been cause it worries me more than chicken because chicken punch can be easily treated but cause it is a much greater risk. he wanted officials did not respond to our request or comment
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on how the city plans to guarantee the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. but the longer people continue to live under such precarious conditions, unprotected from new, more transmissible variance of cobit 19. the more terrifying and uncertain their situation becomes. manuel wrap a little al jazeera. he want to mexico peruse. president electors promised changes coming after a long and divisive election period, left his teacher and union leader federal castillo has been declared the winner, 6 weeks after the run of vote. the beaches right ring opponent by just 44000 votes . the official results were delayed by accusations of fraud by the losing candidate keiko for marie sanchez report and from lina. the there will be differences in an equally polarized country. nearly half of peruvians, superficial cake for humanity are disappointed to the election result. you won the presidency with just 50 point one percent of the vote. the on monday,
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see you issued a call for unity. i asked that kickoff would you marie not to barriers in the way that we may move forward and make different government all to be nearing the finish line last week, commodities to produce play to which the presidential palace by force. he said to take over the government and present and left with precedents to take over. so he morty, has asked supporters to protest piece. however, she said, sta, brooklyn nation is illegitimate, and accused of your party of stealing bolts from her or let her go today. i swear i will not give up. i invite you to put up a real democratic defence, peru needs all social and political forces united to stop communism, defend free press, and democracy. who took a thea will not only have to face a strong opposition in congress,
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but also from party members. right before you think over the government, the free, better party who represents will meet analysts say its members may demand that just deal implements radical left when policies, highly unpopular. among most peruvians, most peruvian, see they're more afraid of their economics ration. nearly one 3rd or no poor independent cause left more than 3000000 people without jobs. despite the dire conditions, some peruvian say, it's time to put political divisions aside. let us that was. i think we wish him the best of success. we'll have to work together for revolutionary change, for the wellbeing of everyone without differences and all is one of those who voted for a fee. you say they are less concerned about him implementing any sort of extremist measures. they just want to watch his actions closely and not give him a blank check. with the other scientists, i'll just see that lima, beta. molly's in from president. see me going to survive an attempt on his life in
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the capital by miko, he appeared on national television to reassure the country. just hours after man tried to stab him during the prayers and the cities great mos greater power in june . the leading the country, 2nd crew, and less than a year. now the found of amazon may be the world's richest man, but only now has jeff pays off the chief a lifelong dream, flying to space on a private rocket. rob reynolds reports now from van horn, texas the the launch site of tuesdays mission for command. and you start to watch the from deep in the heart of texas, the richest man on planet earth blasted off into outer space. the blue origin rocket hearing amazon founder jeff bezos, his brother, mark 82 year old female mercury space program, pioneer wally funk, and 18 year old dutch space enthusiast oliver damon climbed at 3 times the speed of
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sound crossing the 100 kilometer boundary that marks the edge of space. 2 before passengers exclaimed with delight as they experience several minutes of floating around the cap. sewell in 0 gravity. the new shepherd's windows are the largest ever in any spacecraft. affording them a view of the earth far below with the darkness of space above the entire flight, was fully automated. there was no pilot and no control panel. instead, software and ground controlled did all the work. and now they're coming. floating back down at the capsule began its descent and deployed its parachutes to land safely in the desert scrub. from beginning to end, the flight took just about 10 minutes. be 0, summed up the experience that ever later, the newly minted astronaut spoke at a press conference home i got when expectations were high and
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they were dramatically exceeded. i hope that we are one of the 1st and let's hope that many, many more people can do this because this experience, you should share more and more people. we had a great time. there was, it was wonderful. i want to go again bass. the bases flight came just over a week after british billionaire richard branson flew to the edge of space, tesla and spain deck ceo. elan musk is also reportedly interested in making the trip at some point. many have criticize the exploits of space smitten billionaires as a galaxy sized ego competition, costing billions of dollars that could have been better spent to alleviate misery on earth, particularly in the midst of a deadly endemic but others hope the stunning pictures will rekindle some of the excitement about space travel that has wayne since neil armstrong stepped on the
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moon 52 years ago to the day basis as best day ever could signal the beginning of a lucrative sub orbital space tourism industry with well healed individuals paying vast sums of money to momentarily slip the surly bonds of earth. rob reynolds al jazeera van horn, texas. ah, a quick check of the headlines here on the air. haiti has a new prime minister. the 2 weeks of uncertainty. following the assassination of its president ari, lori was chosen by president governor louise to take on the job. but since his death henri and the former interim prime minister closures f both claim to be in charge under galico monitoring developments from miami. now what we have as a prime minister who's already put his cabinet together with.


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