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and our focus is not just on their suffering, but also on the more realistic and inspiring story people trust to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and by and as an african, i couldn't be more proud to be part of the i'm kimbell and how that help stories on al jazeera, haiti has a new prime minister after 2 weeks of uncertainty following the assassination of its president. only was chosen by president jovan emily's to take on the job. but since his death, so marie and the former inter and prime minister, called joseph had both claimed to be in charge on the re is calling for unity in the middle of the countries escalating political crisis. and gala care is monitoring developments from miami. now what we have as a prime minister,
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who's already put his cabinet together with one real goal in mind in that is to take haiti to new elections. remember, i haven't been elections in a t since 2017. that's when you have now. maurice was elected the elections in 2019 was so problematic, they basically fell to pieces. so this is certainly from the international communities point of view, the necessary next step for this impoverish nation. ordinary haitians have been extremely scared over the past couple of weeks, not knowing what will happen next. now the goal is to whole free and fair elections, something that could be easier said than done. whose president elect has promised changes coming after a long and divisive election period. leftist teacher in union, diva federal castillo has been declared the widow, 6 weeks off the runoff be his right wing opponent, find just 44000 votes. the official results were delayed by unsubstantiated accusations of fraud by the losing candidates kofuji maury,
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she faces trial on unrelated corruption charges. at least 12 people have been killed in a flooded subway. and john jo and china. emergency crews have been working to rescue passengers. the highest warning alert is out for the hold of hen on province with more rain forecast. the region seeing the most rainfall has had for 60 years, more than 10000 people have been moved to safety. south korea has reported in most cases of cove at 19, in a day since the start of the pandemic, more than 1700. a recent surge is being driven by the high transmissible delta variant. the world's richest man has flown to space on a private rocket phase. all said his brother made the 10 minute journey along with the oldest and the youngest people to ever go to the 1st commercial flight. the typhoon origin, space tourism company. news continues on al jazeera, but 1st taking you back to once upon a time and punctual i
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. the school in the seventy's and eighty's were totally different from what this school are these days. there was no other choice for them. there with my modesty within the system, they felt being victim eyes marginalized, picked on. and unfortunately, that mentality that existed at the school developed some sense of non belonging. and so many, it's trailing lebanese families. the battles in the school yard turn into bachelor at home. the parents bake little english and many a strain born children speak no arabic. they can communicate with their parents anymore because their parents are still living so back in and 19 seventies in the middle east. and the kid is living in the 1980s early nineties. in australia and
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it's very different and that communication between the families got lost. you're getting called wog, and cameras and all sorts stuff at school. and then you, you come home. you know, he, paris, it was speaking to an arabic all the time. and you think maybe these guys, right, maybe aml walks? maybe we so you fighting my liberties? one strategy. what am i on? i know and for parents struggling with english, the education of their children becomes at the v. a test. niandra bashes 7 children are expected to do well at school, and she never has an education one day, very smart mother was my dad that he, if he ever came 2nd in the class, you'll soon as you know, quite a civilian i student. now my mother, on the other hand, never went to school. she does matter with roy arabic or even english metal. she's
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never, ever experienced being in the classroom and be told by john, which i want phenomenal because my mother is a very, very strong lady and very, very smiling. become any time dickie. she had him weigh and she came to me mom, what states which i didn't tell them i carried the right. i didn't have to be smart, you have to read it. you have to do deep have to do that inside my heart from like my wife and took him out. that's what he told me. i told him, i want to be doctor, i loved to be sailors. i want to be computer man. i want to something for the future, me style l care and the younger brother sam, both go to punch ball boys. hi. there was probably about 70 people out of my year
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that actually got into a university of some sort. were still young back then, but you could choose which party really wanted to take but at school, they are already on different time. val, heading towards the university degree with san looking forward to the lessons of the strange sense complainer will never, melinda, everyone does yolanda live in front of her school and took that off to you guys. principals, young. yes, i'm going to spend the for so and so, and i'm translating today i'm doing well at school and principal just wanted to compliment me and compliment you on raising me why you have and as we walk and
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walking out of the i was also a suite of good over here, the arbiter joe walked into the office and he was in my dad from the, from my dads days at the shop. and he said, you sound good suspended for 1234 and dentist under and looked at me like what? you're good shit and i am getting a job that was another story the other building over that one. robert reviewed the years with my doctor bill fully survey after the debbie belligerent, kevin holly was telling me to deal with the rogers mom. i'll really station that a go dollars lation mr. committee. and after school on the street, southwest evening, many a strange lebanese teenagers drift away from the parents. dreams of
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a university education and drift towards the excitement of easy money from petty crime was to break into places for the sake of litigating shirts and drinks and lilies and stuff like that ought to get a 100 dollars. you know, just it wasn't soundless to still stop. it was a gentleman for us. i was hanging out a couple blocks that i shouldn't be hanging around. we will get into, fortunately of the day when you don't have many prospects with your education. we've had many prospects with your work when have any prospects for the future. we have any prospects in the community that you live in? it's really appealing to do the wrong thing. get quick money. it's really appealing because for that one moment, you could be a little bit of a superstar. if you know a few, you belong to someone or something, you know, bill to get
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a review and going to find someone that feels the same way. i like you. and be going to be your friends to talk about a minority of those kids who felt trapped in the gangland mentality. rebuild against teachers against principal rebuild against police. they looked at criminal activities as a way out of poverty rather than education. crime is often the 1st thing to flourish as does so because it validates people's identity. it gives them power in a wound in which they are otherwise palace. it's very attractive for a lot of people to go that way. the me almost a decade after the exit is from lebanon, begins the new lebanese, it's trailing in a building, a cohesive community in south with complex
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political conflict involving christian and islamic militias is left behind. 11 instead. southwick sydney reflects a different reality in live and on i was raised in a very respectful community. i remember them a slim families would go to the christian neighbors to celebrate christmas, and then the christian would come to visit muslim neighbors to celebrates ramadan. we only exchanged on ways we supported each other. we've always been open, respect deliveries are trailing community is a mix of christians and muslims. but here in la camber parts of the old european immigrant and anglo community still struggle with the
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unfamiliar faith of islam. ah, bill again, the mosque opened in the late seventy's and the critics of multiculturalism. it is a symbol of a dangerous cultural divide. the building of the mosque creates a lot of local intention and hostility, this opposition from longwood limbs to its presence. in fact, it's one of the 1st of the many mosques that are challenged by local communities all over sydney in the long time that really changes partly because people who don't like it, move out. and people who do like it move in. and so the, the neighborhood becomes increasingly islamic, there are pre holes book shops, how long butcher ease,
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very good liberties take was restaurants. it looks a bit like a small town in living on some years. ah, but just the lebanese is trading community embrace, peaceful coexistence in south west sydney. they find themselves under attack on a national scale. influential forces question if a stranger can cope with immigrants and their foreign ways. multiculturalism is now issued by the federal government invites national disunity. jeffrey blaney and norman historian makes a major speech and writes book condemning what he sees as the emerging tribalism in australia caused by the arrival of all these new immigrants. the views of the 3 bodies in camera. very different to the views of those people who live amongst the new and, and have to work with them on my one mine with
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races. tensions writhing the liberal opposition later. john howard, fin the stark message to the supporters of a multicultural astray lawyer. the only thing that can unite this country and keep this country united by sea cor australian values to which all of us can subscribe. and that is his vision of what makes a stranger, unique and strong. and anyone who deviates from that is seen to be honest writing and in some are you my room? and i mean, you might do that. the operation desert storm is right on schedule. for the course, so i live that the world understand big countries cannot invite small neighbors and
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get away with the 1st gulf war. she's the media focus to arab australians, the simmering suspicions of old anglo astray lawyer again to boil the backlash from the called ford. we have not being ready for something like that, especially as the female side of our community who actually bones in front of the 1st wave against everyone. that is islam make everyone that is arabic and every one that was a hit job or had a funny sound ignite, a just show the ugly face of racism and such a way that we could not cope was at that time. in me was in the 12 at the time of the golf all and, and,
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and it did have an impact and i'll never forget mom who is his job having her job is sort of is somewhat tempted to take that his job off. so i could never understand why, and then there was another time when somebody sped at her and i thought, what a low act she's got, nothing to do. what's going on. we're actually proud of striving for a generation lebanese is trailyn, has been struggling to find a place in a so called multicultural country. now for the 1st time in our post war history, refugees are being asked to declare their religions, arab australian who saw you on your 1st struggle. i already answered this question or when i started the citizen my lot, these dos trailer and i shouldn't be asked about this. this is the 1st time they are straining identity has ever been challenged in this sort of way. it's the 1st
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time they are being confronted with a choice between being on our stroke. because up to now the multi cultural story is your both. and now suddenly they may not um, vehicle for this type of 20 piece of pressure on this community. we have lived in an atmosphere like we have been and i shop they are a big carnival at golf. woodland park proceeded tastefully until like this afternoon, the shadow of the gulf war and a perceived divide between anglo and arab australia loomed over. an arab was trailing and family festival in a fight between 2 young women escalate and the conflict intensified further. as more police respond, it just highlighted how distant the community was from the new house was police and
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how ignored it. police officers at that time where they could have diffuse a situation very easily, but their way of having this attitude in your face and things escalated. local doctor jamal, re fi, is that the festival with his family? i believe it would be a different story. none of the food stamps were used to move the mom, the many in the arab community believe divine and ignite because the police have no respect for them.
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i mean, his occasions way for people would be sitting in a car and for no apparent reason, other than lebanese or middle eastern that pulled over and stretched out of the full ca, searched month along the road. and it happened quite a quite a bit. after leaving punchbowl boys high fell l. okay, is it university on the threshold of a management career? but he still believes he's a belief target i distinctly remember ones who are on the north shore, driving around at night. there was a die off, you know, something we got pulled up by some police and essentially got to make the lie on the ground. and still it was to the effect of, you know, this is not your area. we don't want your client, these don't come back but the reality is that the police a facing a crime wave that thing golfing south with sydney and it's young,
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lebanese australians who are often to blame. i'm not saying it was a model model citizen did straight to the disappointment of his parents fan, our care is not interested in the family, fruit and vegetable business for sam and his friend berra easier, far more lucrative ways to make money. ah, a lot of young men that were gonna be doing something illegal and the police just had no way of combat. ah, the most profitable illegal activity of all if the racket known as car rebirthing a stolen vehicle is fitted with the serial numbers from erect car to give it a new identity. i would steal you very high profile, very expensive. my vehicle get a rig and re booth within days and what would pop out was
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a car that she could hardly tell almost couldn't tell was right. if i got a team together, i could rebirth a car within a day, there was big money in all my my son is driving around the flesh cars and making the money. so it was just sort of say someone else so much money to do and started doing the same thing and was just crazy money didn't have to work you up when you want audio, not in just one year between 9 195996 more than 47000 cars the stolen in new south wales. as the racket peaks, the police hit back. the car wreck, it is the biggest so far uncovered in australia and has taken 2 years of police investigations to unravel. police have recovered $120.00, stolen cars with a value of 2 and
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a half $1000000.00. we will be doing right back out of houses and have 3 and 4 car shields. they were obviously cow rebirth, and they been taking place. it was a hydra never the enemy because to stop you from making your easy money. mm hm. okay. and is convicted of a number of offences that escapes a jail sentence. kyra industries that it often border time use of the media increasingly demonizes south sydney as a hot bed of crime. john howard suite de power after 13 years in opposition and one nations pauline hanson is elected in queensland. ah, get rid of this multi culturalism, because that is wanting to bother us also as
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a nation, we are multi racial. we are strong and, and be proud of it. with the return of john howard's as prime minister, multiculturalism has been abandoned as a national audiology. and so people are feeling much more comfortable in the period of pauline hanson about talking about race or anything racist remarks. cooling people, races names and delivering these kids in places like punch bowl getting caught up in the central gulf off as hostility increases, the police focus on a new source of conflict. lebanese australian gangsters are ramping up the drug records. there was a lot of illegal activities taken place from members of our community and was no shame whatsoever. a lot of drug
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smuggling, cocaine and when and people who were at that time daily and distributing it was a sense of pride because it was a way for them to make week money. these are small and numbers, but they would existing they did happen to lo be a straight punch bowl goes from decent. laura biding suburban, straight to a drug drive through supplying much of staff with young people with drug users as a way, a drug addicts and their family would not do anything about it because it was, it's under the carpet because i don't want anyone else to know that their son or daughter is a drug addict. a community isn't denial,
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as drugs and cache create a powerful criminal underworld, it was a new phenomena. this was the development of the lebanese organized crime. model of crime was violence, it was voluntary, was predicated on volumes and fee. if people went to the police station to give them any kind of information, there was criminal element would know about it and they'll come to retaliate. we could not trust the police at that time. we wanted to, but there was that sense of fear. things are fe. the pitch people are short, fuse drugs everywhere. there are guns everywhere. it's the wall waste. next time on, once upon a time in punch bowl, ah, a lot of the lebanese young gangsters thought that they were unbreakable and untouchable and to see the phone. but one of the,
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my son this race riot in his bring in history to the training and only the needs a told to go back to where they came from. the alarm. and the thing is the struggle flag being carried away, which i think the inflection ever be carried. yeah. no idea why. and you know, you got my culture and you have that much of what we've done to use me to see by the violent crime and drugs confronted by racism and integration. i just 0 traces the history of 1st generation lebanese australians, exploring the conflict and the struggle for acceptance. once upon
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a time in punch on al jazeera, i ah, ah ah, ah, hello there, let's look to north american. it's all about the unrelenting heat that's continuing across western areas of the u. s. and western areas of canada and those hot and dry conditions are continuing to fuel wild fires that have burning across many states. this is the largest one burning in oregon. they are struggling to contain that thanks to be erratic winds and the hot and dry conditions. now, temperatures here are expected to continue to rise,
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particularly across northern rockies, and a lot of the smoke from those wild 5 a stretching across into eastern areas. so there's a lot of hazy, sunshine, and bad quality as we move to the north east. it is a wet picture for new england. we have had some challenges to record rainfall levels. here we could see those continue this month. as the rain continues to fall in boston in new york, we go into thursday. those things do dry up and the humidity will dip in new york city temperature sitting there in the high twenty's down in the deep south states. we have got severe storms continuing to rumble across texas into louisiana. and we could see flooding here where those rains full rather heavily. and if we follow those thunderstorms down, we've seen quite a lot of rain falling in northern parts of mexico with scattered storms and sunshine throughout the country. ah
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the meaning of this gemma from any of the never left under did go do i mean in my mind of everybody else going to tell him i i knew i had to go west city center at least to get ahead begging for food and just working and lead tonight to meet. that's the place. oh, go that
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they can use just to provide sometimes exceed and my friend is not what i go to go. poor people. i take between each and the for the very people to be in the town, the untold story i speak when others
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don't. ah, we cover all sides. ah, no matter where it takes a police fan of your guys my empower in pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice, your new, your net out here. ah, i'll only take charge as hastings new prime minister of the weeks of uncertainty following the assassination of the president. ah, kimbell, this is elders are alive from dell ha. also coming up. a close ally of donald trump is charged with illegally being for the e commerce barrack was the chairman of the former us president. and the girl from rain causes have
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a consent to china and 10000 people are forced to leave their homes due to slot.


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