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presidential patterson campbell, it could be heard as president, joshua gandy was leading the eagle. there were no reports of death or injury. welcome across the world. a mocking eagle had her holiest feast of sacrifice. but in iraq the holiday has already been marred by violence. on monday, a bomb attack killed at least 31 people. i saw his claim responsibility went up there. we had reports from back that the lucifer's marquee at the men a be funny for most in the media. but a birds are most prominent on the district. despite cove at 19 restrictions, many believe performing these sacred rituals indicates devotion and equality. luxury. while i believe this prayer is mandatory, we have to perform it in mass. you do it? hello. yes, we should consider quarantine measures, but this occasion is an essential part of our heritage. 1 security measures have
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been taken here of the violent incidents in the past, but it was in the majority of a sudden city that a suicide bomber blew himself up at a busy market, praying that peace and prosperity come back to their country. these are shippers say there are said by the targeting of civilians on the eve of aid. and despite the risk of, of virus infection, iraq is try to keep the tradition alive. sacrificing iran or a cow is reenacting profit abraham, obedience to god with the country in economic decline. not many can afford that mother in law goes out of jail godaddy but rain with guess this year, less grass, so fewer sheep on offer. consequently, prices are high despite financial hardship, the while we family together to celebrate had nothing but a city than our family. bonds inherited by our ancestors are marked by ead. we also
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inspire your own memories and the good old days. but he will now be a time of morning for some including the l. just him family. the 16 year old daughter was killed in the attack in a southern city. oh mac. there's no eat for us to day. in fact, we haven't had any normal eden years. with another surgeon coven 19 infections. iraq is recording nearly 10000 cases a day. but some families are still determined to sit a great to eat. for those who lost loved ones, it's more any minder of their pain. i would have had to 0 that the 2nd year in a row, only a limited number of people have been allowed. it is wholly assigned to mecca to mark the beginning of each had her. it's usually one of the world's largest religious gatherings attracting over $2000000.00 lives in small over the world. but
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only $60000.00 vaccinated foundry residents to be committed to take part. in this year's hunch, pilgrimage because of current restrictions, the senior museums gathered outside the alexa mosque and occupied jerusalem to mount the 1st day of eden. many were chanting in scholar dirty with other past indians in garza who also living under his ready occupation an independent report described as the most comprehensive research yet. estimates india is excess deaths during the pandemic are 10 times the official code 19 death . whoa, whoa, fixed birth, believe in years, official dest, over 400. 14000 people is greatly under counted. this report, estimate accessed f, figures to be between 3 and 4700000. between january 2020 and june of this year. india just reported its lowest number of daily cove
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a death in 4 months. 374. people died on tuesday and there were just over 30000 new cases. in 19 restrictions will be extended in indonesia because of rising infection numbers 1st and took over doses. restrictions will remain in place until july, the 25th. at the earliest, the shopping centers closed, travel, restricted, and non essential workers staying at home across many of the nations islands. could 19 cases in indonesia among the highest in the world. mainly caused by the delta variant about $50000.00 new cases reported each day last week with health systems in some areas pushed to breaking point. iran capital terran is begun a new one week lockdown as it tries to contain a 5th wave of current of iris markets. restaurants, jims and public officers have closed. iran is the hardest hit country, the middle east. on tuesday, we're 412-7000 new cases, and another $250.00 deaths,
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less than 2 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. israel was the 1st country to vaccinate fully its population and lift, coven 19 restrictions. but the delta variances to a new surgeon, infections, and other countries started giving a 3rd dose. so the vaccine to high risk patients went up that i made reports from genevieve. it's the last section of the population to be vaccinated. 12 year old and teenagers. they are considered less at risk, but immunizing them has now become a priority that talk it over the explanation because they absorb that as a virus. they don't show any symptoms, but somehow in fact that as the re, so they are the further israel managed to vaccinate its way out of depend demik with more than 80 percent of the population above the age of 40. having received their 2 doses for 3 consecutive weeks,
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they were no corona virus related death. israel was hailed as a success story and the government lifted social distance in rules. no marks were required indoors and international travel was allowed again. that was short lived. those returning to the country have brought with them the delta variant, and it's spreading at an alarming pace. accounting for around 90 percent of all new infections. the country is grappling with an increase in daily infections now with a 4 month high. so the government took to bold move of introducing a 3rd those vaccine a booster shot at the moment available only for cases only patients with chronic diseases or an already compromised immunity system. i, legible for the 3rd jap. that raises the question of how effective is the pfizer vaccine, the only one available in israel, in the longer term health official say its effectiveness has gone down to about 64
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percent when it comes to the delta variant. when you look on the long term, and now we're looking on longer term, it was supposed to be reduce a little more chance of becoming infected, even if it was reduce from 90 to 60. as effect, this is the bcr positive test positive, but this is not being sick and i'm not really interest of reducing the people being positive on the p. c. r. i want to reduce hospitalization. i want to reduce mortality till the government is worried. obligatory face mask indoors has been reintroduced and there are no guarantees rules for returning travelers. more restrictions could be imposed in the days to come. what happens next is a concern for everyone here in israel and for those around the world who are
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closely monitoring. however, fully immunized society faces new limitations of covered 19 that meet al jazeera israel has been dancing in the streets of lima to the window of peruse, presidential run off on june. the 6th was finally announced former teacher pedro cast. you was officially declared when late on monday night after paris longest electro county for decades. they received 44000 movers than what we partition keiko for morning school after marianna french's in lima. marianna. will pedro castillo be able to govern with such a razor thin margin? that's right, lauren, very thin margin. he just with was one percent of the vote. so there's 49.9 percent approvals, who did not vote for him. and of course, who will demand that they are also included in their, in their demand for
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a new government. we will have to see what he can do. it and little is known about him. he has been a politician for some time. and he, what he agreed to know about him is that he has been the ghost. he is on the go sheet, or he was able to, to, when a very important national teacher strike in 2017. so he has that. but we will have to see in this week of definitions before he takes over the government in on july the 28th. will he surround himself by moderate, which is what most people would like at this point, or will he listen to party members next week, party members who have extremist ideas? what will he do? who will he, including his cabinet? a lot of questions about this in this week before he takes over the government, there's a lot of pressure, of course, from those who did not vote for him, but also
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a lot of pressure from half of the country who mostly are poor peruvians who are desperate for jobs who are desperate for a better health conditions and who have been hardest hit by the pandemic. and who will certainly demand justine delivers on his promises for change flooring and it's keiko if would you maurice 3rd los countries still be a strong opposition. i think she won't be able to have a strong opposition. she doesn't have enough legislators as she did in the last election and she lost 3 times now a presidential election. the question for many of those who financed her political project is, well, will they continue to do so? now there are new political, 3 years from the right who are rising as leaders. so i think that probably she will have to turn her attention more from her political project
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to the, to the judiciary. she's facing 30 years in prison for corruption. that trial is coming up quite soon. and of course, she will have to put more a pension done in her political more attention than to the political project in, in, in really staying out of jail. lauren r n. a sunshine. thank you very much. indeed. democratic standards are under threat in european union nations. that's the view of the block itself. what's not clear is what it will do about it. and you report on the rule of law has singled out hungry for putting media freedom at risk, while not acting strongly enough against corruption. poland was criticized for moves to risk, to restrain judicial independence. and the rights of l. g. b, t. people. and the poor situation for journalists in slovenia was noted. even
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though the country has just taken over the rotating presidency of the european council. but the criticism doesn't mean action will be taken even though the you holds the purse strings for hundreds of millions of dollars of funding. there is no doubt that we need to step up our actions to uphold the rule of law in the very recent years. so you have fitness democracies all over the world, experienced unprecedented adams attacking their institutions and rules based systems. the europe in union, and the number stays in no way are immune to similar forces that seek to challenge the very foundations of democratic countries. petro bought as a researcher from the central european university democracy institute in budapest. she goes as far scott, from money of, in spain. thank you very much for being with us in the report says the situation and potent and hungry as deteriorated in the last year. what's the main issues identified?
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the main issue with regard to what is the status of the judiciary which is concerned with regard to hungry. but they are very have the statement to be the regard to media, pre them, or the media pluralism. and the rule of learning for use is very strong such as client eliza paper, it to them that but to them in high level political administration. and also finally the big checks and balances. the report shows a very devastating picture of these 2 countries. so we're going to action, can we expect from the over this? there are already some actions going on. poland and hungary are subject to so called articles 7 procedures on the the monitoring problem of article 7 is being invoked. so it cannot lead officially to any sanctions. this is just
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a platform for a dialogue. still, this is a very important procedure to save cards and all the democracy in a right. there are plenty of infringement procedures going on. these 2 countries with regard to traditional independence, some are already closed with regard to academic freedom or the state is seen as a high and c and their harris meant or, or there was some environmental law related cases which had a rule of law characteristic or so in the future, we can expect that some financial, these incentives will be introduced with regard to countries and most probably some, many more strings are attached. now to the low conditionality than you money is distributed throughout the member states. i mean,
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some people just these kind of quite signs of divisions within the us and highlighted by this report. how. how fundamental is that mean? is it a like something like you just threaten the union itself? yes. what happens in these backsliding country this, recall them is that your matter, these are not just national masses, just imagine that in a country the elections are not fair anymore. in this case, the country delegate members to the european parliament who are not elected in a 3 process. this will, of course, legitimize and the european union law making process, or just imagine the corporation in criminal cases. judgements in criminal cases are acknowledged by other member states because there is a presumption that every suspect gets a fair trial by an independent judiciary in any of the member states. now, this is not the case. judgement will not be acknowledged and people will not be
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surrendered. to the problem and members state. so this is the end of the law as you know it, petro bought, thank you very much indeed for doctor. thank you. thank you. so i had this news out in fort, we're here from io. see president thomas bar over his sleepless nights, the head of a took your lympics and the bidding is request that could be a get out of jail free card for one of south korea's richest men. ah, ah, use
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use with me. oh, a
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feature with a sport. thank you, lauren, just 3 days out from the start of the olympic games in so you in the ios sees, is it as reduce coven? 19 risk? as far as is humanly possible. those who they were on tuesday despite the organization's president thomas by announcing 5 days ago, they would veer a risk of infection from the japanese public. meanwhile, behead of the turkey and organizing committee has not ruled out a last minute cancellation of the games. the amount of testing that is going on and the, and the isolation in the playbooks of very, very strict indeed is a 0 risk. they can never be 0 risk, but we have reduced it as far as we think, as humanly possible. i see president thomas has a method he has had doubts and sleepless nights over the postpone tokyo games. but he insists cancellation was never an option o the past 15 months. we had to take daily decisions
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on very uncertain grounds. we had doubts every day we deliberated and we discussed. there were sleepless nights. like every one else in the world. we did not know. i did not know what the future would hold. it was either cancelling the games or postponing veins cancellation would have been the easy way for us. we could have drawn on the insurance that we had at the time and moved on to paris 2024. but in fact, consolation was never an option for us. the u.
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c never abandons the athletes. the 1st major career of ours test for organizers could come before fridays opening ceremony on thursday. japan play south africa in the men's olympic football tournament. but they all concerns of africa, could struggles afield. a theme of the $21.00 members of the delegation would designated close contacts. those people now need to attend daily, negative p c or tests, including 6 hours before the game. so african coach says that means doesn't know who will be eligible play for the 1st time in 4 years, the reigning nfl champions have made the traditional visit to the white house. the tampa bay buccaneers greeted by president joe biden on tuesday. it was tom brady's 1st visit since 2005, despite winning the super bowl a further 3 times since his last trip to the white house. you know, a lot is made about the fact that we have the oldest coach ever to win
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a super all new was quarterback to win the super bowl. i'll tell you right now you want or any jokes about that from me. as far as i'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with being the oldest guy to make it to the mountain job. i looked at it. we got on a roll, not a lot of people. you know think that we could have one. in fact, i think about 40 percent of people still don't think we one i understand understand . the milwaukee bucks are on the verge of pinching their 1st n b, a champ, typing 50 years, bucks to play. yana. some. see, the compo will lead is team against the phoenix suns in games 6 of the final later on. do you think that the chance to feel the championship on their home caught the bucks? have 13 games in a row to do the best of 7, series, 3 to a, sorry, not to get ahead of you. so, but this is the time that you got to be the most discipline, you know,
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and that's what i'm going to do. i'm going to be as discipline as possible, don't get too excited to get to pumped out for the game. none of that can play the game right now. back to the olympics. then mohammad, how much is a top 10 finish in the weightlifting competition. the 19 year old is the palestinian sea ever competes in the f again because 8 the last years between he will championships, come out, says he's proud of reach be lympics and they're competing in tokyo. is a dream come true to all the layers of it's an indescribable feeling to have qualified for the tokyo olympics, the biggest sporting event. this is an honor for any athlete to participate in the olympic games. and i feel excited and proud. i hope god willing that i will appear in good shape and honor the besieged palestinian people. one of the favorites or the surfing gold medal is straigten sally for gibbons, the former will. number one is an phased about the difficult lead up to the tokyo games preparation. in the midst of a panoramic,
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he's never going to be perfect. and even so i like the road to the limpid games. the more i hear from other athletes, it's just like it never is perfect. this is about doing your best on that dive and it all comes down to it and just trusting in your body and mind and, and you've done your best. nice to be on the olympics. same for a strategy. so special black is such a ma sense of the very 1st stuff is from the country to go to games. that's one that you will sit back in the rocking chair. and oh my gosh, i was the 1st on there. i can't really imagine where the sport will go to like beyond my career, but just to be at the starting point. that recognition on a global sense and scale and just going to the biggest sporting platform. yeah, you know, when such a really small group is stuff is, is an a 2 man and 2 same ausa. i'll definitely go forward and, and really do my country proud and best. and just to be
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a part of the olympic games in australia. it's saying is, yeah, a real honor and a country really gets behind us and supports us. the games are going to be really different. but just for a country to commit like that, having an open out their borders and bring everyone from the well it in is very courageous and it's usually for it's our so thankful and yeah, i know kind of like from materials and standpoint that i would want to show of the city and their beaches. it will be more of a, you know, in and out process. we won't get a lot of time there from what i understand, but just creates the yearning to want to go to another olympic guys experience like the village and at full capacity. but in terms of time, again, japan, i've been out of travel my whole life and it's something that i've just, i'm gonna write it down on the bucket list to come back and do a number of things and really enjoy the city. but for now, i'm just thankful to be going. okay, that'll lauren back to you in london. peter,
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thank you very much. indeed. thousands of works of art are going on public display in south korean museums for the 1st time. they were donated to the nation by the late chairman of the samson tech empire, nico he died last october, even behind one of the world's largest art collections. but it's a request that set up a fair amount of controversy as rob mcbride reports from so it's been described as the donation of the century. a treasure trove of art. that includes works by some of the worlds most renowned and sought after masters combined with the most famous of korean artists, both model and classical. in addition, a vast, well, the quality fact charting, korea, cultural heritage spanning hundreds of years have dinner, stick room thing. and this is an unprecedented lot skilled donation. it is meaningful, enriching the cultural after to this museum. the can he not only devoted his life
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to making samsung, the global brand, but also to building one of the world's largest private collections following his death last october. it was announced, his family would pay a record inheritance tax bill of $10000000000.00. at the same time, 1018 to the nation, a sizable part of the private art collection totaling 23000 pieces. you know, i've seen a leak on his collection, can be called a miracle of the world. it will invigorate our national culture, rewrite the history of modern and contemporary korean art and enriches of a committee set up to choose. a permanent home for the collection has decided upon especially built museum and sole rejecting attempts by provinces across south korea to be chosen. and the current predicament facing lees sun and the de facto head of
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samsung has added further control. c, j y lee is currently serving a 2 and a half year prison sentence, and a long running high profile bribery case that has been widespread speculation that donation of this art could be part of a behind the scenes deal to get him released. critic say that shouldn't be any kind of deal and j why lee should serve his full term, but certainly the size of this gift means the li family's popularity has increased significantly. with a recent poll showing a majority of people in favor of granting li, pardon whatever the immediate impact of this donation, the artistic richie is on offer, are certain to thrill appreciative art lovers for generations to come. rob mcbride al jazeera so and if we can catch up anytime on our website address that is 0 dot com and watches live by clicking on the orange line icon. that's it for me not to
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for news off. we have more news in a minute. ah ah ah ah ah, 2020 the year are locked down and social distance saying you can't reach across the screen and get someone to re explore one of the global pandemic. biggest side effects loneliness, everyone who lives alone has been forced to be socially isolated for the 1st time ever highlighting its effects on physical and mental health and discovering unique ways of coping control and being alone together. episode of all hail the locked
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