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the posted by eric comes to football rebel, the life of the drop by the football who succeeded, where politicians had not dropped the boy and civil war on out there. ah, this is al jazeera ah lauren taylor. this is the algebra news i live from london. coming off. the jeff bezos becomes a 2nd. billionaire just locked into space, taking the world youngest and oldest face voyages with him. it was wonderful. i want to go against fashion. the friend of donald trump is arrested and charged with
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illegally no. being his administration. on behalf of the united arab emirates, low pressure in flames. the taliban up to rocket land near the presidential palace in germany picks up the pieces after it's devastating floods. china's non province is hit by reco rainfall and to fit into the sports fans, we edge closer to the opening ceremony of the tokyo games a spokesperson for the international olympic committee. that because of 19 risk has been reduced as much as humanly possible. aah! is already the world's richest man, and now jeff is also achieved a lifelong dream. flying to space on
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a private rocket with him on the 10 minute flight were his brother and the oldest and youngest people ever to go to space. he's the 2nd billionaire to make the voyage after richard branson just 9 days ago. reynolds reports from van horn, texas. 5 for commanding and start to watch the from deep in the heart of texas, the richest man on planet earth blasted off into outer space. the blue origin rocket hearing amazon founder jeff bezos, his brother, mark 82 year old female mercury space program, pioneer wally funk, and 18 year old dutch space enthusiasts. oliver damon climbed at 3 times the speed of sound crossing the 100 kilometer boundary that marks the edge of space before passengers exclaimed with delight, as they experience several minutes of floating around the cap. sewell in 0 gravity
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. the new shepherd's windows are the largest ever in any spacecraft. affording them a view of the earth far below with the darkness of space above the entire flight was fully automated. there was no pilot and no control panel. instead, software and ground controlled did all the work, and now they're coming, floating back down at the capsule, began its descent and deployed its parachutes to land safely in the desert scrub. from beginning to end, the flight took just about 10 minutes to be 0, summed up the experience that ever later, the newly minted astronaut spoke at a press conference whole. my god, when expectations were high and they were dramatically exceeded, i hope that we are one of the 1st and let's hope that many, many more people can do this because this experience, you should share with more and more people. we had a great time. there was,
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it was wonderful. i want to go again. bass. the bases flight came just over a week after british billionaire richard branson flew to the edge of space, tesla and space x c e o. ilan mosque is also reportedly interested in making the trip at some point. many have criticize the exploits of space smitten billionaires as a galaxy sized eagle competition, costing billions of dollars that could have been better spent to alleviate misery on earth, particularly in the midst of a deadly pandemic. but others hope the stunning pictures will rekindle some of the excitement about space travel that has waned since neil armstrong stepped on the moon 52 years ago to day basis as best day ever could signal the beginning of a lucrative sub orbital space tourism industry. with well healed individuals paying
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vast sums of money to momentarily slip the surly bonds of earth. rob reynolds al jazeera van horn, texas. jim green is chief scientist at the united states space agency, nasa. he believes these private space flights could be the 1st steps in a travel revolution. what we see was richard branson, and of course, jeff bezos is attempts to reach a space, return safely as the beginning of an era of space travel on a more global phase. you know, if, once you're in space in 90 minutes, you can circle the globe. therefore in 30 minutes you can go from washington d. c to tokyo. you know, the concept of space travel now becomes an element of our thinking for the future. afterwards based, spoke about the impact it had on him seeing earth from
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a new angle. the most profound piece of it for me was looking out at the earth and looking at the earth atmosphere. every astronaut ever who's been up into space . they say this that it changes them and they look at it and they're kind of amazed and off struck by the earth and its beauty. but also by its fragility. and i can vouch for that. when i look up, you know, who were sitting in this room were driving our cars were moving around the planet. in our know was the atmosphere so gigantic. were these tiny little things in the planet, the atmosphere so big. but when you get up above it, what you see is it's actually incredibly thin. it's this tiny little fragile thing . and as we move about the planet, we're damaging it. i don't know. maria is an associate professor in physical geography at university college london. she's current research and environmental impact of rocket launches. thanks so much for being with us. so we had the from
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jeff bezos that he's talked about, wanted to solve. the problem is on us with all this. but what is the environmental cost of, of missions like these? yeah, so there's a lot that we know about rockets and the potential impact that they can have on the environment. we know in general about the kinds of fuels that the major players in the space tourism industry are using. we know when these fuel burn, what kind of chemicals they produce, these kinds of chemicals can contribute to changes in climate. they can also de pete, the ozone layer that protects us from harmful you'd be radiation. but an important component that we don't know enough about is how large the space tourism industry is going to be in the future. and that kind of information, we need to be able to do robust environmental impact assessments to determine how to regulate nascent space tourism industry. and in terms of the damage itself, is it the facts at ground level, or is it in the upper atmosphere that you're concerned about?
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yes, so what's unique about rocket? so the other kinds of anthropogenic pollutants is that they release pollutants all the way from the surface of the earth, right up into the upper atmosphere. and the impact of these chemicals have on the upper atmosphere can be quite different to the impact that they have near the surface of the earth. they're pollutants that are produced by all the rockets like nitrogen oxides and what are vapor that can react in the atmosphere and contribute to the depletion. water vapor released into the upper atmosphere conform clouds were clouds are rare. and these clouds can either warm or cool the atmosphere depending on the circumstances. so there's really a range of, of impact that can take place. that's very unusual about rockets, because of disability to ingest pollutants directly through a large portion of the atmosphere. i call them say, i mean, and how does it compare mean, for instance, i say some of the missions into space have a, have a kind of broader scientific aims and,
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and so on. but it seems with some of these. but in, as it is about introducing tourism in the, in the, in the short term at least even though they talk about a kind of past towards protecting us what, what level would be sustainable using terms of tourism. i think that that question is really hard to answer until we know how large the potential space tourism industry could grow. once we have that kind of information that can run, we can then run that through the kinds of simulations that we have available that can represent these complex processes that take place in the environment. so it's a hard question to answer at this stage because we really don't know how big this industry will be. and 40 the billionaires have said that this will contribute to, to research. but we're yet to see what kind of research that will be. and so just, just to kind of bring it back to this particular one show of how does it compare say of an average flush on an airplane somewhere? what's what, what's that, what's your assessment of the current issue without, without burning doubt, future space tourism. yeah. so per passenger,
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the release of air pollutants, or chemicals in general is considerably higher, sometimes orders of magnitude more than is released from say, a long whole flat. so you know, when the demand grows, the demand doesn't need to have to grow that much to start to have an impact whether it will be comparable to the aircraft industry. i would was pre code. this is paula johnson at the stage. thank you very much indeed. the air is not right, thank you very much. thank you. and i and friend of former us president donald trump has been arrested on foreign lobbying charges, thomas bark, chad trump's in bureau fund and helped him get elected. us justice department says barrack and 2 others, a charged with acting as an agent of the united arab emirates, accused of seeking to influence public opinion in favor of you a interest why cameras lie for us in washington dc. what more details we have about
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what he's accused of? well, what we understand is that he and 2 other members, one also was a member of his investment company, have been charged with 7 indictments related to failing to register as a foreign agent as well. they all, he's also being charged with lying to an f. b. i investigation back in june 2019. when he was asked about his relationship with the u. a. e. these are deeply serious charges, but to give you some kind of context to it as well. the indictments indicate that the u. s. e and saudi arabia paid some $1500000000.00 into barracks account following the whole gratian or the nomination of donald trump. as president of the united states in those 3 years. so we are talking about massive sum of money here, and very, very serious charges,
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particularly that charge of lying to federal agencies. and this is likely to implicate from well, the prosecutors appear to have gone out of a way to say that it went to they say that the former president was among those who were betrayed by the actions of thomas barrack. however, they are already questions floating around about why did the trump administration seek such close ties with saudi arabia. the 1st visit he paid overseas with the u, a. e. and some arguing very strongly that these amount of funds are coming into the advisors account. a possible explanation for the administration's actions. but the what's to be pointed out as well is that although thomas brock and donald trump were very great friends for a long period of time, there was something of a falling out around 2019. and then had to do, said some insight,
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as with the fact that donald trump did not believe he had got any money out of thomas barracks activities. so the 2 basically parted ways that, that particular point in time, as donald trump has be, want to do with a lot of close friends and former colleagues. but though i say that there is no apparent connection and the prosecutors are saying that donald trump was one of those betrayed no doubt. the investigations as they continue may reveal other details about how deeply the trump administration was related to these activities by his former campaign chair. michaela, thank you very much. indeed. coming up on this news from london, molly's intern president who orchestrated to cruise the last year escaped on hom doctrine. attentive subbing during e pres, new prime minister. i know he is sworn in as country pays homage to its
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assassinated president. and the weight of his people on his shoulders, we have from the 1st palestinian weightlifter to compete the lympics. ah, several rockets have been far towards i've got tons, presidential palace in the capital campbell. oh that could be heard as president ashe, rough county was leading, eden pres, one landed near couples, most popular mosque and other behind its biggest shopping. old bird landed near the ministry of foreign affairs. there were no reports of death or injury entrepreneurs to get into james phase as more from couples. certainly there was a big shock for people in the very centre of cobble, when they heard the bangs i was staying in the center of cobble at around 8 o'clock
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this morning when that took place. now in the immediate aftermath out, you're a spoke to a senior member of the taliban, who said that they were behind this attack, but the tell about and then never made any formal statement. and i statement then came out from i saw saying that they carried out the attack. i've spoken now to the tell about an official spokesman, so hell shaheen. and he says that not put out a statement because the taliban didn't do it. that it is not the view of the african government though. listen to what president connie had to say in the immediate aftermath of the woollen determination of peace. and we have also sacrificed for the tenant, but do not have the willing simulation for peace. we have to take our decisions accordingly. clearly this comes with a very difficult time for the afghan government. they're saying lots of rural areas that are falling in to the taliban in recent weeks. and recent months,
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the same bullet points that are falling to the taliban. they could say that urban centers, and particularly the capital will very much in that control. i think this shows the fragility of the african government right now. molly's interim president, a see me gorgeous. as he escaped unharmed after an attempt on his life in the capital, by my qu, officials, an unknown man tried to stop him during pres institute, great last glitter is a special forces colonel who led to cooper in the last year. he paid on national television hours after the attack. everything is fine, there is no problem. it's all part of being a leader. there are always people who are unhappy and there are people who at any time can try things to stabilize. i want to reassure and say that i'm very will no one was injured and the situation was handled and i'm going to jury has been following developments from a boucher the military leader. i seen a greater colonel awesome. great. i was entering the mosque when the attacker
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suddenly launched, launched at him with an ice. he's attack i was posing us and i shot into the mosque . why? when, when i was passing by, then he attacked him. now i think he is currently in his 1st year in office says the 1st school on most the 1st year and his office is the 1st school. remember, he took of a power in august of 2020 and then 9 months, one month after he was sworn in as the vice president of an interim government, he deposed the president, the civilian president and the prime minister, 9 months after. and now he's waiting. he has 6 months on record now to organize elections, according to our 10 people agreed by the economic community of west africa to a cause and the interim government in molly's now, the current situation in my life such a difficult one because 1st of all,
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the friendship announced that they're pulling out of the i g 5 security formation in molly. and we've seen also an increase in tax by groups in money. now, what does not kill you had the moment regarding today's attack is whether or not the attack was carried out by one of the groups operating in molly and neighboring states. like new jersey fossil haiti's, new prime minister, has been sworn in with hopes that he can bring stability after the presidency of fascination. i know he is a 71 year old neurosurgeon and public official with international backing. you replaces interim prime minister closures f, who's team leadership after president driven and marie's was killed. patients have also been holding official ceremonies to honor marie's nearly 2 weeks after his death. and the caller has followed developments from miami. he joins us now. what does this new promise to mean for haiti?
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well it's an attempt to show that this country can be stable and secure, but it was very much orchestrated by the international community, including the organization of american states, canada and the us who all backed r l on re essentially ending the rule of clause joseph, who appeared to put himself in charge in those chaotic days after the assassination of a job. now marie, so it is an attempt to put a government in place with one key role and that is to get elections up and running . they hope to do that towards the end of this year, perhaps the beginning of next year. but these elections will be very, very important indeed for the nation's future that haven't been elections in a t successfully carried out since 2017. the last elections in 2019 was so problematic that they were basically abandoned. so mister andrias put together his cabinet, including chloe joseph, and his role now is to get those elections up and running. but i don't think much fun fair here for the people of haiti given all the social economic and political
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problems this nation is potentially facing. and you mentioned that kind of path towards elections. how likely to actually go ahead and i mean essentially they really need to happen. it's been years since they've successfully put elections on. but the problem was, you know, maurice was, people were saying he was beginning to solidify his power, is beginning to look like an autocrat. so many, no ordinary haitians don't want to see that. they also don't want to see this kind of international interference. the problem with mr. unread appointment is you may be seen as being anointed by foreign powers, principally the united states. that could make him appear to be a puppet of outside influences, to ordinary haitians. but i think public play. it's a move in the right direction. all this political infighting wasn't helping in ordinary haitians really only care about one thing at the moment. and that is the security of this extremely fragile nation. and again, i thank you very much indeed. at least 3 people have been killed in severe flooding
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in china's hannon province. with more rain is forecast. emergency crews will be working to rescue train passengers after the subway. flooded in the provincial capitals. young jo region is seeing most rainfall has had for 60 years more than 10000 people were been evacuated and the army is warning that a dan could collapse at any time after being severely damaged by the storm german council angler, myrtle has promised to speed up financial support for victims of the devastating floods that killed at least 160 people in the west of the country. she visited too bad moods to hyphen one of the towns worst hit. where people say that the age isn't arriving fast enough, said report with a bare hands and a lot of determination chains. fallen tears clean up one house after the other. this story town of batman's the i felt so sweet washed away by the power of the swollen river, our jeanette dinner and her husband feared
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a 400 year old house has become uninhabitable after water in a day to the ground floor to couple are known as the gatekeepers of the centuries old fortress and work as to guides. i best side, wendy, as we always told tourist about the horrible flood in 1956 when a part of the was disappeared to the one in 20. 21 is a very special story. i can't talk about it now. what happens i'll be able to intent at the moment. i can't. when chancellor, i'm going to america was to in the town. some residents complained she was hampering the clean up. she's looking everything we now can't use the machines that he's annoying, has been standing there for a while. this is outrageous. the 30 people here want to continue to work to rebuild or city, what words it can be done. thousands of hands are working long hours to clear rubble from the trees and houses, but after 5 days of hard work from here in boston. so i and i'm getting tired and
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frustrated. they feel that on their own, i can't rely on help from the authorities. the booming family were held by 40 volunteers will clear their house of debris in no time. they don't think merck of visit is doing anything to improve their situation. thanks to the cycle for face, it would only help if he brings bags full of money for those who have lost everything. words alone don't make any difference. merkel after 16 years as chancellor will be replaced after elections in september did promise financial support to them. in the minds on the financial aid must go to the people as soon as possible, have more often than not have nothing more than the clothes they are wearing and a completely reliance on this residence. i worried the process of delivering that emergency 8 will be long and beaurocratic for now they rely on family, friends and complete strangers. steadfast and al jazeera batman's,
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the isis belgium, has held a major silence demarco day of morning for the 31 people killed in the floods in the east of the country. dozens are still missing or unaccounted for. the belgian king and queen joined the prime minister in bellevue, one of the hardest hit towns, sirens were sounded upon stations across the country before the moment silenced, with all public transport halted in the capital. the cleanup is ongoing and some kind of communication lines of being reestablished to help emergency services find people have been missing. a phone of the french president, ammonia and my call may have been targeted by israeli spyware. on behalf of moroccan intelligence, french newspaper law, as making the claim, say my close device was 1000 identified as a target for potential surveillance and investigation into widespread use of spine technology from israel. n s o group claims the phones of hundreds of journalists, activists and politicians were hacked. tech. his president and the leader of the
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breakaway turkish republic of northern cyprus, have announced the reopening of an abandoned military control suburb on the island . as soon cut off as a 3.5 kilometer section of russia will revert from military to civilian control. so greek cypriots can seek to retain their properties. much of type one was visiting the island to come the rate commemorate the $4710.00 of us, 3 of the turkish invasion, led to the islands, decades long division. greek cypriots protested at one's push for recognition of cyprus. as 2 states supreme government has launched a complaint to both the un and 1st of all, the equal sovereignty and equal status of turkey. cypriots must be confirmed. that's the key for solution, saying no to a 2 state solution means ignoring the sovereignty equality and independence of
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turkish cypriots. more still to come this hour including vaccinations is way out of locked down. but even israel is seeing the delta variant spread, alarming pace. european union shines own member states warning the democracy on the threat and in sport, the dream and n b. a title for the phoenix phones goes on the line in game 6 of the final ah, the hello their wet weather continues to dominate eastern areas of europe. but in the west it's all about the heats. and this may look like a scene from a spanish seaside resort, but it is in fact the south of england, britons basking under a heat wave. and we've had the 1st amber alert for extreme heat for the south west
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of england that's expected to last through to thursday. but there will be hot and sunny conditions to enjoy all the way through to the weekend. and as my grandma says, there's no way like the u. k. on a sunny day, but it's not going to bring your child will see those hot and funny conditions. it's also fonts, portugal and spain with madrid, seeing the temperature sitting up in the high thirty's to the east of the boat is a rather wet picture. we've had rain across the balkans, missing severe thunderstorms and severe winds affecting parts of romania. those will edge into ukraine as we go into thursday in western russia. seeing some of that wet weather to northern areas. those things are looking a lot cooler and fresh air. and that's because the temperatures come down. thanks to a north westerly wind. the temperature does pick up though as we go into thursday, things will start to be a warmer in sweden, but as we had down to the se, plenty of sunshine coming through for greece and turkey with a slight breeze natur update the
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across the world, the young actor bits and organizes the rhonda most motivated and politically engaged, the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and we were the one who had life on what was going on and the way the more means to meet them. there's nothing. so think about them and there's always in the dynamics formation, we have the agencies to create the vibe of the generation on al jazeera, most people will never know what's beyond these. the deafening silence of 100000 and how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is pressure with fear. it's not an option,
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but we're not most people. oh, a reminder. the top stories, 0 wells richest man is going to space on a private rocket. jeff bezos and his blue origin space chores in company made history carrying the oldest and youngest people ever to travel into space on a 10 minute journey. an ally and friend of former us president donald trump has been arrested and charged with acting as an agent of the night at arab emirates, thomas park chad prompt inaugural fund and helped him get elected look at doing far to just kind of sounds. presidential policy couple,
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it could be heard as president, joshua gandy was leading, for there were no reports of death or injury. was him across the world. and mocking eagle had her holiest feast of sacrifice. but in iraq, the holiday has already been marked by violence. on monday a bomb attack killed at least 31 people. i saw his claim responsibility went up there. we had reports from back that the. 1 lucifer's marquee the man a be funny for most in the media. but a birds are most prominent on the district. despite covey, 19 restrictions, many believe performing these sacred rituals indicates devotion and equality.


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