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that's my the precious my game in the game. my them bob way on al jazeera ah bowed and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. ah, the just becomes the 2nd month lost into space on the company's 1st private passenger flight. and touch town. well, got your parish to down 10 minutes later making history to an older people. it was wonderful. i want to go again fast. the me,
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i'm tired of this is al jazeera live in london, was coming up. how me got a sounds president claims the taliban also look at land near the presidential palace during e pres, bodies, interim present, to orchestrated to cruise. and the last year escaped unharmed. alternate attempted fabbing during a press sauce and 5 reform from boston. and i for where to small for came up for me for high once the way complete, free and clean up is on the way. ah, hello the founder of amazon, maybe the world's richest man. now has jeff bezos achieved a lifelong dream, flying to space on a private rocket with him where his brother,
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the oldest and youngest people ever to go to space? like richard branson, whose own space flight was just 9 days ago? because his blue origin spacecraft didn't go fast enough to go around the planet. instead, passengers spent a few minutes experiencing weightlessness. but he did reach out a space which the usa vh authority. the f a puts at about 100 kilometers above earth. brunson only made it to what some say is the edge of space is virgin galactic mission, reaching altitude of just over 80 kilometers. both commercial flights are a good way from the international space station which will bits about 400 kilometers above earth in mosques space x is already delivered astronauts to the station. his commercial flights are due to launch later this year. reynolds reports from van horn and texas, 5 for command and then start to one. the from deep in the heart of texas, the richest man on planet earth blasted off into outer space. the blue origin
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rocket hearing amazon founder jeff bezos, his brother, mark 82 year old female mercury space program, pioneer wally funk, and 18 year old dutch space enthusiast oliver damon climbed at 3 times the speed of sound crossing the 100 kilometer boundary that marks the edge of space before passengers exclaimed with delight as they experience several minutes of floating around the cap. sewell in 0 gravity. the new shepherd's windows are the largest ever in any spacecraft. affording them a view of the earth far below with the darkness of space above the entire flight, was fully automated. there was no pilot and no control panel. instead, software and ground controlled did all the work. and now they're coming. floating back down at the capsule began its descent and deployed its parachutes to land
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safely in the desert scrub. from beginning to end, the flight took just about 10 minutes. be 0, summed up the experience that today or later the newly minted astronaut spoke at a press conference. home i got when expectations were high and they were dramatically exceeded. i hope that we are one of the 1st and let's hope that many, many more people can do this because this experience, you should share with more and more people. we had a great time. there was, it was wonderful. i want to go again fast. the bases flight came just over a week after british billionaire richard branson flew to the edge of space, tesla and spain deck ceo. elan mosque is also reportedly interested in making the trip at some point. many have criticize the exploits of space smitten billionaires as a galaxy sized eagle competition,
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costing billions of dollars that could have been better spent to alleviate misery on earth, particularly in the midst of a deadly pandemic. but others hope the stunning pictures will rekindle some of the excitement about space travel that has waned since neil armstrong stepped on the moon 52 years ago to day basis as best day ever could signal the beginning of a lucrative sub orbital space tourism industry. with well heeled individuals, paying vast sums of money to momentarily slip the surly bonds of earth. rob reynolds al jazeera van horn, texas. ah, several rockets have been far towards i've got the stones presidential palace in the capital campbell, how me? the
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president of sheriff county was leading ita under pres, one landed near campbell's most popular mosque, another behind its b as shopping mode. the 3rd landed near the ministry of foreign affairs, the renewal of death or injuries. entrepreneurs to get into james phase in campbell has more certainly there was a big shock for people in the very center of cobble, when they heard the bangs i was staying in the center of cobble at around 8 o'clock this morning when this took place. now in the immediate aftermath out, you 0 spoke to a senior member of the taliban, who said that they were behind this attack. but the taliban then never made any formal statement. and i statement then came out from i saw saying that they carried out the attack. i've spoken now to the tell about an official spokesman. so hale shaheen and he says that not put out
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a statement because the taliban didn't do it. that is not the view of the african government, though. listen to what president connie had to say in the immediate aftermath of the ruling determinations of peace. and we have also sacrificed for the terrible to not have the willing simulation for peace. we have to take our decisions accordingly. that's clearly this comes with a very difficult time for the afghan government. they're saying lots of rural areas that are falling in to the taliban in recent weeks. and recent months, the thing bullet points that have falling to the taliban, they could say that urban centers, and particularly the capital will very much in that control. i think this shows the fragility of the african government right now. molly's interim president, assuming goiter says he escaped on hand after attempt on his life in the capital by miko officials, an unknown man tried to stab him during pres in the cities. great last go to is a special forces colonel who led to cruise in the last year you paid on national
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television hours after the attack. everything is fine. there is no problem. it's all part of being a leader. there are always people who are unhappy and there are people who at any time can try things to stabilize. i want to reassure and say that i am very will no one was injured and the situation was handling one witness described, tao. he and other people tried to fight off the attacker to pass on vinnish. the 3 people wearing turbans approached, but the men had the black shirt and charles. when he approach, i thought he went to greet the bodyguard, let me go into the court. so he approached with the knife he did like this to wait to see me. yeah. that when the man came, people beat him up. even i beat him up with the people after that they subdued him with the help of the security forces. haiti's new prominence is due to be sworn in this our hopes he can bring stability after the presidents assassination. hello, he's a 71 year old neurosurgeon and public official was international backing. it replaced
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intern prime minister closures after pushing leadership after president driven and louise was killed, had of new governments formation. haitians have been holding official ceremonies to honor marie's nearly 2 weeks after his death. and together her foreign governments from miami, he joins us now. and what does this new province mean for haiti? well, potentially, it's a step in the right direction, because of course, over the past couple of weeks is out of all the political infighting in haiti following the assassination of governor marie. so that wasn't helpful when you think how delicate the security situation is that now mr. re may have all the problems has he seen as being anointed by the international community in particular the us. but he is someone whose sole job now is to get, have 2 free and fair elections over the next few months that may be problematic. the last elections in 2019 was riddled with issues and basically dissolved. so he
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has that one job in mind. and at least for now, people can coalesce behind a single voice, but the task ahead for areas on rate is not an easy one. and how likely are inaction? while it was there was supposed to take place in, in autumn, in the fall, in september or october. and they really do need to happen at the moment because many of you have know, he says issues were that he overstayed his turn because of the 2019 election not taking place. that's one of the root causes of that. so they do need to get these elections taking place. the problem in haiti, a very young democracy is often those over 35 or so parties for voters to choose from. but his job is to get to that point. and it really is essential that haiti does because the situation is so fragile, things can go sideways fairly quickly. so the quicker they can get those elections
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in place, the better for the haitian people and the better for the future of the entire nation. and the guy, thank you very much indeed. still to come this half hour. it vaccinated its way out of lockdown, but even israel is seeing the delta variance spread at an alarming pace. and does want to fight falling vaccination rate. case close to home, undermine the message. ah hello there, wet weather continues to dominate eastern areas of europe. but in the west it's all about the heats. and this may look like a scene from a spanish seaside resort, but it is in fact the south of england, britons basking under a heat wave. and we've had the 1st amber alert for extreme heat for the south west of england that's expected to last through to thursday. but there'll be hot and
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sunny conditions to enjoy all the way through to the weekend. and my grandma says there's no way like the u. k on a sunny day, but it's not only the british, i also see those hot and funny conditions. it's also france, portugal and spain with madrid, seen the temperature sitting up in the high thirty's. so the east of the boat is a rather wet picture. we've had rain across the balkans, missing severe thunderstorms, and severe wins affecting parts of romania. those will edge into ukraine as we go into thursday in western russia. seeing some of that wet weather to northern areas . those things are looking a lot cooler and fresh or not because the temperature is come down. thanks to a northwesterly wind. the temperature does pick up though as we go into thursday, things will start to be a warmer in sweden. but as we had down to the se, plenty of sunshine coming through for greece and turkey with a slight breeze natur update the
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bank energy and change to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity we can make it work for you and your business. ah ah ah, one of the top stories here. well rich man, it's going to space on
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a private rocket, visuals his brother and 2 others made the 10 minute journey. is the 1st commercial flight for the ty cummings, blue origin, face tours, and company. several rockets would be fond towards the sun presidential palace in campbell. it could be heard as president found he was needing a pres, new report of death or injury. and hate his new problem is that i had only is due to be sworn in the south face interim promise to kill joseph schuman dealership after president german emily's estimation. and these 3 people have been killed in severe flooding in china's hand. province with more reigns forecast, emergency crews will be working to rescue train passages after the summary flooded in the provincial capital. hong drove the region of seeing a most rainfall with had for 60 years. more than 10000 people have been evacuated. i'm dramatically defending germany's emergency warning systems after widespread
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floods killed at least a 169 people in the country while visiting the town of 5 minister i from the german chancellor sledge to carry out a thorough review of the vulnerabilities in the warning system. last week, floods were the worst town is seen in 7 centuries of records work as continuing to clear debris, while thousands continue to live without power or drinking water. i saw a lot of the yeah, it's very clear that we face a very long recovery. we will not forget you, we will keep checking on the rebuilding and we will do everything we can together with the local and regional governments to ensure money comes quickly to people who have nothing left but the clothes on their backs. people who need support some reports from batman's driver. it's an unbelievable clean up operation. as you can see, these chains of people here behind me, fast on buckets and all kinds of things that are coming from all these houses were
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completely flooded. this has been continuing for these already, and this is exactly the place also in the box moves from where i'm going back all the the chancellor was saying earlier today, just an hour or 2 ago she was here and she was actually standing right there. and it was a very interesting scene. i witness that she was standing right there talking to officials, talking to journalists. but here on this bridge the work continued. a all the time, well, she was there and people were actually angry. they sat, why is she there? we need to work every, everything has to stop there. so they were kind of frustrated and i said, it's fine that you come here and, and says come from nice and sympathetic worse, but we really need her to do more. we need that. she takes a lot of money. and why is she thought of hampering the clean up operation? this is a very old historic sound. it's a beautiful song that used to be it's beautiful song. you can see the reference
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over there, but everything that's next to it used to be a rose and that's completely disappear. you can see that the water was so hard. what is washing everything away? that the whole us all the everything has disappeared. and what do you sell a cfc i have been doing? because you don't really see many people from the authority services policy from all over germany. actually, it's writing also what's been left behind all these holes in the road to try to fill up with all this debris and rubble that they can. 5 elgin has held a minute silence to mark a day of mourning for the 31 people killed in the floods in the countries east. dozens are still missing on accounted for. the belgian king and queen joined the prime minister in bellevue, one of the hardest hit towns, sirens were sounded at foss stations across the country for the amendment silence with all public transport, halted in the capital. enough is ongoing, and some telecommunication lines being re established to help emergency services find people who missing the phone of french president emanuel mac home may have
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been targeted by is really spyware. on behalf of moroccan intelligence, french newspaper loomed is making the claim, saying my calls device was one of thousands identified as a target for potential surveillance and investigation into widespread use of spine technology from israel's and s oh group claims the phones of hundreds of journalists, activists and politicians were hacked. democratic standards are under threat in european union nations. that's the view of the block itself. was not clear is what it will do about it. and you report on the rule of law has singled out hungry for putting media. freedom at risk are not acting strongly enough against corruption. poland was criticized to move to restrain judicial independence and the rights of l . g. b, t, people. and the poor situation for journalists is, lavinia was noted, even though the country has just taken over the rotating presidency of the european council. but the criticism doesn't mean action with existing proceedings against
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poland and hungary showing no end. even though the, you holds the past strings for hundreds of millions of dollars a funding there is no doubt that we need to step up our actions to uphold the rule of law in the very recent years. so we have fitness democracies all over the world experience unprecedented at times, attacking their institutions and rules based systems. the europe in union and the number stays in no way are immune to similar forces that seek to challenge the very foundations of democratic countries. turkeys president and the leader, the breakaway turkish republic of northern cyprus, announced the reopening of an abandoned military controlled suburb on the island. as in touch us as a 3.5 kilometer section of russia were revert from military to civilian control. so greek cypriots conceit to reclaim their properties,
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bishop die of ad one was visiting the island to commemorate the $47.00 santa vestry of the turkish invasion that led to the islands, decades long divisions. greek cypriots protested against the other ones, push recognition of cyprus to state. government has launched a complaint to both the un and you 1st of all, the equal sovereignty, an equal status of turkey, cypriots must be confirmed. that's the key for solution. saying no to a 2 state solution means ignoring the sovereignty equality and independence of turkish cypriots an independent report described as the most comprehensive research yet estimates india is excess deaths during the pandemic, or 10 times the official code 19 death tow health experts believe india's official debt over 414000 people is greatly on the counted this report estimates excess
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death figures to be between 3 and 4700000 between january 20, 20 and june of this year. and this is just reported. it slows number of daily covered deaths in 4 months. 374. people died on tuesday and they were just over 30000 new cases. given 19 restrictions will be extended in indonesia because of rising infection numbers. present joker, widow says, restrictions will remain in place until july 25th. the earliest was shopping centers closed, travel, restricted and non essential workers staying at home across many of the nation's island, covered $900.00 cases in indonesia or among the highest in the world. many caused by the delta varied about 50000. you cases reported each day last week with health systems in some areas pushed to breaking point iran capital. tyrone has begun a new one week lockdown as it tries to contain a 5th wave of the current of iris markets. restaurant generals and public offices
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have closed. iran is the hardest hit country in the middle east on tuesday for more than 27000 new cases. and another $250.00 deaths, less than 2 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. while israel was the 1st country to fully vaccinated population and lift code 19 restrictions, but the delta variance has led to a new surgeon infections. now the country started giving a 3rd dose of the vaccine to high risk. patients are double hamid reports from tel aviv. it's the last section of the population to be vaccinated. 12 year old and teenagers, they are considered less at risk, but immunizing them has now become a priority. that socket of the vaccination because they absorb that as a virus. they don't show any symptoms, but somehow in fact that as the re, so they are the further israel managed to vaccinate its way out of depend demik
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with more than 80 percent of the population above the age of 40. having received their 2 doses for 3 consecutive weeks, they were no corona virus related death. israel was hailed as a success story, and the government lifted social distancing rules. no marks were required indoors, and international travel was allowed to game. but that was short lived. those returning to the country have brought with them the delta variant, and it's spreading at an alarming pace. accounting for around 90 percent of all new infections. the country is grappling with an increase in daily infections now at a 4 month high. so the government took do bold move of introducing a 3rd those vaccine a booster shot at the moment available only for specific cases. only patients with chronic diseases or an already compromised immunity system. i, legible for the 3rd jap. that raises the question of how effective is the pfizer
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vaccine, the only one available in israel, in the longer term health official say its effectiveness has gone down to about 64 percent when it comes to the delta variant. when you look on long term, and now we're looking on longer term, it was supposed to be reduce a little more chance of becoming infected, even if it was reduced from 90 to 60. as effect, this is the bcr positive test positive, but this is not being sick and i'm not really interest of reducing the people being positive on the p. c. r. i want to reduce hospitalization. i want to reduce mortality. still the government is worried. obligatory face mask indoors has been re introduce and there are new guaranteed
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rules for returning travelers. more restrictions could be imposed in the days to come. what happens next is a concern for everyone here in israel and for those around the world who are closely monitoring. however, fully immunized society faces new limitations of covert 19 on the meat edges, 0 israel in the u. s. current of ours cases, hospitalizations and death are on the rise, not driven by outbreaks in parts of the country with low vaccination rates. now the white house is confirmed a case of period 19 in an official who'd been fully vaccinated. that's going off to the white house correspondent, kimberly how kit and kevin to president biden. you people to go out and get their job. is this case in the white house, endangers, undermining this message? well, i was one of the questions that was asked at the white house briefing earlier, and the white house press secretary, jim saki denied the white house is concerned about this. what she said is that there's been no data to suggest that because somebody at the white house,
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or in fact any positive case in a previously vaccinated person would in any way discourage people from getting back that i haven't said that. certainly there are some people who are raising eyebrows and are a little bit concerned that it could have that impact given the fact that not only was there's a positive case with white house, but also on capitol hill in the speaker of the house that you close his office as well. a staff member there tested positive, but with respect to the white house case, the white house press secretary says that it is being monitor very carefully in terms of this breakout case. and she says there's no cause for alarm. take a listen. the way to the medical unit has conducted contact tracing interviews and determine no close contacts among white house principles or staff or the president . the individual has mild symptoms. we know that there will be breakthrough cases. but as it's instance chose cases in vaccine it,
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individuals are typically mild of the white house is prepared for break. for cases with regular testing is another reminder of the efficacy of the cove in 1900 vaccines against severe illness or hospitalizations. and of course we wish our colleague a speedy recovery but what isn't clear is whether or not the general public is quite so confident or prepared about the breakthrough aces. and as a result, there is some discussion about whether or not there need to be mandates put in place. in other words, once the vaccine gets something more than just the emergency authorization that has now and full food and drug administration approval, whether or not that is something that the white house and the broader members of congress should consider. and kimberly, in the meantime, it's exactly 6 months, isn't it? since fighting took office karone of ours till it was the biggest challenge. how's he seemed to be doing the president's getting great marks when it comes to the handling of the pandemic. in fact, 66 percent of americans say he's doing
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a great job, they feel reassured that things are on track. the problem for the president is when you ask how his handling of the economy is. that of course, is sort of the 2nd biggest challenge that the president had coming out of the pen demik. that's when the numbers start to waiver a little bit. there's still majority of americans, but it's just a slim majority. the think the president is doing well in that respect and the reason is a lot to do with the recovery and the trajectory is taking. there's inflation, food and price index shows that the percentage in terms of price is 5.4 percent. and that means that people are paying more for groceries, they're paying more for gasoline, and that is making a lot of lawmakers that even this white house rather nervous. now they are competent. they have said repeatedly, look at this is a temporary bob. but things are on track, but at the same time there is some concern that the programs the president is proposing or it's already put through in terms of that lifeline. giving people
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checks to help them get through a tough spot. whether or not those types of programs should continue, or if it's contributing to the spike in prices. so this is something to see, watch very carefully here at the white house. but add to that there is this concern that because of vaccine hesitancy, that the rise in cases of coven in the united states is also going to hurt that economic recovery. so it's a real challenge for the white house committee. how can thank you very much. i took your lympics opening ceremony just 3 days away. but how, thanks but a warning that the code isolation bubble, the olympic village has already been broken. 71 accredited people have now tested positive for current of iris. they include athletes thing in the village and others preparing across japan as well as team officials. i o. c members and volunteers the 2nd year in a row and the unlimited number of people have been allowed. it is wholly assigned to mecca to begin to mark the beginning of eda. latter, it's usually one of the world's largest religious gatherings. attracting over
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2000000 muslims. more of the world, but only 60000 vaccinated saudi residents have been committed to take part in the fuse hodge pilgrimage. because of the current of virus restriction, palestinian muslims gathered outside the alexa most can occupied east jerusalem. the 1st day of either harder, many were chanting in florida with other palestinians, and garza were also living under is ready occupation. ah, i'm under the top stories on how to 0. well, rich man has flown to space on a private rocket. jeff is also and his brother base a 10 minute journey along with wealth oldest and youngest face travelers. the 1st commercial flight, the talking blue origin, the space tourism company. this flight and the previous one. my virgin is richard branson has been criticized as joy rides for.


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