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where you haven't it is, and that includes up in the standard took many stand, for example, ask about who's temporaries averagely by 38 is above that, not quite a record, but to get a variation this time the in this place is quite notable. so we again on the high side of average and approaching record values. now one of the good throw offs from the monsoon is the increase in showers over here if you heinz, which feeds, of course, the not often the other river. the biggest outbreaks of rain seemed likely to be drifting into the south of sudan the next day or so. the after a one year delay, the tokyo when picks up buying the divide, growing opposition by running costs and thousands of athletes will compete in empty stadium amid the program. the virus pandemic, audi 0, will be inside the bubble to bring them from the games,
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like no other. when freedom of the press is under threat, step outside the mainstream shift, the focus that pandemic has turned out to be a handy little pretext for the prime minister to clamp down on the press. the listening post on jazz eda across the world, young activists and organizers around them of motivated and politically engaged. the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and beta we were the one who had life on what was going on. and the way that most me media didn't, there's looking stuff that goes on is always in a dynamic formation. we have the agency to create the vibe of the generational change on al jazeera. oh, i
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hear the news out here at algae the are and these are on top stories. amazon found the just phase elf has returned from his maiden space voyage. the new shepherd's crew included by the brother and the youngest and oldest people say that now i've been inside the tree. rockets have been fired towards afghan sounds. presidential palace in the capital cobble. i could be heard as president of sha family was leading prayers for 8 and the german champ langler miracles, promising emergency aid for regions effective by the west via she has made a 2nd visit to the area. the clean up operation from last week disaster pension haiti is set to have a new prime minister 2 weeks after the assassination of president jovan elmore. the arial henri is scheduled to be sworn in on tuesday, a 71 year old neurosurgeon and public official. he's called for political unity at the forms a new government on re we'll take over the role temporarily held by the acting
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prime minister cord shows that at the kalika following developments from miami, he takes over from him an interim prime minister. and he himself will be in trim. is that correct? yeah, i mean basically this is an entire interim government to get a t to the next stage which is elections. those haven't happened since 2017. the ones in 2019 was so problematic. they were basically abandoned, which is what ready, cause, you know, my, we a lot of issues because people saw him as overstaying his welcome. so this is a key moment, i think for people there are extremely concerned about their own security. and that has been this power struggle between claud joseph and r l on re. but after the international community decided to back arial on re, it seems clear now that he will take over as the enter in prime minister leading up to those elections. now the elections may be easier said than done because for years they have been problematic. so i think and to nationalize and certainly
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haitians will be watching for those elections to take place, perhaps towards the end of the year, september or october. but there is a great deal riding on those elections being carried out freely and fairly. thanks for that. so that's an update from andy gallagher in miami, on the situation in haiti. we've also got kim, i'm with us, who is a journalist at the haiti, liberty newspaper on scott from new york, and i came in for him or not. that's a heck of a job to take on right now, isn't it? to be the leader of haiti, which already had so many problems and now as to deal with still the investigation of an assassinated president. hello kim, can you hear me? it's come out here and uh huh. no, no, i hear you. oh, come out. i just turned it until in to be a question. ok, that's. so i'll ask you again. i was just pointing out the fact that you know injure him or not. this is quite a job for anyone to be taking right now to be the leader of haiti. which already
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had plenty of problems even before this the fascination. yes, it's for sure. but yeah, our sense is that the hungry who is a long time ally of the united states has been turned to because of his pay full service in the past. the government he's put together is really i could say coalition government of both the jovan l sector the p h t k and a few other it's the key post to remain the same when the job now had club. joseph remains the foreign minister, patrick white. bear remains as the minister of economy and finance very important for the u. s. and the justice minister, rockefeller ben sons, so the key ministries are still in the hands of job nails group. and i think we're going to see an effort now for them to try to bring elections about, you know, probably some time, early, 2020 to kim. what is, and as i say, again,
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even in an intern position, what is the most important thing or things that the new prime minister will need to deal with. aside from finding out who killed the president, what will he need to do to restore some stability to hazy? well, i think, i think that's a very tall order to bring stability to haiti within the coalition. this is really a shift more or less to the opposition by the us, who is the king make or the king anoint her in haiti? this opposition, which has embraced ariel on re, is now going to be, i think, skirmishing among themselves, for posts in positions and power and advantage in the upcoming contests. of course you have this rebellion in the share, the towns of haiti, which is demanding food water. the hospitals, schools,
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roads, internet things, so they can live because they are literally starving. and so this is also going to be an area of tremendous unrest in the days ahead. and i think any government, they have to stabilize all of that before any elections can happen or otherwise they're going to be a mess. like the other ones that we've had over the past decade. would they look towards them? and you mentioned the united states fairly. what they look towards the international community for some sort of help slash intervention. well, when one says international community and hit it usually means the u. s. and it's our right, not talking about russia or china or anybody else. so, i mean, and this is, the problem is there's a lot of enmity. first, the u. s. remains sort of poised over haiti. they're saying right now that they're not going to intervene there yet. they're, they're playing hard to get as you will. but asian people don't want to see it. so
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i think the us role in hittie are going to have to think very hard about it. because anybody they sort of back or anoint or push is going to be seen with a lot of skepticism by the haitian people. i think people are, are very wary above international community involvement in haiti at this time. but of course they want aid, but they don't want the interference and a mentally came off. it was a pleasure to talk to you. thank you for your time. thank you. now unions and student groups in columbia capital, a marking independence day with anti government protests, demonstrated that the policy, the president, even to k of lead to more poverty and inequality. the government has been criticized for cracking down on protests at home while supporting defend cuba. already via some of the demonstrations which are expected across the country could yet turn violence. it said you caught up on corona virus news than israel festival,
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which has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. however, the delta varying does not lead to a surgeon infections. and so israel is started to give a 3rd dose of the vaccine to high risk patients. hot deal hamid as more from telephone. if it's the last section of the population to be vaccinated. 12 year old and teenagers, they are considered less at risk, but immunizing them has now become a priority. that target explanation because they absorb that as a virus. they don't show any symptoms, but somehow in fact that as the re, so they are the israel managed to vaccinate its way out of depend demik with more than 80 percent of the population above the age of 40. having received their 2 doses for 3 consecutive weeks, they were no corona virus related death. israel was hailed as a success story and the government lifted social distances rules. no marks were
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required indoors and international travel was allowed again. but that was short lived. those returning to the country have brought with them the delta variant, and it's spreading at an alarming pace. accounting for around 90 percent of all new infections. the country is grappling with an increase in daily infections now with a 4 month high. so the government took the bold move of introducing a 3rd vaccine, a booster shot at the moment available only for specific cases. only patients with chronic diseases or an already compromised immunity system. i, legible for the 3rd jap. that raises the question of how effective is defies. the vaccine, the only one available in israel, in the longer term health official say its effectiveness has gone down to about 64 percent when it comes to the delta variant. when you look on the long term,
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and now we're looking on longer term, it was supposed to be a reduce, a little more chance of becoming infected, even if it was reduce from 90 to 60 as effect, this is p c r positive test positive. but this is not being sick and i'm not really interest of reducing the people being positive on the p. c. r. i want to reduce hospitalization. i want to reduce mortality till the government is worried. obligatory face mass indoors has been reintroduced and there are no guarantees rules for returning travelers. more restrictions could be imposed in the days to come. what happens next is a concern for everyone here in israel and for those around the world who are closely monitoring. however, fully immunized society faces new limitations of covered 19 that meet al jazeera
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israel. and the rise of the delta variant is making some governments rethink their vaccines strategies. recent studies have shown a 3rd vaccine dose can boost immunity against highly transmissible variance. but us health officials are not recommending a thorough job. they say more evidence is needed, but it's just reported israel, which did have the fastest faxing role as in the world has begun offering its 3rd shot to high risk people. the u. k is making plans for a potential booster program before the winter. and some asian government said i may offer pfizer boosters to people who have received fun of actually some poor nations that are vaccinated, less than one percent of their populations. and the w h o says greed is causing inequality and the vaccine make as much supply countries in need before shifting their focus to boosters for themselves. his john nickle clinical professor in pathology university of hong kong. he is the leading corona virus researcher who
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told us while there is a global vaccine shortage, sending jobs to poor countries will bring the greatest benefit. remember mortality of this boss about 2 percent. so if you go those 10000000 doses for vaccine a country which is naive, then you can potentially prevent about 200000 this you got ready vaccinated population of 10000000, then that had the army vaccine, which has dropped more towns. he bought that nazi the set, even the delta vines, so it gives them, the booster will drop these. so 2000 dest by maybe about 200. so you're saving maybe 1800 deaths for those 10000000 doses. so it makes a lot of argument to actually to give it to the, to the poor countries, those which have been vaccinated. and also these countries is the, with the ny populations where you're going to be getting the potential rise of these need vents, which we need the business for. so i think there's lots vitamins to say that these doses must be given to the countries which either don't have the vaccine strategy
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or, or much poorer. having said that is he mentioned as a strong argument was countries so small goldie, a tie and say, we need the booster because the contacts in which we had the inactivate vaccine is not and is not good enough. molly's the answer and president a see me go to has survived an attempt on his life in the capital obamacare. he appeared on national television just now is after a man tried to stab him during present cities. great mosque go test said he is doing well and there would always be people trying to cause instability going to power in june after leaving the country. second qu, in less than a year, he has more without my address, he's monitoring developments from a boucher nigeria. the military leader, i seen a greater colonel awesome a greater was entering in the mosque when the attacker suddenly launched, launched at him with an ice. the presidency insist that he's safe, but others reports suggest that he may have been struck in the arm he's attack. i was posing us and i shot into the mosque where, where, when, when i was passing by,
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then he attacked him. now, i think he is currently in his 1st year in office says the 1st school almost the 1st year. and his office is the 1st school. remember he took of a power in august of 2020. and then 9 months, one month after he was sworn in as a vice president of an interim government, he deposed the president, the civilian president and the prime minister, 9 months after. and now he's waiting. he has 6 months on record now to organize elections according to our tangible grid by the economic community of west africa to cause and the interim government in molly's now the current situation in molly such a difficult one. because 1st of all, the french of announced that they're pulling out of the i g 5 security formation in
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molly. and we've seen also an increase in tax by groups in money. now what does not call you had the moment regarding today's attack is whether or not the attack was carried out by one of the groups operating in malia and neighboring states. mike new jerry can apply for the 2nd year in a row. only a limited number of people have been allowed to islam holiest sites and mecca to mark the beginning of a the lead her to usually one of the was not just religious gathering that attracts more than 2000000 muslims, but only $60000.00 vaccinated saudi residence. so taking part in this year's hodge pilgrimage, because of corona virus restrictions in iraq, eidolon has been marred by violence. a bomb attack killed at least 31 people with iso claiming responsibility mahard abeline, who has more from bank debt. oh lucy, there's more kayden at the men a be funny for most in the media, but
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a birds are most prominent on the district. despite covey, 19 restrictions, many believe performing these sacred rituals, indicates devotion and equality. luxury while i believe this prayer is mandatory, we have to perform it in mass. ok. hello. yes, we should consider quarantine measures, but this occasion is an essential part of our heritage. 1 security measures have been taken here for the violent incidents in the past, but it was in the majority of a sudden city that a suicide bomber blew himself up at a busy market, praying that peace and prosperity come back to the country. these are super say, there are said and by the targeting of civilians on the eve of aid. and despite the risk of, of virus infection, iraq is try to keep the tradition alive. sacrificing around or a cow is reenacting profit abraham,
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obedience to god with the country in economic decline, not many can have for that local title shaven already, but rain with guess this year less grass. so few a sheep on offer, and consequently prices are high with the despite financial hardship, the while we family gathered to celebrate or sadie, than our family bonds inherited by our ancestors are marked by ede and we also inspire memories and the good old days. but it will now be a time of morning for some including the l. just him family. the 16 year old daughter was killed in the attack in a southern city hallmark. there is no eat for us today. in fact, we haven't had any normal eden years. i think with another surgeon cove in 19 infections, iraq is recording nearly 10000 cases a day. but some families are still determined to celebrate to eat. for those who
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lost loved ones, it's more reminder of their pain. would have had algebra, but the sports needs is coming up with peter in a moment where we will hear from the i r c. president thomas box, his sleepless nights, the head of the talk you back with that in a moment. the brought to you by accenture. let there be change. ah ah
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me ah. duties by extension that there'll be change. oh, a we miss out on fort in the last few days because you know, there were people flying into space and stuff,
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but peter's here at this time it's not in the space you know, come up to 3 days from the thought of the olympic games and 2nd in the i see says it has reduced cove 19 risk as far as is humanly possible. those who they were on tuesday to find the organizations president thomas bus announcing 5 days ago there was 0 risk of infection to the japanese public. meanwhile, the head of the tokyo olympics organizing committee has not ruled out a last minute cancellation of the games. the amount of testing that is going on and the, on the isolation in the playbooks of very, very strict indeed is a 0 risk. they can never be 0 risk, but we have reduced it as far as we think is humanly possible. i see present thomas bar has admitted that he has had doubts and sleepless nights over the postpone tokyo games. but he insists cancellation was never an option o the past 15 months. we had to take daily decisions
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on very uncertain grounds. we had doubts every day we deliberated and we discussed there were sleepless nights. like every one else in the world. we did not know. i did not know what the future would hold. it was either cancelling the games or postponing the games. consolation would have been the easy way for us. we could have drawn on the insurance that we had at the time and moved on to paris 2024. but in fact, consolation was never an option for us. the u.
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c never abandons the athletes. the 1st major career of ours test for organizers could come before fridays opening ceremony on thursday. japan play south africa in the men's olympic football tournament. but they all concerns. so africa could struggle to feel the theme of the 21 members of the delegation with designated close contacts. those people now need to return daily, negative p c or tests, including 6 hours before the game. so the african coach says that means doesn't know who will be eligible to be playing an unnamed premium. the player has been suspended by his club, pending to lease investigations into suspicion of child 6 offences. the club said in a statement, they will continue to support the authorities with their inquiries. the player has been released on bail off to being detained on friday. now the milwaukee bucks on the verge of pinching the 1st n b a championship titling 50 years. bucks doppler yana,
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empty the combo will leading team against the phoenix suns in game 6 of the final. later on tuesday, they'll have the chance to seal the championship on their home court, the bucks of 13 games in a row to lead the best of 7 series, 3 tune a start not to get ahead of you. so. but this is the time that you got to be the most discipline, you know, and that's what i'm going to going to be as discipline as possible. don't get too excited to get to pumped out for the game. none of that can play the game. i now throughout this entire play off, right? this is our 1st and elimination game. i mean, so is through, and i mean it's no looking back now we've got to come out, be ready to play. and you know, if you want to go back to the lympics, send mohammed, how much is i'm a top 10 finish in the weight. lifting competition. the 19 year old is the 1st
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palestinian to ever compete in this ford at the games he came 8th at last years and the 20 will championships. her mother says he is proud of reaching the olympics and that competing in tokyo is a dream come true to all the layers of it's an indescribable feeling to have qualified for the tokyo olympics, the biggest sporting event. this is an honor for any athlete to participate in the olympic games and i feel excited and proud. i hope god willing that i will appear in good shape and honor the besieged palestinian people. and i'm sure one of the favorite for the surfing gold medal is australian. sally fits gibbons. former world number one is unfazed about the difficult lead up to the tokyo games preparation. in the midst of upon them, he's never going to be perfect. and even so i like the road to live games. the more i hear from other athletes, it's just like it never is perfect. this is about doing your best on that dive and
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it all comes down to it and just trusting in your body and mind and, and you've done your best to be on the olympics team for a strategy. so special black is such a ma sense of the very 1st stuff is from our country to go. i don't really big games. that's one that you sit back in the rocking chair and oh my gosh, i was the 1st on there. i can't really imagine where the sport will go to like beyond my career, but just to be at the starting point. that recognition on a global sense and scale and just gone to the biggest sporting platform. yeah, you know, with such a really small group as surf is, is an a 2 man and 2 a mouse. i'll definitely go forward and, and really do my country proud and best. and just to be a part of the olympic games in australia. it's seen as, yeah, a real honor and a country really gets behind us and supports us. the games are going to be really
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different. but just for a country to commit like they have and, and open up their borders and bring everyone from the well it in is very courageous and it's usually for our so thankful and yeah, i know. a kind of like from the standpoint that i would want to show of the city and their beaches, it will be more of a, you know, in and out process. we won't get a lot of time there from what i understand, but just creates the yearning to want to go to another olympic guys experience like the village in its full capacity. but in terms of time, again, japan, i've been out of travel, you know, my whole life and it's something that i've just, i'm gonna write it down on the bucket list, come back and do a number of things and really enjoy the city. but for now, i'm just thankful to be going ok, we're going to leave it there for now. i'll be here again later with most sports needs come all. thank you miss stem. it fit from your news? our team here into lauren thailand with him in london or along just a moment. the
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me in the about the board and determined to succeed. it can feel you want to try to keep on training. i obstacle. i'll just say we're healthy inspiring story of the group of money women into the future. their dream of playing football for that country. despite its culture and traditions, we are in the somalis authority and it's difficult for people to accept tomatti football, golden go on our award winning programming from
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international. so make one quick. so it's right on the back global discussion. what guarantee debility the right. typically i'd like getting going to the voice here in california. it's almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program, but open your eyes to view of the world today. this is what the picture looks like the the world from a different perspective on our tom mom trying to flag for her nation. we have been putting, i'm going to be playing high kids on what be country between my dream play in the world. wow. providing for how family waiting game that's my precious gay in the game. my them bob way on al jazeera ah bold and i'm told stories from
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asia and the pacific on al jazeera. ah, the just becomes a 2nd. this month lost into space on the company's 1st private passenger side and touched down well, got your parish to down 10 minutes later making history. taking an older people. 2 it was wonderful, i want to go again fast. the me .


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