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and other similar sites are under way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country. and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. oh, this is al jazeera. ah, it's going to take 100 hours g until you hello. can all sounds and welcome to the news. our on al jazeera, the richest man, jeff pays off into space on his company. first private passenger life touch town. he makes history with the blue origin launch carrying both the oldest
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and youngest people to go into space and other news. rocket attacks, interrupt the prayers, and the asco capital. cobble 3 of them land near the presidential palace. and i'm step 5, record and from bottom i for where to small for came up before me for high washed away, complete free, and a mass of clean up is on the way. and he the same, it's with the sports and as we age, closer to the opening ceremony of the tokyo games a spokesperson for the international olympic committee. because because of 19 risk has been reduced as much as humanly possible. ah, the amazon to the edge of the space billionaire business been jeff phase also has returned from his maiden space voyage a flight which lasted exactly minutes and 18 seconds. the new shepherd craft
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blasted off from texas with its crew, including base on his brother mark, and also the youngest and oldest people who have now ever been in spain. this is the 1st commercial flights for the typhoons blue origin space tourism company. after detached from the rocket booth to the cap steel reached a height of round a 100 kilometers above the earth, which is just on the edge of space. they experienced about 3 minutes of weightless before beginning their defense and touched down. and that defense ended just like that in the text. and that bit of a bump and elated bays off and crew emerged shortly after he could be heard describing the trip is the best day of the most profound piece of it. for me was looking out at the earth and looking at the earth atmosphere. every astronaut, every who's been up in the space,
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they say this that it changes them and they look at it and they're kind of amazed and off struck by the earth and its beauty. but also by its fragility, and i can vouch for that. when i look up, you know, who were still in this room were driving our cars were moving around the planet. in our know, was the atmosphere so gigantic. you know where these tiny little things in the planet the atmosphere so big. but when you get up above it, what you see is it's actually incredibly thin. it's this tiny little fragile thing . and as we move about the planet, we're damaging it. and of course, all of this is happening just a week after entrepreneur richard branson took off in his specially designed rocket plane. if you want to call that, both of these now major milestones and the push towards private commercial space travel like branson bays off and his new shepherd croft weren't going fast enough around the planet. so it comes within the yellow lines. if you like. it is a sub orbital flights giving passengers a few minutes of weightlessness like we thought phases was able to reach alpha
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space though which the world governing body the f i a puts at that level 100 kilometers above the earth. branson only got to what you would call the edge of space, which is around 88 kilometers. is virgin galactic mission reached that altitude? well short of that though, the international space station, which orbit swell above 400 kilometers above the earth. don't forget space 6 over on the edge though, the company owned by a 3rd billionaire, a lawn musk who already delivered astronauts to the station. he's got commercial flights due to launch later this year as well. so that just puts it all in perspective for you. robert and i'll be the man who has been in van horn, texas today watching it all happen. i know you are a little far away road, but still pretty exciting to witness it all. yes, very exciting. it actually at one point we could see the contrary of the rocket going up directly behind where i'm standing in the far distance. just shooting
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straight up into the sky. oh, bath and that. and that was pretty thrilling. especially for someone of the, you know, the generation who actually was around when, when space travel was considered a very, very exciting human adventure. and the next step, you know, this is the basis said, you know, the best day ever for him, which is certainly saying something given what he's done in his business career. it's also what he and the others that you mentioned. hope will be the start of a potentially lucrative space tourism industry for well healed people who are willing to pay large amounts of money to at least temporarily slip the surly bonds of earth that may be decades in the future. but on the other hand, a couple of decades ago, who thought that a little website selling books turn into
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a gargantuan retail behemoth that everybody is buying their materials from? there are, of course, many people who would say, you know, that this competition between space, billionaires is kind of an ego thing. it's a waste of money. there's lots of problems on earth. we're in the middle of a pandemic. why not spend the money elsewhere? but there are also those who hope that this will re kindle some measure of excitement about space. and as, as we've been hearing throughout the day from some of our guests, scientists, and we'll be hearing in the, in the future. we hope, you know, there, there have been a lot of benefits from space exploration that we just take for granted in our phones, in our cars, our gps, all of these things have developed out of space exploration. so if this is the next step, perhaps it will have benefits, not only for wealthy people and space tours but,
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but for other people as well. in any event, the whole thing went off without a hitch and come out. what i thought was really interesting is that this was all fly by wire. this was completely automated. it's, you know, if you will, it's sort of like buying something from amazon. you just click and you know, it shows up on your doorstep. there was no pilot, there were there were no controls. the, the 4 people on board were not flying the thing. it was all software and all ground control. so that may be also an innovation with a future in space or threats. real travel, you know, rob, you mentioned a couple of times there, that little website, amazon dot com, which grew into this retailing behemoth. now, in the news conference off, and i use that term very use very loosely news conference base. i said, thanks to all my amazon employees and customers because you guys paid for this help
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. that might just be a little tone deaf under the circumstances of the lot of people who think you're just a rich guy who's flying up to the edge of space. because he can, and apparently we're funding it, we were, we're funding it during, during our pandemic lockdown, we all bought lots of stuff that we're now looking at and questioning. did we really need that? and we've all also heard the stories about how amazon employees are treated, not great in many cases. and we know that jeff bezos is, is, you know, a hard nose capitalist. he's not a you know, albert schweitzer so there is that tone deaf element to it. i think, and it's also notable that mr. bays of the richest man on earth has not taken the same course as a warren buffett or bill gates and devoted a substantial chunk of his vast $200.00 plus $1000000000.00 fortune to
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charitable works, trying to cure diseases and develop, you know, modalities for people who live in under developed countries and so forth and so on, which, which the gates foundation has done. so, you know, we'll see how this develops. the people tend to mellow over time. maybe he's gotten this out of his system now until reading some of the cash rounds. good to tokyo, rob reynolds journey from vanhorn, texas, the side of the blue origin launch today. where on 2 other news now, 3 rocket attacks in the afghan capital cobble have a look at this time in the now that could be heard. and there's another one as well. president enough? counting the leading 8 prayers at the presidential palace. one of them hit cobblers, most popular mosque and other was behind its biggest shopping mall. the food was near the ministry of foreign affairs. no reports of injury so far off from our
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diplomatic editor, james bass, who is incapable certainly there was a big shock for people in the very center of cobble. when they heard the bangs i was staying in the center of cobble at around 8 o'clock this morning. when this took place, now in the immediate aftermath, you're a spoke to a senior member of the taliban who said that they were behind this attack. but the taliban then never made any formal statement. and i statement then came out from i saw saying that they carried out the attack. i've spoken now to the tell about an official spokesman, so hell shaheen. and he says that he'll put out a statement because the taliban didn't do it. that is not the view of the african government, though. listen to what president connie had to say in the immediate aftermath of the willing determination of peace. and we have also sacrificed for it, but the telephone to not have the will and simulation for peace. we have to take
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our decisions according to clearly this comes at a very difficult time for the afghan government. they're saying lots of rural areas that are falling in to the taliban in recent weeks. and recent months, the same bullet points that are falling to the taliban. they could say that urban centers and particularly the capital, were very much in that control. i think this shows the fragility of the african government right now. of course, the you with a nato, a pulling out of afghanistan and such turkeys, president is expressed an interest in taking over the management of cobbled international airport. reject type one says he plans to hold talks with the taliban . crystal soda has the details for us from stumble. well, for now we're keeping the company port secure is quite important because it's the only get we gateway for the international community. and turkey is in talks, particularly with a regarding how to corporate to keep the a couple of
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a port run up and run. and turkey in that sense, wants to keep it international because it is afraid of a scenario that once the international community is out of the country and it's find itself left behind along and having a confrontation with tyler by the way, it wants to keep us in groups also in the, in the country, particularly in the couple a port. but on the other hand, there are talk between turkey and pakistan regarding the 2 packets and also be in the corporation to security. a couple of april because pakistan local expertise is quite important for turkey and other track of the english is also turkey and the hungry as a european union member. so talking that says wants to keep the game international as much as possible, and that are the ongoing negotiation between turkey and, and the usa as well. so it seems that they are very much close to the agreement.
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and as you can see, present one also given more details and the requirements of turkey from the u. s. a . if they want to take over the management of couple a port, let's listen to him. use diplomacy knocked us in the 1st of all the united states will take sides with us in terms of diplomacy and diplomatic relations. secondly, in terms of logistics, they will use every means available for you will hand over every logistical ability they have to turkey. and finally, there will be serious financial and administrative difficulties during this process . they will give us the necessary support to turkey and disrespect as well. if these conditions could be math, we are thinking of taking over the management of capital airport. just 13 minutes past the hour. here's what we've got coming up, data breach claims, and it's ready. software company's been filling. it's spyware, to help with terry and government all over the rural teacher and political outside of wins peruse presidential election. finally, after the longest, both counts and 40 years and the weight of his people on his shoulder,
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we hear from the 1st palestinian waitlist compete at the olympic ah, the german chancellor angler medical is promising emergency aid for areas affected by the worst floods in decades. she's made her 2nd visit to the region of the clean up operation continues. what has have receded, but some towns are still cast off. 5 damage roads and bridges of us all that lot of the yeah, it's very clear that we face a very long recovery. we will not forget you, we will keep checking on the rebuilding and we will do everything we can together with the local and regional governments to ensure money comes quickly to people who have nothing left but the clothes on their backs. people who need support from step boss and now she is in bands the rifle. it's an unbelievable clean up operation. as
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you can see, these chains of people here behind me, fast on buckets and all kinds of things that are coming from all the toys. houses were completely flooded. this has been continuing for days already. and this is exactly the place also in the bathrooms. so i for where i'm going back all the, the chancellor was he was only a 2 day just in the hour or 2 ago she was here and she was actually standing right there. and it was a very interesting scene. i witnessed that she was standing right there to officials talking to journalists, but here on this bridge the work continued. a all the time, well, she was there and people were actually angry. they said why you see there really were ever everything has to stop. they are so they were kind of frustrated and i said, it's fine that you come here and, and some, some nice and sympathetic worse, but we really need her to do more. we need that. she takes a lot of money. and why is she thought of hampering the clean up operations?
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this is a very old historic sound. it's a beautiful song that used to be it's due to full sauce. you can see the reference over there, but everything that's next to it used to be arose and that's completely disappeared . you can see that the water was so hard swept worse and everything away that the whole i saw that everything has disappeared. and what is l? a, c, a c i have been doing because you don't really see many people from the authority services policy from all over germany. actually trying to fill out what's left behind all these holes in the road to try to fill up with all the debris and rebels that they can 5, the phone of french president emanuel micron may have been targeted with spyware. on behalf of moroccan intelligence. this claim now being made by the french newspaper, limone, which says microns device was one of thousands identified as a target for potential surveillance. it follows an investigation into widespread use of the pegasus spine technology made by these ready company. and so off we go
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to paris now to talk to natasha butler about this when any reaction from the least a palace while they at least say her said that if these allegations are verified, that it is extremely worrying. indeed, i mean this pegasus spyware scout will really touching the highest echelons of power in france with these reports by the french newspaper. no more. that moroccan intelligence services selected one of the french presidents manual micros mobile phones as a possible target for civilians. and not only the french president phone, but also his prime minister back in 2019 because from what we understand these numbers were selected in 2019. the former prime minister was felipe, and also 14 french government ministers. their telephone also selected as potential targets. so an incredible story here in fonts,
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you can imagine reaction from the lease phase. i said they are extremely upset, but they want to see exactly what they can find out about this. and if they offer for the, if he's on occasion to verify it, i should say you'd have to wonder how that is going to impact relation between morocco and france. natasha. there's also news about french journalists being targeted by the american intelligence services. can you take us through that? yes, the paris prosecutors have actually opened an investigation into allegations that the moroccan intelligence says targeted. possibly dozens of journalists in from editors, television, commentators and reporters, many of them high profiles, some less so. nevertheless, this came really to attention is part of this investigation that has happened
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globally into this pegasus israeli made made spyware. that seems to have been used by many governments around the world that is supposed to be used for counterterrorism activities. but clearly the allegations all that it has been used to survey opponents, possibly, or jealousy might be writing things that some governments do, you know, like now amongst the targets here in from one a french journalist from a investigative media website called the media part. here she has actually falls a complaint along with a colleague and official complaint. this is what triggered the investigation by the parents prosecution. this is a journalist who's written in the past about morocco, about sexual violence and morocco, also by the intelligent folks is there. but it seems that many of the journals were actually selected for possible events in france and some of their phones, according to the local newspaper we're actually talk is some of them actually have not written about morocco will have no connection to the country. so it is baffling
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as to why they were selected. thank you natasha about the for let information from paris. the winner of peruse presidential election has finally been declared. it took 6 weeks since the vote. it is the teacher and union leader pedro castillo, who won by just 44000 votes. the official results delayed by accusations of fraud by the losing candidate cake, who he maury, who now faces trial on unrelated corruption charges. murray on a sanchez, is in lima following this one. not on 844000 votes. is nothing. i mean that is a really, really small margin. is that going to make life tough for me? because you don't try and come out when he's going to vote. so there is 49.9 percent approval who you want? well they will they continue to roll to oh, well we haven't seen a home today. we may be seen coming day until
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a he is over the government in the next few days are important than anything right now is to the collision. why do you see going to do? who is going to surround him? it's weeks for definitions before the july. can you see colbert when we will have to see if he's around himself by moderate or it will not lie in all parties represent their reason of congress. the party congress on sunday. many on the listing got to the members of the party was that mom from him to implement the policy they have it. is that the party, the party line house, now it will be week of definition. and there of course, is a lot of pressure, not only from the people who did not vote for him for him to be
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a moderate, but also a pressure from the 50 point one percent of her against it for him. now one change and maybe once a change of the constitution, so we will have to see what he does come up. thank you, maria sanchez with that update from lima of such a bank to our top story. that is, of course, the 1st trip to space for the edge of space made by jeff pathos and his private spice company, blue origin. really pleased to welcome to the news. jim green, who is the chief scientist at nasa, the national aeronautics base and ministration in the united states. he's on scott from washington dc. a pleasure to have you with us today, sir. i just want your reaction as someone who obviously loves space and has worked towards it all as to what you felt when you watched that what she met ro could go up watching it bland again as well. oh, it was just fantastic opportunity to see a new era become so vibrant in that is the ability for companies,
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not napa, you know, part of the federal government, but companies to be able to reach space and go back down just like we did with alan shepherd's 1st flight. the thing is though, and i'm gonna, i'm gonna get cynical here because that's my job. and that is the sheer number of people who will just look at what happened today and think, well that's it's, it's completely out of the reach of most people. it is only really for the base office of the world and the super rich who could ever do something like that. well, it has to start somewhere, you know, charles lumber needed investments to be able to build a plane and cross the atlantic. something that was viewed completely uninsurable by the common person on the street. and what was changed just since found? you're looking at the beginning of
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a past the future of space travel. i'm also thinking about the other billionaires who have done this week. so richard branson, space x l on musk sort of interests me a little bit more because he is trying to practical application here. delivering asteroids, delivering hardware to the international space station, which is what these other 2 don't do. isn't that the more practical application? it's one of many applications and then d, nasa embraces all those. i mean what, what we see with richard branson and of course jeff bezos is attempts to reach a space, return safely, is the beginning of an era of space travel on a more global phase. you know, once you're in space in 90 minutes, you can circle the globe. therefore in 30 minutes you can go from washington d. c to tokyo. you know,
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the concept of space travel now becomes an element of our thinking for the future. okay, you tell me on that one as someone from new zealand given how long it takes to get there from anywhere that would, that would be a great practical application of things. so we, we discussed the super rich there. you talk about the fact that it could become something more usable. i mean, there's no sort of timeframe on this. is there? it will just have to be as long as it takes what 52 years now since the landing on the moon. indeed. and then another $37.00 or so years prior to that was limburger crossing the atlantic. so, i mean, you know, in a handful of decades, you know, in the, in the lifetime of our children, space travel for many may be a common occurrence. tell me about what nasa actually does these days because we're
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so visible in years gone by when you actually saw the space shuttle going up and down and it was, it was the, it was a constant sort of thing. now that nasa doesn't have that sort of thing and we're actually now focusing more on this private side of things. whereas nasa wanting to take us now. well, what nasa is working on now is indeed activity of space station. this is the decade for the international space station to bring on more commercial and companies that want to develop a variety of products in 0 gravity because you can build better products in many different ways. but also we doing a variety of other types of science. in the meantime, we're developing the capability to be able to live and work on another planet, on another solar system object in the start of that will happen by the end of this year. with our launch of the space watch system to go to the moon. now it will be
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untrue. and soon after after that launch we will have a crew going out in testing every every system. and then in a few years later, we'll have the 1st woman in the next, perhaps next woman or the next man landing on the surface of the moon in the south pole. as we begin to work live and work on our planetary surface. jim just finding what are your thoughts on regulating all this now that it is opening up to private companies? there is concern from some people that they need to be tighter regulations drawn up to make sure that space is not polluted and it's not exploited for commercial gain . is that important? it is. in other words, we need to work both within the regulations of our individual countries. but on an international basis where we work together, our space is really humanities. and our ability to use it
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together in a peaceful way is really critical for us. within the united states, nasa is not a regulatory agency. these flights are fall under the approval of the f a which is an organization has been set up for flight travel throughout the united states and internationally. and so they will continue to do that. but in the meantime, we'll be putting experiments on the, you know, the, then the next blue origin mission, as we have done on several others. jim greene is nasa, the chief scientist. and it's been a pleasure to talk to you on the historic day for spice travel. thank you for your time. my pleasure. thank you. call us to head view and i'll just the, or as evidence grows back, things are less effective against variation of corona bar. some countries are now considering booster shots and even about a we're looking at how more than
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a 1000000000 muslim world around the world and marketing the whole b plus your forty's, the dream of an in be a title for the phoenix done on the line and game 6, the final ah ah, now off the monsoon rain rages heavily in the western side of india. we get the edge effects in salon, a few showers turn up into the merits of west and yemen north south west saturday. the shower that were quite unusual and a couple days ago that spread across the empty quarter up towards katara and the u . a. well, they're just about gone. i want to maybe in the far south or wrong. so the picture, it turns to one of hot and dry for the most part, with temperatures in iraq, actually rising back that up to about 50. by the time you get to sustain the onshore breeze keeps it cooler. in the event they roots down to about $29.00,
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your notice. but he just the sing, generally speaking, if over lay the background, you see where you got the mountains is not quite as hot where you haven't it is. and that includes up in the standard took many stand. for example, ask about who's tempter is averaging by 38 is above that, not quite a record, but to get a variation this time the in this place is quite notable. so we again on the high side of average and approaching record values. now, one of the good throw offs from the monsoon is the increase in showers of the t f in hines which feeds of course, the not often the other river. the biggest outbreaks of rain seemed likely to be drifting into the south of sudan the next day or so. ah. after a one year delay, the tokyo wouldn't take off trying to defy growing opposition. my really cause to japan. thousands of athletes will compete in empty stadium amid the program,
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the virus panoramic audi 0 will be inside the bubble to bring them they to.


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