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politics informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and they have politics? then their life has been shipped by vitamin in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera. ah, me, this is al jazeera. ah, so it's just going to $1300.00, gmc hello, and kim, i'll santa maria, welcome to the news our on the earth, richest man jeff phase, all locked into space on his company's 1st private passenger.
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touch town and make history with the blue origin launch carrying both the oldest and youngest people who ever got into space or 2 in the news. rocket attacks interrupting e. prayers in the afghan capital. campbell, 3 of them land near the presidential palace and as evidence. groceries that vaccines are less effective against the very emphasis on a virus. some countries are now considering boost a shot at on p to 7 to the school health experts warn the bubble has been broken at the tokyo olympic village. that's 3 days out from the start of the games. ah. from amazon to the edge of space billionaire business man jeff space also has returned from his made space voyage,
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a flight lasting exactly 10 minutes. and 18 seconds. the new shepherd craft lost it off from texas with its crew, including phase of brother and the youngest and oldest people to have ever been in space. it is the 1st commercial flight for the tide here in the blue origin space tours in company. after attaching from the rocket boost of the cap to reach the height of about 100 kilometers just on the edge of space, they've got about 3 minutes of weightlessness up there before beginning their defense. and touch down that descent, ending in the text and desert justified as the bumps there and elated bays off and crew emerging shortly after he could be heard describing the trip as quite the best day ever there enough, of course all of this happening just a week after entrepreneur richard branson took off in his especially design rocket playing, both of these now major milestones and the push towards private commercial space travel like france and base off and his new shepherd croft weren't going fast
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enough to go around the planet. so it's within the yellow lines, it's a sub orbital flights giving passengers a few minutes of weightlessness phase also was able to reach what he's officially known as out of space, the governing body, the f. i put that at about 100 kilometers above the earth. branson and he went to what we might say, the edge of space. his virgin galactic mission got to 88 kilometers. both commercial flights. i still while short of the international space station, which orbits more than 400 kilometers above the earth. don't forget, but we've got space x as well. the company owned by 3rd 1000000000 a lawn mosque, which has already delivered astronauts to the station and he's got commercial flights due to launch later this year. let's bring in robert up near the launch site in van horn, texas. rob, i've explained it all as it happened. we've seen the pictures tell me what it was like, i know you went right there, but tell me what it was like for yes. come all unfortunately in kind of
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in keeping with the corporate amazon style. access to this launch was very tightly controlled. there were police from the texas department of highway safety blocking the roads to the remote ranch where they blasted off. but we could see right behind me, actually the con trail of the rocket going straight up into the air. and that was, that was a pretty thrilling site. just watching those pictures on the feed, the blue origin provided with also somewhat thrilling. and, you know, there's a lot of symbolism deliberate, symbolism included in this. for example, the capsule is called the new shepherd. that's spelled s h a p a r d. and that is in honor of alan shepard. he was the 1st american from nasa to fly sub orbit of lee or both tale, excuse me. of course you are
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a good guardian of the soviet union with the 1st person flying to space in 1961, and also today's date, july 20th. what happened on july 20th, 196952 years ago today. man 1st stepped on the moon when, when neil armstrong said one small step for man, one, giant leap for mankind. you know, a lot of people, of course have criticize this billionaire space race as a kind of galactic ego trip. but others have and, and they have pointed out that the money that had spent huge amounts could perhaps be better spent on earth, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic. others however, say that maybe these pictures and these experiences. 6 will rekindle some of the excitement that was felt globally during the early years of space exploration and
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the moon landings that, that has waned very much over the decade. sense and maybe get people excited about the possibilities of space, travel, and exploration, and the ancillary scientific benefits that accrue from the experience of putting, putting people up into orbit. so we'll see how that works for the billionaires involve branson and mosque and of course base those. the idea is to create a lucrative space tourism industry. also a space sort of transportation system to to help supply the international space station. right? is talk about putting polluting industries in space. that's a long way off for now. this is just a day for bass osis and company to exult in their x, their brief experience of slipping the bonds of earth. and we do expect them all
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there to be a press conference when in which all 4 of them presumably will give us their impressions of the days experience that's coming up at some point. we don't, we don't have an exact time on that yet. so what we will talk to after it, i'm sure rob reynolds in texas today launch site of jeff isaac is blue origin. well, space travel was rob was pointing out until recently the sole domain of wealthy nations. but private billionaires reaching for the styles could pave the way the strict rules, outer space treaties, 1st adopted by the un on the late sixty's set out principles for exploration by nation states. as broad agreements call for space travel to be pursued in the common collective good and for countries to bear responsibility for their activities. now though, as we've heard, we have these 3000000000 s competing stakes in space, mosques, space, ex richard branson's, virgin galactic, as well as blue origin, which we saw today from jeff bezos and exports calling for new clear rules to be
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drafted. to ensure space is protected from environmental hom and commercial exploitation. let's talk more about this with john logston, who is the professor emeritus at george washington university space policy institute. he's with us from bethesda, maryland today. good to see you, john. on that point of who rules space or what rules should govern, it has what branson and base us and then must will do change those rules. well, i haven't changed yet, but they need to, i mean the, the current set of governance for outer space states back to 1967 in the outer space treaty. and clearly it's a different arrow with private operators and space, both sending humans now. so both berto. busy but eventually into or but with constellations of thousands of communications satellites being launched or private base with the space been declared,
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a war fighting area by major states. so the rules need updating. so there is a point to all of this. then you might have heard rob randall just talk it in saying it was a few minutes of weightlessness. it's the idea of space tourism. i mean that's still going to be out of the reach of most people's wallets. and at least with mosque you could say, well, he is delivering stuff up to the space station, the other to it, it has that sort of joy, right? feeling? do you feel there is a real point tool of this? well, i think there's a point to being able to offer the space experience to a broader range of people, the price point for the sub orbital flight sales to come down to really make it a possibility for lots of people. but there's lots of work to be done in transporting people and things in the orbit and eventually beyond in, into deep space and having the private sector, having wealthy individuals,
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invest their own money in doing that. i think it's a positive thing. how did you feel watching it today? john spaces your business? it's what you study. it's what you live in braids, i must have it. i felt very cynical to start with. but once you saw the rocket take off, kinda couldn't take your eyes up the screen. well that you know, it was exciting to watch from my living room. it would have been more exciting to see that spacecraft. i had the good fortune of seeing the 1st launch to the moon alo, 11 in july of 1960. now, nothing up that excitement. so 52 years ago that you were watching that well, 52 years ago when they landed was roger russia. but yes, i was at kennedy space center or that launch actually got up in the morning and
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went out to the crew quarters and watched him walk by me on the way home. wow. see, that's what i feel. it's just so different. what happened? 52 years ago almost is so different. those were astronauts. those were people who trained to, to, to, to reach those levels. and now it, as you said, it opened up to other people, but it's just not the same. well, i think they what will be the same, it is when we return to the moon and travel to mars. in the coming years, the united states is leading a coalition of nations to get back to the moon in this decade. and. and i hope to be there to watch those astronauts set off for the moon. jonathan, great to talk to you. it sounds like someone's calling you the next interview. thank you so much for your time. okay, take care. let's move on to other news. 3 rockets fired towards afghanistan's
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presidential palace in the capital city. cobble. how me all of that heard as president, chef county was leading the pres for a lot. one hit me, a cobbles, most popular, must another behind its biggest shopping mall. the 3rd near the ministry of foreign affairs, there have been no reports of injuries so far. i took the medicated james spaces in cobble with more. certainly there was a big shock for people in the very center of cobble. when they heard the bangs i was staying in the center of cobble at around 8 o'clock this morning when that took place. now, in the immediate aftermath out, you're a spoke to a senior member of the taliban, who said that they were behind this attack. but the taliban then never made any formal statement. and i statement then came out from i. so saying that they
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carried out the attack. i've spoken now to the tell about official spokesman, so hell shaheen. and he says that you don't put out a statement because the taliban didn't do it. that it is not the view of the african government though. listen to what president connie had to say in the immediate aftermath of the ruling determinations of peace. and we have also sacrificed for it, but the telephone do not have the willing simulation for peace. we have to take our decisions according clearly this comes at a very difficult time for the afghan government. they're saying lots of rural areas that are falling in to the taliban in recent weeks. and recent months, the same bullet points that are falling to the taliban. they could say that urban centers and particularly the capital, were very much in that control. i think this shows the fragility of the african government right now. and with the u. s. and nato, by pulling out of afghanistan, turkeys president has expressed interest in taking over the management of cobbled international airport which typo and says he plans to hold talks with the taliban
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vessel. so that has the house mel from his stumble. well, for now we'll be keeping the couple in a port security is quite important because it's the only get with gateway for the international community. and turkey is in talks, particularly with the se, regarding how to corporate to keep the a couple of a port run up and run. and key in that sense, wants to keep it international because it is afraid of a scenario that once the international community is out of the country and it's find itself left behind along and having a confrontation with tyler. by the way, it was to keep the us, the troops also in the, in the country, particularly in the couple a port. but on the other hand, there are tools between turkey and pakistan regarding to packets and also be in corporation to secured the couple april because pakistan local expertise is quite
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important for turkey. and other track of the english is also turkey and the hungry as a european union member. so taking that wants to keep the game international as much as possible. and there are the ongoing negotiation between turkey and, and the usa as well. so it seems that they are very much close to the agreement and as you can see, present one also given more details and the requirements of turkey from the u. s. a . if they want to take over the management of couple of airport, let's listen to him. use diplomacy knocked us in the 1st of all the united states will take sides with us in terms of diplomacy and diplomatic relations. secondly, in terms of logistics, they will use every means available for you will hand over every logistical ability they have to turkey. and finally, there will be serious financial and administrative difficulties during this process . they will give us the necessary support to turkey in this respect as well. if these conditions could be math,
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we are thinking of taking over the management of capital airport. 15 minutes past the news are here for coming out and i'm stuff 53 for them from bottom. so i for way to small for came up before me. i was away from the 3 and a mass of cleanup is on the way and also more uncertainty in haiti. 2 weeks after the president, the south nation, the country inter and prime minister step aside and in the office n b. i same with the child, the wind bed 1st championship title in years the detail with peter a little like ah, to run of our news now in israel, which was the 1st country to fully vaccinated population and lyft restrictions. well now the delta varies, led to a search in infections that the country started to give a 3rd dose of the vaccine to high risk patients. it's not our bill. i made reports from television. it's the last section of the population to be vaccinated. 12
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year old and teenagers, they are considered less at risk, but immunizing them has now become a priority that target the vaccination because they absorb that as a virus. they don't show any symptoms, but somehow in fact that as their day. so they are the further israel managed to back to its way out of depend demik with more than 80 percent of the population above the age of 40. having received their 2 doses for 3 consecutive weeks, they were no corona virus related death. israel was hailed as a success story and the government lifted social distances rules no matter where required indoors and international travel was allowed to game. but that was short lived. those returning to the country have brought with them the delta variant, and it's spreading at an alarming pace. accounting for around 90 percent of new
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infections. the country is grappling with an increase in daily infections now at a 4 month high. so the government took the bold move of introducing a 3rd those vaccine a booster shot at the moment available only for specific cases. only patients with chronic diseases or an already compromised immunity system. i, legible for the 3rd jap. that raises the question of how effective is defies the vaccine. the only one available in israel, in the longer term health official say its effectiveness has gone down to about 64 percent when it come to the delta variant. when you look on the long term, and now we're looking on longer term, it was supposed to be a reduce, a little more chance of becoming infected, even if it was reduce from 90 to 60 as effect,
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this is the bcr positive test positive. but this is not being sick and i'm not really interest of reducing the people being positive on the p. c. r. i want to reduce hospitalization. i want to reduce mortality. still the government is worried. obligatory phase mass indoors has been re introduced and there are new current teen rules for returning travelers. more restrictions could be imposed in the days to come. what happens next is a concern for everyone here in israel. and for those around the world who are closely monitoring, however fully immunized society faces new limitations of covered 19 on the meat al jazeera israel. well, the rise of the delta vary and his making some governments rethink their vaccine strategies. recent studies have shown that a 3rd vaccine dose can burst immunity against the higher the transmittal variance
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us health authorities, though, on not recommending a 3rd job saying more evidence of need. it's but israel, which had the fastest faxing role in the world hazards we had already begun offering a 3rd shot to high risk people. the u. k is making plans for a potential booster program before the winter or so some ation governments say they may offer, find the boosters to people who have received the signed a vax shots to some poor notion. so let's not forget vaccinated, less than one percent of the populations. the world health organization says greed is causing inequality. the vaccine make as must supply countries in need before shifting the focus to the basis for themselves and see from john nichols now clinical professor and pathology at the university of hong kong, a leading karone of ours research. he told us that while there is a global vaccine shortage, sending jobs to poor countries will bring the greatest benefit. remember the mortality of this boss about 2 percent. so if you go those 10000000 doses for
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vaccine country, which is naive, then you can potentially prevent about 200000 this you got ready vaccinated population of 10000000, then that had the on a vaccine which is more towns. he bought that nazi, the set, even the delta veterans. so it gives them, the booster will drop these. so 2000 dest by maybe about 200. so you're saving maybe 1800 deaths for those 10000000 doses. so it makes a lot of argument to actually to give it to the, to the poor countries, those which have been vaccinated. and also these countries is the, with the knife populations where you're going to be getting the potential rise of these need vents, which we need the business for. so i think there's lots vitamins to say that these doses must be given to the countries which either don't have the vaccine strategy or, or much poorer. having said that is he mentioned as a strong argument was to countries such smoke all the time and say we need the booster. because the contacts in which we had the inactivate vaccine is not,
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is not good enough. the german chancellor angular merkel is promising emergency aid for areas affected by the worst floods in decades. she's made a 2nd visit to the region. the clean up operation continues. what have receded, but some towns are still cut off by damaged roads and richards of us all the lot of the yeah, it's very clear that we face a very long recovery. we will not forget you. we will keep checking on the rebuilding and we will do everything we can together with the local and regional governments to ensure money comes quickly to people who have nothing left but the clothes on their backs. people who need support. i mean, i haven't step off and it's out that now from bad months that i feel it's an unbelievable clean up operation. as you can see, these chains of people here behind me passing on buckets and all kinds of things that are coming from all these houses were completely flooded. this has been continuing for these already,
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and this is exactly the place also in the bathrooms. so i for where i'm going back, all the chancellor was saying earlier today, just an hour or 2 ago she was here and she was actually standing right there. and it was a very interesting scene, eye witness. so she was standing right there, talking to officials, talking to journalists, but here on this bridge, the work continued all the time. well, she was there and people were actually angry. they said, why is she there? we need to work every, everything has to stop there. so they were kind of frustrated and i said, it's fine that you come here and, and some, some nice and sympathetic worse, but we really need her to do more. we need that. she takes a lot of money. and why is she thought of hampering the clean up operation? this is a very old historic sound. it's a beautiful song that used to be it's beautiful song. you can see the reference over there, but everything that's next to it used to be a rose and that's completely disappear. you can see that the water was so hot. what
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is washing everything away? that the whole us, all the, everything has disappeared and what the cell and pnc i have been doing, because you don't really see many people from the authority services policy from all over germany. actually writing also what's been left behind all these holes in the road to try to fill up with all this degree. and rather that they can 5 haiti, he said to have a new prime minister 2 weeks after the fascination of president jovan mois, arial henry is scheduled to be sworn in on tuesday. 71 year old, who is a newer a surgeon and public official. he's called for political unity as he formed this new government and re, we'll take over the role temporarily held by the acting prime minister. so it shows if andy kalika is in miami, following all these developers just a word on, on, you call joseph 1st. i mean, he seemed to have a lot of backing from the international community. was it just not the same at home?
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i'm not so sure. it was the domestic situation that made the international community actually get behind r l on re. but that is what happened there. are diplomats from the organization of american states, from canada, from europe. and of course, here in the u. s. that basically backed mr. henri so he will be sworn in, in little less than 4 hours. an important step for the stability of haiti following the assassination of job and eloise 2 weeks ago. because of course, there were all sorts of arguments in, in fighting about who would take over. but i think it's important to note that this will be an interim government. the whole point here is that haiti heads towards democratic elections towards the end of the september or october. of course, i haven't been elections in haiti since 2017. the 2019 elections just didn't happen . they were 2 problematic. so that is the big point to make here is that we now have the international community coalescing behind, won
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a prime minister who will then lead the nation to democratic elections and hopefully stability. because that is the main concern of ordinary haitians following the assassination of the president, calling for political unity, i mean, that just seems given everything you've just described. and it seems like a tall order. so we think i mean, it always says you have to remember, this is a pretty young democracy when i've covered elections before, voters typically have a choice between 35 or even more parties. so mo, east was hand picked by his predecessor, that tends to happen. but i think for their own sake, these elections have to go well, they have to be seen as free and fair. and that have to be someone that wins with a decent majority because stability is what this is all about. the investigation into who killed shop. now he says it's still ongoing and it's still casting a wide net and there were still no major suspects. the mastermind they're looking
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for a coordination is authorities, is proving tricky to find. but i think you were an ordinary ation living in this time. and it's not a stable nation that the best of times they want to see things progress towards democracy towards elections. that hasn't happened in a while. it really has to do this time around. thank you and kalika keeping an eye on events in haiti for us in the news ahead data breach claims. and is there any software company? it's been selling? it's spyware, to help stories, harry and governments across the globe. molly's interim president, se me, go to survived an attempt on his life and the weight of his people on his shoulder . we hear from the 1st kind of finish waiting to compete at the in the picture. i
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now off the monsoon rain rages heavily in the western side of india. we get the edge effects in ceylon, a few showers. so up into the mountains west and yemen north south was saturday. the shower that were quite unusual. and a couple days ago that spread across the empty quarter, up towards katara and the us, well, they're just about gone. i want to maybe in the far south run. so the picture, it turned to one of hot and dry for the most part, with temperatures in iraq, actually rising back that up to about 50. by the time you get to sustain the onshore breeze keeps it cooler. in the event they roots down to about $29.00, your notice. but he just the sing, generally speaking, if over lay the background, you see where you got the mountains is not quite as hot where you haven't it is. and that includes up in the standard took many stand. for example, ask about who's tempter is averagely about 38 is above that, not quite a records, but to get a variation at this time. the in this place is quite notable. so we again on the high side of average and approaching record values. now one of the good throw offs
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from the monsoon is the increase in showers, earth e t f in hines, which feeds of course, the not often the other river. the biggest outbreaks of rain seemed likely to be drifting into the south of sudan the next day or so. the strike or the tell the tale in the what the voted to the working class with hometown and the bullying legend. attic thompson introduces his beyond no one of the time since it's not really adored by fun. for social values, as many goes against italy, footballing, live football rebel on algae 0 after a one year delay the tokyo and then picks up buying the my growing opposition. my
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really cost in japan, thousands of athletes will compete in empty stadium. amid the corona virus comes out, 0 will be inside the bubble to bring them laker games like no other unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on our jazeera. ah ah, you're on the news down here at out of the right. these are the top stories, amazon found the and billionaire jeff pays off as returned from his maidens space voyage. the new shepherd crossed last adults with its crew including.


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