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the revealing eco friendly solutions to come back to our planet on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello and welcome. i'm peter toby. you're watching the news. our live from our headquarters here. coming up in the next 60 minutes. the taliban rocket attacks interrupt each prayer in the afghan capital. cobble 3 of them landing near the presidential palace. china says allegations by the us and its
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allies, but it factors were behind a cyber attack on microsoft, off, fabricated and malicious. a rural teacher and the political outsider winds peruse presidential election off the longest vote count in 40 years. and i'm step 5 to reform and from bottom in the high. so where the small report came up for me, so high was away from nice and clean up on the ways and the race to the edge of space. the world's richest man gets ready for launch is the space tourism industry gathers pace. i'm far as small with a sport as health experts warn. bubble has been broken out the copious limping village 3 days out from the start of the game. ah,
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ah. okay, let's go going, let's go to afghanistan where the taliban has today claimed responsibility for rocket attacks on the capital. cobble on the day of a major islamic festival eat outta the president asked ref gone. he was leading pres today. when rockets landed near his heavily guarded palace, to have so far been no reports of any injuries. the attack and cobble comes as the taliban continues its offensive across the country. on monday, western nations accused the group of undermining peace talks. the fighting has left thousands of afghan civilians displaced, forcing them to mark the festival of eat homeless and in temporary shelters. in the past few hours, the turkish president has weighed in and made some comments will take your life to wrestle. sarah, in a standard shortly 1st life to cobble and diplomatic attitude. is there this james base, james? what's your reading of the government's reaction to the attack when it happened? and in the intervening couple of hours will certainly this was an attack
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that was not caused any damage, but i think sends an important message of the vulnerability of the, of the african government. it's very, very difficult time for the afghan government. it was an attack that happened in the heart of, of the city and clearly was targeting those at the very top of government. it happened at about 8 a m local time. actually, i was in the center of the city at the time and because it was relatively quiet immediately after those prayers that you saw president gummy gave a speech and gave his reaction we have the woollen determination of peace and we have also sacrificed for it. but the telephone do not have the will and simulation for peace. we have to take our decisions according the words of a shrug, ghani. and as you saw in the footage,
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the very dramatic footage he heard that those rockets landing and carried on leading the pres the uncertainty. he pointed in his speech to the fact that these sort of attacks were not going to deter the african government. james, can you explain to us something, or it looks like something of a disconnect here. we've had the talks going on here in between all the interested parties and that kind of going in the right direction. everyone is making positive noises. and yet, the situation on the ground in the country is radically different. yes, and there is certainly a lot going on militarily, as well as what's going on diplomatically this often happens in diplomatic processes. when you know that you're getting to the moment where you want to try and come up with a solution, you try and grab as much ground on the ground as you can as possible in order to increase your leverage in the talks. and that's why the international community,
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the un, the e, you and others have been pushing for that to be a see so far put in place. now. i think the taliban a nazi keen on the seas far because they know that they've made real progress and recent weeks and months. so they know the more progress they get, the more leverage they will have at the new go see a thing table going forward. so the talks in doha, which have stopped for each but are expected to resume after eat. they just made a commitment both sides to try and reduce civilian casualties, but nothing like a full si se far the say at this stage, james will keep us posted. i'm sure, in the meantime, anything james base diplomatic editor, they're reporting life. the news from cobbled life now to stumble and wrestle said so, russell, how far away are we from all the parties that are talking to each other, being in the same place within the framework of the diplomatic process. and actually what's going on inside the country.
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well, for no need keeping the couple in a port secure is quite important because it's the only get with gateway for the international community. and turkey is in talks, particularly with a regarding how to corporate to keep the a couple of airport run up and run and key in that sense wants to keep it international because it has trade off a scenario that once the international community is out of the country and it's find itself left behind alone and having a confrontation with tidy by the way. it wants to keep the you asked the troops also in the, in the country, particularly in the couple airport. but on the other hand, there are tools between turkey and pakistan. regarding the 2 packets and also be in corporation to secured the couple a port because pakistan local expertise is quite important for turkey. another tack
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of the english is also turkey and the hungry as a european union member. so turkey that wants to keep the game international as much as possible, and there are the ongoing negotiation between turkey and, and the usa as well. so it seems that they are very much close to the agreement. and as you can see, present one also given more details and the requirements of turkey from the usa. if they want to take over the management of couple a port, let's listen to him. use diplomacy knocked us in the 1st of all the united states will take sides with us in terms of diplomacy and diplomatic relations. secondly, in terms of logistics, they will use every means available for you will hand over every logistical ability they have to turkey. and finally, there will be serious financial and administrative difficulties during this process . they will give us the necessary support to turkey in this respect as well. if these conditions could be math, we are thinking of taking over the management of capital airport.
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well, president definitely wants to be there at the natal member as a peace building country because it wants to use this as an opportunity to recover turkeys, strange relations with the with the usa and european union company. we believe that taking such an active role as a peace building company in afghanistan, we'll give a push to the recovery of the relation between turkey. yes and european union. how about the poly bag? say is that it one's all of the international troops unconditionally, to leave the country, including turkey. but recently cutty bonds for person. se shina said that they're ready to have data tools with turkey to discover the potential cooperation for the future. off i've gotten this done and prison ad one also said that turkey will
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like to have a rec tools with taliban regarding to a couple couple of a 4. so in that sense, if anytime soon, the data towards be starts between turkey and tyler bond, that will then be a surprise to the world. ok, we must leave the rest of many things. russell said that john is live out of a stand. but let's take a quick look now at the state to play and get this done right now at the moment. now the government does control mostly provincial capitals, many of which are surrounded by the taliban, capturing areas around them. all that means supplies can be brought in only from the air. let's explore all the issues involved in this developing story, we're going to now to find him, sat out he's the head of the international relations department at cotton university. he joins us on skype from cobble farms. welcome back to the news out. let's just talk for the next 60 seconds or so about this. dis, disconnect that james base diplomatic attitude was touching on because on the one hand we got peace talks that everyone's being positive about hearing cancer. on the
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other hand, we've got a different reality on the ground. we got the taliban demanding prisoner releases 1st and we've got the afghan government saying no, we want a ceasefire 1st. how do they square away those issues? thank you. i believe there is a gap. what a breach of both parties know exactly the 5000 now they've got one government, you know, really 5000 prisoners were reduced by then. but opposite result, the prisoner did not see him, but i'm off the violin and hurts from the time i think now the government that
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can be used as a new rates, undefended by the government is not willing to do any prisoner reviews guarantee that was promising. which is fine will happen would be something that the government in a moment i'm if i'm wrong guarantee from now, i don't think that the government will not a big nerd. so at the moment both sides, the taliban and the afghan government that cobbles seemed to both be saying the same thing. peace on our terms, not your terms. but i could say to you who actually controls the country because last week and the week before we were reporting on this program on this channel 24 hours a day on how the taliban in effect was ceiling. the boarders or controlling the
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board. as i mean this time last week, it to decree to open that vital border crossing point between afghanistan and pakistan. and that's thousands of people per day generating thousands of dollars per day for the local economy. but if the taliban seals the country, the taliban therefore controls the country, therefore it has the more leverage. no that are to your question. why that parties of the conflict by the government are the following. all your help the republic which. 5 by eat and other things that are important for you. how does that make binding? yeah, i think so there's a big i cite. second thing we got in there is no doubt that i'm being on the forward,
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but i also want to be back to read it. i bought off the top of the problem. and if i decide to bring the brother you the printing and taking advantage of regarding the bug crossing i want to somehow i think it might be on the cross in which we thought it on and out of the government. yeah, it should be one of them, but it to the one government because you cannot make joke. one will be off by the government and that isn't it domain. but looking at the situation on the final where the government on on an 8. ok. thank you very
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briefly. i do want you to get to one final point. if i made just mr. gunny, i should have gone. he only really have one option, one path left to him. he's got to actually and be seen to unite his government. i think that is one of the important thing for me because we are being fractions in the government. and why do you have a home and we different part of the way he had already. if you had thought about an opposition within the republic, what is very important for him if you're not, you'd be by the political opposition on board with him. the more the side by. 4 side and it will, it will be bringing the station in the table. ok,
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we must leave it there for him. so many thanks for joining us from. couple your turn your attention to iraq, where i saw says it was behind a suicide bomber. i can bank that, that killed at least 31 people. the explosion went off in a crowded area of saturn city. it's the 3rd time this year, the area has been targeted. the prime minister must have an economy was held, meeting with his top security officials live now to mac mac update while head and back that where iraqis, a marking even the aftermath of one of the deadliest attacks in years. what more do we know will until this moment, the government has not released the conclusions of the emergency meeting, held by prime minister supposed call to meet with crisis committee. but people are very angry on the streets. we have been speaking to people, people who have been performing good credit, the 8 players, worshippers victims,
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the families we. we actually visited the victim cabinet. they said there is no aid they do not fit. in fact, it is a reminder of the agony more than a day to celebrate. the people, as they said, are losing faith and government officials and the again, they blame, consecutive governments for what they consider mismanagement corruption and also serving their own interest only their own entrance. so far there is no, there is no accurate number figure about the casualties, the government. some, some, some hospitals have relieved lists of the victims of the dead. in these articles one, only one hospital includes 21 dead that has been circulating on poor government, social media and on social media also. and again,
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the people are very angry and the government also just indicated that it's arresting the commander, the police commander who's responsible for the police unit patrolling the area. and so far as people are very angry, they do not feel the evil of this holy fused sacrifice. they say there is no age in iraq as long as these deadly attacks are happening again to innocent civilian muslin. thank you very much. my work up till i had the join his life of baghdad. most most healed to come here on the news for you, including france, opens an investigation into the israeli, produce spyware, pegasus after the hacking of the journalists, telephones, the new developments, and the corruption trial, a former south african president, jacobs, luma and, and sport. this n b a team had the chance to win that the championship type in 15 years details
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coming up a little later here on this means ah, top story in europe, the, sorry french prosecutor has opened an investigation into the use of spyware. that contract telephones is known as pegasus. a data leak of tens of thousands of numbers revealed how journalists activist and politicians around the world were targeted by the israeli company. and ask those surveillance software. the cybersecurity firm says it has no control over what its clients do with this pegasus software, but activists in israel, demanding accountability, a thought about coming reports now from her celia. and so cyber surveillance system 1st came to light in 2017. i'm a claim, it was used to track and the gala mexican journalist, the israel based company star product is pegasus
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a software that can hack any smartphone regardless of the security level. and the ability that made and so very popular among many governments around the world. there is a possibility to hack a phone to gain complete control over it, without the person owning the phone, the smartphone, knowing anything of it. this includes this complete control includes full control of the camera. recordings, contacts e mails, all applications, and all information on the phone. that means that your device could be in the hands of someone else without you ever noticing. and as those products are graded as cyber weapons, and it's only license to sell to foreign governments, it stated aim is to help in the fight against terrorism and criminal organizations . but then investigation by amnesty international and the parish based and g o
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forbidden stories says otherwise. but what this great investigation is showing, and if we continue to show that it's a part of fighting against humanize, definitive part of dictate is using it to keep power and keep the place of the investigation hasn't covered the least. the 50000 people, journalists, human rights activists, political leaders, and even lawyers, all listed as targets for any. so clients around the world. and it still says there's no responsibility as to how it system is operated or for what purpose the company sells. it's acknowledging only to foreign governments, but it says, because of contractual national security considerations, it cannot deny or confirm which governments up part of its client that the base human rights lawyer max says the company operates with the approval of israel defense ministry. they have to deal should be a total facility about it's
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a walk and about the light and policy of the ministry of defense in effect. so want to give any any response they should start with their client lease. he felt the case against and so on. sunday for its role in the killing of saudi journalists demo casualty in 2018. and they're so denied because it was used to track or monitor the saudi journalist. but the software was found on his field, phase phone, and unfolds of other members of his family. more details are due to be released in the coming days, but already the investigation has led to cold for more accountability in the cyber weapons industry. what does that mean? al jazeera hercules in israel? ok. let's stay in the same general area because china today rejecting allegations from the us and its allies, that a hacked microsoft earlier this year. the us,
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the u. k. australia and several other allied countries are accusing china of protecting hackers, engaging in global cyber espionage separately on monday, for chinese nationals were charged with targeting several companies, universities, and government agencies in the us and elsewhere. china is rarely, if ever blamed directly for ransomware attacks, and beijing has called the allegations fabricated live. now to beijing and correspondent katrina you. katrina, when we talk here about cyber attack groups, we actually talking about people who work for and are paid by the government. well, that's what the u. s. government is alleging that these 5 actors are affiliated with china's ministry to state security, and that china is cultivating a sort of an ecosystem of these hackers to implement these cyber attacks around the world. now, this collective condemnation, by at least 30 countries, has been very embarrassing for china. and they've responded by completely denying
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that they've encouraged or directed or supported any cyber attacks. they've called these allegations, politically motivated and groundless. now, bating has started by trying to undermine the credibility of these u. s. allegations saying that there's simply not enough evidence that they're on many cyber actors around the world. and it's very difficult to pinpoint their exact location. let alone pin this all on one single government. aging is also trying to turn the tables on washington and says that more cyber attacks around the world occur from inside. the united states. aging is accusing washington of indiscriminately eavesdropping on the rest of the world are not only competitors, but also on it's or an allies and friends. aging has also said that the c i a has been launching cyber attack it's fiber attacks against chinese institutions for at least 11 years on chinese technology companies, security companies and military and a variation companies. now the slides broadly denying all of these claims the aging
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has failed to in detail, acknowledge or refer to the allegations of hacking into the microsoft exchange email service, which affected at least 30000 organizations. and also failed to acknowledge the indictment of for chinese nationals based out of the southern province of high 9. for what the u. s. has said is a 7 year campaign to steal trade secrets from companies and agencies around the world. katrina, thank you very much. katrina, you, they are joining us from being a teacher and union leader petro castillo, will become peruse next president, winning the election by slim 44000 bo sit. and 6 weeks of uncertainty with the official results delayed by collections of fraud by the losing candidate keiko, which morning gina faced his trial on unrelated corruption charges. mariana sanchez has more now from lima. well, more than $45.00 days after the run of electrons. finally, electrical official proclaimed feel a new president elect has been
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a long week of weight since i've told his supporters to patiently wait for this day, and they did it with a peaceful protest throughout all these week. they waited for electrical officials to review thousands of both by lawyers of gay couple of people who are trying to find evidence of fraud. but most of this cases were dismiss, supporting what international observers kept on along that the selections were free and transparent. earlier in a press conference came up with the muddy at needed that she has lost the election because she said, that's what the law says. she has taken a confrontational, added to say that the process was filled with irregularities. free federal party have stolen thousands of balls from her. and the proclamations, i've got the feel room new president is legitimate.
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casteel, the 51 you will move. primary school teacher is now president elect. he one of the promise he won't forget poor peruvians. why? how can ministers and politicians earn such salaries? when our children have no internet, our schools are falling apart. families are begging for oxygen homes, have no water or electricity. we will rescue this country to give our poorest families a home with dignity. don't speak, you know. he grew up in a poor family in a remote indian village, but in 2017 castillo later successful. nationwide pitches played, which support or c gave him credentials to lead the country in big deal. but i get paid to the perspective to go forward into a national fight. we have sure we can also govern with expedients from our towns as mears and governors. and now the country previously does have been unable to resolve the tightest problems. you have many scared, he 1st told voters,
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he's national, lie, some industries redistribute wealth and rewrite the constitution are going to be there. they say castillo will take away your home, your savings, your land, that is completely false. we have to understand that we must put things in order though he stone down his rhetoric. critics don't believe him, they speak to you and his supporters told the election, they won't accept the results. it doesn't go to them. and you know, these people have come here to so hatred, they've come to the campus with machetes to threaten us and we will not allow it to you doesn't have any criminal record. he represents the radical leftist free period party, whose leader convicted for corruption. invited cassie, you to take his place, and now critics are afraid last year will be his subject. the biggest question for many here is what will happen after physical warning on july, the 28th will surround himself by moderate or will he radicalize himself to the
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left to keep the support of the party who represent you has no government experience, but analysts say his supporters feel identified the perceived that he looks like most peruvians, he represents the poor. the hungry and rural teaches. teachers who suffer the most . i don't know what more one could expect from a politician. emily seek as the use ability to govern will hang in the balance with nearly half of the country, rejecting him and the other half who demands change and who will expect nothing less from him than to deliver on his promises. my deanna suntrust to see the limit still to come here on the news, ours, the corona virus delta very, and continues to spread. we'll look at how effective the current vaccines are and whether we will need booster shots. also ahead wildfire in the us state of california, forcing even more people to leave their homes and in sport. find out why this an h
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no player has made history. power will produce nails in about 15. ah, the story of rain and potential flooding has not gone away from eastern europe is moved south is becoming less intense. you still see the sun storms quite frequent over romania and some parts of ukraine. now this is still the wrap around system that cause originally the setting in germany. this is now tempering of the weather . it's been over the north of you have quite a long time to just kind of navy. it's got cooler. i couldn't attend to produce nazi violet weather anyway, to be honest, but we still got the warmth wrapped up with this lot. so from the balkans probably through hungry, more especially romania for the next 24 hours or so. the risk of flooding exist as
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a slightly different forecast than when you had yesterday is drawing up now in austria and in hungry and croatia. i just don't bone dry. and the orange centers where they have use res. like to be southern or southwestern ukraine seems the most likely event. now, while that's going on, them have been dropping throughout germany and power into the twenty's. now, no, any of the 30 supposed to be pushed even out of western russia mosque as at $26.00 . whereas incomplete contract is still hot and officially a heat wave in some parts of wales and england. london's forecast maintains the figure of 30 for another 2 days, also the, the escaping a wall. finding a new identity, confronting the reality of racism, religion and the struggle to be accepted. al, just.


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