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me ah ah well holy man, how me lo, worshippers mark the muslim holiday. all players are in the wrong to do was rocket fire hits various parts of the gun capital comp ah, come over, i'm have them are here, and this is al jazeera life and also coming on the side. but war heats up,
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china cabin cleaves denies. if behind any hacking of western software companies, finally a when after 6 weeks in limbo, roof has a new president the race to the edge of space, the world's richest man gets ready for loans. as the space tourism industry gathers pace. ah. the taliban has claimed responsibility for 3 rockets attacks in the afghan capital kabul. i love holy. how me? lo well, they could be heard as afghan president, sasha connie was leaving either i'd have prayers at the presidential palace. one hits near campbell's most popular mosque, another behind its biggest shopping mall,
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and a thirds near the ministry of foreign affairs have been no reports of injuries so far. let's get more from our diplomatic adds to james bass, joins us from cobble. james, these rockets attacks come at a particularly critical time in afghanistan. where do we know what this stage? is it likely to impact the ongoing peace negotiations between the african governments and the taliban. what a senior taliban official is told al jazeera, that the taliban, we're responsible for these rocket attacks, which happened local time around 8 am very dramatic, particularly as it happened right near the center of power. president connie saying afterwards, and you saw those pictures in a speech off to the press with the missiles. they wanted us to leave, but you didn't see any one. leave the prize. i was in the center of the city at the
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time. i'm staying in the center of the city of quite a bit of commotion, but actually because of the holiday, it's is cost of the normal because most people are not in the center of the city. they're at home with their families. also worth noting that i've gotten a storm, instituted a new missile defense system for carnival in the last couple of days. that doesn't seem to work with these rockets but suggestion we have. the rockets were flawed from within the city. and that michelle defense system is aimed at stopping missiles coming in to the city from beyond the city limits. and james, in terms of the security situation in afghanistan, we understand that the turkish presidents as also wage in what more can you tell us? and this regard well we had talk so we can go on again and go home until the weekend. they seem to have made some progress. but the key thing they didn't get
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was any sort form of ceasefire. and we believe that those talks will come back off the aid possibly for another round. but another key piece of the puzzle is coble air force. that is absolutely vital for all the foreign embassies that are based here for the un, for the international n g o. doing all that humanitarian work throughout afghanistan, that airport is operating and operating normally so that he get people and supplies in and out. and in the extreme situation, they can actually evac off the plan now is for turkey to take over the running of that airport. the taliban, though object to turkeys, troops being based at the airport. this is what president odor one had to say on the matter is diplomacy? notice in the america, 1st of all the united states will take sides with us in terms of diplomacy and diplomatic relations. secondly, in terms of logistics, they will use every means available for they will hand over every logistical
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ability they have to turn. and finally, there will be serious financial and administered difficulties during this process. they will give the necessary support to turkey in this respect as well. if these conditions could be math, we're thinking of taking over the management of cabal airport. so those are the conditions that need to be met between the us and the afghan government. but i think the problem, the mail, real stumbling block beyond that is what the taliban are going to do. it again, say about this and we understand the present odor. one once a meeting with the taliban to try and discuss this issue further. ok, james face felt a serious tip sematic as to lie phone couple, james, thank you. i so says it's responsible for a suicide bomb attack. in fact that that has killed at least 31 people. it's the 3rd time this year that southern city has been targeted. iraq's prime minister has held a meeting with his top security officials. my mood de la has,
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has more from baghdad. this is the aftermath of the attack on the have that busy market, you know, so the city majority, she, i neighborhood in the east of the iraqi capital. dad, they did an injured include women and children. the market was crowded with people who went out shopping for the muslim holiday over i don't of either. the explosion happened here doing the busiest out in the market. this is the gate of the market in the blast occurred just when it became crowded. bodies were everywhere, would have worked on the values of children and women, and the people all human beings. even if you try to lift a body, you couldn't. the government called it a terrorist attack and ordered the rest of the local police commander as part of an investigation less than 24 hours before the attack security forces. and i was at
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the arrest of a top ice little commander, ice and had carried out similar attacks in the area this year. observers a concern the country is likely to see similar attacks as we approach the upcoming parliamentary elections, which they say could for men to sectarian conflict, and political rivalries in iraq. drew ahead, algebra bothered chinese diplomat, sorry, denying that beijing is responsible for cyber attacks against western nations. the u. s. u. k and other allies are keys in china of protecting hackers gauging and what they call malicious cyber activity, including a breach of the microsoft exchange email server. earlier this year, they say hacker groups, protected by bay gene, were responsible, compromising tens of thousands of computers worldwide. it's one of a range of cyber threats. china's being blamed for, including ransomware attacks involving millions of dollars. well let's get more
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from katrina you. she joins as lie for beijing. katrina high, have chinese leadership being responding to these really storm accusations cyberattacks hi, hello world. china has flat out denied being involved in encouraging or directing or supporting any cyber attacks that have been launched worldwide. a call these accusations groundless and basically just motivated by political agendas. now we've heard now from beijing foreign ministry as well as several chinese embassies and missions based in europe and all of these statements. all of these rebuttals have been basically summarizing 2 main points. the 1st se is saying that basically the evidence around these allegations is incomplete at there are many cyber actors around the world. it's very difficult to trace the actual origins and also countries should be very careful about pointing all of these attacks at one
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particular government. the 2nd point that aging is making is basically turning the tables on the u. s. and saying that these allegations are little more than hypocritical thing, that the u. s. itself is the main source of cyber attacks around the world that it's been, it accuses the washington of indiscriminately eaves dropping on other countries. not only competitors to the us, but as well as it's or an allies and aging has said that the c i a has for 11 years been launching its own cyber attacks against chinese institutions, including internet technology companies, ab asian companies, as well as the chinese government that fin the genes response, but what we haven't heard is really a comprehensive response to all of the u. s. allegations. what we didn't hear, for example, was any detailed reply to allegations of hacking of the microsoft email exchange, which affected more than 30000 companies around the world. we also didn't hear any response to the u. s. department of justice. the indictment of for chinese,
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national allegedly involved in cyber attacks of 4 who have been based allegedly in the southern chinese province of high 9. so china, very much keeping the organ response vague at this point. katrina, you the in beijing katrina. thank you. after 6 weeks of uncertainty, peru finally, as a new president elect less, this pedal castillo has been officially declared. the winner. why? just 44000 votes as supporters as celebrating in the capital lima. the result was delayed by occupations a fraud made by the lose and candidate keiko. would you maury, who no faces trial on unrelated corruption charges, a teacher and union leader casteel is new face in national politics and has promised a sweeping changes. marianna sanchez has the reaction though from lima more than 45 days after the rough electron finally,
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electoral official proclaimed bid or feel, a new president elect has been a long week of ways to feel as told his supporters to patiently wait for this day. and they did it with a peaceful process throughout all these when they waited for the next officials to review thousands of votes by lawyers of gay couple of people who are trying to find evidence of fraud. but most of this cases were dismiss, supporting what international observers kept, that all along that the selections were free. i'm transparent. earlier in a press conference came up with the muddy at needed that she has lost the election because she said that's what the law says. she has taken a transitional added to say that the process was filled with irregularities that the free fatal party had stolen. thousands of bolts from her and the proclamations, i've got a feel for ruth, me president is legitimate fil,
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a hands on to 0. no longer a threat to us national security devices, ministration. please. it's 1st prisoner from guantanamo bay. treasure trove of artworks goes on public display in south korea. for the 1st time, the massive donation has drawings from control. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to whither sponsored by kettle airways. the story of rain in potential flooding has not gone away from eastern europe is moved south is becoming less intense. you still see the sun storms quite frequent, over romania and some parts of ukraine. now this is still the wrap around system
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that cause originally the funding in germany. this is now tempering of the weather . it's been over the north of you have quite a long time to just kind of navy. it's got cooler. i couldn't attend to produce nazi violet weather anyway, to be honest. but we still got the warmth wrapped up with this lot. so from the balkans, probably through hungry, more especially romania for the next 24 hours or so. the risk of flooding exist as a slightly different forecast than when you had yesterday is drawing up now in austria and in hungry and croatia. buddies don't bone dry and the orange centers where they have use res, like to be southern or southwestern ukraine. seems the most likely event. now while that's going on, them have been dropping throughout germany and power into the 20s. now nobody says he's supposed to be pushed even out of western russia mosque as at $26.00. whereas incomplete contract is still hot and officially a heat wave in some parts of wales and england. london's forecast maintains the figure of 30 for another 2 days or so. sponsor
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cut on airways coveted beyond round the taken without hesitation, so forth and died for carla finds out a lot of new babies, which i did not think it's neglected. babies to dec, people and power invent again, exposes and questions. they use them to be of our around the globe on out there. ah, ah, the me,
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this is our just 0, a quick reminder. all the top stories this are that explosions regular says the precedence up connie was leaving each of her prayers at the presidential palace, but there have been no reports of injury so far in afghanistan, chinese diplomat for denying the paging is responsible for cyber attacks against western nations, u. s. u. k and other keys in china of protecting hackers engaging they cope malicious cyber activities, creating a breach of the microsoft exchange email server earlier this year and supporters of food the unless less this federal fields are celebrating after he was officially named as the next president comes after 6 weeks of uncertainty following the
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results for the late shooting accusation of a south african court has just adjourned. former president jacob, soon as corruption trial until august 10th. soon as she is receiving bright from the french arms manufacture, beginning in 1999, which he denies his arrest spot, the worst post apartheid violence, the country has seen. his lawyers on the case should be delayed by 3 weeks because of the rest and coven. 19, well, bernard smith joins is now 5 the courts in german bernice. what happens here and do you think this is a win of sorts for former precedence? holla, jacob, zoom as defense team argue that because he couldn't be physically present in court . they wanted an germans until that was possible. the case is being held virtually
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because of covert restrictions and because of security phase around the security, all of the judges involved in this case. so he's got but the spokesman, the prosecution say it's another delaying tactic. it's become locally known in south africa, the stalingrad defense and the prosecution said this was stalingrad season 27 styling rap because there have been so many attempts to hold back any prosecution of jacob's bodies to try to avoid prosecution, not for more than 10 years. and attempts to bring him to court have been seen as seen as a test of south africa. the ability to hold the powerful and connected to accounts which point out that jacob junior is in jail. he's in jail for contempt of court. on another instance for failing to get refusing to give evidence to another corruption inquiry. so there is clearly the success in holding the powerful to
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account in that regard. he will stay in prison for the moment until another hearing decides whether he should be released from prison or not, but this hearing will be back on august, the 10th. it relates as a quick reminder to allegations of corruption right back in 1999, 16 charges afford a relating to the purchase of fighter jets, a military equipment from 5 european countries. this case specifically tall. as jacob zoom was deputy president at the time, he rejects accusations of corruption, but going back to 999, an indication of how long jacobs and trials and tribulations have dominated the political scene. here in south africa, k bernard smith spring is the very latest there from dar. but we appreciate that bernard, thank dozens of palestinian muslims have gathered outside the oxen mall skin occupied east jerusalem to mark the 1st day of ease. i'd huff and he was chanting
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in full, his address. he was also palestinians, and johnson, who also living under is really occupation for the 2nd year in a row, only a limited number of people have been a load at his lunch holiest sites in mecca to mark the beginning of each of her. it's usually one of the world's largest religious gathering that attracts more than $2000000.00 muslims. but only 16 science and vaccination. saudi residents are taking pause in this year's hodge pilgrimage because of corona virus restrictions. the white house says it seeming to close the guantanamo bay prison. it follows the 1st prisoner release under the joe biden administration of white house correspondence. kimberly hawkins has more. he was held for almost 2 decades without charge at guantanamo bay detention facility. in 2016 review panel recommended abdul la teeth monsieur
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b repatriated to his home country. but it didn't happen until this month. the 1st release says the us president joe biden took office. this individual who we now it's a transfer of the department defense announced a transfer of had been, had started moving through the process during the obama biden administration and was on pause for some period of time over the last 4 years. this year was captured by pockets donnie agents and held at guantanamo since 2002. the u. s. alleged he trained in a car to cabs and cooperated with a summer ban. lawton, who orchestrated the september 11th attacks and attorney for to sir said the charges were unjustified. add the suffering endured by his client. it's a stain on america. i can, following the 2001 attacks the guantanamo bay prison was created by president george bush to how's those captured by us forces following invasions of f, ganna stem and iraq. there were allegations of torture and abuse,
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and questions about the lawfulness of the military tribunals at its height. within $700.00 men were held at the facility for years without char get bo add its prisoners. infamous orange jumpsuits became an international symbol of prolonged imprisonment. i'm absolutely committed to closing the tension facility at guantanamo, and then continue to make the case for doing so. as long as i hold this office, president obama pledge to close guantanamo throughout his 8 year term, but was never able to overcome the legal and political obstacles. and we're going to load it up with some bad dudes. believe me, we're going to load it up. in contrast, president trump signed an executive order was his office to keep the prison open. and this year is recommended release was stalled. until now, you're considering all available avenues to responsibly transfer detainees, and of course, close guantanamo day. 39 prisoners remain at guantanamo bay. prison,
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just 11, have been charged with war crimes. earlier this year, president biden said he was reviewing the future of the u. s. military prison, with the goal of completely closing it by 20. 20 for. kimberly. how can al jazeera, the white house, who was trillion states of extended restrictions in an effort to stop the spread of the highly transmissible delta variance. so half size astray, leah announced a 7 day long time after recording several new infections. while the 5 day locks on in victoria that was due to end on tuesday has been extended for another week. the states has reported a total of 80 cases linked to delton. we are all going to work very, very hard. so have victoria begin the process of opening up at midnight next tuesday the 27th, 7 days from midnight's up to not. we wish we could bring this in earlier,
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but we can't run the risk that there are cases out there that we don't know about their chains of transmission that are not yet contained, that we don't know about. and that if it would open up, we say how quickly quickly this runs, we say half challenging. this can become in a very short space of time. more people across the western united states have been told to evacuate their homes because of wildfires. crews in california are trying to control the tamarac far, which is be burning for 2 weeks. they're raising the surrounding area, it's a whole, it's progress. drugs and high temperatures have created ideal conditions for wildfires. there are currently about 80 blazes across the 13 states. we drove in today just in hopes to maybe get to our house to get some change of clothes, check on pad and just kind of assess the situation. never going to was always
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nervous and fire season and all of our big trees have fire marks on him. from years gone by to reality here, thousands of works of art going on public display in south korean museums for the 1st time. they were donated by the late chairman of the some san empire. lincoln. he died last october, leaving behind tens of thousands of pieces of ours. but it said the quest that has stirred up a fair share of controversy as ra mcbrian is explains from so it's been described as the donation of the century. a treasure trove of art. that includes works by some of the world's most renowned and sought after masters combined with the most famous of korean artists, both model and classical. in addition, a vast wealth of artifact charting, korea, cultural heritage, spanning hundreds of years of diagnostic rule. and this is an
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unprecedented lot skilled donation. it is meaningful in enriching the cultural after to this museum. the can, he not only devoted his life to making samsung, the global brand, but also to building one of the world's largest private collections. following his death. last october, it was announced, his family would pay a record inheritance tax bill of $10000000000.00. at the same time, 1018 to the nation, a sizable part of the private art collection totaling 23000 pieces. you know, i've seen a leak on his collection, can be called a miracle of the world. it will invigorate our national culture, rewrite the history of modern and contemporary korean art and enriches of a committee set up to choose a permanent home for the collection has decided upon especially built museum in sol, rejecting attempts by provinces across south korea to be chosen and the current
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predicament facing lees, sun and the defacto head of samsung is added further controversy. j y lee is currently serving a 2 and a half year prison sentence, and a long running high profile bribery case that's been widespread speculation that donation of this art could be part of a behind the scenes deal to get him released. critic say there shouldn't be any kind of deal and j why lee should serve his full term. but certainly the size of this gift means the li family's popularity has increased significantly. with a recent poll showing a majority of people in favor of granting leah pardon. whatever the immediate impact of this donation, the artistic riches on offer are certain to thrill appreciative art lovers for generations to come. rob mcbride, al jazeera, so dozens of european union border patrol officers are being deployed to listed
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as border with bella. luce, you ascending it's rapid response. scene master lithuania made the request more than a 1000, mostly iraq, a migrants of costumes, of the country this month. the through any, assess bella, ruth is deliberately sending them in reprisals for e u sanctions. billionaire jeff bezos will blast in space in a few hours. his blue origin company will launch the new shepherd. rockets bays off will be accompanied by his brother and a crew that consists of the youngest and oldest people ever been in space. like hannah reports. all this is where the journey began. altitude for the moon landing that inquired. i've been 5 year old to dare to dream. it's no surprise that the launch of the new shepherd is planned for the 52nd anniversary of the apollo 11
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moon landing. so he definitely wants to tie the legacy of his new company to the sort of aura and the mystique of the accomplishments of nasa during the space race . i want to go on this flight because it's the thing i wanted to do all my life. it's an adventure, it's a big deal for me. i invited my brother to come on this 1st site because we're closest friends. i really watch it. come with me. would you? are you sir? all right, you're joining the base us brothers the both the new ship it will be an 18 year old teenager. all of the daemon visionary replacing the original and identified when we paid $28000000.00 at auction. and it was given up because of what is said to be a scheduling complex. you're in 0 gravity performance. also a ball the craft will be up and jerry and while he functionally, i'm ready. i've been train. she was one of 13 women who trained as esther notes and the mercury project in the 1900 sixty's,
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but were bought from going into space by nasa's then discriminate re gender policy fees and on paying gifts of the amazon found her. i feel fantastic. i was so surprised, but i won't know more until everything comes around, release, release really a new ship at flight. come shortly after that by another billionaire richard branson. along with 3 crewmates and 2 pilots, a board space ship to the virgin, galactic owner caught a glimpse of earth from more than 80 kilometers up. and a few minutes of weightlessness before gliding safely back down. the billionaire space race has not come without criticism. what about the climate impacts of their business empires? what about income inequality and their problematic wealth? there are real questions about whether or not these rocket companies are that shiny object meant to distract us from the wider impacts of their business empires. but
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above all, these lights represent the culmination of one of the most processes of privatization the world has ever seen. while some public funds are still involved, it is clear that private capital now also controls access to what was once the sole demand of nations vector. good, mike, i'll get 0. washington. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. the taliban has claimed responsibility for 3 walk it's attacks in the african capital campbell, how me think of the stuff gun president connie was leading each other, her prayers that the presidential palace.


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