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there are real questions about whether or not these rocket companies are that shiny object meant to distract us from the wider impacts of their business empires. but above all, these lights represent the culmination of one of the most processes of privatization . the world has ever seen. some public funds are still involved, it is clear that private capital now also controls access to what, what's once the sole domain of nation vector. good, mike, i'll just 0 washington. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. i love how me scans into the ministry says 3 will, kits of landed in separate areas around the capital tumble. they could be heard.
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cell phones can president touches handy, was leading ease out her prayers at the presidential palace. diplomatic editor james bass has more from kabul. coming. it is very tense time in afghanistan, it is a symbolic attack. i can also tell you that a senior taliban official in the last few minutes is confirmed to al jazeera that the taliban were responsible for this attack. the afghan president, ash rough ghani, those prayers that you saw, the pictures of moments ago, at the end of the prayers, he gave a speech and he said, with their missiles, they wanted us to leave. but did you see any one? leave the pres, i think, trying to show that him in his key government officials were very calm. i saw has claimed responsibility for a boma tank that has killed at least $31.00 people at a busy market anywhere on monday. at one toll from the crowded area of says or city
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in the capital support, this is peruvian left. his petrocca field is celebrating after he was officially named us. the next president. it comes up to 6 weeks of uncertainty. all in the foods results were delayed to to accusations the food chinese diplomats denying that they genius responsible for cyber attacks against western nations. the u. s. u . k. and other allies of accusing china, protecting hackers engaging and what they call malicious cyber activity, including the breach of the microsoft exchange email server earlier this year. for the 2nd year in a row, when the limited number of people below that is wholly a site in mecca, mark the beginning of the world's largest religious gatherings, attractive to 1000000 muslims every year. for those, the headlines to stay, withers in site story is next. after a one year delay the tokyo and then picks off buying the device,
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growing opposition by running costs in japan fountains of athlete will compete in empty stadium amid the corona, virus pandemic. audi 0 will be inside the w to bring them later. phones, games like no other. the indonesia becomes asians, colbert 19 epicenter. hospitals are overstretched. cemeteries are full, even vaccinated doctors are dying. so how did the outbreaks spiral out of control? this is inside story. ah, ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm had the jim jim cobra, 1900,
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sweeping across indonesia at alarming speed. it's overtaken. india is asia pandemic hotspot. the country recorded more than 34000 new infections and 1300 deaths on monday. although that's down from saturday's peak of nearly 52000 cases, this chart from the university of oxford, our world and data shows the numbers going up dramatically over the past month. researchers believe the real figures could be much higher because of low testing rates. the highly infectious delta variant is driving the surge. indonesia has the highest coban, 1900 fatality rate, in se asia communities are relying on volunteers to bury relatives who died at home . makes the graveyards are working round the clock. hospitals are turning away patients because they don't have beds or oxygen. some are even telling people to bring their own oxygen supplies. and every are almost like if i came here from sins on a hospital. i feel 10 oxygen cylinder as last night and have to buy 10 more cylinders
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. only 6 percent of indonesians population is fully vaccinated against coven, 1900. the country's relying on china's saddleback job, which appears to be less effective. 114 doctors have died. this month, despite 95 percent of health workers being inoculated, the u. s. is donating 4500000 with darren of axioms, some of which will be used as booster shots. the government has bad, non essential travel over the muslim holiday. very bill of ha to try and curb new infections. ah. all right, let's bring in our guests joining us on skype from jakarta. irma, he diana, co founder of lap or covert 19 and independent corona virus data initiative. from brisbin, australia, dr. dicky booty, man, an epidemiologist, and ph. d. candidate on global health security at griffith university and also from jakarta, bumble hurry, morty, a public policy analyst, a warm welcome to you all. and thanks so much for joining us on inside story today
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. irma, let me start with you. many believe that the government's data doesn't reveal the extent of this cobit 19 crisis. what do you say to that? are the numbers being under reported? yes, it is. so we're as a citizen, reporting a data in this year. actually we found we collect data from the grassroots level and this so that we saw that many like for example, many deaths are not being count. ash corbett, 90 deaths. this is a real problem. and we also try to look at to the official of data at the city level and at the provincial level level and then at the central level. and unfortunately there is a discrepancy of the number of death coffee at 9 been death. a deva that are released by a beast left different level of government,
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the city level, provincial level and central level. so this call of it 9 didn't data transparency remain here. it's a challenge for indonesia and s t v. you know that data is one of the key import an element to tackle this pandemic because without having a real data, without having that data that is accountable, that is reflecting that situation on the ground. i don't think that the decision maker could make an acid and based upon how the decision maker, in order to control the plan, to make bumble. we're seeing these heartbreaking scenes play out in different parts of indonesia right now, whereby you have people being turned away from hospitals, hospitals not having enough beds, hospitals not having enough oxygen. they're being oxygen shortages. just how
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stretch are the hospitals right now and from your vantage point, is the medical system close to collapse? well, i think it is actually basically sums on the collection. yeah. because now they have to add moral to so many now cannot accept non asians because they are increasing the capacity for vision you will on the treatment. yeah, it's clearly and not under that. you're also begin to see that many, many more people died while they're doing their own in the independent isolation in their home. so many of the community health generally see who you're at work with on the through the monitor down and to bring them to the hospital
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getting worse now and have to worry them well because they didn't bring them to the hospital because it does work. and many died in the ambulance on the way they're fine and accept them. in fact that i'm not, i guess it's a 1900, almost 2000 people waiting at dinner. when inside and outside the emergency room, there are almost 1500 people in waiting to enter the emergency room. so you can imagine that many actually don't even bother with them or they just go around in the one or in. and we have tried to find later they might be any openings. and somebody else dickie, where do things stand currently when it comes to testing? are there enough,
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coven 19 tests that are being done to get an accurate count of the number of cases . on the monday since the beginning of the front of me, indonesia, the man in the low rate of testing and pressing capacity. and it's shown by the we can see the, the support specialist with the rate of these countries since the beginning of the me up to now we've seen always above 10 percent and it's mean and another level also regarding day our community turns mission is since april up to now still in the slavery community transmission and it's me in the country and many region in english. i cannot divide and also not only the infection cases, but also the class. then it's both the can the informal situation,
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because then me see the what the my say and i was so they say that the, the government figure is not reflected the real clinician in the community. and the main reason of these is how to finally it, what if we cannot find the friction then how come we can cut the transmission because isolation and current that is the main site that we have to do to cut the stance mission and the other things is that we face now we've faced this very serious threat which is the delta area and we just use not only by we cannot only dealing with this restriction, but we have to combine with barely extreme, not only for us, thus that just thing, thing thing, thing the best thing capacity, but for indonesia i, i had extreme testing more than 1000000 a day. at least the find the,
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the infection among the community for your organization has been involved in collecting data related to cobra. 1900 cases across multiple sectors of society. let me ask you, what are the numbers like when it comes to people who've died from covered 19, who are in self isolation? right, that's a great question. i think it's we collect the data based on social media and mass media report and also at our local med works. and then we try and we did trying relations to make sure that we don't have double data to make sure that the data is accurate enough. and since you, until now, we recorded that there are at least 112 people who died during the south isolation at their home,
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as mentioned by them of bad so many families, so many people. so many passions have been turned away from one to another hospitals and resolving that they have to stay at home. they have to go around finding a medical help and then let them let some of them died at home without any help. and i wanted to emphasize that the number of the health care workers in indonesia who died from office 19 is also very big. so, so far over the past one and a half years, we recorded that more than 1000. $440.00 helped workers of ross indonesia who guide from august 19th and this month alone. in july, we are not yet in the end of july. so this month on the,
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there were 224 year war girl who died from corbett 19. so this is very, very disappointing. this is a very sad situation, norma and i remind you that let me just sorry to interrupt you, but let me just ask when it comes to that point about the record number of health workers who have died due to covert 19, i've seen the reports there have been doses moderne has sent by the us to indonesia and that the plan is to, you know, give them their novak seen as a booster for the health care workers. why have the health care workers been so vulnerable and will more be done to protect them going forward? i think dr. dickie would be the great person to answer this question, but let me just jump in very shortly. i think because the transmission of the virus, the magnitude off the pad of me, it's to way too big for us this make so many patients comes through the
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hospitals. so the hospital, many hospitals across delphi and bali island, they're all full. so can you imagine when the hospital for recover at night, the patient, you can imagine the transmission of the virus around inside the hospital. and then the number of health worker also at the race in faction to offer the virus because they are very in and, and they are constantly continuously helping the passion, the patients in the hospital. so there are very pro and, and there are where we in a race of infections. and also of course we need to know the, the presence of delta very and as for the fact and i guess dr. gabe, would you my choice would be the right answer. yeah. are i, dickie? let me go to you then and throw the same questionnaire way. first of all will more
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be done to protect health care workers in indonesia. why is the situation so bad for them? right now, so seen it truly, almost 90 percent of our co workers already got these, sent a fax in 6 months ago more than 6 months ago. then i can see the on allies for the, from the light, the situation that seems the center of a box in decreasing the effectiveness 50 effectively the, again, the are in protecting the the, the had to locus. so it's man, that's very important point. and this analyze is, is related to the finding from the but still not published yet. but the 2nd one is, seems it's a sin of a foxy and less event if activity is less effective. again, the new party and especially the party. and so that's why i'm the said that one of the demo, just you know, the show who can find the government since last month this,
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our co workers need more protection. and in the situation, we need the wooster because of my dimension left, correct? because they are very for now, but because the number of the specialty seeing creasing and of course during the situation ex house the, you know, a day that will, they will be a point of this weakness when they feel it's houses. of course then these, these, these transmission will be easy to get and, and of course, as the one also the demolition in the world will contribute to w h your definition now to reach out to development. the definition of i also and hire bon, i can say what they see of these still the very end in, in transmitting through these airborne make on this one are very effective. and,
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and that's why we can see from, from which patient even neesha is easy. even from in, in the household in one let's say one room in much needed in a heartbeat one, almost 100 percent off. secondary i take great. so we can then see what the model is already mentioned. the number of these breakthrough in a fiction among how co workers is increasing and when the data number. so again, that's why these protection is very important. not only draw from what by the provide then nation, but also strengthening the infection control and especially the percent protection equipment bung. why have vaccination rates been so low in indonesia? and also officials have indicated that they want to vaccinate around 3 quarters of the population by early next year. based on what you've seen so far,
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is that even possible? i think i have to disagree with your son and i barely mentioned rates in indonesia is quite high. i think we have done more than 41000000 proxy nation. 60000000. not them already on the 2nd shot. but the problem is we are not seeing the most effective oxygen we are using seen off last week. in the latest studies in by wendy is not effective again the downtown area. and therefore, there is a need to we actually need the help worker and those application. and i think about 2 days ago and they already started leaving the job more there not to jenny doc, dennis from the union, indonesia. and then we're going on right now. i think about
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a 1000000 people between 800-0021 point 1000000 people. so in some of your name is i think i'm wrong. yeah. but you have a very nice but we don't get good. i mean the most effective fee and the gum, and he's trying to then the guy that by you know, getting why several more, they're not. and then it and i guarantee planning that we started or goes at risk back. we have to wait, how do we, but i'm on my on that i can, i gotta manage that all the way back. he just had to clean up the mass like the previous community, or how much of a problem is the spread of misinformation in indonesia when it comes to combating
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the virus? i mean, has that been a major obstacle? that's part of an a major of obstacles. so be actually, i would say we have 2 different miss information or miss information and this information. so we have received so many missed information from the beginning off the pen to me. but also there is no specific and there is no strong a ford from the government to address this information this talk. so it's been around since the 1st time off the pandemic here. and then the secondly, unfortunately when there is no action to address this information to actually i could see it's the situation. it's getting worse. actually. some off the golfer men represent that they've actually also mentioned a non scientific, a joke that doesn't necessarily they do that which makes public even
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in the confusion. like for example, we are a very strong community because we are there be a re leisure that we are, we will not get to ask because off it and then we have so many local traditional tour that would make us stronger if we get bid against the virus and so on and so forth, which all of them would not based on the there is no lack of there is, can be based off of these situations. in fact, actually the government should implement the risk on many occasions. my thoughts are a way in delivering or in giving a statement to public that way. the public would a more alert into the real situations. and this also includes the problem off the transparency. so when the data is transparent and accountable at and when the
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government published and called me on the and then pro more base situations, the real situation that would make public more educated on pad. and also it would raise the public awareness and also alertness above the situation. so this alert nice would live the public to follow the health protocols that the government asked the big 2 adair on it. but also i wanted to make a comment on the vaccinations because based on their survey that we had, we had a couple times the survey. i'm sure it has its n c, but it's on the limited in the capital city of indonesia and the findings. we found that people are still of those who are still happy. that even though only a one off the jack populations are very small numbers,
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but it's still matter because we need to make sure that all of the population is facts in there that but this one 3rd of the population, they are still has it than to get the facts in because of how little issue and then the advocacy matters and then the side effects. and so as of what so there's been a big homework by the government that they have to address the situation in this way. they, they have to make sure the advantage off vaccinations that the, the benefit of actually nation where you and the race. so i would say we need promotion. so when it's a serious combination of both factory and, and, and also the, the government all wish mentions about heart immunity, hurt immune, they had immune day. it's been going around since the 1st time we have the facts in and bought them by. mentioned that indonesia is one of the fastest. com 3 who will
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actually nick and i agree in terms of numbers. yes it is. but the way, how does this number does this number extract this enough, are getting the more the most vulnerable people, the more for an urban group. that is very detrimental, in order to make sure that the whole population or most population will get the immunity. because when we wanted to fax in, but we wanted to build the need, the, the population, heart immune need the mac. you need to make sure erm i'm, i'm sorry to interrupt you, but we are starting to run out of time. and i just wanted to ask dickie another question here, dickie there had been, can cern before that gatherings over the, or either the 5th or holiday might accelerate the number of infections in indonesia and authorities had tried to ban people from returning to their home towns. my 1st question to you is, was enough done at that time. now there is concern that people may try to travel or
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gather during the holidays. and i wanted to ask you how concerning is that at a time when cases are surging as much as they are it will berry berry have him give him said he was in implication to the hour under mister, because now we are approaching our pick up our cook, and in, in the same time we are now facing this party on which we know is very effective in class there among the people, even in very even the people who already fully vaccinated. so it's mean both of them can be also infected. so then during the eat, if dawn do enough restriction or give the city literacy to the community that the mobility, the really she and i and in the nation shouldn't be mean mice or limit and we will
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face and others should gaze of these, you know, not only in that, but these, it with accelerate the number of people who we need the more money in hospital and also people dying because now you know, nisha is already where they put and i will because the most number one is i was already the x was due to the finest, because for almost 16 minute in silence, the me because the law of the states thing and basing capacity. so then without natalie. so we, we are now in reading know the situation. so you now move and without enough control, then this most port number one will be easy to get infected, especially in. now we will see we already see actually now in rule or are a number of cases is increasing. so when they move the code, they go back to their home on the,
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on the problem will be spread more faster than then then one what, what's the major before? so again, i do hope that government will limit the local ition, especially not only because of the honor, but of course because the, the, either in the side that the, our, how for silly these already. so this is, this is very serious addition regarding the all right, well we have run out of time, so we're gonna have to leave the conversation. no, thank you so much to all of our guest, irma heat, ayana, degree booty, man and bon bon had more to you and thank you for watching. you can see this and all of our previous programs. again, anytime by visiting our website, al jazeera dot com and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com forward slash a j inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle is at a j inside story for me. mm hm. a jim jim in the whole team here. bye for now.
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the news news news with
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me. ah. ah . well holy man, how may i for ship or mark the muslim holiday. all players are in iraq to bill was broken, fire hits various part of the african capital comp. ah, come over, i'm how them i have been and this is l 0 life. and also coming out the side,
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but war he's up china catherine solar eclipse denies. if behind any hacking of western software companies find.


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