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the witness showcase is inspiring documentary, the change, the one on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. and i might have when you call will be used in current affairs. that matter to you. i the celebrations in peru, the presidential election is called in favor of leftist federal castillo, 6 weeks after the run of a darn jordan. this is algebra ally from dell tech coming up. i still says it's responsible for obama to get a busy market in iraq. at least 31 people have died. ethiopia completes the 2nd
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phase of filling the grand renaissance down the projects causing big concerns downstream and the rate for space tourism amazon found a jeff pays us is all set to blast off on his new shepherd rockets 1st man. ah, after 6 weeks of uncertainty, peru finally has a new president elect. left is federal castillo has been officially declared. the winner by just 44000 votes, supporters are celebrating in the capital lima. the result was delayed by positions of fraud made by the losing candidate keiko for jim murray, who now faces trial on unrelated corruption charges, a teacher and union leader castillo, is a new faith in national politics and has promised sweeping changes. the dear fellow nationals, i have my open heart for every one of you in my chest. there is no rancor,
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no differences as it should be. companions and brothers who know that peru is always 1st. well, for morris says she accepts the results, but he's sticking by her allegations of fraud. and yeah, they all, i know you today i'm announcing that fulfilling my commitment, my commitment to all peruvians, to marty about gus losa, to the international community. i'm going to recognize the results because that is what the law and the constitution that i've sworn to defend require to put in there . i mean, in the face of the imminent enlistment proclamation of federal kasteel, it is up to me as a candidate to define a position and to present the country with the proposal to face the difficult times that lie ahead. man, a sanchez has more now from lena than $45.00 days after the election. finally, electoral official proclaimed bid or feel, a new president elect has been a long week of ways to feel as told his supporters to patiently wait for this day.
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and they did it with a peaceful process throughout all these. when they waited for electron officials to review thousands of votes by lawyers of gay couple of people who are trying to find evidence of fraud. but most of this cases were dismiss, supporting what international observers kept on alone, that the selections were free. i'm transparent, earlier in a press conference came up with the money needed that she has lost the election because she said, that's what the law says. she has taken a conference sessional, added to say that the process was filled with irregularities that the free fatal party have stolen thousands of balls from her and the proclamations field rules new precedent is legitimate. what shall walker from the university of california davis? he says castillo face with
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a complex set of challenges. i think the deep opposition for keyboard east us who have said it feel legitimate election and continue to lie about this will make it very hard. if you choose to move everything a be a cognitive to be competent. there's a lot of class ridicule you heard the court about the bi chevy that with a reference to peasants and things like that. so it's really, it is, can be very, very difficult. well then there's great belief now among those who support it in and also among those moderates, you know, the correct of a transition. there can be a new government on the 28, so we will have great challenges. peru is still in the midst. it's getting better and coded very high vaccination rate, the recent past 6 weeks or so. but he has great, great challenges. expectations on the left and deep opposition from the right. the constitution setups, it's very easy. there's wife who has had multiple president last month. it's very easy to break down a president and clearly that the far right would do this immediately as soon as they can back. one of the reason they delayed the transition is they wanted to make it very hard for him. and one other say he ad hoc impromptu,
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you know what he's doing, but i do think there's deep, deep support for him. and i think the opposition knows that if there would be massive, i'd rest if he were overthrown in 6 weeks or so. but it's going to be very tenuous, very tense times and group i so says it's responsible for suicide bomb attack in baghdad that has killed at least $31.00 people. it's the 3rd time they see it. it's not a city has been targeted around prime minister held a meeting with this top security officials to discuss the attack. my wife has more now from baghdad. this is the aftermath of the attack on the have that busy market in us of the city majority. she, i neighborhood in the east of the iraqi capital above dad. the did an injured include women and children. the marked was crowded with people who went out shopping for the muslim holiday over a day of her, i don't of either. the explosion happened here doing the busiest out in the market . this is the gate of the market in the blast occurred just when it became crowded
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. bodies were everywhere, would have worked on bodies of children and women, and the only people all human beings. even if you try to list a body, you couldn't. the government called it a terrorist attack and ordered the rest of the local police commander as part of an investigation less than 24 hours before the attack. security forces announced at the arrest of top iceland, commander, ice, and had carried out similar attacks in the area this year. observers a concern the country is likely to see similar attacks. as we approach the upcoming parliamentary elections, which they say could for men to sectarian conflict, and political rivalries in iraq would do or had algebra bothered. afghanistan's interior ministry says 3 rockets of land in separate areas around the capital combo. that could be heard as afghan president,
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ashcroft downey, was leading pres at the presidential palace one hitting a cobbles, most popular mosque, another behind its biggest shopping mall. and the 3rd near the ministry of foreign affairs. no group as yet came responsibility. and when no immediate reports of injuries work on africa, the largest hydro electric dam has reached a controversal stage, the 2nd phase of filling the colossal reservoir behind the ground. if you have been renaissance dam has been completed, but it's a huge source of concern for downstream countries. sedan and egypt. katherine so he has more from his up above the completion of the filling of the ground. really. so it's dumb is a milestone in a few pia, the countries energy minutes stuff. unless you bet keller, who was on site to witness the end of the process that started ali this month, said the heavy rains this season made everything easier, high level moment. we are now putting the turbines from what we call unit 10. we're
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installing the shaft unit 10. as soon as some important works completely. in a few months, it's all about connecting it to the transformers. and this will provide the biggest outcome of this work. the people who are generating electric power in back, but it is a controversial project that has raised regional tensions. so down in egypt who rely on the river nile for most needs, a worried about the impact to the old water flows previous stock, mediated by the african union to hammer out a binding agreement on operations of the dom. how fields some analysts are concerned about the overall effect of the dam on the environment. this huge amount, which is almost more than 75 percent of the natural river flow, will have a great impact on the environment 1st, by reducing. even the flooding of the manufacture along the blue line and really packed the water level and the amount of demand and the
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life of fisheries and song, many europeans are united behind the project. up to 65000000 of them are not connected to the electricity, greed, many europeans. i talked to a very passionate about the construction of the dumb. they from all walks of life, raised money to good words. the construction of the dumb went to villages where people have never had electricity, industries that have been affected by frequent power cars. and they told us that eagerly waiting for the benefits of the dumb officials from sudan, egypt, and a few p a c. these no appetite for an outright water conflict and have expressed willingness to go back to talks. they're all in consensus that a binding legal document is needed on how what is to be the largest hydro electric todd in africa will be operated. the problem has always been the beetle in that agreement, catching. so you are the 0. i'd be saba, if you appeal here,
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morgan is in cartoon with sedans, reaction to the filling of the damn. while hours after a few, if he has government announced that it has finished a 2nd filling of the in renaissance them. sudan government issued a statement saying that it rejects this unilateral move that was carried out by government, especially in light of the fact that no agreement has been reached. between sudan, if europe in egypt over the filling an operation of the dam. now the government of the dance also expressed concern over the safety of with a with them once if you appeal. and now that it has completed the 2nd, filling the gate of the roof area down, which is just about 100 kilometers away from the renaissance dam. we're open to allow excess water to flow out so that it can make room for the water that is coming from the highlands specifically from the ground. if your printer is on them for down, government says it is concerned about millions of civilians who live along the bank of denial and who rely on the river for sources. especially because they have seen
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the impacts of different filling. an army of volunteers has been helping people in germany who are badly hit by last week's devastating floods. more than 150 people were killed and many more are still missing. people are angry of the lack of preparedness to tackle the deluge. to 0 step boston is in the historic town of our way. while it does not look anything like the popular tourist found known for its been yard. instead of finally reopening their restaurants and shops of the month of lockdown, residents of clearing tons of debris. some why stopped from kilometers away according to residence. local, please have markets and tries to offer mental support. listening to relatives who lost their loved ones. like a man in his church witness. his parents being swept away, told me the image of the woman, swept away, waving her hand, crying for help. you know, i have to, i didn't,
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didn't make it. and i'm not sure if they were found. like most people living along the small river, our residence never expected to be hit by a time, meet away from lot water. some ran for safety to the local graveyard. 2 doors on the floor of the cross, the whole night for for 5 hours, 6 hours and holds the cross holding on with, with all his powers and lived. it's one of the many miracles in our town at the moment. together with a neighbor, margaret graphic, celebrated the 5 will. they were stuck on the top floor while downstairs. everything filled up with water. she thought she was going to die guessing. um, yeah, mcmahon, i called in yesterday with my neighbor. we sat in front of the house and i got 2 glasses. we opened a bottle of wine and said cheers to each other. to the new year. another woman
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found okay, 5 days after she had left it behind in a lot of house. yeah. yeah . what is striking in the wind city of iowa is he optimism also 5 for who have lost everything but a simply happy to be alive by keeping themselves busy with the largest clean up the city has ever seen. they don't need to think about everything they loft, but community leaders say that moment will eventually come, while the things might be replaceable, the trauma of losing their businesses and their life's work may be stuck with them forever. i'm afraid of the situation. that's not long away was the situation when people are finished with work, they have nothing to do. that's time to read. and i'm afraid that then the situation is the people are falling apart inside of them. so far,
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the spirit in this town, despite the enormous mass, is one of confidence and hope that together they will get through this steadfast and al jazeera, but no in our lives in germany. let's most of us come here now just here including open to party england lives. corona viruses, friction, but someone just want to consume have a case of the day and china accused by the us and its allies of being behind a global hacking campaign target and emails and websites where like the hello there let start in the middle east and we'd see some really wet weather in oman. this was the scene as torrential rain caused flooding in muscat and
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surrounding areas. and the rain was also felt in the u. a and catan. it's now dried up much about what weather can be found in western parts of yemen. and creeping into saudi arabia, but elsewhere looking largely fine and dry and hot temperatures in many of the gulf states touching up into the high forties. but that wet weather in western areas of yemen, developing on wednesday and reaching across into central africa. we can see those storms brewing across the ethiopian rift valley. we've seen some pretty heavy rain in uganda. we could see more and those storms joining up with storms across the gulf of guinea, ranging all the way up to sierra leone. and by the time we get into wednesday, we are expecting some of those heavy showers to affect the coast of cam roon to the north of this. things are looking rather hot and dry, but to the south. things are looking rather cool for south africa and particular cape come, we've got a cold front moving in and that's brought temperatures down to below average. but
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by the time we get into the weekend is going to be plenty of sunshine on the cards . the odyssey the world unpacks the fascinating story of a prisoner exchange, negotiated to intermediaries on behalf of us and israel, a story of brinkman ship and bartering, a captive israeli soldier for palestinian prisoners as recalled by media and players from both sides. anatomy of a prisoner exchanged on his ear. oh,
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the me welcome back. a quicker amount of our top stories here on 0 support is a peruvian left is pedro cast us celebrating after he was officially declared. the winner in the presidential election comes after 6 weeks of uncertainty since the run of the results were delayed following accusations fraud. i still have the same responsibility for the bomb attack that killed at least $31.00. people had a busy market in iraq. it went off in a crowded area of a city in baghdad, tuesday, the 1st official day of eden iraq. so many people were out shopping for the holiday . i'm going to stop in 2 minutes. you said 3 rockets of land and separate arrows around the capital cobble. they could be heard as president shot gun. it was leading either and her prayer presidential talis group as yet came responsibility. and there were no immediate reports of casualties. in
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thailand, government is extended restrictions by another week in battle. the surgeon covered $900.00 cases. 13 provinces have been deemed dark red zones with flights in and out . band checkpoints have been set up and a night copays in place to discourage travel. the measures on our last until the 2nd of august united kingdom has called that almost 40000 new cases of corona virus. on the same day, almost all restrictions in england came to an end. what's become known as freedom de saw a face masks no longer needed on social distancing rules, scrapped, but doctors that morning, there could soon be a 100000 cases a day. general reports in london. how many young people this was the ultimate expression of freedom. nightclubs, roaring back to life in the early hours of monday morning, with the lifting of 19 restrictions. freedom day, as it's been cold, comes us,
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50000 people in england, test positive daily, one of the highest infection rates in the world. and among the vulnerable, even with the vaccine, wrote out 277 people died last week. there's a loss of concerning information coming out, which shows rising hospitalized ations in the u. k. rising case, number's the attendant consent of the rising number of people suffering from long caveats into this country. but also just in the last 24 hours, we'll say we're starting to hear from dr. is that and it chest services are starting to have clinic services cancel because at the high rate staff thickness isolation that's needing to happen, the government strategy to allow the virus to spread among the young means more than 800000 school children was sent into isolation at home last week, scientists have warned a fertile conditions for new variant mutations, leaving parents to worry about the ongoing risk. i want to give up the mask and not
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know my children or my husband. we want to we, we wear the mosque. a majority of the public, according to opinion polls agree. it may not be law any longer to keep a social distance or where a mosque indoors. but most people don't feel confident enough to dispense with them altogether. and is this the national health service that pinging away incessantly telling hundreds of thousands of people to self isolate each week? because a close contact has tested positive and each paying means income last stop shortage is holiday planned in ruins. oh, on a brighter note. singing is back band since the start of the pandemic, which means the return of churchgoers and theater audiences. but as the prime minister knows, there is no freedom from the virus itself. it is like to proceed cautiously in the way that we are. but it's also. ringback right,
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to recognize that it is far from both johnson and treasury secretary richey soon i have been false to isolate because of close contact with a confirmed face to most senior members of the government. then celebrating freedom day at home, you know, whole al jazeera, london health officials in senegal. i warning that cobra 19 cases are rising dramatically. there was a record of nearly 1400 cases reported on saturday. nearly a 3rd of new current of virus infections in cynical from the delta various the white house says it's aiming to close the grants a bay prison. it follows the 1st prisoner released under the biden administration. white house correspondent, kimberly how can he was held for almost 2 decades without charge at guantanamo bay detention facility in 2016 review panel recommended abdul la teeth monsieur b repatriated to his home country. but it didn't happen until this month. the 1st
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release says the us president joe biden took office this individual who we now it's a transfer of the part of the fence and the transfer of had been, had started moving through the process during the obama biden administration and was on pause for some period of time over the last 4 years, this year was captured by pakistani agents and held at guantanamo since 2002. the u . s. alleged he trained in a car to cabs and cooperated with the summer ban. lawton, who orchestrated the september 11th attacks and attorney for it is sir, said the charges were unjustified. add the suffering endured by his client. it's a stain on america. i know. following the 2001 attacks the guantanamo bay prison was created by president george bush to how's those captured by us forces following invasions of f, ghana, stem and iraq. there were allegations of torture and abuse and questions about the
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lawfulness of the military tribunals. at its height, within $700.00 men were held at the facility for years without char get bo add its prisoners. infamous orange jumpsuits became an international symbol of prolonged imprisonment. i'm absolutely committed to closing the tension facility at guantanamo. and then to continue to make the case for doing so. as long as i hold this office, president obama pledge to close guantanamo throughout his 8 year term, but was never able to overcome the legal and political obstacles. and we're going to load it up with some bad dudes. believe me, we're going to load it up. in contrast, president trump signed an executive order went to the office to keep the prison open. and this here is recommended release was stalled. until now. you're considering all available avenues to responsibly transfer detainees, and of course, close guantanamo 39 prisoners remain at guantanamo bay. prison, just a leaven have been charged with war crimes. earlier this year,
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president biden said he was reviewing the future of the u. s. military prison, with the goal of completely closing it by 20. 20 for. kimberly. how can al jazeera, the white house, the u. s. u. k and other allies are accusing china, protecting hackers, engaging and malicious cyber activities, including a breach of the microsoft exchange emails. early this year, they say hack groups protected by beijing were responsible infecting tens of thousands of computers worldwide. it's one of a range of cyber threats. china's being blamed for, including ransomware attacks involving millions of dollars to the best of my knowledge. and i'm going to report to more and more, you know, detailing for my understanding is that the chinese government, not unlike the russian government, is not doing this themselves, but or protecting those who are doing and maybe even accommodating and being able
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to do it. my car has more now from washington d. c. well, it seems that president biden is attempting to leave himself some maneuvering room with regard to any potential action that will be taken against china. as happened earlier this year when russia was accused of packing, they were sanctions imposed at no suggestion as yet that sanctions are going to be imposed on china following these allegations. although the white house has just said that it was the right to take the action against china should prove necessary . but the u. s. insist that the chinese ministry of state security has been coordinating these attacks may be through outside hackers as we heard from president biden there. but certainly under the control of the chinese ministry states security. but what is significant about all of this is how big the alliance is in terms of basically naming and shaming china. you've got new zealand, australia, japan, nato, b, e, u,
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old joining the u. s. protest against these actions. and this is the 1st time you had as an action on such a why the basis against china. and this though, is part of the president violence problem in that some of those allies would be reluctant to impose sanctions against china, given their massive reliance on china in many areas. so the president is attempting to walk a fine line here, keeping his alliance together. but at the same time, not allowing any of them to leave because the u. s. unilaterally imposed sanctions that others don't agree with. hate, he's interim prime minister has agreed to step down, ending a leadership battle, falling the assassination of president of an east. earlier this month, i real areese expected to be named prime minister as early as tuesday. already, a neurosurgeon was appointed by movies for the posts, but was not sworn in georgia that says he was stepping down for the good of the nation. a court in south africa will decide in the coming hours if the long running
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corruption trial, a former president jacob zoom it can be for spoke. and his lawyers are trying to delay the case by up to 3 weeks because of the unrest after his arrest and the ongoing pandemic. they said allow time for the trial to resume physically in court . zoom or denies charges afford corruption and money laundering. now billionaire jeff bezos will blast into space in a few hours time. his blue arjun and company were launched. the new shepherd rocket, which both the biggest windows ever flown into space, bears also the company by his brother and crew that consists of the youngest and oldest people have ever been in space is my kind of all. this is where the journey began. altitude for the moon landing that inquired, they've been 5 year old kid to dare to dream. it's no surprise that the launch of the new shepherd is planned for the 52nd anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing
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. so he definitely wants to tie the legacy of his new company to the sort of aura and the mystique of the accomplishments of nasa during the space race. i want to go on this quite because it's the thing i want to do all my life adventure. it's a big deal for me. i invited my brother to come on this 1st site because we're closest friends. i really watch it. come with me. would you, are you, sir? all right, you're hurting your joining the base us brothers the both the new ship it will be an 18 year old teenager. all of the daemon visionary replacing the original and identified when we paid $28000000.00 at auction. and it was given up the thief because of what is said to be a scheduling conflict here in 0 gravity performance. also a ball the craft will be up and jerry and while he functionally i've ready, i've been trained. she was one of 13 women who trained as esther notes and the mercury project in the 1900 sixty's. but were bought from going into space by
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nasa's then discriminate re gender policy. she's been on paying gifts of the amazon found her. i feel fantastic. i was so surprised. but i won't know more until everything comes around, release, release really a new ship at flight to come shortly after that by another billionaire richard branson. along with 3 crewmates and 2 pilots, aboard space ship to the virgin, galactic owner caught a glimpse of earth from more than 80 kilometers up. and a few minutes of weightlessness before gliding safely back down. the billionaire space race has no come with our criticism. what about the climate impacts of their business empires? what about income inequality and their problematic wealth? there are real questions about whether or not these rocket companies are that shiny object meant to distract us from the wider impacts of their business empires. but
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above all, these supplies represent the culmination of one of the most processes of private conversation. the world has ever seen. some public funds are still involved. it is clear that private capital now also controls access to what, what's once the sole demand of nation. i was good. mike 0, washington. ah, type of check of the headlines here now to 0, support is approved. the left is federal castillo, us celebrating after he was officially named. as the next president comes after 6 weeks of uncertainty since the runaway castillo won by just 44000 votes, results were delayed falling accusations of fraud from 50 years right opponent kofuji murray. the.


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