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all my troubles are mounting. prime minister abbey. i get a grit plus react to this, taking norway to court over arctic thrilling can see the calls on i'll just be around the. ready the celebrations in peru, the presidential election, is called in favor of left, is federal castillo, 6 weeks off. the runaway ah, well, i'm darned, jordan, this is out today or a lie from also coming up. i so says it's responsible for obama to get a busy market in iraq. at least 31 people have died. ethiopia is mega dam has been
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filled for a 2nd time, but the projects causing big concerns downstream on the race for space towards it. amazon found that jeff bays are due to blast up later on his new shepherd rocket 1st man life. ah, welcome to the program up to 6 weeks of uncertainty, peru finally has a new president elect. leftist federal castillo has been officially declared the winner by just 44000 votes. his supporters are celebrating in the capital lima. the result was delayed by accusations of fraud made by the losing candidate keiko for more. we now face and trial and unrelated corruption charges. a teacher and union leader castillo is a new face in national politics and has promised sweeping change by an sanchez reports from lima futile casteel. the 51 year old roop primary school teacher is now president elect. he one of the promise he won't forget poor
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peruvians point. how can ministers and politicians earn such salaries? when our children have no internet, our schools are falling apart. families are begging for oxygen homes, have no water or electricity. we will rescue this country to give our poorest families a home with dignity. don't speak, you know. he grew up in a poor family in a remote and the village, but in 2017 guess later successful nationwide teachers strike which support or c gave him credentials to lead the country impetus picked you up. but i give it to the perspective to go forward into a national fight. we have sure we can also govern with expedients from our towns as mears and governors. now, the country previously does have been unable to resolve the tightest problems. kasteel has many scared. he 1st told voters he'd national lie, some industries we distribute wealth, and rewrite the constitution that are going to be there. they say castillo will
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take away your home, your savings, your land, that is completely false. we have to understand that we must put things in order though he stone down his rhetoric. critics don't believe him. they think us to you and his supporters told the election. they won't accept the results. it doesn't go to them and you know, these people have come here to so hatred, they've come to the campus with their machetes to threaten us. and we will not allow us to you doesn't have any criminal record. he represents the radical leftist free party, whose leader convicted for corruption. invited cassie you to take his place. and now critics are afraid last year will be his subject. the biggest question for many here is what will happen after physical warning on july, the 28th will surround himself by moderate or will he radicalize himself to the left to keep the support of the party who represent you has no government experience, but analysts say his supporters feel identified the perceived that he looks like
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most peruvians, he represents the poor, the hungry and rural teachers. teachers who suffer the most. i don't know what more one could expect from a politician. annalee seek as the use ability to govern will hang in the balance with nearly half of the country, rejecting him and the other half who demands change and who will expect nothing less from him than to deliver on his promises. marianna sanchez joined us live now from lee, my marianna pedro castillo has an experience of government and the other one by raise up in margin. so what they have to say after his, when since my darren, he doesn't have any government experience, he is a farmer. primary school teacher and he comes from the highlands of room, or he hasn't been not me or, or, or, or a major or a regional governor. but he has been part of
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a member of political parties, a former percent center right party for a few years. and he also in house a very important experience id by leaving a very important right teacher like in 2017 because he beach the most important of the most powerful features like in the country. so he does have potential negotiate or i'm just the to just a while ago in a while ago. hi me as a headquarters party, he came to the out in the balcony after proclaim. and one of the 1st things you said is pickup for monday. stop being confrontational and he has, this is all the branch to her and set that work together there. so what about k
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kofuji more re than him? and she always said this election was fraudulent, and now she can make things very difficult for the federal feel. well i would say yes and no. yes, because she does have she does have members in congress her party. she can if you have some white coalition in congress where she can make life difficult for the next in the next president. but i think that she will have to focus a lot of her in the sherry, she have them active pension for corruption charges, the real or option charges that she think 30 years since listen. so maybe she will will have to focus in this thing. and if she needs help with this,
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the lecture last her leadership of the country because she has both, we are much on and the question is, will the people who support in the business and who support her? it will be support her again. maybe i think they will be looking into a new political leader for the next election and she will know her ability to need the right wing coalition in the country. all right, time man, a sanchez life or the in the peruvian capital. the ma marianna, thank you. well, generally bertie from george mason university. she has more now on how castillo government will be received in latin america. i think there are progressive governments throughout latin america who will see who will, who will welcome was welcome him with open arms. and there are right wing governments who are probably very leery of his government. but i think he's may, he made a point tonight in his very brief speech after he was proclaimed president,
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a lack that per is not going to import any models from abroad, that it is pursuing its own path. so i think all i will be on through to see how he navigate these very turbulent waters. in the ongoing, i think, obstruction, he's going to face from his food. you maury, and her allies. he faces a fractured congress. he does not have a majority even with allied hurting. he does not have a majority in congress. so he is going to have to figure out a way to at least come clean, come for with some of his promises while perhaps giving another i suspect that's what's going to happen. i so says it's responsible for a suicide bomber talking to baghdad that has killed at least $31.00 people. it's the 3rd time this year that started city has been targeted. iraq's prime minister held a meeting with tom security officials to discuss the attack, my, what up the why it has more now, i'm back that this is the aftermath of the attack on the low. he let busy market,
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you know, so the city majority, she, i neighborhood in the east of the iraqi capital, dad, they did an injured include women and children. the market was crowded with people who went out shopping for the muslim holiday over the bill of either the explosion happened here doing the busiest out in the market. this is the gate of the market in the blast occurred just when it became crowded. bodies were everywhere, would have worked on the values of children, women, and the people all human beings. even if you tried to list a body, you couldn't. the government called it a terrorist attack and ordered the rest of the local police commander as part of an investigation less than 24 hours before the attack security forces announced the rest of the top ice. little commander ice had carried out similar attacks in the
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area this year. observers a concert the country is likely to see similar attacks. as we approach the upcoming parliamentary elections, which they say could for men to sectarian conflict, and political rivalries in iraq. one would have to do ahead algebra bothered ethiopian engineers working on africa, the largest hydro electric dam. i have reached a controversial milestone. the 2nd phase of filling the colossal reservoir behind the ground. if you have been renaissance damn has been completed, but it's a huge source of worry for downstream countries. sedan and egypt, katherine saw, has more from the side of the the completion of the filling of the grand renaissance. dom is a milestone in if you appear, the county's energy administer the last you bet kelly, who was on site to witness the end of the process that started early this month. said the heavy rains this season made everything easier. high level moment. we are now putting the turbines in what we call unit 10. we're installing the shaft unit
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10. as soon as some important works completely. in a few months, it's all about connected to the transformers. and this will provide the biggest outcome of just work. the people who are generating electric power in vector, but it is a controversial project that has raised regional tensions so that in egypt who rely on the river nile for most needs, a worried about the impact to the old water flows previous stocks mediated by the african union to hammer out a binding agreement on operations of the dom, how fields. some analysts are concerned about the overall effect of the dam on the environment. this huge amount, which is almost more than 75 percent of the natural river flow, will have a great impact on the environment by reducing even the flooding of the manufacturers to along the line and really packed the water level and the amount of
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the demand and the life of fisheries and song, many europeans are united behind the project, up to 65000000 of them are not connected to the electricity, greed, many europeans because of a passionate about the construction of the they from all walks of life, raised money to the words the construction of the went to villages where people have never had electricity, industries that have been affected by frequent power cars. and they told us that they eagerly waiting for the benefits of the dumb officials from sudan, egypt, and a few cities, no appetite for an outright water conflict and have expressed willingness to go back to talks. they're all in consensus that a binding legal document is needed on how what is to be the largest hydro electric tar done in africa will be operated. the problem has always been the detail in that
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agreement caching. so you are the 0. i'd be saba, if you keep a morgan is in cartoon with saddam was reaction to the 2nd filling of the damn. while hours after a few p, as government announced, i have finished a 2nd filling of the few in renaissance them. sudan government issued a statement saying that it rejects this unilateral move that was carried out by the government, especially in light of the fact that no agreement has been reached. between sudan, if europe in egypt over the filling an operation of the dam. now the government of the dance also express concern over the safety of with errors them once if you appeal and now that it has completed the 2nd, filling the gate of the repairs done, which is just about 100 kilometers away from the renaissance dam were open to allow excess water to flow out so that it can make room for the water that is coming from the european highlands, specifically from the ground. if you printers on them for the government says it is concerned about millions of civilian po, live along the bank of denial and who rely on the river for sources,
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especially because they have seen the impacts of different feelings. time for a short break here, and i'll just say right when we come back, no longer a threat to us national security, the biden administration freeze at 1st prisoner from guantanamo bay. ha. and opened to party england list corona virus restrictions. but scientists want could soon have a 100000 cases the day on that day with a ah, it's time for the journey to with sponsored by capital airways. hello there. hot and dry conditions are continuing to fuel wild fires across western areas of north america, the largest fire burning along that oregon, california border. and it seems like it is going to continue fire fight as
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a struggling to bring it under control. not just because of the conditions, but because of the high temperatures and those are going to continue to rise over the next few days for west and the areas of the us as well as western areas of canada. and we've had excessive heat warnings out from one tana and idaho, but it's also the, the rockies in the northern plains, as well as the canadian prairies. that is seen those temperatures continue to climb . now further south to the south west, we've got the monsoons bringing storms and showers. welcome rain for arizona, but we have seen some flash flooding here. we could see that in new mexico, where those rains are expected for more, more heavily across the deep south states though the rains do continue, we could see some storms affecting georgia and into the carolinas. but for the north east, we have got a welcome break from the wet weather on tuesday. as we go into wednesday, we are expecting more storms, particularly affecting new york, and we will see the temperature dip down to the average
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sponsor cut on airways across the world, young after bits and organizers around them of the motivated and politically engaged, the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here, and we were the one who had life on what was going on. and the way the more means to media, then there's looking stuff that goes on. as always, in a dynamic formation, we have the agencies to create the vibe generation change on al jazeera. oh, the me.
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welcome back to remind about top stories here. this, our support of the peruvian left is federal castillo, or celebrating after he was officially named. as the next president comes after 6 weeks of uncertainty. since the run of vote results were delayed. falling unsubstantiated, accusations of 4. i shall have train responsibility for obama tact but killed at least 31 people at a busy market in iraq went off in a crowded area of a city tuesday, the 1st official day of the iraq. so many people are out shopping for the holiday. on the 2nd phase of filling the controversial brand easier been renaissance dam is complete, the issue is race tensions with its neighbors. egypt, and sit down with a binding deal of the filling of operations. afghanistan is drawing its diplomatic style from pakistan after the brief abduction of the ambassadors, daughter in the capital is not a bad around between the neighbors is taking a turn for the worse as the african government accuses pakistan of supporting the taliban. it all comes ahead of pakistan, hosting talks next week,
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following the withdrawal of foreign troops from afghanistan, charlotteville, it has the latest from campbell. they are very upset about this. there has been tweets from politicians, even the telephone condemnations that this ambassadors daughter, her name was sicily alley he'll. she's 26 years old and she was adopted in his lama bad on friday by what the foreign ministry says is unknown assailants. but she was held for a number of hours. she was tortured, she had wrote marks, number of injuries, and she required hospital attention. so the foreign ministry has reacted by recalling at sam baset by recalling talk diplomats from his law. i'm a bad bringing them back here until they say, course unquote, security threats are removed, but talking to politicians here, they do believe that this was some type of state sanctions at 10 that they believe that was intended to seems some type of message. so they are very unhappy, a lot of tweets today saying that they want justice to be served against whoever
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did this, against this 26 year old girl. now i do need to put in the context of the relationship between canister and pakistan right now. it has really deteriorated as the security situation has deteriorated and it all came to a climax. last week, when the taliban took control of a border crossing hoops been bolduc, it's in kinds of high. it connects with pockets on the 2nd busiest border crossing . and afghan astonished the telephone took control of it on wednesday and for 2 days negotiated with the pakistan government directly to re open it and reopened on the telephone control. and that really escalated the relationship situation between afghanistan and pakistan. war of words and food between the politicians. and that happened on friday the same day that the ambassador's daughter was also abducted in the united kingdom as recorded almost 40000 new cases of corona virus. on the same
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day, almost all restrictions in england came to an end. what's become known as freedom day, so face masks no longer needed, and social distancing rules scrapped. but doctors, a warning that could soon be a $100000.00 cases. the day general reports from london. yeah, how many young people this was the ultimate expression of freedom. nightclubs, roaring back to life in the early hours of monday morning, with the lifting of 19 restrictions. freedom day as its been cold comes as 50000 people in england test positive daily. one of the highest infection rates in the world, and among the vulnerable, even with the vaccine, wrote out 277 people died last week. this last is concerning information coming out, which shows rising cost supplies ations in the u. k. rising case, number's the attendant consent of the writing number, the people suffering from long have it sent to this country. but also just in the
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last 24 hours, we'll say we're starting to hear from dr. is that and it has services starting to have clinic services cancel because at the high rate to start thickness and isolation that needing to happen. the government strategy to allow the virus to spread among the young means more than 800000 school children were sent into isolation at home last week. scientists have warned a fertile conditions for new variant mutations, leaving parents to worry about the ongoing risk. i want to give up the mask and not know my children or my husband. we want we, where the mosque. a majority of the public, according to opinion, polls agree. it may not be law any longer to keep a social distance or where a mosque indoors. but most people don't feel confident enough to dispense with them altogether. and this the national health service app pinging away incessantly telling hundreds of thousands of people to self isolate each week. because
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a close contact has tested positive and each ping me income, lost staff shortages, holiday plans in ruins. oh, on a brighter note, singing is back band since the start of the pandemic, which means the return of churchgoers and theater audiences. but as the prime minister knows, there is no freedom from the virus itself is to proceed cautiously in the way that we are also right to recognize this is far from over. both johnson and treasury secretary richey soon. i have been forced to isolate because of close contact with a confirmed case or 2 most senior members of the government then celebrating freedom day at home. jose al jazeera, london health officials in senegal, wanting that cobit 19 cases are rising dramatically. there was a record of many 1400 cases reported on saturday. nearly a 3rd of new corona,
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virus infections and cynical from the delta. various of the celebrations coming up this week. people they are worried about the rise infection. if you need to give me a new home on those have to celebrate the basket, hearing decker, or inside the country, must absolutely respect the measures. we all know that coby 19 is not yet over its way mouth wash. our hands pray to god to reduce of this disease, because frankly, we are really tired of it. why it's true that the cases are increasing considerably, but we must redouble our vigilance. i heard about the increasing number of covey cases. personally, i believe in the existence of this disease. i don't know about other people. i know that cobra 19 is present in the country and people must be careful, especially wearing masks and washing their hands and so on. now tell me of volunteers has been helping people in germany who are badly hit by last week's devastating floods. step faster is in a historic town of r y la,
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which he found covered in a thick layer of mud are, while it does not look anything like the popular tours found known for its been yard. instead of finally reopening their restaurants and shops of the month of love, down, rapids or clearing tons of debris, some y stopped from kilometers away according to residence. local, please have markets and thrice to offer mental support, listening to relatives who lost their loved ones. like a man in his church witness, his parents being swept away, told me the image of the woman being swept away, waving her hand crying for help. you know, i have to, i didn't, didn't make it. and i'm not sure if they were found, like most people living along the small river, our residence never expected to be hit by a time, meet away from lot water. some ran for safety to the local graveyard. 2 doors on the floor of the cross, the whole nights for for 5 hours,
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6 hours and holds the cross holding on with with his arms all his powers and lived. it's one of the many miracles in our town at the moment. together with a neighbor, margaret graphic celebrated their survival. they were stuck on the top floor while downstairs. everything filled up with water. she thought she was going to die. guess and yeah, my knuckle didn't. yesterday with my neighbor, we sat in front of the house and i got 2 glasses. we opened a bottle of wine and said cheers to each other. to the new year. another woman found okay, 5 days after she had left it behind in a lot of house 6. yeah, yeah. what is liking in the wind city of iowa?
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is he optimism also 5 for who have lost everything but a simply happy to be alive by keeping themselves busy with the largest clean up the city has ever seen. they don't need to think about everything they loft, but community leaders say that moment will eventually come. while there things might be replaceable, the trauma of losing their businesses and their life's work may be stuck with them forever. i'm afraid of the situation. that's not long away was the situation when people are finished with work, they have nothing to do. that's time to read. and i'm afraid that then the situation is the people are falling apart inside of them. so far, the spirit in this down despite the enormous mass, is one of confident and hope that together they will get through this steadfast and al jazeera, but no, not wireless in germany. now dozens of border patrol officer supported by 2 surveillance helicopters are being deployed to lithuanian border with ben
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a roof. the european union is sending its rapid response team off and miscellaneous, made the request more than a 1000. most iraqi migrants have crossed into the country. this month, if the way he says bella roosters deliberately sent them in reprisals. sanctions by the roots hasn't responded to the allegation. brilliant jeff bays also bloss into space in a few hours time. his blue origin company were launched. the new shepherd rocket, which bows the biggest windows ever flowing into space phases will be accompanied by his brother and crew that consists of the youngest and oldest people to have ever been in space. how does he was my kind of all this is where the journey began. altitude for the moon land during that inquired. i've been 5 year old to get to dare to dream. it's no surprise that the launch of the new shepherd is planned for the 52nd anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing. so he definitely wants to tie the legacy of his new company to the sort of aura and the mystique of the
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accomplishments of nasa during the space race. i want to go on this flight because it's the thing i wanted to do all my life. it's an adventure, it's a big deal for me. i invited my brother to come on this 1st sight because we're closest friends. i really watch it. come with me. would you? are you, sir? all over your hurting and joining the base of brothers the bull. the new shepherd will be an 18 year old teenager. out of a damon missionary replacing the original and identified when it was paid $28000000.00 at auction. and it was given up the seat because of what is said to be a scheduling conflict. you're in 0 gravity performance. also a ball the craft will be up and jerry and while he functionally, i'm ready. i've been trained. she was one of 13 women who trained as esther notes and the mercury project in the 1900 sixty's, but were bought from going into space by nasa's then discriminate,
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re gender policy fees and on paying gifts of the anderson found her. i feel fantastic. i was so surprised, but i won't know more until everything comes around, release, release really a new ship at flight. come shortly after that by another billionaire richard branson. along with 3 crewmates and 2 pilots, the board space ship to the virgin. galactic owner caught a glimpse of earth from more than 80 kilometers up. and a few minutes of weightlessness before gliding safely back down. the billionaire space race has not come without criticism. what about the climate impacts of their business empires? what about income inequality and their problematic wealth? there are real questions about whether or not these rocket companies are that shiny object meant to distract us from the wider impacts of their business empires. but
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above all, these lights represent the culmination of one of the most processes of privatization the world has ever seen. while some public funds are still involved, it's clear that private capital now also controls access to what, what's once the sole domain of nation vector. good, mike, i'll get 0, washington. ah, type of quick check of the headlines here on the supporters of peruvian left is federal castillo law, celebrating out that he was officially named. the next president comes after 6 weeks of uncertainty since the runoff castillo won by just 44000 votes. the results were delayed, falling on sense substantiated accusations of fraud from custio's. right. when opponent came for marie sanchez as more on cash deals when.


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