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it is clear that private capital now also controls access to what was once the sole demand of nations vector good might 0 washington. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories, supporters of peruvian leftist federal castillo, a celebrating after he was officially named the next president. it comes after 6 weeks of uncertainty since the runoff castillo won by just $44000.00 vote. so results were delayed following unsubstantiated, accusations of fraud from casteel that right wing opponents, cake or fridge. maury body on a sanchez has more on pedal castillo's when from lima. he has been outside of the out could be worse. he has been coming out very
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time to the last 4047 days after the run of the election. i feel very happy. of course he will be the president of the i the bus is a 5 is comes we have one. * with the point one percent of the vote. 44000 both big book marty. see we only have a few things before we take over the change of government. on july the 28th, i still came to responsibility for a bomb attack that is killed at least 31 people that a busy market in iraq and went off in the crowded area of our city. tuesday is the 1st official day of eden iraq. so many people were out shopping for the holiday. the 2nd phase of filling the controversial ground in p, o. p, and renee sounds, dan is complete. egypt and sudan want a binding deal of the feeling and the dams operations. they have approached the un
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security council to intervene, ethiopia says the project is essential to its development, the cairo, and cartoon fer, it could restrict their water. access of cornerstone is withdrawing its diplomatic spell from pakistan. after the brief abduction of the ambassadors, daughter, the capital, as lama bought the route between the ne, this is taking the turn to the worth. as the african government accused of pockets on supporting the ton of bomb, the 1st guantanamo bay prisoner, released under the bought and administration, has been repatriated to morocco of dullness. there was captured by post on the agents in 2001 and was sent to guantanamo bay, but was never charged. 39 prisoners remained at the facility. use continues on al jazeera right after $11.00 east. something was going to change. anything really change? this is systemic violin that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the variance, know what to say. we are all saying we're looking at the world as it is right now,
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not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just there, i'm majestic, captivating, and dangerous. mount everest is the ultimate mountaineering challenge. climbers come from around the world seeking glory. but for those who helped them scale the well to highest peak, it can be deadly. sherpa men die in disproportionate numbers, leaving behind widows who struggle to survive. me just on my goal is to give you don't got off force to become breadwinners. some women define tradition by breaking into the male dominated, well, ultimately climbing the pitcher and whatever they should have to do to get it done . so once i get the data push, whatever way to more say when it was awful, what is the full size you want $11.00 east travel to nepal,
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where sherpa widows seek to conquer ever and overturn centuries of discrimination. ah, with deep in the am on is the well highest cost, a long shadow of nepal, value me john has lived here all her life, like many shackle women. she married a mountaineer, whose life and debt, but defined by mount everest board and then went on. i can be a skin dickie get one more body, put on the what else can nobody put on the border? any dickie and you might be back on my buddy. or if i decide your budget,
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but i knew clearly it might. it might, i add a new part of identity might need more laid out near good by the government on the helium, when you, when, when i oh got a modem and you had that modem. i got a modem. i was and i might have a new 2nd wont be away. the other that is there and you get my dea has my oh you do me a la yo that a goodness i good. now while you're with me, so they know jog my husband, that ending was 37 when he died in a climate accident. his story is a common one here in the village of 40, more than 3800 meters above sea level. it's home to many of the top
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sharp i climb, but the river lies to help being customer gale the highest peak. me well, the foreigners began flocking to nepal, chasing everest. glory in the 1990, transforming the lives of local. ah, they went from being farmers to some of the best mountain years in the world. ah, sherpa can make 5 times the average salary in working a guide, porters and cooks. ah, doll was done and started working in the mountain when he was only 17. since then
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he scaled ever a dozen times, most recently in 2019, at the age of 60. he accepts the risk in order to provide for his family. there is no personal katie, i leave him in the sun. okay, so i went to my folder in when i fall flat, well, what get when you can and i don't have any 2014 no clue. evelyn data creating, personally, i feel the goal of an article to harassment was
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to go to a new i live in braille. now i have suffered serious injuries on the job, but he keeps on going because there are few other options. and then when he, when they're in the neighborhood, this is you could say no, i'm no computer. don't know me none more. but you know, based on i know bible who are you guys going to buy your order and you got to live and when you got a new number that he goes on is out the door was wife. youngin has good reason to feel for her husband safety. when she was
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young, her brother was killed in an avalanche. she ended up marrying a man who would be exposed to the same danger. and i'm not gonna lie avenue got more of a need by jamal hall, but it's been the most of the day he knew i knew monday among going on. and there was a just like you to the, to job the way all the number the move would have, we'll go on the bus or to my local schools. and i did. did it, did i about 120 sherpa. i have lost in lives on ever since 190-0100, around
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a 3rd of all recorded debt on the mountain. in the sharp village of fort a glory and tragedy go hand in hand. every house here has someone who has made it to the top of everest, not just once but several times. but many people here have also lost their loved ones on the mountain, picks me. when my husband died, the family lost its bread. winner judgment was left to fend for herself and her 2 sons. i mean, just on my television to give it a look alone, all that money did it got or any other, but on the put say school monday, got so much younger. she had to send her children away to continue their education . it's a day's walk to her 12 year old on sporting school. her oldest son studies in the capital cut, london. ah,
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i thought avail. within no way of honey bidding, an apple. ah hello. the that is a little bit more than i don't want it. i look it up on the desk. ah, ah, did you go got an idea what that important news. one of her husband foreign lions and a shepherd organization pitched in to cover her son school expensive kidney would you need me to use my yeah. no model that you know by that young woman or when it was was to cobra
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insurance. a southern already by oh, i mean, damn by the young dam, williard, eliza, the mortal villa day. and god, my god, god, that kid today, do you love id your any sort of god about that coffee? just to go buy enough. i need to get my level, i get the be to be there, but they buy it. i didn't. what's a bio, they are advocate by and the pension amounts to $25.00 a month when her husband was alive. a single expedition provided enough money to support the family for a year to make ends meet jug mo, has even considered doing the very thing that took his life the lot. so i do my job as you know, the south our lot that i
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thought i had a late me if it may be the way. oh, and you get more than he did when you about me, you might know mighty did a what did it but that, that me all it's a question confronting another say we don't share. she knows the pain and suffering that ever it can inflict. her husband died in a climbing accident in 2007. after years of financial struggle, she's decided to follow in his footsteps. you're doing your doing the high school. you're with mom, the time and money. he bought that matthew and was honest, honestly, living in my keyboard isn't good enough because on your part
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with alex, you lose about the title because he gets on subley at any point on this training is important. step to fulfilling her dream and perhaps changing her fortune on the boy love me. did you know i love the single one of the kind to because these are more human for when you don't look at him on what's, what's your material on august my way to go. so these are new just for the course course news they hadn't time before. but i was, you know, the, the lines and did i know the, the, like you're there anything less than what your thought when you did it
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to the 40 wasn't the, wasn't me about him also 0. what do you more, more budget a 100000000. hi. i'm going to put it in the job good job. ready job ah, it is shaqia lama became a widow. and just 5 years after she was married she was left to take care of their 2 sons alone. you see you said toy you must order. what is your 2000 poor merisa whistles and pipe money. say it over to the money. it's the same proposal to mother everett. i'm a double one on the well, no one can see which one is your husband
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has to reuse him. it would it would hate as it did then. and sir, every month he said he hated mighty to log into. you said he's under here for he's before her the what are you for to see she 70 made of the more to miss for so the heat of our home and immunity. munsey, i'm the one the nissan of date of all fremont here the, till has some tell, you know, how luther will never did the ballistic. i see much, he should, they said, i mean, what did you say that you me, what about the legal, wonderful sound? a little from your amount every scott, but you the he will be like
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you home soon you all just to say the last. i knew what the issue, what how difficult his life as a single mother. god the way us and i was alone. overdue. my label, what you all it will somebody will you taking but he will be able to do but he's got well when he was out on the border, i declined being proud of sherpa is legendary for generation. it's been a male domain. when men leave to conquer him, all in tradition dictate that women take care of the home. and for those who lose their husband, widowhood can define their exist. but
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a new generation of women is challenging. these anemia donors, life changed forever when she lost her husband in 2014. he was killed in an avalanche on every along with 15 others. sherpa. 4 years later she'd had enough of the discrimination. widows often suffer in the puzzle where we are. yeah. well yeah, hold on it. the city one be there was he did i. he said it will be the way it wasn't the night when they said decided on a plan to do the what if she just like it doesn't want me to design it is a woman that is going to do it somehow. some of the mean number just to confirm what it is more like it was a good way mobile year, wasn't it just to be do. oh boy was just so many that's great us, i'm and i wanted
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a phone for that. i just wanted to know, know when it's almost gone, was it go? so whenever i get a boat and i wasn't behind me, this would be do a whole, but it's great. it'll cut along, and i mean it's awful and someone in it is to i need to take your medicine one to, to put in a, b, d. but you'd be able to do both of these damn iterative wishing either assisting with them or gotten with you to some other variable she would. and if the ticket is displayed isn't a, this is a mobile sample you, which is a homeless, if you in the, for any of the mother who in the recent, we're not, we're not, we're going to sit in when she will be the one that i'm about to turn it in the city, but it was sort of what i mean, they haven't gotten away. people haven't been as and then i'm good. how do i get to go on? what is it? what is niema? decided to take on everest to highlight the plight of women who have lost their
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husbands to the mountain. she convinced her friend for dickie, another widow to join her, and the 2 widows everest expedition was born. after training for a year and honing their skill on smaller mountains, they set out together to conquer the world's highest peak in 2009. when i was subbing whatever this is or whatever they should have to do to get it done for monday. he did, he did, he did the whenever, when i don't know when he didn't want to come on over here, we'll get in the higher the so i started a 10200. thank you. and then when i'm going to get it over to you and you can pick it, i'm really who knows what to do too much. later on in the kitchen, when she got on a sofa one put on a hole in the home and number it is, i mean i'm not affiliated with this one and i never did get off all going
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to the state. of course you would have, if it was a, when it was off with this before i do want to do a quick question. i get that a bit of wilson when i get most of it up with you whenever i do this so that i can offer you one vehicle by tomorrow. if anyone isn't going to give them a sub one of them way to put on a 2nd reaching the top of every has transformed the months life. she now works as a guide on short term checking expeditions. and brandon bassett, for a clothing company report for my the noise behind me, dental was either here, whenever i will, if we keep once a year, to the kid, to have a pill minuscule with, you know, the ticket i got to look, i'm going to kind of wanted to go with a portion of what she did repeat and didn't get
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a job on the weekend. so if someone could give someone a door to you, i, lizzie orderly about homicide, taken a lot of data, a haughty them pushy model, and some about it is what it about when you have a nice dumb question. like what i'm like going on and never cut out. someone going to boil. ah nemo's ever a quest? what field? by how grit and determination the training. she received a unique school in fort they also played a huge role in her success during the was young. the young man was the same place where sharkey lama is learning vital to help her tackle. ever the climbing center has strength, several 100 climates from the region since it opened almost 2 decades ago. under root is an experience tile to climbing guide, who trains aspiring mountaineer could they live in. you could bring them to me,
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the problem gets it when they get it over to jeff. but didn't know how you could dig it with a long, long, long but it was, you know, with the design. and it was for news mountaineering journey began at the age of 16. his father and brother were sharper guys before him. he's climbed everest, 12 times. now he leads several expeditions, both in the park and abroad. he's no stranger to tragedy on the slope of 2006 ma middle ben as a chrysler, my avalanche lazy land, a boy beatable avalanche, my florida. and this was his middle sister. we do know that these are the support by of any of a husband be novel lifestyle. it could be got only one. so just as it may lead middle masters, one feel at this school, you also focusing on treating women, especially widows. why is that culture and society monday gives them a husband,
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nick ammonia. but when i leave it, come on a bus me, i will be a little girl. could take care. i got an interest in so additionally, ne of a we do away with fidelity. got on the buyouts and making them when they go in go my new me got it and saw a life easterly got on the bus about me got on my lip and he kick considered him another men getting lizzy opportunity deal. and it was when he got this operator alarmed investigator, and i guess her because the one that i went into deacon's, done. but how do you think climbing expeditions can change their lives? did any of the sunset any got? it was just want to go personally deal to change one side of a want to continue. so i'm going to go in and now and so on. how to go. monday. when our latino was a bad me, jaime long. a made did you leave it up later? why was a life changing with why you know when they get actually feel montgomery but you
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the buddies just thought maybe this isn't a woman. there's ah awesome line. oh i, after a long height is due to the cove in 1910 demick. the climbing season is about to begin in the power. and the time has come to shackle on them to put her new skills to the test. but 1st she and finish up visiting a monastery to pray for good fortune me. you know was nice on you on your mac, i'm a i
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just i do best give oh oh god glared module them and i'm going to the villa, the motor bist, there's another way to ship another ship. i shared alarm, who has joined for a route on an expedition. she's made it to every face town, 5600 meters above sea level foot root is pleased with her program. thank you said you know what the, the big dummy over here just want to go over the rest. i want to take them in destiny and did
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a lot to make. we don't just studying muscle they're not in them are on the today, shirky alarm is on kitchen p. o. money. but it was on a lot. i know a lot for your mother. she did what it is all about the service that might be going to some of them do this on the ball. what made books you one day go the place with them? from what you when i
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push jackie lama and today's generation of shark, a women everest. has come to embody, more than just grief and law. now it's also a symbol of hope and the possible affording a new future. hi, in the him all this thought when did it open up more to move for your own home or another home when i oh, there the young virtuoso racing concent hold on dominating international competition
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one 018 south korea's musical prodigy. one out of 0 award winning programming from international. so make it one quick. so it's right on the back side of the global discussion. what guaranteed to be the right to the life giving voice to the voice here in california. almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program that open your eyes. you know, if you, well today, this is what the picture looks like. the, the world from a different perspective on out there. on counting the costs from internal conflicts to sanctions. you feel political and economic troubles are mounting. can prime minister abbey get a grid plus react to the taking norway to court over arctic thrilling
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county the calls on i'll just be around the. ready the celebrations in peru, the presidential election is cool in favor of left is federal castillo 6 weeks off . the runaway ah, well, i'm darned, jordan, this is out there. ally from also.


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