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new york and we will see the temperature dip down to the average. ah, ah, who's electro jury finally called the presidential election in favor of left this angel kasteel? ah, either i can, but elvis is there a line from also coming up. i feel says it's responsible for a bomb attack at a busy market in iraq. at least one people have died. of mega them has been filled for a 2nd time. but the project is causing major concern downstream. to find an
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administration, freeze its 1st prisoner from guantanamo bay and said that wants to shot it for good . ah, let me begin with breaking news for has finally got a new president elect. leftist pedro castillo has been officially declared the winner of the election. 6 weeks after the vote, the result was delayed by accusations of force made by the looms and candidates keiko's which maury now faces trial on unrelated corruption charges. teacher and union leader can see you is a new faith in national politics and has promised sweeping change money on the sanchez with this report from nina. the feudal casteel, the 51 year old roop primary school teacher, is now president elect. he, one of the promise he won't forget, poor peruvians said poignantly,
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how ministers and politicians earn such salaries. when our children have no internet, our schools are falling apart. families are begging for oxygen homes, have no water or electricity. we will rescue this country to give our poorest families a home with dignity. don't speak, you know. he grew up in a poor family in a remote and the village, but in 2017, the theo, later successful. nationwide teachers strike which support or c gave him credentials to lead the country in big deal, but i guess they do the perspective to go forward into a national fight. we have sure we can also govern with expedients from our towns as males and governors. and now the country, while religious leaders have been unable to resolve the direst problems, kasteel has many scared. he 1st told voters, he'd national lie, some industries redistribute wealth, and rewrite the constitution. they're going to be there, they say castillo will take away your home, your savings, your land,
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that is completely false. we have to understand that we must put things in order. though he stone down his rhetoric, critics don't believe him, they speak to you and his supporters told the election, they won't accept the results if those are new to them. and you know, these people have come here to so hatred, they've come to the capital with machetes to threaten us, and we will not allow it after you doesn't have any criminal record. he represents the radical leftist free period party, whose leader convicted for corruption. invited cassie, you to take his place, and now critics are afraid of you will be his subject. the biggest question for many here is what will happen after physical warning on july, the 28th will surround himself by moderate or will he radicalize himself to the left to keep the support of the party who represent you has no government experience, but analysts say he's of portrait feel identified the perceived that he looks like
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most peruvians, he represents the poor, the hungry and rural teachers. teachers who suffer the most. i don't know what more one could expect from a politician. emily seek as the use ability to govern, will hang in the balance with nearly half of the country, rejecting him and the other half who demands change and who will expect nothing less from him than to deliver on his promises. marianna sanchez joins us live now from lima. marianna, a love celebration there among pedro castillo support. his this evening, the man himself spoke to his supporters. what did he have to say? well, federal garcia was on the balcony. again, you've done that a few times in the past several weeks after the election to re supporters who are celebrating these final final formation by the national
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jury feel house main. the been very open and handed and all the same as your accusations. confrontations that work together, that's what you have to say. it was very brief. supporters you sent them and the course now he has to continue the next phase, which is to start giving the names of who he's having the members will be to start calming down a lot of many who are very afraid that the next will be governments of a radical mess with a communist governments like cuba or like things like that. he has to calm down people. he's been moving,
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he's been given messages from showing that he's moving closer to, to the center with talking to business not talking to a more moderate politician. and so we will have to see what happens next. but the most important thing i think is that he will know how to unite a very polarized country can money on a canker with more a sort of a accepted results. but looks like she's going to make things very difficult for us deal indeed, and it's not new to her. that's what she needs is 5 years ago in 2016 when the 154-2000, both. now she's lost 544000 volts, is mainly the same situation. and she was in deep, crucial to the political instability of the country in the last 5 years with
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a majority in congress that belong to precedents locked a form, cabinets and them see that many ministers. and that's what the team that's the total will be again for she house, given a press for not too long ago where she has said, that's the process. let's feel irregularities, which is something that, of course has been wrong. and she said that the election of electoral officials have not assured a fair result. and the people feel party have a stolen from the full and votes from her from her party. and he mation is illegitimate. that's what she has at all though, acknowledging that she has loved one this election. so he will be a tough time for the next is feel government, at least the mom. so she can be in government because many people are saying if he,
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if he is not strong enough, he can be honest. he did like several other presses have been in the past few years . kim. alright, thank you for that money on the sensors. they live from lima will talk. walker joins us now live on zoom from san francisco, california. he is professor of history and the director of the hemisphere institute on the americas at the university of california davis. thank you for your time. what do you think the biggest challenges facing pedro castillo now is incoming president? well, i think the deep opposition to keyboard east us who said, if you'll get an election and continue to lie about this will make it very hard. if you choose to have everything a be cognitive to be competent. there's a lot of class ridicule. you heard the court about the machete that with a reference to peasants and things like that. so it's going to be, it is going to be very, very difficult. well, there are, there's great belief now among those who supported him. and also among those
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moderates who know the rest of a transition, there can be a new government of the 28 so that he will have great challenges. pro is still in the midst. it's getting better uncovered very high vaccination rate and recent last 6 weeks or so. but he has great, great challenges ahead of expectations on the left and deep opposition from the right. ok. so here's my correspondence there. you know, there are questions around the stability or his stability. questions about whether he will last, whether he might be unseated, given that superior castillo won by such as the margin and given there being such a fractured congress. how stable a lead to do you think he will be? it's a very, i got a really hard call. you can't say because there are there that that's the constitution setups. it's very easy. this is why who has had multiple president month. it's very easy to bring down a president and clearly that the far right would do this immediately as soon as they can back. one of the reason they delayed the transition is they wanted to make it very hard for him. and they want to say he, he's at hawk impromptu,
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you know what he's doing. but i do think there's deep, deep support for him. and i think the opposition knows that there would be massive address if he were overthrown in 6 weeks or so. but it's going to be very tenuous, very 10 times. and what are some of the the big promises that pedro castillo has made his supporters and will he be able to deliver on? well, i think symbolically said, i'm not going to forget about the poor. i'm going to represent you and i think this is where when the concert is attacking him, making fun of a stan, actually slightly peasant like it's not the perfect castilian things like that. it blew up in the face and stuff, the ridicule of his dark skin, his humble roots, and the sort of things i think we'll, we'll go over, we'll go very well. i think you'll increase him in a wage. i think he might make some symbolic efforts. do, for example, major conditions which are horrendous and lead by they basically work fortunately, 24 hours a day, the sort of things. i think the larger that mentioned that expropriation nationalization, i frankly don't think much of that will happen with these got there room to
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maneuver. so i do think there will be economic expectations that will be difficult to be what's next. for you. maury, who is facing separately, is facing corruption challenges. well, this is why she fought so hard. she's going to go to jail present, but she's been convicted of money laundering a series of charges. she joined her father clearly she'd come present should have freed her father. so she is fighting for her political life and also for free and such, and she's already going to cast this as political diatribe, a campaign against certain things that are false because she was well before the election. there are you're seeing some backsliding concerted. who said, we picked the wrong candidate, she's lost 3 times. she didn't run a good or strong campaign if she had picked up some boats outside of lima, she would have one things like that. so i think she knows she's in deep trouble, but she has gone a bit a bit like we're seeing united states with trump. she is gonna wrap up her supporters. she this is fraud, this is political, etc, etc. okay, how is pedro?
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cathy is the appointment going to be received by regional leaders and also by leaders in the west. well, i think people are going to be cautious. i mean, i think that for maurice just had such a clear, long line of prosecutions. corruption with up to jail. there was great support for me either. i think people are wary. i think they do want stability. i think many are believing that he'll be a moderate left if that whole respect election as i do. so i think they're, they're accepting, but there was a great concern about the election results had not been accepted because there was every indication he won the election a very close election mcqueen election. there was a great fear that latin america is going to back and tie when with the elections, if conservative, didn't like the election, the military or be, or this case congress would have intervened. so there's a certain wariness about if there is a support, i think there's a, the feeling that he needs exceed, particularly the midst of the co weekend, demick backsliding. chaos means less people vaccinating, getting vaccinated, worst public service in the sort of things. okay, you said there is
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a clean election, but a very slim margin one by a very slim margin. so how then do you think that pedro castillo is going to approach dividing a country? i mean, across one earlier was saying you're, some people are afraid of this being a communist government. how do you think he's going to speak to those people? i think he's going to try to win over moderates. he's going to say, i'm not going to close down your store, the anti communist sort of tirade the campaigns against you were just so exaggerated. there were people saying the day he steps and he's going to close our stores and we're not gonna have money. and he just sort of absurd, and i think he's going to reach out to those moderate groups and say, i'm actually trying to help you. i'm going to try to increase economy. if people have already been dealing with mine, owners, lack reports of conversations already. i'm not to expropriate, i do expect better wages, i better environmental conditions, more dialogue with local. so i think he'll look to store up is based on the left
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went over moderates and he just knows the far right. there's nothing you can do about that. but he is any, any sign of instability, any, any economic problem, any type of inflation. that right is going to say, he's a competency, etc. we need to move on from him. all right, i thank you very much for breaking it down for us. chunk walker life from san francisco. thank you. i so says it's responsible for the suicide bomber attack and back that, that killed at least $31.00 people. it's the 3rd time this year that sold our city has been targeted. iraq's prime minister held a meeting with his top security officials to discuss the attack. and though we're head has more from that, that this is the aftermath of the attack on the low. he let busy market in a southern city and majority she, i neighbourhood in the east of the iraqi capital above dad. they did an injured include women and children. the market was crowded with people who went out
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shopping for the muslim holiday over the don't of either. the explosion happened here doing the busiest out in the market. this is the gate of the market in the blast occurred just when it became crowded. bodies were everywhere, would have worked on the values of children and women, and the people all human beings. even if you try to lift a body, you couldn't. the government called it a terrorist attack and ordered the rest of the local police commander as part of an investigation less than 24 hours before the attack. security forces announced that the rest of the top ice little commander ice had carried out similar attacks in the area this year. observers a concern the country is likely to see similar attacks. as we approach the upcoming parliamentary elections, which they say could for men to sectarian conflict, and political rivalries in iraq would have to do
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a heads algebra. but that if you have been engineers working on africa as largest hydro electric them have reached a controversial milestone. the 2nd phase of filling the colossal reservoir behind the ground. ethiopia and renee sounds damn, has been completed. but it's a huge source of warry for downstream countries. so don, and egypt happens, or has more from the sub of all the completion of the filling of the grand renaissance. dumb is a milestone in if you appear the counties entered, administer the last you bet kelly, who was on site to witness the end of the process that started early this month. said the heavy rains this season made everything easier. high level moment. we are now putting the turbines in what we call unit 10. we're installing the shop, the unit 10. as soon as some important works completely in a few months, it's all about connecting it to the transformers. and this will provide the biggest outcome of the work, the people who are generating electric powering in back. but it is
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a controversial project that has raised regional tensions. so down in egypt who rely on the river nile for most needs, a worried about the impact to the old water flows, previous stocks, mediated by the african union to hammer out a binding agreement on operations of the dom. how field some analysts are concerned about the overall effect of the dam on the environment. this huge amount, which is almost more than 75 percent of the natural river flow, will have a great impact on the environment status by reducing even the flooding of the manufacturers to along the blue line and really packed the water level and the amount of demand and the life of fisheries on song many europeans are united behind the project. up to 65000000 of them are not connected to the
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electricity, greed, many europeans, they talk to a very passionate about the construction of the they from all walks of life, raised money to words. the construction of the went to villages where people have never had electricity, industries that have been affected by frequent power cars. and they told us that they eagerly waiting for the benefits of the dumb officials from sudan, egypt, and a few cities, no appetite for an outright water conflict and have expressed willingness to go back to talks. they're all in consensus that a binding legal document is needed on how what is to be the largest hydro electric todd. them in africa will be operated. the problem has always been the beetle in that agreement catching. so you are the 0. i'd be sabah if you have a morgan is in calhoun, with sedans, reaction to the 2nd filling of them while ours, after a few years, government announced has finished a 2nd filling of the if you've been renaissance them. sudan government issued
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a statement saying that it rejects this unilateral move that was carried out by government, especially in light of the fact that no agreement has been reached. between sudan, if europe in egypt over the filling an operation of the dam. now the government of the dance also expressed concern over the safety of with errors them once if you appeal and now that it has completed the 2nd filling the gate of the roof areas down, which is just about 100 kilometers away from the renaissance that were open to allow excess water to flow out so that it can make room for the water that is coming from the european highlands, specifically from the ground. if your opinion is on them, for the government says it is concerned about millions of civilians who live along the bank of the nile and who rely on the river for sources, especially because they have seen the impact of the 1st filling of cost on is withdrawing its diplomatic style from pakistan, after the brief abduction of the ambassadors, daughter in the capital, as alma bought, the route between the neighbors has taken
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a turn for the worst of the african government accuses focused on of supporting the telephone. it all comes ahead of pocket on hosting talks next week, following the withdrawal of foreign troops from cornerstone. charlotte dallas has the latest from the afghan capital cobbles. they are very upset about this. there has been tweets from politicians, even the taliban condemnations that this ambassadors daughter, her name was cecilia alley. he'll be 26 years old. and she was adopted in his lama bad on friday by what the foreign ministry says is unknown assailants. but she was held for a number of hours. she was tortured, she had wrote marks, number of injuries, and she required hospital attention. so the foreign ministry has reacted by recalling it saturday by recalling, talk diplomats from his law. i'm a bad bringing them back here until they say, course unquote, security threats are removed, but talking to politicians here, they do believe that this was some type of state sanctions at 10 that they believe
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it was intended to seems some type of message. so they are very unhappy, a lot of tweets today saying that they want justice to be served against whoever did this, against this 26 year old go. now i do need to put in the context of the relationship between i've got a son and pakistan right now. it has really deteriorated as a security situation has deteriorated and it all came to a climax. last week, when the taliban took control of a border crossing hoops been bolduc, it's in kinds of high it connects with pockets on the 2nd busiest border crossing. and afghan astonished the telephone took control of it on wednesday and for 2 days negotiated with the pakistan government directly to re open it and reopened on the telephone control. and that really escalated the relationship situation between afghanistan and passed on. war of words ensued between the politicians and that happened on friday the same day that the ambassadors daughter was also abducted.
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the white house says its aiming to close the guantanamo bay prison. it follows the 1st prisoner release under the joe biden administration. a white house correspondent kimberly alcott has more. he was held for almost 2 decades without charge at guantanamo bay detention facility in 2016 review panel recommended abdul latino monsieur b repatriated to his home country. but it didn't happen until this month. the 1st release says the us president joe biden took office this individual who we now it's a transfer of the department defense announced a transfer of had been, had started moving through the process during the obama biden administration and was on pause for some period of time over the last 4 years, this year was captured by pakistani agents and held at guantanamo since 2002. the u . s. alleged he trained in a car to cabs and cooperated with the summer ban. lawton,
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who orchestrated the september 11th attacks and attorney for to sir said the charges were unjustified. add the suffering endured by his client. it's a stain on america. i know. following the 2001 attacks the guantanamo bay prison was created by president george bush to how's those captured by us forces following invasions of f, ghana, stem and iraq. there were allegations of torture and abuse and questions about the lawfulness of the military tribunals. at its height, within $700.00 men were held at the facility for years without char get bo add its prisoners. infamous orange jumpsuits became an international symbol of prolong imprisonment. i'm absolutely committed to closing the tension facility at guantanamo, and then continue to make the case for doing so. as long as i hold this office, president obama pledge to close guantanamo throughout his 8 year term, but was never able to overcome the legal and political obstacles. and we're going
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to load it up with some bad dudes. believe me, we're going to load it up. in contrast, president trump signed an executive order went to the office to keep the prison open. and this year is recommended release was stalled. until now, you're considering all available avenues to responsibly transfer the teenagers and of course, close one time of day. 39 prisoners remain at guantanamo bay. prison, just 11, have been charged with war crimes. earlier this year, president biden said he was reviewing the future of the u. s. military prison, with the goal of completely closing it by 20. 20 for. kimberly. how could al jazeera, the white house in across the us concerns about another groan of our serge, have hit wall street. investors say fears of the fall spreading delta variants may stagger economic recovery. it comes as cases rise in all 50 states. gabriel
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elizondo reports from new york fears of the delta various going up leading tories of more luck downs and further strain on the global economy. and thus the stock market going down monday was the worst day for the market this year. the dow was down more than 2 percent, while the s and p was also in the red closing down more than one and a half percent. adding to the worries on monday, the us centers for disease control issued a more severe warning, telling us citizens they should avoid traveling to the united kingdom. the u. s. for the most part is back open. earlier this month, there was even a parade in new york city, celebrating essential work to help the city get through the worst moments of the pandemic. but was the celebration premature there worries of how renewed locked downs to combat the delta variant?
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could stall the u. s. economy and suppress global economic growth. investors also worried about creeping inflation, but the delta vary is not new. so why are the market suddenly reacting to it now i think there's just a lot of, you know, move me going on in the overall right. you have the area, you have inflation, and you had a market that was that all. so i think it's giving people a reason to say, hey, i need to start to take some problem. but the stock market is not always the best indicator of how the real economy is doing. and that's why on monday president joe biden was quick to point out a different you can amik indicator, looks a lot more promising, and that's jobs. the economy was sputtering before i got here, and he only $60000.00 jobs per month were for 3 months before i was sworn in. but now, 6 months later we've changed that. we've gone from $60000.00 jobs per month 260000
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jobs every 3 days. mondays market was not a collapse, but a worrisome wobble, at least to sign it. cobit jitters will linger for a while longer. the next 3 weeks will be key to determining the variance path and the future of the economic recovery. gabriel's hondo which is either new york billionaire jeff phase also will blast into space and a few of his blue origin come naval bolder than you shepherd rocket, which both the biggest windows flown into space base us will be accompanied by his brother and crew that consists of the youngest and oldest people who ever have been in space, i can report all. this is where the journey began. altitude for the moon land during that inquired, i've been 5 year old to dare to dream. it's no surprise that the launch of the new shepherd is planned for the 52nd anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing. so he definitely wants to tie the legacy of his new company to the sort of aura and the
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mystique of the accomplishments of nasa during the space race. i want to go on this flight because it's the thing i wanted to do all my life. it's an adventure, it's a big deal for me. i invited my brother to come on this 1st site because we're closest friends. i really watch it. come with me. would you, are you, sir? all right, sure, hurting. and joining the base us brothers the both the new ship it will be an 18 year old teenager. all of that damon missionary, replacing the original and identified when we paid $28000000.00 at auction. and it was given up the seat because of what is said to be a scheduling conflict. you're in 0 gravity performance. also a ball the craft will be up and jerry and while he functionally i've ready, i've been trained. she was one of 13 women who trained as esther notes and the mercury project in the 1900 sixty's. but were bought from going into space by
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nasa's then discriminate re gender policy fees and on paying gifts of the amazon found her. i feel fantastic. i am so surprised. but i won't know more until everything comes around. release, release really a new ship at flight. come shortly after that by another billionaire richard branson. along with 3 crewmates and 2 pilots, the board space ship to the virgin island take owner caught a glimpse of earth from more than 80 kilometers up. and a few minutes of weightlessness before gliding safely back down. the billionaire space race has not come without criticism. what about the climate impacts of their business empires? what about income inequality and their problematic wealth? there are real questions about whether or not these rocket companies are that shiny object meant to distract us from the wider impacts of their business empires. but above all,
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these lights represent the culmination of one of the most processes of privatization . the world has ever seen. some public funds are still involved, it is clear that private capital now also controls access to what, what's once the sole demand of nation becker good. mike, i'll just 0 washington. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. supporters of peruvian leftist petro castillo, a celebrating after he was officially named. the next president becomes after 6 weeks of uncertainty since the runoff. kasteel won by just 44000 votes. so results were delayed following unsubstantiated, accusations of fraud from casteel wing opponents keiko switch. maury body on a sanchez has more on pedro castillo's when from.


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