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those attending to the age between 18 and 65 vaccinated and 3 of chronic diseases on tuesday, which coincides with the day if i could fight pilgrim's return to mecca and amena valley for 3 more days over to 101. or does your ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories, supporters of peruvian leftist pedro casteel, a celebration after he was officially named as the next president. it comes after 6 weeks of uncertainty since the runoff castillo won by just $44000.00 votes. the results were delayed following unsubstantiated. accusations of fraud from casteel right when opponent kofuji morning by the sanchez has more on edward castillo, when from nina. he had been outside the
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out could be worse. he has been coming out very few times. last $4047.00 days after the run up. the electric field is very happy. of course he will be the president of the $510.00 to come see you have one. * point one percent of the vote. so 44000, both big book, marty. see, we only have a few things before we take over the government on july the 28th. i still has claimed responsibility for obama and that is killed at least $31.00 people at a busy market in iraq and went off in the crowded area since our city tuesdays the 1st official day of eat in iraq. so many people were shopping for the holiday. the 2nd phase of filling the controversial ground in the opium. renee sounds damn is
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complete. egypt and sudan want a binding deal of the filling and the dams operations. if you says the project is essential to its development, the cairo, and call to fer, it could restrict their water access of gone, astonish, withdrawing as diplomatic style from pakistan. under the brief abduction of the ambassador's daughter in the capital is alma bought. the route between the neighbors has taken a turn for the worse. the african government accuses pocket on supporting the cannibal. the u. s. u. k to other allies are accusing china of protecting hackers engaging in malicious labor activity, including a breach of the microsoft exchange emails. earlier this year, they say hack groups protected my patient were responsible, compromising tens of thousands of computers worldwide was headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera of football rebels, the season. i
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guess i'm going to show you on a month on the concept to see if you could be there in washington bundles, june. got it took me to the i i i
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the me the, the football is that what i wanted to tell you you will not lose anybody. the kid is going to all the kids. okay. got it even on the dumps all that stuff. so i me know what, so let me know if you could please let me know that it will be more than i miss their office. com. we'll see in terms of getting time going to see if those will be received or she'll go after you call me to know if that meant that we
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talked, this started between joining the shuttle that i wanted to study. so what would i mean? i know that much more of the the financial aid, but he doesn't want to create okay, shame damage has to be civic in nato a little bit. and you know, they've been a partial and people that are k, my that is you not going to be there while they said it was related to one of the detail by detail, but you don't least in the what it, what you got i was i'll leave it as well. you guys will get back with them to discuss, you know,
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before she miss you guys for my watch will go and get you. i mean, especially because you will use nothing going on. why feel like dan got the unless you want to stop catch him when he put, contacted okay, but i don't address people come onto the fishing. i don't know how they're going to go to the moment. is that important? the sample dawn can be learned whether the country no matter how much you must do it. i said it be more just receive andy and content.
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what we'll have a shuttle of them all to fancy or not. we wouldn't have any wisdom or a show more nice with your people. all you got
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back to shoot me when you get the final sent an issue if you've got can you know, provide the city the chief about him is it gives it that would. ready be my job that you might have gotten your stamp last week and i was i was following him on patrick, dirty one. good
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day the. 7 c only mammal. tell me about the jealous clock. i just sort of my main office dog i school. i just don't ask me a minute. i don't care when i want to come. i don't get to meet your daughter. she managed interest. don't sound like you're not the school. i'm this unit, i guess. i mean your body shop that mr. did you gotcha. yeah, i just got tied up. i mean,
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you can do it to check up on that. i'm not the, the, the still because the spot where i much, much, much key to come to the, to the 14, based on what but all of which i will give them a much it doesn't it, some people from a lunch center, 5 or 4 numbers can be on, can you got it? you or somebody, my god, i'm a the, i never lose the
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good looking. the kansas will be with you was when you bought the van and it looked at ben probably got you got my got a lot of stuff. give me a call. i got a lot showing this plan for the cable for the warden eco and told me that he presidio and the di got
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a city post over my wife was getting free lunch. if y'all were going to go into business. but that would be a little bit younger shots. get them on the job down with the loyal customers as one of the the the
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you know we're located in dangle mosque along in the la storia. no, no, no, no. joel, i'm long. i didn't buy it. joseph, gotcha reorder to washing preschool, right. but i don't know, we don't know how to measure and i think i'm one of the ones that you knew my job is because again to load up and she she feel they lose going and my live or when i push an audi
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event of the family this is she for crap. i don't know. i don't know the run to the start the president, the been this going to the if i said the stuff up and it a little bit in it, but it's not. that's the only other way i want to thought eco plan for people who live on the because that it can be quite that you can, you know, you know, just the not eternal objective. me the
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the media can you know when you use or, or by my god. in a day i need to know some of my stuff, 1000000 people and some of my stuff to him. but when i send them, normally i gotta get in on the whitening. you know them? i can mortgage if a lot more the main main topic that if really these create a new will fit into it or not that's not even so 40. i mean got
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your level easy, we need to ship. i know nothing when they send them i don't i push him. i can i stand with him. we have. 2 the boy, you got the machine to force you to tell me if you shouldn't be forced to squatter . so when i mean, if you're going to buy the compressor and not be, i need out the process that it just needs some middle name such as the medical he needs to get in touch. i thought it was and he said on the central need and on the me that ass or non the bottle will leave you my
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name coming to the company, gotch, ways to get my louis be super love are being found. imagine i know the city, your mom who gave the more than happy does that extension to the leave or the que, whoever's going to be done? he's that daniel the
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other, the solution that i said she'd be cut off and all the, i mean, he just said, decided that initially would you want to do it but he did, he was, he does better than a little no player wants to be in the completion of the unit number until the official out of his policy. but with the yeah,
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ah, the initiate jim, i'm leaving with the job. i don't have anybody up in the truck you know, not gone. and i shut it off. and it just got inaudible or no dummy, dharma boyd is
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the the the biggest complaint, but they don't quite get back to me. dana been on the end of the show that he said it'd be eric. yeah. when i don't want to send that out or no, we haven't feet south casenera anthony and feeble devotion. new city should you should die
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the same time. yeah. she went to one of the issue didn't mean to come to chad our program. scott, if we need on the road, it's a matter of putting in a frost not really want to set out. i mean, boston over the co buried job, but i've been to get to dollar credit card. you know, you're not going to be wrong that you don't do the oh i
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i don't know that she said we need to be put in. i mean, i'm a new message. you got to make sure no, no bad. so you're going to be in a gentle would love your child. me . i really wish you hadn't chatham
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finance? well, i know what to do with it. when natalie, what did you say? why don't you wish that the montgomery should be sent to me more than the one in the city only what a fool casual because it's an article may so not because the church and i think we should know. but as the point he's done to leave him a really good at present thought though level can keep like to generate some stuff, the active my food if you put on financial tonight, if it ok to get a lot seen. if he got on cold calls out the come in the last time natalie can okay, the company, he moved out the time with this book. he might aquila the limits you can see on all
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a present that's unit, leave it up. they need to be really, i mean think we said but then the to the doctor proposed study guide just by my thinking christ joni the mind on but in the so it will be like when agenda delivered and then when he go back, tina, i don't mind when you need a new chapter, so we will be out of jack to number even if it's a noun chuck because our 2 similar to ship is that we do need to pick the dc managing general ben saturday to gather lodge. the saturday. i need you to stop or if it all up in
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the me ah ah ah ah, ah, subcommittee we're all trinity might not be a. ringback ringback not a problem me, marcial, the to your or be because you're not wasting proper discourse. busy of the mentality, the, you said that you wanted to see 44. so if you need me to send you the update of whether or not the most part we can get that submitted to monday.
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but what i notice on a friday, what caused the commission that also each an inequality. and again, the book sort of doing money eatable because you still vehicle biachi yellow sort of positive on the base just on prior to dr. young. some county such a chef. gosh, i tried to tell her, you know, she told me we need to kick it off by none saw nor rebounded it. gotcha. and amy sat, don't. none of my boy killed you, nor molly thought she at 9 or money thought i'd throw not to the school so it will
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be sent to the back door. and it's un, under my cut, the scope of crystal known and reminded him on to the edge if you did when you called but doesn't really show the model. but the show. no, it would be nice if that makes sense. did you know when a french soldier was murdered in a so called terrorist attack? his mother retaliated with the love,
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speaking out against intolerance and alienation. she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who loved her son, but adopted a generation latifah. witness documentary on al jazeera. ah, ah ah, ah, hello, they're hot and dry conditions are continuing to fuel wild fires across western areas of north america, the largest fire burning along that oregon california border. and it seems like it
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is going to continue fire fight as a struggling to bring it under control. not just because of the conditions, but because of the high temperatures. and those are going to continue to rise over the next few days for west and areas of the u. s. as well as western areas of canada. and we've had excessive heat warnings out from one china and idaho, but it's also the, the rockies in the northern plains, as well as the canadian prairies. that is seen those temperatures continue to climb . now further south to the south west, we've got the monsoons bringing storms and showers. welcome rain for arizona, but we have seen some flash flooding here. we could see that in new mexico, where those rains are expected for more, more heavily across the deep south states though the rains do continue, we could see some storms affecting georgia and into the carolinas. but for the north east, we have got a welcome break from the wet weather on tuesday. as we go into wednesday, we are expecting more storms, particularly affecting new york,
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and we will see the temperature dip down to the average the ah . electric jury finally called the presidential election in favor of left this cathedral. ah, either i can, but elvis is there a law from up to coming up. i feel says it's responsible for a bomb attack at a busy market in iraq. at least one people have died mega them has been feel for a 2nd.


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