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we tell your story, we are your voice ah, your new york net. out here. we understand the differences in the cultures, the cost around. what moves wilson, the news in calling to that matter to you? oh i i so says it's responsible for a bomb attack at a busy market in iraq. big 31 people have died. ah, i'm kim fidel, this is ellen. they're alive from coming up. if you mega damn, has been filled for a 2nd time. but the project is causing major concern downstream. china is accused by the us and allies of being behind a global hacking campaign,
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talking emails and websites worldwide. germany's government faces criticism over at flood preparation and felton's evaluate the knives and their homes. ah, i feel says it's responsible for a suicide bomb attack and baghdad that is killed at least $31.00 people. it's a 3rd time this year that southern city has been targeted. iraq's prime minister held a meeting with his top security officials to discuss the attack moved the head has more from baghdad on the aftermath of the bombing. this is the aftermath of the attack on the have that busy market in us of the city majority she, i neighbourhood in the east of the iraqi capital above dad did an injured include women and children. the market was crowded with people who went out shopping for
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the muslim holiday over either of her own either the explosion happened here during the busiest our in the market. this is the gate of the market in the blast occurred just when it became crowded. bodies were everywhere, would have worked on bodies of children and women and until the people, all human beings, even if you try to list a body, you couldn't. the government called it a terrorist attack and ordered the rest of the local police commander as part of an investigation less than 24 hours before the attack. security forces announced the arrest of a top ice of commander ice and had carried out similar attacks in the area this year. observers a concern the country is likely to see similar attacks. as we approach the upcoming parliamentary elections, which they say could for men to sectarian conflict, and political rivalries in iraq would have to do a heads algebra,
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bothered and through leftist padre castillo is due to make an announcement on the outcome of the presidential election. 6 weeks after the vote, these live pictures from lima, where people gathering and celebrating, waiting for the announcement, the races between castillo and right when contended keiko for you maury. the result has been delayed by accusation. the fraud made, made by 50 lawyer, now faces trial on unrelated corruption challenges. if yogi and engineers working on africa as largest hydro electric them have reached a controversial milestone, the 2nd phase of filling the colossal reservoir behind the ground. if you appeal renee felts dam has been completed, but it's a huge source of worry for downstream country sudan and egypt cut. and so it has more from the self of off the completion of the filling of the grand renaissance. dom is a milestone in if you appear the county's energy minister,
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unless you bet kelly who was on site to witness the end of the process that started early this month. said the heavy rains this season made everything easier, high level moment. we are now putting the turbines in what we call unit 10. we're installing the shaft unit 10. as soon as some important works completely. in a few months, it's all about connecting it to the transformers. and this will provide the biggest outcome of the work, the people who are generating electric powering in back. but it is a controversial project that has raised regional tensions, so that in egypt who rely on the reuver nile for most needs, a worried about the impact to the old water flows previous stocks mediated by the african union to hammer out a binding agreement on operations of the dom, how fields. some analysts are concerned about the overall effect of the dam on the environment. this huge amount, which is almost more than 75 percent of the natural river flow, will have
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a great impact on the environment by using even the flogging of the manufacturer to along the blue line and really packed the water level and the amount of demand and the life of fisheries on song many europeans are united behind the project. up to 65000000 of them are not connected to the electricity, greed, many europeans, they talk to a very passionate about the construction of the they from all walks of life, raised money, which was the construction of the, went to villages where people have never had electricity industries that have been affected by frequent power cars. and they told us that they eagerly waiting for the benefits of the dumb officials from sudan, egypt, and a few p is no appetite for an outright water conflict and have expressed
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willingness to go back to talks. they're all in consensus that a binding legal document is needed on how what is to be the largest hydro electric tar done in africa will be operated. the problem has always been the beetle in that agreement catching. so you are the 0. i'd be saba, if you have a morgan is in cartoon, we're sedans, reaction to the 2nd, filling of them while ours, after a few few government, announced that he has finished a 2nd filling of the if you've been renaissance them. sudan government issued a statement saying that it rejects this unilateral move that was carried out by government, especially in light of the fact that no agreement has been reached. between sudan, if europe in egypt over the filling and operation of the dam. now the government of the dance also expressed concern over the safety of with there is them once, if you appeal and now is that it has completed the 2nd filling the gate of the repair is down, which is just about a 100 kilometers away from the renaissance. them were open to allow excess water to
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flow out so that it can make room for the water that is coming from the european highlands, specifically from the ground. if your printer is on fam, for the government says it is concerned about millions of civilian poll live along the bank of the nile, and who rely on the river for sources, especially because they have seen the impacts of different filling. take it zoom as long running corruption trial has been adjourned until tuesday when the court will rule this or can go ahead virtually. the former south african president denies challenges of frauds, corruption, and money laundering their links to a $2000000000.00 deal with a french defense firm and the 1990. on july, the 7th zoom, a handed himself into police to serve a 15 month prison sentence on a separate case. his arrest fox days of violence and losing funded smith has more from outside the court. and peter maurice book this case goes back to 1999. when jacob zoom was deputy president, an indication of how long the form of precedence trials and tribulations have
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dominated the political scene. here in south africa, it concerns allegations of fraud over the sale and purchase, a fighter jets the military hardware from 5 european companies. the one in this case is policy jacob zoom. it denies any rolling corruption, sodas, toddlers. now the trial only got going in may after many, many a germans over the years. and then a couple of weeks ago, zoom was jailed for refusing to give evidence to a govern corruption. inquiry that sparked the violence that swept these countries to most popular populace provinces in the last week. and there were concerns that with the trial restarting today, that would be another focus for violence. a load zoom in supporters did not set up in court, and peter mark's book on monday. zoom as defense lawyer want this case adjourned. again, it's being heard virtually at the moment. they wanted to journey until zoom is able to pay in person to make his case. the judge will rule on that application. on
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tuesday, the u. s. u k. into other allies are accusing china of protecting hackers and gauging and malicious celebrity, including a breach of the microsoft exchange email server. earlier this year. they say hacker groups, protected by beijing, were responsible, compromising tens of thousands of computers worldwide. it's one of a range of fiber threats. china is being blamed for, including ransomware attacks involving millions of dollars to the best of my knowledge. and i'm getting report tomorrow more detailed towards my understanding is that the chinese government, not unlike the russian government, is not doing this themselves, but or protecting those who are doing it may be even accommodating and being able to do it. why can't, has more now from washington dc. well, it seems that president biden is attempting to leave himself some moving room with
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regard to any potential action that will be taken against china. as happened earlier this year, when russia was accused of packing, they were sanctions imposed. no suggestion as yet that sanctions are going to be imposed on china following these allegations. although the white house has just said that it was the right to take the action against china, should it prove necessary? but the u. s. insist that the chinese ministry of state security has been coordinating these attacks may be through outside hackers. as we heard from president biden there, but certainly under the control of the chinese ministry of state security. but what is significant about all of this is how big the alliance is in terms of basically naming and shaming china. you've got new zealand, australia, japan, nato, b, u, all joining the u. s. protest against these actions. and this is the 1st time you had as an action on such a why the basis against china. and this though,
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is part of president violence problem in that some of those allies would be reluctant to impose sanctions against china, given their massive reliance on china in many areas. so the president is attempting to walk a fine line here, keeping his alliance together. but at the same time, not allowing any of them to leave because the u. s. unilaterally imposed sanctions that others don't agree with. the white house says it's aiming to close the call economy of a prison. as follows, the 1st prisoner released on the job binding administration and white house correspondent kimberly huck. it has more. he was held for almost 2 decades without charge at guantanamo bay detention facility in 2016 review panel recommended abdul la teeth monsieur b repatriated to his home country. but it didn't happen until this month. the 1st release says the us president joe biden took office this individual who we now it's
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a transfer of the part of the fence and the transfer of had been, had started moving through the process during the obama biden administration and was on pause for some period of time over the last 4 years, this year was captured by pakistani agents and held at guantanamo since 2002. the u . s. alleged he trained in a car to cabs and cooperated with the summer ban. lawton, who orchestrated the september 11th attacks and attorney for it is sir, said the charges were unjustified. add the suffering endured by his client. it's a stain on america. i know. following the 2001 attacks the guantanamo bay prison was created by president george bush to how's those captured by us forces following invasions of f, ghana, stem and iraq. there were allegations of torture and abuse and questions about the lawfulness of the military tribunals. at its height,
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within $700.00 men were held at the facility for years without char get bo add its prisoners. infamous orange jumpsuits became an international symbol of prolonged imprisonment. i'm absolutely committed to closing the tension facility at guantanamo, and then continue to make the case for doing so. as long as i hold this office, president obama pledge to close guantanamo throughout his 8 year term, but was never able to overcome the legal and political obstacles. and we're going to load it up with some bad dudes. believe me, we're going to load it up. in contrast, president trump signed an executive order with an office to keep the prison open. and this year is recommended release was stalled. until now, you're considering all available avenues to responsibly transfer the teenagers and of course close. guantanamo 39 prisoners remain at guantanamo bay. prison, just 11. have been charged with war crimes. earlier this year, president biden said he was reviewing the future of the u. s. military prison,
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with the goal of completely closing it by 20. 20 for. kimberly. how can al jazeera the white house still ahead on al jazeera, a religious tradition interrupted by a modern problem. the 2nd year the pandemic means a streamlined tosh. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello there, let start in east asia and all i the on to tropical systems one developing in the west pacific. the other in the south china sea. but severe tropical storm info is making its way to the south of japan towards taiwan. it's expected to strengthen and bring with the really wet and windy weather to taiwan by the end of the week.
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the other is tropical storm chem parker, and that's moving its way across one gung province in china to the south of hong kong. we are expecting some really flooding rains and damaging winds. so we'll keep an eye on these as they make their way further in land. and as we move to south asia, it's a very wet picture across india. this was seen in mom by we had land slides and flash floods. they're off to $200.00 millimeters of rain fell in 6 hours. we are expecting more of that rain to in on date that western coast. strong winds as well all the way from my her rush track down to carola, but trying to looking slightly dryer, much of the wet weather can be found to the north east. really, we really going to see some torrential rains affecting parts of me and mom and thailand, we could see some flash flooding there. natural weather, update. sponsor cut on airways. the stories that need to be told find away and demand to be heard.
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the opening the window into another light and challenging perception and personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey with new showcases, inspiring documentaries, the change the word on al jazeera. ah, ah, the me. what's your algebra? armando top toys, the song. i feel has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack that killed at least 31 people at
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a busy market in iraq went off from the crowded area of southern city tuesday, the 1st official day of eden rock. so many people, while shopping for the holiday. the 2nd things are filling with controversial ground. renee thought the dam is complete. the issue was re tensions with its neighbors. egypt and don want a binding deal of the feeling and the dams on the corruption trial for myself, african present jacob has been adjourned until tuesday. he denied the challenges of his pump and turned and fell into police on a separate case. the rest said, today's, the violence of cost on is withdrawing its diplomatic staff from pakistan. after the brief abduction of the ambassador, his daughter in the capital islam above the rel, between the neighbors is taking a turn to the worth. as the african government accuses pocket on supporting the town a bomb, it all comes ahead of pockets. don, hosting talks next week, following the withdrawal. a foreign troops from cornerstone. charlotte bellis has the license from the africa and capital cobble. they are very upset about this.
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there has been tweets from politicians, even the taliban condemnations that this ambassador's daughter. her name was cecilia alley. he'll be 26 years old. and she was adopted in his lama bad on friday by what the foreign ministry says is unknown assailants. but she was held for a number of hours. she was tortured, she had wrote marks, number of injuries, and she required hospital attention. so the foreign ministry has reacted by recalling it saturday by recalling, talk diplomats from his law. i'm a bad bringing them back here until they say, course unquote, security threats are removed, but talking to politicians here, they do believe that this was some type of state sanctions at 10 that they believe it was intended to seems some type of message. so they are very unhappy, a lot of tweets today saying that they want justice to be served against whoever did this, against this 26 year old go. now i do need to put in the context of the relationship
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between i've got a son and pakistan right now. it has really deteriorated as a security situation has deteriorated and it all came to a climax. last week when the taliban took control of a border crossing hoops been bolduc, it's in kinds of high it connects with talk us on the 2nd busiest border crossing and f. kennesaw. now the taliban took control of it on wednesday and for 2 days negotiated with the pakistan government directly to re open it and it reopened on the telephone control. and that really escalated the relationship situation between afghanistan and passed on. war of words ensued between the politicians and that happened on friday the same day that the ambassadors daughter was also abducted. hey, she's interim prime minister has agreed to step down ending the leadership battle that followed the assassination of president jovan l. movies called joseph, told the washington post newspaper that he and arielle audrey had met privately to
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resolve a dispute. 71 year old to audrey had been appointed by movies to be prime minister, but was not sworn in received backing from the international community to lead the country. belgium's government, his being urged to give temporary residence, permit 2 hundreds of migrants from hunger strike. a group of around $450.00 men began their protest in may at 2 universities and a church in brussels. many and now refusing to drink water, the migrants mostly from south asia and north africa, and the mounting legal residency. dozens of border patrol officer supported by 2 surveillance helicopters being deployed to the when use border with better roof. the european union is sending its rapid response team off the way you made the request more than a 1000, mostly, or rocky migrants have crossed into the country this month. it says, bella luce is deliberately sending them, is revenge, being sanctioned by the e. u. valerie hasn't responded to the allegation,
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the turkish president says construction will begin soon on a new government complex and northern cyprus. friendship typo was addressing m. p 's and the self declared republic which is only recognised by turkey. he told them the project will be a symbol of turkish cypriot statehood, which will eventually be recognized by the world. the island was put into 974 after a turkish invasion. 47 years ago. an army of volunteers has been helping people in germany who were badly hit by last week's devastating floods. step dawson is in the historic town. this wyler, which she found covered a thick layer of mud. our while does not look anything like the popular tours found known for its been yard. instead of finally reopening their restaurants and shops of the month of lockdown, residents of clearing tons of debris,
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some why stopped from kilometers away according to residence. local, please have markets and tries to offer mental support, listening to relatives who lost their loved ones, like a man in his church, witness. his parents being swept away, told me the image of the woman when swept away, waving her hand, crying for help. you know, i have to it and it didn't. it didn't make it, and i'm not sure if they were found. like most people living along the small river, our residence never expected to be hit by a 10 meter away for flood water. some ran for safety to the local graveyard to thought on the floor of the cross the whole night for for 5 hours, 6 hours and holds the cross holding on with with his arms all his powers and lived. it's one of the many miracles in our town. at the moment.
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together with a neighbor, margaret graphic celebrated the firewall. there was stuck on the top floor while downstairs. everything filled up with water. she thought she was going to die. guess and yeah, my knuckle didn't put up yesterday with my neighbor. we sat in front of the house and i got 2 glasses and we opened a bottle of wine and said cheers to each other. to the new year. another woman found okay, 5 days after she had left it behind in a flood his house. yeah, yeah. what is striking in the wife city of iowa is he optimism also 5 for who have lost everything but a simply happy to be alive by keeping themselves busy with the largest clean up the city has ever seen. they don't need to think about everything they loft, but community leaders say that moment will eventually come,
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while the things might be replaceable, the trauma of losing their businesses and their life's work may be stuck with them forever. i'm afraid of the situation. that's not long away was the situation when people are finished with work, they have nothing to do that time to read and i'm afraid that then the situation is the people are falling apart inside of them. so far, the spirit in this town, despite the enormous mass, is one of confidence and hope that together they will get through this steadfast and al jazeera, but no, not wireless. in germany. more than 180 wildfires, a burning across the barrier and rush up the conceal region is one of the worst fact it almost 2500 firefighters have been called in to battle the blazes me or across the
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us concerns about another corona virus serge. of hit wall street, investors say fears of the false spreading, delta varying may stagger economic recovery comes as cases rise in all 50 states. gabriel elizondo reports from new york fears of the delta various going up leading tories of more luck downs and further strain on the global economy. and thus the stock market going down monday was the worst day for the market this year . the dow was down more than 2 percent, while the s and p was also in the red closing down more than one and a half percent. adding to the worries on monday, the us centers for disease control issued a more severe warning, telling us citizens they should avoid traveling to the united kingdom. the u. s. for the most part is back open. earlier this month, there was even a parade in new york city, celebrating essential workers to help the city get through the worst moments of the
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pandemic. but was the celebration premature there worries of how renewed locked downs to combat the delta variant? could stall the u. s. economy and suppress global economic growth. investors also worried about creeping inflation, but the delta vary is not new. so why are the markets suddenly reacting to it now i think there's just a lot of, you know, move me going on in the overall right. you have the area you have in place and you had a market that was that all. so i think it's given people a reason to say, hey, i need to start to take some prop. but the stock market is not always the best indicator of how the real economy is doing. and that's why on monday president joe biden was quick to point out a different economic indicator that looks a lot more promising. and that's jobs. the economy was sputtering before i got here, and he only $60000.00 jobs per month were for 3 months before i was sworn in.
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but now, 6 months later we've changed that. we've gone from $60000.00 jobs per month 260000 jobs every 3 days. mondays market was not a collapse but a worry, some wobble. at least a sign that covert jitters will linger for a while longer. the next 3 weeks will be key to determining the variance path and the future of the economic recovery. gabriel's hondo which is either new york health officials in senegal, a warning that covered 19 cases arising dramatically. there was a record of nearly 1400 cases reported on saturday. nearly a 3rd of new corona, virus infections and cynical from the delta variance of thousands of lessons have converged at mount our fast now mecca for the 2nd day of house. this year's event is marked by the small number of pilgrims for the 2nd time due to coven 1900 restrictions. mohammed vol, has more standing
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a to mount off out is considered the high point of the had due to the. 6 day before known other per year. she's the pretty grim gutter at the minute valley to prepare for the climb. our fire is where they will stand for most of the day, addressing the sky without personal prayers. last year, at the 1st had since the corona violet pandemic strike, only $1000.00 people were allowed to attend law this year. that'll be $60000.00 on from, with saudi arabia. in previous years there would be more than $2000000.00 from around the world. sure. or was she in and when i realized that i'm one of the only 60000 people doing this hard when i compare it to those who did it with the messenger of god. peace be upon him being more numerous than they were about $100000.00. i feel as part of a group who have been privileged by being able to do this hodge ritual praise be to god. and i will have a little bit of the fact that god,
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the almighty has chosen us from these millions to be able to reach this holy side. we take it as a sign that god willing i worship is accepted and prayers are answered. ha, the contrast with how it looks now to a few years ago in stock. it was 2018. and this now, to this young man, there was something uncanny about the place. second, but there's a sense of sakina of holy, silent and luminous bliss up here. it's a bit cloudy up there and no one around here. by god, it's like i'm in a dream. can you? i don't know how to describe it really has. the saudi authorities took unprecedented security and to mrs. that went beyond masks, vaccines, and social distance during the so called unified security operations. $911.00 planned for the hud of 2021 included the host of procedures adopted for the 1st time. of course this year's pilgrimage is completely different and exceptional. no
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pilgrim connects the holy site except through the 4 reception centers assigned by the ministry. also, pilgrims cannot enter any camp except through the smart gate. those attending to the age between 18 and 65 vaccinated and 3 of chronic diseases on tuesday, which coincides with the day if i could, if i could get him returned to mecca and the mina valley for 3 more days. every 2 was hammered. one or does your, ah, this is algebra, these, the top stories, i feel the same responsibility for a bomb attack that kills at least $31.00 people at a busy market and a rock went off in the crowded area of santa our city. tuesday is the 1st official day of eden iraq. so many people were out shopping for the holiday. moved,
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overhead has moved from the scene of the attack when we're now in the health market . this is we're, the explosion happened the attack.


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