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cutters, gateway to low trade. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter when you call home will be used in current affairs that matter to you. i this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm rob madison. this is the news i live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. at least 20 people are killed in an explosion at a busy market in iraq's southern city. if he has mega down has been filled for. busy a 2nd time, it's another milestone for the project that's causing tension in the region. katie's interview later,
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to step down in favor of international back contender. i'll read the russian military. he says it successfully tries to the new hypersonic cruise missiles that flies at 70 times the speed of sound. and the same with your sport. the count down continues to the tokyo olympics, opening ceremony on friday. and one of the biggest olympic sponsors, toyota, cancel all the commercials in japan, associated with the games. ah, let me bring you some breaking news from iraq. first, at least 20 people have been killed in an explosion market and iraq's santo city, a suburb of the capital, baghdad, security officials say the bomb target at the area a day before the eat. a lot holiday when the market would be busy sources at the hospital say so far, 24 people have been wounded. let's get the latest remark. my dog had,
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he's live in baghdad for us. there was an explosion in a similar area just a few weeks ago. mark would want more to be know about this explosion. will laura, the information security said that belongs to the government of a prime minister academy described that tech as a terrorist attack? and also it stated that the attack was carried out by an explosive device. this is on so that a city, a suburban, a busy suburban, overcrowded, overpopulated, suburban in the capitol, dad. and it's inhabited by a majority of iraqis who are affiliated mostly to the share 3 digits and political leader mocked at that. so that now the majority of many women and children are among the victims, as you know, that this is the market of
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a lot or a lot in the local language. here is a busy market and we saw video circulated pro government with pages and media outlets showing women children and vendors, and people in the market completely terrified by the explosion. now, no going to zation has claimed responsibility as of yet. but as he mentioned, information security sell, it described it as a terrorist attack. meanwhile, it is similar to previous attacks carried out by ice little yet. but now remember, this comes only less than 24 hours of security forces. and i said the apprehension of a high ranking ice, a leader at the he was supposed to be the iso leader or the ice, a governor of the dead city. now this also could be in terms of the sick teddy and,
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and political conflict, especially as the elections are upcoming. as you know that every time there is election election, upcoming explosions and attacks happen and unfortunately civilians, innocent civilians are the ones who pay the price. thank you very much. indeed. that's not the walk. had to bring it up today's, from baghdad. the 2nd phase of filling the controversial ground, the se open were nestle's dam is complete. the issues raise tensions with its neighbors, egypt and sudan. want a binding deal over the filling and the dams operations. and they've approached the un security council to intervene if he says the project is essential to its development with cargo and how to fear it could restrict their water access. caleb a moment. we are now putting the turbines and what we call unit 10. we're installing the chart for unit 10 as soon as some important works are completed in
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a few months, it's all about connecting it to the transformers. and this will provide the biggest outcome of this work for the people of it, which is generating electric power. shut his eyes in addis ababa. she says the damn as a source, not just of power for e. c, o peons, but national pride. the minister for eric geisha has been commuting about the completion of the feeling of the dom, and he said that it has stored enough water now to run, to buy and to generate electricity. in the coming months, it has raised regional tensions with both egypt and to be worried about how this could impact their own water flows. we have hard from the prime minister before saying that in the future does not intend to harm those downstream countries. but it's going to do whatever i can to protect that dumb and the processes going forward. we have been speaking to your peers here. we're very passionate about this
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dumb. it is a matter of it is a project of national, national pride. millions of the philippines, up to 65 percent of up to 65000000 of them. that's half the population and not connected to the greed. they have been contributing money raising cents to woods, buying government bonds towards construction off the menu of those who are speaking to in industries that have been affected by frequent power. cars in villages where people have never seen electricity say that that eagerly waiting for the benefits of this. and they are eagerly waiting to see what's going to come out of it saying that they are hoping that it's going to get them out of poverty. in fact, one man told us that to him it's a matter of life and death. they know about the tensions between the countries, but they are saying that this really is going to propel the country forward. was done. government has one to 20000000 people in the country will suffer from the 2nd
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filling of if his grand vanessa owns down. most of farmers with land along the nile . they're concerned that with, if you of your story more water this year, they're going to lose some or all of the farm lands in morgan reports from alba here on the blue nile. normally around this time of the year i became his name's farm in prudence blue. now state near the border with if you appear has more fruits, but the farmer says the past year has been different than previous years. and he blamed it on changes in the blue nile river. just me through the way for governor upon me. we lost the silt, we get from the river every year. the river comes from the european highlands carrying a lot of salt is good for a river irrigated farms because it changes the soil. but the past year has brought less so because of the renaissance dam storing water. and we don't know if we'll get it this year. abdicating farm is one of hundreds of thousands of acres in the faith that lie along the banks of the blue nile and depend on the river for irrigation. but if you've been renaissance damn being built upstream on one of the
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2 sources of the river is raising concerns. it's set to be africa, the largest hydro electric dam upon completion. and a few p a says it's a lift more than half of with the population out of poverty. but in downstream sedan farmers fear it will reduce their productivity mohammed, most of us farm lives, nearly 500 kilometers down the river near the sudanese capital whom he says, even he has noted changes in the foil since the 1st filling of the if you can renaissance them or later the above or below the one, the effects that on earth asked them have been back for us if there is no sailed, then there'll be no farming because we needed for the soil. last year there was very little felt and so we couldn't farm crops and very farm. the crops died because the soil quality talks to reach a deal about the filling and operational bit dam have repeatedly field for dance has information sharing is critical during this process. for them, government has nearly 5000000 people, suffered the impacts of before the filling of the few been renaissance them that
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was completed last year without an agreement. this year, the government says $20000000.00 people or have the population will be affected. that includes not only farmers along the nile, but millions of people who rely on the river for their water supply. that's because, unlike last year, when 4900000000 cubic meters of water was stored, the 2nd filling is expected to store 13500000000 cubic meters. those who rely on the mile for water are afraid of shortages after losses, filling, created problems for some water treatment plans. the renaissance dams, environmental impact is also yet to be fully revealed. those who rely on the river for other means of livelihood. the changes in the past year have affected their trade, was about that. we rely on mud sales and water from the nile to make bricks the most important to sell because it's what keeps the materials together. otherwise, it's just a block of mud, but still has reduced since last july. that's been bricks of lower quality, which we have to sell cheaper. deferred phase of filling the renaissance dam is
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scheduled to happen next year. no new rounds of talks have been announced yet, but for many like i've been getting, the hope is that something is worked out before the changes to their farms become irreversible. while he was now back in the sit in the capital courtroom and has more on saddam's reaction to the 2nd filling of the damn. while ours, after a few p, as government announced the has finished the 2nd filling of the if you can renaissance them. sudan government issued a statement saying that it rejects this unilateral move that was carried out by a few of your government, especially in light of the fact that no agreement has been reached. between sudan, if you open egypt over the filling and operation of the dam. now the government of the dance also express concern over the safety of with errors them. once. if you appeal announcer has completed the 2nd, filling the gates of the roof every time which is just about 100 kilometers away from the renaissance, dam were open to allow excess water to flow out so that it can make room for the
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water that is coming from the fuel in highlands specifically from the ground. if your printers on them for the government says it is concerned about millions of civilian po, live along the bank of the nile and who rely on the river for sources. especially because they have seen the impacts of different filling. but more hands on the news are including no longer a threat to us national security. divide the ministration, freeze its 1st prisoner from guantanamo bay. japanese government faces, criticism over its floods preparations as thousands evaluate the cost to their lives and their homes out in sports. the boss of the international olympic committee urges athletes to get behind the olympic truce more on that later in the news. our aah! haiti's interim prime ministers agreed to step down, ending a leadership battle that ensued since the assassination of president,
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germany was close. joseph told the washington post use paper that he and audio re, who'd been appointed by moiz as prime minister, has met privately to resolve disputes. well, let's talk to andy gallagher was live 1st in miami and the who's actually in charge of the country now. well, our l on re is now in charge. remember, this is the man that you have now, but he's a point to didn't swear written days before. the fascination on july, the 7. so this is sensually and for now this political battle that was going on between the close, joseph and r l i read and it wasn't just those 2, there was some other people vying for position as well. so that for now, i think will help the security situation, but it's important to remember they are trying to form an interim government to head towards the next democratic elections, which they hope to hold towards the end of the year. that is crucial because there have been no elections in a t since 2019 or,
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or elections that they tried to put on in 2019 that fail. so this is a step i think, in the right direction. but the big challenge will be having democratic elections and then being seen by the populace as fair and free because there were always issues with elections in that country. but i think people in haiti worried about the security situation, can perhaps take some solace that there is now an appointed latest want to be backed by the international community. and thank you very much. indeed. antibiotic are talking to us from miami. the white house says it's amy to close the guantanamo bay prison. it follows the 1st prisoner release under the biden administration under let if nasa was repatriated to morocco after nearly 2 decades behind barnes. he was accused of involvement with the taliban, but he was never charged. the prison was set up the house, foreign suspects after the 911 attacks, but it came to symbolize the excesses of washington so called war on terror. at its
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peak, after the invasion of afghanistan, the prison complex held about $675.00 inmates. now just 39 prisoners remain only 11 of those. i've been charged with war crimes. like i'd like to see if nasa, 10 of the remaining in minutes have been recommended for transfer. white house correspondent kennedy hawkins. joining us now live from washington dc. kimberly, i understand that the white house has been talking about this. what have you been saying? the white house press secretary gen saki moments ago, making it very clear that the goal of president biden is to close the guantanamo bay detention facility and actually says of the remaining 39, their 10 are eligible for transfer. 17 are receiving a periodic review. in other words, their cases are being looked at for potential transfer. 10 are under a military commission in terms of examining justice and the allegation against them and to have been convicted. now, the white house was also noting,
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but in all of this, the, the release that has just been and now for the transfer rather of mr. nasir, is in fact something that started back in 2016 under the biden administration, but was paused under the trumpet, ministration. at the white house they can clear that they would like to see more transfers occurring in the future. kimberly, thank you very much indeed. kimberly how can talking to us from the white house, washington d. c. b, u. s. u. k and other allies are accusing china, protecting hackers engaging in malicious cyber activity, including a breach of the microsoft exchange email server. earlier this year, they say groups protected by beijing were responsible, compromising tens of thousands of computers worldwide. is one of a range of cyber threats. china is being blamed for, including ransomware attacks worth millions of dollars to the best of my knowledge . and i'm getting report tomorrow morning,
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detailing for my understanding is that the chinese government, not unlike the russian government, is not doing this themselves, but are protecting those who are doing and maybe even accommodating and being able to do it. let's go to my kind of life in washington d. c. my, it's interesting that the president, they're making something of a distinction between china, possibly carrying this out on an official basis as it where i'm actually just simply acting as a host. if you like, what you've been saying, well, it seems that president biden is attempting to leave himself some maneuvering room with regard to any potential action that will be taken against china. as happened earlier this year, when russia was accused of packing, they were sanctions imposed. no suggestion as yet that sanctions are going to be imposed on china following these allegations. although the white house has just
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said that it is the right to take the action against china. should it prove necessary? but the u. s. insist that the chinese ministry of state security has been coordinating these attacks may be through outside hackers as we heard from president biden there . but certainly under the control of the chinese ministry or state security. but what is significant about all of this? rob is how big the alliance is in terms of basically naming and shaming china. you've got new zealand, australia, japan, nato, the, you all joining the u. s. protest against these actions. and this is the 1st time you had as an action on such a why the basis against china. and this though, is part of president violence problem in that some of those allies would be reluctant to impose sanctions against china, given their massive reliance on china in many areas. so the president is attempting
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to walk a fine line here, keeping his alliance together. but at the same time, not allowing any of them to leave because the u. s. unilaterally imposed sanctions that others don't agree with. my kind of life person. washington d. c. mike, thank you very much. russia says it successfully testified, a new hypersonic, a cruise missile that can fly at 7 times the speed of sound. the 2nd message has been touched by russia. i superior to rivals existing austin's president is writing the uprooting claims. the technology is fast enough to bypass us defense systems. well, the pursuit of hypersonic weapons between the us, russia and china, set the tone for new arms race. the biden administration's requested almost $4000000000.00 for research this year. defense officials say catching up with adversaries is high priority. the us is acknowledge the existence of china's df. 17 miss. it speed is capable of 14 defense systems and intercepting incoming attacks.
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russia says it's hypersonic austell will undermine the strategic superiority of americans vast ballistic missile network. but the u. s. says it's already developed some capabilities to defend against the ultrafast massage and is hoping to deploy its own in 2 years. while justin brock is a research fellow at the royal united services institute, he's joining us now from london. thank you very much indeed for being with us. how much do we know about the russian hypersonic missile and kind of be relied upon? well, this has been in development and it's been been development for nearly a decade now. and the performance data in terms of whether it actually stacks up to the hypersonic performance claims being put forward will probably be known in some detail by western intelligence agencies, particularly they're able to get daughter lametre data of test firings like we saw today. whether that be from orbital satellites, or for example, from naval vessels,
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that i'm, if i am international waters. but of course, they'll be highly classified in terms of what even if they were to publish those figures, they would give the russians an idea of what the american systems were able to detect and how, how precisely, so intelligence agencies probably know quite a lot in public we kind of have to take the russians word for it. so the next question of course, is the obvious one, how do you defend against something like this? because if i understand correctly, that the american us side system is effective to some degree, except that it is quite covers quite a narrow area. and the problem with this hypersonic missile is that it's flight path can very, to talk me through what the possible responses to something like that would be yes, it's a very good question. they, the subsystem. so terminal highly suit defense system. and what is the u. s. navy's just system with some 6 and s and the 3 are very capable against medium and short
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range, ballistic threats, some of which travel at similar speeds. the con, the difference here being that this message can perform maneuvers independent be while it's in flight. whereas a ballistic missiles, just as the name suggests, follow a simple ballistic arc. so once you've tracked a ballistic missile in, starts of its phase or your mid mid course, during its flight, it's very predictable where it will end up. and therefore, even though the calculations are complex, you can, you can get an intercept solution with something like desert and you have to account for the fact that it can maneuver as it's coming down towards the target. and that makes it a much more difficult thing to intercept particular given those very, very high speeds. because of course, any intercept the missile will have to be going at least as fast and probably slightly faster. so yeah, it's a difficult challenge, particularly given that also if you intercept them to lead to something like a point defense system against say, ship, it's going so fast with so much mass behind it that will probably still hit the
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ship, at least in pieces. i'm doing huge amount of damage. say it's certainly an increase challenge to existing us missile defenses. and i was reading in some articles, quotes by some russian officials who were suggesting that the reason that they were pursuing this path was because they simply rush, i simply couldn't match up to the number of ballistic missiles and icbm that a nuclear warheads that america has and this was effectively a more cost effective way of dealing with it, but it does sound what we were talking about earlier, given that the america is not investing a great deal in this. china is to, we're renting a different level of arms race. yeah, i mean, russian justifications around disorder program being connected to nuclear arsenals . i don't think really stuck up particularly given russia never have the ability to defend against neither has the united states that much of the other way defend against any sort of major portion of the u. s. is not nuclear. icbm asked no,
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that's a line. it's submarine launched and launched components. i'm so the sort of capabilities, if anything, would be seen in russian need to thinking is quite d, stabilizing one of the things the russians objective is american precision strike conventional position strike capabilities that they fear could degrade their nuclear arsenal. and if you follow the nuclear argument, can could be seen as well, and on the russian side could be the stabilizing in much the same way against american. you take it. i think the main reason they're actually developing these, it's be able to continue to threaten american key bases. and i like bases and things like american carrier battle groups as echo carriers, which have very, very capable ballistic defense missile defense systems and also missile defense systems. again, traditional, even supersonic cruise missiles, so it's more of a means to continue to threaten high end conventional military capabilities rather than i think. and you just in drunk of the united services institutes,
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we appreciate your time. so thank you very much indeed. so ahead and i'll just 0, the baffle within a south korean warship as it becomes a symbol of the world's fight against cold at 19, that's far from over the open to party england lives. corona virus restrictions that signs this morning could soon have a $100000.00 cases a day plus time. peter, they'll be here in lucky in central finland. we've come here with a question. can international top flight sport survive? the corona, virus global pandemic. find out the answer to that a little later here on out to 0. a
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that we stepped away from the hot and dry and description of the radium peninsula in the middle east generally. but it's coming back, you get hot and dry is not a bit more standard. clearly there are showers in the forecast in the south as society in rest in yemen. and this edge of the monsoon stuff means the more showers or overcast condition seemed likely in sola. and once more, we got the shower growing in the ninety's, the eastern side of vermont. now they've been tremendous the last few days and they stopped again a bit more in protest. but for the most part is halting drug $49.00. and by got about 14 q a, you could add or take away one or 2 degrees from this is cooler back and, and, and coast, with the onshore breeze truths about 32. but the heat does extend elsewhere. i'm just overlaying that to give you an idea. can you see the high ground in iran, but up in stones and took venice to ask about sticking quite hot at 41 degrees. the showers continued to keep things a bit cooler in santa the still shower in some parts of a round, but it's still the heat. i think that is on surprising. the main forecast is part
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of the world. asked about i mentioned it's not record hall, but it's above the average is $37.00. the record as recorded july's 47 and you're creeping up towards there. but as you get there, the escaping a wall. finding a new identity, confronting the reality of racism, religion, and the struggle to be accepted, al jazeera, tells the story of what it like to be lebanese and color strangely a home. once upon a time and punishable on al jazeera, our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of. every time i traveled, whether it be still west africa, people stop me,
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can tell me how much we appreciate coverage. and our focus is not just on their suffering, but also on the more lifting and inspiring story. people trust to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and why. and that's an african. i couldn't be more proud to be autumn, you know? oh, a you're watching all just a reminder about self stories. this at least 30 people have been killed and blasted . a marcus in iraq's shadow city. state media is reporting that an explosive device called the blast. the 2nd phase of filling the controversial ground ethiopian renee
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sounds damn, is complete issues base tensions with its neighbors. egypt and sit down on the binding deal over the filling and the dams operations. eighties, enter. prime ministers agreed to step down and ending on leadership battle that ensued since the assassination of president wines. joseph told the washington post that he already been appointed by why is prime minister at about privately to resolve the dispute. united nations has expressed concern that people's human rights are being undermined, following new phone hacking revelations. mobiles belonging to hundreds of journalists, activists, and politicians have been compromised by governments using spyware, owned by israeli surveillance company. and so group that's according to the latest investigation conducted by 16 media outlets. investigators say they obtained a list of 50000 numbers targeted by the spyware pegasus. at least 600 politicians,
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85 human rights activists. and almost 200 journalist from 50 countries have been effected journalists working for international news organizations such as the associated press, new york times, bloomberg and al jazeera of being targeted since 2016. and so initially said, the software would only be used to spy on terrorists. and major criminals is really firm has called the investigations, findings exaggerated and baseless among those reported to be a surveillance. charlotte is the one who gandy, the most prominent political rival to indian prime minister in germany, is among dozens of indian politicians, journalists, and activists, whose numbers would identified as possible targets. earlier we spoke to sid us fathers answer is founding editor of the wire and a journalist whose phone was hacked. he says, the needs to be legal repercussion. there is something known as lawful lawful interception. and there's the prescribed procedure for this mention in statute in
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government rules, as well as the guidelines and the you suspect that which involves hacking into my phone is specifically excluded from the definition of multiple levels. because it is defined as one of the constituents of the crime of hacking. so if this has been filed on my form, as we can confirm this means my phone was hacked. that's me, the crime was coming. the question is, who has committed the crime now? and that's all on the record, a thing that they only sell by where to so called better government. so it's really for the government of india to answer. and when they've been in the past that are you, are you a user of businesses beyond have stopped well short of it? categorical denied. so the government has never been denied on the record that they use. pegasus is really, you know, in military and civilian technology have developed a lot of.


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