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that in any negotiation, the dignity of this nation should not be hers is already made large. we've been promises including fighting corruption, improving the country's economy and maintaining your own best interest in negotiations. but it's not clear yet if you will be able to deliver on his promises . ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm about this and this is the news. our life from bill hop coming out, the next 60 minutes. ethiopia as mega dam has been filled for a 2nd time. it's another milestone for the project that's causing tension in the region. no longer a threat to us national security, the by the ministration freeze its 1st president on tunnel, bade the us and is allies accuse china being behind a worldwide email hacks,
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a compromise tens of thousands of computers and what is about carbon levels and the effect on climate change from wildfires ranging in siberia and pete a similar to the sport has another athlete test positive for coded 19 inside the olympic village in tokyo and one of the big civic sponsors, toyota patrols. it's commercials in japan associated with the games. ah, well, the 2nd phase of filling the controversial ground ethiopian renee souls damn, is complete. the issue has res, tensions with its neighbors. egypt and sudan want a binding deal over the filling and the dams operations. and they've approached the un security council to intervene. ethiopia says the project is essential to its development,
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but cato and cartoon fear it could restrict their water access pile of a moment. we are now putting the turbines in what we call unit 10. we're installing the shaft, the unit 10, as soon as some important work completed in a few months. it's all about connecting it to the transformers. and this will provide the biggest outcome of this work for the people of it, which is generating electric power. ok, we have a team of reporters covering the story. we're going to speak to have a morgan ensued on this capital cartoon shortly. first, let's go to catherine site and others. it seems as though ethiopia is determined to carry on filling this down despite the tensions that are going on. while yes indeed it does. minister for every geisha has been tweeting about the completion of the filling of the dom. and he said that it had stored enough water now to run to top by and to generate electricity. in the coming months, it had raised a regional tensions with egypt. and so that worried about how this could impact
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their own water flows. we have hard from the prime minister before saying that the fuel does not intend to harm those downstream countries, but it's going to do whatever i can to protect. that's done. and the processes going forward. we have been speaking to your peers. he will very passionate about this dumb it is a matter of it is a project of national national pride. millions obviously opens up to 65 percent of up to 65000000 of them. that's half the population and not connected to the greed. they have been contributing money, raising fans to woods buying government bonds towards towards construction all set done so many of those who are speaking to an industry that have been affected by frequent power cars in which is where people have never seen
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electricity saying that that eagerly waiting for the benefits of this done, and they are eagerly waiting to see what's going to come out of it saying that they are hoping that it's going to get them out of poverty. in fact, one man told us that to him it's a matter of life and that they know about the tensions between the country. but they are saying that this really is going to propel the country forwards. catherine, thanks very much. indeed. that's catherine. sorry. talking to us from out of the, let's go to hippa, morgan, who's life 1st and the student needs capital, the cartoon. why is it on reacting to all of this? well, for dance ministry of irrigation, water resources issued a statement just hours after the few be in government and now that it has started or rather completed the 2nd filling of the grant, keeping on them. and it says that it projects the electro move that has been taken by the few been government. now if you appeal to that in egypt, have been holding several rounds of talks. but all have failed over the past decade
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to produce a concrete result with sedan and egypt accusing. if you appear of lacking the political well, that is something that dan repeated in a statement that issued hours after the announcement that the 2nd feeling was complete. it says that reaching a legally binding deal is still possible. if you p a has the political will to reach that deal and that there will be negative consequences. describe the movers unilateral and acceptable by the new government. now they've been repeatedly expressing concern about the impact of the 2nd feeling, especially after you saw the impact on the 1st filling on many people who rely on the line for that was on denial for that was a supplies normally around this time of the year, i became his name's farm in prudence blue. now state near the border with if you appear has more fruits, but the farmer says the past year has been different than previous years. and he blamed it on changes in the blue nile river. just me through the way for governor upon me. we lost the so we get from the river every year the river comes from the
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european highlands carrying a lot of salt is good for a river irrigated farms because it changes the soil. but the past year has brought less cells because of the renaissance dam storing water. and we don't know if we'll get it this year. i've been getting farm is one of hundreds of thousands of acres in the state that lie along the banks of the blue nile and depend on the river for irrigation. but the few been renaissance dam being built upstream on one of the 2 sources of the river is raising concerns. it's set to be africa, the largest hydro electric down upon completion. and a few p a says it's a lift more than happy with the population out of poverty. but in downstream sudan farmers fear it will reduce their productivity mohammed, most of us farm lies nearly 500 kilometers down the river near the sudanese capital . hard to me, he says, even he has noted changes in the soil since the 1st filling of the european renaissance dam, or light above or below the one the effects that an essence them have been back for us. if there is no sailed, then there'll be no farming because we needed for the soil. last year there was
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very little celt and so we can farm crops and very farm. the crops died because side quality talks to reach a deal about the filling and operational bit dam have repeatedly failed for dance. as information sharing is critical during this process, so that the government has nearly 5000000 people suffered the impacts of before the filling of the human run is on them that was completed last year without an agreement. this year the government says $20000000.00 people or have the population will be affected. that includes not only farmers along the nile, but millions of people who rely on the river for their water supply. that's because, unlike last year, when 4900000000 cubic meters of water was stored, the 2nd filling is expected to store 13500000000 cubic meters. those who rely on the mile for water are afraid of shortages after last year's feeling created problems for somewhat a treatment plan. the renaissance dams, environmental impact is also yet to be fully revealed. those who rely on the river
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for other means of livelihood. the changes in the past year have affected their trade off and then we rely on mud, silt, and water from the nile to make bricks the most important to sell because it's why keeps the materials together. otherwise, it's just a block of mud. but so it has reduced since last july, that's been bricks of lower quality, which we have to sell cheaper. the 3rd phase of filling the renaissance them is scheduled to happen next year. no new rounds of talks have been announced yet. but for many like i've been getting, the hope is that something is worked out before the changes to their farms become irreversible. now the concern is not just for farmers and for those who rely on denial for their water supplies, they're also concerns about the electricity generation capability of most of them. hydro electric dams, especially with areas which by about 100 kilometers away from the fuel, renaissance, them, sedans, government, and the statements about it is concerned about the operation of the repair with them. now that if you have completed 2nd filling,
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but it says that it is determined to reach a legally binding agreement, that is the word that they've been repeating over the past few months. that any agreement between 2 then if you've been egypt over the filling and the operation of the renaissance should be legally binding. that is something that is in the statement. sedans, government says it's sure that it can reach, should there be a political will? new rounds of thought has been said by the african union. of course, egypt answered, i have taken the issue to the un security council that i provided back to the african union. this by the fact that over the past few months, the african union has failed to have the 3 countries region agreement. so it's not clear how the 3 countries will move forward when in the coming few weeks and days, especially because now that the 2nd phase offering is completed, there is the 3rd phase that they should look into. and especially with the countries expressing egypt and sudan, expressing concerns about the long term impact of the filling of their and on them without an agreement. morgan in khartoum. hipaa, thanks very much indeed. well,
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the 4000000000 dollar grant, if you open, when essence damages caused nearly a decade of tension between ethiopia, egypt, and sudan. if he says the hydro power project is crucial to its economic development, i will provide that implicity for 70 percent of its population. sedan and egypt are worried. the dam will affect the flow of the nile, the main source of fresh water for their 150000000 citizens. the main disagreement is the time it's going to take to fill the dams, reservoirs, which will affect the flow of water downstream. if you up here says it'll take 5 to 7 years to complete, but egypt has proposed to 12 years instead. and while egypt and sudan want a final agreement to be legally binding and to refer future disputes to 3rd party arbitration. if you prefer to settle for negotiations among the 3 countries, that's a big, sorry, fee is a professor of engineering at the university of costume and he's joining us now from the cities capital. thank you very much indeed for being with us such a,
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given your experience as an engineer, i mean most large scale projects like this are usually inundated with impact reports, environmental impact and economic impact. and yet, there seems to be a certain amount of disagreement about what exactly the eventual impact of this is going to be. does that surprise you thank you and sang to the audience i was just there english. first of all, i would like to mention that grander, in a sense this year been down is a huge down a is going to phil davies. law was in 10 years. so 5 years, which make a lot of difference. so let us assume that the agreement may previously wish guidelines for this year. for 17.5 kilometer 1000000000 cubic meter to fill. that is a rock. i believe that this huge amount,
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which is almost more than 55 percent of the natural reason flow will have a good compact on the environment status by reducing even the flooding of the manufacturers along the line and really unpacked the water level. and the amount of demand and the life of fisheries, and so on. so it has a great environmental impact. secondly, has a huge impact on this for danny's, it was because the, the time for taking this amount of water from denial is consigning with the building of the neil. she's in for development of agriculture in a dizzy region. so then, so don needs a huge amount at the beginning of july. so so don was obliged to keep
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a huge amount of water in a row sanders down which is very close to the she'll be on board in order for us to not to have shortages. they used to have it last year to reducing back by doing so, so that has lost opportunity of generating hydro power. well, if we talk about what is happening now from an engineering point of views that has a complex design approach, that is to build up 2 sides and leave a set the center part to be raised. as we agreed on the volume to be installed in that is there was then, i think somehow there is, there is an intervention because there was a lot of negotiation that this huge amount is going to have a negative impact in both so dynamic it. so sylvia could have started
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building this, a central part, maybe by end of marsh, but they delayed to may and they were not in a hurry. and we're in law got from satellite imagery for the last week. they were not working hard. let me interrupt you on that point because you right you raise, forgive me for interrupting you, but there is an interesting point. but you said that there was an you believe that there may have been an intervention which then led to the limiting of the height of the central part of the dance. who do you think made that intervention and why do you think e c o p, for example, was so open to accommodating that intervention? well i think a win win situation suggests the 3 countries work together not to have hom when and any bar the future has built or dom is not a charity organization. they need to generate income. the need to have this
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hydro power dam being built as quickly as possible when we know the how things go from i'm going to make point of view. and then so then i give that going to be much affected by the reduction in this huge amount of water. so somehow believes that maybe the western countries they propose for a soupy or not to consider the decision to stole 15 point. 5000000000 is huge. is to reduce that amount they should be later on may be a 15 compensation to job. yeah. and by doing so, this is a smart intervention term, i believe, is made by one of the and the national pop. and they want to come most of the countries, and i think by doing so there are giving the 3 countries
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a chance again to negotiate for the future, the filling of the gum by reducing the negative impacts. but they're still down the questions of the safety of the down, the environmental impact assessment and so on. and to my believe this is a good find for the 3 countries. no one is losing, no one is gaining so much as an x ray. appreciate you being with us on giving us the benefit of your expertise. so thank you very much indeed for your time. that the more ahead on the news are including more on the israeli spyware link to an investigation that claims the phones of hundreds of journalists and politicians have been hacked. japanese government spaces, criticism over its drug preparation to thousands, evaluate the cost to their lives and their homes and formula $1.00 champion, louis hamilton's racially abuse after winning the british grown pre reactions of bath coming up in sports with peter
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ah, the 1st to go in town will be a prisoner released under the bite administration has been repatriated to morocco, amongst a break from donald trump's policy, which was to transfer prisoners only to a 3rd country. but on national abdullatif. nasa was captured by pakistani agents in 2001 and was sent to guantanamo the following year. nasa was accused of involvement with the taliban, but he was never charged. it was cleared for release 5 years ago. well, at its peak after the $911.00 attacks and the invasion of afghanistan, the prison complex held about $675.00 inmates. now just $39.00 prisoners remain only 11 of those have been charged with war crimes like our deluxe if nasa. 10 of the remaining inmates have been recommended for transfer. all our white house correspondent, kennedy hawkins,
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join us live now from washington. d. c. joe biden was vice president when the bomb president back obama said he wanted to close one time about why is this process been taking so long? yeah, that's right. the u. s. president brock obama promised to close one tunnel bay did, has facility on day one, but that proved to be challenging. given the fact that there was a lot of pushback, particularly in the u. s. congress that was concerned, but they didn't want a lot of these detainees. to be held either federal prisons in the united states and they're also difficulties with working with other countries to see that they received these men that have been held as you point out without charge. in some cases, up to 2 decades is the case of the release that has occurred under the bike and ministration. the 1st one of abdul a teeth nasser to morocco. now, the reason for this are many, not only is it that there was
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a difficulty in working with congress, but as you point out, the previous donald trump administration also was not only looking to not close this facility, but even to add to it in terms of the population and the other big complicating factor in seeing a lot of these men released is the fact that many of them were abducted initially held in secret prison by the cia only years later, popping up at guantanamo. and so the process of trying to secure their release by their prosecutors was only that much more difficult, given the secrecy surrounding their initial abductions. and so the white house trying to make good in terms of turning all of this around, joe biden tried to keep the present, the rather the promise he was unable to keep as vice president. now not only are they looking to see that this is followed through on in terms of mr. nasir, but as you point out, 10 more detainees have also been recommended for relief. and the process is
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hopefully going to be accelerated, according to the secretary of state. is there any indication kimberly about the timescale for this because one would imagine if they've been able to do this move from mr. nasa, there is a structure of some sort in place that would allow them to move forward with other cases. should they want to yeah, what we're learning about the structure is that it's like the one in terms of how these cases are viewed as kind of like a parole board. essentially, there would be representatives from a number of different security agencies in the united states that look at each individual case. but it's still challenging because the secretary of state and his department needs to work with other countries to secure assurances in terms of us security and also the security of those nations. it has to be approved by the department of defense and then congress has to be notified. and in all of those opportunities,
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there is the potential for pushback. so this is some of the complicating factors, but what we're hearing in terms of the timeline from the white house press secretary is that joe biden is hoping that all of this can be completed by the end of his 1st term in 20. 24 is our white house correspondent, kimberly hall talking to us from washington, d. c. kimberly, as always, thank you very much. indeed. china is being accused of engaging in malicious cyber activity, including the hack of microsoft exchange email server. earlier this year, the u. s. the u. k and other allies say groups backed by beijing were responsible, compromising tens of thousands of computers worldwide, is one of a range of cyber threats. china is being blamed for, including ransomware attacks with millions of dollars. the us lead alliance is expected when i was details of action against china later on, mundane or it's a sentence chief research analyst with i t harvest and he's joining us live from birmingham michigan via skype. good, happy with us and al jazeera. so thank you very much. so china has made several
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attacks over the last few years on the us, particularly. what's significant about the reaction to this one. yeah, you're right in the china has had continuous attacks all grass you know, so we kind of give them a break because have to spies working together. this is. ready completely different because it was so widespread used and i know and vulnerable the at the time in microsoft exchange, that was on premise, at 140000 organizations around the world. and now it's been attributed to both china and essentially independent contractors. are hackers in china? and it was used mostly for. ready ransomware tax even though could have been used for stealing emails quite easily, but it is mostly small businesses that were attacked and really phenomenal response between both nato, other european countries. all working together with united states to announce and
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dino, china all at once. along with that piano, se ceaser and the f b, i issue to guidance and chinese hacking, describing their techniques and procedures and their technology as well. and then thirdly, the justice department in dated 3 chinese officers in the ministry of security services. so. ready there was a coordinated response to everything that's been going on and kind of a message to china to back off. i was reading that there was something different about this attack, certainly on the micro microsoft exchange servers because it was essentially an indiscriminate and attack rather than a targeted one, which i understand china has been prone to doing on previous occasions when i certainly in cases when it's been alleged to have been doing this. why was there
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that difference, do you think? yeah, you know, they discovered a or, or developed and research of boner ability and microsoft exchange most large organizations and the typical targets of defense, industrial base and government agencies of china don't have microsoft exchange server running on premise so they would have been donal, or if they were, they would have protected it, so could, could have been exploited. so it almost appears as of china just handed off to their hackers and said, hey, have fun, you know, here's how to do it and maybe provided them with the tools to do it. so i think that's the big difference here, the rocker sites that were linked to, to russia, which upon the recently, just in the last few days, i think disappeared shortly after president joe biden had a conversation with the president vladimir putin. the u. s. certainly seem to be prepared to go off to russia fairly harshly in terms of hacking. we're going to see a change in policy. do you think when it comes to going off to china for some of
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the things what we've seen us pushing really hard, especially during the trump administration against china, from a technology trade perspective banning. ready chinese technology in the united states and that's always a concern because most, you know, us technology. ready is manufactured in china, so it's kind of hard to say, you know, why, way? but do we have apple and cisco products here in the united states because it's probably just as much of a concern. and i suspect that the us is going to ramp up that that, you know, digital. ready mercantile is on a swell, i call it an attempt to quell the influx of chinese technology. and of course, that helps the u. s. companies that are benefiting from that. it's good to get your thoughts on this richard spin and we appreciate it. thank you very much. indeed, my pleasure. funds belong to hundreds of journalists,
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activists signed politicians have been hacked by governments using spyware, owned by israeli surveillance company, and s o a group. that's according to the latest investigation conducted by 16 media outlets. investigators say they obtained a list of 50000 numbers targeted by the spyware pegasus, at least 600 politicians, 85 human rights activists. and almost 200 journalists from 50 countries have been effected journalists working for international news organizations such as the associated press new york times. bloomberg and al jazeera have been targeted since 2016 and i. so initially said, the software would only be used to spy on terrorists and major criminals. these really firm is called the investigations findings exaggerated and baseless among those reported to be a surveillance target as rathole. gandhi, the most prominent politician rival, to indian prime minister. and that ends remotely, he's among dozens of indian politicians, journalists, and activists, whose numbers were identified as possible targets audio. we spoke to sid off
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a bunch i was on, he's a finding editor of the wire and a journalist whose phone was hacked. he says there need to be legal repercussions. there is something known as muffles, lawful interception. and there's the prescribed procedure for this mention in statute, in government rule, as well as of the guidelines. and the, you suspect, which of all packing into my phone is specifically excluded from the definition of multiple levels because it is defined as one of the constituents of the crime of acting. so if you practice, it has been found on my form as we can confirm. this means my phone was hacked. that's me, the crime was coming. the question is, who has committed the crime now? and that's all on the record, a thing that they only sell by where to so called better government. so it's really for the government of india to answer. and when they've been in the past that are
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you, are you a user of pegasus beyond have stopped? well, short of it, categorical denies. so the government has never been denied on the record that they use. pegasus is really, you know, in military and civilian technology have developed a lot of tools which are very useful for government around the world, particularly those that play fast and loose where the humanitarian moms or democratic norms. and so the targeting of journalists cannot be justified by any people to national security, which is the usual alibi cited by, by government when they, when they tread on civil liberties, our prices have fallen more than 5 percent a day after the was largest producers agreed to boost output the job to less than $70.00 a barrel. was the biggest since march sundays deal involved in opec and other major
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producers was reached after the u. a. e was given a higher production quarter ending a dispute with saudi arabia still hadn't algebra. ah. yeah, open to policy england. let's corona virus restrictions, but scientists warning could soon have a 100000 cases a day. the battle with a south korean war ship, as it becomes a symbol of the world's fight against colbert. 19. that's far from over. i'm going to hear from the 24 year old taking the world of gulf by storm. that's coming off in sports with peter. ah ah, that we stepped away from the hot and dry janai description of the radium peninsula in the middle east generally. but it's coming back again, hot and dry is now
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a bit more standard. clearly there are showers in the forecast in the south, in society, and west in yemen. and this edge of the monsoon stuff means more showers or overcast condition seemed likely the seller. and once more, we got the shells growing in the ninety's, the eastern side of vermont. now they've been tremendous the last few days and stopped again a bit more in protest. but for the most part is hot and dry. 49, and by got about 14 q, you can add or take away one or 2 degrees from this is cooler back and, and coast, with the onshore breeze truisms about 32. but the heat does extend elsewhere and i'm just overlaying that to give you an idea. can you see the high ground in iran, but up in stones and took venice 10. ask about sticking quite hot at 41 degrees. the showers continue to keep things a bit cooler in santa the still shout in some parts of a round, but it's still the heat. i think that is unsurprising. the main forecast is part of the world. ask about i mentioned it's not record hot, but it's about the average is 37. the records as recorded july's 47 and you are
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creeping up towards there. but as you get there.


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