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ah, welcome back to the news with me. so ron and the reminder, vol. top news story. the 2nd phase of filling the controversial ground, the apn renee on them is complete. the issue has res. tensions with its neighbors. egypt and saddam want to binding deal over the filling of the sams opperation the u. s. u. k and other allies, the keys china engaging in malicious cyber activity, including the high call the microsoft exchange email. earlier this year it's one of a range of 5 different trying to being blamed for, including ransomware attacks with millions of dollars. and the 1st one ton of a prisoner released under the buys has ministration, has been repaired, treated to morocco. it marks a break from the drum error when transfers and negotiations were halted.
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well, let's get more on the story with ramsey because m e z a professor of law and the city university of new york and council for some of the guantanamo prisons. good time with us on the program, so it's been a long wait for abilities, nasa, but that's still a long wait for those that remain. isn't the yeah, that's correct. so carolyn, thank you for having me. 39 men. remain today. guantanamo, most of them, like mister nasir, have not been charged with a crime, let alone convicted. and many of them, like mister nasir, were turned over to us custody in exchange for a bounty and constituted no quote unquote intelligence value whatsoever, even by the admission of this. yeah, i am the f b i. now the release should have occurred during the bomber administration, both held at when trump took over. so just give us an idea of the expected timeline of the clients that you represented when they might be released or are there more hearings? will court cases bring us up to speed?
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well, well, the last man has been transferred out of the final. before mister nasir was one of my clinics. clients, mister darby. he was, the only person transferred the only prisoner transferred out of guantanamo release from guantanamo during the trump administration. so it's been, it's been a number of years since the last person left the president. and our hope is that the binder ministration will continue to move forward responsibly, but also expeditiously to make good on not just president biden's promise, but also the promise of the obama bite and ticket of 2008 to, to close. guantanamo so far the binding ministration seems to have learned some of the lessons of the obama administration in the sense that they're moving forward. busy quietly, but hopefully effectively in or not doing get an ass flashy way as the obama administration did, which attracted a lot of opposition. but the bottom line is that the bible administration needs to continue to demonstrate that a serious bach holding on time all,
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and needs to do it in a way where the men are resettled and be patriot in places where their rights are going to be respected. not to expect yours on will be on bars. you should be free and should read it out with his family. but there is a genuine concern from the us if i just quote the director of national intelligence in 2016. his report said that about 70 percent of the 728 detainees who had been released were confirmed, and 12 percent was suspected of re engaging in such violent activities. so the question really is the fact that the, that some may re engage with some sort of violence is a risk to the united states and is a concern for its allies as well? well, i mean, i think that the terminology of re engagement is itself problematic. it's hard to talk about re engagement when you have a proven in a court of law that someone has engaged in the 1st place. so the very framing of recidivism is problematic, not to mention the secret evidence that the office of director of national
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intelligence assessments rely on. it's come to light that in fact, some examples of recidivism include writing and pag, or being critical of us government policies in the media after a prisoner has been released from guantanamo. so i would take all of these assessments with a grain of salt, and i would add that under us law if you are tried, if you are charged tried and convicted of material support for terrorism, the typical sentence is 15 years, not 20. so even if we want to assume that these men were culpable, which has not been alleged, or even proven in a court of law, but if we want to assume that they have more than served their time, rumsey cason, it's good to have your insight. ongoing ton of prisoners, thanks very much for joining us from new york. thank you so much. check. his name is la winning corruption. trial has been adjourned until tuesday when the court will rule. if the former south african president trial can really go had virtually zoom, it denies charges of fraud corruption and money laundering. now they're linked to
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a $2000000000.00 arm still with a french defense when he was deputy presidents. now on july, the $700.00 himself into place to serve a 15 month prison sentence on a separate case, his arrest spoke days of violence and leasing. bene, smith has more from outside. the court in peter merits book. this case goes back to 1999. when jacob zoom was deputy president, an indication of how long the form of precedence trials and tribulations have dominated the political scene. here in south africa, it concerns allegations of fraud over the sale and purchase, a fighter jets a military hardware from 5 european companies. the one in this case is policy jacob zoom. it denies any rolling corruption, sodas, toddlers. now the trial only got going in may after many, many a germans over the years. and then a couple of weeks ago, zoom was jailed for refusing to give evidence to a govern corruption. inquiry that sparked the violence that swept these countries
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to most popular populace provinces in the last week. and there were concerns that with the trial restarting today, that would be another focus for violence. a load, zoom, and supporters did not turn up in court. and peter mart spurred on monday. zoom as defense lawyer want this case adjourned. again, it's being heard virtually at the moment. they wanted to journey until zoom is able to pay in person to make his case. the judge will rule on that application on tuesday. now, the german government is only defensive as it face is going criticism. everetts flood preparations, the opposition says it failed to adequately warn citizens of last week, flooding more than a 160 people died in germany alone. now heavy rain was forecast, but the scale of the deluge took many by surprise. ministers admit lessons must be learned, but se federal institutions did their part. 4 bits of arms devote your visit, the,
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the german with the service gives warnings of severe conditions and is supported by european institution. and these warnings passed on to the federal states. and from the states flooding centers to the different regions, and they are the ones making the decisions when it comes to protection against environmental disasters. so the state of emergency is not declared and billing, but where it is taking place at brady his life for as an off in germany. so adam, bring us up to speed. what does the clean up operation actually look like? well as you say, so i'm in the middle, this town are last and as you can see it has this can now river system goes right to the middle town. the waters rose so high and so fast that they just swept aside this safety barrier on wednesday night when they came rushing in. and here in town, you really get a sense of what's going on. people are putting all of their damage and discard a ball valuables and belongings into the middle of the street and these back hose
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behind me here, lined up, there's several of them. they're picking up, putting them in dump trucks and the dump trucks are carting off. tons of material from the people's homes. we've seen keepsakes, we've seen furniture, we've seen appliances. we've seen everything. basically anything on the ground floor was pretty much destroyed because the water rose almost 2 meters here. and let's look a little more at the damage here. you have the local bakery out of commission, not clear when it's going to be back. and the water is rush so hard and were up so long that they caused the utter collapse of tons of concrete, asphalt, and steel. it's basically unsafe to walk alongside this river walk, which is in the heart of town. all these businesses are shut. you can see buildings down there where the water rose so high there, they're just clearing up people there. and then over on the other side of the street here is, is a center where they're helping volunteer to come from near and far. people are coming up here. they're talking,
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they're trying to understand what happened. they've just finished their lunch. it's a little quieter than it was earlier, but it's a big operation just to clear all of the damaged property here. and many people of course, lost their business is all their possession. they say insurance is probably not going to make them whole, and they're counting on the german government to give them the support they need. so indeed, the hearing the right words from the government times the various officials and toll the affected region. but of course, the government has to say the right things, doesn't that mindful that there are presidential elections just a few weeks away? indeed, in september we're going to see basically people buying to replace the chancellor angle in merkel and 16 year and power. and one of the people hoping to replace are chosen successor who runs one of these porton states in this region. and he's been out on the trail trying to convince people he did everything he could to make sure this area was safe. but so far, there's some skepticism that they had prepared the people enough and we see some
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inroads coming from other parties like the green's here in germany, who are hoping to capitalize on this moment. this huge disaster that the people here were saying shouldn't have happened in the country. so rich and so powerful in the heart of europe, or checking with you as that to recovery operation continues that i'm ready for is in all off in germany. more than 100, navy wildfires have been burning across siberia. the yucatan region is one of the worst effect it almost $2505.00 factors have been called into bottles, places and while finds in the region happen every summer. this year it's been more intense to to record high temperatures. laura berg, manley has more uncontrollable blazes that consumed thousands of kilometers of siberian forests. as the trees burned to ascend, building smoke drifted towards the city and dozens more towns and yet could hear.
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officials warned residents to shut windows and stay in doors to avoid choking smoke . but with our eyes, a burning and over all the smoke is very dangerous for the health of us villages. we see on television, plains that are dropping water on the burning forest. but i am sending these plains to help us for some reason. yet katia has been in the state of emergency for weeks . last month, the temperature saw to $38.00 degrees celsius. if the highest ever recorded in the arctic circle. this is not from nasa chosen read the early summer heat waves that has been scorching eastern russia and europe. the philippines says that it's all because of the drought for the 3rd year street. we aren't getting the copious amount of rain that we used to get. the heat wave is sucking moisture of roots and trees creating a tinderbox and siberia. usually one of the coldest regions on earth,
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the fires are consuming what was once permanently frozen ground, and the carbon rich pizza below the scientists worry that this will release more carbon into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change their proper that i would probably kill the situation with wildfires in our republic, it's very difficult because we are experiencing the trial summers in the past 150 years. and the code here on the month of june was the hospital records. the russian military is flowing in fi. fi has more than 2500 a battling the flames. the weather is exacerbating the problem. if not for the strong winds, we could do it faster. what you see, how strong the winds are. that's our biggest problems right now. the passenger flights you could have been suspended now military plane to taking to the skies to douse the flames. but these fires are also igniting under a month resident by bottom many se moscow hasn't acted fast enough or sent enough
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resources. people already feel isolated from the kremlin, which is almost 5000 kilometers away. now they feel abandoned to lower but manly out there and almost all crude virus restrictions in england have now been lifted. face masks are no longer legally required, social distancing rules been scrapped, and size limits on events have been removed, but docked as a warning that could be a $100000.00 cases a day in weeks general reports now from the capital london. how many young people this was the ultimate expression of freedom. nightclubs, roaring back to life in the early hours of monday morning with the lifting of cove at 19 restrictions for i definitely feel so relieved that things are going back to normal. it feels like is but it still is a little bit apprehensive. like yeah, i don't feel like it's real too many freedom could prove short lived every day. now
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around 50000 people in england test positive one of the highest infection rates in the world. and among the vulnerable, despite the vaccine, wrote out 277 people died last week. this last week concerning information coming out, which shows rising hospitalizations in the u. k. rising case, number's the attendant consent of the writing number, the people suffering from long have it sent to this country. but also just in the last 24 hours, we'll say we're starting to hear from dr. is that and it chest services are starting to have clinic services cancel because at the high rate the staff thickness isolation that's needing to happen. the government's strategy to allow the virus to spread among the young means more than 800000 school children were sent into isolation at home last week. scientists have warned the fertile conditions for new variant mutations, leaving parents to worry about the ongoing risks. i want to give up the mask and
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not know my children or my husband. we won't, we will wear the mask. a majority of the public, according to opinion polls agree. it may not be law any longer to keep a social distance or wear a mask in doors. but most people don't feel confident enough to dispense with them altogether. and this, the national health service at pinging away incessantly telling hundreds of thousands of people to self isolate each week. because a close contact has tested positive and each ping means income. last stop, shortage is holiday planned in ruins. on a brighter note, singing is back band since the start of the pandemic, and a chorus of full throated approval for that, it means the return of church congregations and theater audiences. but as the prime minister knows best, there is no freedom from the virus itself. i being thing i've been asked to, so if i slate by the test, craig isolate system after i be in contact with somebody who has kaylee. in this
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case, of course, the health secretary said you janet. both johnson and treasury secretary richey soon equip pinged the 2 most senior members of the government, celebrating freedom day in isolation. at home, joan, a whole al jazeera london south military has recorded its biggest cluster of caves, 19 infections to date, with more than 80 percent of person. now, aboard a ship testing positive. $247.00 sailors on an anti piracy mission in the waters of africa. are infected when it comes to south korea battles, it's west of ra, break with $1200.00 new cases. in the past 24 hours, restrictions have been extended across the country to curb the spread. indonesia has reported a record number of current of i was just in the past 24 hours, nearly 1400 people have died. you to the virus, but it's reporting the lowest number of new infections for the month is battling and oxygen shortage. and now has more daily infections in india,
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and brazil. thailand has expanded its logged down as quote, virus infections. rise is reported a full consecutive day of records. new cases with more than $11000.00 infections, domestic flights of being suspended, more places and out under curfew. people from high risk areas to stay at home. a shipment of almost half 1000000 doses of us, johnson and johnson vaccine has arrived in e. v. a peer, as part of the un backed kovak scheme, gave his health minister says they'll be securing hundreds of thousands of additional jobs within the next couple of weeks. the thing concerned about some of the waves infections after several cases of the dealt varied were found in the country. this also comes out a very instrumental time when the, this new delta via is ripping around the world driving a new spike of caves, us and davis in more than $104.00 countries. and was a very heightened concern for the strain to circulate worldwide. well,
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still head all out there in bold. i'm peter. they'll be here in lottie in central finland. we've come here with a question. can international top flight sport survive the corona, virus global pandemic? find out the answer to that a little later here on out of the a with
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me ah ah. the a boat now and more concern really in tokyo. yeah, that's right. thank you so much the hell just 4 days ago. and one of the biggest
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sponsors of the tokyo olympics has withdrawn all its tv commercials in japan, related to the games. but countries biggest automaker, toyota will continue to support athletes associated with the company. but it c o and other officials will not attend the opening ceremony on friday. it's largely due to the lack of public support for the olympics, but poll suggesting 2 thirds of japanese people doubt the games can be held safely in tokyo. earlier with voters simon chadwick, he's a professor of sport industry in the u. k. he believes that toyota made the move to show solidarity with the japanese people. we already know that there is a great deal of public resistance to the olympics. and a poll polls continue to suggest that people don't want the olympics to be there. so i think it's a direct response to that from the part of toyota. toyota is actually a global sponsor. and so much of toyota's promotional activity act activation as we would call it marketing terms, is going to take place outside japan. anyway,
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i think really for me, it's the symbolism of what's happened inside japan. that's going to be more significant. because i think if toyota was seen to be associated with an event that may alternately become known as a super spread or events that wouldn't play well with the japanese public. so i think what toyota is doing is to send a signal to, to the japanese public that i understand that it empathize isn't and that it's not going to do anything to the that is detrimental to, to the tokyo population. a back up female jim. this on the u. s. team has, has some positive coven 19 outside tokyo. and there's been another case inside the olympic village as well. track beach, volleyball, player, or jazz for research on the right is now likely to miss his opening match. there have been 11 cases of cobra 19 inside the village so far. but the game is medical experts don't seem to concerns. it is expected that as we go through the different layers of filtering, we see cases coming out. so we see cases currently who been tested before,
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departure, who are not coming. we see people who get there and get to the airport and they get filtered out there. then you get figure that when you get to village, each layer of filtering as a reduction in a risk for everybody else. and that's what we expect to see. and the numbers we're seeing are actually extremely low. they probably lower than we expected to see if anything. the men's, he was a basketball team are heading to tokyo later on, monday, after less than ideal pre games. warm up the 3 time defending gold medalist. how their last exhibition game on sunday and victory against spain, only 9 members of the usa team will travel with the remaining 3. so playing the n b a finals. the team has only been together 2 weeks and have one just 2 of their for exhibition game. and after these exhibition games, that's what we look for. getting better at both ends of the court. learning how to play with each other because these guys are never played together
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before and i think we're on the right track in that regard. so that's, that's what i feel good about. now the olympics has shown that organizing a big sporting event during the pandemic is clearly a huge challenge and tough for the athletes to training with the possibility of their events being postponed or cancelled out. there is peter darby reports from the half iron men triathlon race in lottie felton's sleepy, a back quarter, the chicago of the nordic countries. all those episodes were lottie wrong. until recently, however, about the most exciting thing to do was practice your winter ski jumping skills during the summer on a really long piece of competing. and then triumph long came to turn for the race director. this is not being easy. last year, when the pandemic hit, this race was postponed and then cancelled outright. we had good plans from our own
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organization and we had to really good communication and relationship with all the local, local, and health authorities. so we had a constant communications with them, and we of course, we monitored the co we to theresa since the athletes to it's not been an easy journey either they've had to adopt and adapt to the new normal. and if you can't swim in water to train, well, you improvise, can we do a new? i'm also in france, we haven't had swimming pools, they have all been closed. so i have been training swimming in the elastic bands for a while. but with training old on it's time to rack the bike panic just a little bit more concentrate just a little bit more and then we'll just do it. why go?
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a competing at this level is no easy task. this is not a 5 k park run on a saturday morning. these people unnaturally competitive. the very competitive, but what do they do if they can't compete? also from a secure point. but how do you maintain that focus when the race might not happen? how to cope. it's like getting another goal and ok, well, it's very hard to cope and somebody needs help to coping it. for example, to go to sports hi colored this whole mental coach or, or if you have a friend to talk about because it is very hard. but the real test for everyone here was the possibility of coping transmission. according to the race director's office, the number of new cases associated with this event 0. and that's
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a huge success story. and then before you know it's, it's all over no more swimming, no more cycling, no more running for the race organizer. has it been a success? yes, but frankly, has it been a success? yes, it absolutely has. these people praying, they retrain, they plan, they re plan and they got here despite corona virus. and despite the impact of all the international travel restrictions that we all now have to live with, this is the new normal can international sport survive? corona virus, based on what we've seen here today. absolutely. peter, they'll be out there at law. she's been with hamilton has been targeted by races, abuse online after his controversial when the british chrome pre a 7 time champion, caused the championship liter max for stopping to crash. enter the rate on the opening lab. and it's my getting a tenant, the 2nd penalty still managed to find back from 4th place to claim the victory. a foreign governing bodies and hamilton's mercedes team have condemned the race. this
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abuse to golf in calling. maury cow. i says it's hard to grasp after winning the open championship. the 24 year old american was playing in the tournament for the 1st time, but one by 2 shots, i had a fellow american jordan speith. it's mart. how is 2nd major trophy after winning on his debut in the p g championship last year? you now moved to world number 3 and will make his next appearance in the olympics. ok, and that is all you support for now. back to you so very much. and finally, muslims around the world, marking the day of out of one of the most important days in the atlantic calendar during the hodge pilgrimage. now considered a day of repentance before the ead celebration, 60000 worshippers are carrying out a series of rituals and prez on the mountain where the prophet muhammad held his last farewell sermon. normally, maybe 2 and a half 1000000 muslims would be taking part in the annual gathering because in 1900 restrictions have limits of vicious hodge to a small number of vaccinated saudi resident. and that was,
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these are about commodities on the other side of the break until then for me on the team. thanks for your time and your company. ah. striker in the tell the tale in the what the voted to the working class with hometown and the club. footballing legend at a company in producers piano. one of the time sheets this door by fund social values. i think many goes against italy's footballing league football, reveled on august 2020 the year of locked downs and social distance saying you can't reach across the screen and give someone a hug. alley re explored one of the global pandemic. biggest side effects loneliness, everyone who lives alone has been forced to be socially isolated for the 1st time
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ever highlighting its effect on physical and mental health and discovering unique ways of coping. controlling, being alone to get the episode of all hail the locked down on al jazeera preventable disease, accounts 15 to 10 children action lines, roughly childhood education and we have no way
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i i i. ready use is mega dam has been filled for a 2nd time in another milestone. the project that's caused great tension in the region. ah, how many wants, you know, i'm still relying my headquarters here and coming up in the next 30 minute. no longer a threat to its national security, the by the ministration fees of prisoner from guantanamo bay. the us and its allies accused.


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