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hello, lena, everyone who lives alone has been forced to be socially isolated for the 1st time ever highlighting its effect on physical and mental health and discovering unique ways of coping. controlling, being alone to get that episode of all hail the locked down on al jazeera. ah, the this is al jazeera ah hello. hello robin watching the i was there a news on line from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. if your mega time has been filled for a 2nd time in another milestone, the project that's called tension in the region also no longer a threat to national security. the buttons administration fees at 1st prison from guantanamo bay. and the us and its allies accuse china of being behind the world
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wide email that compromise tens of thousands of computers. yeah. and it's party time going on with restrictions, but scientists a warning it could lead to 100000 cases a day. and i'm far as small with the sports as and other athletes has positive for cobra. 19 inside the olympic village in tokyo and one of the biggest olympic sponsors, toyota, withdraws. all it's commercials in japan associated with the games. ah, look into the news of the 2nd phase of filling the controversial grand ethiopian renee salt is complete. the issue has res, tensions with its neighbors. egypt answered on want a binding deal over the filling and the dance operations and of approach the un
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security council to intervene. ethiopia says the project is essential to its development, but kyra and cartoon, it could restrict their water access. well, we have a team of reporters covering the story will speak to hipaa. morgan in saddam's capital caught him shortly. but 1st that's cost over to katherine. so who's in at his ad? and catherine, really these matters seem to be coming to a head. the tensions have been raised significantly over the past few months. yes, they have, and it really depends on who you talk to. both all the countries have been taking very hard line positions. we have hard in the past. it saying that it's going to take to do whatever it takes to protect its territorial integrity. the beginning of the month when the dumb feeling started, we saw a few more full just around that side to the prime minister. the ahmed really say that the soldiers are preparing for any possible external threat,
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but we've also had officials from all sides saying that there is no appetite for an outright conflict. now the matter was taken to the un security council, and members of the council seemed to lead to wed jumpstarting talk. a lead by the african union. we know previous talks mediated by the african union, have failed. we don't have a nice bummed up schedule of the next round of talks, but all the sides seem to agree that there needs to be a viable solution that then needs to be a binding agreement. the problem, the problem really is the detail in that agreement. catherine, so thanks very much. joining us from addis ababa. let's cross over now to call to where his morgan is standing. by. what reaction from con team about this statement coming out of the opium? while for hail, for denise government is the,
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at the foot in the government. is it to give an official statement regarding the latest announcement from if you, that the 2nd phase of filling of the ground if you've been one of them has been completed. however, there has been a reaction on the ground truth. there is them, which is about 100 kilometers away from the ground to keep known as on them. opened its gates once that was made that the 2nd filling of it down was completed, the repair them opened its gates. now with the 1st on the foot in the side of the border and for denise officials have repeatedly express concern about the impact of the grant. if you have internet on them on research, it's filling on resources, opperation because that is a hydro electric them and it's also an irrigation dam. lots of farmers benefits from their, with their, with them. but it's also 10 times less in terms of capacity than the 25th and as on them. so cities officials have been saying that a deal is very crucial to the operation of research with them as well as of it them down denial. they're also concerned about the farmers because cities, officials say 20000000 people,
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most of them will fall along. denial will be affected by the filling of them in the 2nd phase and in the coming feature faces if no agreement is reached normally around this time of the year i became his name's farm in prudence blue. now state near the border with if you appear has more fruits, but the farmer says the past year has been different than previous years, and he blamed it on changes in the blue nile river. just me through the way for governor upon me. we lost the hill to get from the river every year. the river comes from the european highlands carrying a lot of shield is good for a river irrigated farms because it changes the soil. but the past year has brought less shells because of the renaissance dam storing water. and we don't know if we'll get it this year. i've been kidding. farm is one of hundreds of thousands of acres in the state that lie along the banks of the blue nile and depend on the river for irrigation. but the, if you've been renaissance dam being built upstream on one of the 2 sources of the river is raising concerns. it's set to be africa, the largest hydro electric dam upon completion. and a few p says it's
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a lift more than half of the population out of poverty. but in downstream sedan farmers fear it will reduce their productivity mohammed, most of us farm lives, nearly 500 kilometers down the river near the city. nice capital hard to me, he says even he has noted changes in the soil since the 1st filling of the if you can renaissance damn, or light or the above or below the one. the effects that on there for them have been back for us. if there is no field, then there'll be no farming because we needed for the site. last year that was where it was filled. and so we can farm crops and very farm the crops died because the soil quality talks to reach a deal about the filling and operation of the dam have repeatedly field for dance. has information sharing is critical during this process. for that government has nearly 5000000 people suffered the impacts of the 1st filling of the few. been renaissance them that was completed last year without an agreement. this year the government says $20000000.00 people or have the population will be affected. that
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includes not only farmers along denial, but millions of people who rely on the river for their water supply. that's because, unlike last year, when 4900000000 cubic meters of water was stored, the 2nd filling is expected to store 13500000000 cubic meters. those who rely on the mile for water are afraid of shortages after last year's filling created problems for some water treatment plans. the renaissance dams, environmental impact is also yet to be fully revealed. those who rely on the river for other means of livelihood. the changes in the past year have affected their trade off and then we rely on mud sales and water from the nile to make bricks the most important to sell because it's what keeps the materials together. otherwise, it's just a block of mud, but still has reduced since last july. that's been bricks of lower quality, which we have to sell cheaper. the 3rd phase of filling the renaissance dam is scheduled to happen next year. no new rounds of talks have been announced yet, but for many like i've been getting,
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the hope is that something is worked out before the changes to their farms become irreversible. now sudan has been saying for days that they've noticed a drop in the amount of water coming from the blue nile from the few been highlands, but the real impacts of the 2nd filling will be felt in the coming months. because right now it is the rainy season, so they're expecting a rise in the level of the blue nile. but once the rainy season and the water level foster received, that's when the impact will be felt, which is why that has been repeating, that it's very crucial for them to reach a deal as if it continues with the building, the construction and the funding of the renaissance them, they've gone to the un security council, both of them and egypt have gone to the secret council in hopes of a solution to bring the $35.00 together. now the un security council has referred the matter back to the african union, but previous talk have failed to produce results. and many, i'm wondering right now, especially with these officials, a wondering if you is actually came in the 1st place to reach a deal for the update. thank so much it morgan for the in cartoon. well,
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the $4000000000.00 grand ethiopian renee sold dam has caused nearly a decade of tensions between ethiopia, sit on egypt. ethiopia says the hydropower project is crucial to economic development. i will provide electricity for 70 percent of its population. saddam and egypt are worried. the dam will affect the flow of the nile, the main source of fresh water for that 150000000 citizens. the main disagreement is the time it'll take to fill the dams reservoir, which will effect the flow of water downstream. if you says i'm take 5 to 6 years to complete, but egypt has proposed 12 years instead. and while egypt answered on one final agreement to be legally binding on to refer you to speak to 3rd party arbitration. if you prefer to settle through negotiation amongst the 3 countries, paul, who is the spokes person for africa, water for p. c. join. see now from nairobi via skype. thanks for joining us on the program, sir. so is this really an issue more about when the time will be filled completely,
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rather than the damn being filled in stages? thank you very much for having me. i think the issue is it is neither because david already an a green man. that's the amount of project to dominate. he's going to be something that will be what yes. and so therefore we keep on getting, getting caught up when, when it would be completely ready to be there. what, what, what, what all question for me. i think the 2 little extent we may be missing what the big jay's are, the big picture is that you, you got $2.02 countries that are why did about 50 stadium down the line. now, why did the boat say predictability doll down the line? now what the potential of, or what was nobody's giving them actually to give today. and they're
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worried about what day. and i mean because of this is going to be president of an upstream development. that's for me i, i am sorry that we seem to be, we seem to be focused on what appears to be a very short term. you know, much more be gauge that are going to topic, not just please countries, but the entire continental w. how sort of what the disputes will the big issue, the narrative seems to be one of the peer getting one over egypt and see dog if the opiate insists it for the benefit of the whole region. is it now, it depends on, on, on that you ask if you look at these purely from a technical issue of having idle electric bar, then it is very easy to say that everybody's going to is going to benefit. i mean, he can, i can, i was talking about getting, getting calls from,
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from my, from to dum. does been a lot of mentioned about how much through done is going. what about the good benefit on the proposal that has been made about what is going to happen and whether you should be able to to benefit. but i think this is not really about the benefit. this is about tons of into i travel i boundary agreement or international. what does that for me, i think is, well, we need to really pay attention to. and if you look at what the you went to customer was, was debating the last time you met, that is on agreement that when we are we with international what does it know about the benefits based on the responsibility spent right now, we have about 20000000 people age to die, who really do not know the bit of what that's going to be for us talking about over 100000000. i who do not know what is going to to happen. i don't think,
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i think that it's a little bit off, but i mean, you know, the way in which by delaying that need to reach an agreement. we focus more on what is supposed to be the benefits, but nobody seems to be talking about what are the responsibilities that need to have. and indeed that's where the 3 countries you might say are not ready on the same page at all. so i wonder why it has actually made this statement today, and the cynic in me actually asks whether it's all about more for the, the therapy and domestic audience and distracting them from the conflict that they might be experiencing up doth. i hope i know that the outer debt debt is easy and probably that would be some, some, some, some possibility that at this point in time looking at what it is that is going to
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be like a very big win for day to do that. i mean, if you're not have a very good, i bet it won't gone over the last number of weeks in terms of the of the what that is happening with that. with that with g p, a lab, i'm, i'm in the box. is that the birthday or not? i saw on the if you're government news the next week and then i'm going to hold a 1000000 miles across the country to talk about how the support and the don't. but what then we are missing. i don't think that this is the domestic if you for the if you're going to figure this, we are talking about over 20300000000. to do that. i don't deny who been also need to get out issue. and that not only is this going to benefit your people, but it is not going to cause us to be to sit down just not going to cause i lack of what i don't have time for what i did. trustingly. all the 3 parties tell
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us that that's been an agreement on 90 percent of the use. i'm the only 7 issue that i was standing now. good question. what is it about this 10 but then to use that they have been unable to agree on why can they make public 90 percent of use so that the one is able to see whether the 10 issues that we need to bring on the table. whether it's something but the africa unit is difficult and it was shifting or maybe what that is, maybe 10 percent of the issues that took complex, that we need $25.00 them to the africa, you know, on what it was started today. you went to q 2 custom to nice, you know, was proposing ok, well we'll see when they do and if they do reveal those parts of the agreement for the moment pull a coon with thanks so much for joining us from nairobi. thank you very much. since you had here on the out there and these are including israeli spyware is linked to an investigation find signs of hundreds of journalists and politicians have been
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hacked. worries about carbon levels and the effect on climate change for wildfires ranging in serbia and formula one champion lewis hamilton is racially abused after winning the british chrome pre reactions that coming up in support with tara ah, that the 1st on top of a prisoner released under the biden to ministration has been re pantry to morocco. it marks a break from the trump taylor when transfers and negotiations will halted. abilities . nasa was captured by barcus on the agents in 2001 was sent to guantanamo the following year. nasa was accused of involvement with the taliban, but was never charged. he was cleared for release 5 years ago. well, at its peak after the $911.00 attacks, the invasion of gunners found the prison complex held about $675.00 inmates,
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not just $39.00 prisoners remain. only 11 of those have been charged with war crimes like of the let these nasa, 10 of the remaining inmates have been recommended for transfer. our white house correspondent can be helped get join me now from washington dc. it's a significant move by the, by the administration. one they would have liked to have seen happen a lot earlier. kimberly well, i think that's fair to say, but you have to remember that joe biden was a member of the obama administration, and one of the signature promises of brock obama back in 2008 was that he would close the guantanamo bay detention facility on day one, so obviously after 8 years under the obama administration, that did not happen 8 years where joe biden, with vice president and things got much more complicated, as you've reported under donald trump, who not only opposed close in the detention facility, but actually wanted to add to the population. so i think that when it comes to
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assessing blame, there certainly are a number of us administrations that can be pointed out, but the bible ministration. it's true is certainly seeking to rectify that. now with the release the transfer to morocco, according to the state department and the defense department of abdul a teeth nasir. so you point out was recommended by a pro like board to be released back in 2016. but this process moves so slowly. it is not until now in 2021 that we know he is finally set to be released. so what is the remaining prison? is that in guantanamo, kimberly. are you hearing any whispers about when they may be released or when that cases may be rehab? well in some cases, what these are transfer is not actually releases. so they're transfers from guantanamo bay to other nations. not necessarily the nations that these individuals
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originated from. but the process is complex because not only does this in each individual case have to be reviewed. but it also has to be arranged through the state department for a whole country to accept each detainee. it has to be approved by the department of defense and then congress has to be notified. now one notable point that is significant and how the, by the ministration is proceeding with this is that they're trying to keep it rather quiet. because what they learn from the obama era is that when you make a lot of noise about this, you get a lot of push back in congress. and that is what contributed to the slow down and the inability of the president brock obama, to keep his promise to close one tunnel bay. so things are being done a little bit differently in order to see this move more quickly. but as in the case of mr. nasir quickly, can still mean about 5 years. so not exactly hopeful or encouraging for many of
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these people. i think it's also important to point out that another reason these cases are taking so long to process is that many of them were abducted by the cia held in secret black sites for many years before they emerged in guantanamo bay. and as a result, the lawfulness of abducting people, keeping them in holding them without charge is being challenged by their lawyers. rightfully so. but also that is adding to the length of these individual cases being reviewed can be how could all whitehouse correspond? thanks very much. china was being accused of engaging in malicious cyber activity and leading the hack of the microsoft exchange email. so earlier this year, the u. s. u. k and other allies say groups banked by beijing responsible, compromising tens of thousands of computers worldwide. it's one of a range of cyber threats. china has been blamed for, including ransomware attacks with millions of dollars. the us lead lyons is expected to announce details of action against china. later on monday,
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let's say that to mike hannah, who's following the story forth from washington, d. c, the u. s. 70 pointing the finger really at china, but what more do we expect it to do? this will us has come out to the very strong statement from the 2nd international country making very clear that the us whole trying to responsible for this massive pack of microsoft servers. what the u. s. is doing at this particular point, it's informed microsoft about the nature of the hacked. it has launched an investigation into the nature in a rare occurrence, the f b, i obtained a search warrant to go into corporate servers and remove elements that were left behind to prevent further hacks and also of course study how the heck was made. so the u. s is sharing all of the information with private entities in a bid to blocked any future attempts at hacks of service, such as those of microsoft. but it must be noted to as well that this is the 1st
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time that has been such a broad alliance formed what the u. s. has done is created a massive alliance, ranging from australia, new zealand, japan, b, e, u, nato, to publicly come out, and basically name and shane china for this particular action. this is unprecedented. the width of the protest internationally against the village section by chinese hackers who the us says associated with the ministry of state security in china. like we often see trying to rebuff such allegations. certainly in the past and sort of beyond the words, could we see sanctions imposed on china similar to those that we've seen russia experience well, herein lies the problem for the us that has got this massive alliance together. but many of its alliance partners thing germany in particular, would be very reluctant to take any form of a ton of reaction against china in the job sanctions, for example,
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because of the close relationship with china. so this is the issue that us faces, their reluctance among its allies, although it is a huge step for them to come out and name and shame, so to speak. but to get them to join into some kind of sanctions. campaign is going to be a very difficult issue. now as to the u. s, it says that in the course of the day, the department of justice will identify for hackers. it alleges are linked to the men, the chinese agency. at the same time, they will have criminal charges filed against them, but that's about the limit. at this stage, we cannot see any formal sanctions being laid on a national basis. as you mentioned, such as those that were launched on russia back in april this year. so in a way the u. s. as attempting to find the balance between recalculating to chinese action going on the offensive. but at the same time, conscious of the fact that it needs to keep this broad international alliance. an
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alliance that would be put under pressure should formal sanctions be established. like kinda washington d. c. thank you. now things belonging to hundreds of journalists, activist, and politicians have been hacked by governments using spyware, owned by israeli surveillance company, and so group. now that's according to the latest investigation conducted by 16 media outlets. investigate to say they obtained a list of 50000 and been talked to by the spyware pegasus. at least 600 politicians, 85 human rights activists. and with 200 gen this from 50 countries have been effected, not journalists working for international news organizations such as the associated press, new york times. bloomberg and al jazeera have been targeted since 2016. and so initially said, the software would only be used to spy on terrorists, and major criminals is ready, firm has call the investigations, findings exaggerated, and baseless malaria. we spoke to said heart of
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a dodge and he's, they found together to of the wire and a journalist whose phone was hacked. he says that needs to be legal repercussions. there is something known as muffles, lawful interception. and there's the prescribed procedure for this mention in statute in government rules, as well as the guidelines and the you suspect, which of all hacking into my porn is specifically excluded from the definition of multiple levels. because it is defined as one of the constituents of the crime of hacking. so if it has been found on my phone, as we can confirm this means my phone was hacked. that's me, the crime was coming. the question is, who has committed the crime now? and that's all on the record, a thing that they only sell their spyware to the so called better government. so it's really for the government of india to answer. and when they've been in the past that are you, are you
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a user of pegasus the have stopped well short of it? categorical denies. so the government has never been denied on the record that they use. pegasus is really, you know, in military and civilian technology have developed a lot of tools which are very useful for government around the world, particularly those that play fast and loose with the humanitarian moms or democratic norms. and so the targeting of journalists cannot be justified by any people to national security, which is the usual alibi cited by, by government when they, when they tread on civil liberty, less time for the weather. now his robe, now the season rains for the time being taken a step back as we got not just one but 2 tropical storms in the system, just to complicate things, some pocket which is just about to impact the science of china. even go to strength
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very much more remote tropical storm. whereas in fact, we're probably become a tie food pretty soon to be honest. and instead of the water moves slowly towards ty, pay across the southern part, the recruit chains, japanese islands, or some bucker as impacting as i said, glen dong. now for the rest of the seasonal range look bit further north the yangtze up towards the yellow river. shannon stretching towards beijing, we could see significant rain, but for shanghai in all places to the sas to the pickup. the south coast is looking fairly dr. that is in japan and the korean police a bit more detail. this is where you're going to see this lamp impact of the smallest storm strong winds. but rain will be the real thing can i think, of course you've got big waves coming into all the harbors all my coast. the philippines still looks quite wet as a, as a massive island most fit in new zone. there are big showers in jakarta and in solar ways i have to say, but for most of borneo,
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su marcia and including singapore is quite dry. well, still had hill there are tackling kind of iris on a south korean war. ship of hundreds of sailors has positive cobit 19 and the german government thinks is accusations of not providing enough warnings to people ahead of last week. deadly flood and will have only 24 year old taking the world of gold by storm that's coming up in fort with potter. ah, as the world's ultra rich ticket giant leaves award, the final frontier stay with all just as jeff bezos, boards the blue origin. you shepherd, space flight on july 20th the billionaires face rings, special coverage. frank assessments eastern argument for suggesting that no
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ministrations along game. it's very much of a warm embrace of the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools, and shelters of been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and their policy then their life has been shape? why vitamin, the in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jews era. the us is always of interest to people around the world. people pay attention to what is on here. and it's very good that bringing the news to the world from here. oh, a
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welcome back to the news with me, the whole rom and the reminder, vol. top news stories. the 2nd phase is filling the controversial graham the a p and renee is complete. issue has raised pensions with its neighbors, egypt and saddam was to binding deal over the filling of the corporation. the u. s. u. k and other allies to keep trying to engage in malicious cyber activity, including the high call the microsoft exchange email. earlier this year, it's one of the range of fiber threats, trying to being blamed for including ransomware attacks with millions of dollars. and the 1st one ton of a prison released under the bytes administration has been re pat treated to morocco . it marks a break from the drum error when transfers and negotiations were halted.


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