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square, remain very large, very vocal of houses 0. we cover the stories that matter, the human story from the for values of correct. so the battlefields around wilson, i would job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah, ah, hello again, i'm fully battery boy and don't. with the headlines on al jazeera, japanese chancellor has described the situation in areas hardest hit by floods. as for real and terrifying, i'm going to merkel has visited the village of shoals as a massive cleanup gets on the way across western europe. more than 180 people have died in the fact is, is a slave. it's terrifying. i would say there is no word in the german language to describe this devastation. but what i witness is incredibly comforting. it's how
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people are sticking together, how they helping each other, the solar that the among people who have gone government and taliban have issued a joint statement following another round of talks in the cattery capital. they've agreed to speed up discussions aimed at finding common ground. but the taliban express disagreement with proposals on a political roadmap and constitution for f ganeth son and major border crossing between pakistan and afghanistan has been partially reopened. draft or the taliban sees control of the african side. on wednesday, it's an economic lifeline for southern afghan. it's done with agricultural exports and other goods passing through it. the afghan government has launched an operation to retake it. in india, several houses have collapsed, killing at least 33 people after land slides caused by heavy rain in the financial capital rescue. as here more people could be chopped in the debris image by phones belonging to hundreds of journalists, activists and politicians have been hacked by government using spyware,
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owned by israeli surveillance company. and as so group, that's according to the latest investigation conducted by 16 media outlets. investigators say report is working for international news organizations were targeted by the spyware known as pegasus. the u. k. foreign minister is urging the public to be cautious. as coven 1900 restrictions are relaxed on monday. boys, johnson is self isolating. after having contact with the house secretary who tested positive for corona's eyes despite being vaccinated, and south africa's president has called for unity as he joined cleanup efforts in one of the cities hardest hit by lucian, and rise to my post. i promised a full review was visiting, so wait till after more than a week of the was fine. and since the end of apartheid, more than $200.00 people were killed during protest, sponsored by the jailing of former president, jacob's alexander world continues. next. stay with me in 26 fighters belonging to
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homos military branch clashed with an israeli army in close to the israel guys are bored to israeli. soldiers were killed and one gill actually was captured. and so began a long process of indirect negotiations between israel and commerce. israel strategy was to use both diplomacy and its military strength in an attempt to leverage the release of their captured soldier. one is really aristotle targeted the hamas military leadership in gaza. or did ethan and i'm really that you're here . i'm not gotten i forgot at the saturn was hey, thumb not the american eminent ah, ah, the 12th of july 26. so 2 contrasting events on the same day. one was the israeli
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attack on the how much leadership and gaza the other was the capture of 2 israeli soldiers in a surprise attack along the israeli lebanese border, his right to this time. he is really a soldier, shall eat main captivity in regards to one of the israel likes to boast about its intelligence capabilities and gaza and the extent that it has operatives, unintelligence, for within her mass and being able to kill shalley for so long, i suppose showed that israel's reach within garza wasn't as strong as it might've said. it was similarly, israel did try to free shyly with military means after he was taken and failed. so yes that's, that's a, that's a victory for,
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for her math. the consumer shadow unit, a guy's responsible for the captured israeli soldier ah, molecule. while your model fella on one sub blown. well, who do and was 11. and that'll notice here that live in the law within 30. did them young father, the little man? well, on was of a couple of you. come out. sorry you lou and the girl she omen can was out of the little one mazama on the phone. donna lee mandel is gabriella little. solely late. how late are she asked? lunch shell. actually they're. they're locked off myisha who
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a may or may or may or shoot me a touch of a lame attempt seamless or proving because a quarter 1000000 actually in that i do by the last 3 months out of the battle. i'm new to very well. i'm in the, at the hospital. what kind of loan? i didn't the one method half i will send us back in with a hardly island. however, i don't feel certain level about what it costs off the phone. you know how it is also in my room. how would i see what we had in helena at the lay of the hops? she's the law because i can't get a whole lot what. but i will also my last appointment a little bit with the headache. my left and does 2 years following the israeli soldiers capture an irish construct mediator. oliver maternal approached us
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with a message from israel. fish. gonna take him off a lawsuit with atlanta oliver was worth as an added the leah my. the 41. 1 is the one that i bought, the old one for the fees. you thought it the fault. why jennifer salazar will not. not let her say that one from the job, but it was the 400 the hard one. kenneth lina, this. busy is for fraud. anthony deloney was the one for the cleaning field element enough and be there. can i have you? your daughter had left her the one year if you will holler, gil, it's very much of a should get actually of a base there. so we'll them a lawyer. let him know is there some, you know, if you will harness actually the homeless, he'll end up because he's the 1st round of negotiations focused on the category of palestinian prisoners who might be included in any future deal. one list was known
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as the v. i. p list members included palestinian fighters described by israel as having blood on their hands. hamas insisted that some on the so called v i. p list be included in any tradeoff for the captured israeli soldier. israel flatly refused . as for the irish mediator, his mission, a setback. turner nano denson over on the sub sub marsh. i'm going to somebody in finance to the omen litigation. i feel i do are the one who what will happen for con, with them in lawrenceville about us, your company will see you on the same day, did the irish mediator canceled his meeting with hamas? the 28 is really got a war, began. the conflict continued for $22.00 days,
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during which time surely 2 remained imprisoned somewhere in garza the elder gun. lastly, a young man shook him as old a moment and a little to recycle him. while i'm a little more helpful, i guess i'm on this list. admit multiple of them will follow a lot of other little i saw well the handler will bill him. couldn't remember the walnut manger who little saw elaina. let me also in the shape at the beginning of 29 as the gaza war ended. egypt ramped up its mediation role. these records from within the negotiation teams record,
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the 1st round of talks between hamas and the egyptian intelligence sanisha fisher. and in the summer dallas, when i'm included in hub auto monthly welfare linoleum, i thought i should am and then will fall in model 20 high school clinical. follow the chuckle him the in direct negotiations continued as via gyptian mediators shuffled between the hamas and his wally delegations. and almost term as israeli prime minister was coming to an end. according to the egyptian mediator is ready delegation, hoped to do, could be struck before he step done. but the sticking points were the names and numbers of palestinian prisoners to be released. then shall it be a sort between monsieur mean bitco 14, which will mean the name of medea came on chewing. they will meet there. oh
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shit. you am hungry shaquana future. luckily for them. well, how often? how often was 3 and also in the afternoon was up by the and had the mr. walk family that the phone while another the hand. was it almost with a man check and shuffling or jealous off dinner. i, on the 14th of march 29, egypt intelligence chief, almost soon, the man invited the hamas delegation to an urgent meeting in cairo. those who were there described the meeting as tense. this record shows that solomon delivered a message from israel, saying the israelis had made their final offer and demanded yes or no answer me ah, i must rejected the also. ah,
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egyptian mediator said he was concerned to negotiations might go back to square one . when the incoming is where the prime minister benjamin netanyahu took office in a matter of weeks, notice happy scholar, better to robert professor, any deals, and either a much, much love on a home, a job. leave the other to the visa, re leech and buck miguel oil change for her jelly. they are both in chicago and li, priggish a and especially on swim. go to the committee progression also to meet the 100 and they will name shall homage w a, shall i back to the vin. she buck q gun. right. so i mean, shall we do, we will milan machine. she weighed them. the ultimate tool was in fact that they
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showed us all the sco dice got her to go later that night. the egyptian mediator called hamas leader on the job. he said he had received further concessions from israel. the israelis agreed to increase the number of palestinian prisoners whose names were to be decided by hamas. the so called v i p list from 5 to 10. the israelis also agreed to release 5 prisoners from jerusalem. job re rejected the revised offer. one of the or, and i haven't had the wrong one, let us know if you have some source in the cotton la, tony, my wife and how about that? and so the alarm with a lot of the still he wouldn't follow the, well, i said we're over. this is to show back to setup when for the guy that came up, no one person in the and then that's about the dollar. cannot hear him clearly myself or half a while the one left in the middle of them still our promotion,
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shall i? sorry, i mean with shale. i me a holla, ya let his dad shanna honey. so total. hello him similar. so call as soon as she caught him, show me the note and they told her, you know how young she moved. buck glove as soon as albany, honestly that usually at the end of march 20 o 9 almost left office and benjamin netanyahu became israel's prime minister. there was also a new head of the israeli negotiating team hug. i heard us formerly a senior officer with israel's intelligence agency, ma side 4 months later, a new mediator stepped in, gearhart conrad, an officer of the federal intelligence service of germany. conrad, a fluent arabic speaker, had a broker, a prisoner swap,
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a deal between israel and lebanon's boiler a year earlier. yeah. hi. conrad has never spoken publicly about his role mediating between garza and tele fees until now night started with a new prime minister in israel. mister netanyahu in a little early summer, 2009. when mister anything built a new negotiation team and asked the german chancellor whether germany was able to, to con, mediator to the forthcoming negotiations. then my term lost it from 2009 until spring 2011. kind of felt that the people wanting been working on them and does who feel that what a half unfolded, kenneth moved me or shop or whether nephew and philip sat. i'm a man was super on money,
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the major issues where that the prisoners demanded by how moss we had difficult ones or so called impossible once mary, often for the israeli side according to their opinion and as well the solutions which were offered by the trailer side how to release to where to release such difficult prisoners where hotly contested 3 months after starting his mediation role, conrad achieved a partial breakthrough. israel released 20 female palestinian prisoners in return for a video proving that de la charlotte was still alive. it was a 1st kind of mini deal between both sides, which succeeded, which was a strong encouragement. he's been ugly. sharika, moore said you'll be coming because the day. yeah, well there was no other way to do it. i got it. transported it to
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the, to the other side and day it kept it in until all the procedures were ready to, to ended over what we just didn't look like that in school. will people on money? what do you see up and you wouldn't, le let, let me. so let me get that in before. then. feel free to you but but them don't be me. love. what i love is sitting. i mean, unless the i i love my daughter, i'm one of the she had at noon and one dash 13 was her being the malware removal of money when you kind of left window like i like me to just think of you almost funny and left a sort of flaming went into what you had in montana here personally felt that the
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field one was i did the last one was the one that oddly had her in any other pilot to know what it meant that in this message, man, how's the theater of what that horse and then did come home. why that i'm going to journey with the larger so he will and if you could hear me met him and doesn't matter if it's, if i don't hold off off the official harrison and i've been with dash for i'm not out of the ship. i know, you know, if you shall have auto fin wash, all kind of living model, the holly fisher, her. why had fear with dutch, what did that occur? and that had a lot of doors. the clear stock was this document shows a record of a meeting between hamas and the german mediator. the hamas delegation expressed concerns at israel's approach. according to the documents, conrad expressed frustration and toby israelis that his mission was over.
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the israelis were angered and complained about conrad to the german chancellor. so then when in february 2011 i said look folks, that's all i can do for you and i heard very many nasty words from the outside iceland, you know, right is right. is politicians other so that i was falling? let's say the israel side, so they had their discussion, then they came to us to their solution. i presented it to the, to the, to homicide folks. that's for the time being what we could do. and then they had, they are vivid and sometimes controversial discussions as well over over the christmas and in january they reached the conclusion that listen
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not yet. we are not yet there. god only sound of level dying. a girl called a lot of la debo, who michelle michelle, should be on the screen from the volley. could keep us off mix line with the guy up with what does that feel? verbal to have you go. it was the a tom with the engine resigned. the delay was, and i would, i'm can be such between yahoo! the my games. i sub time of getting money. zimmer seemed she with a customer. in 2011 attention was diverted away from garza and towards the so called arab spring movement, including events in egypt. however, behind the scenes negotiations continued and hold off the reclining huffy muscle on the chart and dash. when you see that it will be inserted lobby or i'm a whole lot more bottom one on the left in my left for the cleaning. but once you have in 100, the she thought it off by the antenna via the holding up the,
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for the lot to be hard to get up on here. do you want to turn, this is the cookie of the household. if you feel comfortable than a dollar and follow the model, when am i the student who was out on the 3 year plan? well, how can i, the dollar can fall? that's how i'm feeling dash can i can follow the saga hallmark by the shock. what kind of cathedral hand occurred and that if i don't hear from a lot of when demo sharma a member of them and just who fidelity data dash can will be and what can i will hopefully i'll see if the deal was done this previously unseen footage shows the moment of commerce signing the agreement on a prisoner exchange deal. matawan isa appears as a member of the how much delegation his face is blurred. the
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the from us side of the agreement was an english and arabic signed along with the signature of the egyptian mediator. it was over 5 years since gala shot each capture. and the terms of his release showed that israel had moved a long way from their original offer to come us the final number of palestinian detainees that israel agreed to release was 1027. they fell into several categories and included over 70 palestinian prisoners named in the so called v i p list. israel also agreed to release 46 palestinian prisoners from jerusalem. and 6 from israel. and israeli agreed to free old female
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palestinian detainees held in his way to jails. the israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu met gilbert, shirley on his witness. on that day, netanyahu's office released a statement saying, quote, tough negotiations were carried out night and day in cairo. with the mediation of the egyptian government. we stood our ground, and when our main demands were met, i had to make a decision. ineffectually gum. the news you could've called a maybe a little voucher song coming. seamless, kanisha, shame made for you when the seems is going to show the my cell or my say pressure. i want any amount of eval is a position to hum us chicky. that a lot,
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so call me on my dog scheme if the for hi alice railey hub. hi matina. tom is a class for me. a deal more menu is very similar to israel in the last, you know, that detail implication will have a bad sim, ice guides or the whole, the tunnel amy into them. she was fairly misreading kim supposed to the bottom of that. he says, the name of a bail him mushroom. it's a p mill. every single gale is from one to j, the lucky for him. she mamma is clearly a cow mil gumby dumb below huckabee dumb an ice coming. so got it. last, be sure i came by that some guy will let us go. natural up should talk about low you telescope, my. so going to i can watch some different. well you is cause not so good. i mean, you know, the story of prisoner exchanges between israel and how much did not end with the
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release of beulah shall each, during the 2014 israeli offensive on gaza. how much claim to have captured a number of israeli soldiers. this presented the potential for another prisoner exchange negotiation in may 2021. anew sees 5 was reached between israel and hamas following an 11 day conflict. so as hama now seeking a new round of negotiations to start another prisoner exchange with the soldiers, they claim to have captured in 2014. and i'm falling off and so on. and just roughly about the us on why not enough of coolant for the, for me. and while lot of the soonest i'm in cafeteria and not shopping for the cleaning over in 2021. how much is on weight on brigade's release to all, just arabic, an audio recording, claiming to be
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a captive israeli sort of an increase in credit shipment. notice on the machine learning good machine. we learn and any met you. how does the claim and any good because it all comes to me as soon as yada boone has acknowledged the death of kinda golden and old and sole. i'm captured of it. i'm english too and for some are said and described the release of the tape and as a quote cheap and transparent manipulation by hamas. it is not possible to confirm whether this recording is indeed the voice of
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a captured israeli soldier. nor is it known for the talks are currently taking place for a new round of prison exchanges, but in the ongoing power struggle between israel and hamas. it seems likely that this specific bargaining chip could be leveraged by both sides for years to come about the board and determine to succeed. it can be you want to try to keep on training by obstacle. i'll just say we're healthy inspiring story of the group of money women into the future, their dream of playing football for that country. despite its culture and traditions, we are in the somali society and it's difficult for people to accept the money goes and goes on in
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ah ah ah. now the shares in the midwest, great lakes have been big recently. they're all moving off shore eventually, and it'll cool things down relatively speaking in d. c. in new york. it's a slow moving system there. it'll wander around the southern face, giving you more and more showers, but not giants. i don't think further west of this is big anti cycling. it's still hot and it's dry. of course you knows farseason. there's still a big fire in southern oregon, the boot leg far and they don't think they're gonna have it properly in the control until november. so this is nasty stuff and that's,
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that's oregon. we haven't considered california yet where they're still fires burning. so that continues and possibly gets worse because he, small blue dots here are a hint of we've had him moisture coming up in the south west monsoon and the devastates. it might well run right through the rockies. produce thunderstorms that might stop more fires, but away from that proper showers, thunderstorm in the southern states and living steady south folks and eventually on texas. and maybe through his younger south at all that we've got pretty standard set up is particularly, went around the yucatan. i think in this mexico and sydney costa rica, there are frequent daddy shouts throughout the islands of the caribbean. the who's investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe for now to hear. after a one year delay the tokyo and then picks up, buying them by growing opposition,
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spiraling cars to japan, thousands of athlete will compete in empty stadium. amid the corona virus pandemic al jazeera will be inside the bubble to bring them from games like no other. ah, the german chancellor visit the areas struck by catastrophic floods with more than a 100 people dead and many still missing. ah. are you watching algae 0 live from do with me for the back? people also ahead. the release of prisoners remains an obstacle in talks between the afghan government and the taliban in any channel journalism investigation.


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