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the me ah, me lu, i'm fully bachelor window with a look at our main stories on al jazeera german chancellor. anglo merkel has described the scenes in flood damage villages as surreal and ghostly. and the crisis in parts of europe is only getting worse, more heavy rain as it parts of eastern germany, austria and the czech republic. at least a 183 people confirmed dead, but that number is expected to rise out of brady report, some shoulder in germany. destruction on a scale hardly imaginable. people in short,
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germany are clearing out with the flood waters left behind at a local guest house in bery, they're taking stock and saving whatever they can with fish and fish, initial food, either a good line of us are suncrest, old old bar manager michael croyt. it shows us how high the water rose here often there's some saturday was meant to be the breweries grand opening after 4 month renovation. now he says he'll be lucky if they open within a year. the cushion line and was annoyed on the thought that i will not thousands and nobody in everything in the cellar was destroyed. the heating system and everything technical and the cooling. we're talking at least 3 quarters of a 1000000 euros to replace it all with recovery and clean up effort fully underway, chancellor merkel came to this region on sunday, promising give these people what they need and she would clearly touched by what she thought is this a slick and it's terrifying. i would say there's no word in the german language to describe this devastation. but what i witness is incredibly comforting. it's how
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people are sticking together, how they helping each other, the solar that the among people. merkle cabinet is scheduled to meet on wednesday, where, according to reports, they'll approve billions of years in relief and reconstruction funds down in the village. it's all hands on deck. volunteers that come from across germany to help out the learner norm, if in his 2 friends came from the neighboring village and you're going to get all it's crazy to see you. all the people have now become poorer from one day to the next. they can use all the help they can get back at the bar, michel croyt says he doesn't have time for the sadness to sleep in help. his started to arrive and he wants to focus on reopening. as soon as he can, adarine al jazeera shorter germany, the afghan government and taliban have issued a joint statement following another round of talks in the country capital. they've
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agreed to speed up discussions aimed at finding common ground. but the taliban expressed disagreement with proposals on a political roadmap and constitution for ganesh than a major border crossing between pakistan and afghanistan has bought has been partially reopened. after the taliban fees control of the afghan side on wednesday is from economic lifeline force have enough ganesh band with agricultural exports and other goods passing through it. the afghan government has launched an operation to retake it. in india, several houses have collapsed, getting at least 33 people after land slides caused by heavy rainfall in the financial capital. rescuers, few more people could be trapped in the debris in by, in one neighborhood. half a dozen shacks collapsed on top of each other, authority, se, rainwater inundated a water purification complex, disrupting supply to large parts of the city. phones belonging to hundreds of
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journalists, activists and politicians have been hacked by government using spyware, owned by israeli surveillance company. and i saw a group that's according to the latest investigation conducted by 16 media outlets . investigators say report is working for international news organizations were targeted by the spyware packages. south africa, the president has called for unity as he joined cleanup efforts in one of the cities hot is hit by looting and wise city run my post that promised a full review was visiting. so wait till after more than a week up, the was fine. and since the end of apartheid, more than 200 people were killed stream protest sponsored by the jailing of former president obama and the u. k. prime minister is urging the public to be cautious as koby 19 restrictions are relaxed on monday voice johnson is self isolating. after having contact with the health secretary was tested positive for over 19, despite being vaccinated. next on algebra, algae 0 while the
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me ah, the secret negotiations. international intermediaries, intelligence and last minute brinkman ship, whole part of the covert world of prisoner exchanges between israel and hummers. in ga. on
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the jaws of may. 2021. 11 days of conflict between israeli forces and hamas left destruction in many parts of gaza. the human cost was the death of at least $253.00 palestinians, including $65.00 children killed in the israeli. bombard on the israeli side, 12 people including 2 children, were killed by hamas rocket. far the fees far between israel and thomas came into force in the gaza strip after an agreement was broken by egypt. israel and hum us which governs the gaza strip, have no direct contact. for decades, they've used intermediaries to seal agreements relating to conflicts and prisoner exchanges. these prisoner exchanges are
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contentious and are usually kept top secret or even denied. but they can be of vital part of the power play between the 2 sides. in garza, the military wing of hamas claims that since 2014, they have held for captured is where the soldiers auto show. how the golden come, a very amended and for some of the official is really statements have referred to the capture of 2 soldiers, but say that auto soul on one of golden were killed. and at home us only holds there remains. i'll just either arabic report or tama on this call and his team secure a rare interview with one of the how much key leaders and prisoner exchange negotiators. not one isa. isa agreed to be interviewed on condition that his face
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was not shown. one of the big issues are, should be up. we'll talk about the issue. come up on the chimney limit a cut off. hello holly, my resume one kid behavior before today. oh my gosh. i mean i had him update on the team up to mac level. should we should sound my job? model annisa is the deputy commander of commerce, military wing, all her son brigades. this is the only known photo of isa. it's an image from 2011 when he was involved in a prisoner exchange deal between us and israel to release in israeli soldier who was captured by commerce 5 years earlier in 26 gillard shall eat st model and isa who not a mon, you should get fearful that
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a ton on this crowd began by asking about the 2021 broken cease fire with many happy kinetic or not to bother check. a couple of them will call them out of someone to listen for the thing. well, you have to part and i thought the hallmark channel, how them listed in montana when it's 5 well, kind of marketing a safe and let them know it. hadn't that the jimmy on see if as well. so what, and i think better than with, than will come up with the marker. i could see what that is still in the office. he didn't sign it as yet. it was i left in a few minutes 30 minutes to do so. he will need walker and i'm gonna fit a little harder on well before was able to that one man familiar with he is a german mediator who negotiated with him to broker the release of the captured israeli soldier, shirley. so my one, he said, well,
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well acquainted with the whole story and he was my in that regard, my counterpart in you know, looking into the lists and checking the balance between the solutions of proposals i saw. he was very, very meticulous and careful analyst. that's my my impression from him. he knew the fires my heart the matter of prisoner exchanges is highly sensitive and all parties are reluctant to disclose details of the process. but now for the 1st time, senior leaders from both israel and hamas as well as mediators have gone on the record. they reveal how shall each was captured in $26.00 and what price was paid for his release. the israeli prime minister at the time of sallied capture was a hood almost to be
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a misuse of who she them above before the end of one day. i need also she to show them if you think of it must be we should embed payment. hudson shows you actually use on the 18th of october, 2011 chevy. it's 5 use of captivity ended ah, in return for freeing the captured israeli soldier. israel release 1027 palestinian prisoners. ah, yes. it was. it's the largest. it's the most significant. and
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it's, you know, fried a huge number of palestinians who were arrested in the fathers. and that is, you know, who are, who are heroes for many palestinians it showed from, for her mass. and for many palestinians, and observers around the world was that armed resistance is still effective. the negotiation process was complex with in direct communication between israel and hamas, via mediators and back channels. finding common ground was extremely slow. it took 5 years to negotiate the release of gala charlotte to how much representatives were present throughout these long negotiations. one job was killed by an israeli airstrike in 2012. the other negotiator was more one.
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ah, thomas on his holland, his team attained exclusive documents and i read it to written records from within negotiating team. although this records cannot be independently verified, it purports to show the details of lonely go see ations from shelley to capture in 26 to his release in 2011. ah, on the 25th of june 20 o 6 armed all cre sam brigades units launched a surprise attack on his ready forces near a gaza strip. border crossing 2 is where the soldiers were killed and one de la charlotte was captured
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the you'll wish on the boat kill if nation admin sharla novak the show dates and shoot, he cool alene men, a any say named n j. hum us. so how massive give her. thank you. so i li, just now finding the google 100 stuff when the saw it up with the me, my move come over them, cause a shallow shows albany, georgia, harvard, a. them hard. so limes you monday. it's a share of us, it's and shag off madina can went home with kylie, me, and chair for it because on a the committee was there before me. you can is
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railways were taken aback by both the success of the hamas operation and it's timing. this was 2006. just a year after israel's military withdraw from the gaza strip. it was also the same year that come out one palestinian legislative elections and formed a government kind of preferred nathan tucker that thought he did come from the field record of a father fill in the csc or the whole hacker. and i'm going to see if you want to call me or call me wallace, and then i will feel and had it as c s e a lot made any unwilling look on a little more than will come on full of money. what is that? it kind of cut out has in the corner one what the one that i'm going to. yeah. mac, i live and that come in from the military wing of commerce. christian brigades has never spoken about this 26
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operation now. sweet. i'll click on fighters who claimed to have been part of that alteration. have agreed to speak under conditions of anonymity. are many of them enough, luna? mackenzie? olivia, i was just speaking with not a let and i went to, i'd like to meet with the 3 been ahead of the ladies and had you whether, you know, he'll moderate hula you then kill you. what i'll be having an arm of the year and let the son of whom be her welcome of the world. but i will hope ball hope alina was social. i definitely sent her with those in, and i said, i lena couldn't afford it, didn't have 7100. we'll be looking to know if aren't just under the bed. can whitaker better with them? with that even when mad the what a feast is, the death of bucklin,
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missouri a hub in the foot, but i'm in the law for john. but the enemy, missouri, and i left off with the thief. meanwhile, had over. we're going to, i will, a lot of these images not seen before. show a tunnel under the israeli guys a border this became the access route for palestinian fighters to reach the israeli side of the border and launched their attack. me didn't show a lot of love and in that i don't
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want to open up a lot more. i'm in the collective to shuttle both the case on very much with the court case. money the much i know visually the shots of i am a peninsula the deal. the levine, she wouldn't have been me know, i'm a whole lot for them as a seems to come out here to malware donkey with a whole lot about names name. so voice from us was from days before the operation shows all caution on brigades. fighters in training, a number of men in the video have been identified including 2 who were killed in the attack. not enough of what kind of, but you didn't have the model. not enough of it, but that, that even was elaine and fuzzy enough up. why not from jelly soon?
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well, my little book. well, there's nothing for them. we're going to charlottesville with his dad debarber. no, no, no. well, no, no, no, not a how did it go? lucky mom can until she was going to mcguire mcallister, the lola. well, but id him get him on law. didn't do the job but the one of the me but also local. do you definitely the better father? well, how do i mean? well, why do you know when he woke up on the bed and a lot of them? well to just do either you, again, i did the from the heart of the funny pop last friday. he for football. well but the legitimate debarber almost walk to the baba. well, but that to be a lock and we'll definitely shut off the
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gun and let me look at the river. oh man. oh, shutting madeline up at the hold of them and patting would turn the weather almost to slim. it had been very one and the other night of the fun move my say the tired of shamella with a lot a lot of yesterday. what was the and i sort of religion david hood was said to have a phone when am you've the you call him a need him on the drug id. move broad nova. she can have a lawyer and i'm a thema, the more show you in the old for the neo a fusion of valley gum. the homie came back to the beach near silva. i lay sure julie and she'll catch up. a modem would come out there if she bought
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it was a name before. i mean the white 18 will try me, nova she build name. which last and honey, i'm sure you but tank a, you know, i'm, it's navy, she raising cool nav town, greece with her her listening. she a actually before it's him in the little cough one that he loves after the holiday. and i'm really not happy about how that'll order or will fill the salon for the for, have a little more or less that and when they had in, when welcome, i couldn't make them well for language and walk up our quick lube and who shackle. welcome. ah, the solemnity and see if that was done while unfold. the village of ali, dana, i lived dad wasn't in june. the had me then attentive some fissions on
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what the hello. when you talk with june b. o, a little late by the almost vision to see if i'm in the model with the meal july. whole title can you, i'm him involved a lawyer and it bill the but he was little with the over the next terminal as the level, almost all the jimmy and with one with the but i let you know how to find a little the other film and and also what we will come to the la external am elisa, mean, divorce, happy about swimming away. massage, sha scobee, sofe may down and say on it all over the phone, my phone,
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me via email or something of there been a good one. do not call it ball, i'm not the so i and now let's wait but i don't mean when young aud melody show will cause us will day and the it will go because i see politic i'm be so local hung and limits of shibel shall voice. so i really low your beta israel's response to the capture of shall eat, was to seek his early release by all means at their disposal. and am ordered emily at the house of all the most of the municipal notice that it did it with us. the image and that fear will publish becca thought will probably had decided fraud on by the fact that for us and i see him was also atlanta
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bothered. you had the fun with the students we had for the i just and how about i call you was also isn't that a see what i mean when you had them? what am your one with us all and none of us i didn't understand. i was in tennessee, you know, they had a little behind in the man who was just going to say it was fun with the song walker that if it was the 4th and last year with the also when you just had said he was a mean he had had a lead you can that even when one more with the few vessels for the money, bob and help us we had in what kind of a bug just like it'll, as ma, also a alaska. what kind of did you sort of, i don't know if i'm doing the a woman some about that, that if you look into anything fraud and bother us all thought i was at the song about the active on the other one has been an elevator and then
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what about a huffman? i'm a 4th master father in law, solicitor's. israel's approach was both military and diplomatic. while the egyptian back channel remained in place, israeli aircraft bombed infrastructure in garza, including water and power plants. of kits weighed yesterday. hibbitts in hibbard, the hatchet. okay, wait a minute, they are there a for a actually do a for house and stuff into yes, comedy in mid new york. a full name as obvious where the hot the leash law is in a humming should i know they've closed and j commando, middleman the middle, the middle me, me or them in the see milled now so clear gala comfortable. how do they
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show how to so because all of them, so i had hearing a lot through what's had them in my yard sale of a 100 and they any more. and i'm not asking abuto she a deal actually that similarly, really global came in. it's really small to him. i'm not jimmy horror for all future source of them all day. i will be sure those who are behind 50 can am nothing will ask when off the, the in car listen. not that it, that one of the other fight federal doing the at the for the road one, the daughter that the whole of also pot. welcome and i'm talking to them. i can check in with her of course, but even when bobby was on the phone with us, i took him no, i just went to see which them in boston. what kind of plan? how do we have it for patch or see one of them and if you could call,
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cannot le hubbard garcia half on the account, have you had it by the cannon? we'll do that. we'll be in town with the father to hold it, hold it all till i get my last he knew my my lawyer. and he says it can't officers need. so if it was in format, yeah, i remember the artist fella, so the profession, levy sally little television and jesse, unless you need from us painful much he has been so t in part to bring some ship between israel and hum us as the price for the captured soldiers will use, estimates me each and every $1.00 of us have to go to responsibility to change our personal space for the better
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or we could do this experiment and a lot of us could increase just a little bit that would be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, who is incredibly recipe for women to get 50 percent representation in the same spiritual assembly here. and getting this pick up to collect the segregate, to say the reason this is extremely important. service that they provide the city we need to take america to try to bring people together and trying to deal with people who have been left behind me. i did 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alleyway navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic. how the system based on private
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ownership and the profit. 3rd, the world in a ton of capitalism is the pandemic that causes so much of the suffering. explosives protect the people for the profit episode. one of all hail the locked down announces era escaping a wall. finding a new identity. confronting the reality of racism, religion, and the struggle to be accepted, al jazeera, tells the story of what it is like to be lebanese, and call us trailer home. once upon a time in punch bowl on al jazeera, i joined doctor 0 as part of the launch team in 2006 pro, just as a full for 1000000 mom march. in that time, i've covered wars, revolutions, elections on military, who is the crowds here, and square remain very large,
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very vocal 0. we cover the stories that matter, the human story from the preventative correct. as to the bustle fields around wilson, i would job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. ah, ah. hello again. i'm fully bad boy, and oh, how the headlines on al jazeera, gemini, chancellor, has described the situation in areas hardest hit by floods as surreal and terrifying. i'm going to merkel has visited the village of shoals as a massive clean up get found a way across western europe. more than 180 people have died in the front. is a slave. it's terrifying. i would say there is no word in the german language to describe this devastation. but what i witness is incredibly.


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