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the civilians and providing human assistance. oh, love, ganeth putting in mine. the corona pandemic in the country and both parties will take the necessary steps to serve god. the middle kirkland law is to have medical equipment and medicines to reach the end of the people nationwide. all over again is both delegation express their gratitude to the set of data for the good for us to reach peace in the country. also, the to day negation express appreciation to the neighboring countries for the corporation and the peace process. now the law will go to dr. i've the lab and he will talk to you, raise be a law own my, it's a and praise. be on the profit of a profit. peace be upon him. there are other more
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generally tiny minded elders had asked the bazaars on a positive that made lis caught on a bit of that on as he's a cell on my computer. but i saw the same kid that tell you dorothy bachelor was out today. he the, this is a press conference is being held by members of the afghan government and the talent on holding for source on the proposal is part of political roadmap and a constitution for ghana. stan, few hours ago the taliban had rejected the starting proposal with regard to that roadmap. this is della della, who's chairman of the african council for national reconciliation, who his giving his remarks in on what has been happening during the course of the day. he's giving those remarks in arabic. at the moment i want to crossover . if i can to our correspondence rose jordan, who is alive for us in washington
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d. c. ross, the u. s. has had a presence of course at these talks, particularly in the in the person is of the us special envoy for janice. time is on the side. talk us through how the u. s. is regarding the way these talks are going well, the u. s. is understanding, has always been that in something of this magnitude, trying to reach a comprehensive peace deal between the tall bond and the civilian lud government. and cobble that, it's going to take time that these talks are going to be quite difficult and that both sides are going to be making demands of the other that would be politically untenable to their supporters. and so that is why you see all of these fits and starts repeated rounds threads to walk away decisions to return to the table. comments about the need for a political settlement. that's perhaps the most important part out of this,
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even as groups loyal to the taller bond, either members or independent militias have been re taking territory across the northern half of afghanistan. the leader of the taller bond said that he knows and that the rest of the taliban leadership understands that the only way forward for afghanistan is to reach a political settlement. now it may be falling upon things such as what to actually give as afghanistan's official name. is it an emerald, or is it and islamic republic? but the larger question is this, what should be the overarching virt vision of the country? and this is something which both parties are trying to hammer out. officials here and washington have said now for the better part of a decade that it is not up to washington to dictate what that vision of a future up get a stand should be. if anything they would be pleased,
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i would imagine to see that the negotiations continue. would they like to see things wrap up quickly? certainly, but do they know that getting a a deal that is going to be as inclusive and as comprehensive? and that makes both sides feel as if they struck a good bargain. that's much more important to those who are watching from the sidelines here in washington. and ross, although very, of course, the u. s. has led to the military pro out of us and nato forces from afghanistan. we should stress that the u. s. is not abandoning, i've got to sound completely. there is going to be some, some limited presence there, but equally one would imagine going forward. there's gotta be thoughts about how the u. s. is going to deal with that kind of stuff and whatever. eventually the government of afghanistan looks like. well certainly as far as the short term foreign policy of the united states is concerned, afghanistan is still very much a central part of a. just this past week,
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we saw ambassador calloway, along with the high ranking state department official visit several nearby countries, including context on and touch based on to talk about ways that countries in the region can support afghan a stand as it moves into this next phase of its existence as a country trying to work out the economic, the political, the regional security concerns that all of these countries could contribute in order to help get a stand of thrive and try to move away from the prospect of civil war. which is apparently something that a lot of people inside afghanistan are worried about right now. so this is not a matter of the united states walking away. the embassy and cobble is still going to be open. the complex there that has not just security forces, but more than a 1000 diplomats and contractors who are working on programs around the country.
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but it is going to be more difficult because right now, or rather until recently, the diplomats could count on gaining access to different parts of the country because the us military was there to transport them. now with the military pull out, just about complete, it's going to be much more difficult for us officials to move around the country. afghan standards considered a high risk deployment for us diplomats and so their movements around the country are by design, highly, highly restricted and only permitted in extremely narrow circumstances. and given what you're saying about the u. s. by the ministration taking to paraphrase a kind of hands off approach as far as the end result in afghanistan is concerned, one would imagine that the u. s. is going to be looking at it's relations with pakistan. it's relations with china, all the countries. iran, for example, all the countries that border afghan is done. so there is going to be some sort of
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move in there. i'm going to come back to you in a moment was we can now go live to the press conference and back to dollar dollar. i believe we now have translation a map on a sunday whole day. those at the time was up pretty soon. i'm all she's, you know, what we can assure actually you as our intention well for peace and the energy we will put to reach peace. thank you. long live understand. thank you very much. thank you. lindsay. cut him a little bit so we can ok. so let me know how many i direct him now. mother who said to him, cream he was here on the law on the prayers. be to love on mighty and to the
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prophet mohammed be up on hands, you know, the nurse to my shout on cash, i don't order my i would like to welcome all here. all the all the lemme to greet them with us a lot. molig. russia. we have had negotiating meetings, negotiations and very good environment. and now when we discussed important issues related to the future, we will continue to have such events. we would like to assign the brother state in the me and minister of foreign affairs of the state. and as excellent as it passed in all the official we'd like to hang them all . ready and we appreciate all the efforts
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and the peace process therefore tirelessly in this process be quite happy that we are very happy that's and the future events take place to. ready find ways to resolve the conflict. thank you. to participate. thank you very much. and as you know then tom hardy and jonah strickland. and this is the end of the songs of negotiation. that was a statement that was being made by
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a representative of the taliban who was talking about the saying that in future they was happy that such events would take place to resolve the african conflict. and previous to that we had a dollar dollar reiterating, the african government's intention towards finding a solution for peace. i'm paraphrasing, of course, what both gentlemen are saying. now i believe we can go to our correspondent a summer binge of aid, whose joining us on the phone a summer. i understand that you were in that press conference. what more can you tell us about what we said in the last few this been that highly, hotly contested draft that was put forth by both sides. and then finally, drawn into the conclusion that both scientific read, that they will continue to talk to each other. they would speed up their talks, they are going to make sure that the, the level of negotiations which has been held so far is going to be expedited. they
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talk about vaccines and making sure that all of guns have access to those vaccines and all. and they've also agreed that they are going to continue and to try and find a solution. so what they're sticking points that we've been talking about for the last 2 days have not been mentioned here. it's, it's the version of the draft that the both sides could agree on. and it seems that the delegates have agreed to meet again and continue with these these negotiations . but without any specifics on what is going to be the mechanism, how they're going to continue. and whether we are going to see a result from these negotiations anytime soon. as i'm, it is important to, to remind everybody that the very fact of these talks are happening at all. even though there are no definitive results being reached is important business. it's
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the very fact that they are in the same room and they are talking across the table to each other. makes a significant difference. well, actually it has been a month ago solutions. when this started back in september, there has been a number of times. people have tried to, to mediate to. 5 to come towards a solution where the sides would come, come and come and talk to each other and try and make sense of the situation on the ground, which seems to be the peer eating the taliban. obviously writing on the find that they have been able to make these sleeping games in a matter of months and then again on the other side. yes. on government. believing that it has lost those areas because of strategic retreat and be able to take them back. military. a in the matter months. so it is important for both of these sites to continue to talk as what the hearing trauma kind of fun on the ground is the deteriorating not security situation. but a situation where it is becoming more and more difficult for thousands of off
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people to continue their lives. some of the binge of it has been out those talks between the afghan government and the taliban here and don't sound the thank you very much. indeed. i want to go back to roslyn. jordan, who's been with us in washington dc just to get the us perspective on this was just before we went to that last section of the press conference you, we were about to discuss the possible change in the way that the us was going to deal with its foreign relations in, in connection with the countries that surround us, ganna star, who might, in some cases be able to put pressure on afghanistan going forward. while there's really, there's so many different factors that play into that. one of the issues, of course, is the matter of security. would the us actually be in a position to was back in as it were to in an emergency to help the afghan national security forces. and one of those conversations involves discussing landing rights
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with turkey, with whom the u. s. has had a strained relationship over the past few years. but in the case of keeping afghanistan from collapsing into another civil war or something worse, would there be some way that the us could have personnel and equipment positioned on turkish soil in order to be able to go in and act as an emergency assistance for the a n f f. so that's one discussion that is underway. again, the meeting this past week with several of the countries that used to be part of the old soviet union. those discussions communicate was released on friday, indicating that there is going to be a collaboration of efforts to try to help support afghanistan in the month and years going forward. then of course, there is the question of pockets on, and this is part of a relationship that the u. s. has been trying to manage for the past 2 decades.
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frankly, the question of making certain that in the for northwestern territories, in pakistan, that, that government does dot to allow groups that could be aiming to destabilize afghanistan from basically finding safe haven there. and notably, trying to deal with that question has always been a difficult one for the us to manage, even when it did have tens of thousands of troops on the ground, particularly along afghanistan's eastern border with pakistan. so you have of, all of these are factors at play. certainly it is in every countries i interest that there be a piece of stablished inside afghanistan. but the question is, can, how much can the united states ask of these countries, given that it is one not going to have its own military present nearby?
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and to that, it's not acting as a proxy for afghanistan. it's not acting as a viceroy for afghanistan. it's really a conversation that should be happening between whoever is in charge and cobble, and the leadership in the capital surrounding afghanistan, roslyn, jordan, talking to us in washington dc, was, and thank you very much indeed. well, the major border crossing between pakistan and afghanistan has been partially reopened. after the taliban seized control of the african tide on wednesday, hundreds of afghans have arrived at the frontier with small groups allowed into sherman in pakistan. it's an economic lifeline for southern afghanistan with agricultural exports and other goods passing through it. now can government has launched an operation to retake it? meanwhile, pakistan continues fencing its long, mountainous border with afghanistan and began securing it in 2017 after a spate of attacks from afghan based pakistani groups. but cabal accuses pakistan
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of providing a safe passage for the taliban to cross over. come, all hider has more from talk on, on the pakistan afghan border. focused on the longest border reduced neighbor of ronnie dawn, stretching over 2600 kilometers. it also one of the most challenging of rain with altitude ranging from 7400 meters above sea level deserts and out most of the work had been undertaken by the buckets on the military itself. already 90 percent of the work had been completed by august on had spent hundreds of millions of dollars on this project, which is likely to be completed by the end of 2021. they self caught have already helped and reducing the violence and budget on and hoping that the better border management between the 2 countries and budget tonge barrier on the on buckets on border. it's likely to help reduce the security risk to pakistan and also not to
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give an opportunity for the guns who have been accusing budget on of letting infiltrate to come across. it's dedicating this fencing has also given a lot of strength not only to the border security on both sites and has also ensured that there is no any sort of infiltration. although budget's on her set of hundreds of boards along the frontier, rid of granite on it complained that they have not done enough budget on the expect, the longer dig responsibility to be able to control their side of the border focused on it. already seeing the benefit of an elaborated border management system . this involves terminal imagery camera. it involves drones and constant patrolling over a long stretch of data judy and died off guard. and also because of the fact that budget on it now keeping a close watch on dish particular border of got us down. it has pulled us on bassett
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and other senior diplomats out of pakistan after the top and voice daughter was abducted and assaulted. you can, foreign ministry says 26 year old cecilia i q was severely tortured and suffered blows to head before being taken to hospital. many a couple, protested the kidnapping. outside, pakistan's embassy. nobody has been arrested. pakistan says the abduction is being investigated and followed up with the highest levels. german chancellor anglo market has described the scenes and villages left destroyed by floods as surreal and ghostly. and the crisis in western europe is only getting worse. more heavy rain has had parts of eastern germany, austria, and the czech republic, at least 183 people are confirmed dead, but that number is expected to rise as the water receives marco has visited the worst hit the village of short for about $12000.00 residents are affected. she's
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praised, emergency services, and communities helping each other. is this a 2nd? it's terrifying. i would say there is no word and the german language to describe this devastation. but what i witness is incredibly comforting. it's how people are sticking together, how they helping each other. this solidarity among people well known as an madeline's remains on high alert. the armies being brought in to reinforce flood defenses and carry out emergency repairs. and while the rain stopped in belgium, a massive trina up operation is underway. the search for survivors continues. is going to be a national day of mourning bear on tuesday. we've got a team of correspondents across the fund zones. shortly we're going to hear from natasha butler, in the city of the asian belgium set. vasa has been reporting from noise bergen in the southeast of the netherlands and other rainy as watching development in short in western germany. that's good. a lot them 1st while touring this region, chancellor angler merkle actually said that there weren't appropriate words in the
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german language to truly encapsulate the level of devastation and destruction that she saw firsthand. now that she's toward this devastated zone, we've been speaking to locals here in short, germany, one of the villages hardest hit by these floods. and they say they themselves have no idea if they're going to be able to rebuild. and whether they'll take months or years. we spoke to one man, one of the owners of a bar, one of most german businesses, of course. and he said he's trying his best to maintain a sense of happiness through this awful time. because if he let himself truly feel the true emotional weight of what he witness and the destruction of the bar that he's trying to clean out. and think about rebuilding that he wouldn't be able to come in and get that work going and make no mistake. this is going to be not a weeks or months long process, this is going to take years. and in that time, this region may be hit by more flooding to come. because scientists are starting to say that we should be more prepared in the future for such heavy and intense storms
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that won't be stopping anytime soon. or the 3rd waters that are receiving from germany or no passing through the netherlands, set voss and reports from nor bergen. yes. how are we scary moments still here for people living along the river the most as it's at its highest level in many, many years. and that means that there have been working throughout the night, the army police residents. everyone came together to, to work with sand back to strengthen and enforce the dykes. there was some correct damages at certain places water was coming through. so it was really an emergency situation. i spoke to a residence well, very nervous, but they really didn't want to leave. they wanted to help to enforce dykes because that's what the dutch, of course i've known for. they know their battle against water, their battle against nature. well, they're now being challenged to the max. they never really expected it to be here and this part of the country because there's
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a part that's above sea level. this is where in the south, where everyone thought everyone would be safe. but that apparently didn't work with this extreme wider methodologist have sat for this kind of rainfall. we don't have any models. we don't know how to predict how much water could go to the rivers and how strong the sky just because that's another concern. this water is basically soaking the dikes right now, and that's really worrying the authority. natasha office in the edge with the latest on the search and rescue efforts in belgium. hundreds, thousands of people have actually had to leave their home, forced out by the flood waters. and then there are those people who tried to hang on and stay in their homes and they didn't want to leave and go to the shelter. but they've had to leave anyway because some emergency work is saying some of the homes are simply not safe enough. they've been damaged by the side waters for them to say many homes have collapsed. other homes have been severely weakened. so what
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emergency work is all doing is really going to from house to house. they are trying to see if they can still find survivors. there is still a possibility. they say we know that least 100 people are missing, but it could be that some older frail, more vulnerable people took shelter on higher floors in their home and they're still stuck there because communication went down in some parts of this region off the flood waters kids and perhaps they haven't been able to contact the outside world if you like. the emergency workers still hopeful they'll find people alive. but of course they are saying that it is possible that they will still retrieve some body. so it's still a very difficult situation for people here. they're still coming to terms with what has happened to them. and you can see behind me a lot of activity as people in this community, in this neighborhood, in the years you're trying to clean up, trying to save what they can, even though there's not much to faith because everything has been so badly impacted . egypt is releasing several activists and journalists after months of pre trial
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detention the charges against them include spreading false views and eating terrorism and follows concern raised by president joe biden's administration over the arrest and hottest month of government. critics. when mohammed omar res chair of the journalism program at the institute for graduate studies, he's joining us now from minneapolis in the us. it's good to have with us on 0. why is this happening now? well, i think there are a couple of a couple of things you mentioned one thing in your, in your lead up, and that's the by an administration. so just this past wednesday on july 14th, the state department made a statement about about egypt, human rights record, and it was, it was a critical statement and there was also a reference to arms sales weapons sales to egypt. and i think the implication was that if egypt doesn't improve in human human rights record than the united states
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might at least consider withholding those those weapons. so i think that's, that's part of it. the other thing is that the egyptian government has sort of gotten into the habit of offering up these kinds of gestures around holiday time. so they did, they did a similar prisoner release a couple of months ago, right before i'm a bond. and now obviously here we are a couple of days before i either i'm almost on holiday and that will be celebrated by the majority of egyptians. would it be too much to, to read into it that this means the egyptian government is becoming more aware or more sensitive, perhaps, to the, the opinions of the u. s. government in particular, the white house, and by the ministration the gypsy government has, has always been concerned on the under cc'd. and they've always been concerned to one extent or another about criticism they've received from human rights groups.
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international activists and western powers. and especially the united states, there is almost an obsession inside of the egyptian lyrical circles and media circles with what united states is saying. so i don't think this is anything new. you know what the government is trying to do, they're sort of trying to have their cake and needed to they want to be able to carry out human rights atrocities. but they also want to be able to benefit from the, from the relationship that they have with the united states or government. and so far, to be perfectly blunt, they've been able to, they've been able to get away with all of the, the human rights atrocities that they've carried out. one thing that i want to know is that the larger context here is that, yes, it's good, obviously that 6 people were released from prison. this is positive news. this should be celebrated, but there are 60000 political prisoners in egypt. so releasing 6 people doesn't
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really move the meteor a great deal. there are also reports just today that the government of the arrested not that it's not a former editor in chief of from or criticism that he delivered against the president the cc over the handling of the nile river dam prices. last week they indicted sam back at the prominent human rights advocate. i mean, i could go on and on a few weeks ago, death sentences were up cow than my fear. and i think the fear of many people is that today's release of prisoners will be used as kind of a distraction for the likely upcoming executions. really good to get your thoughts on this mohammed. i must say, as always, we appreciate it. thanks very much. indeed. thanks. the world's largest oil producing nations have reached an agreement on boosting production after a rift between 2 key members, certain to stole efforts. opec nations cut oil production by almost 10000000 barrels a day. the stars to the pandemic when demand plummeted. as
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a global economy started to recover, opec gradually restored output by almost 50 percent, but negotiations and a deal to further increase output exposed a rift between the u. e and saudi arabia, the eminence, called saudi proposals to extend the arrangements unjust. now a compromise giving you a e and others, a higher production quarter as paved the way for the latest you opec is going to begin further easing, cuts from august. what one does together is way, way, much beyond what you may imagine. i'm sorry that you've never picked it up this way, but it's, it's good that we give you this opportunity to think differently. a look at this differently. we differ here and that, but we want this group is a strong one that is committed to our cause. we put into our consideration, all the producers, fear, and worries and ordered state balance. and to start the recovery process from the
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corona virus pandemic. the you a supports the consensus reach by the group. we will stay committed to such a consensus. cornelia mirror as an oil and gas analyst as well as the ceo of mount resource and she's joining us from burned in switzerland. thank you very much indeed for being with us on i'll just say i would imagine that if there's an increase in production, we will automatically see to some degree, some changes in prices at the fuel pumps. who are going to be the big winners in this kind of deal? well, i think the big win offender steel is basically both producers and the consumers. because what we had up to now is we didn't know whether we would get this, you know, gradual easing off of, of production cops. and the market is kind of under supply to the tune of 2000000 barrels a day. and you know, the economy is starting to power ahead. so this was, was very, very tough to touch and go because we didn't know. we'll get.


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