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capitalism is the pen demo. back in the cause of so much of the suffering exploded, protect the people for the profit edited one of all hail the lockdown on our 0. me the surreal and terrifying the german chancellor describes the flood zone where more than a 100 people have been killed and dozens of others are still missing. ah, i know about this and this is all just here alive from doha. also coming off, the taliban disagrees with proposals and the political roadmap to end the violence . and if the dentist on saying the afghan government must prove its commitment, i took
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a call for justice protests in iraq's capital for people killed and anti government demonstrations 2 years ago. to athletes, test positive for corona virus inside the and then pick the village the 1st to do so with the games just days away. ah, german chancellor angle america has described the scenes in villages left destroyed by floods as surreal and ghostly in the crisis in western europe is only getting worse. more heavy rain has said parts of eastern germany, austria and the czech republic, at least 183 people are confirmed dead, but that number is expected to rise is the water receiving bank of america has visited the worst hit the village of shorts for about $12000.00 residents for being effective online. she's praised, emergency services, and communities for helping in cello. is this a slick?
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it's terrifying. i would say there is no word and the german language to describe this devastation. but what i witness is incredibly comforting. it's how people are taking together, how the helping each other, the solidarity among people. meanwhile, the netherlands remains on high alert to the armies being brought in to reinforce flood defenses and carry out emergency repairs. and while the rain stopped in belgium, a massive clean up operation is underway. as the search for survivors continues to be a national day of mourning there on tuesday. now we've had a team of correspondence across the flood zones. shortly we're going to hear from natasha butler in the city of lee. as in belgium, sebastian has been reporting from near bergen in the southeast of the netherlands. an autumn rainy is watching developments in short in western germany. let's go to adam 1st. while touring this region, chancellor, anglo merkel actually said that there weren't appropriate words in the german
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language to truly encapsulate the level of devastation and destruction that she saw 1st hand. now that she's toward the devastated zone, we've been speaking to locals here in short, germany, one of the villages hardest hit by these floods. and they say they themselves have no idea if they're going to be able to rebuild. and whether they'll take months or years. we spoke to one man, one of the owners of a bar, one of most german businesses, of course. and he said he's trying his best to maintain a sense of happiness through this awful time. because if he let himself truly feel the true emotional weight of what he witness and the destruction of the bar that he's trying to clean out. and think about rebuilding that he wouldn't be able to come in and get that work going and make no mistake. this is going to be not a weeks or months long process, this is going to take years. and in that time, this region may be hit by more flooding to come. because scientists are starting to say that we should be more prepared in the future for such heavy and intense storms
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that won't be stopping anytime soon. or the flood waters that are receding from germany are now passing through the netherlands service and reports from new belkin . yes, how we scary moments still here for people living along the river the most as it's at its highest level in many, many years. and that means that there have been working throughout the night. the army police residence everyone came together to, to work with sand back to strengthen and enforce the dykes. there were some correct damages at certain places water was coming through. so it was really an emergency situation. i spoke to a residence well, very nervous, but they really didn't want to leave. they wanted to help to enforce dykes because that's what the dutch, of course i've known for. they know their battle against water, their battle against nature. well, they're now being challenged to the max. they never really expected it to be here and this part of the country because this is a part that's above sea level. this is where in the south,
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where everyone thought everyone would be safe. but that apparently didn't work with this extreme wider methodologist have sat for this kind of rainfall. we don't have any models. we don't know how to dig, how much water could go to the rivers and how strongly status. because that's not a concern. this water is basically soaking dikes right now, and that's really worrying the authority on belgium, tens of thousands of people without alec tricity and there's also concern about the supply of clean drinking water. the health minister has been visiting one of the worst effected areas in the city of the edge pier. look at what it means. sort of people are affected in this city. it's awful. it's really all the mayor tells me that he's gas. he does say 5000 houses has been impacted in differing degree more than 12000 people are estimated to have been impacted just in the town of liaison. which means that we're talking about 8 percent of the population
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who felt the impact and at the level of the people. it's really horror natasha barton's in lawyers with the latest in search and rescue efforts in belgium. hundreds, thousands of people have actually had to leave their home for stouter by the flood waters. and then there are those people who tried to hang on and stay in their homes and they didn't want to leave and go to shelter, but they've had to leave anyway. because some emergency work is saying some of the homes are simply not safe enough. they've been to damage fighting salt water for them to say many homes have collapse. other homes have been severely weakened. so what emergency work is all doing is really going from house to house. they are trying to see if they can still find survivors. there is still a possibility. they say we know that least 100 people are missing, but it could be that some older frail will move on. people took shelter on higher
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floors in their home and they're still stuck there because communication went down in some parts of this region off the flood waters, kids and pops. they haven't been able to contact the outside world if you like. the emergency workers still hopeful they'll find people alive, but of course they are saying that it is possible that they will still retrieve some body. so it's still a very difficult situation for people here. they're still coming to terms with what has happened to them, and you can see behind me a lot of activity as people in this community in this neighborhood, there's, are trying to clean up, trying to save what they can, even though there's not much to face because everything has been so badly impacted . the taliban has expressed a disagreement over proposals and a political roadmap and constitution for janice done. as it holds talks with an african government delegation and cut off the release of prisoners as emerging as the main sticking point. now on the group, once the african government to 7000 fighters as a confidence building measure. but the african delegation says
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a ceasefire is its top priority. are some of things i've been monitoring the tools from the venue here in doha. both sides for the last 2 days have been in a room, being facilitated by their country hosts. discussing all sorts of issues from prison and release. the daily thing from you and sanction live a to a political roadmap to what a concentration of that would look like. and what about the government which will take form if both sides have come to terms. but none of that seem to have made any headway in these talks. one of the delegates who i spoke to earlier said that they are optimistic, they're hopeful that this is a good start. this again brings them back to the table there at least talking to each other. but on the other hand, another delegate said that this shows that the taliban are, are not going to budge today. they only see one solution, which is a military solution to con contact. when he spoke to the taliban, they say they realize that there is no military solution for
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a long term peace process. in a bonus on, if the country has to re emerge from a country and crisis, it has to come to terms with what is happening on the ground. but that is the situation where the talks have continued. there has been discussions. there has been heated debates. there has been an atmosphere of trying to understand each other, but it unfortunately has not resulted in any concrete results. this is, this is been a conflict which is ongoing for the last 4 decades. and all sides say that they realize that it is not going to be easy or quick. but the people of the sun had been a lot of hopes when these talks thought started back in september. and so far they have not yielded 80 results. and what they've seen on the ground is that the taliban came to have taken more than 50 percent of the country. and the government continues to insist that it can re take those areas by forces. a major border crossing between pakistan and afghanistan has been partially reopened. after the
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taliban seized control of the africans side on what to say. hundreds of afghans have arrived at the frontier with small groups allowed into sherman in pakistan. it's an economic lifeline for southern afghanistan with agriculture, the exports and other goods passing through. the afghan government has lost an operation to retake it. i've got a son, has pulled it on bassett, or, and other senior diplomats out of pakistan after the top envoy. his daughter was abducted and assaulted. now can foreign ministry says 26 year old senior kill was severely tortured and suffered blows to our head before being taken to hospital. she was held for more than 5 hours. nobody has been arrested. hundreds in iraqi capital, baghdad, or calling for justice for people killed during anti government protests. 2 years ago. activists estimate about 600 people died in the demonstrations in central and southern iraq, the demanding action on corruption, unemployment,
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and basic services law. i'll go ahead is in baghdad at the protest, these are the protest calling as they say, on the government and on the international community to in impunity. they say that they have the government has to bring those responsible for killing hundreds of protests in october 2019 to justice. they tell you that that also protesting condemn they get other crazy including get mismanagement corruption. we have been speaking with many protests here today. they gathered in goods and excuse me for the dose square and then they have been washing about to kill them because they want to reach that to 100 is good. it's good. this is where hundreds of protests that it was killed by security forces and 2019 now they have been
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chanting chance that reminds them of october 2019 a demonstration that led to that ignition of the government. then they say that it's about now about one year and a half and nothing has changed. they say that they will continue protesting. they will continue protesting. they want the boys to be heard. still ahead on our does it. i'm trying to fix a mess, a call for unity, a south africa as president visits, one of the areas worst effected by looting on the world's top producers reach a compromise deal to boost output ending disputes between saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. ah ah, they've been some huge thunderstorms over among the last 2 or 3 days and you see
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the class been sweeping up to the empty court and even as far as counter this is what was left i think is, is an east in oman? yes. again, his st. funding of some depth. it's not unusual, have be big channels, an occasional street fighting. this has been the tick the big event. but by the time you get to monday, they virtually all gone. there are a few showers around the west side of saudi or in yemen. nothing much indicates for a month, the le, we'll have the harry, which is the 3 months worth of overcast grizzly weather. occasionally the sun comes out and occasionally the thunder bangs mostly it's overcast, asked the temperatures elsewhere. they've come down just a little bit from 50 to about 48 in baghdad. in q 8. the breeze is blowing. a dusty breeze curls in for it gets to the gulf water. so though half $39.00 will continue to be a seasonally normal, humid $39.00. this little change. what time you get to choose day very much the same, but just a few more showers, potentially on the eastern end of a long. that monsoon winds becoming quite active every now and again as it runs up
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the coast of canyon somalia, increasing the cloud, producing showers via it also indicates that sees when we get big sunstar beneath european through sassy, down and westwards. ah, the most people will never know what's beyond these doors, the deafening silence of $100.00 and how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious. with fear, it's not an option. but we're not most people oh
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the me watching i just need a reminder of our top stories, this our japanese channel. so those describe the situation in areas hardest hit by floods as surreal and terrifying angle america has visited the village of short as a massive g. now gets on the way across western europe. more than 180 people have died in the science. the taliban has express disagreements with proposals and a political roadmap and constitution for janice town. as it always talks with an afghan government delegation and cutoff is demanding the bodies of $70000.00 prisoners. but the african delegation says a ceasefire. its top priority under dhs, in the capital data, calling for justice for people kills during anti government protests. 2 years ago.
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activists estimate by 600 people died in the demonstrations in central and southern iraq to our feats have now tested positive for corona virus. and the tokyo olympic village on the saturday, an international olympic committee member who was also in the village, was confirmed to have the virus with i'm damning. delayed games are due to officially opened on friday. dozens of cases have been linked to the olympics since the start of july, the vents being facing opposition in japan because of fears, little worse than the countries outbreak of covered 19 as a battle as a surgeon infections. don't many bonds in june be sent to stimuli even with all measures fully taken. there will still be some positive cases. the corona virus situation is encompassing the entire world. so it is inevitable that there will be cases. what is important is that when such cases arise, we properly and systematically isolate them so that there will be no further transmissions. jack kingston's the director of asian studies at temple university in japan, he says, is growing concerned. the games will become
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a super spreader event. they're trying to put a brave face on this. the i o. c, chairman, bach, you know, and on television, reassuring the japanese people there is 0 risk. but clearly there's a law skepticism here in japan about these reassurances. and this is exactly what public health authorities have of warning against and why a prime minister su guys chief adviser uncovered 19, was opposed to holding the olympics and insisted on no spectators. so hopefully they manage to contain this. but this is a bad sign as thousands of athletes are arriving this week, and they'll be more than 50000, a limping related guest, also arriving. and just as the delta variant is swirling around the globe, the vaccination here is just 20 percent of a lot of things cannot be anticipated. we don't really know of and the that's
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the real problem. big question mark over these, let big sense. why about 80 percent of the japanese people did not think it was a good idea to go forward. and so the big worry here is that this might become a super spreader event. and hopefully it's not going to start the athletes village . and it would be a shame, all these athletes were working so hard over the years to prepare themselves are now going to be, you know, living in the bubble and not even certain, if the bubble is safe. south africa, the president has called for unity as he joined cleanup efforts in one of the city's hottest heads by looting and dryers, settles. i'm opposed or promised a full review while visiting stiletto after more than a week of the worst violence since the apartheid era. more than 200 people were killed after protests, against the jailing of former president, jacob's una evolved into anger over poverty and unemployment. a chaos has caused
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more than a $1000000000.00 worth of damage. now we've been hearing when mom, mom, mom and i have not read the the the follow continues. south africa marks the both anniversary of nelson mandela. its 1st democratically elected leader, bernard smith went to and to zoom a township in durban to see why people are so angry and frustrated when a party to end it almost 30 years ago. millions of south africans, like dorian and gamer, hope for a future of equality, opportunity, and prosperity for her. her children and her grandchildren. it hasn't turned out
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like that. things always been twins. democracy, why? there's not democracy. there is no democracy at all. during story is one of frustration and wasted potential, a story familiar to millions across this country. i was interested in going maybe university's way, but i put in a 40 because it's too much. i could, i couldn't afford it, but i was so interested in being something having some profession, but i can't. dorians daughter says she's not got the right connections to get a job. as said, man, z through would see we're not working because those who are in higher positions, they only look after their friends or their family. so it's not going to be easy to our kids to get jobs because we don't know people in high places,
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nothing on the world bank says that south africa is now the most unequal society in the world. the top 10 percent earnest take home 65 percent of the income white people, a still more likely to find work and better paid work than the black counterparts. widespread writing and looting that sweat through parts of south africa last week was sparked by the jailing of former president jacob zooming. but it was chronic poverty and unemployment. the spurred on the violence, the poorest have been the main victims. more people are now jobless, after the destruction of shops, warehouses and factories. totally, totally surprising to mr. back on the way, not prepaid at all. i mean, there's a need because obviously there's no jobs. people are hungry. no money to buy food because money can get food. doreen would at least like a grandchildren to have a fair chance. the future i wish for them is to get the best
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education they can get. but i don't see that happens in this will do a living in now that growing up in a country where half the population lives below the poverty line. bernard smith, presume a township south africa and all tie her explosion in kenya's killed at least 13 people injured. several others fuel spilled onto the road in the tunnel. melinda, after it crashed into another truck, people were trying to gather fuel from the tank. when the blast happened, moto, pulling in to the fire was huge. you couldn't see what was ahead of you. fuel burns fast and i burn my hands and running was hard. there was also a colleague of mine. i think he stayed there, sequence one, atlanta. i was asleep and i woke up when i heard an explosion. i ran to see what was happening and i saw people running away burning children, mothers, fathers, burning. but many people were there. so many. several houses have collapsed killing
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at least 25 people after landslides caused by heavy rain in india's financial capital. rescue is fear more people to be trapped in the delivery in one by one neighborhood, half a dozen shacks collapsed on top of each other. but eventually rain has also disrupted trained services. but he's in thailand, have fired water cannon tear gas and rubber bullets to stop anti government protesters from marching to the prime minister's office. hundreds defied corona virus restrictions to take part in the demonstrations in bangkok they blamed the government from mismanaging the pandemic. and they also want the budget reduced for the royal family and the military. the world's largest oil producing nations have reached an agreement on boosting production after a rift between 2 key members threatened to stole efforts. opec nations cut oil production by almost 10000000 barrels a day. it starts with a panoramic when demand plummeted, as a global economy started to recover, opec gradually restored output by almost 50 percent, but negotiations and
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a deal to further increase. our brute exposed a rift between the u. s. e and saudi arabia damage called saudi proposals to extend the arrangements unjust. now a compromise giving the u. e and others, a higher production quarter as paved the way for the latest deal. opec will begin further easing, cuts from august minus 2nd is an international oil and energy consultant. and he says the disputes between saudi in the u. e was ultimately technical. there was a major uncertainty because of this dispute. 200 jello saying it became political because request was logical. technical as soon as it became political the way the statements. and so well thanks a lot. i think as all big countries, always they older companies and they act and make decision on a business on a business. and they did it. and i think that shows that they are getting together as well as non big rush others. and they will continue as they were,
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except that by may 2002 they will by then they will have discussed with each other and studied and see what the, where the various production because they have to revise the production or. and that is natural because the market there was like a change in my change and of course a lot of the ceiling. and the major punches after james is the vision is nothing unusual but it seems to have been instigated or assaulted by d. u a is so the world outside, they'll pick groups and some major national companies like russia that can produce their s cannot produce very much because of that, ivan spirit increased for the produce to have assured us this is this group as done in the past. now, together with non opec that they are responsible group, they will provide enough or as it will require, refills,
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president has been discharged from hospital after receiving treatment for complications related to a stubborn job. both scenarios says he had chronic hiccups for days and a blocked intestine. he says that caused by the stab wound 3 years ago when he was attacked during a campaign rally among before the election. a growing number of politicians in the philippines that accusing president rodrigo to tirty of corruption with one year left. and his time is raise questions about future lawsuits. but his daughter can be leads the post to replace him and detach is set to be considering running for vice president, man and dog, and has more from manila it much. when the young, when do 3 good. the 31 presidential election in 2016. he promised to bring on president change to the philippines by ending corruption within his 1st 6 months in office as he are. but as he enters the final year of his term, detectives administration is being bombarded by allegations of plunder and abuse of
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power. then the government contracts amounting to billions of basis opposition leaders, saudi trillion. this is revealed government documents that show how a long time that the aides family has acquired hundreds of $1000000.00 worth of contracts. in the southern region of dev, derek g was they said to me or for more than 20 years, will not present and even send it through money for the world renowned boxer who has long been one of the strongest supporters says corruption in the government is rampant to tear to says the allegations are untrue and politically motivated, but you know, is punch drunk. he's punch drunk one, but gail is spiked drunk. does he think my own cabinet will allow you in billions
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of that day. but since 2017, there have been corruption scandals. involving the appointed officials and even members of his own family president the $31.00 said that just a width of corruption will be enough for him to fire government officials. but many of those who have been removed from office have yet to face charges. and over the last 2 years, the therapy has also refused to reveal his wealth to the public by not releasing his latest statements of assets, liabilities, and net worth, the 1st president to ever do. so in decades, analysts say do, terry, to track records in fighting corruption, lacks conviction. look at the ruling correlation of the president. it's a big 10 coalition that effectively, you know, takes into its embrace, all sorts of people, including warlords, including, you know, traditional politicians. all of these political dynasty is dominating the country.
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but despite all of this, the characters popularity among filipinos remains high and many wonder whether that means he still has time and support to implement reforms that will form part of his legacy. jim l as in dog and 0 manila, the desk or world heritage committees pushing ahead with times to classify the great barrier reef as an endangered natural sight. despite opposition from australia. the proposal is part of the agenda of the un heritage bodies meeting on friday, hosted by the chinese city of from zoo. austria was warned to the possibility of the listings 7 years ago, which sighted climate change threats to the reef camera. i suggested the move is politically motivated, hinting at the styling relations with china. the chinese minister, who's the president of this year session. it's called the accusations, crimes us, australia as a member state of the world. how to teach committee that should be aware of the
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situation attached importance to the opinions of the advisory bodies and earnestly who feel the duty of would have to protection. instead of making groundless accusations against the other states parties, ah, this is audra 0. these are the top stories germany, chancellors describe the situation and its hardest hit by floods as a severe and terrifying angler. marco has visited the vintage of short as a massive cleanup gets on the way across western europe. more than 180 people have died in the floods. item rainy has more from schulte. we've actually now made it to shoot at this valley at the bottom of where this water came rushing in.


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