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social value, as his money goes against italy's footballing league, football rebel on algae 0. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wow. don't know how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. i me. surreal and terrifying the german chancellor that describes the flood zone for more than 100 people have been killed and dozens of others are still missing. ah madison, this is 0 live from joe. hi, also coming up. the taliban disagrees with proposals and a political vote. bob, to end the violence, and if the dentist on seeing the african government must prove which commitment the call for justice protests in iraq's capital,
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for people killed an anti government demonstrations 2 years ago to feed test positive for corona virus inside the olympic village. the 1st to do so with the games just days away. ah, the german trans langler market has described the scenes in villages left destroyed by floods as so real and ghostly, and the crisis in western europe is only getting worse, more heavy rain. i said parts of eastern germany, austria, and the check for public, at least 183 people are confirmed dead, but that number is expected to rise. as the water receives marco has visited the worst, hit the village of short. what about 12000 residents have been effected? she's praised, emergency services and communities for helping each other is. is
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a spectrum. it's terrifying. i would say there is no word in the german language to describe this devastation. but what i witness is incredibly comforting. it's how people are sticking together, how they helping each other, the solidarity among people. meanwhile, the netherlands remains on high alert. the army is being brought in to reinforce flood defenses and carry out emergency repairs. and for the rain has stopped in belgium. a massive cleanup operation is underway. as the search for survivors continues, there is going to be a national day of morning there on tuesday. i'm rainy reports from schulte while touring this region, chancellor angler merkel actually said that there weren't appropriate words in the german language to truly encapsulate the level of devastation and destruction that she saw firsthand. now that she's toward the devastated zone, we've been speaking to locals here in short, germany, one of the villages hardest hit by these floods. and they say they themselves have no idea if they're going to be able to rebuild. and whether they'll take months or
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years. we spoke to one man, one of the owners of a bar, one of the most german businesses, of course. and he said he's trying his best to maintain a sense of happiness through this awful time. because if he let himself truly feel the true emotional weight of what he witness and the destruction of the bar that he's trying to clean out. and think about rebuilding that he wouldn't be able to come in and get that work going and make no mistake. this is going to be not a weeks or months long process, this is going to take years. and in that time, this region may be hit by more flooding to come. because scientists are starting to say that we should be more prepared in the future for such heavy and intense storms that won't be stopping anytime soon. well, the frog waters that are receding from germany and know, passing through the netherlands, step boss and reports from new bergen. yes. how are we scary moment still here for people living along the river the most as it's at its highest level in many,
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many years. and that means that there have been working throughout the night, the army police residence, everyone came together to, to work with sand back to strengthen and enforce the dykes. there were some correct damages at certain places water was coming through. so it was really an emergency situation. i spoke to a residence well being very nervous, but they really didn't want to leave. they wanted to help to enforce dykes because that's what the dutch, of course are known for. they know their battle against water, their battle against nature. well, they're now being challenged to the max. they never really expected it to be here and this part of the country because this is a part that's above sea level. this is where in the south, where everyone thought everyone would be safe, but that apparently didn't work with this. extreme wider methodologist have sat for this kind of rainfall. we don't have any models. we don't know how to predict how much water could go to these rivers and how strong these digest, because that's another concern. this water is basically soaking the dikes right now
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. and that's really worrying the authority of belgium, tens of thousands of people without electricity. and there's also concern about supply of clean drinking water. the health minister has been visiting one of the worst effected areas in the city of the edge. pure look at what it means for people who are affected in this city. it's awful, it's really all the mayor tells me that he needs gas. he says 5000 houses has been impacted in differing degree. more than 10000 people are estimated to have been impacted just in the town of lea, a. which means that we're talking about 8 percent of the population who felt the impact and at the level of the people. it's really horror with us about us in the as with the latest in the search and rescue efforts in belgium. hundreds, thousands of people have actually had to leave their home, forced out by the flood waters. and then there are those people who try to hang on
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and stay in their homes and they didn't want to leave and go to shelter, but they've had to leave anyway. because some emergency work and the thing, some of the homes are simply no safe enough. they've been damaged by the side waters for them to say many homes have collapsed. other homes have been severely weakened. so what emergency work is all doing is really going to from house to house. they are trying to see if they can still find survivors. there is still a possibility. they say we know that least 100 people are missing, but it could be that some older frail will move on. people took shelter or higher floors in their home and they're still stuck there because communication went down in some parts of this region off the flood waters kids and perhaps they haven't been able to contact the outside world if you like. the emergency workers still hopeful they'll find people alive, but of course they are saying that it is possible that they will still retrieve
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some body. so it's still a very difficult situation for people here. they're still coming to terms with what has happened to them, and you can see behind me, a lot of activity as people in this community in this neighborhood, in the years, are trying to clean up, trying to save what they can, even though there's not much to faith because everything has been so badly impacted . the taliban has expressed this agreement over proposals on a political vote have and constitution for afghanistan. as it host talks with an african government delegation in cut off, the release of prisoners is emerging as the main sticking point. stay on good points, the afghan government to release 7000 fighters as a confidence building measure. but the african delegations as a ceasefire is its top priority as well was lin, jordan is standing by in washington dc with the latest reaction from there. but 1st, let's talk to some of the end of it who's on the venue of the talks here in the hot summer. where does this leave the talks now?
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when his last few minutes, we heard from the head of the talks here and from a gun side, dr. de la de la thing that in about half an hour's time, there will be a concluding meeting of these talks where both sides for the last 2 days have been in the room. being facilitated by their country hosts. discussing all sorts of issues from prison and release, the daily thing from you and sanction bliss. a to a political roadmap to what a contribution in the sun would look like. and what about the government which will take form if both sides have come to terms, but none of that seem to have made any headway in these talks. one of the delegates who i spoke to earlier said that they are optimistic, they're hopeful that this is a good start. this again brings them back to the table there, at least talking to each other. but on the other hand, another delegates said that this shows that the taliban are, are not going to budge today. they only see at one solution which is
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a military solution to con contact. when he spoke to the taliban, they say they realize that there is no military solution for a long term peace process in about a son. if the country has to re emerge from a country and crisis, it has to come to terms with what is happening on the ground. but that is the situation where the talks of continued. there has been discussions, there has been heated debates. there has been an atmosphere of trying to understand each other, but it unfortunately has not resulted in any concrete result. this is, this has been a conflict which is ongoing for the last 4 decade and all sides say that they realize that it is not going to be easy or quick. but the people that live on the sun had been a lot of hopes and these talk stopped, started back in september. and so far they have not yielded a the results. and what they've seen on the ground is that the taliban came to have taken more than 50 percent of the country. and the government continues to insist
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that it can re take those areas by force as one of the important points that you've just alluded to. just a few moments ago, some of the fact that of course, these meetings are continuing, even though we're facing sticking points, even though there seem to be deadlock, uncertain points. at the same time, people are still in the room, the sitting opposite, just lcd georgia. at that table, and they're just having those conversations but that is the saving grace from all of it that after nearly 2 decades of this particular war with the united states and for decades of conflict in a gun, the son, this is the time when the guns can sit across the table as gods without interlocutors, without intermediaries, without being pressured to do so. and they have been doing so since september. but the question is that, how viable are these talks? are they actually going to achieve any results you have and i've gone taliban side, which is seeing that in just
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a matter of months. it has strapped across of line is done and taken more than half of more than $200.00 to $6.00 to $400.00. and they feel that there is a, there's a military victory in there. i also thought of on spokesman, do they feel that there is a military solution? and he told me that if they wanted to take the country militarily, they would have done so without sitting down. and, but when you go into details of why are you sitting down into how, what is the future i've done government going to look like it. do you have a no tentative constitution of the sun? are you going to allow for all of the rights which i've gone and women are calling for? the answers seem to be vague and that is of scary prospect for a lot of our guns who are anxious to be what watching these talks and what some of her know. thank you very much. indeed. are some of the binge of his life and those talks at doha. i want to get the reaction out of the u. s. from roslyn. jordan, who's in washington, d. c. for us, the u. s. has some degree of presence during these talks. how do you think that
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it's looking at the way things are going at the moment? well, the bite administration's position as was the position of the trumpet ministration . and the obama administration before it is that this is a matter for the afghan people to solve that. the taller bond and the leaders of the afghan civilian lead government have to work out their issues, have to figure out a way to run the country together. that this is not something that washington or members of nato, or any other country for that matter, can impose on the sides. now there does seem to be a line of criticism here in washington implied criticism that perhaps the bite administration has made a mistake in deciding to withdraw the remaining us combat forces from afghan territory. but this is something that joe biden wanted to do when he was vice president under barack obama. at 10 years ago. he did not think that keeping us
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troops inside afghanistan would lead to the afghan people, learning how to stand on their own, defend their territory, work out their political differences dead. does that mean that joe biden wants to see the us completely gone from engaging with the afghan government? no, it doesn't. but he felt that the whole prospect of nation building, which i did take off in some earnest, after the 1st years of the invasion back in 2001 simply wasn't working. and so what you would expect to see from the bite administration is a wait and see approach, at least they are in the room. there are difficult days in any negotiation, certainly in matters of trying to establish a peace deal. and so you're not going to see the us saying that this process is a failure just because there seems to be a sticking point or 2 right now. this was when jordan talking to us from washington,
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d. c. ross, thanks very much indeed. start head on al jazeera, trying to fix a mess, or call for unity. south africa as president visits, one of the areas of was affected by losing top oil. producers reach a compromise, deal to boost output, ending a disputes between saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by cattle airways in the western pacific. yesterday's tropical depression has not been named and is a tropical storm in far. it's not particularly big yet, but it will grow as indication of disrupting the normal seasonal rain, which as you see is not a straight line anymore. the one that lives she runs in japan to china,
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chinese and they'll be big showers, growing as you can see, all the way from more or less. the yellow reverse or the western young scene dance . was you nan? but hong kong which shower as well, basing, not necessarily very big showers, and japan allows she try picture a sketching office shadow. as this storm grows, it goes towards the sudden islands of japan, the re a q chain. and it will be pretty big about how he gets he and also talk to that a big tropical storm. after that, it looks like it's heading towards ty, one for the middle, a late part of next week. that takes much of the energy out of the atmosphere. so though we have 20 a shout in the philippines and particularly in me, in my movies yet. and i'm in cambodia, south of that in borneo, sumatra and java. the channels are fewer and further between this is seasonally normal. just thought i'd make the point. as the monsoon rains, mom buys been hit hard, but i think it'll be tow delhi for next 2 or 3 days. sponsored
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cattle, airways, nuclear, god's dying disproportionate numbers on not ever leaving behind widows who struggled to survive one hour a meets the ship, a women defying tradition to conquer the world's part bounced on 0 after a one year delay the tokyo and impacts of buying the growing opposition, my running costs in japan, thousands of athletes will compete in empty stadium. amid the corona, virus pandemic out there will be inside the w to bring them laker games like no other o the me. you want to go to 0 reminder about top stories. this japanese chance, so those describe the situation in areas hardest hit by floods. as the real and
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terrifying angular market has visited, the village of short as a massive cleanup gets on the way across western europe. more than 180 people have died in the floods. the taliban has express disagreements with proposals and a political roadmap and constitution for gonna stand. as it holds talks with an african government delegation, and cutoff is demanding the release of $70000.00 prisoners. but the african delegations as a cease fire, its top priority to i fade. so i've now tested positive for corona virus and the tokyo olympic village. and saturday, an international and the big committee member who was also in the village was confirmed to have the virus. the time demi delayed games are due to officially open on friday. dozens of cases have been linked to the olympics since the started july events being facing opposition in japan because of fears it'll worse than the countries outbreak of covert 19 as it battles a search in infections. the money bonds in june bure stuff to stimulate,
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even with all meshes fully taken, there will still be some positive cases. the corona virus situation is encompassing the entire world. so it is inevitable that there will be cases that what is important is that when such cases arise, we properly and systematically isolate them so that there will be no further transmissions. jeff kingston's, the director of asian studies at temple university in japan. he says, was growing concerned. the games will become a super spreader event. and they're trying to put a brave face on this. the i o. c, chairman, bach on television, reassuring the japanese people. there is 0 risk, but clearly there's law skepticism here in japan about these reassurances. and this is exactly what public health authorities have a warning against and why a prime minister su guys chief adviser uncovered 19, was opposed to holding the olympics and insisted on no spectators. so hopefully
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they manage to contain this. but this is a bad sign as thousands of athletes are arriving this week, and they'll be more than 50000, a limping related guest, also arriving. and just as the delta variant is swirling around the globe, the vaccination here is just 20 percent of a lot of things cannot be anticipated. we don't really know of and the that's the real problem. big question mark over these olympic cents. why about 80 percent of the japanese people did not think it was a good idea to go forward. and so the big worry here is that this might become a super spreader event. and hopefully it's not going to start the athletes village . and it would be a shame for all these athletes, but working so hard over the years to prepare themselves are now going to be,
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you know, living in the bubble and not even certain if the bubble is safe. hundreds in the iraqi capital, baghdad, or calling for justice for people killed jury anti government protest. 2 years ago, activists estimate about 600 people died in the demonstrations in central and southern iraq, the demanding action of corruption, unemployment, and basic services, which is in baghdad at the protest. these are the protests who are calling, as they say, on the government and on the international community to impunity. they say that they have the government has to bring those responsible for killing hundreds of protest in october 2019 to justice. they tell you that there are also protest tank condemned. they get other great teeth including mismanagement corruption. we have been speaking with many professors here today. they gathered in
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coats and excuse me, and i put a dose, a square and then they have been washing about to kill them because they want to reach the to have it is good to have a good. this is where hundreds of protest was killed by security forces and helped to about 2018. now they have been chanting chance that remind them of october 2019 demonstrations that lead to there is ignition of either the government . then they say that it's about, it's now about one year and a half and nothing has changed. they say that they will continue protesting. there was continued protesting the want boys to be heard. so if africa as president has called for unity as he joined cleanup efforts in one of the cities hardest heads by looting and riots, sit around pose promised a full review while visiting so wet. after more than a week of the worst violence since the apartheid into,
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more than $200.00 people were killed after protests, against the jailing of former president, jacob zima evolved into anger over poverty and unemployment. the chaos is cause more than a $1000000000.00 worth of damage. now we we are in the, in my mind when mom, mom, mom have not read the the the fall out continues south africa marks the birthday of nelson mandela. its 1st democratically elected leader, bernard smith went to into zoom, a township in dublin to see why people are so angry and frustrated when a party to end it almost 30 years ago. millions of south africans,
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like dorian and gamer, hope for a future of equality, opportunity, and prosperity for her. her children and her grandchildren. it hasn't turned out like that. things always. since, since this democracy was there is no democracy. there is no democracy at all during story is one of frustration and wasted potential. a story familiar to millions across this country. i was interested in going maybe universities with but i put in a 40 because it's too much. i couldn't afford it, but i was so interested in being something having some profession, but i can't. dorians daughter says she's not got the right connections to get a job. as said, man, z through will see we're not working because those who are in higher positions,
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they only look after their friends or their family. so it's not going to be easy to our kids to get jobs because we don't know people in high places, nothing on the world bank says that south africa is now the most unequal society in the world. the top 10 percent earnest take home 65 percent of the income white people still more likely to find work and better paid work than the black counterpart. widespread writing and looting the sweat through parts of south africa last week was sparked by the jailing of former president jacob zoom. but it was chronic poverty and unemployment. the spurred on the vinyl, the poorest have been the main victims. more people are now jobless, after the destruction of shops, warehouses and factories. totally, totally surprising. take them back on the way. not prepaid at all. i mean, there's a need because obviously there's no jobs. people are hungry, no money to buy food. they got money,
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they can get food. doreen would at least like a grandchildren to have a fair chance. their future i wish for them is to get the best education they can get. but i don't see that happens in this world we're living in now. that growing up in a country where half the population lives below the poverty line, bernard smith, and presume a township south africa and all tank had explosion on a road, and kenya has killed these 13 people and injured several others fuel spilled onto the road and the ton of my line gun after crashed into another shock. people were trying to gather fuel from the tank when the last happened. going to the fire was huge. you couldn't see what was ahead of you. fuel burns fast and i bird. my hands and running was hard. there was also a colleague of mine. i think he stayed there with the clinic, one, atlanta. i was asleep and i woke up when i heard an explosion. i ran to see what
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was happening and i saw people running away burning children, mothers, fathers, burning. many people were there so many, several houses have collapsed, killing, and these 25 people after landslides close by heavy rain in india's financial capital. rescuers fear more people could be chopped in the debris among by a one neighbourhood. half a dozen shacks collapsed on top of each other. a torrential rains also disrupted to train services. police in thailand to fire water cannon tear gas and rubber bullets to stop anti government protesters from marching to the prime minister's office. hundreds of 5 corona virus restrictions to take part in the demonstrations in bangkok they blamed the government from mismanaging the pandemic. they also want the budget reduced for the royal family and the military process marks one year since the 1st of a wave of large scale youth lead street demonstrations. the world's largest oil producing nations have reached an agreement on boosting production after
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a rift between 2 key members threatened to stole efforts. opec nations cut oil production by almost 10000000 barrels a day of this. down to the pandemic when demand plummeted. it's a global economy, started to recover. opec gradually restored output by about 50 percent, but negotiations and a deal to further increase output. expose the rift between the u. a. e. of saudi arabia. the eminence called saudi proposals to extend the arrangements unjust. now a compromise giving the u e and others, a higher production quarter is paved away for the latest yield opec. we'll begin. further easing, cuts from august on a sure attack and is an international oil and energy consultant. and he says the dispute between saudi and the u. e was ultimately technical. there was a major uncertainty because of this dispute. $200.00 saying it became political because request was logical. technical as soon as it became political the way the
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statements where and so. well, thanks a lot, i think as all pick countries always they all the companies and they act and make decision on a business on a business. and they did it. and i think that shows that they are getting together as well as non oh, big rush on others. and they will continue as they were, except that by a may 2002, they will by then they will have discussed with each other and studied and see what the value that the various production because they have to revise the production. and that is natural because the markets, the world like changes change and of course a lot of the ceiling and the major punches after change. revision is nothing unusual but it seems to have been instigated or assaulted by the u. a is. so the world outside, they'll pick groups and some major national companies like russia that can produce their s cannot produce very much that ivan spirit
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increased for the produce to have assured us this is this group. opec has done in the past. now, together with non opec that they are responsible group, they will provide it as it will require, brazil's president has been discharged from hospital after receiving treatment for complications related to a stabbing job. both scenarios says he had chronic pickups for days, and a blocked intestine. he says that were caused by the stab wound 3 years ago when he was attacked during a campaign raleigh a month before the election. the widow of haiti's assassinated president has returned home after being wounded by gunfire in the july, the 7th attack martine moines. arrived in port pines wearing body armor following treatment at a hospital in the us. she was greeted by interim prime minister club joseph, a group of columbia and mercenaries has been blamed for shooting dead president.
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giovanni was in a rage on his home, french film director julia and duco note caught a movie to tongue, has won the prestigious pandora the con film festival. but the ceremony didn't go off without a hitch. the film one, the palm doors to turn res rate to president spitefully and was meant to be the final price at the beginning of the festivals closing suddenly, by mistake took off no accepted the award after it's formalized. but at the end of the show know him a this is all just say that these are the top stories germany, chancellors describe the situation in areas hardest hit by floods as surreal and terrifying. marco has visited the village of short as a huge cleanup gets on the way across western.


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